9 Foods That Are Safe to Eat Even at Night

9 Foods That Are Safe to Eat Even at Night

For some people, eating at night is a nightmare, and for some — it’s a constant reason for jokes. However, this process can be made very easy and harmless if you substitute donuts and sausages with healthy foods such as cheese and popcorn.

Bright Side has prepared a list of foods for you that make great night snacks. And if you’re still not willing to eat healthy food, you can simply stop eating the foods you absolutely shouldn’t at night which we will tell you about at the end of the article.

1. Cheese

Scientists from Harvard warn that eating too much can be just as much trouble for sleep as hunger, so they advise to eat something light at nighttime. For example, they recommend eating several slices of cheese that have enough flavor to satisfy the taste receptors and won’t be too difficult for the body to digest.

2. Yogurt

According to nutrition experts, greek yogurt is perfect for a night snack because it doesn’t contain a lot of fats but it does contain a lot of protein. According to studies, protein in yogurt not only makes you feel full but it also helps the body to burn more calories in the daytime.

3. Crackers

Whole wheat crackers (not all regular crackers) can be eaten without causing too much harm to healthy sleep. They contain so-called slow carbohydrates that keep you fuller for longer.

4. Popcorn

Nutrition expert Erika Kannall advises people who like snacks at nighttime to eat a bowl of popcorn without salt. This type of snack won’t impact body shape at all.

You can make the popcorn tastier by adding black pepper or garlic to it.

5. Eggs

A boiled egg contains only 75 kcal and it’s great for a night snack. According to Erika Kannall, such a snack will allow you to forget about the hunger till morning and won’t turn into extra inches on your waist.

6. Vegetables

If you know for sure that you will wake up at night to have a snack but you realize that one kind of food won’t be enough for you, you can prepare some kind of a dish in advance like a vegetable salad, for example.

We recommend eating green vegetables because they contain the kind of carbs that will keep you full until the morning.

7. Applesauce with cinnamon

Healthy food specialist, Karen Borsari recommends eating applesauce with cinnamon for those who want to eat sweet foods at night. You can add a handful of raisins as well.

This dish won’t only kill your craving for donuts and scones, but it will also decrease the level of orexin that makes you get up to eat.

8. A glass of cherry juice

Of course, we mean natural cherry juice. It may not make you really full but studies show that this juice has a positive influence on the quality of sleep, making it deeper and longer.

9. A banana

Despite the fact that this fruit is digested pretty fast, it is not likely to wake you up a second time during the night. The thing is, bananas contain a lot of potassium and magnesium that help us relax. It also contains melatonin that according to different studies, improves the quality of sleep.

Bonus: The worst night snacks you can have

  • Simple carbs such as bakery goods and sweets will definitely have you feeling sorry in the morning, and they will turn into extra weight.
  • Alcohol dehydrates the body and can cause a fever. You will also have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom.
  • Salty and spicy foods can make you get up at night in order to drink a glass of water. And it might be difficult to go back to sleep after that.

Do you get up at night to have a snack? If you do, what foods do you eat? Tell us in the comment section below.

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How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane

There are particular areas in the world called hurricane-prone areas like the coastal areas of the United States. For these areas, there’s a season when hurricanes are most likely to occur — in the U.S. it’s from June to November. The people who live there sometimes see hurricanes turn into tornadoes! But if you’re not from a hurricane-prone area, you need to know how to survive in one.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve got your back and we’re going to tell you the basic things you need to know about these hurricanes and how to survive them.

Hurricane Watch is a warning issued by the authorities indicating that there might be a hurricane or hurricane conditions within 36 hours. This is the time when you need to start taking preventive measures like getting your things inside the house, taking your boat to safety or evacuating if you’re living on an island with a smaller population.

Hurricane Warning, on the other hand, is issued at certain parts of the coast to indicate that there will be hurricane-like conditions within 24 hours after the warning is issued. You are expected to be prepared for the hurricane by making preventive preparations.

Before it hits:

  • You must have an evacuation plan. You need to have a planned route to safe shelter.
  • You must have a stock of emergency supplies like food, water, light, clothing, medication, a first aid kit, important documents, road maps or have a back up at Maps etc. for at least 3 days.
  • Have an evacuation plan for your pets too. Contact your veterinarian or any humane society before the hurricane hits.
  • Have a radio with sufficient batteries in case there’s no other way of communication.
  • Have more than enough cash for the emergency.
  • You must have your car tank full of gasoline.
  • Take your outdoor stuff inside and make sure you close all the windows and doors before you leave to shelter.

During the hurricane:

Stay away from the coastal or flood-prone areas.

  • Don’t go outside during the hurricanes, don’t underestimate the strength of the winds.
  • If you’re living in a car, RV or mobile home, please move to a safer place or shelter.
  • If you live close to the coast or on lower ground, move to some shelter or higher ground.
  • Keep listening to local authorities on the radio or TV.

When it’s gone:

  • Don’t just jump out of the house unless they announce it or you make sure it’s safe to come out.
  • Watch out for a flood which is more likely to happen after the hurricane hits.
  • Don’t drink water from the taps or any sort of supply, unless they say it’s safe to do so.
  • Always help the people you see in danger or who are wounded but don’t hurt yourself in the process.
  • Don’t go into the standing water and don’t dare to drive unless it’s super urgent.

Bonus: Don’t be this guy.

This man was trying to run against the wind during Hurricane Florence in Florida. Please don’t try these stunts during hurricanes! If a hurricane can break down a house just by one blow, think of what it can do to you, a person made of just flesh and bones.

We’ve tried to cover all the fundamentals you need know in the event of a hurricane, but if you think we’ve missed something, feel free to drop it in the comments and don’t forget to share it. Remember, prevention is always better than a hurricane.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/how-to-stay-safe-during-a-hurricane-615110/

5 Frozen Foods to Avoid and 5 That Are Safe to Buy

In just 3 years, U.S. citizens have spent over 53 billion dollars on frozen foods, making it one of the most popular food products on the market. But how safe this fan favorite, really?

We at Bright Side are all for convenience and ease but when it comes to our health, we are not willing to budge. We have made a list of foods — both safe and unsafe — from the frozen aisle to let you know what exactly you’re putting on you and your family’s plates. Be sure to read the extra bonus fact at the end of the article.

Not safe: freezer burned foods

If you see any freezer burn on a frozen food item, you should go ahead and toss it in the trash. Such a burn is an indication of the food not being stored properly. Through the freezing and unfreezing process the moisture from the food had escaped and formed crystals on the surface. This eliminates flavor, nutritional value and texture properties of the food.

Not safe: breaded fish

Yes, fish sticks save us from our children’s temper tantrums at the dinner table but consider this: mass-produced breaded fish contains loads of palm oil, raising agents and added salt and sugar. So, maybe switch to a homemade version next time?

Not safe: allergen-free food

We tend to lean toward gluten-free and zero calorie options in an attempt to have healthier food in our homes. However, those types of food when frozen, have a multitude of different additives, not to mention high levels of salt and sugar. You don’t always see the “sugar” in the ingredients or in the picture on the packaging. That’s because it can also be listed as “maltodextrin” and “dextrose” which are also sugars.

Not safe: chicken

Of all the kinds of meat, chicken may seem the least harmful, however, for our supermarkets, manufacturers can pump it up to 5 times its mass with water and additives. Water, when frozen will form crystals, ripping apart the structure of the meat. Along with all that, the additives are never great.

Not safe: pre-made pasta

We know — it’s tempting to grab a pre-made pasta dish from a rack at the store and have it hot and ready in a couple of minutes. But dried pasta takes literally under ten minutes to boil and then you can add anything you like instead of digesting palm oil, unhealthy fats, flour treatments, and preservatives manufacturers have put in your dinner.

Safe: broccoli

Martha Stewart’s go-to vegetable for quick dishes is rich in ascorbic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and phosphorus, not to mention its protein value. And luckily, it is much cheaper and still perfectly safe to purchase in a frozen state since it doesn’t lose much in the freezing process.

Safe: green peas

To anybody who ever lost a ton of time peeling and preparing peas for a Thanksgiving dinner, this may come as a relief. Cooked frozen peas actually beat fresh ones in their levels of beta-carotene and lose just 10% of ascorbic acid during the process of freezing. So save yourself some precious time being with your family during the holidays.

Safe: spinach

Here’s the deal — yes, fresh spinach is lovely in a salad, yet, if you store it at room temperature, it will lose all of its ascorbic acid, a key healthy element. To fix this, simply use frozen spinach in dishes like pasta and cream spinach since when frozen, it only loses 30% of this acid.

Safe: raspberries

On a chemical level, we love our raspberries since they contain a lot of phenolic compounds: an element, that is beneficial to people with chronic illnesses. And when frozen, the delicious berries seem to have more of this particular compound.

Safe: corn

The queen of many tables across the country is corn! Corn can be a little pricey to purchase fresh. If you love corn though, you’ll be pleased to know that when frozen, it has higher levels of potassium and calcium than its fresh counterpart which is beneficial to a lot of people.

Bonus: the aesthetics of food

We can’t stress enough how unappetizing frozen food defrosted can look — and the looks are only half of the dissatisfaction. So, if you’re gonna go with it, at least dress it up a little.

We hope this little list will help you navigate the frozen food industry with more knowledge. And we are eager to know: which frozen foods are your go-to? And did you find anything particularly surprising on our list? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-cooking/5-frozen-foods-to-avoid-and-5-that-are-safe-to-buy-614710/

Couple Discovers 'Electrical Box' In Backyard Was Actually A Safe Filled With Treasure

If you grew up on cheesy action-adventure movies like me that are set in the early 20s or 30s, then you probably are wary of ancient treasures and the inevitable curses they’ll bring upon you.

I know it seems like an irrational fear, but the idea that my greed and desire for a “shortcut” to fame and fortune resulting in an eventual and horrible curse is something I worry about a little too much, seeing as they’re not real (probably). So the idea of grave/tomb robbing isn’t something I’m into, because I don’t want a visit from any supernatural creatures chasing me to the ends of the earth.

But ancient artifacts is where I draw the line. If I find an old-timey safe or something that’s existed in the last couple of centuries and it’s filled with modern day cash and goods, you best believe I’m going to take that stuff with a clear conscience or fear of repercussion.

Which is why I can’t understand, for the life of me, why this couple would do what they did when they discovered a rusty safe behind some trees in their backyard. A safe that they thought for the longest time was just an electrical box. It wasn’t.

This gross-looking box was on their property. This gross looking box contained $52,000 in cash, gold, and diamonds. This gross looking box could been their next decadent vacation. A double-or-nothing “bet on black” single game of roulette. A brand new supercharged Audi. A  $52K bitcoin investment.

And Matthew and Maria Colonna Emanuel decided they couldn’t keep it. They could’ve said, “Finders keepers.” They could’ve easily kept the money and all of the belongings. But there’s a reason they didn’t.

It’s because the couple are decent people. In addition to all of the discovered loot, these two State Island folks found a sheet of paper.

On that paper, was an address.

Because they have a conscience or whatever, they knew that they needed to contact the person whose name was on the address and as it turns out, that person was their neighbor.

So they knocked on their door and asked if they’d ever been burglarized. Turns out that they were and the police reports from 2011 prove it.

So the couple let their neighbor know that they had their safe without hesitation, which of course, people admired. Because it’s very easy to talk yourself into keeping it in that situation, think of all the excuses?

They probably got insurance to cover it.


This is fate, the universe is looking out for me.

or the most compelling:

Finder’s keepers, b****es.

People on Twitter not only commended the couple for their honesty…

…but they also had a bunch of questions for whoever stole the safe.

Like, if they were planning on going back and getting the safe after stealing it, why didn’t they ever go back and pick it up? Why would they leave it so close to the crime scene?

And then a bunch of other people basically told the same joke.

The story also inspired some hopeful treasure hunters to grab a shovel and go to work in their own backyards.

And others lamenting their own misfortune.

Honestly, as sad as it sounds, I know plenty of people who happened upon $52,000 randomly just means they’ll be in less debt than they were before. #StudentLoanLife.

Source : http://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/05/18/1HjoGt/rusty-safe-why