26 Animals That Stunned Us With Their Coloring

According to science, “impossible colors” are those which the human eye sees with difficulty. But let’s use this term with a different meaning while talking about unusual animals. Fortunately, in this case we are able and lucky to see all the colors. And their impossibility lies in the fact that it’s difficult to imagine animals with such stunning coloring. The impossible becomes possible and looks spectacular.

Bright Side doesn’t consider the unique color a mutation and invites you to enjoy the artistic talent of nature.

1. Tigradient

2. This is the only brown panda in the whole world.

3. Albinism is beautiful.

4. This pup has a selfie on its ear.

5. The lack of color can be as intriguing as a whole rainbow.

6. 2 parakeets in one

7. Her fur has double the love.

8. Stand out in the crowd.

9. “Man-faced beetle”

10. This is a crocodile. And it’s white!

11. 50 shades of turtle

12. “Instead of a black skunk with a white stripes; this little guy was white with small black stripes on either side of his body.”

13. Who said that squirrels can only be brown?

14. This guy might have a hard time hiding in the grass.

15. A brother from another mother

16. Snow White

17. Horses with Dalmatian spots

18. Bat-dog

19. This snake is smiling at us!

20. Doggy follows all the trends.

21. Stunning greenery

22. All the colors of the rainbow

23. There is no mirror, these are 2 different cats.

24. How can this fish be so cute?

25. Perfect pop of color!

26. The black jaguar — a child of the night

Which of their colorings impressed you the most? Have you ever seen interesting creatures like these in real life? Tell us in the comments!

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23 Animal Moms That Conquered Us With Their Tenderness

Maternal instinct is probably one of the strongest feelings that animals and humans alike can experience. No wonder elephants endure 22-month pregnancies and crocodiles carry their offspring more gently than they breathe. After all, the way the motherly instinct is expressed is truly magical, whether it’s a lioness licking her cub or a monkey tenderly holding its baby.

We at Bright Side collected 23 absolutely adorable photos of animal mothers with their children that will make you want to call your mom.

1. This lemur mom carrying her children is heart-warming.

2. A lioness’ son is one of the most patient animals on the planet.

3. Look at this baby hiding in its mom’s fur.

4. The kiss of the zebra mom and daughter is so full of love, we’re crying.

5. If you want your heart to melt, just look at the photo below.

6. A protective meerkat mom won’t let anything happen to her child.

7. These llamas tenderly hugging is everything we needed to see in our lives.

8. There is always time for food.

9. It seems she’s telling her baby a cute story.

10. Sheep look so happy smiling at each other.

11. The way moms carry kittens around has always been the funniest.

12. Cutely intertwined tails are one of the most interesting expressions of love.

13. These hippos are sleeping together so peacefully, we started yawning just looking at them.

14. Look at this baby being hugged by his loving mom.

15. You can almost see this family smiling.

16. All aboard the mother ship!

17. This camel daughter is probably trying to warm up her nose under her mom’s chin.

18. She’s probably explaining how to hunt in the snow.

19. They’re holding our hearts in their tiny hands.

20. This is probably one of the most tender gestures in the world.

21. Here the cub is not that patient. “Mom, just let me go, I can clean myself just fine!”

22. This baby rhino is gently looking at its mom and we want to see them in person.

23. And, well, like mother like child.

If you have any other cute photos of animal parents and their children, please share them in the comments below.

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20+ Inventive Drivers Who Surprised Us With Their Actions

How do you earn money while sitting in a traffic jam? Do you know what car to buy in order not to pay for parking? Drivers from our compilation know the answers to all these and many other non-trivial questions and are gladly sharing them. However, sometimes their savvy ways can play tricks on them.

Bright Side discovered many examples of how drivers find unusual solutions to road problems — although, sometimes those solutions lead to even bigger troubles. Be sure not to miss the bonus feature at the end of the article — it will prove to you that honesty and kindness are always around us.

1. When a big traffic jam appeared on the road due to a car accident, this fast food truck started to sell tacos.

2. The trick didn’t work.

3. Lambo drivers don’t need to pay for parking.

4. When you wanted a Porsche but only had enough money to buy an Asian fake:

5. It seems that using a screwdriver would be more beneficial.

6. Choose your passengers wisely and road inspection won’t bother you at all.

7. The master of budget-saving repair

8. I would give him the way just in case.

9. And let the whole world wait!

10. “Are the security requirements the same for everyone? Okay, deal!”

11. When you can’t decide if you want to scare or help people:

12. When you’ve mastered compacting many things on the top of your vehicle:

13. — “Are you going to ride on the right or the left side of the road?”


— “Well, hmm…I haven’t decided yet.”

14. How to fix dents and scratches on your car:

15. He wanted to own a sports car but a pickup is more vital in the countryside.

16. A master class on how to not attract any attention

17. A reminder about your youth

18. Technically, they’re doing nothing wrong.

19. This driver ran over 3 cones and didn’t stop when everyone was yelling, “STOP!”

20. A tip for teachers on how to look cool for their students

21. The right way to use rarely-pressed buttons

22. The style of this cutie has been thought through very carefully.

Bonus: a story full of kindness and honesty

When Kato Change, a native of Kenya, came to El Salvador for a visit, he never could have expected what present this country had prepared for him. He lost his phone inside the taxi on the first day of his trip. When the taxi driver found the phone, he decided to do his best to find the owner. Since the phone was in English, which the taxi driver didn’t understand, he had to ask his son for help to get in touch with Kato’s friends. The boy managed to get into Kato’s WhatsApp account and send messages to people in his contact list. Eventually, the lucky owner of the phone got his possession back and thanked the Brazilian people for their honesty saying that he had only excellent impressions left from his trip.

Have you ever seen something unusual on the road? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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20 Times Designers Amazed Us With Their Inventions

Being a designer requires limitless creativity and millions of new ideas. The people featured in today’s article prove that true professionals really do exist and they know what’s what. We bet you’ve never seen taxidermy stuffed toys or a wrist watch that you literally have to read.

Bright Side is inspired by these designers’ boundless imaginations that help make our world an absolutely incredible place.

No one will get lost.

When you want unique decor above your fireplace but love animals too much.

The water tap drips onto plants to not waste water.

An ordinary marker creates such an incredible effect.

This basket table turns into a masterpiece in the blink of an eye.

Alien architecture

You shall not pass!

“This water bottle I got at my cinema is super cool.”

The barcode for this pasta product

Defensive urban architecture

Hologram lamp

This Mickey Mouse lamp for true Disney fans

3D printed prosthesis limbs

This antique lock looks cool.

You won’t miss this ashtray.

Pepsi knows how to please Star Wars fans.

An unusual keyboard

Beautiful bike racks

For those who don’t like numbers:

“I can watch this forever.”

Bonus: sunburn art

Many people see this art as an alternative to tattoos. Sunscreen and other skin protectants are applied in a design and you leave your skin to bake in the sun.

It looks cool but dermatologists don’t recommend getting too many of these “tattoos” as sunburns can damage our skin.

Which item did you like the most? Tell us about it in the comments!

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19 People Who Surprised Us With Their Ridiculous Choice of Transportation

For the majority of people all over the world, buses, taxis, trains, and cars are the usual means of transportation. But, there are some people who don’t agree with normal, boring transport and use their imagination for a better solution.

Bright Side compiled 19 pictures of people who choose extraordinary ways of traveling.

1. Express delivery. You can rely on us.

2. Just one question, what’s it for?

3. Is everyone comfortable?

4. I prefer Prada for my car brand.

5. There’s always a solution.

6. Are you sure this is safe?

7. Best shopping cart ever!

8. They should make this a sport.

9. Reasonable

10. She doesn’t seem happy about the boat.

11. Glamorous and flashy

12. Can you please help me? Where is Buckingham Palace?

13. Granny, are you having fun?

14. Infinity looks like this…

15. What is so wrong with a normal bicycle?

16. I think the aliens are here already.

17. Logic is our best friend.

18. I will never be the same…

19. This is so confusing.

Which of these means of transportation would you like to try? Or maybe you have your own weird vehicle photos? Share your opinions and pictures with us in the comments!

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