Patrick Star and Other Pop Culture Touchstones That Rock the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year


2018 has been about four decades long but it’s finally coming to a close. Also coming to a close is the year of Ultraviolet — so make way for the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral!

“An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge,” explain the masterminds behind the choice. The color gurus also hope this positive, warm shade named after a vital sea organism will help feed “our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.”

It’s definitely a cheery, upbeat shade, and it also reminds us of a different sea creature. One with a certain square friend who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Here are some of our fave pop culture touchstones and icons that are already rocking this happy hue.


Patrick Star




Fancy Post Malone


Solange at the 2014 Met Gala


Emma Stone in ‘La La Land’


iPhone XR


Audrey’s Lipstick in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

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25 Unexpected Pairs of Celebrities Who Were Born the Same Year

For famous people, looking young, neat, and attractive is a part of their profession. Some of them are so successful at it that it is almost impossible to guess their actual age (the entire world has a lot of questions for Keanu Reeves).

We at Bright Side decided to compare celebrities who were born the same year and we were really surprised.

Sandra Bullock and Monica Bellucci: 54 years old

Kevin Spacey and Sean Bean: 59 years old

Macaulay Culkin and Chris Pine: 38 years old

Macaulay Culkin and Jake Gyllenhaal: 38 years old

Andrew Garfield and Jonah Hill: 35 years old

Emily Blunt and Felicity Jones: 35 years old

Aaron Paul and Chris Pratt: 39 years old

Megan Fox and Emilia Clarke: 32 years old

Mary-Kate Olsen and Amber Heard: 32 years old

Kristen Stewart and Margot Robbie: 28 years old

Thomas Sangster and Aaron Taylor-Johnson: 28 years old

Natalia Oreiro and Liv Tyler: 41 years old

Kirsten Dunst and Cobie Smulders: 36 years old

Tom Hiddleston and Rami Malek: 37 years old

Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba: 37 years old

Tobey Maguire and David Beckham: 43 years old

Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix: 44 years old

Matt Damon and Vince Vaughn: 48 years old

Heather Graham and Uma Thurman: 48 years old

Vin Diesel and Benicio Del Toro: 51 years old

Elizabeth Hurley and Sarah Jessica Parker: 53 years old

Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver: 69 years old

Tilda Swinton and Julianne Moore: 58 years old

Michael J. Fox and George Clooney: 57 years old

Bonnie Wright and Emma Roberts: 27 years old

Which pair of celebrities amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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21 “Wow” Inventions Plucked Right Out of the Year 2050

Not only do inventions make our lives more comfortable, but they also simplify things. Some of them are so universal that they can change the world into a better place, while others were simply made for solving small household inconveniences like a hammer with automatic nails, for example.

Bright Side is about to share the best modern ideas with you that most of us are lacking in life.

A 4-wheel electric bike that was designed to allow people to ride around in any weather

Special “shoes” for horses that replace steel horseshoes and cushions, protecting the joints of the animal. And on top of that, it can be quickly removed.

You can charge this battery with a micro USB connector.

A hammer with automatic nails

Scientists learned to make plastic that can decompose under environmental conditions for a period of 1 to 3 years.

New Chinese technology that features a 4-story building built in one night

A detector that helps find hidden cameras

The new design of a melded fork and spoon

A ball of honey that can be placed right into a cup of tea

A new type of display has been presented in Hong Kong.

A university library has a treadmill with a computer on it allowing students to train and study at the same time.

“Our local high school has a solar panel table with USB ports for students to charge their devices.”

The perfect shoes for female drivers

A shower with a hole in the door that lets you regulate temperature without wetting your hands

The new electric “socket of the future” without a plug

Elderly pedestrians in Singapore can use their licenses to get more time to cross a road.

This McDonald’s has a smaller counter upstairs and they use a conveyer belt to ship food.

Extinguisher grenades

“A room at my school uses a vertical hidden projector and a mirror to project presentations.”

A prosthetic leg made for an elephant that stepped on a landmine

A Dutch garbage disposal system

Which of these ideas seemed ingenious and useful to you? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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20 Service Dogs Who Would Easily Win “the Cutest Employee of the Year” Award

In the United States there are approximately half a million pairs of service dogs and their handlers. Our furry friends take on a variety of jobs and always look good doing it!

We at Bright Side admire hard work, so we couldn’t hold on to those pictures any longer and just had to share them with you!

Service dogs come in all ages

Service doggo in the lab with his goggles on

Find the young firefighter

Service dog’s senior pictures

Chester the Weather Dog will make you smile in any weather

Warrior Canine Connection Jessica reporting for duty!

“Give mama a kiss before you go!”

“Here boy, you’ll get the hang of it.”

A little puppy at my school studying to become a service dog

This good girl named Frida saves lives in the water.

This is Maximus. He’s a therapy dog in a special needs class.

2 service dogs in training. Work is hard!

First driving lesson

Can you spot the therapy dog?

A pup and his teddy bear

My high school’s anxiety consultant, Chief

Reading-therapy dogs in training

This guide dog puppy-in-training is wearing his specially made puppy harness to prepare him for his big boy harness.

3 generations of service dogs

Training the new guy in take-down methods…

Which one of those had made an “employee of your heart” in your book? Be sure to share your thoughts and this article with your friends in the comments below!

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10 Top-Rated TV Series You Might’ve Missed This Year

Sometimes when you come home after a long day at work, all you want to do is curl up on the couch and watch something interesting. But quite often the choice of which TV series to watch takes more time than actually watching an episode. So, instead we end up scrolling different websites for hours until it’s time to go to bed.

Bright Side wants to help save your precious time. Here’s a list of the most remarkable new TV series that you probably haven’t seen or heard of before.

Sorry for Your Loss

The main character Leigh Shaw is trying to cope with the death of her husband. She’s living with her loss and is hoping to restore her relationships with family and friends. Leigh has a lot of dramatic events ahead but she truly believes that she’ll be able to overcome all her difficulties.

This TV series strikes you right in the heart and makes you feel empathy for the heroes and cry with them. PS: Make sure you have enough tissues.

Castle Rock

The events take place in Stephen King’s fictional town of Castle Rock. This is the place where serial killers are wandering down the streets, rabid dogs are attacking people, and the devil himself sells cursed things to people. After the suicide of Shawshank Prison’s warden, a young man is found in a closed part of the prison. No one knows who he is, the man only says the name of his advocate Henry Deaver who was born in Castle Rock. Soon the advocate gets an anonymous call that makes him return to his hometown and find out the prisoner’s story.

This mystic thriller is totally worth your time.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

The events here take place at the beginning of the 20th century. Several schoolgirls and their governesses go to a picnic near Hanging Rock. Rumor has it, this place is hiding some mysterious evil spirit. Who knew it would be true. 3 schoolgirls disappear and no one is able to find them.

People who like art films and dramas will definitely appreciate this TV series.

The Haunting of Hill House

The mature offspring of the Crain family remember their childhood in a haunted Hill House. Their parents bought a mansion to restore it. Some events influenced their future. For example, the elder brother became a writer, one sister is a psychiatrist, the other sister is the owner of a funeral parlor, and the younger brother is suffering from drug addiction. All siblings have strained relations with their father who never opened up about what really happened on the day when their mother died and why they had to leave the mansion.

The mysterious and beautiful TV series keeps you in suspense until the very end.


The main character — a successful manager of a bookshop — meets a charming young writer. The man’s love very soon turns into a true obsession. He uses social networks to find out more about her life and become as close as possible to her. Very soon he turns into a real tyrant who is ready to eliminate any obstacle on his way, even if this obstacle is a real person.

A very interesting TV series that won’t let you go for a couple of days.


Paul Getty is an oil tycoon and one of the richest people in history. He’s always been surrounded by people who dream of having a piece of his wealth: his family, friends, enemies, and many others. One day, his nephew gets kidnapped and the kidnappers demand a ransom of $17 million. For Paul Getty this amount of money is negligible. However, he makes an official statement about his refusal to pay anything at all.

The TV series shows not only the case of the kidnapping, but also the difficult relationships in the family of a very tyrannical billionaire.

The Terror

In 1845, an expedition led by Arctic explorer John Franklin uses 2 warships, HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, to investigate the northern shores of Canada. Soon both ships disappear without a trace and a team of new explorers goes off on a search. They need to find out what actually happened to the teams and the ships.

The TV series is based on a book with this title which was based on a real expedition.


Yellowstone is the first national park in the world and one of the most visited places in the US. But many things occur on the frontier of this civilization. The Duttons, the owners of a big ranch, fight off Thomas Rainwater, the owner of the Indian reservation, and Dan Jenkins, a construction magnate, from their land. Feeling anxious about the upcoming war, the main character tries to make up the relationship with his family who becomes more detached from him.

Action scenes and drama enthusiasts will love this TV series.


The main character, Barry, is a former Marine and a lousy hitman. He goes to LA on a mission and by accident gets into acting auditions. Inspired by the atmosphere, Barry decides to change his life and become a real actor.

A good comedy TV series for those who love a healthy laugh.

The First

The First tells a story about a former NASA astronaut named Tom Hagerty who prepares to fly to Mars on a human space flight. He lives through a tough time and has to face many difficulties: his wife dies under weird circumstances, his daughter is a drug addict, and the mission is bound to fail.

It’s a drama that talks about family values, personal aspirations, and big dreams.

Have you seen any of the TV series mentioned above? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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These Things Are So 2000 You'll Have to Check Your Calendar to See What Year it Really Is


It might take you a second to recall, but do you remember where you were about fifteen years ago today? Stuck in 2003, that’s where. 

Back then, the internet was a budding resource we were all just starting to get familiar with, and between AIM statuses, Myspace Top 8s, Neopets, and Limewire, we were definitely taking no prisoners.

But there were also tidbits of IRL nostalgia too, like shopping for books at Barnes and Noble, or actually buying these CDs that only had 12 songs at Sam Goody (RIP). 

Dave Stopera took to Twitter to commemorate the long-gone days of yesteryear when he posed a question that would quickly go viral and have people from all corners of the web sharing where they were in the mid-2000s.

He asked, “What’s the most mid-2000s thing you ever did?” And even delighted the internet with his anachronistic response: “Mine was use an iTunes code from the cap of a Mountain Dew Code Red to download a Bloodhound Gang song.”

Well, well, well. While a plastic soda bottle with a download code is pretty spot on, other people had equally relatable memories that couldn’t have occurred at any other time than the mid aughts.

Take a scroll down memory lane with these extremely mid-2000 occurrences.


For one, we all had janky MP3 devices that our 2018-selves would surely scoff at. Plus, remember how they would only hold, like, 30 songs? That was so much compared to the number of songs on a CD — I mean, it was more than double — and we had no idea iTunes was actually going to take off.

“Bought an off-brand MP3 player instead of an iPod because I was ‘afraid that iTunes thing wouldn’t have all the songs I want’,” responded @kblampson, and people could totally relate. One @KendraWrites even asked, “Was it a Diamond Multimedia’s Rio PMP300? Because that was my first MP3 player.”

Twitter user @stephanie_fitz even introduced us to a brand of MP3 we’d never heard of: “I had a Creative Zen MP3 player. Nobody else I know has ever heard of it. My daughter actually found it yesterday and we rocked out to some old emo jams.”

Wow, I wonder what kids these days think of all that Modest Mouse and Good Charlotte we used to blast back in the day.


I distinctly recall the jealousy I felt toward my friends who had these waterproof MP3s they could take down with them to the beach.

One person even posted a photo of the minidisc player (!!) her boyfriend at the time got her. “It was ‘the future,”http://undefined/” she wrote. We really thought it would be.

Another person posted this cardboard iPod, which needs no explaining, but actually kind of does because it’s literally perfect.

“Made a clock in the shape of an iPod mini playing a Keane song at school,” wrote Sophie. Notice the song is paused at exactly 1:23 because we were very clever back then.


While we’re on the subject of music, it might be a good time to segue into social media, and our behavior on Myspace (pretty much the only socially acceptable platform to be on) during those early golden years of the internet.

And @jamescervantes basically described all of our pages with his tweet: “Decorated my Myspace page so that when you’d open it, the first thing you’d hear is the loudest Linkin Park song.”

“Same, but it was Breaking Benjamin Breath lol,” chimed in another user. “And my background was a black and white picture of some goth girl standing on a cliff ready to jump. #SoEdgy

“Learned HTML for the sole purpose of customizing my Myspace page,” added an ambitious @laurabellejean, who we hope is now making bank as a coder.

But @courtmpif had everyone beat with a moment she shared that couldn’t have taken place in any other decade: “Using ICQ to instant message friends while seriously debating who to put in my Top 8 on Myspace and then telling my mom that my grandma left a message for us on Callwave. I also put heart stickers on my hip when I got in the tanning bed so everything would tan except that spot.”

Boy, now I feel like I screwed up my tween years.


Would it even be a roundup of the 2000s if we didn’t take a moment of silence to remember AIM and MSN?

One person shared their online flirting techniques: “Sign in and out of MSN messenger to make my crush notice me. With suitable attractive music playing.” The tweeter then added, “Not forgetting the special font for your status update.”

Obviously, no one was taking customizable fonts, or your emo song lyrics, for granted.

@TheMarkusAdam shared the hilarious way he would get girls online to notice him:

When the girl I was crushing on messaged me on AIM I would always immediately start furiously typing out the end of a made up sentence and send it in hopes that she thought I was just that popular. It would be like,

“-nd haha thanks those were such good times!

oops wrong convo”

Markus, you’re definitely not alone in this one. I wonder if she ever picked up on it, or just thought you were that cool.

And while most people only had one phone line and several family members who were equally interested in checking the internet, one woman proved that patience had its rewards.

“Met my now-husband chatting on MSN messenger using dial-up internet,” she wrote.


I don’t even have enough fingers to count the number of crushes I messaged on MSN, but I’m glad this woman stayed for the long-con and got to eventually sow the fruits of her online labor.

Remember downloading music? It’s not like the practice went away or anything, but now we have countless platforms we can pay nominal fees to use and don’t have to take up all our computer’s memory with a whole downloaded album when we really just wanted one song.

“Once I spent three days downloading an episode of Buffy on Limewire because my VCR accidentally taped Frasier instead. The video was 240×360,” reminisced @emmapants.

But some people got really creative with their downloads back in the day. 

“I changed all of the album artwork to every song in my mp3 library to my pop punk band’s so that if/when they were downloaded from Kazaa/Limewire we got free publicity,” wrote one emerging rockstar who enlightened some Limewire users.

“This is the first lead I’ve ever gotten on why so many songs on LimeWire had the wrong artist or title,” responded @ChrisRywalt. “Why would someone attribute ‘Romeo’s Tune’ to Sting? Clearly Sting’s Romeo’s Tune was a punk band.”

His clever antic was commended by the internet, and the original poster even chimed in to compliment him, saying “You should’ve won the Nobel Prize for this.”


While some people scoffed at the mid aughts for not having all the technology available today — like this guy who recalled printing Mapquests as the only way to get directions — others remember those years as simpler times.

One person remembers waiting “until after 9pm to make calls on a cell phone because calls were free on nights and weekends, otherwise it used your minutes.”http://undefined/”Or knowing what it felt like to have wait for next month cause you used all your MMS,” added another.

Come to think of it, 2018 isn’t seeming so shabby after all.

I do have to say, the fact that I didn’t see Nokia’s changeable phone covers on the thread was highly disappointing.

Source : https://undefined/trending/2018/10/10/24vtRe/tweet-like-the-2000s

11 Times It Was Hard to Believe Celebrities Were Born the Same Year

Did you know that Stan Lee and Judy Garland, the actress from the classic movie The Wizard of Oz, were both were born in the same year? There are many celebrities who are not from the same field or have the same looks or education but still have things that are very much in common with each other.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve put together a list of celebrities who have at least 2 things in common, one they’re famous, and the other, they were born in the same year.

Year of Birth — 1922

Stan Lee

Judy Garland

Year of Birth — 1926

Marilyn Monroe

Queen Elizabeth II

Year of Birth — 1942

Stephen Hawking

Amitabh ​​​​​​​Bachchan

Muhammad Ali

Jimi Hendrix

Year of Birth — 1958

Madonna and Michael Jackson

Ellen DeGeneres

Prince Rogers Nelson

Year of Birth — 1965

Robert Downey Jr.

Shah Rukh Khan

J.K. Rowling

The Undertaker

Year of Birth — 1967

Mark Ruffalo

Vin Diesel

Year of Birth — 1972

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Sofia Vergara

Year of Birth — 1975

Angelina Jolie

Kate Winslet

Year of Birth — 1980

Kim Kardashian West

Patrick J. Adams

Chris Evans

Year of Birth — 1983

Chris Hemsworth

Andrew Garfield

Year of Birth — 1984

Mark Zuckerberg

Avril Lavigne

How did you like the list? Do you think you know some celebrities who have the same birth year? Feel free to drop it in the comments. Don’t forget to share the list and shock their fans!

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Insensitive Halloween Costumes You and Your Kids Should Definitely Avoid This Year


Halloween 2018 is quickly approaching so it’s just about the right time to agonize over what you’ll dress up as this year. With so many successful box office movies and memorable pop culture moments, this year is sure to showcase some awesomely creative, comical and stunning costumes. 

And although we don’t have a crystal ball, it’s fair to imagine that Halloween will also see its fair share of racially insensitive and otherwise tasteless costumes. Remember the time (pre-Meghan Markle) that Prince Harry dressed up in a Third Reich uniform? The more we progress as a society and become increasingly exposed to diverse narratives, the more we look up to and admire cultures that are different from our own. And that is definitely a good thing.

But what happens when your kid comes home and all she can talk about is how she wants to dress up as her favorite POC (person of color) character for Halloween? From Moana and Coco to Crazy Rich Asians, a lot of this year’s movies showcased incredible non-white characters worthy of being lauded and admired, though it might not be your kid’s place to honor them with a disguise. And even when they’re not racially appropriative, a closer look at some cute and funny costumes will reveal they’re in fact quite problematic — at best.

Below, a few costumes people of any age should probably reconsider.



Moana is arguably one of the best films Disney has released in recent memory. A spunky Polynesian teen (Moana) embarks on an adventure to save her people, and all kinds of madness ensues. Oh, and did we mention The Rock is in it? <3

But all adorability aside, Moana might not be the best costume to pin up on your Halloween mood board. Last year, Sachi Feris wrote a post called “Moana, Elsa, and Halloween” for the blog Raising Race-Conscious Children that quickly went viral. In it, she detailed an important conversation she had with her daughter who wanted to dress up like the Polynesian character: “I don’t like the idea of dressing up using the same traditional clothing that someone from Moana’s culture may have worn because that feels like we are laughing at her culture by making it a costume. A child whose family is Polynesian could dress up using that type of traditional clothing but Moana’s culture is not our culture.” 

Although many lauded Sachi for making her daughter aware of cultural appropriation at such a young age, her ideas did receive backlash too, as People reported. In any case, she started an important conversation about not making cultures into costumes.

Anne Frank


It’s kind of crazy that this needs to be said, but dressing your young daughter up as the persecuted teenage diarist is not a very cute idea. Several costume stores half-decided that it was a questionable choice, but instead of removing the outfit from their shops altogether, decided to change the name from “Anne Frank costume” to “Child’s 1940s Girl Historical Costume.” Another store, Wellindal, sells the disguise with the copy “World War II Evacuee.” Except, Anne Frank didn’t… Nevermind. Best to stay away from this one.   



While there’s nothing wrong with belting “Un Poco Loco” or Coco‘s other hit song, “Remember Me,” it might be best to keep your appreciation for this film in the musical realm this Halloween. Disney was lauded for finally representing Latin culture within its film franchise empire, and it also introduced many Americans to the Mexican tradition the Day of the Dead. 

While some might be eager to flock to the drug store for face paint or buy a ready-made Mama Imelda costume online, one person took to Twitter to explain why dressing up as a sugar skull is not the best idea: “I must say that as a Mexican [it] is way more offensive that you reduce a traditional festivity to a Disney film than the costume. Coco is not the Day of the Dead or part of it.” 

Hollidappy goes on to explain, “Día de Los Muertos is an important holiday in Mexico. It is a time for reflection, prayer, and honouring the deceased. It is a spiritual and culturally-specific holiday, so sugar skulls are not just pretty make-up for every white girl to paint her face with. They mean a lot more than that.”

Native Americans


While we can all agree that Pocahontas was awesome, dressing yourself or your kid up in Native American costumes is definitely not. Simon Moya-Smith, editor of Indian Country Today, explained why in a conversation with Culture Trip: “Cultural exchange requires both parties giving permission, whereas cultural appropriation is outright theft.”

In a Teen Vogue video entitled “My Culture Is NOT a Costume,” Valerie Reynoso goes on to explain why native garb doesn’t make for a choice Halloween costume. “We’re seen as TV characters, you know, just like the savage with the fringes and these boots that aren’t even accurate,” she said. “Even our body paint has meaning and then, you know, you just put on this cheap paint that you probably got at the dollar store for fun because you thought it was funny. Like, my existence is just comical or hilarious to you.”



From Rihanna to Kim Kardashian, everyone is obsessed (again!) with Chola culture. But the Mexican-American subculture recognizable by its big hoop earrings, drawn-on eyebrows and heavy lip liner is not a trend, and when people wear the styles of marginalized groups, it’s not fashion. That’s called cultural appropriation. 

As an article on Cosmopolitan explains, cholas and chongas “tend to face racism, sexism, and classism. In other words, making a mockery of these real-life identities is a jerk move.”

Asian costumes


We loved Crazy Rich Asians just as much as the next person, but not blindly enough to wear any old traditional Asian outfit as Halloween costume. And you probably shouldn’t either. 

Cultural appropriation is using the aspects of someone else’s culture out of context and without any knowledge of the people’s history. Plus, it’s really hard work to become a geisha, and lathering some white paint on your face before going around the neighborhood asking for candy is exoticizing Japanese traditions, and is essentially a slap in the face to their culture.

So when you start shopping for your and your kids’ costumes this year, Susan Scafidi, author of Who Owns Culture: Appropriation and Authenticity in American Law has a few quick tips to share. She told USA Today that a good idea when brainstorming a Halloween outfit is to put yourself in the characters shoes figuratively before driving out to Party City to put yourself in their shoes literally.

Per her conversation with the site, these are the three rules of thumb Susan encourages people to follow when shopping for Halloween:

Source: Think first about the source culture. Is this a culture that has been historically discriminated against or oppressed (blacks, American Indians). If so, proceed with caution.

Significance (or sacredness): What’s the significance of what you’re taking? Is it something that is of major cultural significance, or maybe even something sacred, or is it just a run-of-the-mill ordinary item, an everyday commodity? (American Indian headdresses, Scafidi said, are the “equivalent of military medals. They’re not just decoration or hats or jewelry or something ornamental. They mean something.”)

Similarity: And finally, think about the similarity of what you’re doing. Are you interpreting or being inspired by someone else’s culture, or are you just making an exact copy?

So, what will you and your kids wear this year?

Source : https://undefined/trending/2018/09/14/Zc46YV/2018-halloween-costume-ideas

Parents: Here's How Not to Drop Your Kid off for College This Year


I’m never going to forget my college move-in day. It’s funny, because it didn’t seem very memorable in the moment — but thinking back on it 10 years later, I really feel like I remember every second of that morning many Septembers back. And what dates the memory so much is the image of the chunky Blackberry Curve I carried around all semester in a squishy orange case.

I wasn’t the luckiest girl in college when I received my room assignment. I spent my whole first year sharing a small “two-bedroom” (one of them didn’t have a door) railroad-ish construction with three other girls. I’d been told by upperclassmen that rooming with friends was ill-advised, as these pairings often ruined the functional platonic relationships, so I went into the lottery at random.

When I arrived to my room on the first day with my parents and sister, I was greeted by Mary and her mother. Her mother brought what seemed to be an entire apartment worth of clothing, linens and furniture to our small pre-furnished shoebox. And I wouldn’t even have minded my tiny space being so crucially cramped if it hadn’t been for the fact that this girl was a bully, and totally out of her mind. But, I digress. 

The one line that sticks to me the most about watching Mary move in, even after all of these years, was when her mother said the reason she had only packed dark bedding was so her roommates wouldn’t notice that she sweated through the sheets. Gross! 

Parents, if you have a secret reason for doing things that will undoubtedly embarrass your child to death, maybe keep it between the two of you.

Scroll down for more of the most mortifying parental mishaps when they went to drop their kids off at school.

Mom, I don’t think these concerns apply.


“Dropped by room to find young man and his Mom putting the finishing touches on hanging his posters: Cher, Madonna, Liza Minelli. She asks me questions about females visiting hours etc. I suspected that Junior wasn’t terribly interested. Proved to be accurate. Good kid, just wasn’t ready to have that talk yet.”


Mommmmm!!! Leave, already!


“The day after move-in, the girl’s mother showed up in the middle of the day and asked for keys to the daughter’s room.

Yeah, no.

Then she wanted someone to come with her upstairs and let her in. She was only there to get her daughter’s dirty clothing! Why can’t she do that?!

Still no.

After 20 minutes of arguing, the woman left a note and told the poor guy at the front desk that it wasn’t the last he’d hear from her, insinuated he was some sort of pervert for covering the desk in a women’s dorm, and said he’d be lucky if firing and being kicked out of school was all that happened to him.

When the student was informed, she seemed totally embarrassed, apologized for her mother, and said it wouldn’t happen again.

Two days later, the woman came back at 5:30am in the morning, shoulder-surfed the pass code to the building, and then, when her child wouldn’t answer calls from the lobby phone, snuck upstairs when one of the residents was leaving.

Woke up the entire (wrong) floor of people by banging at the door to an empty room and eventually got escorted out by my friend and Public Safety.

“But I just wanted to take my baaaaaby out to breakfast!” / “How am I going to know she’s eating right if I don’t?!” / “I’m her mother, and I pay for everything, so you can’t make me leave!” / “I’m going to sue you! You’re trying to keep me from my baaaaaby!!!”

Public Safety kept someone in the lobby 24/7 for the next three weeks. It would have only been a few days, but the scuttlebutt was that she tried twice more, including once in ‘disguise.’ (Sunglasses, a baseball hat, and a set of University sweats.)”


Mom didn’t seem all that concerned.


“Engineering school, 1970’s. Mom dropped her kid off at his dorm and drives away. Yes, pushed his suitcase and a few boxes out of the car. Told Junior goodbye, study hard, and left.

Junior was 15 years old, super-genius child prodigy with zero social skills.

His roommates were horrified, but most of them had little brothers, so big-brother parenting kicked in. The kid was pretty well socialized by the end of the first semester, and had a collection of de facto big brothers and big sisters helping him live life.

It was a relief, because as a house counselor, I was really worried I was going to have a bad situation on my hands. I did not need to do anything at all.

Did buy the older guys beers a few times to thank them.”


Dad, you don’t get to boss around the dorm RA!


“I had left my phone number at a desk for a desk attendant one night I was on duty. A resident saw this, my personal number, and gave it to his dad.

Dad calls me and immediately starts yelling that there is a leak in his son’s bathroom ceiling and urine has been leaking through it.

‘Okay; how long?””For a week.””Has he done anything? Notified anyone?””You’re the RA, you’re supposed to know.’

Dad chews me out for 10 more minutes. I check out the kid’s room. He’s got towels all over the bathroom floor. I look up at the ceiling. Super light leak, definitely not pee. I tell him so and tell him to file a maintenance request. He demands that I do it for him. I point him in the right direction, but he’s a big boy, so no. He demands to know if what I know is water is urine. I casually ask why he would let it leak into his apartment, then, for a week. As I go to leave, he tells me he’s going to demand that the university pay for his ruined (read: wet, the function of) towels and he wants my contact info to file a complaint. I nod, give him the info, and leave.

His dad calls me a day later, but I had spoken to my boss the night before.

‘Hi, I’m calling on behalf of—””Yes I know, sir, but I’m an RA and I handle students’ problems. If he wants my attention, he can call me himself. Otherwise, I don’t report to you. Have a nice day, sir. Delete my number.””


RAs are not glorified babysitters, mom and dad!!!


“I was an RA for three years and this is probably the worst parent interaction I’ve ever had.

Kid is a sophomore (roughly 20-ish) and his parents move him in at the beginning of the spring semester. I go door to door welcoming residents back and welcoming new residents to the floor and then I get to this kid’s room. Parents are setting everything up for him and he’s standing in the corner just watching with a blank expression. I introduce myself, ask his preferred name (nickname, etc.), and ask if there is anything I can do to help. Total silence and his parents look at me like I’m the scum of the earth for talking to them.

Flash forward maybe a month. The kid is having roommate problems, and so after some mediation, they decided to go separate directions with the roommate moving into a different room in the building. So now this kid lives alone. I should say that they had a busy schedule and friends in other buildings so they weren’t around much, which made this next part of the story very difficult.

It was a Saturday morning in probably February so we weren’t that far into the semester and who shows up but this kid’s parents. Ok, cool, coming to visit your kid is nice, right? Wrong. Kid wasn’t answering his door so the parents came and knocked on my door…at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, demanding to know where he was. Not being his babysitter, I didn’t know, but his parents had stuff for him and asked if they could leave it with me because they didn’t want someone to steal it. Being the nice person I am, I agree, thinking, “Oh it’ll probably be a box of stuff,” again, wrong. Five boxes of food, clothing, video games, and books later, the parents have left and told me to tell their kid to call them.

Now I go and knock on this kid’s door every hour because I have to leave that afternoon and I’m getting no response. I call my supervisor and explain the situation and we end up calling the campus police to do a wellness check because no one has seemed to have seen this kid in the past 24 hours. We come to find out the kid is in the library (slept there) and is annoyed that we entered his room (again with police present).

Oh no, this is not the last of it. Since I agreed to hold on to stuff for the parents that one time, every time they would come to visit (every two weeks and they lived two hours away) they would bang on my door at an absurd hour to demand to know where their son was. At one point, one of my fellow RAs left the building to find the parents in the lobby asking everyone who came by where I was because I wasn’t answering my door, and how would they know where their son was without me. Truly, the kid suffered from helicopter parents and just didn’t like calling them (go figure!).

This continued for the rest of the semester, and at move out? They forgot and left their kid there until 10 PM when the dorms closed at 6 PM and the poor kid was just sitting on the sidewalk waiting for them.


Mom! Don’t worry so much!


I had a pretty embarrassing thing happen with my mom in college. I’m an only child so my mom has always been a bit overprotective and it probably didn’t help that she and my dad got divorced the year before, so this separation was hard for her. 

Anyway, my friends asked me if I wanted to come with them to the Target that was  30 minutes away. I said sure, but I ended up forgetting my phone in my room. We go to Target and then grab a bite to eat on the way back, so the whole trip took probably like two or three hours. 

I get back to my dorm and check my phone and see I have like 30 missed calls and a bunch of voicemails from my mom. I call her back and she tells me that she’s at the college waiting in parking lot. 

Apparently she was worried that I wasn’t answering my phone in the middle of the day and thought something bad had happened, so she drove the hour and half up to make sure everything was okay.


Don’t run me over, mom! Jeez!


“Mom backed over her son with an SUV because he bent down to pick up box after shutting lift gate and she didn’t want to get stuck in rush hour traffic so was hurrying to back out of parking. He ended up with a mild concussion and road rash. I felt bad for the guy. He had to go home every weekend to do family religious things like house blessings and other random seeming stuff. He just wanted to do college stuff on the weekend like drink and try and lose his virginity with a white girl.”


Mom, it’s college. Not the Ritz-Carlton.


Former RA in a British University here. I might add, not a private school, not a prestigious Oxbridge-style university. This will come to bear.

The student halls I worked in had shared kitchens, but, everyone got their own room. Not that much bigger than a coffin, but a room with an en-suite nonetheless. On moving day one year, after most of the parents had left and the smoke had settled, there was one student who looked very troubled, just standing in her doorway with two oversized suitcases. I’d seen her Mum wander off to her shared kitchen. The girl was just staring into the room, seeming more and more frustrated.

“Hi there! I’m an RA for the Uni. How are you getting on?”


“o…..k did you travel far to get here?”


…but now she’d taken to lividly staring at the floor and refusing to speak to me. I couldn’t figure it out. Thinking to myself that maybe she was from abroad perhaps, or, maybe had some anxiety issues, I said, “Well, let me know if you need anything, I’m just in the office by reception,” and turned around…

…to end up face-to-face with a very livid mother of this girl.

‘Well?!’ she barked at me.

‘Umm…is there an issue?’ I enquired.

‘Why haven’t you taken her bags into her chamber?!’ She said chamber.

Fumbling and saying ‘Oh,’ I thought ‘why not?’ — I was getting towards the end of my shift and the busiest part of the day had long gone by now. I picked up/dragged these two enormous suitcases into the room, a distance of about  five feet.

‘Well, obviously you can’t expect me to tip you,’ barks the mother again, ‘and as I’m sure you can expect, I have some questions for you as well.’

‘It’s not uncommon for there to be some! I’ll answer what I can!’ I chirped, making sure the plastered visage was as smiley as possible.

‘Yes, fine! These beds are awful, will she be able to bring her 4 poster in here?’

‘…a 4-poster frame? In a room that’s barely six feet across? I mean, there’s no rules against it but I doubt you’ll be able to fit it in.’

Mummy dearest dismisses this with a wave of her hand.

‘That’s not an issue for her, it will be for you obviously’ (…it will?)

‘When do the maids visit?’ she enquired.

This is a self-catering hall. Students are expected to clean their own rooms.

Big sigh from this old windbag followed by,

‘I should have known. Well, what time are the meals served? I tried asking some of the staff down the corridor here but none of them would give me an answer. Why can’t you hire bloody English people?!’

‘Well again, its a self-cateri…Wait, who were you asking?’

Turns out whilst I’d been having the ‘riveting’ conversation with her daughter, this trout of a woman had gone up and down the corridor, banging on doors and just walking into people’s rooms, demanding information on various facets of the halls. The biggest issue being that she’d been harassing our Chinese students, some from Hong Kong some from London, about when they were going to cook her little darling’s food and that there better not be ‘any bloody mice or snakes’ in her precious princess’ meals.

Yeah, needless to say, this girl didn’t last long without Mummy’s help. And by that, I mean about six months into her first year, she left university after becoming pregnant. With one of her Chinese-national hall neighbors…


Mom and dad, make sure your kids can fend for themselves.


“Last year, I had to teach an 18-year-old student what a mailbox was and how to use it. His parents were fussing over the distance to college because they felt he might get lost in large dangerous London. Usually, I would roll my eyes, but their 18-year-old had no concept of what a mailbox was, he wanted to know how he would know which letter was for him in the communal box! 

I would be concerned about him alone in London too. I wanted to hand him back to them and send him home. After his first inscription, someone had to teach him how to clean. Down to the basics of this is a wash cloth. How does a parent let their kid become so useless at living?”


Now I understand why some kids don’t visit, or want to see their parents again for four years until college is over!

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15 Times Celebrities Could Easily Win ’Photobomb of the Year’ Award

There are 7.6 billion people currently living in the world. No wonder that when taking pictures in public we often see strangers in the background. Sometimes these strangers totally rock at photobombing. And celebrities are no exception when it comes to making someone else’s photos hilarious.

Bright Side collected 15 of the funniest pictures of celebrity photobombs for your enjoyment.

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Which photo is your favorite? Have you ever been photobombed by famous people? Let us know in the comments below!

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