Is El Chapo's Wife the Most Ride-or-Die Woman Ever?


In a recent interview, El Chapo’s wife Emma Coronel Aispuro just can’t seem to understand why people are so obsessed with her husband. In her discussion with Telemundo, the spouse of the notorious drug kingpin insists he’s a “normal” and “simple” man.

She also went on to say that she has never personally witnessed him doing anything illegal and that is was “not fair” how the media made him “too famous,” blaming journalistic sensationalism for all of these claims about his involvement in dealing narcotics illegally.

She did, however, go on to say in the same interview that her husband, Joaquin Guzman (El Chapo’s just his not-a-drug-lord name) is interested in his trial, for the sole fact that he can clear the air about his business activities.


So, who is El Chapo’s wife?


Emma, 29, is an American-born beauty and the once official Coffee and Guava Queen of Sinaloa. She married Joaquin the day of her 18th birthday — he was 50 at the time. During the 11 plus years they’ve been married, she’s gone on record to display unwavering support for her husband, prompting many to call her the ultimate “ride or die.”

During their time together, Emma has had two children with Joaquin. Her interview with Telemundo is the first time she’s spoken publicly in more than two years. In the televised appearance, she discussed the fact that she’s never missed a day seeing her hubby in court. That’s some devotion right there.


You can keep up with Emma on Instagram.


If you’re into following alleged-Narcos‘ wives’ Instagram accounts then you’ll probably want to follow Emma’s page which, despite flaunting an impressive 571,115 followers (as of this writing), still doesn’t have verified status.

It might have something to do with the fact that she’s married to a known cocaine-trafficker, but it doesn’t make the photos she’s uploading less great. Behold the glory below.


El Chapo and Emma have twin girls.


Emma and El Chapo’s 7-year-old girls, Emali and Maria, were recently in the news. People were up in arms over the extravagant Barbie-themed birthday party Emma threw for the kiddos.

Emma isn’t El Chapo’s first wife.


Alejandrina Maria Salazar Hernandez married Joaquin Guzman in 1977. They had a small ceremony in Jesús María, Sinaloa, and had three children together. Their first son, Cesar, was unfortunately killed in 2012. He’s survived by his younger brothers, Ivan Archivaldo and Jesus Alfredo. Jesus was kidnapped in 2016 during a celebration at La Lache restaurant, a hoitey-toitey spot. The gunmen who took him released him days later, probably because they realized it was better to not get on El Chapo’s bad side. This past September, Alfredo, 35, was also added to the DEA’s 10 Most Wanted List. 

What do you think about Emma’s devotion to her husband? If you find it admirable that she’s sticking by him despite the fact that he’s (probably) the biggest drug lord in Mexico right now, then you’re probably of the Breaking Bad fanbase that was so vociferously against Skyler for not being cooler with the fact that her husband, Walter White, cooked meth. (h/t insider)

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Woman Cancels Her Baby Shower Because Guests Made Fun of Her Kid's Name


A mom-to-be found out the hard way that if you give your kid a ridiculous name, people are going to make fun of it.

One of my favorite running gags in Bad Santa is the fact that the little boy who inexplicably becomes obsessed with Billy Bob Thornton is named Thurman Merman. It’s a popular movie, so you’d think that this unnamed mother would’ve seen it and realized that someone’s last name should play a role in the first name that they’re given. A good example of that is baseball player David Justice. His parents didn’t go and call him Augustus, because Augustus Justice sounds like a superhero character from a children’s book series.

My name isn’t exactly conventional either, so I don’t get upset when people say, “Oh, Mufasa, like The Lion King?” I get it, they probably don’t know that many Mustafas, which is fine. I’m not going to get up in arms whenever someone makes a You Don’t Mess with the Zohan reference to boot.


But she was so gob-smacked that her so-called “friends” would have the gall to insult her child that she up and un-invited them from her baby shower all because they had a thing or two to say about the name she plans to give her son.

And what is that  name? Squire Sebastian Senator.

Yep, she already thought it was a good idea to name her son after a knight-in-training, or after the ’80s band responsible for the absolute bangers The Stroke and Lonely is the Night (granted the spelling is a bit different, but still.)


Squire’s mother expressed her dissatisfaction with the group in a now viral Facebook post calling out everyone for being the no-good, two-bit, backstabbing liars they are by making fun of her child’s name.

Perhaps the best part of the righteous indignation she displayed in her invective targeted at all the meanies in her friend group is the fact that she went and repeated some of the jokes that people made at her expense.


Oh, and remember how I mentioned up top that you should be careful about picking a first name based on your last name? Well this story gets even worse: because the child’s first name isn’t just Squire.

Squire Sebastian Senator is his full first name.

On the first day of school, this child will need to inform the teacher this his full name is Squire Sebastian Senator. He will have to write it all out on his homework sheets. He’ll have to fill it in on his attendance sheets and that’ll be printed at the top of his report cards. On the day of his SATs, he’ll need to fill out all of those bubbles and lament the fact that he’s run out of room while doing it.

At least he can make a quip about getting “extra points” for having such a long name.


At first, the unborn child’s mother seems like she just doesn’t have a sense of humor. But as her post progresses, it becomes clear that the woman is a tad, well, let’s just say “touched,” which is understandable considering she’s going through a lot and thought that Squire Sebastian Senator would be a good first name.

She really lets it all go when she starts insisting that her baby’s name is going to be “revolutionary” and everyone else with mundane names are going to be left behind in the past as the boring losers they’re destined to be all because their mothers didn’t decide to give them three-part alliterative monikers.


It came as no surprise that everyone online pretty much were in agreement with the woman’s friends and family members. People cracked jokes about other unfortunately-named children who popped up in the news recently.


Others even pointed out that there were rules in some countries, like Germany, that prohibited parents from naming their children whatever it is they wanted, and they couldn’t give names to babies that would harm their psychological well-being in the future.


All of this kerfuffle reminds me of a bit Louis C.K. did about kids’ names, and really makes me call into question the motives that this mother had for naming their child.

You have to admit that it’s unbelievably selfish of her to just double-down on the insanity.


She had a bunch of friends and family members who tried to warn her that doing this was a bad idea, but instead of taking the criticism and looking at things objectively, she elected to ignore everything and use the naming of her child as a big kiss-off to all of her “haters.”

The thing is, I wish there was a way to convince her that this has more to do with her kid growing up facing needless adversity than her trying to prove a point about revolutionary naming conventions.


My heart aches for you, Squire Sebastian Senator. If you’re reading this somewhere in the future, I just want you to know that you can go by the name Sebastian and you can legally change it once you’re old enough.

Although I’d wager there’s a magnanimous judge or two out there who’ll allow you to change your name before you’re legally considered an adult, given the extenuating circumstances. God-speed, young squire. God-speed.

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Woman Complains Her Engagement Ring Isn't Expensive Enough and the Internet Is Having a Field Day Dragging Her


I’m not exactly sure who you are, dear reader, but for the sake of this story, I’m going to pretend you’re someone who would, at some point in their life, enjoy getting married. Come to think of it, I don’t even care if you want to get married, I’m just going to pretend you desire to — or have in the past wanted to — one day be engaged.

Because I do, and that’s why this story I’m about to tell matters to me. See, I’ve personally given the topic of engagement rings considerable thought. I’ve spoken to dudes who want to spend the equivalent of a college tuition on a ring for their princesses, and I’ve chatted with guys and girls alike who dismiss it as a useless symbol of their love. 

For some women though, the idea of a gorgeous ring that doesn’t break the bank is completely foreign and abhorrent. I guess some ladies still ascribe to the old-fashioned three-month salary model when they imagine the kind of rock they want, which, for what it’s worth, is totally bonkers in this day and age

One such woman posted to Mumsnet’s “Am I Being Unreasonable” forum to discuss her recent engagement ring mishap.


The very poor woman we all definitely feel terrible for writes:

DP proposed and presented me with the ring he’d chosen – a diamond solitaire in white gold. I was so happy and excited to accept but was disappointed when I first saw the ring. The first word that entered my head was ‘small.’ There’s nothing to dislike about the type of ring per se, as a diamond solitaire would have been my choice, but it’s the whole thing – the color of the gold, the setting, the small stone, and relatively chunky shoulders.

His salary is nearing a six-figure sum and he’s usually very generous. Having seen the receipt I know he paid £1,300 for it — which is a lot less than I would have imagined he would have spent on such a significant piece of jewelry. 

He’ll be more disappointed in me for making a fuss over it when, in his eyes, it fits and there’s nothing actually wrong with it rather than being disappointed that I’m not truly happy with it. Someone at work apparently told him that ‘if she makes it all about the ring, then she’s not the girl for you.’

Ideally I would have loved for us to have chosen a ring together and made a special day finding one we both liked. 

As it’s something I’ll be wearing every day and is such a special piece of jewelry I wanted to really love it and I just don’t. 

Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do?


The internet has been dying over this “disappointed” woman’s “small” ring post, and not because they agree with her plight. For most, the fact that she even took to posting about her sorrows to the internet reeks of unchecked privilege.

“What do you want?” asked one person in the forum’s replies. “Do you want to marry him or do you want a big twatty ring? 1,300 quid is a lot of money to most people (I don’t give a *#&# how much he earns) and you sound like the worst person imaginable. I hope he dumps you.”

“If he makes six figures, perhaps he bought her a small ring to test her true colors and make sure he wasn’t going to marry a materialistic gold digger. Seems as though she didn’t pass that test,” wrote one down-to-earth individual once the post made its way over to Facebook.

This woman’s story definitely went viral, though it didn’t garner the empathetic responses she was probably hoping for. Over on Instagram, one person couldn’t handle the fact that this was actually one woman’s real-life complaint. “Hahahahahahahahaahahaha that fact that this is an actual THING and not just something in Hollywood dramas is amazing to me and so so so so disappointing at the same time. All you can do is have humor with people like this. Dear lawrd woman,” they wrote.


But this woman isn’t the only ungrateful bridezilla-to-be shaming her future husband over his choice in wedding rings. Granted, this hideous heart was a bit more deserving of being trolled into oblivion — just one click had me honestly cackling — but many others have taken to reddit to share their engagement “traumas.”

“I’m heartbroken that I don’t get to have an ‘engagement ring,”http://undefined/” writes one woman on r/weddingplanning who, spoiler alert, actually has one. “I see ring posts and start crying because I want to love mine so badly, and I feel like a bad fiancée for not loving it because he gave it to me.”

As another woman admits in an AskWomen post addressed to ladies who hated their engagement rings, “The ring was gorgeous but I disliked it because it made me feel sick to look at it.”


Ladies, we feel so terrible for you. I have plenty of friends who will gladly accept your discarded expensive rings once your fiances dump you for being gold-digging trash!

And I’m sure our significant others will enjoy not having to spend a dime on the hand-me-downs, which will give us a chance to spend more money on an amazing honeymoon, which is obviously really what matters.

h/t Metro

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Woman Who Faked Cancer Charged with Fraud After Crowdfunding $55,000


A young woman is being charged with fraud because she led a bunch of people online into thinking that she had cancer and solicited them into giving her money via a crowdfunding campaign. The only problem: she wasn’t actually ill.

I know that times are tough for some people. And whenever I get those calls from people overseas and in countries where money, opportunity, food, and resources aren’t as plentiful as other industrialized nations, I almost feel bad.

I say almost because as crappy as they may have it, I just can’t get around to feeling too sorry for someone who has to resort to putting tons of effort into duping old ladies into handing over their life savings because of an IRS or Microsoft virus scam.


It also doesn’t help that some of the scammers are actually really, really aggressive and oftentimes shamelessly “proud” of the easy money they dupe people into giving them. Which is why it’s always oh so satisfying whenever they get a taste of their own medicine.

Plus, it seems like they’re putting a ton of effort and resources into coordinating these scams and you would think that it would make more sense to invest their time into offering, oh, I don’t know, actually useful services like learning to code or program. I mean you’re on a computer all day anyway, and those skills are in-demand.

And just like the phone scammers who go to some dastardly lengths to make a buck, Lucy Wieland went online to hoodwink people out of their hard-earned dollars by pretending to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Behold her Instagram photos.


Lucy claimed she was diagnosed with stage five ovarian cancer and was arrested after detectives were tipped off that she was using her fake illness for monetary gain. She was released on bail after appearing in court on fraud charges.


If Wieland is indeed scamming people, then she’s going through some extreme lengths to do so. Not only did she stage photos of herself looking sickly and bedridden, she even started a blog chronicling her journey in “battling” the disease.

A detective who is working the case spoke to reporters about the charges against Lucy, stating that the real victims are the individuals who were tricked into giving Lucy money.

“It’s always very concerning when people use the emotions of others to try and obtain money for themselves.”


Her dedication to the “role”, if it is indeed a role, is pretty admirable. Here she is, in an Instagram video, getting her hair buzzed on camera. There’s even a generic reminder note for her to “take her vitamins and meds,” that seem a little conveniently placed for the camera.


Now maybe I’m just thinking that because she’s been accused of faking her ovarian cancer, but she’s since removed the GoFundMe page along with the blog she put up detailing her struggle with ovarian cancer.

Officials who are investigating the alleged crime want to speak to individuals who may have forked over money to Lucy to help with her “cancer treatments.” Probably to build a case and discover whether or not people actually thought she had cancer or were trying to donate to some elaborate piece of “performance art” for cancer awareness.


She’s set to appear in court again on December 13 — and in Australia, the punishments for fraud vary depending on the type of specific offense that was perpetrated, so if found guilty, Lucy’s sentence will be contingent upon the definition of fraud her crime falls under.

In this instance, it seems hard to define. People willingly donated to her, it’s not like she sold them a service and didn’t deliver or outright stole money from their bank accounts. Her IG account does still mention “Ovarian Cancer Awareness” in the description, however, which leaves me with a few postulations as to what her defense would be.


Like certain other people who sell lies for money, I would chalk the whole thing up as being a type of “performance art,” personally, to try and raise awareness for ovarian cancer and what people afflicted with the condition go through on a daily basis.

The compensation I received would be akin to what an actor or any other type of performer who “acted out” having the illness would receive. Like, are people getting on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s case for 50/50? I don’t think so.


In all seriousness though, this is a terrible defense and if Lucy is guilty, she should just fess up to it and give everyone’s money back, granted that she didn’t spend it all on pink canes and medical equipment.


Seriously, if you look at her photos, hardly any of them are in a hospital and they’re all easily staged. She does have a few with some tubes coming out of her arms, but most of her posts are pretty vague and don’t go into the nitty gritty specifics of ovarian cancer.


As deplorable as her alleged actions seem, this isn’t the first time someone created a fake fundraiser in order to get some money. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy there were a ton of different campaigns that were created by people who just outright stole money to line their own pockets.

So, in other news that isn’t really news, people suck.

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14 Illustrations About How Hard the Life of a Pregnant Woman Is

Pregnancy is the most exciting period in a woman’s life. Those 9 months are far from easy. And it’s great when future parents have a good sense of humor about it all. Because during this time, there are so many funny situations that we could make an entire movie out of them.

We at Bright Side don’t make movies yet but we can show you our new illustrations. Do you recognize yourself or someone you know in our stories?

Preparing for motherhood is a serious thing.

Husbands have a hard time too.

The most important thing is to be ready for anything!

Even the most unexpected things…

The entire world is against you. Even your favorite shoes.

Life brings new challenges every day.

But you can always find a solution!

Have you noticed that you can’t buy the most comfortable clothes in special stores for future mothers?

And some presents can be quite confusing.

Pregnant women are easily moved.

Sometimes we learn new things about them.

The closer the moment gets, the scarier it is.

And you can start panicking at the worst time.

But all the challenges are left behind when you are holding your happiness in your hands.

Have children changed you? Or are you not ready for such a big step just yet? Tell us in the comment section below.

Illustrated by Elena Sorokina for

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This Woman and Her Wife Got Pregnant and Welcomed Babies at the Same Time


For most same-sex couples, the process of childbearing is not without its share of planning and headaches. Unlike heterosexual couples, the possibility of an accidental pregnancy when you’re gay or lesbian is slim to none, so moms- and dads-to-be usually have to get creative with fertility methods and embrace the possibility of adoption once they commit to starting a family.

With lesbian couples, where both women often share maternal instincts and the desire to carry children, there exists a sort of clichéd urban legend fantasy of the two getting pregnant at the same time with the sperm of the same donor and effectively giving birth to bonafide siblings (twins) on the same day. 

I call this master plan an urban legend — and reiterate the cliché of it — because it’s the kind of arrangement almost every lesbian thinks she wants, but complications often arise and get in the way. For one, what are the odds that both women will have eggs that take to being fertilized? Secondly, you have to have the funds for two of these procedures, which are insanely costly at best (take it from me, who briefly looked into freezing eggs). And lastly, parents might be able to grasp how hard it is to take care of one person with child — so just imagine having to tend to a pregnant partner while you’re pregnant yourself.

Essentially, all the stars have to align perfectly for two loving ladies to pull this off, and that’s exactly what happened with Mississippi couple Anna and Renee McInarnay, who discovered they were both pregnant with the same donor and expecting at the same time.


Anna penned her and her wife’s incredible story on Love What Matters, which quickly picked up and went viral on the internet because of the expectant parents’ unusual arrangement. 

In her personal essay, Anna shares how the couple was initially hesitant about parenthood and knew they wouldn’t have a great chance at adoption, since the laws in Mississippi make it difficult for same sex couples. In the end, they opted for fertility.

“We felt the most love and openness from a fertility clinic when we called Audubon Fertility in New Orleans,” Anna writes. “After initial testing, we were told we could both conceive.”

Some complications arose when Renee was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and doctors said she might have difficulty getting pregnant. But that didn’t stop the couple from trying: 

We decided we would try to see how many eggs were ready between us both in an attempt to limit the time we needed to spend in treatment. We also knew that the likelihood of us both conceiving was very low, especially on the first try. While we weren’t opposed to being pregnant at the same time, we didn’t think of it as a likely possibility.

As Anna describes it, the two decided to try their luck at harvesting and settled on the same sperm donor so they could try again down the line, in the event only one of their pregnancies took this time around. 

“We found out that Anna had three eggs that were ready. When they checked Renee, one of her ovaries was quiet, but on the other side was a little egg! We called it our unicorn baby,” she writes.


Although the prohibitive cost made it so the couple almost didn’t go through with Renee’s treatment, the PCOS nurse urged them to try. “She reminded us how amazing it was that we were ovulating at the same time, and that we both had eggs mature enough for treatment,” Anna explains. “So, we did, never expecting the odds to be in our favor.”

The two-week wait felt like forever, according to the couple. When the doctors finally called, they asked if Anna and Renee were both sitting down: “They said, ‘Anna is pregnant.’ We all just screamed. Then they said, ‘So is Renee.’ Right after the screaming and the jumping, we hung up the phone and held each other and cried.”

Ten weeks later, the babies’ genders were revealed. The couple found out they were about to be mothers to girls, Emma and Avonlea. “Since they were conceived 15 minutes apart by the same donor, we call the girls ‘paternal twins’ even though we know they are half-sisters and not official twins,” gushed Anna.

Initially, the moms wanted to give birth to their “twins” on the same day, but decided against it after doctors “pointed out that laboring at the same time with epidurals would keep [them] to [their] beds.” Instead, they “made the decision that having the girls have the same birthday was less important” than the couple “being able to be there to love and support each other through their births.”

After learning the first mom would need a 36-hour recovery, they wheeled Renee in to the hospital to give birth to baby girl Emma. “Then we will wait to let Renee recover … hopefully around 36 hours later, Avonlea will be born,” Anna blogged. “This is the plan, but we know what will be will be.”

Per Anna’s latest Facebook update, the two arrived at the hospital last week to await their first. “We are officially in the hospital for #BabyWatch2018,” she shared. “Emma is set to make her way first way later this evening barring any complications. Renee is a champ and is going to make me look like a total wuss when it’s my turn. 😂 After a short break, Avonlea will make her way too. We appreciate all the love, concern, and support we have received from family, friends, and strangers who feel like friends now. ❤️”


Renee chimed in a few days later to share that both babies and mommies were healthy and happy. “It was a very long labor that resulted in a c-section but our Emma Reese came into the world today at 11:49 am. She is 7.13 pounds and 20 3/4 inches,” she wrote yesterday. 

Earlier this morning, she shared the update that completes their family: 

Beautiful, sweet curly headed Avonlea Grace has arrived at 4:01 am this morning at 7.1 pounds and 20 inches. She has lungs like her Mommy. Anna is doing great and is currently snuggled up in some skin to skin love with our perfect little one. We can’t wait to post pictures of our beautiful girls!

Neither can we! We wish both moms and healthy recovery, and can’t wait to see what will become of this lovely family of four ladies.

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Woman Delays Entire Flight Because She Tried Bringing an "Emotional Support Squirrel"


Airlines are getting sick and tired of people trying to pawn off “emotional support” animals that aren’t used for service purposes just so they could bring them on their plane. I get it Janine, you love the goldfish that you just won at the fair last night, but just leave it at home in the bowl where it belongs.

In fact, some states are going so far as to impose hefty fines on air commuters who attempt to bring an animal on a plane that isn’t an actual service or emotional support animal. So if you ever dreamed of chewing honey-roasted cashews on a plane while your pet iguana is chilling next to you, well, I’m sorry.

Even though the crackdown’s begun on those who try to bring their beloved pets into the plane’s cabin with them, (which I don’t fault them for because they legitimately fear for the safety of their pets’ lives), that hasn’t stopped some people from attempting to game the system anyway.


Like this woman who couldn’t fly, under any circumstances whatsoever, without the company of her emotional support squirrel. That’s right. Squirrel.

Now, I admit that squirrels are cute, adorable little creatures, and they can be trained to perform a variety of tricks.

But an emotional support squirrel, really? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the little guy can perform squirrel-CPR with his tiny squirrel paws or dial 9-1-1, I don’t know. But the airline certainly didn’t think that the animal qualified as an emotional support pal.


The unnamed passenger had marked in her reservation for the flight that she would be bringing an emotional support animal onboard, but didn’t specify what kind. Once the airline learned that she was bringing a squirrel on board, they told her no dice.

The airline’s policy states that no rodents are allowed in the flight cabin, no matter how bushy-tailed and adorable they may be. How do you think the passenger reacted?

A.) They understood completely and worked with the airline to have her flight moved to a later time so she could make arrangements for someone to care for the squirrel in her absence.



B.) She threw a fit and insisted that she bring her emotional support squirrel on board, subsequently holding up the flight and delaying everyone else’s travel plans, while getting the police called on her squirrel-loving self to be escorted to the airport’s main terminal area.

If you guessed B then you’re 100 percent correct. After causing a ruckus on board and delaying the flight for two hours, the woman was carted off by the authorities in a wheelchair while raising a middle finger to passengers and telling them to “shut up” as scattered applause rang throughout the plane.


Now I want you to try and guess which lovely state this airplane was disembarking from. Out of all the ones in the grand U-S-of-A, which one do you think has the highest probability of a passenger throwing a fit for not being able to bring a squirrel on board?

Need a hint? It rhymes with Blorida. That’s not to say that Floridians are the only ones who try to bring animals who have no business being in a flight cabin into a flight cabin. There are plenty of other weird “emotional support animal” stories that have been making the internet collectively shrug their shoulders.


Who could forget the most excellent time when this woman attempted to bring a peacock onboard her plane, claiming that it was her emotional support animal. I admit, seeing their feathers spread out is awe-inspiring and beautiful.


And seeing that wonderful, feathered display may up your mood and improve your emotional well-being for the rest of the just by the virtue of being in its presence. And plus, airline travel is very, very strenuous.


But I want to know what planet your mind has currently taken up residence on that you think smuggling a peacock onto a plane is not only a good idea, but that you’ll be totally fine as long as you label the bird as an “emotional support animal”.

The attempt was so egregious that it got United Airlines to re-think it’s entire policy regarding “service” animals on board, forcing them to become stricter with its guidelines and the definitions for what constitutes “emotional support.”


Someone else tried bringing a turkey on board to help them cope with their emotions. If I had to guess, this picture was snapped around Thanksgiving time and the passenger wanted to ensure they were emotionally prepared to fulfill their promise of cooking the freshest bird their family’s ever had.


If you think someone bringing a turkey or peacock on board a plane is insane, then you haven’t heard about the horrifying events involving a student and her emotional support hamster that is just buckets of crazy.

A young student was incorrectly informed by the airline that her hamster did qualify as an emotional support animal, however, when she went to board she was told that she couldn’t bring her ball of fluff onto the plane.


So the airline said they could give her a later flight time so she could make some arrangements for the animal. And she had a lot of different options to choose from. She could’ve set it free outside — it is an animal after all — I’m sure it could find some grassy knoll somewhere to live out the rest of its hamster days.

Apparently she exhausted all the choices she could think of, because she ultimately decided that the best course of action would be to just flush her little pet down the toilet.


The best part is that she tried to blame it all on Spirit Airlines, and said they told her to flush her pet down the drain. As insane as this young woman — and her entire story — is, I just can’t help but wonder what was going on through that little hamster’s head as it spun to its watery grave. I’d like to think it held its breath and ended up in a sewer and joined a family of rats. Hold on, anyone got the number for Pixar? I just got an idea. (h/t CBS)

Source : https://undefined/trending/2018/10/11/2bMP12/emotional-support-squirrel

Woman Reveals in Shocking Post That Her Boyfriend May Be Drugging Her, Then Discovers the Truth


It’s a horrifying thought to believe that the person you’re in love with secretly, deep down inside, is capable of not only manipulating you emotionally, but physically abusing and harming you in downright evil ways.

Sadly, there’s no shortage of stories on the internet where this is exactly the case. People’s wives, husbands, girlfriends, and boyfriends are, unfortunately, often involved in some pretty heinous acts against their significant others.

Something that Redditor IntrepidSport thought her boyfriend was guilty of when she started waking up in her bed with red spots on her body and no memory of what had occurred the night before. All she was left with was the “aftermath” and a ton of questions.


The severity of her suspicions makes me question why she decided to jump on reddit for advice right away instead of getting tested first, but when you’re afraid that your boyfriend, who’s also a doctor, might be drugging and sexually assaulting you, I can’t imagine that going about things methodically and with a clear head is really an option.

This is in north Texas.

Hey so I must apologize if this post is jumbled a bit. I started typing it up in Word yesterday before my date and forgot about it before finishing it today.

I think my boyfriend has been secretly drugging me for a while now and is gaslighting me. I know this is going to be hard to explain, but I have been having gaps in memory that I have been explaining away as being tired, or overworked, or whatever else. I was going to ask my boyfriend about it, since he is a doctor, but then I started to notice that this seems to happen when I go on dates with him.


I know it must be crazy, but I have woken up with dried semen on my breasts several times with no memory of the night before. I know its him as… well I wont get into specifics but he likes that kind of thing more than other guys would… 

The first time it happened was when we were drinking and I wrote it off as too much to drink. We get drunk and have sex all the time so its not a big deal to me. But then there were a few times when I KNOW we were not drinking. 


I decided to break up with him over it only to suddenly find myself on a date with him a few days later. I had not yet had the conversation to break up with him, but planned on it next time I talked with him. I remember being at the restaurant, but nothing before that. My car and his car was in the parking lot too so I was confused. 

I decided to play along when he asked me to come back to his place.

After 3 days at his place I remembered everything so I was started to trust him again. Knowing he was an ENT I know it won’t be his forte but he is a doctor. I was going to ask him about my issues when he randomly pointed to these red bumps on my thigh and said I should be treating those sores.


I had completely forgotten they were there. These little red bumps that look like needle injections that got infected. I got so freaked out he mentioned them that I decided to leave.

The next day he came over to “Check on me” and I remember waking up in bed with more dried semen on my chest. 

Then today he met me for lunch saying we had agreed to meet. I never agreed to meet with him and would never want to. He does this all the time, saying we agreed to do something I have no memory of.

I am sick and tired of it and want him punished.


This has started to affect my work life as well as I start to get paranoid when I see a boss walk into a room after making eye contact with me. I get paranoid that they are about to fire me. My friends also state I have been acting strangely and out of character. I have even begun to lose sleep and sleepwalk when I do. 

Is there a way to have blood work done to see what kind of drug he is using on me? I do not want the police to blow me off and push me away as some crazy lady so I want to be sure when I go to the police. 


Her account of events, although scattered, is horrifying to read. She was convinced that her boyfriend was guilty of injecting her with some type of drug that spurred her memory loss, but after paying close attention to her recounting of events, it seemed a bit off.

The fact that her symptoms cleared up while she was staying at his house doesn’t make sense, something that some other redditors also picked up on. Also, the red marks on her arms becoming infected is another thing that got commenters thinking they weren’t needle prick marks at all, but something much more disgusting.


Bedbug bites:

You mentioned red bumps on your thigh, insomnia, memory loss, paranoia and anxiety?

Pull the sheets off your mattress please. Check in the little creases for brown specs or encrusted brown flakes.

These symptoms sounds eerily familiar to what happened to a friend of mine. We thought he was going crazy. Turns out he was having a severe reaction to long term bedbug bites.

You mentioned that you remember everything that happened at his place but as soon as you got home it started up again?

Bedbugs can cause psychological symptoms if the reaction is severe enough.

I would check the lip of the mattress first to see if you have bedbugs.


Now, I know that bedbugs are nearly impossible to get rid of, and cleaning a home that’s infested with the little nasty monsters is a Herculean task that’s expensive, time-consuming, and annoying. Most people who have furniture or clothing infested with bedbugs seal them up and burn them.

What I didn’t know is that bedbug bites can have such a wide-ranging and severe breadth of reactions in different people. A litany of different mental health problems could arise from long-term exposure to bedbugs and mites. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it.


IntrepidSport, after reading the replies to her post, decided to check her mattress and see if there were any bedbugs there.

Wait Seriously? Does it look like dried chocolate or poop chunks along the seam of the mattress?


Yes. That what you see?


Yes. All long the left side of my mattress by the wall.

–  IntrepidSport 

Her reddit thread’s currently locked, and she hasn’t updated the post, but it could very well be that the source of her memory loss isn’t because she’s being drugged by her boyfriend at all, but a case of horrible bedbugs. This is like something out of a horror movie, for both OP and her boyfriend.


It’s not like everyone in the comments section of her post is wiping their hands and saying, “Well this problem is solved,” though. They’re still encouraging her to get checked out by a doctor (who isn’t her boyfriend) and get blood work done to see if she has been drugged.


Former professional pest control guy here with lots of experience with bedbugs. I will happily answer any questions about bedbugs.

My first bit of advice is for you to get professional treatment of the bedbugs. It is not cheap, but they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Bedbugs can survive a year or more without feeding and do cause a wide array of psychological issues due to prolonged extremely poor sleep. I sincerely hope this is the cause of your issues, but I would also talk to your doctor (not your boyfriend) about your symptoms. Request blood work.



Getting rid of bedbugs, if it has been a long-term infestation, is no joke. It is not as simple as disposing of the mattress and washing clothes. Those $!#*ers get into wood, they get into damn near well everything.

If you are the victim of a long term infestation, EVERYTHING needs to go. All your wooden/pressboard(ikea type) furniture. Your clothes and bedding need to be nuked in super hot water. Anything you have that shouldn’t be washed that way can be dry cleaned, I believe this kills them as well. Mattresses gone, carpet, everything.

These mother$!#*ers are hell to get rid of once they have dug in. They can get into drywall. We had to dispose of a great deal of wooden furniture, have several walls replaced, towels, bedding, mattresses – all gone. Then had the exterminators in. And we didn’t get them the first time. We had to come back over everything again. Now those $!#*ers are gone. $!#* them!


But here’s hoping that the issue is a critter infestation and not an ornate, systematic process of assault orchestrated by her boyfriend on a nightly basis. I think this would be one of the only cases where someone’s mental health deteriorating due to bedbug bites is a cause for celebration.

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This Woman Collected All of the Ridiculous Boys' Names She's Encountered on Twitter and They're Hilarious


There’s almost no way to talk about this subject without coming off as insensitive so I’m going to do my best to tread lightly, but some cultures and sub-cultures of those cultures are known for abiding by certain rules when it comes to naming their kids.

For example, if you’re Albanian, then you’ve probably got at least three male relatives named Arben, and every other female cousin, or aunt or niece is named Nora or a variation of that name. Now, when I say culture, I also don’t exclusively mean ethnicity either, I’m talking about how and where you were raised.

My wife, for example, went to school with two twins named Remy and Martin and later taught an adorable young kid named Yooneeq. A friend of mine once told me about a Dominican woman she met while on vacation calling to her son, his name was Gibe (pronounced Gi-bay). When she asked him what the name meant, the woman replied, “Gibe, you know, like the saint.”  My friend didn’t know a saint named Gibe, so the woman explained further, “Like the Holiday that’s named after him, the one right before Christmas?”

That’s right, she thought that Thanksgiving, which she pronounced “Sans-gibay,” was a celebration of a “San” or “Saint.”


As a kid who grew up with the name MOO-STAH-FAH, I understand Gibe’s pain that will inevitably come as a result of his unusual name. Since my parents immigrated to the U.S. and I went to elementary school in an area that was jam-packed with Brians and Pauls and Lucases and Michaels and Christophers and Matthews and Bretts and Daniels and Davids, it was usually these fair-skinned and freckled boys that would ridicule me for having a name that sounded more fit for a cartoon lion.

But like I said, every culture and sub-culture has their own naming norms and practices, and Twitter user @nrherzog’s post speaks to a subset of unusual names that deserve some careful attention for a number of reasons.


While swiping through Tinder, mostly in the states of Washington, Colorado, and a bit of Massachusetts, Norah decided to record all of the “best white boy names” that she came across in the notes application on her phone.

And like any good important statement made via Twitter, she screenshot those notes to share with everyone else on the internet to enjoy. In her journeys, she witnessed fascinating and majestic monikers like “Taniel” and “Quest.”


I’m a bit fascinated behind the meanings of these names. Like, there are some awful-sounding names that just set someone up for life, like Boris and — why not let’s go there — Adolph. Sure, the names have kind of been ruined (especially that second one), but they have meanings behind them.

Boris means fighter, Adolph is a “noble wolf.” But, unless you’ve got a really big affinity for the name, you’re probably not going to name your kid Boris, and I don’t even think it’s legal in most countries to name a child Adolph.


But I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish by naming their kid Quest. Did they have an affinity for one of the greatest OG hip-hop groups around? Because that’s the only answer I’ll ever accept. And I’ve heard of the name Dustin before, but did the nurse mess up when filling out the birth certificate and accidentally stick a child with  “Gustin”?

Well, Gustin could be short for “Augustin,” which makes sense. But I would much rather believe that the boy’s parents were obsessed with Urban Dictionary and came across this definition while discussing how they wished they would give birth to an overly-talkative kid.


Oh and if you thought her first page of names was bad, the second one contained a bunch of other winners, too. Like who names their son “Bligh”? Isn’t that an alternate spelling of “Blegh”? Do you know what you’ve done to that poor child when he goes to school? The endless ridicule?


And how is “Auston” pronounced, like “Gaston”? And Johnathon sounds like a Krasinski movie or a TV show marathon that quirky buddies came up with in an episode of a tired sitcom that’s just trying way too hard.


Forget Korder. Forget Ketch (which I’m convinced is short for Ketchup). Forget Bayne with a “y,” but we can take a second to talk about Thorin, as in, Thorin Oakenshield, the sexy dwarf from The Hobbit


People were scratching their heads over all the apparently brand new ways moms have come up with to name their kids familiar monikers like “Kevin” and “Caitlyn.” I don’t know why adding unnecessary h’s and ae’s makes them feel better their kids. I think a formal study needs to be conducted to get to the bottom of this.

In case you’re reading this and you have a name mentioned on the list above, don’t feel bad because, one, you’re reading this article and it’s written by a guy named Mustafa for crying out loud. You’re fine, trust me.

And two, because the 2017 Alberta, Canada list of popular baby names dropped online and some of the monikers on that little roundup had people howling. Can you believe someone named their kid “Zeppelin” and another thought it’d be cool to call their child, “V”? Like, just the letter, “V.”


Look, I like 99-cent cans of iced tea as much as the next guy, and Stranger Things is  a great, great show. That Dolphin game on Sega Genesis? Incredible! But I’m not going to name my kids Arizona, Eleven, or Echo because of it.


As much as I want to hate on the names in the list, however, people kept tweeting out absolute gems that just bring me so much delight. Cola? Denmark? Friggin XAX? What’s Xax? What is that? It sounds like a deviant art username or something.


OK but seriously, we’re all laughing at these kids’ names, but just remember, there’s going to be a child called Chrome walking the halls and everyone is going to think he was either named after a web browser or dope rims.

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This Woman Created an "Exit Interview" for the Man She Dates and It's Hilarious


Modern romance is super tricky and when things don’t “pan” out for you with a potential significant other, then it’s easy to feel down-and-out and sorry for yourself. Which is never a good mindset to be in.

Dates that go south ultimately leave you with a lot of questions, too. No one wants to get that phone call or text where someone’s telling you that they “just didn’t feel that spark” during that initial interaction.

Maybe you didn’t feel that “spark” either, but darn it, don’t you wish the other person was just a little more interested in learning more about you? GAH! If only there was a way to gather useful data from the people you dated so you could work on your personality to make it more fulfilling for you and attractive to others!


Well, there is one way, but it’s a weird, if not totally hilarious method constructed by this Twitter user and modern-dating wunderkind by the name of Katie. Now, we’ve seen some other ingenious ways of securing romantic partners in the past, but this one is a bit different.

Katie decided to concoct an exit interview for the people that she dated in order to come up. It looks like she did it in an official-looking Google form and everything. No, I’m not kidding, scroll down and take a look for yourself.


Take notes, people. Because this is hands-down one of the best ideas I’ve seen when it comes to dating in the 21st century. Finally, you can get some closure instead of lying awake in bed at night wondering if you’re going to die alone.


Honestly, if I received a feedback form from someone I initially wasn’t interested in, I’d definitely hit them up and see if I could score a second date, because that’s a person worth revisiting, no diggity doubt.

Her friend Abby thought so too, which is why she shared the joyous dating exit survey with the rest of the internet. Her tweet further leads us to believe that the survey is indeed legit and used in her actual love life.


Which makes the whole thing even funnier, and tons of other people on Twitter agree. Some went so far as to call her a genius and were grateful that she brought a heightened level of bureaucratic awareness to the world of dating.


While others stressed that utilizing hard data and evidence in driving decisions, even ones that are usually decided on an emotional level, is an extremely important and worthwhile endeavor. I mean, how are you just going to go about your day basing decisions on your gut?


I’m so happy that this person has what appears to be a Face/Off promotional picture (watermarked) of John Travolta and Nicholas Cage as their Twitter profile picture, while being 100 percent spot-on with this type of characterization.


And some people asked the question that is on all of our minds right now: Did any of the dates actually fill it out and if they did, can we see their answers?! Sadly the answer to that is no, but we can hope that someone comes forward and gives Katie the reasons why they weren’t interested in dating again.

After checking Katie’s Twitter account, I noticed that she’s employed other creative strategies in her quest for finding true love on the internet. Sure, her methods are a bit unconventional, but history’s greatest innovators didn’t become legends by thinking inside the box, did they?


It’s also important to note that Katie isn’t the only person to bring a dash of office flair to the world of online dating. There were more than a few people who came up with the notion of making a Powerpoint on their Tinder profiles to prove why they’d be great to date.

Like Sam Dixey, who had his spot blown up online by Grace Barrow for his inventive approach to standing out from the rest of the thirsty dude crowd on Tinder. Something that he managed to pull off seamlessly. 


Seriously, if I was a professor teaching some MBA class, I’d totally give Sam an A. Not just because of his clear and concise points, but because he managed to warm up this old working professional’s heart by showing him that love does have a place in business. So beautiful.


He’s not the first, nor was he the last person to come up with a Powerpoint for their online dating profile, either. I don’t care that the idea’s been done before, I think this should become the standard for all dating profiles online.


I mean, just look at Lizzy Fenton’s here. She sent this powerpoint to her crush. Did he message her back after seeing all of the great points that she made and suddenly want to date her? No. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t absolute perfection.

Source : https://undefined/humor/2018/10/03/Z2bnTFT/exit-interview-dating