10 Charts That Will Make You Look at the Human Body Differently

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Do you consider yourself a science person?

Someone who knows a thing or two about anatomy?

Even if you’re ahead of the curve in that department, we think these 10 charts about the human body are going to surprise you and make you think.

Take a look for yourself and learn something new today!

Good to know.

The difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest, in honor of American Heart Month from coolguides

Pretty fascinating.

Brain imaging types from coolguides

Get your sleep on!

I was not aware different-length naps had different effects on the body. from coolguides

This is weird AND interesting.

Phonetic map of the human mouth from coolguides

It’s good for you!

Guide of how walking affects the body from coolguides

You know you’re interested…

A morbid guide to human body decomposition from coolguides

This is creepy.

this piece that shows the stages of decay from coolguides

And different ailments that can affect them.

Which ones do you suffer from?

Woke Up With A Headache Today Not Sure If It’s Repost from coolguides

This is what you’re made up of!

Human Body Ingredients from coolguides

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2022/12/10-charts-that-will-make-you-look-at-the-human-body-differently/

New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/