25 Dog Cross Breeds That Are So Cute You’ll Immediately Want a Mutt

For a long time pedigree dogs have won the game for the best breeds, but recently things are starting to change. Cross breeding is now a common practice in a way to avoid fur molting, to get great family temperaments, and to create smaller breeds that are a better fit for many households. Luckily, because of this, a lot of new breeds we’ve never seen before have started to pop up, and they are possibly the cutest pups to ever exist in our lifetime.

We at Bright Side found the most adorable fluffy cross breeds that will forever melt your heart, and show you the unconventional cuteness that will change your favorite dog breed forever.

1. This teeny, tiny, ferocious fluff ball is a mix between a
Husky and a Pomeranian.

2. They’re called Pomskies and they can each turn out very different, but always just as adorable.

3. This Chabrador melts our hearts with her beautiful blue eyes.

4. This Huskidor looks like it’s been split right down the middle.

5. A cross between a Chow Chow and a Shar Pei makes for a chubby, little baby.

6. This tiny, teddy bear is called a Maltipoo.

7. 2 poodles in a pod: This big Bernedoodle loves his little Newfypoo brother.

8. This Huskita is a big, bad wolf, I tell you!

9. Ru-roh! This Terrier mix has Retriever, Pitbull, and Chow Chow in him to make him look just like Scooby-Doo!

10. This Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian mixture makes for amazing markings.

11. This smushy darling is a cross between a Basset Hound and a Shar Pei.

12. This Saint Berdoodle is so fluffy!!

13. This German Shepherd and Shar Pei cross makes for a very squishy face.

14. This puppy is quite literally a split between a German Shepherd and an Australian Shepherd.

15. An adorable, chubby, fluffy Chowsky baby

16. Help! It’s a Golden Retriever with the body of a Corgi!

17. These identical Rottsky siblings look like something out of a movie.

18. This Dalmatian mix wears the mask of a Rottweiler.

19. This squishy fluffball is a fully grown Pekingese and Pug cross!

20. It’s impossible to resist petting this Alaskan Malamute and Samoyed cross.

21. A mix between a Keeshond and an American Eskimo makes a snuggly baby bear.

22. Just look at the rolls on this Shar Pei and Bulldog mix!

23. This Australian Cattle Dog mix has the most gorgeous brown freckles.

24. This basket of puppies is an irresistible mix of Poodle and Bichon Frise.

25. Those ears are the cutest on this stunning Labrador and German Shepherd hybrid.

Bonus: This husky looks too small to be pedigree, but he is, and still melts our hearts.

Which cross breed was the cutest to you? Tell us which pup was the most adorable in the comments and let us know if we missed out on any mixes that are just as irresistible.

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25 Photos That Prove Once You Get a Pet, You’ll Never Be Sad Again

Animals are the best. By getting a pet you basically buy yourself a ticket to life that will never get boring. Stealing and hiding everything they see, following you to the bathroom, eating the furniture, nagging you for attention, or posing for a photo — it’s just impossible to get sad by your pets’ side, because they make every day feel like a little adventure!

We at Bright Side found 25 photos shared by pets owners, that will uplift your mood and make you want to get a pet as soon as possible.

25. “A few months ago my dog, Maggie, stole my dad’s dentures while he was napping and he found her like this.”

24. “This is Finnick. He has completed his walk. It was never clarified he had to make it back to the house.”

23. This cat’s reaction to their kiss

22. “When a child and a dog disappear upstairs for an hour, you should totally be suspicious.”

21. “My cat is silly but adorable.”

20. “My dog was extremely tired, but just HAD to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

19. “Owls may be symbols of wisdom, but they’re actually complete morons.”

18. “My Pitbull always thought he was the biggest dog at the dog park.”

17. “Didn’t want the cat to splash my shorts while I was giving him bath so I took them off. Then I found him in the bedroom afterward.”

16. “Someone is trying to get this dog adopted. So they chose this photo.”

15. “5 beds and about 10 comfy chairs in this house. So where do you sit? ON THE EGGS!”

14. “He grew up with 2 cats.”

13. “She wasn’t happy until I gave up and left my warm tea mug there.”

12. “Cruella Deville… Cruella Deville…”

11. “Trying to work with cats around can be challenging.”

10. “I was trying to enjoy a nice bath but…”

9. “My mother-in-law’s cat is obsessed with shrimp. She makes this face whenever there is shrimp on the table.”

8. “Every time I’m eating a meal…”

7. “My cat may be getting too fat…”

6. “Every time I take my dog for a walk she has to stop to see her crush. It’s like Romeo and Juliet.”

5. “So…I recently discovered my dog likes carrots.”

4. “I told my cat, ‘You’re so pretty,’ and snapped a photo of her response.”

3. “My brother and his girlfriend took their dog hiking and the ground was too hot so this happened.”

2. They regret nothing.

1. “I met this dog and asked its owner for a photo. The dog saw my phone, sat down and smiled. Again, we do not deserve dogs.”

Which photo made you laugh the most? Do you have a pet? Has it ever done something hilarious? What was it? Share your stories and photos in the comment section!

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26 Celebrities Who Look So Alike You’ll Be Surprised They’re Not Related

It was Bryce Dallas Howard who acted in Jurassic world, not Jessica Chastain. Babel starred Brad Pitt, not Benicio Del Toro. It all sounds obvious, but still, these and a handful of other celebrities get confused with each other all the time. Some of them make fun of it and some use it to their advantage.

Bright Side gathered pairs of celebrities who are being called each other’s names more often than they’d probably like. Spoiler alert: some of them make funny jokes out of it!

1. Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder

Cheekbones, eyebrows and cute smiles make these 2 actors look like siblings. And the fact that both of these pretty men are the stars of popular series doesn’t help either. Chase played the rich kid in Gossip Girl and Ian portrays the beautiful vampire from The Vampire’s Diaries. So if you are not really into pop culture, these 2 can be easily mistaken for each other.

2. Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard

Looks like both brilliant actresses are tired of being compared, but they still handle it with humor. Jessica takes funny posts on Twitter and Facebook and Bryce sends the love back on Instagram. Speaking of humor, here is a full video showing Bryce lip-synching during a dubsmash. If you forget who you’re watching, it becomes pretty clear by the end.

3. Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland

Mila Kunis actually doesn’t mind being confused with Sarah Hyland. It makes her feel younger. As for Hyland herself, she takes it with humor and always has a joke prepared for reporters. Once, she was on the red carpet being called Mila Kunis and was asked questions about Black Swan. She was tempted to scream, “Natalie Portman is a bad kisser!” She held back though.

4. Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill

There is a rumor that Matt Bomer may become the new Tony Stark one day. This would be a good thing, as long as Henry Cavill has already been picked up by DC. We hope they’ll be able to avoid confusion on a shooting scene because Matt and Henry look very much alike.

5. Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester

The similarity of the 2 actresses was spotted for the first time after they stood side by side in the movie Roommate. During the press tour, since both women liked to wear similar haircuts and clothes, it became a thing.

6. Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

One of them has part ownership of Los Angeles FC, and the other was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The question is, who is who? Well, to the left is Will Ferrell, actor and comedian, and to the right is the drummer of RHCP. The only way we figured this out was by watching the drum-off.

7. Carla Bruni and Bella Hadid

The similarity was confirmed by the former French First Lady. Carla Bruni has even written on her Instagram, “Do I have a hidden daughter?” She even added a heart at the end, so both supermodels are okay with looking alike.

8. Katharine Mcphee and Rachel Bilson

The finalist of American Idol season 5 and the star of The O.C. series know each other and have a few pictures together where they truly look like they were separated at birth. But in the time of their highest popularity, there wasn’t too much social media yet, so it never became a thing. We decided to compare modern photos of these 2 ladies and the results are still incredible.

9. Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro

These guys have the same lips, same nose, and slightly different eyes. Brad Pitt and Benicio del Toro become especially similar looking when they have a serious facial expression. Both men have BAFTA Awards and both are brilliant actors, but when they’re on screen they can’t be mistaken. They talk differently, walk differently and definitely act differently.

10. Bob Saget and Stephen Colbert

Those 2 men who are also not related, look very similar and always manage to have stylish glasses and a very subtle sense of humor. They also prefer a classic style, as it gives a special feeling of trust to the audience.

11. Natalie Portman and Millie Bobby Brown

These 2 ladies have been compared to each other multiple times and not only because of their similar appearances. Both Millie and Natalie started their careers early and with serious and complicated roles many adult actors couldn’t handle. And they both completely nailed it!

12. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem

Jeffrey D. Morgan says that he absolutely doesn’t mind being called Xavier Bardem. “He is a very handsome man and super talented actor,” he told one interviewer. As for Xavier, we don’t think he would mind either. He’s known to have a very good sense of humor and self-irony.

13. Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

After these 2 beautiful redheaded women made a movie together, we definitely know there are 2 of them! Anyway, Amy Adams says she loves all the Isla-Amy confusions, so let’s continue to confuse who’s who.

Have you ever meet a person who looks like you? Have you taken a picture with them? Share them with us in the comments below!

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26 Curious Pictures You’ll Want to Look at Again and Again

We sometimes witness some really unusual things during our very ordinary days. They don’t really need to be supernatural or extreme to make us ask “how?” and “why?”.

Bright Side has collected some photos of real life curiosities that have to have some kind of explanation.

1. “This egg rolled out of the carton and impaled itself on my cabinet’s handle.”

2. “I work at this place and this is what happened tonight.”

3. This man is so calm.

4. “I lost my lunch box a couple weeks back, this is where I find it, second story, impossible to reach.”

5. “So, what is the story behind this image, please?”

6. He just wanted to have a green car.

7. “2 weeks ago, my youngest daughter broke her leg one week before our vacation. Yesterday I broke my own leg (on vacation).”

8. “Found at the airport arrival gate. Something terrible must have happened here.”

9. “Please, stop him from taking over our house.”

10. In this situation, we don’t care what happened, but we want to know what they are going to do now…”

11. An owl carved into a dragon fruit

12. Tree in a tree

13. “We took my cat to the beach and there just so happened to be a professional dancer there having a photo shoot.”

14. “Maybe the best thing I’ve ever seen happened right in front of me today.”

15. In this case the guys traveling in the back of the truck are not the most surprising thing around.

16. That’s a great sock. But why is it the only thing he’s wearing?

17. A perfect cover story

18. What is this? We have no idea!

19. “Not sure what happened here… Hopefully a miracle.”

20. Something bad happened here…

21. Wet floor

22. “I encountered this rare and exquisite parking lot unicorn today when going into my local arts and crafts store. I was unable to capture the magnificent gesture of its greeting, but it’s an encounter I will always remember.”

23. “Yes. I am extremely comfortable. No. I will not tell you how this happened.”

24. What was she looking at?

25. How can these things be in one photo?

26. “Tried to take a panoramic picture of the Eiffel Tower today, it went surprisingly well!”

Which photo amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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18 “Blink and You’ll Miss It” Pictures

One of your blinks usually last 100 to 150 milliseconds and you can blink up to 5 times a second. So, in the time that you are awake, the average viewing time you miss blinking is up to several hours. And there is a lot of stuff going on while you have your eyes closed.

We at Bright Side fight hard for you to not miss the most lovely ephemeral moments of life, so we can’t keep this “fleeting moments list” from our readers!

1. The beard agrees with her.

2. Marine high-five

3. A still image of a car the moment before being dropped into the water

4. Furry bullet

5. The last bubble bender

6. Surprise!

7. Why, hello there!

8. Did the kitty have Mexican for dinner?

9. Perfect fit

10. A groom just lost his head over this wedding.

11. Seems yummy

12. The dangers of a beach wedding

13. Permission to land! Permission to land!

14. The photo I took of me and my girlfriend looks like Photoshop.

15. Is that a…ladywitch?

16. Jesus, watch where you’re flying!

17. Look out!

18. Ouch

Which one of those made you hold your breath? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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18 People Whose Job Might Be Harder Than Yours, and Now You’ll See Why

Not many people can brag that they love their job and go to the office with pleasure. In most cases, everyday work consists of some funny moments and routine tasks. Today, we’d like to focus on those who take on their jobs head-on and never seem to get bored at work.

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18 Cool Examples of Urban Furniture You’ll Probably Want on Your Street

Do you know that the longest bench in the world is situated in Littlehampton, UK? This bench is made out of 9,000 colored slats and measures at 324 meters. Urban design is constantly developing, and nowadays we can find tons of street furniture pieces that are often weird and sometimes truly astounding.

Bright Side gathered the most impressive examples of street furniture that you’ll definitely want to have near your house.

18. Book benches, Istanbul, Turkey

17. A letter bench, Bristol, England

16. The bench of Claude Ponti, Nantes, France

15. Sail benches, Verchères, Canada

14. The periodic table and a bench, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

13. A bench through a concrete wall, Luxembourg

12. A slingshot bench, Germany

11. Park benches made for one person facing away from each other, Finland

10. The state of the pulse at rest, Hamburg, Germany

9. A pencil bench, Kiev, Ukraine

8. A shark girl, New York

7. A whale tail bench, Santa Barbara, California

6. An upside down bench, Mexico City

5. “Have a break, have a Kit Kat,” London, UK

4. A hand-held bench, Kiev, Ukraine

3. A robot bench, Enschede, Netherlands

2. A motivational Nike bench, New York

1. A sunken observation platform, Vöcklabruck, Austria

Which of these items would you like to have on your own street? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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28 Hard-to-Find Historical Photos That You’ll Probably See for the First Time

There’s a reason old photos fascinate us — they let us see and understand that the life we’re used to now was once completely different and almost unimaginable for us today. Photos from decades ago connect us to the past and give us a chance to see things that we most certainly won’t be able to during our lifetime.

Bright Side collected some historical photos that are sure to make you feel nostalgic for a time you’ve never even known.

1. A woman stands by her home in the Arkhangelsk province of the Russian Empire in 1910.

2. A man selling sponges in Vienna, Austria in 1904.

3. Women playing volleyball on stilts at Venice Beach, CA, USA in 1942.

4. 2 engineers are working on a Disney animatronic — a caveman prop that is able to move and make sounds, 1964.

5. Using banknotes as wallpaper during hyperinflation, Germany, 1923.

6. A female firefighting team on a specially converted motorcycle in London, England in 1932.

7. A model looks comfortably warm showing off the power of a heat lamp while everything behind her is frozen in Germany in 1960.

8. A female beach police officer inspecting a woman’s bathing suit in the US in 1921.

9. A special flu mask used during the Spanish Flu epidemic in England in 1919.

10. One of the original limousines in France, 1910

11. A family living in their one-room slum apartment in NYC, USA in 1890.

12. Cavalry training in England in 1935.

13. Robert Wadlow, the tallest man ever recorded and confirmed at 8’11″, pictured here in 1939, just one year before his death.

14. American troops during World War I using newly-developed acoustic technology to locate enemy aircraft.

15. Lumberjacks with California Redwood trees, USA, 1915

16. A family of acrobats performing on a street in Berlin, Germany in 1920.

17. A hairdressing Competition in Warsaw, Poland in 1932.

18. Archeologists Howard Carter and Arthur Callender and an unidentified Egyptian worker open the inner chamber and see King Tut’s sarcophagus for the first time, 1922.

19. The interior of Adolf Hitler’s bunker as captured by allied forces in 1945.

20. Colorized photo of an automobile accident in Washington D.C., circa 1921.

21. Mount Rushmore being constructed in 1939

22. Cleaning the street in NYC, USA in 1906.

23. The Golden Gate Bridge being constructed in San Francisco, 1937.

24. Models show off new beach attire in Vancouver, Canada in 1932.

25. A supermarket in the USSR in 1951.

26. The opening of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter, 1922.

27. The leader of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir Lenin, is addressing the soldiers of the Red Army that are about to leave for the Russian-Polish war, Moscow, 1920.

28. Monica Bellucci, 1992

Which of these photos amazed you the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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14 Psychological Thrillers You’ll Want to Watch Again Even If You Know the Ending

A really good thriller is hard to find, easy to miss, and impossible to forget. This selection is compiled of unforgettable movies. We made a volatile mix of Hollywood, European, and Asian cinematography for those who think that they’ve seen everything.

Bright Side responsibly declares that this article doesn’t have “regular” thrillers; they all were checked personally by our team and each of them has its own unique twist. Some have more drama and less action while others are the other way around. Some of them might seem too provocative, violent, or even heart-wrenching but we assure you that any movie from this list will break any stereotypes.

Terminal, 2018

A controversial yet quite good noir thriller kicks off our list. Really great-looking waitress Annie works at a gloomy and desolate terminal station, but she’s only cute on the outside. In fact, she’s a daring woman who is leading a dangerous double life with 2 outlaws. For some viewers, the movie might seem cliché, cruel, or repetitive at some moments. But we can’t ignore the marvelous actors’ performance, an atmospheric neon style, and a plot with a curious twist.

Marrowbone, 2017

Mystical movies rarely surprise people lately, except in the case of Spanish thrillers. Looking for a safe place to hide from a tyrant husband, a mother of 4 children moved to another country and settled down in a haunted mansion. After the mother’s sudden death, the eldest son, Jack, takes precedence over the family. Being underage, he has to circumvent the law to become a guardian for his siblings and the owner of the house. Things were going fine until their maniac father showed up. The psychological thriller with a touch of mystical horror will overwhelm a viewer with its unexpected ending!

Ghost Stories, 2017

Although this movie is meant to be a horror film, it will actually make you think more than it may scare you. However, there are times when you literally jump out of your seat from fear. Professor Goodman is a big skeptic who doesn’t believe in supernatural things. He reveals mediums’ and psychics’ tricks. But one day, he meets 3 people who allegedly faced a supernatural phenomenon. It’s a good movie in the best tradition of the British cinematography with unexpected plot twists and a pretty great ending. You’ll need time to snap out of it.

The Hidden Face (La cara oculta), 2011

One day, Adrián comes back home to a note that says his beloved left him and asked not to look for her. Devastated, he goes to a bar where he met a waitress, Fabiana. They feel a mutual attraction toward each other and the woman soon moves in with Adrián. But she doesn’t have a chance to feel the quiet happiness of life because some mysterious and scary things start happening inside their house. The unique feature of the film is a simple yet genius idea with a non-trivial ending.

Get Out, 2017

You’ll hardly find anyone who hasn’t heard about this Academy Award-winning movie by Jordan Peele. If you didn’t watch it because you don’t like horror movies, you need to fix this right now. A young African American man visits his girlfriend’s parents who hide an uncanny secret. The social subtext is pretty obvious and the plot might seem quite familiar. But this movie has a unique charm that was enhanced by the soundtrack, unexpected jokes, and a shocking finale. This movie is definitely worth watching even if it scares you with tiny details that are usually not scary at all.

The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi), 2016

This Korean movie balances on the edge of a drama and an action-packed thriller. You don’t have to be an Asian cinematography enthusiast to appreciate The Handmaiden. There’s drama, comedy, passion, hate, pain, and pleasure. A con man called Count wants to make the rich Lady Hideko marry him. She lives in seclusion in a majestic mansion with her uncle. He plans to confirm that she’s crazy and take control over her wealth. To get closer to his “victim,” Count hires his friend Sook-Hee to serve as the lady’s handmaiden. Very soon, a simple story becomes so twisted and complicated that it’s not clear who’s the real puppeteer in this group.

Eliza Graves, 2014

A movie based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe has an intriguing and unusual plot. Young handsome doctor Edward Newgate came to a secluded Stonehearst Asylum from London. He notices the unusual behavior of the director and the staff: it looks like they’re not of sound mind. Horrible cries that come from the basement arouse even more questions. The unbelievable ending makes you want to grab a cup of tea and watch it over and over again.

The Orphanage (El Orfanato), 2007

This Spanish movie will pierce the hearts of those who love thrillers. Laura was once a resident of the orphanage where she spent a very happy childhood. Now a grown woman, she moves to the abandoned orphanage with her family to restore it and open it to new orphans. Her son Simón completely changes after they move in; he begins to see cruel images and becomes interested in playing dangerous games. The sad, touching, and plot-twisting movie will leave a long-lasting mark in your memory.

10 Cloverfield Lane, 2016

When Michelle wakes up after a car accident, she finds herself chained to a radiator in someone’s basement. Soon she sees a man who claims that he saved her from certain death because the planet was subject to either chemical or nuclear attack. Howard says that it’s too dangerous to go outside and his bunker is the only safe place. Of course, Michelle doesn’t believe him and thinks he’s a maniac, but very soon, she finds out that he might be right. The unique feature of the horror-thriller is an intriguing plot twist that will keep you in suspense from the beginning to the very end.

The Girl on the Train, 2016

Every day, Rachel see a seemingly perfect couple from the train. But everything changes when she sees an announcement in the newspaper about the woman going missing. Rachel gets caught up in a complicated story because she was the only one who noticed something important from the train. This movie is a rare example when both critics and the audience couldn’t give a certain review. Some people think it’s a pretty ordinary thriller while others call it genius. But this gloomy and sad movie will definitely leave a lasting impression on anyone.

The Purge, 2013

This one is quite controversial and movie enthusiasts will find a couple of unkind words to say about it. But the plot is so original that it definitely makes the whole thing worth watching. The world of the future has neither crimes nor wars thanks to only one night a year when people can do whatever they want and not be punished for anything. It’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s also very intense and has an interesting subtext that you catch onto after some time.

Beast, 2017

A wonderful British fairytale for adults that will make your blood freeze. Moll (age 27) lives on a secluded island with her strict parents. The atmosphere of misunderstanding feels suffocating for her but one day, her life changes thanks to a new feeling of love. However, her man is under suspicion for the serial murders that recently happened on the island. Moll has to choose between her love and trust for Pascal and strict social rules. Some might consider this movie too romantic but some may even consider that a good thing.

The Place, 2017

This film is cruel and merciful at the same time; it makes multiple surgical strikes on our way of thinking and has an intense spiral plot with new details appearing every minute. A man is sitting in a coffee house with a thick notebook on the table. People approach him to get what they want and he makes their dreams come true. There’s one condition: to fulfill any wish, you have to complete a task, the bigger your dream, the more complicated and dangerous the tasks are. No murders, visual effects, expensive settings — just a great idea, a thoroughly-written plot, and amazing conversations.

Lizzie, 2018

This movie just came out on September 14, 2018 in the US. We’re really intrigued by the story which is based on a legend. Lizzie Borden’s name has long become a household name thanks to the complicated story of her parents’ murder. During the well-known high-profile trial, the woman was acquitted and set free despite the undeniable evidence proving her guilty. The movie will definitely be cruel, intense, and provocative and that’s exactly what we need, right?

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21 Old Photos of Celebrities You’ll Be Hard Pressed to Find in Any Fashion Magazine

Looking at old photos is incredibly interesting because every single one of them is part of history. The same goes for photos of celebrities — but famous people often look completely different from what we are used to. For example, Stephen King used to play in a rock band and Ozzy Osbourne loved cats.

Bright Side has found rare photos of celebrities that we couldn’t help but share.

1. Marilyn Monroe without makeup

2. This wedding photo of Barack and Michelle Obama

3. Victoria Beckham as a child

4. Hugh Jackman with a friend at the airport, 1986

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the day he got his U.S. citizenship

6. A young David Duchovny with his sister

7. Britney Spears with her friends

8. Madonna used to be a brunette.

9. Mick Jagger was a cool biker.

10. Peter Dinklage before he became popular

11. A photo that explains why Jim Carrey didn’t become a writer

12. Ozzy Osbourne used to love cats.

13. Stephen King was a rock musician back in 1992.

14. Avril Lavigne, Halloween, 2008

15. A 17-year-old Kim Kardashian with her friend

16. Marilyn Manson with his father

17. Dita von Teese and her friend after a party. Yes, this is her natural hair color!

18. Jared Leto said, “Can’t remember how old this is but I remember it’s old.”

19. Not Kurt Cobain, but rather, Sting in 1970

20. Prince Charles giving directions to Prince Harry

21. Marilyn Monroe as a child

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