10 Celebs Who Don’t Let Their Kids Watch Their Work

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We have seen them on-screen, their children haven’t.

Tinsel town is a strange place. Many things our favourite celebs do make no sense to me, but these people’s decision to not let their children watch their work makes sense.


Bob Odenkirk doesn’t let his kids watch Breaking Bad.

Randy Holmes / ABC via Getty Images

Odenkirk in an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live had a good excuse for not tuning into the show until his third season on it. “I had little kids, you can’t have little kids come in during Breaking Bad or the state will come after you,” he said.


Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow don’t let their children watch the movies they have starred in.

Jamie Mccarthy / WireImage / Getty

In an interview with Hollywood Mom Blog, Mann revealed that even though her children have acted in some movies she has made with her husband Judd Apatow, their children aren’t allowed to watch the movies.


Megan Fox and Brian Austin’s children aren’t allowed to watch TV.

Gvk / GC Images / Getty Images

“It’s really hard to manage because I don’t let them watch TV,” Fox revealed in an interview with ET Online.


Jack Black’s children have watched the Kung Fu Panda series only.

Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

“They haven’t seen any of my movies except Kung Fu Panda,” Black revealed in an interview with Hola!.


Helen Hunt’s daughter hasn’t watched any movie or television series.

Bob Riha Jr / Getty Images

In an episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, she revealed that her daughter gets confused when people do their hair and makeup because she isn’t aware of their jobs. 


Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder are waiting for the right time to expose their children to their work.

Bob Riha Jr / Getty Images

In an interview with People, she explained her decision. “Part of it is there’s just not time for that. We would prefer something different in that time,” she revealed.


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd think it’s still too young to let their children watch movies.

Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In an interview with US Weekly, Kristen Bell revealed that her two children have not even watched Frozen yet. Bell had voiced the adult version of Anna in the Disney movie.


Mayim Bialik doesn’t let her children watch The Big Bang Theory

Casey Durkin / ABC via Getty Images

In an interview with US Weekly, Bialik revealed that hers is not a TV watching family. “They watch Avatar, things like that”, she elaborated. “Not sit-coms like their mom starred in, even though they’ve been to a few tapings of the show.”


Madonna doesn’t let her children watch TV or use mobile phones.

Mondadori Portfolio / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

While talking to DJ Riley on BBC Radio 2, Madonna said “I mean we watch movies at night on weekends but TV, no and phones, no.”


Gwyneth Paltrow kids don’t like watching her movies.

Randy Holmes / ABC via Getty Images

On an episode of Jill Martin Shop TODAY, Paltrow revealed this titbit. “I mean, I think my son has seen the Iron Man things, but I don’t think my daughter has ever seen me in a movie. Apple thinks it’s weird if I’m onscreen… She says she likes me here,” she said placing her hands on her heart.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/abhaahad/celebs-who-wont-let-kids-watch-work