Meet the Talented (and Young) Pros on 'Dancing With the Stars: Juniors'


ABC’s Dancing With the Stars has become a hit phenomenon that has launched the careers of many pro dancers — Derek and Julianne Hough, just to name a few. Now, it’s time for the grown-ups to take a back seat, and for the next generation of dancers to perform. DWTS: Juniors showcases young pro dance talent under the age of 16, and celebrity kids as their partners.

Meet the cast of little pro dancers below, and be sure to watch DWTS Juniors on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.  


Pro: Kameron Couch


Pro: Tristan Ianiero


Pro: Sage Rosen


Pro: Rylee Arnold


Pro: Lev Khmelev


Pro: Kamri Peterson


Pro: JT Church


Pro: Jake Monreal


Pro: Hailey Bills


Pro: Elliana Walmsley


Pro: Brightyn Brems


Pro: Artyon Celestine

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10 Reasons for Vision Loss It’s Better to Learn When You’re Young

Nobody wants their vision to deteriorate. However, almost all of us make mistakes that hurt our eyes on a daily basis.

Bright Side decided to find out what everyday habits may lead to the deterioration of our vision.

1. We use one cosmetic product for too long.

Eye doctors recommend getting rid of eye makeup that you have been using for more than 3 months. The reason is simple: the bacteria that piles up on them can cause an infection.

2. We eat too much wheat.

Wheat leads to the rise of insulin levels in the body. According to scientists, it may cause the eyeball to stretch which is the reason for being short-sighted. And even though researchers doubt that wheat is the reason why there are so many short-sighted people in the world, they proved that it definitely affects the development of the eyes.

3. We use eye drops without a prescription.

If you started using eye drops without a prescription, it means that you often experience discomfort in your eyes. However, the drops can only be a temporary relief.

Because this method won’t help you with the actual problem, we recommend that you see a specialist before you buy more eye drops.

4. We don’t drink enough water.

If we drink fewer than 8 glasses of water a day, our body starts suffering from dehydration. It leads to a low production of tears, so we feel that our eyes are dry.

5. We don’t use sunglasses in the winter.

Doctors warn that UV radiation that is reflected by ice and snow can become the reason for the so-called snow blindness. The symptoms are swelling, double vision, and watery eyes. This is why eye doctors recommend wearing sunglasses even in the winter.

6. We don’t sleep enough.

If your eyes didn’t have enough rest, you might have such symptoms as unfocused vision, dark circles, and nervous tics.

7. We hold books too close to our eyes when we read.

Scientists see a strong connection between the way a person reads and the condition of their vision. Researchers are convinced that people who can’t spend a day without a book and keep them too close to their faces are often short-sighted.

8. We regularly rub our eyes.

If you rub tired or itchy eyes, it’ll give you temporary relief. However, if you rub your eyes regularly, you can change the shape of the cornea.

9. We work under stressful conditions.

If you experience pain or discomfort in the eyes when working with a computer, it’s probably not because of the monitor. Scientists believe that these symptoms are common among people who work in an emotionally unstable atmosphere. And the people who love their jobs usually have no complaints about eyes.

10. We forget to remove contact lenses.

Your cornea receives oxygen from the air when we are awake and it receives moisture from our tears when we are asleep. But when you wear contact lenses for 24 hours, the cornea doesn’t have a source of the necessary elements it needs, so it becomes weaker.

Do you make any of these mistakes? Tell us in the comments section below.

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10 Effective Ways to Make Your Face Look Young Again

Wrinkles and eye bags are a ubiquitous sign of aging, mistreatment of skin, and poor lifestyle choices. Though we cannot reverse aging, with little care we can delay the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags, or at least make them appear less prominent even after they have appeared. Although there are many anti-wrinkle creams, serums, and supplements available, natural ways to get rid of your wrinkles are always preferable. Adopting a healthy lifestyle also helps along with quitting smoking.

Bright Side wants to introduce you to some natural remedies that can effectively reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and under-eye bags.

Removing wrinkles

The wrinkling of the skin is caused primarily by aging and other factors such as habitual facial expressions, sun damage, smoking, and poor hydration. There is no way the appearance of wrinkles can be stopped, but by living a healthy lifestyle and using some natural remedies, their appearance can be delayed and camouflaged.

Egg whites

Take several egg whites and whip them up in a small bowl. Massage it all over your face and let it sit and dry for at least 15 minutes. After it dries, rinse it off with warm water. Vitamin A and vitamin B help in reducing and gradually removing wrinkles.

Olive oil

Olive oil helps by keeping your skin soft and supple. Before heading to bed, massage your face gently with a few drops of olive oil and rinse it off using a soft towel. You’ll wake up to soft and healthy looking facial skin.

Lemon juice

Massage the juice of 1 lemon into the fine lines and wrinkles on your face before you go to sleep. The acidity of the lemon reduces the appearance of wrinkles and makes the skin appear brighter.

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are filled with Vitamins A and D. They restore the glow of your skin and make it look younger.

Removing the bags from under your eyes

The appearance of under-eye bags can make you look older and tired. Although they’re mostly age-related, they can also occur due to poor sleep and tiredness.

Tea bags

Tea contains natural tannins, which is a mild diuretic and has long since been used by grandmothers and runway models to reduce eye puffiness. Soak 2 tea bags in warm water then let them chill for a couple of minutes in the refrigerator. Place 1 tea bag on each eye for 5 minutes and your eyes will feel refreshed.


Tiredness often causes dark circles under the eyes and can add years to your appearance. To make these dark circles disappear, place slices of ripe avocado under each eye, or try applying a paste of ground almonds and milk.


If your eyes are red and puffy, take 2 thin slices of cold cucumber, lie down, and put a slice over each eye for 30 minutes.


Take 2 metal teaspoons and put them in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. After they get chilled, place the bowls of the spoons over your eyelids for 30 to 60 seconds. The cold of the metal will help revive the tired eyes and make you feel refreshed.

Removing perioral wrinkles

Often, the first signs of aging are the appearance of these: nasolabial folds, laugh lines, and marionette lines. These can also be hastened by the habit of smoking. So, what can you do to delay these lines? Kick the smoking habit! Also, the 2 natural remedies mentioned below will help you delay their occurrence and reduce them once they have appeared.

Cucumbers and egg whites

Take half a cucumber, peel it off and cut it into small pieces. Grind these pieces into a pulp and sieve it to obtain juice. Crack an egg and mix the egg white into this juice and stir. Rub this mixture over your face, especially around your mouth. Let it sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash your face using water.


Put a little sauerkraut over your wrinkles for 10 minutes and then wash it off. Eating sauerkraut is also a good way to prevent wrinkles as the cabbage present in it is a good source of vitamin A.

What other ways do you know to keep looking younger? Let us know in the comments.

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Woman Goes Viral After Embracing a Young Boy at a Football Game


It can be hard to find a heartwarming news story these days, but you’ve come to the right place. Nothing scary or sad to see here, just a truly beautiful story of two strangers coming into each other’s lives to make their days, and those of the people around them, better.

Star Balloon-Bradley shared a story of her nephew Isaiah, which has since gone viral. The post received over 300,000 shares and close to a million likes in the few days it has been up. It begins, “I don’t know who this lady is but if you know her, tell her she’s awesome.”

Have your tissues ready, this story gets emotional! The scene is early fall in Valdosta, Georgia, and people are assembled on bleachers to watch their favorite high school team, the Lowndes High School Vikings, play.


The story actually begins two weeks prior, when Star’s young nephew Isaiah “walked up” to a stranger at a home game, and the two acted like they’d been friends for life. In her Facebook post, Star writes, “He sat on her lap and they were talking like they knew each other. It lasted no more than 20 minutes. However, she left right after halftime to meet up with her little girl.”

This could have been a tender one-time encounter with a stranger, set beside a high school football stadium. But two weeks later, Isaiah and the lady ended up back where they’d initially met. 

Star continues, “Fast forward to tonight… not long after we sat down at the game Isaiah spotted her. She waved at him and he made his way up to her. I thought their interaction would be the same as last time but I was wrong. Isaiah walked right up to her smiling, crawled in her lap and laid his head down on her shoulder.”


“She welcomed him with open arms. This lady patted and rocked Isaiah to sleep like she had given birth to him,” Star writes, “It was the sweetest!!” 

I would personally need to be rocked to sleep as well if I were attending a high school football game! But all jokes aside, the encounter between her nephew and this lady left a lasting impression on Star.

“We asked her if she wanted us to get him but she kept telling us she (and he) was fine!! Isaiah and this lady has NEVER met before other than those 20 minutes at a game two weeks ago,” she added. “I told her tonight that I am so sorry and I don’t know why he keeps bothering her. She replied he’s no bother and to not say that again. She said he was her new friend. She then went on to say she only has one child who is 15 and moments like this are priceless!!!”

I don’t know what it’s like to have a kid, but from what I’ve gathered from popular culture and coming of age myself, it does seem that the tender moments you share with children are quite fleeting. Before you know it, sweet kids are replaced with their surly teenage counterparts and you can kiss all the hugs and random embraces goodbye.


But the stranger’s tenderness isn’t all that moved Auntie Star in this high school football moment. She went on to write, “With all of the racial tension that’s going on I’m glad to see the pictures like these because it goes to show color don’t matter to a lot of people. It really don’t!! Arguing over stuff as such makes us miss the simple pleasures in life.” Star really speaks the truth. 

Although she managed to capture these beautiful images and pen her heartfelt Facebook story (which garnered incredible amounts of support), Star wasn’t able to get the mystery-lady’s name. And that leads us to the most poetic moment of the post, where she writes, “I hate I didn’t get her name but I will next game because I’m sure Isaiah will make his way back to her. I love her and don’t know her!”

After a few hours on social media, the post received a huge outpouring of love. People from all over the world chimed in to comment “That is so sweet! It almost made my eyes sweat,”http://undefined/”Awesome. The world would be a better place if we all have love in our hearts,” and “Isaiah is such a sweet boy! Who wouldn’t want to hold him? Love it!!!!” 

And Star was even able to pinpoint her nephew’s new friend. “Update: We found out who she is,” she added to the bottom of her story. “Her name is Mrs. Angela. She’s such a sweet lady y’all! It’s awesome how God connects people together for whatever reason!!❤️”

Mrs. Angela apparently caught sight of Star’s story while it was circulating through social media, and took to her own Facebook page to respond. Angela wrote, “I have been overwhelmed with emotions today as I have read the post Star Balloon-Bradley shared. I am humbled by the kind words everyone has spoken. Isaiah is absolutely adorable! I pray people will Jesus in all this & know His love is beyond measure & that is how I want to love and life my life. I’m not worthy but He sure is!”

Well, now I just want to go to a random sports game and see if there are any kids who look like they could use a hug.

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Celebrity Beauty Masters Reveal 9 Hacks That Can Help You Look Fresh and Young for Many Years

Women want to look perfect at any age and when we look at photos of celebrities, we know that it’s possible. The first and the most important rule is healthy skin. Not everyone can afford a personal beautician, so we have collected tips from famous beauty experts that you can try at home.

The beauty of our skin depends on many things that we’re not always aware of. In order to avoid mistakes in the realm of skin care, it’s a good idea to listen to the experts. Bright Side has collected the most valuable recommendations from celebrity beauticians and at the end of the article, there is a great bonus that everyone will find useful.

1. Only drink coffee before lunch.

Hollywood cosmetologist Joanna Vargas recommends that coffee lovers not drink coffee after 2 p.m. Caffeine has a negative effect on the skin’s condition. but in the morning our metabolism is faster and caffeine is digested better than in the evening. Coffee can be replaced by water, herbal tea, juice, or mineral water. You will notice that this change will have a great effect on the condition of your skin.

2. Change your towels every day.

Cosmetologist Nerida Joy, who works for Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon, thinks that skin health depends not only on the care it gets but also on how often you change your sheets and towels. They are a great environment for bacteria that eat dead skin cells and can cause different skin inflammations.

The doctor recommends changing towels every day; pillowcases — once every 3 days, if you have oily skin, or once a week if you have dry or normal skin.

3. Problem skin needs a delicate approach.

Celebrity beautician Christie Kidd recommends that anyone who has problem skin or acne not use scrubs. Instead, use light products that don’t contain alcohol or soap. This type of delicate care will remove acne and redness really fast.

4. Asian cosmetics are good for whitening and European cosmetics are good for tightening.

Cosmetologist Tiina Orasmae believes that most cosmetic products from Japan and South Korea are great for whitening the skin and that moisturizing creams that come from these countries are the best in the world. In Asian countries, light skin has always been considered beautiful and they also have dehydration problems, so they make these creams better than anyone.

When it comes to removing wrinkles and tightening the skin, European and American cosmetics are the best. Israeli cosmetics that are based on the salts from the Dead Sea are the best for acne.

5. Pause between using different products.

Cosmetologist and makeup artist Nissi McCoy recommends not using one cosmetic product right after another. She thinks it’s best to take short breaks (5-10 minutes) when using different products. You can use these minutes to eat breakfast, pick out clothes, or make a to-do list.

The skin needs time to absorb every product. It’s best if it does it on its own — massaging the product into the skin decreases its effect.

6. Use eye cream as your daily cream.

L’Oréal makeup artist John Barnet recommends using eye cream as a replacement for day and night cream. The thing is, eye cream contains a lot of nutrients that can penetrate deeper layers of the skin. This product increases the blood flow, moisturizes the skin, and removes small wrinkles. But, it’s best if you consult your personal cosmetologist before doing this.

And face cream can be a great alternative for moisturizing the area on the neck and cleavage, and also legs and arms.

7. Go to bed earlier and earlier.

Famous cosmetologist Fredruck Brandt recommends that his clients to go to bed 10 minutes earlier each day, than the day before. You should do this until you feel that you had a really good rest.

8. Clear your skin in 2 stages.

Skin expert Ellen Marmur recommends clearing the skin in 2 stages. First — using an oil-based product: this will dissolve sebum and remove dirt. In the second stage you’ll use a regular product for cleaning skin. This approach is great for people with acne and oily skin and those who live in big cities.

9. Use lavender oil to shrink pores.

The cosmetologist of Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow, Anastasia Achilleus, revealed her secret to working with large pores: put a few drops of lavender oil on a warm towel, put it on your face for several minutes. Don’t push too hard. If you do this regularly (at least several times a week), your pores will shrink significantly and your skin will be smoother.

Bonus: You can use toothpaste to polish your nails.

Toothpaste is supposed to remove the dental plaque on our teeth, and it can also remove the outer layer of your nails to make them look polished and runway-ready. Just put some toothpaste on each nail and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that, gently scrub your nails with a toothbrush and they will be brighter and whiter!

Which tip would you use? Maybe you already have your own skin care tips? Share them in the comment section below!

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This "Photoshop Surgeon" Who Turns Old People Young Again Is Pure Magic


In a world where pretending like you’re fabulous online for millions of dollars is the name of the game, there’s still something to be said of people who possess actual talents, like the talent held by the individual who calls themselves the Photoshop Surgeon.

The amount of time, patience, personal investment, and interest that goes into being this skilled in a computer program is mind-boggling. Personally, I’ve just started understanding how layering works in Photoshop, but the PS Surgeon here is able to convincingly paint portraits of what older people looked like in their youth.

The thing about the Surgeon’s videos is that they aren’t just simple air-brush jobs — there are tons of people who can do that. What the Photoshop surgeon does is painstakingly remove all wrinkles and soften areas of older people’s faces to paint an accurate representation of what they looked like when they were younger.


They start with a wizened older woman’s face. You can see her wrinkles on her tanned face, her watery eyes, and slightly elongated ears. All consequences of time.


They start by softening some of the wrinkles and working layer by layer. The entire process is sped up and you get to see their hard work in hyper speed, which makes what happens before your eyes even more impressive.


The Surgeon chips away at each layer, softening the face and after a while you begin to see what the wizened, older face that greet us at the beginning of the video looked like when the woman was younger.


By the time they’re done with the image we’re presented with a face that, unless we saw what we were originally working with, we’d swear was a photograph of a young woman. You can totally buy that the wrinkled old woman that the photoshop surgeon began with was actually this young lady at some point.

To get a greater appreciation of their skills, just look at the before-and-after of their faces side-by-side. It’s absolutely remarkable. How in the world does someone get this good at Photoshop?


Now, I know what you’re thinking: OK they can make old people look amazing, but can they make young people look old? Why yes, yes they can. And when it comes to young-looking people, Ariana Grande is a pretty great example. So, if you ever wondered what Ariana would look like with a few decades on her, wait no more and just check this out.


Here she is, looking very much like the young woman that Pete Davidson is fawning over. Just like the photo above, the Surgeon methodically works on Ariana’s face, adding layer and layer of oldness to her cheeks.


Some wrinkles are injected, some features are drooped and/or superimposed, which then need to be incorporated and blended into Ariana’s face more cohesively. Imagine that’s the final product? Some random person’s mid-eyebrow wrinkle pouch just sitting there with a different skin tone and everything? Hilarious.


With a little more finagling our favorite, kitty-ear-headphone-rocking pop star is looking like a sad guest star on Law and Order who has to tell Ice T that she hasn’t seen her grandson in a few days but that he’s a good boy and she hopes her isn’t in any serious trouble.


The final result is a NY socialite who can’t believe that they’re out of Hendrick’s gin for her martini and doesn’t understand what all the broke college students in hoodies are going on about with their signs down on Wall Street. The before and after is where the difference is really astounding, though.


What’s probably most impressive about the Surgeon’s Youtube channel is how clearly better they’ve gotten as time has progressed. Check out the before-and-after results from this video in 2013.


Compared to the other two examples above, the “after” face looks a bit more washed out, like something you’d find on Lucille Bluth’s driver’s license from Arrested Development.

Four years later, and they’ve gotten much better at their craft. Check out this before-and-after from 2017. The leap that they made in skill is astounding.


What’s crazy is that if you check out their videos from 2018, they’ve gotten even better since then. Just goes to show that if you consistently work on something day in, day out, you’ll be able to accomplish pretty much anything, like convincingly making Ariana Grande look old.

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If You Want to Stay Young Forever, Try Acting Like a Cat


Researchers have discovered that the key to staying young has just as much to do with keeping not just your body sharp but your mind as well. In layman’s term: if you want to stay young, you’ve got to think young.

Now before you think that means obsessing over any cute person who so much looks your way at the mall or thinking that your parents are ruining your lives, it actually has more to do with your desire to learn new things and constantly pushing yourself in that direction is what ultimately keeps you younger longer.

The more genuinely curious and interested you are in something, the better off you’ll be, according to latest studies from the British Psychological Science Post. The hypothesis is that people with higher IQs live longer, however it’s much more complex than just saying “well looks like stupid people are screwed.”


That’s because there’s a correlation between people with “high IQs” (a rubric for measuring intelligence that actual geniuses think is dumb) and being highly curious about the world around you.

Their findings also revealed that people who had higher IQs when they were younguns tended to “feel younger” when they were older, but that doesn’t necessarily mean because you were a smart, young whippersnapper that you’re going to necessarily enjoy a longer life and all the dum-dums will be damned: the key is making yourself genuinely feel young by thinking young, regardless of your intelligence.


A “greater openness to experience” was cited in the study as one of the the primary factors in deciding whether or not someone’s “subjective age” is higher or lower. A higher IQ may assist in making people more curious when engaging in these new experiences.

David Robinson from the British Psychological Post writes:

” [Studies] found that greater ‘openness to experience,’ which is associated with having a higher IQ, seemed to be important. Perhaps a higher IQ, which helps us to process complex information more easily, also increases our curiosity about the world, and it’s that sense of wonder and excitement that can make us feel more youthful.”


Now, when you think about the most curious people in the world, if a toddler or young child doesn’t pop up into your head then I’m very sorry for your childhood. I can’t walk two feet in the grocery store without my son asking me what everything in his eyesight is.

Although my initial, curmudgeon-ey feeling is to just get the shopping done and get back home, I’m constantly squeezing as much informative juice and really, fun, from every situation I’m in with my son. It’s never just a trip to the grocery store or just playing at the park. There’s always something new to experience or find or explain to him, and if I don’t know something, thank goodness we live in a day and age where the answer to pretty much all known collective human knowledge is a voice command away.


It’s that playfulness and curiosity that’s at the heart of the study’s findings — and researchers have agreed are the keys to “subjective age” and mental youthfulness.

To put it plainly: don’t be that know-it-all geezer who sits on a porch and talks about how much life sucks. Be invested and try to generate interest in the world around you. The thing is, when you’re older, that takes a bit of work.


“Openness” is one of the “Big Five” personality traits, and how open an individual is can tell you a lot about their personality. So, what do you do if you’re just “not an open person” and that was never a personality trait. Sit at home and wait to die? Well, no.

As it turns out, no one’s really stuck with one personality. Just like your bodyweight and muscle density, fast twitch responses, or overall capacity for knowledge, you can alter your personality if you really want. Sounds easier said than done, but it’s actually quite simple. Although simple doesn’t mean easy.


Because, at the end of the day, you actually have to put yourself through the paces of actually living through things that’ll interest you and actually doing them. It’s the same concept as dieting and exercising.

Putting yourself on a caloric deficit and exercising more is a simple way of losing weight that is scientifically proven for virtually 100 percent of the human population. However, actually changing our habits on a daily basis for a consistent period of time is difficult. So, you have to put yourself through the paces of actually sticking to a meal and exercises routine to physically lose weight. The same goes for changing your personality.


What excites you? Is there a dream that you want to attain? Is there something you always wondered about or wanted to get better at? Know your goal and work towards attaining that goal every single day.

Think about things you were obsessed with as a child, whether it was playing an instrument or getting really great at a videogame, or mastering an aspect of a sport or heck, performing yo-yo tricks.


By physically going through the motions, especially when you don’t particularly feel like doing it, and reflecting on what that’s going to mean for the rest of your life if you refuse to fold at the slightest inconvenience, you’ll re-train your personality to go from someone who just caves at the first sight of pressure to someone who persists no matter what the cost.

It sounds simple, but our current personalities will get in the way of us trying to attain what we want. But much like a muscle, you will be able to train yourself out of whatever funk you’re in and eventually will find something to be interested in — as long as you keep going. It could also be as simple as getting out of your comfort zone on a small scale.


Trying a new menu option, eating at a new lunch spot, or watching a new TV show you would have otherwise not picked up, all of these “adventurous” activities could have big implications for your personality on the long term. “Openness,” as a result, will become a personality trait simply by virtue of conditioning.

This wonderful Inc. article also delineates how trying new experiences and venturing into the unknown slows down time, since the passage of time is pretty much an illusion and all up to our perception of it, we’ll not only act and feel young, but we’ll think young as a result.

So what are you waiting for? Break out of your old routine and get started on thinking young right now. Just be persistent and don’t shy away from the tedium of your own personality — you’ll feel like you’re living forever as a result. That’s enough preaching from me though, I’m gonna get to doing it for myself right now.

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