100 Gecs Soar Above The City In Their High-Flying ‘Doritos & Fritos’ Video


100 Gecs put their weird stamp on 2019 with their peculiar and attention-grabbing debut album, 1000 Gecs. Now, the world awaits its follow-up, naturally titled 1000 Gecs. The new LP is expected to drop at some point this year and while we don’t have a firm release date yet, we do have a couple of singles: “Mememe” came out last year and the duo dropped “Doritos & Fritos,” which is among 100 Gecs’ catchiest and most accessible material yet, a month ago. Now they’re back with a new visual for their latest single and yes, it’s odd.

The clip sees Dylan Brady and Laura Les reprising the wizard personas they adopted for the “Mememe” video, but this time, they’re soaring high above the city, which has taken notice based on the fact we see this supernatural activity through the lens of a news broadcast.

Lyrically, Pulitzer-worthy lyrics from “Doritos & Fritos” include, “Okay I went to France to get some new pants (Ooh!) / I went to Greece to get something to eat (Ooh!) / He said, ‘Sh*t, all we got’s Doritos and Fritos’ / I said, ‘Then give me all of those f*cking Doritos and Fritos.’”

Meanwhile, the group has earned the attention of Nine Inch Nails, as 100 Gecs will be supporting them on a couple of tour dates next week.

Watch the ‘Doritos & Fritos’ video above.

Source: https://uproxx.com/indie/100-gecs-doritos-fritos-video/