20 Times Animals Had a Real Struggle With Summer

We love our pets and how funny they can be. And now that summer is here, they crack us up as they jump into swimming pools, steal our sodas and lick our ice-cream cones!

While you make sure they stay safe and hydrated, take a look at this list Bright Side put together showcasing hilarious animals as they battle the summer heat.

1. Fits just right!

2. Chick is gonna chill…

3. “If you want to buy some ice-cream, that’s your problem.”

4. A nap at the pool

5. “He was so hot that he hid in the fridge!”

6. “Sup guys, ready for the beach?”

7. This elephant is happy!

8. “I’m just here with my duck mate at the pool.”

9. “Cannonball!”

10. Toadally relaxed…

11. Summer diet: a whole watermelon

12. A normal day at the beach with friends

13. “No, Doris, I’m not going anywhere.”

14. That feeling when you hit the water:

15. They figured out how it works!

16. That’s a much better use!

17. Ice-breaker

18. Family day by the pool

19. “We offered him a cold drink. He went for a full body soak instead.”

20. When the heat knocks you down:

Did you pick a favorite one? Do your pets react funny when they’re hot in the summertime too? Tell us in the comment section!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/20-times-animals-had-a-real-struggle-with-summer-592310/