8 Reasons Why Your Dog Barks, and You’d Better Not Punish It for This

In the last 5 years, New Yorkers have filed almost 7,500 dog-related complaints, and most of them were based on barking noises made by dogs. A dog is supposed to bark, so having one and expecting that it won’t bark is absurd. But sometimes they bark excessively for no apparent reason. Once you find the reason why they’re acting like this, you can work on the solution.

Here at Bright Side, we’re here to help you figure out what’s going on and we ask that every dog owner out there not punish their dog for barking.

1. Boredom

Like humans, dogs are also social animals and prefer to be in a pack. So when they’re left alone all day in solitude they tend to get bored. They’re social animals and without contact or communication they feel bored and they start barking. This type of barking is monotonous and continuous, it won’t usually tell you anything about them but it stops when they’re in someone’s presence.

2. Demand

If you’re a dog owner you might have noticed this trait already and unfortunately, this is one of the most common but easily correctible traits. You just have to give them what they want, it could be anything from a walk, some prey, a toy or something to eat. But it’s not always going to work and you’ll realize as time passes that dogs can be pretty demanding. So sometimes, it’s best to leave them unattended and they’ll stop eventually.

3. Frustration

Dogs also have anxiety and frustration issues when they’re left alone or when they’re doing something repetitively and can’t understand a certain noise or action. They may exhibit the symptoms of being depressed with inappropriate elimination and destructiveness. They may do repetitive things and move in circles while making a low-pitched howling or a bark.

4. Alarms or alerts

You may have seen them reacting to a doorbell or a telephone ring coming from the TV. Apart from that, they’re actually helpful in situations like fires, alarm sounds, reacting to strangers, etc. In such cases, they bark non-stop while jumping. To avoid these kinds of situations you’ll have to expose your dog to such stimuli and train them to bark at specific situations.

5. Stress or fear

This is one of the most important things to look for and it’s difficult to understand. These types of sounds have a sense of fear (fear of abandonment, separation or threat), panic or anxiety (can be from pain or a physical situation), and sometimes they anticipate danger. This kind of barking can be hysterical and sometimes includes howling. This type of barking may irritate you the most but remember dogs are not as good as humans when it comes to expressing their anguish.

6. For fun

This is nothing new to understand because if you’re a dog owner who plays with your dogs, you probably know that they’re playful and like to bark for fun during their game time and whenever they’re excited. They’ll bark occasionally, lick you, or even bite your heels with a wiggling tail. They’ll act impulsively when they see something they’re fond of. So, we suggest that you not play with your dog while children are around since their barking can startle them and they can become somewhat wild.

7. Greetings

Again, if you’re a dog owner, it’s not new to you so see them bark when they see you approaching. It’s kind of like they’re saying, “Hey! Welcome home!” Or, “How was your day?” If you’re visiting them after a long time, it goes on and on as if they’re saying, “Long time no see,” or “I missed you.” These kinds of barks are low pitched, of short duration, and continuous, followed by a wiggling tail and jumping.

8. Territorial claim

We’ve all seen dogs barking at strangers even while on their leash, looking out from their window or front gate. Do they continuously bark at you until you’re out of sight? Well, for years this has been a dog’s trademark to claim their territory. This is one of those irremediable situations — the only thing you can do is keep them inside the house and not let them see many strangers.

Ways to help with excessive barking:

  • Shouting at a dog isn’t going to help because as you shout at them it usually makes them howl or bark louder.
  • Train your dog to understand words like “quiet”, “enough”, or “now-now”. In some cases, these words can work like a charm as long as they’re trained.
  • If you’re a working person living with your dog exclusively, we suggest you to take a morning walk or play with them for a few minutes before you leave.
  • If a dog is tired, it’s quiet. Make sure you take them on long walks or runs daily.
  • Train them for specific situations like passing mailmen, newspaper delivery people, etc. They need to understand that they’re not a threat to them.
  • Excessive barking could also be due to a physical problem like a bee sting, parasites or oral problems. Take them to the vet if you notice anything unusual about their barking.

Does your dog do any of the things mentioned above? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share it with all the dog lovers out there.

Illustrated by Alice Perkmini for BrightSide.me

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15 Tips on Improving Under-Eye Skin You’d Better Start Using Right Now

Everything influences our skin’s condition: not sleeping enough at night, being tired, an argument with the boss, the cigarettes we smoke, etc. The area around the eyes is especially sensitive to these stressors. It loses elasticity very quickly. And it’s one of the most active areas in terms of movement: we blink, make faces and squint all the time.

Bright Side has collected the main rules that should be taken into account in order to make skin care as efficient as possible.

1. Preventative action

The rule “better prevent than correct” works for skin care too. You should know that the later you start taking care of your skin, the more time it will take to see the effects, and if you start doing it when you’re middle-aged, there’s a chance that you will need a cosmetologist.

The best age to start taking care of the skin around the eyes is 20 years old. This is the time when girls use a lot of cosmetics and the load on this area increases.

2. Regular care is essential.

Taking care of your skin from time to time is pointless. There is no product that can show results right away. That’s why the care should be constant over time. The least you can do it use a cream on the area every morning and every evening.

3. Don’t use just one product.

If you are bothered by a certain problem like circles under the eyes or pigment spots, for example, you can buy a product that deals only with one problem. There is no way that one product can solve multiple problems. So, it’s important not to use moisturizing cream in order to get rid of dark circles. If you want to take good care of the area around your eyes, choose the necessary product.

4. Buy glasses or contact lenses.

When squinting because of the sunlight or when trying to see something if you have bad vision, you load your eyes and the area around them even more. This is a great way to get wrinkles. So, don’t forget about wearing sunglasses in summer and using contact lenses or glasses if you don’t see things well.

5. UV light is bad for the skin.

If you don’t use sunscreen, you might end up having dark circles under the eyes. So, use sunglasses and sunscreen whenever you can.

6. Pay attention to the composition of the product.

We rarely think about what we put on our skin. And any cosmetic product is a challenge for it, so the safer the ingredients, the less serious consequences you will have in the future.

Here is a piece of advice: when choosing a cosmetic product, don’t forget to read what it’s made of. And if at least one component seems suspicious to you, it’s better to look for something else or consult an expert.

7. It’s important to apply cream correctly.

When applying a cream, you should follow some simple rules:

  • Before using a cream, clear your skin even if there are no cosmetics on it at all. Pay special attention to the area around the eyes, and don’t rub it with a sponge. Only after that, you can use a cream.
  • Put the cream on carefully, following the massage lines, without pushing the skin — it harms the skin that is losing elasticity anyway.
  • When using a cream, you should avoid the area of the upper eyelids. Also, don’t put any products near the eyelashes — you might accidentally get some of it in your eyes. The only exception is products that say that they are safe for the eyes.

8. Moisturizing masks are better than scrubs and peels.

It’s better not to use scrubs and peels in this area. These methods are great for clearing skin, but the skin around the eyes is really thin and quickly loses elasticity. So if you want to scrub this area, see an experienced specialist.

9. Don’t use too much cream.

In this case, it’s not a good idea to use a lot of cream. When there is too much cream, it might get inside the eyes and cause swelling. So don’t forget — the amount of cream you can put on this area is as big as a grain of rice.

10. Drink water, set a schedule, and get rest.

Water influences a lot of things in the body and the skin is no exception. So, drinking enough water is just as important as sleeping enough and having enough rest. Giving up bad habits is also something you should do in order to stay young looking.

11. Don’t forget about tonics.

Tonics are great for moisturizing the skin. It’s better to put it on the skin for 5-7 minutes.

If you don’t have any tonic, you can replace it with ice. Put it on the skin every morning and every evening.

12. Cosmetic oils can’t harm.

It’s okay to use special cosmetic oils — most of them get absorbed by the skin really fast and are good for massaging the area around the eyes. Such one procedure prevents the deformation and stretching of the skin.

13. Say “no” to soap-based cleansing products.

Today, there are so many products for washing the skin that there is just no point in choosing soap. Soap dries the skin which is really harmful.

But if you still have to use soap, don’t forget to use a moisturizing cream or grapeseed oil after.

14. It’s important to know and consider your skin type.

Cosmetic products are divided into groups for a reason: there are products for each skin type. The best case scenario if you choose a product that doesn’t match your skin type is that it just won’t work. But it can do a lot of harm.

Don’t forget about how sensitive the area around the eyes is. Depending on the type of skin, it needs a special approach.

15. First wrinkles are not a big problem.

If you notice the first wrinkles, it only means that your skin needs more attention. Don’t rush to buy anti-aging creams. Wrinkles may appear because of being tired, dry air, or UV-light, and you can deal with these problems with other lighter products.

Bonus: what you should know about milia

Milia are small bumps that often appear on the skin and cheeks. They appear when keratin gets trapped under the surface of the skin. People often mistake them for acne or blackheads and try to remove them but this is a mistake. There is no safe way to remove milia at home without special tools and skills (experts use really thin needles to do this). So, if you want to get rid of such bumps, you should see a cosmetologist.

Have you learned anything new about how to take care of the area around the eyes? Maybe you have your own tips on caring for this area? Don’t forget to share them in the comment section below.

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8 Exercises You’d Better Avoid If You Dream of Having a Masculine Body

8 Exercises You’d Better Avoid If You Dream of Having a Masculine Body

Many common exercises exist because they have been passed to you from someone who you think is an enlightened body expert. But if you dream of having the perfect masculine body, you should avoid them as these are mostly useless and can even cause bad injuries.

Bright Side brings you 8 exercises that are more fad than real and you should avoid them to keep injury at bay.

Behind-the-head shoulder press

If you do the behind-the-head shoulder press, you will be targeting the same muscles you would be targeting if you did it in front of your head. Also, by going behind-the-head you put your shoulder in a vulnerable position. Instead, try training in the front by using increasingly heavier weight. You will soon begin to see more strength improvements and muscle gain.

Doing squats using a smith machine

The way most people use a smith machine is wrong and should be avoided. Since it is a limited range machine, it will take away the benefits of stabilization from whatever exercise you do using it. Specifically, doing squats using a smith machine puts you in a very unnatural squatting position.

Trying to have well-toned hips using the hip abduction and adduction machine

This machine is known to cause serious lower back injuries because it’s not normal to lift a heavy load in that position.

Trying to work your oblique muscles using the seated torso rotation machine

When you rotate your spine, your hips also rotate. Since this machine is also locked into a range of motion, your hips cannot rotate properly which puts excessive pressure on your spine.

Lat pulldown behind the head

By trying to get the bar behind the head, you increase your chances of getting a rotator cuff injury because you rotate your arms externally as far as they can go. Also, there is a possibility of getting a neck injury.

Exercising using the leg press machine

Working out with this machine does not allow your muscles and joints to perform in a functional manner which puts stress on your knees and your lower back.

Leg extensions

These exercises serve no functional purpose unless you are trying to recover from an injury.

Trying to strengthen your back using the hyperextension machine

Most people use this machine improperly which puts their lower back at risk for an injury. The spine should never extend past its neutral position at any time, but most people using this machine extend their spine past that point.

Let us know in the comments whether you have tried some of these exercises? Also, share with us what made you think these were good for you.

Illustrated by Igor Polushin for BrightSide.me

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-health/8-exercises-youd-better-avoid-if-you-dream-of-having-a-masculine-body-580010/