16 Weird Things at Schools That Are Totally Normal in Some Places

In this modern age, people recognize more and more the importance of education. Still, going to school is not the same experience for every person. In fact, the ways that schools operate may change depending on where you live. Even the things that you think are basic facts about school are not necessarily universal. In Japan, you move onto the next grade level even if you fail your classes or have poor attendance due to a bigger emphasis being placed on entrance exams.

Bright Side has collected some of the most interesting facts about what schools around the world have to offer their students.

1. In New Delhi, there is a school under a bridge.

Beneath the Delhi metro bridge, there is a school without any walls. This free school offers education to the children of impoverished migrant laborers, daily wage workers, and seasonal farmers — often by the hundreds.

2. South Korean students can be in school for up to 16 hours a day.

In South Korea, a standard day of school lasts from 8 AM until 4 PM, which is still pretty long compared to most countries. However, many students also attend a private school in the evening hours from 6 PM to 9 PM for intensive revision.

3. In Japan, some schools offer unisex school uniforms.

Japanese school uniforms are simply iconic thanks to Sailor Moon, but a recent change might make the country’s school uniforms stand out: unisex school uniforms. Allegedly, while this has popped up in some schools, Japan intends to require this uniform to be enforced in all schools at some point in the future.

4. In Bangladesh, school sometimes takes place on a boat.

Around 70% of Bangladesh’s total land area is less than a meter above sea level and boasts a large population of school-aged children, so people have to get creative when local schools are impacted by floods. The ultimate way to protect a school during a flood is to host a school on a boat. Reportedly, these floating schools are normally powered by solar panels.

5. Dutch students start school on their fourth birthday.

In the Netherlands, children actually start school on their fourth birthday. The idea is that students start school on the same mental level as their classmates. It also means that students join classes throughout the year, which has to make for quite the setup.

6. Shoes can be optional in Oceanic schools.

In some of the countries of Oceania, such as Australia and New Zealand, students are not required to wear shoes at school. Often, kids are required to arrive and leave with shoes, but they are not required to keep them on during class. However, this rule can depend on the weather.

7. There’s a school in Scotland that has boys wear kilts as part of their uniform.

Around the world, girls often wear skirts that resemble kilts as part of the official school uniform. In Scotland, there is a school called James Gillespie’s that made kilts part of the school uniform for the boys too. Reportedly, the school’s boys liked the kilts so much that support for the change was unanimous.

8. In Tokyo, children can be asked to wear special headgear while walking to school.

In some countries around the world, children normally walk to school, especially in urban areas. Over the years, however, schools have implemented different ways to protect their children during the trip. In Tokyo, after the area was impacted by tsunamis and earthquakes, children had been asked to wear protective headgear as they go to school and leave for home.

9. In India, there are all kinds of ways children get to school.

The way children get to school around the world is not always consistent. In India, for example, children travel to school by bullock carts, horse carts, rickshaws, bikes, public transport, and private school buses, among other devices.

10. In Germany, there’s a school shaped like a giant cat.

There are all kinds of schools around the world: some big, some small. In Germany, there is even a school shaped like a giant white cat. Kindergarten Wolfartsweier in Karlsruhe allows children to enter through the cat’s mouth, study and play within the cat’s belly, and leave through its tail which is also a slide.

11. There’s a school in Ohio where students study in cubicles.

Allegedly, school is meant to train you for the real world, and some schools actually do try harder than others to make the future happen now. One type of charter school known as Carpe Diem schools, allows students to study in an environment resembling a work cubicle. These schools have become a growing trend in the United States, popping up in Texas, Ohio, and Indiana.

12. In Russia, the first day of school is one big holiday.

In Russia, the first day of school is called Knowledge Day and it’s a big event. The first day of school is always September 1st, even if it takes place on a holiday or a weekend. There are assemblies with music, poetry, and inspirational speeches. Young girls wear ribbons and children give flowers to their teachers. It’s such a big event, Olympic medalists have even been known to visit schools in honor of the holiday.

13. Some countries offer kindergarten outside.

A lot of colleges boast outdoor classes, but some places like to start even earlier than that. Forest kindergartens allow young children to have classes outside in the beauty of nature. These types of schools appear throughout the world such as in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Czech Republic.

14. Children of the Arctic tundra have to travel to school by helicopter.

The Nenets are people who live in the Arctic and they turn to state-run boarding schools to help their kids get an education. Helicopters help to pick up the children and take them to school where they stay for 9 months before returning home. Obviously, they’re not using the helicopters every day, but twice a year has got to be more times than most people ride in a helicopter.

15. In Brooklyn, there’s a school with no grades, tests, or homework.

All kids wish they could attend a school without tests or homework. Well, in Brooklyn, they can! The Brooklyn Free School, inspired by similar progressive schools from the 1960s, don’t have tests, grades, or homework. Classes are also non-compulsory. Students even participate in the school’s governance with their votes counting equal to staff. In addition to that, children as old as 18 attend classes so this isn’t just a fancy preschool.

16. One Danish school replaced classrooms with “study zones”.

The Ørestad Gymnasium is a school without classrooms. Instead, they have individual zones, group zones, and meeting places. If you’re in good weather, you’ll be able to learn about the water space. Inside there are “drums” where you can sit and think. It also helps to have “virtual classrooms” which hold classes that are entirely taught by computers and iPads.

Bonus: Remember to appreciate the opportunity and privilege of an education.

While there are many types of schools around the world, education is important and we should remember not to take it for granted.

Is there anything unique about your school or other schools you’ve heard of? Which of the schools above surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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21 Cute Times Animal Moms Totally Nailed Parenting

The female octopus is a vivid example of a sacrificial mother. After she lays her eggs, she doesn’t leave them, even to look for food. The octopus mother will get ready to eat her tentacle if she has to while protecting her children from predators. All moms love their kids whether they’re humans or animals.

Bright Side wants to show you some cute photos of animal moms that will make you melt and want to go hug your mom.

1. All moms have their own parenting methods.

2. And they’re all inseparable from their kids.

3. They want to hide them from adversity.

4. Sometimes a mom can be a pillow…

5. …and sometimes she’s more like a playground.

6. All mothers enjoy the moment when kids sleep.

7. And they endure their bad behavior.

8. Babies’ laughter is a present for moms.

9. They appreciate care…

10. …and each kiss and hug makes them feel happy.

11. Moms share with a child all the good…

12. …and all the bad moments.

13. Mothers lead her kids to new heights.

14. But they never leave their sides.

15. She is an example to follow.

16. And she also provides reliable support.

17. Motherhood is hard work.

18. And because moms do it well…

19. …kids can be relaxed!

20. Not to mention playful and carefree.

21. A mom is defined as love and protection.

Which of these photos touched you the most? Do you agree that there is no difference in motherhood in humans and in the animal world? Share your opinion in the comments.

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15 People Who Totally Won This Halloween

More than 175 million Americans and many more worldwide celebrated Halloween this year. When dressing up, some people go for the scare factor, some are inspired by intriguing characters, and others embrace their funny side. Some people put great effort, creativity, and something a little different into their costumes.

Bright Side hopes the following photos of people winning the spooky holiday with their costumes will inspire you, intrigue you, and make you laugh. But most of all, we hope it will give you some ideas for what to dress up as next year! We’ve also added a cool bonus for you at the end of the article.

1. Turning her wheelchair into the iron throne — ingenious!

2. A strong Lara Croft

3. #nofilter

4. Russell all grown Up

5. Cynthia from Rugrats looking fabulous

6. It’s time to sniff out some ghosts.

7. Taking “being a sloth” to the next level

8. This group re-enacted The Walking Dead perfectly.

9. An old fart

10. Some say he’s still holding that pose.

11. A beautiful yin and yang

12. “Everything is awesome!”

13. A self-portrait on a “starry night”

14. Buddy the elf meeting the original

15. “Sisters, All Hallow’s Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!” — Winifred Sanderson

Bonus: Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart as Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite

Heidi Klum as Princess Fiona

Flash from Zootopia in real life

Which costume did you find most interesting and unique? Tell us in the comment section below.

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23 Fashion Overlords Who Totally Messed Up (Or Are Just Trolling Us on Purpose)

Lady Gaga once said to James Corden that the whole point of her past extreme clothing choices was “to be unfashionable.” That’s probably what many designers keep in mind when creating a new fashion line. Sometimes, high fashion creates extremely outrageous trends and suggestions that people follow just to stay in the game. But, do they really like these creations or do they simply just want to troll the fashion industry?

Bright Side collected some of the most outrageous clothing choices that people made.

1. Posing for Vogue

2. Because men want to cover their breasts too.

3. Just because you wear this on the catwalk, it doesn’t mean you don’t look crazy.

4. A pair of jeans that opens from all sides.

5. Caution: do NOT wear it in extreme weather conditions.

6. For those who really love ramen noodles.

7. Balenciaga has been trolling us for the past couple of years.

8. Wanna be a reindeer? Here’s your chance.

9. For men who sweat a lot.

10. No need to buy bait when you go fishing.

11. Who said that you can’t be fancy at the beach?

12. Balenciaga’s proposition for purse protection from the rain:

13. This saves you the trouble of finding the right shoes:

14. When you have a great body, you have to show it.

15. My answer when someone asks if I like pizza:

16. The perfect person to sit in front of you at the cinema

17. If you can’t eat it, just wear it.

18. Christmas is coming.

19. How can these models keep their faces straight?

20. Nice pocket placement

21. Do you really need to order verbally at any Chinese restaurant?

22. You Royals don’t stand a chance.

23. A button-down shirt and jacket at the same time

What’s the craziest outfit you’ve seen someone wearing in public? Please share your stories (and photos if you have them) with us down in the comments section.

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Why Lindsay Lohan’s Downfall Was Totally Deserved


We’ve all heard the cautionary tale about Lindsay Lohan, the teen actress who had it all and then squandered it away on numerous drug arrests and D.U.I.s. But despite her numerous mess-ups, many still quietly root for her “comeback.” What’s funny, however, is that Lindsay has had several comebacks over the years, from her role in The Canyons to her own reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN. None of those projects panned out well for her, so now MTV is giving her a third chance to win back her former glory with a new reality show. But what people don’t seem to realize is that Lindsay isn’t entitled to all these chances. Judging by her past behavior, her current career (or what’s left of it) is exactly what she deserves. Although I wish her health, happiness, and definitely harbor no ill will, here’s why you (and the whole entertainment industry) should reconsider giving her any more support.


She’s entitled.


She’s a liar.


She’s lashes out at other actresses out of jealousy.


She’s a kleptomaniac.


She’s a “nightmare” on set.


She’s a mean boss.


She screws over the people who give her second chances.


Her charity work is weird, self-serving.


She’s “mean.”


She’s manipulative.


She’s just “plain bad.”

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15 Grandparents Who Totally Rock Their Game

Grandparents definitely make our lives better. Without them, there’s so much that we wouldn’t know! They share their wisdom with us and teach us things we wouldn’t be able to learn elsewhere. In this article, you’ll find some amazing grandparents who prove that age is just a number.

Bright Side found 15 pictures of amazing grandparents who can turn an ordinary day into a holiday.

1. This grandpa can teach you how to protect yourself at school:

2. “Someone offered my grandpa a preferred seat for elderly people on the subway and he did this.”

3. “I would invite all my friends to show my cool grandpa.”

4. Age is never an obstacle to limitless possibilities.

5. Who said that only young people can drive a motorcycle? It is not about age, but about your state of mind.

6. “Grandma Betty won’t let cancer stop her from smiling — check her out!”

7. Stay young, stay punk.

8. Our grandparents deserve the best.

9. Showing youngsters how to live to the fullest

10. Strong soul and strong body. Her grandchildren should be proud of her.

11. Don’t say that you can’t, because he can.

12. A person who is able to see happiness never gets old.

13. Old age can’t protect you from love, but love can protect you from old age.

14. Stylish, cool, and young.

15. When you see such people, you believe that old age is going to be something cool.

Are you afraid of getting old or are you looking forward to it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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20+ Nonsensical Photos That Totally Left Us Hanging

There are a lot of strange things around us. Often we wonder how anyone let them happen. Sometimes we share these stories with our friends, but friends oftentimes don’t even believe us. But that’s not the case for those who happen to have a camera on them at just the right moment.

Bright Side made a collection of photos with stories that can lead the imagination anywhere.

1. The miracle of repair

2. Isn’t this a double standard?

3. You’re not going to catch anything anyway.

4. Marshmallow wheel

5. The scariest thing is that cable!

6. Did you say hot water?

7. The only way to have enough sauce:

8. We bet he ate Pennywise.

9. “Soap foam, give me the strength!”

10. No idea what’s going on here…

11. If there is a fire it’s better to run.

12. The perfect service for gamblers

13. Hope the guy on the roof is okay, the house doesn’t look steady.

14. The road service just nailed it.

15. Looks like he’s in a hurry!

16. The artist sees it that way.

17. Does it work?

18. Persistence

19. The dog is broken.

20. Thor?

21. This is what happens when you park on the line.

22. It’s time to choose sausage or oxygen.

23. A perfect Monday morning run

Which ones did you like the most? Have you ever caught something strange yourself? Share it with us in the comments below!

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11 Surprises of Nature That Will Make Anyone Say “Really?” (Drunk Birds Are Totally Worth Looking At)

You’re sure to have seen animals, birds, and insects out in the wild before but have you ever wondered what their lives are like from their perspective? It can be a bit difficult to imagine, but it’s actually quite fun because they’re living organisms who, like us, have a daily purpose. For example, to fill just one small honey jar, 22,700 bees have to work for their whole lives.

Bright Side gathered some interesting facts about the world around us. They all show how little we know about it and how often nature surprises us.

1. Spiders learned to create marionettes that look just like them to protect themselves from enemies.

Cyclosa spiders are from the family of orb-weaving spiders (Araneidae) and they lead a very interesting life in Peru. Besides the fact that they need to catch the prey, it’s important to stay alive, as well. Spiders got creative and learned to make a “decoy version of themselves” and perfected it so much that scientists have doubts whether it’s still the same spider or a new smarter species.

Spiders use leaves and dried insects to create its own copy and they created an illusion of the web movement as if they’re using a marionette doll. It’s how they distract any hunter while hiding in a safe spot.

2. “Smart” mushroom moves from place to place, makes plans, and follows a diet.

Experiments performed using the Physarum polycephalum mushroom showed that it has a special kind of intelligence, not only can it “think” but it can also “plan.” The mushroom is able to find the shortest ways out of a labyrinth if there’s a goal (food), memorize its movement trajectory, and react to repetitive actions.

The mushroom travels using protoplasm that moves back and forth and such a cycle takes around 2 minutes.

Scientists compare the mushroom’s intelligence to “smart” insects, like ants. The surprising fact is that Physarum polycephalum has neither a brain nor a nervous system.

This mushroom is a great example of willpower since it doesn’t simply eat but it keeps carbs and proteins in balance as it needs them to stay alive and in shape.

3. Birds can get drunk and have drunken sing-alongs.

Researchers from the University of Oregon conducted a study using amadins and found out that alcohol influences their singing abilities: they get unusual tones, break the rhythm, and don’t sing as well as they usually do.

In fact, in their natural habitat, birds are rarely found to be under the influence of alcohol and if they are, then it’s mainly due to fermented berries. The birds can also eat a ripe berry that will then become fermented inside the bird — it just depends on the structure of the digestive system. Drunk birds can lose motor control and even try to steady themselves on the ground. Sounds just like people, doesn’t it?

4. The smallest horse is no bigger than a regular dog.

Einstein, a tiny pony from England, became the smallest horse in the world. It was born in 2010 and as of today, it feels good and healthy at a weight of 17 lb. Scientists couldn’t decide on the winner because there are several tiny horses in the world.

Einstein won not only because he weighs the least but because he’s got all the right proportions and no physical disadvantages. It’s not a dwarf horse — just a very small one.

The previous winner’s weight was 57 lb.

5. Dogs can fall in love.

Scientists proved that your dog loves you with a sincere kind of love. You didn’t have doubts about it, did you? When a dog communicates with people or other dogs, its body produces the hormone oxytocin that evokes the feeling similar to those people feel during kisses and hugs.

Dogs can fall in love with both their owners and other dogs. Just like people, dogs miss the one they love and can feel lonely.

6. Cats perceive people as really big cats.

Do you think of your cat as a part of the family? How does your cat see you? English biologist John Bradshaw has been studying the behavior of cats for many years. He came to the conclusion that our furry pets see their owners as huge non-violent cats.

That’s exactly why they think you would appreciate a mouse that they caught and brought to you as a gift.

7. The annual crab migration on Christmas Island can be seen from space.

A truly unbelievable thing can be seen in Australia on Christmas Island in November or December. Almost 120 million crabs migrate from the tropical forest to the shore of the Indian ocean for breeding. It looks like a huge red carpet. Crabs begin their movement with the first rainfalls that keep them alive along the road and protect them from dehydration. The whole colorful crab crowd arrives in just 18 days.

The Australians try to help as much as they can: they block the highways and build special bridges to make sure the majority of the species get to the water safely. This process fascinates photographers and researchers from all over the world.

8. Cows make friends and choose the best ones too.

Real friendship exists in the animal world too and the friendship between cows is a great example of this. British biologist Krista McLennan came to the conclusion that cows can get attached to other cows from their childhood and they feel stressed out when they are separated.

Scientists say that keeping an eye on cows’ friendships and placing cow-friends together can lead to increased milk production. It can also relieve the animal’s suffering when a cow is placed in a new herd.

9. Some flowers can melt snow by generating heat. They do it to get pollinated by the early spring insects.

“Be the first one!” is a motto that can be used in the green world too. At least, skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus), a flower of quite an unusual form, believes in it. This curious flower can change its temperature and keep it at 15°C-35°C. This ability is called thermogenesis.

Cabbage can melt the snow around itself to make sure it’s definitely the first one in the line for early spring pollination. It also uses a peculiar smell to attract more insects.

10. The hognose snake is the best comedy “actress” among snakes.

Heterodon nasicus, or the hognose snake, is a non-poisonous kind of snake that can be found in America. One peculiar feature of these snakes is a funny facial expression that often looks like a smile. Very often, hognose snakes are kept as pets.

In case it feels danger, the snake turns on its back, sticks out its tongue and might even produce an unpleasant smell using special glands so that there’s no doubt that the snake is dead. If you turn its “corpse” back onto its belly, it’ll turn back to show you that it’s definitely dead!

11. Snails lay eggs, but they’re all hermaphrodites.

Most of the snail species are hermaphrodites. However, they have to mate when it’s time to breed. They both get inseminated and they both have the ability to lay eggs. Some snails behave as males during one season and as females during the next one.

Which fact surprised you the most? Have you ever witnessed an unusual natural phenomenon? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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