19 Names That Are So Unfortunate, They’re Hilarious

Parents nowadays try to give their kids original names to stand out. A study conducted at San Diego State University showed that American parents are giving their children more unique names. Most common names are not popular at all and only 1 in 10 boys and 1 in 12 girls are given common names. Unfortunately, not all parents think about how the name they’ve given their kid will influence their lives in the future.

Bright Side collected some photos of people with names so hilarious, it’s impossible to stop smiling while looking at them. Some of them are just funny and some are confusing — but some seem to have become really prophetic. Look through them all the way to the end to see what we mean.

1. “Thanks for the name, Mom and Dad.”

2. The era of Instagram

3. We wish you good luck, Oliver.

4. “I feel so sad for this guy.”

5. “I’d better cook alone.”

6. “I wish my last name was Knight.”

7. It’s perfect to use as a password.

8. Somehow the personality perfectly matches the name.

9. “I bet his school years were tough.”

10. “Nice to meet you, Mike…”

11. Who could ever have guessed?

12. “This one made me feel hungry.”

13. Why choose? Take both!

14. Future poet, composer, astronaut…

15. Wanted for…?

16. “I wonder what his parents were thinking.”

17. Now that’s a great name for a neuroscientist.

18. The best firefighter name ever!

19. Sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

Which of these people do you envy the least and feel the most sorry for? Tell us about it in the comments.

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