Woman Delays Entire Flight Because She Tried Bringing an "Emotional Support Squirrel"


Airlines are getting sick and tired of people trying to pawn off “emotional support” animals that aren’t used for service purposes just so they could bring them on their plane. I get it Janine, you love the goldfish that you just won at the fair last night, but just leave it at home in the bowl where it belongs.

In fact, some states are going so far as to impose hefty fines on air commuters who attempt to bring an animal on a plane that isn’t an actual service or emotional support animal. So if you ever dreamed of chewing honey-roasted cashews on a plane while your pet iguana is chilling next to you, well, I’m sorry.

Even though the crackdown’s begun on those who try to bring their beloved pets into the plane’s cabin with them, (which I don’t fault them for because they legitimately fear for the safety of their pets’ lives), that hasn’t stopped some people from attempting to game the system anyway.


Like this woman who couldn’t fly, under any circumstances whatsoever, without the company of her emotional support squirrel. That’s right. Squirrel.

Now, I admit that squirrels are cute, adorable little creatures, and they can be trained to perform a variety of tricks.

But an emotional support squirrel, really? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the little guy can perform squirrel-CPR with his tiny squirrel paws or dial 9-1-1, I don’t know. But the airline certainly didn’t think that the animal qualified as an emotional support pal.


The unnamed passenger had marked in her reservation for the flight that she would be bringing an emotional support animal onboard, but didn’t specify what kind. Once the airline learned that she was bringing a squirrel on board, they told her no dice.

The airline’s policy states that no rodents are allowed in the flight cabin, no matter how bushy-tailed and adorable they may be. How do you think the passenger reacted?

A.) They understood completely and worked with the airline to have her flight moved to a later time so she could make arrangements for someone to care for the squirrel in her absence.



B.) She threw a fit and insisted that she bring her emotional support squirrel on board, subsequently holding up the flight and delaying everyone else’s travel plans, while getting the police called on her squirrel-loving self to be escorted to the airport’s main terminal area.

If you guessed B then you’re 100 percent correct. After causing a ruckus on board and delaying the flight for two hours, the woman was carted off by the authorities in a wheelchair while raising a middle finger to passengers and telling them to “shut up” as scattered applause rang throughout the plane.


Now I want you to try and guess which lovely state this airplane was disembarking from. Out of all the ones in the grand U-S-of-A, which one do you think has the highest probability of a passenger throwing a fit for not being able to bring a squirrel on board?

Need a hint? It rhymes with Blorida. That’s not to say that Floridians are the only ones who try to bring animals who have no business being in a flight cabin into a flight cabin. There are plenty of other weird “emotional support animal” stories that have been making the internet collectively shrug their shoulders.


Who could forget the most excellent time when this woman attempted to bring a peacock onboard her plane, claiming that it was her emotional support animal. I admit, seeing their feathers spread out is awe-inspiring and beautiful.


And seeing that wonderful, feathered display may up your mood and improve your emotional well-being for the rest of the just by the virtue of being in its presence. And plus, airline travel is very, very strenuous.


But I want to know what planet your mind has currently taken up residence on that you think smuggling a peacock onto a plane is not only a good idea, but that you’ll be totally fine as long as you label the bird as an “emotional support animal”.

The attempt was so egregious that it got United Airlines to re-think it’s entire policy regarding “service” animals on board, forcing them to become stricter with its guidelines and the definitions for what constitutes “emotional support.”


Someone else tried bringing a turkey on board to help them cope with their emotions. If I had to guess, this picture was snapped around Thanksgiving time and the passenger wanted to ensure they were emotionally prepared to fulfill their promise of cooking the freshest bird their family’s ever had.


If you think someone bringing a turkey or peacock on board a plane is insane, then you haven’t heard about the horrifying events involving a student and her emotional support hamster that is just buckets of crazy.

A young student was incorrectly informed by the airline that her hamster did qualify as an emotional support animal, however, when she went to board she was told that she couldn’t bring her ball of fluff onto the plane.


So the airline said they could give her a later flight time so she could make some arrangements for the animal. And she had a lot of different options to choose from. She could’ve set it free outside — it is an animal after all — I’m sure it could find some grassy knoll somewhere to live out the rest of its hamster days.

Apparently she exhausted all the choices she could think of, because she ultimately decided that the best course of action would be to just flush her little pet down the toilet.


The best part is that she tried to blame it all on Spirit Airlines, and said they told her to flush her pet down the drain. As insane as this young woman — and her entire story — is, I just can’t help but wonder what was going on through that little hamster’s head as it spun to its watery grave. I’d like to think it held its breath and ended up in a sewer and joined a family of rats. Hold on, anyone got the number for Pixar? I just got an idea. (h/t CBS)

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Selena Gomez's Mom Posts Throwback To Show Her Support After Bieber/Hailey Engagement


There’s been a lot of hullabaloo surrounding Justin Bieber’s engagement to on-again-off-again boo Hailey Baldwin, which has led a lot of people to ask the obviously shallow question: how does Selena Gomez feel about all this?

No matter how rich, famous, or successful we get, human beings are human beings at the end of the day and get affected by the same base feelings: like seeing your ex in love with someone else, so in love that they’re willing to tie the knot.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at Pete Davidson’s ex’s reactions after the news that the SNL star got engaged to Ariana Grande.

It’s easy to get despondent whenever you think your ex is out there living their best life without you and that’s when it’s important to have people in your corner hyping you up.

For Selena Gomez, she’s got a pretty amazing hype-person backing her up: her mom, Mandy Teefey.

Teefey shared an adorable video of a 4-year-old Selena Gomez sassily telling her about her day at school on the phone while her mother was at work.

The video’s caption has a lot of people believing that Teefey shared the video as a show of support in the wake of the Biebs-Baldwin engagement, praising Selena and her sister for being strong “born leaders.”

In addition to being absolutely adorable, the video’s empowering as heck—who wouldn’t want a mama like Teefey in their corner?

She captioned the photo with the following message:

@selenagomez talking to me on the phone when I was at work asking about her day at school. My sassy, independent, boss lady, adorable gigantic piece of my heart, first born love. Gracie is exactly like this. Diabolical. XO. My girls are born leaders. Why do they grow up? Her sweet little eyes and massive eyelashes. 

Teefey’s reportedly never been a fan of Bieber and Gomez’s relationship, stating that she was previously “not happy” with the two being together. It even got to the point that many speculated the Bieber-Selena romances caused a temporary rift between the “Fetish” singer and her mother – the two unfollowed each other on Instagram after Gomez briefly got back together with Bieber following her breakup with The Weeknd.

The short-lived reconciliation between the two singers began in October 2017, with the famous bike-riding photos of the couple kicking off the rumors of their re-sparked romance.

But even a cool-looking Thrasher red hoodie couldn’t keep the two together, and months after breaking up, the Biebs announced his engagement to Hailey Baldwin, niece of one of the best characters from The Departed.

The Baldwin-Biebs union came as a surprise to many, especially since Hailey was spotted at the Met Gala with singer Shawn Mendes two months prior to the July 7th engagement announcement.

And although there are, naturally, tons of rumors that Gomez is salty about the Bieber-Baldwin news, and now her mother’s supportive Instagram post is being construed as a “my girl don’t need no man” vote of empowerment, there are many who are saying that the 13 Reasons Why producer is not bothered by the announcement at all.

Fox News reports:

“Justin’s engagement to Hailey isn’t affecting Selena in the least bit. Selena and Justin have run their course and their time together during all of their stints helped them figure out themselves.” 

If Gomez was bothered by her former boo’s engagement, she definitely isn’t showing it.

Selena was reportedly chilling on a yacht and partying with friends the weekend following July 4th. It’s kind of hard to wallow in relationship blues when you’re living large on a boat—just ask the Lonely Island guys and T-Pain, it’s pretty darn great. 

The source who spoke to Fox News said that Selena is currently focused on her music and acting career:

“Selena is focused on herself, her music and her acting career. You live and learn in life, and Selena is surrounding herself with the people she appreciates and who appreciate her.”

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Store Fires Manager After Denying Mother Time Off To Be With Her Son On Life Support


When managing a business, it’s tough finding dedicated workers who you can actually trust and rely on.

Not everyone may take your business as seriously as you and when you’re the boss, it requires you to make tough decisions like having uncomfortable conversations with some employees who aren’t cutting the mustard.

Without going overboard, obviously.

And while it’s true that human beings can come up with some of the lamest, off-the-wall excuses to get themselves out of just about anything, like this dude who thought he’d “explain” why he has a hickey…

There are some people, however, with legitimate excuses as to why they can’t make it into work. And, as long as you’re not an overbearing boss, you’ll figure out a way to change schedules around and ensure your business is running.

Unfortunately for Crystal Reynolds Fisher, her boss seemingly wasn’t really that understanding of an individual. She informed her she’d have to miss a shift so she could be with her 18-year-old son who was on life support. Crystal’s Boss, Dawn, really wasn’t feeling that excuse.

Crystal, who works at a PS Food Mart and Folk Oil Company gas station, had to have her son rushed to the hospital after he suffered a 104-degree fever. She asked her daughter to call out of work for her as she stayed with her son. She recalls hearing her boss on the other side of the line:

“She said ‘can you have somebody cover mom for [Friday], my brother’s really sick, they’re going to have to ventilate him. And the boss, I could hear her over the phone and she told my daughter ‘this ain’t the way we run things, you’re mother needs to be the one calling me.'” Fisher told Fox17.

Fisher learned that her son was suffering from a bacterial infection and was placed on life support. She texted Dawn to let her know of her situation and that she would return to work the second is health began to improve. This was their conversation.

Immediately, Dawn tries to convince Crystal that her not showing up to work because her son was on life support was tantamount to her “quitting.” Something that Fisher contested. She notified Dawn she would reach out to corporate and inform them of the way she acted.

Still, Dawn did not relent, thinking she was in the right.

Frustrated and flustered, Crystal couldn’t believe this response. So she posted the screenshots on her Facebook page and made the post public.

It immediately went viral.

Crystal’s post has been shared over 75,000 times to date, and people reached out to the mom to let her know that what her boss was doing, was in fact, illegal.

In no time, PS Food Mart and Folk Oil learned of Dawn’s behavior and announced that they would be looking into the way she handled her interaction with Crystal.

After conducting their investigation they discovered that Dawn was, in fact, in the wrong, so they announced on their Facebook page that she was fired from the company.

Some people pointed out that there are companies only act in their employees’ best interests when they’re put on the spot, and that they should proactively make sure their employees are taken care of – without a huge social media scandal.

As for Crystal, she only has one message for her former boss: “I pray for you. I pray for you. That’s all I can say.”

Source : https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/07/03/Z2pqaLB/mom-son-life-support