This theory was created by YouTuber Rhino Stew, and his video breaks it down with some pretty convincing evidence. The theory boils down to the idea that Charlie Bucket was inspired by Willy Wonka — who, let’s be honest, was a controlling ruler who used brilliant inventions in a way he saw best for the world. Bucket goes on to do the same, renaming himself after Wonka (going with the more mature “Wilford”) and constructing a train that houses the last of humanity.

Rhino Stew points out that both movies deal with fantastical structures (the train in Snowpiercer and Wonka’s factory), and both movies slowly pick off the cast of characters. In Willy Wonka, it’s the spoiled children that steadily drop off, and in Snowpiercer, it’s Curtis’s allies. The video also points out that Wilford’s train, like Wonka’s factory, is self-sustaining — but how is each system sustained? Well, in Snowpiercer, children must be used to maintain the engine because of their small size. Who else utilized small beings as a workforce? That’s right! Rhino Stew suggests that once the Oompa Loompas died out, Charlie Bucket (now Wilford) turned to kids.