An Experienced Psychologist Reveals How to Understand Yourself and Others Once and for All

A good psychologist can tell us how to deal with many difficulties that we face in our lives. Some professionals don’t just help their clients, but also share their tips online. For example, psychologist Anton Shutov uses his Twitter account to share many important things and the knowledge he has acquired during his years of practice.

We at Bright Side found a lot of useful information and we want to share it with you.

Some useful tips

  • Stress is not only our enemy but also our ally. If a person doesn’t have any stress in their life and feels absolutely comfortable, they start to feel bored, and their life energy goes down to zero which leads to severe depression. A constant light level of stress keeps us toned.
  • Stop for a moment and take in a deep breath. Then, breathe out slowly. Breathing slowly and deeply relaxes us and moves the oxygen into our blood. It helps us to concentrate better on the important stuff, reduces the influence of stress, and returns us to the present moment.
  • In order to increase your awareness, to feel more present, psychologists recommend trying as many new things as possible: new classes, new walking paths, new topics, new foods, new hobbies, and so on. This improves your awareness and makes you stronger.
  • If you have to deal with betrayal, remember a very important and unpleasant thing: betrayal only works in one direction. Only the betrayed person feels it, the other person usually doesn’t understand it. Don’t waste your breath trying to prove anything. It’s useless.
  • If you are trying to make a decision and find yourself out of ideas, stop the search, and switch to something else. The analysis of different options won’t stop, it will just go to a deeper level (subconscious) and will continue there. And the subconscious will soon give you the answer. It is important that you don’t get tired of searching for the answer.
  • If you are a creative person, remember that loneliness is something you really need. Not communicating with anyone for some time on a regular basis, the silence, and the quiet makes your internal analysis faster and more powerful. The necessary ideas are formed during this time. So, stay alone more often.
  • If you are visiting a psychologist, don’t tell them about all the topics that worry you. Choose the most important one and start with that. One topic — one session. It is very likely that after you deal with one topic, you will see the others from a completely different perspective.
  • Sometimes, our inclination to overanalyze things is our enemy. The ability to turn your brain off is a necessary skill. If you are doing something dangerous, you shouldn’t concentrate on the danger. The risk of failure increases dramatically if you are scared.
  • As it turns out, painkillers relieve us not only of physical pain but also of the emotional kind. This was proven by official studies. Be careful with them.

How to know yourself and other people better

  • When you repeat a task several times and you notice that it starts to lose its usual meaning, this is called semantic satiation. You’ve tried it, right?
  • You and your colleagues are eating together in the cafeteria, you finish your meal first and wait for the other people to do the same. Even though this is not always the case, experts believe that the faster a person eats, the higher their anxiety level is.
  • Some people believe that if someone taps their foot quickly, this person is nervous. But this is not always true. It is often because this person wants to switch to some other kind of activity or wants to make other people do things faster.
  • If you are alone on the street and you see a pack of dogs, there is a good chance they will attack you to train their skills on a lonely person and teach the younger members of their group. People do the same thing. It is called bullying. Remember your school years.
  • Teenage bullying is a huge problem. The first tip: a child should not react to bullying in any way because this is what bullies want. The second tip: parents should not intervene, this will only make matters worse.
  • When a person touches their nose during a conversation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are lying. It’s just that they are trying to put a kind of barrier between the mouth and the person they are talking to. It means that they feel insecure.

About people

  • What do you do when you need to give a speech and the audience is noisy? Don’t try to calm people down. Just take your place, stand, and keep calm. Soon, the noise will disappear and the attention will be drawn to you.
  • There is a certain rule. If someone you know criticizes other people, you can be sure that once you are out of their sight, they will do the same to you. Keep as far away from these people as possible.
  • In order to feel united with a person you love, try to copy the rhythm of their breath. This subtle change creates a really nice effect. Try it.
  • Do this experiment with your friends or colleagues: give sheets of paper to guys and girls and ask them to draw a bicycle. You will laugh a lot when looking at the pictures. Men will draw a mechanically real model and women… You will see for yourself. This is how different men and women are.
  • In order to make a person like you the first time they see you, ask them 10 questions about something they like. They will respond and you will listen. This will make them like you. Dale Carnegie wrote about this and it really works.
  • When you are walking past a potentially aggressive group of people, here is what you should do: 1) keep your fists clenched); 2) narrow your eyes a little; 3) look over the group of people; 4) don’t show them that you are trying to walk faster; 5) don’t react to whatever they say to you.
  • A person who doesn’t know you tells you that they are a psychic and starts telling you the truth about yourself. This is called the Barnum effect — these are general characteristics that seem to be true only for you. Astrology works in exactly the same way.
  • When parents, spouses, or friends make someone see a psychologist, this is almost definitely useless. A client who is forced to visit a psychologist will not be able to open up for a doctor and will resist the therapy.
  • All you need in other people is honesty, and it doesn’t matter who they are to you: lovers, spouses, consultants, colleagues, friends, relatives, parents, children, or neighbors. This is the point of any relationship.

Which tip seemed the most useful for you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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The Body Part You Wash First While Bathing Reveals Your Personality

Early morning routines often begin with bathing for most people. However, the way we bathe is never the same. We might not have noticed, but there is a tendency in all of us to start the bathing with a certain body part. Subconsciously, the decision is made by our body and it tells a lot about our personality.

At Bright Side, we put together observations on the body parts we wash first while bathing and related them to the function of our minds.

1. If you wash your face first

If you wash your face first, you are basically tending to all the 5 senses — smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing. It means you are very concerned about how you are perceived, and thus want to take the utmost care of what is noticed first by others — the face.

You are always anxious about what others think of you and at times, get frustrated or stressed and might feel embarrassed too. It is hard for these people to hear bad things about themselves.

2. If you wash your arms or legs first

If you are among those who pay attention to their feet first, you can call yourself a humble and down to earth person. However, there is another side to this. Arms or legs are also the symbols of strength and willpower. Thus, washing them first indicates that you have no fear of expressing your choices. You either hate something or love it.

If you tend to wash your armpits first, you are most likely popular in your social circles as a reliable and trustworthy person. You are also the one who isn’t afraid of hard work.

3. If you wash your privates first

If you wash your private parts first, you are probably a very shy person. You can call yourself an introvert, or the one with low self-esteem. You are not given much attention in social groups, however, those who know you closely will say you’re the most genuine person on earth. You struggle hard taking your stand and might give up often, but you can make those close to you feel comfortable in your company.

4. If you wash your chest first

If you have noticed yourself scrubbing your chest first while bathing, you are in all probabilities confident and comfortable in your own skin. You are practical and very straightforward. You are quite determined and confusion hardly has an effect on you. You like being independent and people admire you for this.

5. If you wash your hair first

If your head or hair is the part of your body you wash first in the shower, you are a person who likes discipline and order. The topmost part of your body generally denotes strength and washing it first indicates that you have a firm opinion about everything and you believe in being practical. You also manage time very well and are known for your punctuality. You often put brains above wealth when choosing your friends.

6. If you wash your shoulders and neck first

The most hardworking people often wash their neck and shoulder area first. Shoulders denote burden and you always want to get rid of the burden of achieving everything with perfection. You are a positive person and a go-getter and also expect the same from others. You are very competitive and want to be a step ahead of everyone else.

7. If you wash your back first

Your back reflects your consciousness. The back involves your spine and your nervous system that plays a big role in the functioning of your brain. Washing your back first says a lot about your reserved nature. You are always very cautious and don’t trust people easily.

You have a habit of delving into things deeply and making decisions carefully. Being alone is not a turn off for people like you, but an opportunity to enjoy that me time.

Disclaimer: Please note that this test is for fun purposes only, and it can’t be considered a professional opinion.

Which body part do you wash first? Could you relate to the test results described above? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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A Breakdown of the 'Avengers 4' Trailer Reveals Some Potential Spoilers


Warning: this post contains major spoilers so if you didn’t watch Avengers: Infinity War then you should probably go and do that or at least check out a recap before you hate me forever. Or if this is how you absorb movies instead of watching, then just keep on reading this breakdown.

Marvel just dropped the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, which is the direct sequel to Infinity War. And it starts off pretty bleak, featuring Tony Stark wandering through space without food or water, leaving a message to the love of his life, Pepper Potts, a few hours before he runs out of oxygen for good.

Ugh, I know, sadness layered on sadness is kinda gauche. Especially after the events of Infinity War and seeing all of your favorite heroes disappear and turn to dust before your very eyes, it’s easy to sit around and wonder just what the heck our gang of super people are going to do to reverse what Thanos has done.


But if you’ve ever read the Infinity War comics, then you know exactly what you’re in store for: a raging comeback from the heroes, courtesy of the Infinity Gauntlet and an unlikely team-up with Thanos to defeat Nebula after she gets a hold of the uber-powerful glove capable of altering the very fabric of reality.

But like anyone who’s ever followed a book-to-film adaptation will tell you, the movies aren’t always like the source material. And the Avengers series is no different. After watching the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, here’s what we know:


Who survived the snap that’s featured in the trailer?


The characters we know survived the snap are Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, War Machine, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, Okoye, and M’Baku — and Ant-Man, but his fate is a bit complicated.

But not all of these heroes are featured in the trailer: Iron Man, Thanos (living on his farm on some distant planet, using his armor as a scarecrow), Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Nebula, Hawkeye (who came as a surprise) and another character at the end of the trailer who was probably the biggest surprise: Ant-Man. All of them will play prominent roles in the fight to undo the work Thanos has done or at least bring that big purple dork to justice.

Why is Ant-Man’s survival so significant?


Viewers of Ant-Man and the Wasp who stayed to watch the film’s ending credits will know that Scott Lang went sub-atomic with Dr. Hank Pym, Hope, and Janet Van Dyne supervising his transition into the unknown from regular-sized land.

If you’ve watched the Ant-Man movies then you know that going sub-atomic is scary, because you’re essentially entering another reality so microscopic and tiny that there’s no going back, unless you’ve got a whole team of people busting their humps to do so, as proven at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp when Hope’s mother, Janet, was brought back to the regular-sized world.


While Scott’s in the subatomic realm, Thanos””snap” decimation happened, and sadly Pym, Janet, and Hope were all random victims of the universal 50/50 genocide. The scene is a sobering one, leaving viewers to believe that Ant-Man was going to be out of the next Infinity War film because there’s no way he’d be able to bring himself back from the realm.

But the fact that he was able to return from the Quantum Realm and ask the Avengers for help in the latest trailer, has got people very, very interested. In fact, it’s probably the key to how the Avengers are going to reverse the events of Infinity War


When Janet returned from the Quantum Realm, she was able to heal the film’s primary villain, Ghost, with newfound powers she obtained while living in the sub-atomic space. This might be the key to bringing certain characters back from the dead, or, it may have a tie-in to a plot device from the Infinity War comics.

And that’s messing with the very fabric of reality and time. Thanos was able to use it with the Infinity Gauntlet, and at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, it’s pretty evident after Thor drives Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest and the Mad Titan manages to pull off the snap, that the golden glove isn’t the same anymore.


In fact, the Russo brothers confirmed that not only was the Infinity Gauntlet destroyed after the snap, but that the act took a little something out of Thanos, himself — which means that he might not be as difficult to defeat in the second film.

In the Infinity War comics, the Infinity Gauntlet is used to reverse the events after Thanos’ snap in an attempt to defeat Nebula after she gains control of the Gauntlet. But with the glove broken, it could be that the Russo brothers are having our heroes work with only a partially working super-weapon.


So, there’s a huge chance that the reversal of those events can still happen, but it has less to do with our heroes gaining control of the Infinity Gauntlet, and more to do with Scott Lang’s return from the Quantum Realm. I mean why else would you dramatically push that last bit of information to the end of the trailer everyone’s been waiting to see? 

Who didn’t survive the snap?


In case you don’t remember, or you’re suffering from post-traumatic stress and have pushed the events out of your mind, there were a lot of heroes who didn’t manage to make it out of Thanos’ snap alive.

Black Panther, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Star Lord, Drax, Mantis, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Hope, Hank, and Janet all perished during Thanos’ snap. So, if the roles are reversed, then that means there’s a good chance they’ll be brought back.


But there are other characters who died before Thanos even snapped his fingers, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Russo brothers bring them back. Namely Loki, Heimdall, Gamora, and Vision.

With Loki, you can never be really sure he’s been killed: the dude’s the sneakiest of the sneaky. As for Vision, he’s technically a robot, so stealing the reality stone from his head might’ve “killed” him, but it really just killed his personality. Plus, in the comics after that stone was torn from his head he came back as Colorblind Vision. Basically, Vision, but without a soul.


In case you’re wondering about more Infinity War easter eggs, theories, and predictions for Endgame, you can read up here before the Avengers: Endgame premieres on April 26. 

I just hope that if everyone is brought back, someone gives Star Lord a big slap in the face for letting his emotions get in the way of saving the galaxy. What a nerd move.

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Which Button Would You Hit to Make a Positive Change in Your Life? The Answer Reveals How You Feel

It’s not by chance that we surround ourselves with particular colors of clothing, interiors, etc. The colors that we choose relate directly to our state of mind. There has been tons of research held in this sphere of phycology and the “Lüscher color test” is a great way to help find out about a person’s mood, intentions, and condition.

Bright Side invites you to take a simplified color test to find out what exactly you need to become even happier than you are now.

All you need to do to take this test is to choose the button you would press in order to make a positive turn in your life. Which color button would you press?


If you choose the color red, it means that you’re a person who is ready and eager to give many things to this world. It means that you want to be heard, noticed, and recognized. You want to do your best in any aspect of life (at work and in your personal life) by becoming the best employee, partner, etc.


Your attitude toward life is quite optimistic, assertive, and positive. Taking risks is something you’re not afraid of but at the same time, you manage to stay sensible and rational. You are well aware of your capabilities and are ready to use them to their fullest.


You’re the one who’s able to enjoy small successes. Your best motivation is understanding that big things begin with small steps. That’s why you always focus on the details and don’t miss the chance to improve them.


Choosing the green button indicates your permanent fight between being free and safe at the same time. You are the one who tries to always keep yourself balanced and calm which makes you a good friend, companion, and partner. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: in pursuit of an equilibrium, you may forget about the things that really matter to you.


The period you are currently living through is full of good and pleasant things and you are well aware of it. The good news is that you don’t take things that come to you for granted and enjoy every moment, living your life to the fullest. The only thing you should remember is to stay level-headed and keep your feet on the ground, otherwise, it might become too painful to come down later.


Choosing the purple button indicates that you’ve reached the very life you’ve been dreaming about. Now you have enough confidence, self-esteem, and faith in yourself to pursue all the goals and desires you’ve been keeping within you for so long. You know what you deserve and use this knowledge for your own profit despite being a very sensitive person.


Choosing this color is all about the right balance. You appreciate the concept of living in balance and know how important it is in reaching goals. You are well aware that reaching an eternal balance is impossible but you’re doing your best to keep poised and composed in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.


Rationality is your second name. You are the one who keeps their feet on the ground and their head clear. This feature might be making you look cold and distant but those who truly know you know how sensitive and simple you are.

Which color did you choose? Has the result described your true feelings? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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The First Animal You See Here Reveals What Kind of Person You Are

The First Animal You See Here Reveals What Kind of Person You Are

We are always in the process of learning more about ourselves and very often discover absolutely unpredictable features in our character. Animals that we pick and prefer also can tell a lot about our personality and the way we think. Here you will find some more interesting things about yourself.

Bright Side wants to give you the chance to pass an unusual test. Take a look and without thinking too long, define which animal you see first.

1. Tiger

The tiger personifies energy and power. This type of personality has a hot-tempered character and can often be a rebel against another alpha in the vicinity. The tiger is an oppositionist and can be undisciplined sometimes. Because of its big goals and ambitions, this animal can attain big success in life, especially when it listens to smart pieces of advice and doesn’t ignore other’s opinions.

But like many alpha personalities, this type is not always trustworthy. Tigers can take risks to the point of being reckless, which can lead to disaster. Lots of people who don’t have a strong will can’t stand the tiger’s magnetism and just follow it out of respect. It is good for tigers to learn to think before taking an action and to understand that they can be also wrong.

2. Eagle

Eagles set ambitious goals and do everything possible to achieve them. Men and women of this type are noble and take care of people who need their help. They will always stand up for someone who is unjustly offended or bullied. You can rely on them and on their decisions.

Representatives of this type are not afraid of condemnation and ridicule. They are self-confident and don’t overestimate or underestimate themselves. Eagles have a very serious approach to family and don’t get married based on emotions. This type prefers to openly express their opinion, but can’t recognize deception and intrigue behind their back.

In society they behave with an aristocratic attitude, causing others to envy them.

3. Dog

Dogs are a personification of intellect and loyalty. This is a sincere and devoted person. This type of personality has a high sense of justice and it affects their personal and professional life. Sometimes they will fight until the end when they feel that something is unfair.

This can get them into long discussions and even quarrels with other people.

Their intellect is super high and these people always know the right moment to appear or to say something smart to impress others. It is definitely better to be their friend, than their enemy.

Dogs can’t stand being betrayed or doing the betraying and stay loyal until the end. This is true for not only their personal life, but also their ideas and their job.

4. Elephant

Honor, outstanding mental abilities, power, wisdom, and prestige are the main features of this type. Elephants attract people with their authoritarianism, stubbornness, and purposefulness. They are acutely oriented toward their career and social status. In comparison to tigers, they attain success in life by thinking through each step, not by being overly ambitious.

Family is very important for people of this type. They need a loving person who can redirect the elephant pessimism to optimism and force it to believe in itself. Normally they have lots of friends and relatives around them.

5. Squirrel

This animal symbolizes mobility, efficiency, energy, and devotion to a duty. Squirrels have high intelligence, foresight, and are always active. They’re always trying to get ahead. With their irrepressible energy and cheerfulness they’re supported by their confidence and strength.

This mix of qualities makes the squirrel popular in society. These personalities are very communicative and people surround them just to glean a morsel of their optimism. Their energy helps them to cope with any difficulties, no matter how heavy they are.

Squirrels can observe and analyze a situation which helps them to achieve a lot. They move rapidly into the future, but never forget about their family, or about where they came from.

6. Frog

The frog is always in a relaxed and calm state. This type of personality is not in a rush and always takes time to observe, analyze, and make the best decision among all the options. Frogs can be a good friend who can listen and help with a good piece of advice. These people have wisdom that helps at work and in their personal life, but sometimes frogs wait too long and can miss a good chance.

However once a decision is made, everything moves fast and there is no more hesitation.

Frogs have a great intuition and can easily escape danger and stay safe in different situations. They are workaholics and high levels of concentration help them to achieve their goals.

7. Fish

This type represents intuition perfectly. These people are guided by the signs they see on their path and masterfully avoid obstacles. They are quite persistent, but usually aren’t reactive. They win their battles little by little.

They also know how to keep secrets of their own and of others and have a tendency to be private people.

Fish are prone to mood swings, although it may not be noticeable because they are not expressive enough with their face. Sometimes this type of personality can have a tendency to look too mysterious. They aren’t trying to hide anything, they just don’t waste their energy and will continue to save their resources until they see the right moment to act.

Which animal are you? Write a comment below if you like this test.

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A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Reveals What Her Life Is Like

Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with one or 2 children with most young families feeling this way every now and then. What would you say about having 38 kids? No, this is not a joke. This 39-year-old woman from Uganda gave birth to 44 children. She lost 6, which makes 38 children under one roof.

We at Bright Side think that this woman is incredible and wanted to share her story with you.

Her name is Mariam Nabatanzi, and life hasn’t been easy for her. When she was only 13 years old, her parents sold her to a man who was 27 years older. They called it marriage, but Mariam didn’t even know what was going on until she was left at the man’s house. A year later she had her first babies, twins, the next year, triplets and another year there were quadruplets.

Being just a teenage girl, Mariam found marriage to be a hard journey. “My husband had many children from his past relationships and I had to take care of them because their mothers were scattered all over. He was also violent and would beat me at any opportunity he got, even when I suggested an idea that he didn’t like.” She said.

There was a point when Mariam had already had 23 children, and this is when she decided that she had had enough and asked doctors if some procedure could be done so she wouldn’t have any more children. But after an extensive examination, doctors said that she had a high ovary count and that any procedure would put her health and even her life in danger. Mariam gave birth to a total of 44 babies, 6 twins, 4 sets of triplets, 3 sets of quadruplets, and only 2 children were born without a “copy.” There were also another 6 that passed away. Mariam said that she has no regrets and that having kids is a blessing from God.

The only thing that upsets her is that her children are growing up without their father. Her husband would often disappear for months or sometimes even years, and eventually, he left them completely. He never had any part in raising the kids, except giving them names which sometimes happened over the phone. The eldest son, who is 23 years old, says that he hasn’t seen his father since he was 13.

But Mariam has no time to complain or feel sorry for herself. She’s dedicated her entire life to giving her children lots of love and care, and providing them with everything they need for the future. Food is one of the biggest expenses for this large family, every day they need 10 kilos of maize or corn flour, 7 kilos of beans, and 4 kilos of sugar.

All her children are getting an education. One of her firstborn twins became a nurse and the other became a qualified builder. “I am hopeful that my children will go to school because they all have big ambitions of being doctors, teachers, and lawyers. I want them to achieve these dreams, something I was not able to do.” Mariam said.

To cover her expenses, Mariam has had to learn many different skills. She collects local herbs to sell, bakes cakes, lays bricks, braids hair, organizes and decorates events, and even styles hair for brides. “I know these children are a gift from God that I have to treasure, so I try my best to fend for them.”

Former BBC journalist Kassim Kayira heard about Mariam and visited her outstanding family. It is thanks to him that we now know about her as well. Mariam has a message for all parents in her culture: “Stop selling your daughters to men for early marriages. They suffer too much, and the loss of parental love is something that they can never fully recover from.”

“I’ll keep on fighting to make sure my children always have food to eat. I will never abandon them, even if we suffer to survive daily,” this amazing mother said. In her interview to Kassim, Mariam gave some advice to all men “Do not forget your responsibility, because marriage is a joint responsibility to raise your children.”

Life for this woman has been very harsh and we wish for her that all of her kids grow into wonderful people and hopefully one day she will get a chance to sit down and have some rest and smell the roses. She surely deserves it.

What do you think about this story? Tell us in the comments and share it with your friends and family.

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The First Animal You See in the Picture Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

The First Animal You See in the Picture Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

Sniffing a T-shirt is one way to find out about someone’s personality, as the smell of sweat can tell if someone is a happy person. But let’s not resort to this less-than-pleasant method. It’s better to try to find out the hidden features of your character with the help of animals.

Bright Side will help you know yourself better. Look at the picture above and pick the animal you saw first. We’ll tell you what it means.

A butterfly

A butterfly can indicate a sensitive person with a vulnerable soul. You can leave your comfort zone without a problem and you are easy-going. You’re open to new experiences and knowledge and live for today without thinking about the future. You like being in the spotlight, in the center of events, and you keep up with trends.

You’re a romantic person who often dreams and lets your mind wander. You try to ignore any problems and take only the best from life. You’re a positive person who tries to find the positive aspects of any situation.

An eagle

One who has seen an eagle first can be a proud and a slightly arrogant person. You’re confident in yourself and your abilities and are ready to defend your opinion. You aren’t afraid of difficulties and obstacles and overcome all of them with dignity. Freedom of action and self-expression are important for you.

You don’t like it when someone occupies your personal space and dictates their own rules.

You pay attention to the details and are able to notice little things that may seem trivial at first glance, but actually, they say a lot about the person and the situation. You’re a goal-oriented individual who can’t be stopped when it comes to achieving their goals.

A dog

If you notice a dog right away, it may mean that you’re a kind and friendly person who doesn’t like to be alone. You appreciate your loved ones and are ready to support them in any situation. You’re true to your beliefs. You’re a sincere person with whom it’s easy to communicate.

You have no problems with trust and you can easily understand other people, their emotions, and mood. The people around you know that they can rely on you and that you’ll always come to the rescue.

A rabbit

A gentle and sensitive person may see a rabbit first. You’re very careful about how you communicate with others and you always try to understand the emotions of another person so as not to offend them. Your feelings are easy to hurt and you take everything to heart. Sometimes it’s hard for you to make a choice and you’re shy about declaring your desires.

You don’t rush when it comes to solving problems and actually to hide from them. You’re afraid of changes and find it difficult to leave your comfort zone. You’re a gentle and good-natured person who tries to see the best in all people and helps them become better.

A snake

A snake can mean that you’re a wise and thoughtful person. You’re able to make compromises and find solutions that will suit everyone. You quickly adapt to changes and get used to new things. Your experience helps in solving problems and making decisions.

You’re an unpredictable and active person but you’re also peaceful and are able to remain calm. You have the ability to notice everything around you and have good analytical skills. You provide reliable support and protection for your loved ones and are ready to defend them from any adversity.

A cat

A cat indicates that you’re an independent and confident person. You aren’t afraid to show your strong character and to use what you have to your advantage. You’re flexible to changing conditions and are able to adapt to other people but without inconveniencing yourself. You don’t depend on the opinions of others and follow your own clearly-defined plan.

You can be cunning if it’ll benefit you.

You don’t need noisy people around you and the constant presence of other people nearby. You can be on your own and sometimes you have a strong desire to be alone with your thoughts and feelings.

Which animal did you see first? Did you recognize yourself in the description? Share what you think about this test and the results in the comments section below!

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Woman Reveals in Shocking Post That Her Boyfriend May Be Drugging Her, Then Discovers the Truth


It’s a horrifying thought to believe that the person you’re in love with secretly, deep down inside, is capable of not only manipulating you emotionally, but physically abusing and harming you in downright evil ways.

Sadly, there’s no shortage of stories on the internet where this is exactly the case. People’s wives, husbands, girlfriends, and boyfriends are, unfortunately, often involved in some pretty heinous acts against their significant others.

Something that Redditor IntrepidSport thought her boyfriend was guilty of when she started waking up in her bed with red spots on her body and no memory of what had occurred the night before. All she was left with was the “aftermath” and a ton of questions.


The severity of her suspicions makes me question why she decided to jump on reddit for advice right away instead of getting tested first, but when you’re afraid that your boyfriend, who’s also a doctor, might be drugging and sexually assaulting you, I can’t imagine that going about things methodically and with a clear head is really an option.

This is in north Texas.

Hey so I must apologize if this post is jumbled a bit. I started typing it up in Word yesterday before my date and forgot about it before finishing it today.

I think my boyfriend has been secretly drugging me for a while now and is gaslighting me. I know this is going to be hard to explain, but I have been having gaps in memory that I have been explaining away as being tired, or overworked, or whatever else. I was going to ask my boyfriend about it, since he is a doctor, but then I started to notice that this seems to happen when I go on dates with him.


I know it must be crazy, but I have woken up with dried semen on my breasts several times with no memory of the night before. I know its him as… well I wont get into specifics but he likes that kind of thing more than other guys would… 

The first time it happened was when we were drinking and I wrote it off as too much to drink. We get drunk and have sex all the time so its not a big deal to me. But then there were a few times when I KNOW we were not drinking. 


I decided to break up with him over it only to suddenly find myself on a date with him a few days later. I had not yet had the conversation to break up with him, but planned on it next time I talked with him. I remember being at the restaurant, but nothing before that. My car and his car was in the parking lot too so I was confused. 

I decided to play along when he asked me to come back to his place.

After 3 days at his place I remembered everything so I was started to trust him again. Knowing he was an ENT I know it won’t be his forte but he is a doctor. I was going to ask him about my issues when he randomly pointed to these red bumps on my thigh and said I should be treating those sores.


I had completely forgotten they were there. These little red bumps that look like needle injections that got infected. I got so freaked out he mentioned them that I decided to leave.

The next day he came over to “Check on me” and I remember waking up in bed with more dried semen on my chest. 

Then today he met me for lunch saying we had agreed to meet. I never agreed to meet with him and would never want to. He does this all the time, saying we agreed to do something I have no memory of.

I am sick and tired of it and want him punished.


This has started to affect my work life as well as I start to get paranoid when I see a boss walk into a room after making eye contact with me. I get paranoid that they are about to fire me. My friends also state I have been acting strangely and out of character. I have even begun to lose sleep and sleepwalk when I do. 

Is there a way to have blood work done to see what kind of drug he is using on me? I do not want the police to blow me off and push me away as some crazy lady so I want to be sure when I go to the police. 


Her account of events, although scattered, is horrifying to read. She was convinced that her boyfriend was guilty of injecting her with some type of drug that spurred her memory loss, but after paying close attention to her recounting of events, it seemed a bit off.

The fact that her symptoms cleared up while she was staying at his house doesn’t make sense, something that some other redditors also picked up on. Also, the red marks on her arms becoming infected is another thing that got commenters thinking they weren’t needle prick marks at all, but something much more disgusting.


Bedbug bites:

You mentioned red bumps on your thigh, insomnia, memory loss, paranoia and anxiety?

Pull the sheets off your mattress please. Check in the little creases for brown specs or encrusted brown flakes.

These symptoms sounds eerily familiar to what happened to a friend of mine. We thought he was going crazy. Turns out he was having a severe reaction to long term bedbug bites.

You mentioned that you remember everything that happened at his place but as soon as you got home it started up again?

Bedbugs can cause psychological symptoms if the reaction is severe enough.

I would check the lip of the mattress first to see if you have bedbugs.


Now, I know that bedbugs are nearly impossible to get rid of, and cleaning a home that’s infested with the little nasty monsters is a Herculean task that’s expensive, time-consuming, and annoying. Most people who have furniture or clothing infested with bedbugs seal them up and burn them.

What I didn’t know is that bedbug bites can have such a wide-ranging and severe breadth of reactions in different people. A litany of different mental health problems could arise from long-term exposure to bedbugs and mites. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it.


IntrepidSport, after reading the replies to her post, decided to check her mattress and see if there were any bedbugs there.

Wait Seriously? Does it look like dried chocolate or poop chunks along the seam of the mattress?


Yes. That what you see?


Yes. All long the left side of my mattress by the wall.

–  IntrepidSport 

Her reddit thread’s currently locked, and she hasn’t updated the post, but it could very well be that the source of her memory loss isn’t because she’s being drugged by her boyfriend at all, but a case of horrible bedbugs. This is like something out of a horror movie, for both OP and her boyfriend.


It’s not like everyone in the comments section of her post is wiping their hands and saying, “Well this problem is solved,” though. They’re still encouraging her to get checked out by a doctor (who isn’t her boyfriend) and get blood work done to see if she has been drugged.


Former professional pest control guy here with lots of experience with bedbugs. I will happily answer any questions about bedbugs.

My first bit of advice is for you to get professional treatment of the bedbugs. It is not cheap, but they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Bedbugs can survive a year or more without feeding and do cause a wide array of psychological issues due to prolonged extremely poor sleep. I sincerely hope this is the cause of your issues, but I would also talk to your doctor (not your boyfriend) about your symptoms. Request blood work.



Getting rid of bedbugs, if it has been a long-term infestation, is no joke. It is not as simple as disposing of the mattress and washing clothes. Those $!#*ers get into wood, they get into damn near well everything.

If you are the victim of a long term infestation, EVERYTHING needs to go. All your wooden/pressboard(ikea type) furniture. Your clothes and bedding need to be nuked in super hot water. Anything you have that shouldn’t be washed that way can be dry cleaned, I believe this kills them as well. Mattresses gone, carpet, everything.

These mother$!#*ers are hell to get rid of once they have dug in. They can get into drywall. We had to dispose of a great deal of wooden furniture, have several walls replaced, towels, bedding, mattresses – all gone. Then had the exterminators in. And we didn’t get them the first time. We had to come back over everything again. Now those $!#*ers are gone. $!#* them!


But here’s hoping that the issue is a critter infestation and not an ornate, systematic process of assault orchestrated by her boyfriend on a nightly basis. I think this would be one of the only cases where someone’s mental health deteriorating due to bedbug bites is a cause for celebration.

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A Vet Reveals What Pets Do in Their Final Moments, and All Pet Owners Need to Read This

A pet is never just a pet, every owner will tell you that. No matter the size, eating habits, and number of times you need to walk it, your pet becomes a family member and losing a family member is devastating. In these moments, your human presence, support, and care are as needed as ever.

We at Bright Side don’t want a single pet to suffer from loneliness at the hardest time in their lives, that’s why we want each and every one of you to read the following.

We can divide people into 2 categories: those who prefer to be in the hospital ward when their pet is being treated or euthanized and those who don’t. All of them have their reasons, of course. But the vet in question is writing this article for those who choose not to be there. The vet has a firm opinion on what needs to be done and what is right in those types of situations. This opinion was openly expressed in a Facebook post which quickly became viral.

In this post, the vet reminds us all about one simple thing — when we take a pet into our lives, we need to face the fact that their passing away is inevitable. Yes, it is “a bad day/time/event every time, there is no argument against that and it is devastating.” But we need to be there until the end.

We should not leave our pets when they’re in need. “Do not make their transition from life to death in a room full of strangers in a place they don’t like, they search for you when you leave them behind.”

The easiest way to understand what your pet feels in that very moment is to try to put yourself in their place. When you do, you’ll realize that “they don’t understand why you left them when they’re sick, scared, old, or dying from cancer.” They need your comfort, and you should provide it.

So, according to the vet’s own experience, when a pet is left to die or be euthanized the only thing they do is look for their owner. And isn’t that pretty logical and, well, expected? Anyone would do the same. Looking for your most important and beloved person in times of pain, grief, and suffering is what we all do, humans and animals alike.

Dr. Evan Shaw has euthanized many pets during his practice as a veterinarian, and here is what he has to say on the topic: “I have a lot of return clients and I have found that people who aren’t there at the end of their pet’s life find it to be one of their biggest regrets at a later point. I totally understand how hard it would be, but death is ultimately a part of life and needs to be experienced to help the grieving process.”

After reading all this, we will all think twice before leaving our pet alone in a room full of strange people and objects. Our last impact on our pets’ lives should be positive.

Don’t leave them to only be supported by the doctor, who’s the one who has to end their life.

Hold their paw one last time through the pain and anxiety.

Love and cherish them while you still can.

Be sure about one thing — grieving about your pet is as normal as anything. If any of your relatives or friends consider this loss to not be a reason to be devastated — that’s their opinion. Research has confirmed that losing a pet is comparable to losing a loved human for many people.

You might need help to get through this, so here are some sources that provide valuable advice:

Being a pet owner is a great joy and a great responsibility at the same time, so be ready for both.

Have you ever experienced the loss of your best animal friend? Please share your stories and advice on this matter in the comments. Let’s help each other in the dark times!

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Dr. Pimple Popper Reveals the Things That Gross HER Out (EXCLUSIVE)


If there’s one universal truth about acne it’s that you shouldn’t pop your pimples. However, I’ve always found this to be an extremely hard rule to follow. I don’t know about you guys, but I love popping my zits.

There’s nothing more satisfying than squeezing the pus out of your face and watching the bump recede as you bask in the satisfaction of a job well done. 

If you’re big on breaking the no-popping rule like I am, you’re probably obsessed with — or have at least come across — Dr. Pimple Popper. She is the TLC dermatologist who will extract your grossest zits and cysts, all with a smile on her face.

It’s safe to say that Dr. Pimple Popper has seen all manners of cysts, zits and blackheads — from the most modest to the most juicy. And while she comports herself with utmost professionalism, which you’ll know from watching her show and YouTube channel, even she isn’t immune to occasionally turning green and needing to leave the room when faced with some gnarly medical cases. 


What I wanted to know when I spoke to the celebrity dermatologist — other than how she knew to give the internet content they didn’t even know they wanted, and how she manages to run a practice with her husband — is how she got her incredibly strong stomach and developed ability to tackle even the grossest of lumps. 

As someone who struggles to sit through a single of Dr. Pimple Popper’s overgrown-cyst-extraction videos, I can’t help but wonder how exactly she became wired this way.

“My dad’s a dermatologist,” she begins, “and dermatology stuff has never really bothered me. We had every single textbook sitting around [the house] of various things growing out of people’s skins. 

“I was used to seeing stuff like that, it didn’t bother me. I mean, there are crazy things I see — you should see my phone. My phone is ridiculous. Everyone else has their families on their phones, but I have skin, zits, cysts — that’s my life.”

But this doesn’t mean Dr. Pimple Popper is immune to all grossness of the medical variety. She shared two instances from med school that were so vom-inducing not even the pimple-popping doctor could stomach them:

“That actually made me feel like I was going to hurl…”

“I blame it on my period!,” she prefaces as a disclaimer. “But two things happened in medical school that made me feel nauseous.”

The first? “Once, I had to watch an autopsy and it was a Korean guy… He looked like somebody who — I’m not Korean, I’m Chinese — but he looked like a friend’s father, or someone familiar. They were removing the brain, and they were like, ‘Pull the head back,’ like, the whole thing like a mask!”


After that experience, Sandra decided she would never go into that line of medicine. Ever. “That actually made me feel like I was going to hurl, it was that disgusting,” she said.

“I, like, turned green.”

The second time was during her rotation in the pediatrics department:

“There was a little kid, like 3 or 4, who came in. I don’t remember what his issue was, but he was dying. We all had to shoot albumin into him, because he had no pressure, so we were trying to stick lines in him and shoot him with fluid.

“I, like, turned green.”

“I think I was on my period again,” she says while I laugh, needing no excuse for wanting to pass out at the sight. “So that’s probably why I went into dermatology, because I don’t have to deal with stuff like that. I just deal with cysts. The person is alive, and they better be alive after [I’m done with them].”

Honestly, fair enough. 


So there you have it — even Dr. Pimple Popper, who was made famous for her cast-iron stomach, lives through moments that are too gross for even her.

But enough of the med school drama. I’m off to watch more popping vids! And don’t forget to tune in to Dr. Pimple Popper Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on TLC. 

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