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“Things just got out of hand.”

Sam Raimi’s sequel to Doctor Strange has finally warped into theaters, and it has proven itself the wildest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Featuring psychedelic imagery, memorable characters, and tributes to classic horror, Multiverse of Madness gave audiences a refreshing cinematic experience that has made for one of the best films of the year. Now that the movie has premiered, here’s the list for the 13 Mind-Blowing Moments From Multiverse of Madness.



The Opening Chase

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In the film’s trippy opening, America Chavez and “Defender Strange” are seen running from a mummy-like demon in the space between dimensions,  where they try to reach the Book of Vishanti. It’s an intro that really catches the audience’s attention thanks to its eye-popping visuals and the questions it raised. But it really gets interesting when this Strange chooses to sacrifice Chavez to protect the universe, setting the stakes for Raimi’s interdimensional odyssey.


Gargantos Battle

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Christine’s wedding gets interrupted by the one-eyed demon, Gargantos, who chases America through the streets of New York. Naturally, we get a flashy and high-budget fight scene that puts all of Strange and Wong’s magic tricks on display. Raimi blends elements of Evil Dead and King Kong in this battle, with the demon pursuing Chavez up a skyscraper until Strange pokes its eye out.


That Bruce Campbell Cameo

Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images for ABA

What is a Sam Raimi film without Bruce Campbell? While Strange and America explore Earth 838, they come across an irritable pizza ball vendor played by Campbell. Stephen casts a spell that makes the vendor punch himself for three weeks, and the latter comes back after the credits and closes off the film with a hilarious fourth-wall break.


Clea Appears

Rich Fury / Getty Images for CTAOP

In the film’s first post-credits scene, Strange gets a sudden greeting from the sorceress niece of Dormammu, Clea, who is played by Charlize Theron. In the obligatory lead-in to the sequel, Clea has Strange team up with him to fix an incursion in the multiverse, opening a portal to the Dark Dimension. Based on Strange and Clea’s relationship in the comics, it looks like Strange might find new love after all.


Universe Hopping

Marvel Studios / Via YouTube

When America opens a portal, she and Strange jump through a multitude of universes that mess with their every being. Every universe is unique and a sight to behold, and you really have to applaud the artists who helped design this layered scene. We even got a glimpse of the Living Tribunal, one of the strongest deities in the multiverse. It’s too bad he didn’t step in to help out during all this.


The Battle of Kamar Taj

Marvel Studios / Via YouTube

Though the battle starts out pretty standard with her trying to break into the stronghold, things get good when she activates a trap that gets her caught in the Mirror Dimension. When it seems like the heroes have her in their grasp, she finds her way out of this plane by using the mirrors around them, and she comes crawling out of one like the girl from The Ring. 


Meeting the Illuminati

Marvel Studios / Via YouTube

After Strange is imprisoned by Karl Mordo, he is brought before the Illuminati, and fans everywhere undoubtedly lost their minds. We got to see many MCU alumni star as members of the council, with Patrick Stewart returning as the great Professor X. The film also introduced us to the new Mr. Fantastic, played by John Krasinski. And thus, the fans’ prayers have been answered.


Black Bolt Kills Strange

Marvel / Via YouTube

Though Strange is remembered on Earth-838 for defeating Thanos and saving their realm, the Illuminati reveals that he did so by using the Darkhold, which lead to an “incursion” that destroyed another universe. For his crimes, Strange has Black Bolt execute him, and the latter destroys the sorcerer’s entire body just by uttering two simple words: “I’m sorry.”


The Final Jump Scare

Marvel Studios / Via YouTube

At the end of the film, Strange is seen walking down the street, and everything seems to be back to normal. But he suddenly collapses and screams as a third eye appears on his head, and the film cuts to black. This moment calls back to the dark ending of the first Evil Dead film, and it succeeds in showing the audience how the Darkhold always collects its toll.


Strange vs. Strange

Marvel Studios / Via YouTube

When Strange and Christine are thrust into a ruined universe, the sorcerer encounters a darker version of himself corrupted by the Darkhold. This evil and recluse variant of Strange is played like the Phantom of the Opera. Both sorcerers even battle with music notes to the tune of multiple classical numbers, including the one from Phantom, making for a symphonic showdown unlike anything seen in the MCU.


Wanda vs. The Illuminati

Marvel Studios / Via YouTube

Just when we thought we’d see more of the Illuminati, Wanda shows up and offs every single one of them. Their deaths are surprisingly brutal for an MCU film, with Black Bolt blowing up his own brain to Wanda shredding Mr. Fantastic to pieces. It was like that scene in Deadpool 2 when they killed off the X-Force, except it’s not hilarious. Let’s just hope Jim comes back to star in the new Fantastic Four film.


Charles Enters Wanda’s Mind

Marvel Studios / Via YouTube

With the rest of the Illuminati slaughtered, Professor X uses his powers to enter Wanda’s mind and stop the Scarlet Witch. In a truly surreal sequence, we see the Professor walk through a white void and find the alternate Wanda’s mind trapped beneath a pile of rubble, just like when she was a child. Though he tries to free her mind, the evil Wanda overpowers Charles and he dies…again.


Zombie Strange

Marvel Studios / Via YouTube

In order to save America from Wanda, Strange uses the Darkhold to take control of his dead variant’s body that was buried at the start of the film. Like a classic movie monster, this zombie Strange digs himself out of his grave and goes to Mount Wundagore to fight Wanda. Yeah, it was weird and it was wild, and that’s why we love it.

Do you agree with this list? Were there any mind-blowing moments that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.


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