Scientists Reveal If Men and Women Can Be “Just Friends,” and the Truth May Sound Harsh

“Can a man and a woman be friends?” is perhaps one of the most controversial questions since times unknown. As famous movies like When Harry Met Sally or the TV series Friends have tried to explain to us, men and women are ultimately supposed to end up being attracted to each other.

No matter how much you try to separate a friend from a lover, there is always a question mark put up by people regarding your friends of opposite sex. Before you enter into a debate over it, please read below, as Bright Side explores more about this topic.

Scientists have had questions about this topic for a long time and have been looking for that chemical that reacts in male and female bodies. While women may stick to the notion of “just friendship” between opposite sexes, men might think otherwise.

Research was conducted at the University of Wisconsin by psychology professor April Bleske-Rechek on whether a woman becomes attracted to her male friends or not. It was a survey which yielded amusing results.

The answers in the survey were based on a scale of 10 points and the findings showed that men tend to be more attached to their female “friends,” while women are less attached to their male “friends.” Women are not aloof, they’re just not attracted to their male friends. While men are the ones that sometimes can’t handle being in the friend zone and develop feelings for their female friends.

There was another interesting observation. Almost 200 volunteers were asked to choose a person of the opposite gender with whom they were not emotionally attached and describe the relationship and chemistry between them. They had to pick either “We are friends” or “I feel a physical attraction toward him or her” or check both.

While 42% of men said that they were attracted to their opposite sex friends, only 29% of women admitted to this fact. 17% of men and 5% of women checked both the options.

It was concluded that a lower number of women have shown attraction toward their male friends. Men, on the other hand, have heartily declared their attraction toward their female friends.

In fact, many of the gestures of a female toward her male friend are said to have been misinterpreted by men. So, if you are kind and friendly toward your male friends, chances are, per this study, that you might hear some kind of love confession sometime soon.

More or less, the notion of “just friendship” between a woman and a man has been debunked. It has been proven that this kind of relationship does not align with our natural human tendencies.

Do you also agree? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Wait, What?! The Truth Behind ‘Botched’ Covering Your Plastic Surgery Expenses


It’s hard to believe that there have been five whole seasons of Botched, but the latest season promises to be filled with even more OMG moments — and we’re ready. The show follows two top-notch plastic surgeons in California, Dr. Terry Dubrow, 60, and Dr. Paul Nassif, 56, who help people who have had past surgeries gone wrong.

Each patient on the show has an emotional explanation as to why they need their previous work fixed. These personal stories will range from multiple surgeries gone wrong in the past to getting operations done by untrained professions to going overseas to cut costs on pricey American procedures. This reality show has seen it all.

The doctors are usually willing to take on these high-risk patients, many of whom have been turned away by other doctors due to the extent of the cosmetic damages, but most fans still wonder if Botched pays for the extensive surgery — or if the patient has to cover the expense. 


So, do Botched patients pay for the surgery? 

In a 2015 interview with Allure, Dr. Dubrow revealed, “We have to get paid to do the surgery. For four days a week we do something for the show.” Though, some may be wondering how every person on the show can afford an A-list plastic surgeon, rest assured, they aren’t paying the full bill.

The medical professional also told the mag that E! pays every patient an appearance fee, which that person then puts towards their medical fee. Well, that’s nice of the network. 


How much do the Botched surgeons make?

As any professional in the medical field, they are not strapped for cash. In fact, these two plastic surgeons are among the highest paid in their field. According to, Dr. Dubrow is worth $30 million and has cemented himself as a top plastic surgeon in California. He has also appeared on multiple reality television shows, including, The Real Housewives of Orange County, alongside wife Heather Dubrow, The Swan, and a spinoff of Botched titled Botched by Nature.

In the same article, Dr. Nassif is said to be worth $14 million. He is best known for his rhinoplasty work and helping his clients achieve the “perfect nose,” as well as starring alongside Dr. Dubrow in Botched. Fans of reality television will also remember that Dr. Nassif was previously married to former RHOBH star Adrienne Maloof, — the former couple share sons Colin, Christian, and Gavin — who also has an impressive net worth of her own, estimated at $300 million. 


What to expect in Season 5: 

The latest season of the popular E! Show is expected to keep audiences glued to their TVs. In an interview with E! News, Dr. Dubrow revealed that the next installment will feature “holes in heads, missing body parts, [and] little dogs that bit off their owner’s noses.” 

These extreme plastic surgery cases have captivated audiences as viewers are able to not only witness the drastic physical change, but an emotional one as well. The patients who sign up for the show are usually in a bad place mentally thanks to botched procedure. In this reality show, viewers are not only able to enter the procedure room, but also able to take a closer look at how a person is feeling pre- and post-surgery.

Watch Botched on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on E!.

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A Polish Artist Shows the Fake World We’re Living in, and the Truth Can Shake You Up

Pawel Kuczynski is believed to be one of the best caricature artists in the world. In his works, he illustrates the modern problems such as being addicted to devices, violence, and politics. Pawel creates his masterpieces with watercolors and colored chalk. The artist has a lot of fans all around the world and he has more than 500,000 subscribers of his official group.

We at Bright Side have already shared the best works of the artist. We invite you to dive into his art again.

1. Blinkers

2. Useful

3. Breaking news

4. Dinner

5. Sunset

6. Duel

7. Vote

8. Time

9. Narcissist

10. Shopping

11. Surgery

12. Good morning

13. Gardener

14. Truce

15. Virtual reality

16. Break in transmission

17. Cradle

18. Brexit

19. Money religion

20. Trap

21. Selfie

22. Control (Law and Justice)

23. Imagination

24. The right direction

What do you think about these pictures? Maybe you don’t agree with some of them? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Woman Reveals in Shocking Post That Her Boyfriend May Be Drugging Her, Then Discovers the Truth


It’s a horrifying thought to believe that the person you’re in love with secretly, deep down inside, is capable of not only manipulating you emotionally, but physically abusing and harming you in downright evil ways.

Sadly, there’s no shortage of stories on the internet where this is exactly the case. People’s wives, husbands, girlfriends, and boyfriends are, unfortunately, often involved in some pretty heinous acts against their significant others.

Something that Redditor IntrepidSport thought her boyfriend was guilty of when she started waking up in her bed with red spots on her body and no memory of what had occurred the night before. All she was left with was the “aftermath” and a ton of questions.


The severity of her suspicions makes me question why she decided to jump on reddit for advice right away instead of getting tested first, but when you’re afraid that your boyfriend, who’s also a doctor, might be drugging and sexually assaulting you, I can’t imagine that going about things methodically and with a clear head is really an option.

This is in north Texas.

Hey so I must apologize if this post is jumbled a bit. I started typing it up in Word yesterday before my date and forgot about it before finishing it today.

I think my boyfriend has been secretly drugging me for a while now and is gaslighting me. I know this is going to be hard to explain, but I have been having gaps in memory that I have been explaining away as being tired, or overworked, or whatever else. I was going to ask my boyfriend about it, since he is a doctor, but then I started to notice that this seems to happen when I go on dates with him.


I know it must be crazy, but I have woken up with dried semen on my breasts several times with no memory of the night before. I know its him as… well I wont get into specifics but he likes that kind of thing more than other guys would… 

The first time it happened was when we were drinking and I wrote it off as too much to drink. We get drunk and have sex all the time so its not a big deal to me. But then there were a few times when I KNOW we were not drinking. 


I decided to break up with him over it only to suddenly find myself on a date with him a few days later. I had not yet had the conversation to break up with him, but planned on it next time I talked with him. I remember being at the restaurant, but nothing before that. My car and his car was in the parking lot too so I was confused. 

I decided to play along when he asked me to come back to his place.

After 3 days at his place I remembered everything so I was started to trust him again. Knowing he was an ENT I know it won’t be his forte but he is a doctor. I was going to ask him about my issues when he randomly pointed to these red bumps on my thigh and said I should be treating those sores.


I had completely forgotten they were there. These little red bumps that look like needle injections that got infected. I got so freaked out he mentioned them that I decided to leave.

The next day he came over to “Check on me” and I remember waking up in bed with more dried semen on my chest. 

Then today he met me for lunch saying we had agreed to meet. I never agreed to meet with him and would never want to. He does this all the time, saying we agreed to do something I have no memory of.

I am sick and tired of it and want him punished.


This has started to affect my work life as well as I start to get paranoid when I see a boss walk into a room after making eye contact with me. I get paranoid that they are about to fire me. My friends also state I have been acting strangely and out of character. I have even begun to lose sleep and sleepwalk when I do. 

Is there a way to have blood work done to see what kind of drug he is using on me? I do not want the police to blow me off and push me away as some crazy lady so I want to be sure when I go to the police. 


Her account of events, although scattered, is horrifying to read. She was convinced that her boyfriend was guilty of injecting her with some type of drug that spurred her memory loss, but after paying close attention to her recounting of events, it seemed a bit off.

The fact that her symptoms cleared up while she was staying at his house doesn’t make sense, something that some other redditors also picked up on. Also, the red marks on her arms becoming infected is another thing that got commenters thinking they weren’t needle prick marks at all, but something much more disgusting.


Bedbug bites:

You mentioned red bumps on your thigh, insomnia, memory loss, paranoia and anxiety?

Pull the sheets off your mattress please. Check in the little creases for brown specs or encrusted brown flakes.

These symptoms sounds eerily familiar to what happened to a friend of mine. We thought he was going crazy. Turns out he was having a severe reaction to long term bedbug bites.

You mentioned that you remember everything that happened at his place but as soon as you got home it started up again?

Bedbugs can cause psychological symptoms if the reaction is severe enough.

I would check the lip of the mattress first to see if you have bedbugs.


Now, I know that bedbugs are nearly impossible to get rid of, and cleaning a home that’s infested with the little nasty monsters is a Herculean task that’s expensive, time-consuming, and annoying. Most people who have furniture or clothing infested with bedbugs seal them up and burn them.

What I didn’t know is that bedbug bites can have such a wide-ranging and severe breadth of reactions in different people. A litany of different mental health problems could arise from long-term exposure to bedbugs and mites. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it.


IntrepidSport, after reading the replies to her post, decided to check her mattress and see if there were any bedbugs there.

Wait Seriously? Does it look like dried chocolate or poop chunks along the seam of the mattress?


Yes. That what you see?


Yes. All long the left side of my mattress by the wall.

–  IntrepidSport 

Her reddit thread’s currently locked, and she hasn’t updated the post, but it could very well be that the source of her memory loss isn’t because she’s being drugged by her boyfriend at all, but a case of horrible bedbugs. This is like something out of a horror movie, for both OP and her boyfriend.


It’s not like everyone in the comments section of her post is wiping their hands and saying, “Well this problem is solved,” though. They’re still encouraging her to get checked out by a doctor (who isn’t her boyfriend) and get blood work done to see if she has been drugged.


Former professional pest control guy here with lots of experience with bedbugs. I will happily answer any questions about bedbugs.

My first bit of advice is for you to get professional treatment of the bedbugs. It is not cheap, but they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Bedbugs can survive a year or more without feeding and do cause a wide array of psychological issues due to prolonged extremely poor sleep. I sincerely hope this is the cause of your issues, but I would also talk to your doctor (not your boyfriend) about your symptoms. Request blood work.



Getting rid of bedbugs, if it has been a long-term infestation, is no joke. It is not as simple as disposing of the mattress and washing clothes. Those $!#*ers get into wood, they get into damn near well everything.

If you are the victim of a long term infestation, EVERYTHING needs to go. All your wooden/pressboard(ikea type) furniture. Your clothes and bedding need to be nuked in super hot water. Anything you have that shouldn’t be washed that way can be dry cleaned, I believe this kills them as well. Mattresses gone, carpet, everything.

These mother$!#*ers are hell to get rid of once they have dug in. They can get into drywall. We had to dispose of a great deal of wooden furniture, have several walls replaced, towels, bedding, mattresses – all gone. Then had the exterminators in. And we didn’t get them the first time. We had to come back over everything again. Now those $!#*ers are gone. $!#* them!


But here’s hoping that the issue is a critter infestation and not an ornate, systematic process of assault orchestrated by her boyfriend on a nightly basis. I think this would be one of the only cases where someone’s mental health deteriorating due to bedbug bites is a cause for celebration.

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IVF Truth and Myths That All Future Parents Should Know

Although artificial insemination has been known to medicine for over 4 years, there are still many things we don’t know about it. As a result, there are very many myths circulating around the procedure. Only professionals know where the truth is.

Bright Side decided to successfully challenge the most widespread myths about IVF and tell the readers some interesting facts about modern reproductive technologies.


1. IVF is test-tube fertilization.

Contrary to popular belief, artificial insemination isn’t performed in a test tube, but in a Petri dish.

2. After IVF, babies are born weak and sickly.

It’s another myth that doesn’t have any solid ground. Firstly, only the strongest embryos are chosen for the procedure and they later develop into healthy babies. Secondly, IVF isn’t a cheap procedure; therefore, such babies will be born in wealthy families. They’ll be provided with prompt and good health care.

3. Future parents can choose a baby’s sex.

That’s not completely true. Any IVF procedure follows strict protocols that are obligatory for all doctors. The only case when the parents are allowed to choose a baby’s sex is when one of the parents risks transferring a gender-based genetic disease to a baby.

4. IVF always ends up in a multifetal pregnancy.

It’s a myth. However, multifetal pregnancy occurs more often after artificial conception than after a natural one. This is due to the fact that doctors usually use 2 or 3 embryos instead of just one. It increases the chances that at least one of them will be viable. As a result, multifetal pregnancy occurs more frequently among women after IVF.

5. Fallopian tubes are removed for IVF

On the contrary, the absence of the fallopian tubes is a sign that a woman needs to have IVF performed.

6. Now any woman is able to know the joy of motherhood at any age.

IVF does help women over 40 get pregnant. However, it doesn’t mean that pregnancy at this age would be as easy as when you’re in your 20s. In fact, the younger a woman is, the more chances she has to become pregnant. This rule applies to both natural and artificial inseminations. IVF isn’t used for family planning at an elder age but to solve the problem of natural conception.

7. Babies born by IVF are infertile.

Another unjustifiable myth. The only reason such people have to use IVF themselves is connected to hereditary diseases of the reproductive system.

8. IVF is an indication for Caesarean section operations.

Yet another myth of our times. There are a lot of indications for Cesarean section operations, but IVF isn’t on this list. The decision regarding the necessity of such an operation depends on the doctors in a hospital and is performed only when needed.

9. A woman needs immediate bed rest after the transfer.

That’s also a myth. Doctors’ opinion is firm on this matter: a pregnant woman, regardless of the techniques of conception, should be active. If the pregnancy is going well, it’s recommended to exercise. The better blood circulation she has, the better a fetus will develop.

10. It’s a painful procedure.

The only painful thing about IVF is the follicular puncture (egg collection) that is performed using a special thin needle. The embryo transfer is completely pain-free.

11. Success on the very first try.

The statistics of the effectiveness of the first procedure varies between countries; 30% of women get pregnant after the first try.

12. IVF cures infertility.

It’s not true. In fact, IVF helps people avoid problems with impregnation but doesn’t cure any diseases. The infertility treatment begins long before the artificial insemination; if it doesn’t bring any positive results, your doctor might recommend that you go to a reproductive clinic.


1. You can freeze oocytes for future use.

If you want to postpone having children but are concerned about the quality of oocytes (sperm and eggs), you can freeze them and preserve them for decades. This is particularly important for people whose work involves harmful conditions or those who undergo a course of aggressive treatment (chemotherapy, for example.)

Besides, people over the age of 35 are recommended to check the quality of oocytes and freeze sperm and eggs if necessary.

2. 8 million babies were born thanks to IVF.

According to statistics, almost 8 million IVF people were born. Just imagine, 8 million babies had a chance to be born thanks to medicine. It’s more than the whole population of Denmark.

3. The oldest mother in the world used IVF to get pregnant.

Rajo Devi, the oldest mother in the world, is 75 years old. Her first-born daughter, Naveen, is 5 years old. Rajo lives in a small village in India. She and her husband have been trying to get pregnant since the beginning of their marriage; Rajo was only 12 years old. However, all their attempts failed and only recently, they turned to the services of modern medicine.

Rajo gave birth at the age of 70 after her first IVF procedure. The baby’s delivery was really complicated due to the mother’s age but thanks to modern medicine, everything turned out all right. Given that the average female life expectancy in India is 68 years old, giving birth at the age of 70 is a true miracle.

However, it’s hard to be sure about Rajo’s real age since people in small villages rarely register to have a baby and many people don’t know their factual age. Presumably, Rajo didn’t tell her real age in the clinic because women over 50 are denied when it comes to having the IVF procedure done.

4. IVF isn’t easy. In 9 months:

The IVF procedure isn’t as dangerous as it might seem. However, it’s hard: the preparation for IVF includes hormonal therapy that prepares a woman’s body for the future pregnancy.

Besides, to get more than one egg (during a normal cycle) hormonal therapy is used for the prompt maturing of the eggs. After that, eggs are collected with a thin needle. It’s the only step that might be dangerous — an individual’s body reactions are different and hormonal stimulation might lead to certain complications.

5. IVF could be free.

Almost every government provides people with annual quotas for IVF. In most cases, only one or 2 attempts are paid for; parents pay for the preparation. However, this step is a great help for families who have trouble getting pregnant.

6. The first IVF baby grew up to be healthy and happy.

The first baby conceived using reproductive technologies was born in the UK. The girl was named Louise; she was born by Cesarean section. Her parents, Lesley and John Brown, had been trying to get pregnant for many years. Devastated that they couldn’t conceive a child, they agreed to undergo an experimental treatment that was offered to them by their doctor — IVF.

The first IVF procedure was kept hidden from the public, but the press found out about it anyway and followed Lesley during the whole course of her pregnancy. According to her, she received a lot of threatening letters: society had quite a strong reaction to artificial insemination.

After several years, Lesley came to the clinic to have another IVF baby. She had a girl, Natalie.

Bonus: all debates about IVF get overshadowed by happy parenting and a new life growing inside a happy mother.

“6 years, 3 IUI cycles, 6 IVF attempts, 3 miscarriages, one chemical pregnancy, one late-term baby loss, $100,000+ in medical bills, thousands of injections, 9 months of stress and worry, 30+ hours of labor, emergency C-section…Worth it. This is my son Lincoln.”

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The Ugly Truth About Getting Out Of The ‘Friend Zone’

Let’s talk about getting out of the “friend zone.” I get a lot of questions about this topic … usually from women trying to escape the friend zone and enter the relationship zone.

Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy topic to address.

First, I will say that I relate to the confusion. A few years ago I met a guy who I thought was perfect for me. He checked all the boxes and had everything I was looking for. He wasn’t making any sort of move though so I sent a girlfriend in to do some investigating.

She was cool and nonchalant about it. She said, “You and Sabrina seem to have a lot of chemistry, is there something going on there?”

His answer was something along the lines of, “Well, I’m really good friends with her roommate and I wouldn’t want things to get weird so maybe it’s best we just stay friends.”

I naively took his excuse as fact and was determined to show him that I was a cool girl and if he dated me, there would be zero weirdness. I made a point of letting him know that I run a website with my ex-boyfriend (talk about overcoming a weird situation!) and have stayed friends with a lot of the guys I’ve dated in the past. I took every opportunity that presented itself to let him know that dating me carries zero weirdness. I also went on this pathetic quest to prove to him how great we would be together, pointing out our vast similarities, likes, values, and so forth. (I’m feeling a wave of humiliation just thinking back to that time!)

The point is, I made a mistake that a lot of women make when a guy uses the old, “I don’t want to ruin the friendship” excuse. We take it as fact and believe that if ruining the friendship was a non-issue, then he would ask us out and we’d live happily ever after.

I’m not saying you can’t ever get out of the friend zone with a guy, it is possible in some cases, but I am saying it’s a waste of time to put all your time and energy into trying. It’s a waste to tally up the signs to figure out if he likes you more than a friend and all that because …

No guy is ever genuinely concerned with ruining the friendship!

If a guy really likes a girl, the last thought that will cross his mind is fear of ruining the friendship. I have asked this question to countless men and the answer is always the same: no man is ever worried about ruining the friendship with a girl he likes.

If he tells you that this is his reason for not wanting to date you, he’s probably just trying to spare your feelings because the real reason is most likely that while he enjoys hanging out with you, he doesn’t feel enough of a romantic attraction to want to take things further.

This doesn’t change even if you and he have hooked up. All that means is he is somewhat attracted to you, but again, not enough to want to date you because if he did, he would.

It all goes back to what has essentially become my catchphrase at this point since I say it so often: when a guy likes you, it’s obvious.

There is no room for doubt, no confusion, no mixed messages, it’s just clear as day. You know it and everyone around you knows it. You don’t wonder, you just know.

Now there is maybe one other reason why a guy who you’re friends with might like you and not ask you out. The only time this is ever really the case is if he’s afraid of being rejected.

Most men are terrified of rejection and would rather not try as opposed to try and risk being rejected. Getting around this one is easy enough though, just show a little bit of interest. Bam, problem solved.

You don’t need to be obvious about it, just give him something to work with, anything that lets him know that he will not be rejected if he tries to ask you out. If he knows that you are interested and won’t reject him and he has feelings for you, he will pursue you. There won’t be any talk of ruining the friendship or any of that.

It comes down to this simple fact: It goes against a man’s nature to see an opportunity to get something he wants and then not take it.

What if you show him you’re interested and he reciprocates but then tells you he can’t be in a relationship right now?

Well then forget it. If what you want is a relationship then don’t waste time on someone who doesn’t want that. In these cases, nothing you can do will talk him out of it so it’s best to just stay “friends” and continue exploring your options.

The reasons don’t matter, the facts do. If he doesn’t want a relationship, then he doesn’t want a relationship. Maybe the timing is off or maybe he just doesn’t think you and him are a good match. Whatever the case, it’s not in your control

At the end of the day, all you can do is focus on you. Focus on being your best self and on finding a sense of worth that comes from within, and not from men.

And if he wants to stay “friends,” then stay friends … as long as going so won’t negatively affect your life. If it’s going to be painful and make you feel bad about yourself and unworthy, then cut it off and spend more time with your purely platonic friends.

It may feel personal, but trust me, it isn’t. If he doesn’t like you in that way, all it means is he’s not the right guy for you and that’s really OK. TC mark

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