9 Aspiring Musicians Chase Their Dreams in Netflix’s New Unscripted Series ‘Westside’


When it comes to reality series, it looks like Netflix is going full steam ahead. The streaming platform’s latest unscripted series, Westside, offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of nine struggling singer-songwriters trying to make their music dreams a reality. The show will not only touch upon each cast members’ journey in the music industry, but also their personal and often relatable struggles. 

From drug abuse to juggling multiple jobs to relationship drama, each episode will highlight the good and the bad as these nine young people search for fame. The end goal for these dreamers is so take part in an ensemble showcase to show off their talent and become the next music superstar. NBD. 

Before you take this journey and binge-watch the addicting Netflix reality show, here is what you need to know about each cast member before they make it big. 


Sean Patrick Murray


Pia Toscano


James Byous


Arika Gluck


Austin Kolbe


Caitlin Ary


Leo Gallo


Alexandra Krekorian


Taz Zavala

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Lifting the Veil on ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ — Is the Hit TLC Show Just Another Scripted Reality Series?


Does this count as cheating on our relationship? Because the Cinderella moments you’ve been watching on TV may be nothing but a decked-out pumpkin. Say Yes to the Dress has captured viewers as it showcases brides-to-be going to the Kleinfeld bridal shop in New York City trying to find the perfect gown to say “I do” in. And while wedding dress shopping with your family can be stressful, some of the Kleinfeld bridezillas have us wondering, are the wedding shopping experiences on SYTTD real — or is it all TV magic? 

It turns out, the drama that unfolds in the salon is partially scripted. Yes, scripted reality television, who would have thought? According to the web, the production crew of SYTTD handpicks brides and groups that already have drama amongst their inner wedding circle. In the editing room, the producers pick the juiciest soundbites, which therefore piece together a drama-filled 30-minute show.

On hopeful bride, who appeared on the show, thought filming would be a dream come true, but had a very different experience. 


“Despite looking like a palace on TV, Kleinfeld isn’t large enough for the amount of customers it attracts,” Amanda Lauren wrote for Ravishly in 2015. “There aren’t enough mirrors and platforms, so I had to wait in line while the clock was ticking. Would my appointment end before I got a peek at myself?” 

Amanda continued to explain how her consultant did not listen to her dress requests and pulled items that were over her budget. Not only did her consultant throw some red flags at the bride-to-be, the final straw came when she realized the Kleinfeld rep was pulling the exact same dresses for other brides.

“I feel like reality television tricked me. Kleinfeld isn’t in the business of making women feel good — they’re in the business of selling dresses. It doesn’t matter if the dress isn’t what you want — they just want you to sign a credit card receipt in under 1.5 hours,” she added. Yikes. 


Not only were these brides tainted by their bad customer service experience, but the dresses were also not in the best conditions, like pictured on the TLC show. According to the New York Post, brides tried on dresses that were badly soiled. “There were actual armpit sweat stains. And on the hem, it looked like it had been out in the street,” one customer reported. 

Another bride on the series noted, “On the show, it looks like this amazing wonderland of gorgeous dresses… But the samples are beaten to hell. You don’t even really get a good idea of what [they] look like.” Overall, the brides chalked up their terrible experience at the high-end bridal boutique as a place where souvenirs are bought; therefore, deterring brides from actually participating in a Kleinfeld experience. 

Guests on Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, who filmed at Bridals by Lori, also had similar experiences. Not only was one bride limited to trying on just four dresses, filming took eight hours from start to finish. “They want you to act as natural as possible, but you can tell that they want to stir up some drama,” Courtney Wright told 417 Bride in 2013. “If someone says something that could potentially cause a disagreement, the director asks you questions about it.”


Are the Say Yes to the Dress brides at least paid for their appearance? 

Though brides leave the Manhattan-based store spending thousands of dollars, they unfortunately get zero compensation for appearing on the show. Actually, they’re not only not paid for appearing on the hit reality series, but they have to pay full price for the dresses that they purchase.

According to multiple accounts of brides who have been on the show, during the application process, they’re even asked, “Who is paying for the dress?” Apparently, not Kleinfeld.

While the Kleinfeld store is very much real, the fairytale experience they paint on TV seems to be a very pretty farce — but we’ll still be watching. 

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If You Love 'Riverdale,' Then You'll Love Netflix's New Spanish Original Series, 'Élite'


At this point, I consider myself a connoisseur of Spanish television series on Netflix.  I can’t remember the last time I watched a show that didn’t come with heavily accented dialogue — and I can probably tell you which of the 10 Spanish actors Netflix seemingly has on rotation starred in which series, like your own personal IMDb

Or just offer you some random but fun facts. Like, for example, if the show stars Blanca Suárez or Yon González, you can guarantee there will be a love triangle involving one (or both) of the stars or that Gran Hotel is the Law and Order of the Spanish TV world, in that there is a very high chance at least one actor on every Spanish show on the streaming platform has made a cameo in the 66-episode series. 

Which brings me to Élite — the latest original drama coming to Netflix via España. For those who are also self-proclaimed telenovela aficionados, Élite comes across as a mix of the aforementioned Gran Hotel and Rebelde (without the catchy pop songs). For newbies to the Spanish genre, think of it as Gossip Girl meets Riverdale, with a bit more blood. 


So, what is Élite about? 

The show centers around three teens from working-class backgrounds who enroll in an exclusive private school and follows their struggle to fit in with their privileged classmates. Ultimately, this clash of the classes results in a murder – and an investigation is launched to find out who the killer is. Could it be Samuel — played by Itzan Escamilla, who you might recognize as young Francisco in Cable Girls —  who was called a “waiter” by the school’s bully on his first day and has to deal with his trouble-making older brother (Money Heist’s Jaime Lorente) trying to steal his crush? Fellow scholarship kid Nadia (Mina El Hammani) who is Palestinian and forced to remove her headscarf or face expulsion?  

Or is it Christian, aka Río from Money Heist, who finds himself in a love triangle against one of the more popular guys at Las Encinas? 


Then there is rich girl Marina — María Pedraza, also of Money Heist fame —  who is harboring a deep secret while planning her big quinceañera debut. (SPOILER ALERT: She is HIV-positive). Anyone could be responsible for the murder, but it’s the mystery surrounded by sex, drugs, and typical high school angst that makes Élite a must-watch. 

Will there be a Season 2? 

Netflix has yet to announce plans for a second season, but seeing as this is just their second original series from Spain, it’s looking good for Élite. Netflix’s first Spanish original Cable Girls was just renewed for a fourth season and Mexico’s Ingobernable was green-lighted for two seasons very early on. Plus, given the success of other teen dramas on the streaming platform – i.e. To All the Boys I Loved Before, Insatiable, 13 Reasons Why — it would come as a huge surprise if Netflix did not confirm a Season 2 release date ASAP. 


Tune in to watch Élite when it premieres on Netflix on Oct. 5. 

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Here's Why Shane Dawson Fans Are Boycotting His Upcoming Jake Paul YouTube Series


This week, popular YouTuber Shane Dawson announced the subject of his latest documentary series — and it was none other than the controversial Jake Paul

It wasn’t long after the announcement that Shane’s fans began sharing their plans to boycott the YouTube video centered around the equally divisive Logan Paul‘s younger brother. “Ew I hate the fact that Shane Dawson is giving Jake Paul publicity,” one follower tweeted. Another added, “Not to be a fake fan but I literally will stop watching Shane Dawson if he’s gonna try to sit here and make me feel bad for Jake Paul. That man deserves absolutely no sympathy for what he’s done.” 

So, why do people hate Jake Paul so much? 

Where do we start? 


The 21-year-old got his start on Vine with his older brother — and his viral fame soon landed him the role of Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel series, Bizaardvark in 2016. Soon after he bought his now infamous Team 10 House, which is at the center of many of the controversies surrounding the internet star. 

He soon invited fellow YouTubers, including his maybe-girlfriend Alissa Violet and Neels Visser, to live in the $17K/month mansion — but one year later there was already trouble in YouTube paradise. Jake kicked Alissa out of the house and accused her of cheating. Oh, and he dropped a pretty mean diss track, too. 


However, Alissa denied the allegations and exposed Jake on social media. She even made a video breaking down all the crazy rules she was forced to follow in the Team 10 House. Along with not being allowed to drink, Jake reportedly forced his “roommates” to be up by 10 a.m. making videos (or face a hefty fine) and they had to give Jake 20 percent of their revenue. 

He sounds like a great guy. 

His neighbors hate him. 

Alissa is not the only person who had a vendetta against Jake. That same year, his neighbors considered filing a class action lawsuit against the YouTube star and his friends for the crazy stunts they pulled in their neighborhood. One time, Jake set fire to furniture in an empty pool and another time he shared his home address with fans, prompting many to line up outside for hours. 

“Aw I feel bad for them… For sure. But, there is nothing [I] can do though because Jake Paul is the strongest army out there,” he told reporters when asked about his neighbors’ complaints — before jumping on the news van to dab. Again, he is literally the worst. 


Disney also hates him. 

Soon after, he announced he was leaving his popular Disney Channel series — and fans were confused AF. “We’ve mutually agreed that Jake Paul will leave his role on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark,” a Disney spokesperson said at the time. “On behalf of the production company, the cast, and crew, we thank Jake for his good work on the TV series for the past 18 months and extend our best wishes to him.”

And it only gets worse from there. In a video posted in August 2017, Jake made a xenophobic comment to a Kazakhstani fan who asked for a picture. “Where are you from?” Jake asked, before adding, “It sounds like you’re just going to blow someone up. You’re like ‘Send the nuke!”http://undefined/” Oh, he also dropped the N-word in a freestyle rap video that surfaced earlier this year. 

And his classmates hate him, too. 

In another diss track titled, “That Ain’t in the News” — where he blamed the media for his negative image (because, of course) — he claimed he was a good guy and helped kids who were being bullied at his school. It wasn’t long before his former classmates were calling out Jake for the fake news. Sigh.  


When Jake was awarded the Choice YouTuber award at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, he apologized for his behavior and vowed to change. “The past few months have humbled me quite a bit, and I have to be more mindful of my actions and words and how they impact others,” he said. “It’s been a crazy journey, and I just want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I’m gonna forget all the negative press and focus on being the best version of myself.” 

But, that was short-lived because hey, controversy pays. According to Metro UK, Jake is worth an estimated $7.5 million, so we don’t think he’s going to change his ways anytime soon.

At least he didn’t film a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara for clickbait like his brother Logan, right? 

Source : https://undefined/entertainment/2018/09/12/LyCy9/why-people-hate-jake-paul

Shane Dawson Confirms a New Jake Paul Series Is Coming Soon


The wait is over. Well, sort of. Shane Dawson confirmed that controversial YouTuber/former Disney Channel star Jake Paul will be the subject of his upcoming eight-part series after dropping a teaser trailer of the series, titled The Mind of Jake Paul

In the trailer, the 30-year-old YouTuber can be heard telling his collaborator Andrew Siwicki, “This is going to be a nightmare.” The one-minute clip ends with Shane looking stressed out, telling Andrew he’s worried “that [Jake’s] gonna be mad when he finds out what this series is actually about.”

The Mind of Logan Paul is the latest YouTuber-centric series by Shane, who has been making videos on the platform for more than a decade. He previously saw incredible success with The Secret World of Jeffree Star, The Truth About Tanacon, and a three-part, unnamed series which helped fellow YouTuber “Bunny” Meyers revive her channel, which she believed to be failing. 


Confirmation that the two extremely popular YouTubers (Shane has slightly more than 17 million subscribers, while Jake has just less than 17 million) are working together comes after weeks of speculation by their fans. First, Shane was spotted in the background of a Snapchat taken at Jake’s Team 10 House. Then, Jake filmed a video and addressed his absence from vlogging; in that video, he said he was skipping his daily vlogs because he was working on a project with another YouTuber, and then flashed a GIF of Shane on the screen. 

Shane’s series have earned praise from not only his own fans, but also fans of YouTube in general, for the way he takes a deeper look into the lives of the YouTubers he’s profiling and addresses their controversies, struggles, and triumphs head-on — and with Jake, he’ll have plenty of material to explore. 

Jake rose to super-stardom following in the footsteps of his equally, if not more, controversial brother, Logan, who first found success on Vine. After blowing up on Vine and YouTube, 21-year-old Jake scored a role on Disney Channel’s show Bizaardvark, though he later parted ways with the network after he made headlines for causing a riot in the LA neighborhood where he rented a home. Neighbors became frustrated with Jake’s antics after the address of the home — dubbed the “Team 10 House” — was made public by Jake, prompting his fans to show up and cause a scene. 

In addition, Jake has also come under fire for feuding with his older brother, using the n-word, filming a video deemed “sexually explicit” about losing his virginity despite his young fan base, and allegedly mistreating his ex-girlfriend. 

And it looks like we’ll get to see Jake’s side of things when The Mind of Jake Paul drops on Sept. 25. 

Source : https://undefined/entertainment/2018/09/11/Z1YU9Tr/shane-dawson-jake-paul-series

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Get Candid About Their Personal Life in New Series 'Ashlee + Evan'


Though they stepped away from the spotlight to raise a family, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are back, and they have a new show.  Ashlee + Evan will be hitting your small screen on Sept. 9, and fans will get an inside look into their relationship. 

Not only will we get to see the cute couple in their own home, but the two are taking audiences on a journey through their lives as they balance making a new album together, family life, and a look at what it’s like being a Hollywood couple. 

Anyone who lived through the height of the pop music scene in the mid-2000s was definitely jamming out to Ashlee’s debut album, Autobiography. The formerly jet-black haired beauty seemingly surpassed her sister’s music success by focusing on a more edgy sound. This also isn’t Ashlee’s first rodeo when it comes to reality television. Jessica Simpson’s younger sister was featured on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which showed the ups and downs of the former married couple.


Ashlee also had her own MTV show, The Ashlee Simpson Show. We definitely cannot forget watching her relationship with musician Ryan Cabrera blossom… and then fall apart. Luckily, the two remain friends and even hung out on Memorial Day this past May.

Though this will be Evan’s first time participating in a reality series, he is definitely used to the spotlight. Hello, his mother is the iconic Diana Ross! With two famous families behind them, we can’t wait to watch the show, and are also [not so secretly] hoping to see a few relatives make cameo appearances.

So, how did Ashlee and Evan actually meet?


The married couple of four years appears to be stronger than ever. The two share a daughter, Jagger Snow, 3, and Ashlee has a son, Bronx, 9, with ex-husband Pete Wentz. So, after ending her marriage to Pete in 2011, how did Ashlee and Evan get together?

The couple appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and the two revealed how they met. “We met at my friend’s birthday party,” the blonde singer revealed. Evan chimed in: “We had a dance off; she tried to beat me. I’m not sure who won.”

When the host jokingly said, “Evan dry humped her all night,” they simultaneously laughed, adding, “Yes, you know the story.” Ashlee continued, “Never got to second base, but the dry hump was cool.”

Well, one night of dirty dancing and the two are now happily married.

Evan planned the sweetest proposal for Ashlee.


In the same WWHL interview, the pair disclosed how their proposal went down… even though it may not have been what Evan exactly had in mind.

The actor/singer revealed: “I was shooting Hunger Games at the time, and I knew she loved Hawaii. I got a house in Hawaii and I flew her out there, and it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d planned, but it was amazing nonetheless.” He explained, “There was a spider on the wall.”

Ashlee interjected, “No, it was a tarantula, and you told me to look up. He’s like, ‘Oh look up look at the bug on the’… and then he got on his knees.”

Apparently the spider was not the only creature that joined in on their proposal. Evan revealed he’s terrified of spiders and wanted Ashlee to move away from the stove where the spider, which was apparently as big as her head, was positioned.


Ashlee continued, “When you asked me to marry you there was this …” Evan then reminded his wife, “No, it was a lizard.” She then laughed at the memory, “Yeah, it was a lizard. ‘Look up at the lizard or whatever.’ I looked up at the lizard …” 

Diana’s son concluded, “And then I was on one knee.” The mother-of-two gloated, “Best day of my life!”

What happened between Ashlee and Pete Wentz?


Before Evan walked into her life, Pete, the father of her son and Ashlee were married for three years before pulling the plug in 2011. The Fall Out Boy singer got candid about his previous marriage in a 2015 interview with Howard Stern.  

Explaining to the radio host how he became “Mr. Mom” after his popular band took some time off. He continued to reveal how he felt depressed. “We were both really young. Being too young…I think there’s an important thing where you know how to fight. You can fight with somebody but it’s not the end of everything. But if you don’t know how to have those arguments then they become nuclear. And we were doing this all in the public eye, which you know doesn’t help,” he said.

Though the two ended things, they remain on good terms to co-parent their son, Bronx. 

Catch the season premiere of Ashlee + Evan on Sept. 9 on E! at 10p.m EST. 

Source : https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/09/06/XbQmA/how-did-ashlee-and-evan-meet

See the Cast of 'True Blood' 10 Years After the Series Premiere!


It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since the premiere of True Blood. The HBO show brought The Southern Vampire Mysteries books to life — with Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Compton, and Eric Northman being just some of the memorable characters we came to fear (and love) over the course of seven seasons. 

Today, the stars of the supernatural series are still taking on roles on the big and small screen, but they will always be known as Bon Temps residents to True Blood fans. Recently, Anna Paquin revealed she would not be interested in rebooting the show, for obvious reasons. 

“For starters, we killed off a lot of the characters, and some of the ensemble has passed away,” she told Variety. “Going back to rediscover the chemistry of that specific moment feels unsatisfying and makes what was amazing somehow less special.”

Luckily for us, we can still binge-watch True Blood on HBO whenever we get vampire withdrawals. Keep scrolling to see how much the cast has changed since the premiere in 2008:


Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse)


Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton)


Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte)


Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse)


Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton)


Chris Bauer (Andy Bellefleur)


Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman)


Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry)


Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler)


Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby)


Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam De Beaufort)


Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur)


Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux)


Lauren Bowles (Holly Cleary)


Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds)

Source : https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/08/23/1GuSES/true-blood-cast

If 'Lost' and 'Survivor' Had a Baby, It Would Be ABC's New Reality Series 'Castaways'


Capitalizing on audiences’ fascination with reality television, ABC gives us Castaways. The show is similar to Survivor, in which 12 people are stranded on an island and need to survive in the wilderness. However, there is a twist.

The cast is scattered on the island and the only way to get eliminated is to quit. Therefore, don’t expect any death-defying challenges or drama-filled tribunals. With nothing but their wit and some other cast members’ luggage (the luggage was scattered around the island) as clues, the “contestants” must survive for an undisclosed amount of time until they are rescued. 

So, is Castaways really a reality show? 

Though this may seem similar to other survival reality TV shows, it is very much shot like a scripted series. Throughout the show, audiences are met with flashbacks of the cast members’ lives and the struggles they are going through. We also see aerial shots of the island, different camera angles, and dramatic cutaways. So, while it might seem like we are watching an episode of Lost — it is technically a reality show. 

Where is Castaways filmed?

Weathering storms, bugs, starvation, and castmates, the action-packed show starts off with the cast of 12 rising from the water off of an island in Indonesia. Though they are initially scattered, we find out from the initial trailer that people will soon find one another in the show and start to connect to survive.

Placing 12 everyday people (who are not equipped with survival skills) in the wild alone definitely takes a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. In an interview with TheWrap, showrunner Grant Kahler said this show is more of a “social experiment” than a competition. “People would start to rely on each other and companionship as a real tool of survival, and that is what we found,” he said. “The companionship became, in many cases, more important than food and water to a lot of these people.”

Meet the Castaways cast:

Not only do we follow the survival of 12 people on an island, the audience will also see flashbacks into each cast member’s life. The personal struggles that these people are going through is a step away from the typical reality television format, which almost makes the series seem scripted. However, it definitely brings a more humane touch to this series and creates relationships and a backstory fans can root for.

The oldest cast member is 62-year-old Terry Allen. According to Newsweek, she is about to see her daughter off to college and is helping her parents as they battle dementia. Sawyer Brown, 30, is a recovering alcoholic and addict who is hoping to help his brother kick his addiction as well. Tim Burke, 50, currently works to end human trafficking. Eric Brown, 31, is secretly married to his wife because he is scared of the backlash from the couple’s interracial relationship.

Robbie Gibbons, 42, currently weighs almost 400 pounds. Per the trailer, he hopes to kick his unhealthy lifestyle. Matt Jaskol, 32, recently joined his family business after his father suffered a heart attack and Tracee Wnetrzak, 41, lives in a house with five generations of her family. Kenzi Whittington, 24, is a struggling country artist in Nashville. 

Richard Rogers, 35, is learning to be a dad to his fiancee’s kids while Krichelle Kerbow, 25, lives in the Hawaiian islands with her family. Reshanna Hearvy, 24, lives in a NYC shelter. Angel Alvarenga, 20, is the youngest cast member on the show, and immigrated to America from Honduras at 15 years old. Who will make it to the end? 

You can catch Castaways on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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See What Your Favorite 'Face Off' Winner Is Doing Now Ahead of the Series Finale


Like most Face Off viewers, we are still in denial that the Syfy reality competition is coming to an end. After 13 seasons, just one more winner will be announced — joining the ranks of highly talented prosthetic artists who have earned the title of Face Off champion. 

With just a couple of episodes left until the finale, fans are predicting either Jordan Patton or Matt Valentine will be the last man standing. However, just like us, executive producer Dwight Smith hopes Face Off gets the chance to name more winners. “I personally feel like Face Off still has a lot of gas left in the tank,” he told Reality Blurred. “There’s tremendous potential for the show to go far beyond where it is now. So for us, it’s disappointing [that], at least for now, we won’t be able to do that.” 

Some fans even started a petition to bring back the show — and it currently has over 18,000 signatures. “It is incredibly sad to see that Face Off is going to be ending after 13 seasons. DO NOT LET SEASON 13 BE THE LAST,” superfan Candice Carter wrote. “Besides having a phenomenal cast of judges with Glenn, Ve, and Neville and McKenzie hosting, it has incredibly talented contestants showing their amazing talents and creations for us all to enjoy.” 

We’re sure past winners also feel the same way. Keep scrolling to see what Conor McCullagh, Dina Carmusti, Cig Neutron, and more Face Off champions are doing now. 

Conor McCullagh (Season 1) 

The debut season of Face Off premiered in 2011 — and Conor was named the first prosthetic makeup artist to win the competition. Since then, Conor has used his talents on the sets of many blockbuster films including Oz the Great and Powerful, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and 2, and more recently Avengers: Infinity War. 

Rayce Bird (Season 2) 

Since winning, Rayce has been keeping a low profile on social media but according to his IMDB page, he is responsible for the special effects work on The Monster Project and Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

Nicole Chilelli (Season 3) 

Since winning Face Off, you might have noticed Nicole’s work in MamaBoy and You Can’t Say No. On a more personal note, she is currently expecting her first child with husband Cody LaCrue.

Anthony Kosar (Season 4) 

From Chicago Fire to Empire to Chicago P.D., Anthony has taken his FX makeup skills behind the scenes of some of your favorite TV shows. After winning the reality series in 2013, he revealed his plans to release a comic book. “I’m an illustrator and do fine art as well. I have some stories that I want to get out in comic book form, graphic novel form, and children’s books,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Laura Tyler (Season 5)

She might go by Laura Dandridge now, but the Face Off winner is still killing it as a special effects artist in Hollywood. Since 2013, Laura has worked on the sets of The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, and Black Panther — just to name a few. 

Rashaad Santiago (Season 6) 

The self-taught makeup artist is still doing his thing, most recently appearing at Estes Park Comic Con. Since winning, Rashaad has also worked on projects such as Enuattii, which he also directed. 

Dina Cimarusti (Season 7) 

Dina is now using her FX makeup skills to make cakes! In between her work on The Exorcist and Chicago Med, she started her own bakery based in Chicago called Dina Rose Cakes. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Dina on a baking competition next!

Darla Edin (Season 8) 

Darla credited the Syfy reality competition for inspiring her to go to special effects school after winning the competition, saying, “Season 1 of Face Off came out right around the time I was considering going to school for Special Effects Make-Up and watching the show really inspired me to go for it!” Since then, she moved to New Orleans to pursue her career but we still can’t get her winning porcelain doll from the series out of our head.  

Nora Hewitt (Season 9)

According to her Instagram bio, Nora is working out of LA and is still using her skills to make prosthetics, masks, and one-of-a-kind replicas. She is also dating fellow SFX artist Rachel Lynn Gervig. 

Robert “Rob” Seal (Season 10) 

Rob won the title in 2016 — and continues to be a “maker of makeups” alongside his longtime boyfriend Andrew Fine.

Cig Neutron (Season 11) 

After placing second on Season 7 of Face Off, Cig returned to win the reality competition three years later. Today, you can commission your own one-of-a-kind Cig piece online. 

Andrew Freeman (Season 12)

It’s only been one year since Andrew won Face Off, but his career is taking off. Plus, he continues to make scary, life-like masks for his company Immortal Masks.  

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This Husband Photoshopped His Wife's Running Pics Into A Hilarious Series


Couples support one another in all their positive endeavors, and married couple Zach and Stephanie are no exception. Stephanie recently ran a 5k and won her division. That’s no easy feat. As a devoted husband, Zach posted a loving tribute to her accomplishment on Instagram.

In the caption, he wrote:

“Not only has Stephanie had to take care my broken self, but she has also continued to work full time, take care of our children, oh and also WIN her division in a 5k this past weekend. I’m so proud of her, and so thankful. You the real MVP”

So nice! But there was one pic in the series not quite like the others.

Zach was so taken with the image of his wife running in agony, he decided to make a whole photo series of her running away from nightmarish scenarios, posting them all to Reddit.

She’s escaping Voldemort:

Running for her life in Jurassic Park:

Escaping with BB-8 and Finn:

Running from Godzilla:



And taking Tom Hanks’ place in Forrest Gump:

She even went to Pamploma:

Incredible wife troll. You memed her so good!

And that meme was quickly incepted by another meme:

Reddit users wanted to know how pissed Stephanie would be about this on a scale of 1 to “you’re sleeping on the porch.”

It turns out they were actually in it together:

Things got carried away because Zach has some time on his hands as he recovers from ACL surgery. Also because it’s so fun:

These two really do support one another in sickness, health, and unflattering but hilarious photos taken mid-sprint:

Love wins the race every time.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/relationships/2018/06/20/Z1idhY7/5-k-wife-troll