Why Are Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone so Perfect in Everything They Do Together?


There are some things that just go together perfectly and we really don’t know why. Like peas and carrots. Peanut butter and strawberry jam. Marshmallows with melted chocolate and graham crackers. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Seriously, try and find me a better on-screen couple from the past decade or so with a more consistent electrifying chemistry that these two have together when they’re in a movie together. I’ll watch anything if the two of them are starring in it, even if it’s a drama about a pencil factory.

Thankfully, the movies the two of these ridiculously talented stars have been featured in had much more interesting premises (unless lead-based writing utensils are sort of your thing), let’s just take a look at the best moments from the three films they were all in together.

Crazy, Stupid, Love


First off, we need to just talk about the ensemble greatness that this cast packs. You’ve got Steve Carrell, who casually rolls out of a car in the beginning of the movie. You’ve got Julianne Moore, who plays Carrell’s wife who’s fallen out of love with the dude. Marisa Tomei also makes an appearance in the film, as does a little actor who managed to make Footloose a cool movie — I’m talking about the Hollowman himself, Kevin Bacon.

What’s crazy is that as amazing as everyone’s performance in the movie was, along with an excellent script (I seriously didn’t see that she was Steve’s daughter at the end), Emma and Ryan totally stole the show.


Yes, there were comics and cartoons and many longform articles dedicated to Ryan’s abs in the film and how much of a heartthrob he was. But what trumped that was how absolutely darling of a couple the two of them were.

When they stayed up all night talking, you felt like you were experiencing one of those magical nights with someone yourself. When they did the Dirty Dancing jump, you wish there was a pair of big strong arms to hold you up as “The Time of My Life” plays in the background. The two are just utterly delightful and I’ve rarely rooted for two people more.


Gangster Squad


Talking about films with excellent ensemble casts, Gangster Squad has an assortment of talent that isn’t anything to sneeze at either with Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Michael Pena, and of course, Ryan and Emma.

Sure, we loved them as a romantic comedy duo in Crazy, Stupid, Love but that same on-screen chemistry definitely transferred over into a completely different genre. The scenes with Ryan and Emma were arguably the best parts of Gangster Squad, and this is coming from a dude who loves movies set in old-timey Hollywood with Tommy guns.


La La Land


The film was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, and sure, a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was clearly created by the hands of a more-than-capable director, and it was a deftly handled musical romance packing slick visuals and heartstring-tugging plot points.

But the chemistry between Ryan and Emma was the star of the show. To sell the idea that two people are madly in love with each other, and to be hit with the full weight of palpable tragedy when things just “didn’t pan out” for some reason is what made La La Land so memorable.


In fact, I, along with other people who I viewed the film with, were flabbergasted when these two characters didn’t end up together. Their chemistry was so strong that I wasn’t really buying that they weren’t “meant to be” and that they couldn’t make a long distance relationship work out.

Or maybe it’s just because I’m such a firm believer in Emma and Ryan being together on camera that I couldn’t accept them not being an item as a final eventuality. Here’s hoping they’re in even more projects in the future because they’re just a delight to watch.

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5 Facts Proving Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are the Best Hollywood Couple

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively always troll each other and say that it’s the secret to their happy marriage. Get ready to find out some other secrets that we’ve collected in this article.

Bright Side likes many Hollywood couples. But if you ask which one is our favorite, we’ll answer Ryan and Blake.

5. They both have a great sense of humor.

On her birthday, the actor posted a picture of the couple but cut his wife out of the photo and added “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.”

On Ryan’s birthday, Blake posted a photo of her husband and Ryan Gosling and commented, “Happy Birthday, baby.”

Ryan posted a shot depicting Blake on the set of a film she was taking part in and wrote, “#nofilter.”

Lively shared a photo of Reynolds and herself and added, “If there’s one thing I’m infinitely proud of in this picture, it’s the incredible hair styling that I did on myself.”

Ryan made cookies and his wife commented, “Ryan made some Christmas cookies… He’s very handsome though.”

The actors admitted that a sense of humor is one of those things that helps them in their family life and Ryan even calls humor the secret to their happy marriage.

4. They’re great friends.

Before they started dating, they had been friends for 2 years. It may be the thing that helps Blake and Ryan live happily, be romantic, be great parents, and be true friends. The actress admits that she always turns to her husband for advice and she can always cry on his shoulder, and he understands her.

3. Their family is the main thing.

The actors are raising 2 daughters: James will soon turn 4 and Ines is almost 2. Stars admit that it’s really hard to be parents but they wouldn’t trade parenthood for anything. Blake and Ryan were born in families with many kids and they liked the atmosphere of love and support — that’s why they want many children. The parents never work at the same time so that one of them always takes care of their children.

Ryan writes funny tweets. His everyday life inspires him: he shares upbringing tips and various discoveries that he makes, and lots of people just love his witty humor.

2. Both Blake and Ryan look stylish.

Actors’ images are always stylish and elegant no matter where they are. By the way, Blake has never had a personal stylist. She says that she creates all her looks on her own and she really likes the process.

Ryan thinks that style is in Canadians’ hearts. In 2010, People magazine named the actor the sexiest man in the world.

1. They have something that connects them.

Both celebs are involved in charity: they help people who suffer as a result of natural disasters and children from low-income families, and they meet children in hospitals. What’s more, they support the Child Rescue Coalition that fights against child pornography. Blake works in many different social organizations that deal with children’s rights and their protection. As for Ryan, he once took part in a charity marathon.

Do you agree that Blake and Ryan are the best couple in Hollywood? Share your opinion with us.

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This Coffee Shop's Campaign to Get Ryan Gosling to Visit Finally Paid Off


Fewer things are better for a business than a celebrity endorsement. Sometimes, places that do awesome work and provide great customer service get passed over because there aren’t enough eyes on them.

Which is why it’s always great when someone with some clout stops by that particular place of business that’s doing a great job to help get some eyes on it and let the locals know that it’s there.

For Joelle Murray, her campaign to summon Ryan Gosling may have been an attempt to help other people know about her and other businesses in Toronto’s East End — or it could be that she’s just a huge fan of the Nice Guys actor.


Either way, she launched a hilarious effort to try and get Ryan in her shop and snap a photo with him. At first, she had to settle for this excellent cardboard cutout of him enjoying a cup of brew.

Now, if I may, some celebrities seem to “go” with some foods and products more than others. Gary Busey and meatball subs. Clint Eastwood and cigarillos. Jeff Goldblum and sausages.


There’s something about Ryan Gosling that suggests he not only enjoys a good bowl of cereal (after depriving himself of it, of course), but he looks good holding a cup of joe, like it belongs in his hands.

Something that Joelle must’ve thought when she started all of the get-Gosling-here business at her coffee shop. After discovering he was in town for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), she started canvassing hardcore online to get the actor to stop by for a drink.


She even tagged him on Twitter, sharing photos of the cutout that was temporarily taking his place until he finally showed up. Joelle also tried getting the #ryanneedsgrinder hashtag trending on Twitter.


Now, it might be easy to just write this off as a business’ shameless attempt to cash in on a celebrity’s persona, but their funny campaign was enough to get the attention of Toronto’s mayor, John Tory, who decided to stop by and get a photo with the life-size “temp Gosling,” along with lots of coverage from local and national news outlets.


He seemed to get a kick out of Joelle’s enthusiasm for bringing the actor to her shop, as did a bunch of other people who stopped by and snapped photos of themselves hanging out with Gosling’s cutout.


Last year, when Joelle heard that Idris Elba was in the town, she tried getting the English actor to stop by her shop as well — he didn’t. Maybe the fact that she didn’t want to go 0/2 for getting attractive and talented actors into her Grinder location is what helped her persist.


And persist she did. Her enthusiasm for getting the Place Beyond the Pines actor to visit started trending on Twitter, with other users offering their support and updates on Gosling’s itinerary in the city.


Joelle then played what I think was her smartest move in this whole business: She dropped the name of Gosling’s upcoming film, First Man, where he plays Neil Armstrong


She also politely reminded the London, Canada native where her coffee shop was located, in case he forgot in all the kerfuffle of press junkets and going from interview to interview at TIFF.

It’s hard to imagine she didn’t get bonus points for actually bringing the Gosling cardboard cutout with her to really drive her point home. “This could be us, but you playing, Ryan.”


And wouldn’t you know it? All of the persistence, the memes, the tags on Twitter, it all finally culminated in Ryan visiting Joelle at the Grinder location and snapping a photograph with her.


It just goes to show that dreams do come true, people. I don’t know what my favorite part about this tweet is though: the adorable photo? Or the fact that Joelle calls him a “well brought-up Canadian boy”? Maybe it’s the slight dig at Idris Elba at the end. There’s just too much to love here.


Joelle’s nephew hopped on Twitter after her successful campaign and explained why it was such a big deal for her and their family, as natives of the town, that Gosling stopped by.


It turns out that Joelle’s been through the ringer in the past three years and a visit from the star meant not just a huge boost for her business, but a huge boost for her on a personal level, as well.


The fact that the campaign seemed “doomed to fail” from the beginning, especially because it didn’t work with Idris a year prior, is why it was so incredibly satisfying for Joelle when it actually took off.


It was a huge victory for the family’s “cool aunt” who desperately needed a win in a time in her life when a lot of things were going wrong. But her persistence and fight for going after something positive helped to transition that.


Her nephew admits that, on paper, it seems kind of “crazy” that someone meeting a famous person is something to be proud of, but the context behind this particular incident makes him feel like it’s totally warranted.


Isn’t it always great whenever the little guy has a success story? I also am going to monitor this story very closely to see if Ryan ever does take up her offer on that playdate. I also ask that I be invited to that playdate as well.

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Ryan Reynolds Picked a Fight with Paddington Bear and the Internet Is Living


The king of Twitter is at it again. Only this time he isn’t dragging his perfect wife, Blake Lively, or even picking a fight with a human Hollywood celeb. In a bizarre turn of events, Ryan Reynolds has taken to Twitter to start a “feud” with Paddington Bear. Yep, that’s the one you’re thinking — the stuffed bear who famously sports rain boots and a duffle coat. 

Ryan, who is famous for his Twitter digs, has been known to rope in celebrities such as Kanye and Hugh Jackman into his feed. When the rapper mentioned the new Deadpool movie’s soundtrack has songs that sound “similar” to his, the actor responded by saying, “Agree. I’m having a word with Celine Dion.”

But this time, he’s taken to dragging a stuffed animal on the platform, and the internet is eating it up. Because, Ryan Reynolds, of course. Ryan tweeted, “So honored by all the @peopleschoice noms. Hope you vote for Deadpool 2 and feel free to write us in for best Family Film. Because watch your f–king back, Paddington.”


It didn’t take long for the world to respond. People who worked on the Paddington movies promptly replied to his tweet. Hugh Bonneville wrote “Language, Mr Reynolds, language.” #hardstare #paddington2,” while sound designer @CarpenterSound responded, “He thinks he’s being cute and funny. But he shouldn’t mess with Paddington like that.”


The morning after Ryan’s tweet, the official (and verified!) Paddington Bear himself decided to chime into the conversation. He succinctly tweeted “#hardstare” in response to the actor’s cheeky threat.


Although Ryan hasn’t tweeted out a reply, it’s safe to say that the actor has met his Twitter match in the small stuffed animal. Which says a lot about both parties. Of course, it isn’t the first time Ryan has gone through great lengths to promote his Deadpool film franchise.

In fact, he’s been known to pull labor-intensive and time-consuming pranks to market his movies. A few months ago, he photobombed a birthday video long-time friend Hugh Jackman was recording, belting Annie‘s “Tomorrow” and “Who Let the Dogs Out,” dressed up as the superhero.


And even when he’s not promoting Deadpool, the actor seems to spend a lot of his time on social media roasting everyone from celebrity friends to his very own wife and children. On Father’s Day, he wrote “My daughter’s only 6 months old and already drawing. I’d hang it on the fridge but honestly, it’s absolute garbage.”

TBQH, we love him. And we’re so grateful of the time he sets aside just to make sure his followers are amused.

See who ultimately wins this battle between Ryan and Paddington Bear when the People’s Choice Awards airs November 11 on E!

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Here's Why Ryan Reynolds Will Always Be Our Favorite Canadian


It’s easy to be a fan of Ryan Reynolds. From his epic Twitter takes on everything from parenting to his marriage with Blake Lively, to his Deadpool persona, Ryan is pretty down to Earth. 

So, while you may think you know everything about the 41-year-old actor — yes, he’s Canadian; no, that is not him dancing in the “Ashes” music video — thanks to his ability to connect with fans on social media and in real life, you might be surprised to know that there is more to Ryan than his hilarious tweets. 

Just ask Hugh Jackman. But don’t worry, we got you covered. 

How did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds meet? 

Ryan and Blake played love interests in the 2010 blockbuster Green Lantern. However, they were both taken at the time (Ryan was married to Scarlett Johansson and Blake was dating her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley). Fast forward a year, and Ryan and Blake (both single) reunited for a group date, each bringing a person they were casually seeing. “That was the most awkward date because we were just like fireworks coming across,” he explained to Entertainment Weekly. “It was weird at first but we were buddies for a long time. I think … the best way to have a relationship is to start as friends.”

The couple tied the knot in 2012 — and now spend their time roasting each other on social media. His birthday message to Blake went viral when he hilariously cropped her out of the photo. However, Blake had her revenge — with a little help from fellow Canadian, Ryan Gosling. 

Blake has even recruited her A Simple Favor co-star Anna Kendrick to help troll her husband on Twitter. You know what they say, the couple that trolls together stays together. Just don’t question his marriage.

Who was Ryan married to? 

Before Blake, Ryan was previously married to Scarlett Johansson. They were married for two years before calling it quits in 2010 — and it seems their careers were to blame for the breakup. “There’s always going to be the more successful person. It’s related to rejection. Because actors, if they’re not having success, connect it directly to unpopularity — to the fact that nobody wants them. It’s not necessarily true. I’m constantly rejected,” Scarlett explained to Parade magazine.  “[Marriage] takes a lot of work. It takes a man who’s not only confident in the love that you have for one another, but confident in what he has going on in his own career.” 

Before Scarlett, Ryan was also dated “Ironic” singer Alanis Morissette for five years. 

Ryan Reynolds’ daughters are lucky AF. 

Ryan and Blake are the proud parents of daughters James, 3, and Inez, who is turning two in September. And by proud, we mean absolutely determined to make sure they grow up as humble as can be. From roasting his oldest’s artwork (“I’d hang it on the fridge but honestly, it’s absolute garbage”) to knowing the true value of children (“Having matching donor organs in case anything happens to me is a true blessing”), Ryan does not hesitate to roast his kids on social media on almost a daily basis. 

Seriously, his parenting tweets are gold. But he makes sure his daughters know he will do anything for them, as long as fire is not involved.  “I’d walk through fire for my daughter. Well not FIRE, because it’s dangerous. But a super humid room. But not too humid, because my hair,” he once jokingly wrote. 

Same, Ryan. Same. 

Does Ryan Reynolds have a brother? 

Rumors were swirling that Ryan had a twin brother, but it turns out that was just Ryan pulling a parent trap — he even caught his wife flirting with his “twin” Gordon. However, Ryan does have a real-life brother named Jeff, who he also trolls on Twitter. 

“Jeff, if there was a fire and I had to choose a family member to save, obviously it’d be me,” he jokingly tweeted alongside a photo of the siblings. “But if I had time to save one more, you can be damn sure I’d call the fire department. They’re experts in the field and have vast experience in these matters. I love you.” 

Ryan is the king of Twitter. 

Whether he is “feuding” with Kanye West or in a social media war with fellow superhero Hugh Jackman, Ryan is honestly the only celeb you need to follow on Twitter. Especially when it comes time to promote Deadpool (which is the only reason he created an account in the first place). 

For example, he isn’t afraid to compete in a Korean singing competition in character or even team up with Celine Dion for an epic video — Ryan is here to entertain. And if you’re a lucky fan, he will even respond to your tweets. Just ask this high school senior who Photoshopped a photo of Ryan over her ex at prom. If you’re even luckier, he’ll respond to you IRL, like this interaction at Comic Con

Just don’t ask him to stop visiting kids with cancer (yes, people like that exist). When a follower used his movie’s R rating, Ryan clapped back, writing, “Deadpool is Rated R. If my kid went through a fraction of the s–t these kids deal with daily, I think they can watch whatever they like. That’s just my .02 cents.” 

So, in a nutshell, Ryan is perfect on (and off) Twitter. 

No, Ryan Reynolds is not related to Burt Reynolds. 

Glad we got that out of the way. 

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Ryan Reynolds Proclaims His Love for Sarcastic 'Deadpool' Fan at Comic Con


Just when you thought you couldn’t love Ryan Reynolds more, he has the most Deadpool-esque interaction with a fan at Comic Con. The superhero actor was on a panel with co-star Zazie Beetz and others when an audience member asked Ryan a question — and gave Ryan a taste of his own medicine. 

“My question’s for Ryan but the other cast members can answer as well,” the fan asked when Ryan jokingly interrupted, “Oh, s–t. Something’s coming I can see it.” The fan was not amused, responding, “Um … if you’ll let me finish,” to which the crowd reportedly gasped. Ryan was not offended, but instead was impressed. However, it was the fan’s question that really won Ryan over. 

“If you could be any superhero besides Lady Deadpool, who would you be?” the fan asked. Ryan simply responded, “Did you say ‘besides Lady Deadpool?’ God, I love you.” Deadpool would definitely approve, too. It wasn’t long before Ryan’s conversation with his new favorite person went viral — and her identity was revealed. 

“My grand daughter Skyler was at Comic Con yesterday at the Deadpool 2 panel and asked you to let her finish, called you Lady Deadpool and asked you what other superhero would you play,” her grandmother tweeted at Ryan. “She is only 10 and I have no doubt she will be famous one day!  She [loves] you.” 

Ryan is known for his fan interactions in-person and on social media — often responding to his followers with his signature brand of humor. 

He’s also not afraid to make fun of himself. 

Ryan even makes time for his famous “fans.” 

Plus, he gives the best advice. 

Seriously, not even a language barrier can stop the Marvel star. 

At the end of the day, Ryan had a great time at San Diego Comic Con — according to one Uber driver. 

All that was missing was Ryan’s equally hilarious wife Blake Lively. 

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Here's Why 'Jeopardy!' Brought Back Ryan Fenster For A Second Chance


Now if you’re a Jeopardy! fanatic, then you’re probably aware of all the show’s rules, but there are a few not-so-known ones that even the most avid watchers would appreciate — including one that brought back contestant Ryan Fenster. Fenster’s last game saw the bespectacled contestant faced with a Double Jeopardy! question worth $1,200. The question was, “St. Thomas died traveling to Lyon, France while attempting to heal this rift between the Latin & Greek churches.” 

Fenster answered, “What is the Great Schism?” which was ruled as wrong, ultimately ending his four-game streak. 

So, why is Ryan back on Jeopardy! now? 

Fenster’s dismissal after answering the question incorrectly caught the attention of Matthew Sherman, who started his career working with the Jeopardy! team some 13 years ago as a researcher.  Sherman now works on mobile game versions of the show, but he still pays attention to each episode and Fenster’s “Great Schism” question troubled him, because Sherman was quite sure that was the answer.

“I was watching the show that day and I saw that question come up. And I also thought the response was ‘Great Schism.'”

After heading to Google, Sherman discovered that Fenster was indeed, correct. ‘The Great Schism’ could refer to the East-West Schism of 1054, but also the Western Schism of 1378, which was Fenster’s Double Jeopardy! question.

“I thought that was curious, so I emailed Billy Wisse, the head writer over at Jeopardy!,” Sherman said. Wisse contacted Sherman after reviewing the clue in question, and welcomed Fenster back on the show where he won his fifth straight Jeopardy! contest and officially joined the hallowed ranks of ‘Streaker.’ 

Not that kind of streaker, you pervs.

Now, Fenster isn’t the first contestant in Jeopardy! history to be brought back onto the show. 

Side note: Growing up, I watched Groundhog’s Day about a million times. My favorite part about watching movies when I was younger was imagining what I would do if I was in Bill Murray’s situation reliving my life again and again and again. The film did an amazing job of playing out all of the mundane scenarios involving daily reincarnation. But my favorite part is Bill Murray’s deadpan delivery of crushing absolutely every single Jeopardy! answer while his fellow Bed and Breakfast mates looked on in horror. 

Whenever I watch Jeopardy!, I think of that movie. In fact, I kind of hated all game shows, except for The Price is Right before watching Groundhog’s Day — it made me actually appreciate Alex Trebek and his throwback mustache.

Now, back to those other contestants who were brought back onto the show due to an “incorrect answer” proven right. 

India Cooper, 1991

Cooper was brought back after answering a Shakespeare question “incorrectly.” The clue? “The name of the character who says, ‘The evil that men do lives after them’.” India was brought back after the faulty clue and won 5 games after the show discovered its error.

Tom Morris, 2008

Tom ended up losing to Paul Thomas in game #5454 in 2008, but when Paul was allowed extra time to write his answer down after his tablet malfunctioned, Morris was invited back on because the hiccup caused him a disadvantage.

Ashley Wilson, 2015

This Final Jeopardy! clue did Wilson in: “The first woman space shuttle pilot shares this surname with a man on the 1st manned lunar landing 26 years earlier.” She bet all of her money on the clue and ended up coming in last place. However, upon further review, the show’s judges informed Trebek that there was a problem with the phrasing of the question. At the end of the episode he said, “Our bad, folks. Today’s Final Jeopardy! should have referred to the entire Apollo 11 mission rather than to just the lunar landing part of it. We feel that Ashley might have been disadvantaged and so we have invited her to return to play again later this week.”

She came back to the show to win on December 31st, 2015.

Vincent Valenzuela, 2018

A spelling error got Valenzuela invited back on the show. The Final Jeopardy! question was supposed to read “this” and not “his,” which could’ve been responsible for Valenzuela’s incorrect response. It was reported that he was invited back on the show.

Let’s see if Ryan can continue his winning streak! 

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Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick Teamed Up Online To Roast Ryan Reynolds


When it comes to roasting people on social media, Ryan Reynolds in the top-tier of roasters. Especially when it comes to putting wife and fellow actress, Blake Lively, on the spot. 

The two have known to get into playful spats online from time to time.

Lively gives as good as she gets in the exchanges, much to the delight of everyone on the internet.

Now, as the world of entertainment would have it, Blake Lively is starring in an upcoming film with the also hilarious Anna Kendrick.

If you’re not familiar with some of Kendrick’s finer social media posts, her Twitter account is a treasure trove of comedy.

Now this is most definitely a play to help promote to Lively and Kendrick’s A Simple Favor online, but the two basically teamed up for the ultimate Ryan Reynolds roast in the comments section of Lively’s Instagram post about the film’s release.

She included this amazing caption, suggesting that getting it on with Kendrick really wouldn’t be cheating, seeing as she’s a “hotter, female(r) version” of her hubby.

A comment that Anna was quick to pounce on immediately, resulting in a glorious double call-out of the Deadpool star.

Naturally, people were waiting in anticipation to see when/how Reynolds would strike.

I mean, the man is known for his quick wit and A-1 social media commentary game, so they understandably called him out, expecting a response.

But after such a concentrated, dual-pronged effort, there wasn’t much the man could do but capitulate.

And he did so with grace.

I mean, at that point, it’s all he could do.

Now there’s been plenty of other times Lively righteously got back at Reynolds for his online tomfoolery. Like when she got back at his infamous Birthday Crop photo with this excellent Instagram post.

That’s right, she posted a picture of Reynolds standing with the “other” Ryan, Mr. Gosling. Naturally, she cropped her hubby out of the photo.

Then there was this most excellent Valentine’s day exchange between the two of them, joking about dating apps.

And the time she pointed out that Reynolds was giving some serious looks to his Woman in Gold co-star, the legendary Helen Mirren.

How could anyone forget this “no filter” shot Reynolds uploaded of Lively on Instagram where she was looking particularly less than glamorous.

In Lively’s defense though, I’d take her disheveled look over the monstrosity that was Reynolds’ attempt at baking Christmas cookies any day of the week.


Source : https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/06/21/2f9UWR/reynolds-kendrick-lively-roast

Kanye West Tweeted About Deadpool And Ryan Reynolds Actually Responded


Not everyone is as in love with Deadpool as the Internet make it seem. The character’s films are often violent, have an off-color sense of humor, and not everybody wants to listen to Ryan Reynolds crack wise for two hours. But there’s one thing most of us can agree on.

The music for Deadpool 2 bangs:

Ryan Reynolds agrees, of course:

Apparently, so does another person who knows a thing or two about music. Kanye West is a big fan.

West tweeted about the Deadpool soundtrack, implying he would have been thrilled to collaborate with Dion and the rest:

He also kind of seems to be implying they ripped him off instead of asking him to do it? Okaaayyyyy.

If it happened, this could be a controversial partnering, since Kanye West has lately been developing a reputation for himself as a Trump supporter and a man with some wild ideas about slavery, mental health, and all sorts of topics that get people pretty upset.

It’s been a huge mess, and he’s dragged all his friends into it, even Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, posting the latter’s texts on Twitter.

But, it doesn’t seem like Reynolds cares? About any of it? Because he down to include Mr. West on Deadpool 3.

He looped in Celine, and she seems to be cool with it, too:

Now, Buzzfeed seems to think that Reynolds is trolling Kanye and this match up will never, ever happen.

They brought up that Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively are very good friends with Taylor Swift, and the character of Deadpool even wore a shirt in the movie featuring Swift’s two kitty cats. She even thanked him for it on Instagram:

Taylor Swift and West have been in a notorious feud for some time (though he seems to have other things on his mind now). Swift even shaped her latest album around the altercation she had with West and Kim Kardashian, during which Kardashian used a snake emoji to symbolize Taylor in a leaked video that caught her in a lie. Hissss!

So, it’s possible that Reynolds is just kidding and would never work with West in a million years. But one important thing about celebrities, is they’ll do anything to keep their fame going. 

And it seems like fans are very into the idea:

But other people are also convinced that both Reynolds and Dion are kidding:

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens in Deadpool 3. Maybe by then, West’s reputation will be rehabilitated. In which case, Reynolds’ response works just as well, doesn’t it? Hmm.

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Ryan Reynolds Roasted Blake Lively When She Tried To Flirt With His 'Brother'

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have the perfect relationship. They manage to be loving parents, successful actors, and still find time for their marriage. How do they fit it all in? By confining their squabbles to social media.

The two are always teasing each other on Instagram and Twitter, to fans delight. Probably also to the delight of their enemies, if they take even half of these public spats seriously. Whether it’s saying they need time alone, or implying infidelity, these two seem to always be on the same wavelength.

They’re also great at drawing attention to advertising opportunities. Ryan Reynolds has bought into a product called Aviation Gin, and to promote it, he sat down with his “twin” Gordon, for an interview. Obviously, Gordon is played by Reynolds.

Gordon is mean as anything, because Reynolds loves roasting everyone, including himself.

“It’s nice to see you again,” says Gordon in the clip. “It’s like looking in a mirror, five years from now.”

“It’s nice to see you Gordon. We’re off to a good start,” Ryan replies. It actually gets meaner from there!

I don’t know if that promo will make me drink Aviation Gin, but I wasn’t even aware of it until Blake Lively arrive don the scene, commenting on the post as captured by Instagram account Comments By Celebs.

“Sh*t. Your brother is hot. I’ve made a terrible mistake…” Lively wrote.

Reynolds responded, “You haven’t made a mistake. You’ve been living with him for over a year.”

Secret brother and secret lover. Surprise, Blake Lively.

This is the second time in recent weeks that the two have playfully sparred online, while also conveniently bringing attention to a promotional opportunity. In late May, Lively shared a trailer for her new movie, A Simple Favor, and Reynolds commented on it, saying Lively could spoil the movie for him, essentially:

She responded by suggesting she actually has a whole horde of secrets he doesn’t even want to know.

I may go see A Simple Favor while drunk on Aviation Gin, and then cry during the credits because I don’t have a marriage like Lively and Reynolds. That’s what guerilla advertising does to people.

Their adorable antics aren’t selling everyone, according to the comments:

Hmm, excellent point. But for many others, these two are still the definition of “couple goals.”

But my favorite comment is probably from this person who rightly points out that Lively would be lucky to have two Ryan Reynolds. One for the morning, and one for the night.

Though if Blake Lively had two husbands, she’d have no time on her hands to do anything but roast them both, all day long:

And she’d be dealing with twice as much of this:

But it seems to keep them happy!

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