This Kid Asked The Rock to Hang Out With Him 100 Days Straight — He Finally Responded


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson didn’t get a net worth of $220 million by sitting on his butt all day — he’s been making money moves. Thanks to his latest film, Skyscraper, the WWE-star-turned-actor-turned-movie-producer’s company, Seven Bucks Productions has earned $1.6 billion+ in just 7 months.

Not too shabby for an individual who at one point had his dreams of playing pro football crushed. Now everyone in the world wants a piece of The Rock — whether it’s to put him in leading Hollywood films, or just to hang out with him.

Jordan Baker’s the latter. He wants to chill with The Rock so hard that he’s tweeted at him 100 days in a row hoping to get his chance to kick it with the Great One.

The Anderson University college student from Indiana officially began his journey by making his intentions very clear.

He thought that maybe coming up with creative photoshops of himself hanging out with Hollywood’s biggest action star would sweeten the deal and finally elicit a response from the People’s Champ.

It seemed like each and every day, Baker stepped his game up.

He even went so far as to bring fanny-pack Rock into the picture, along with this weirdly poetic-looking meme tweet.

When news of The Rock’s new baby daughter broke up, Baker was there to congratulate him and offer a friendship baby-sitting discount.

Baker tried every trick at his disposal, even trying to prove that The Rock would fit right in with his current group of friends.

He didn’t want The Rock to think he was desperate, so he tweeted at him to let him know that there were some days that were off-limits for them to meet.

He ultimately took a break from the photoshops and turned to memes and other methods to entice The Rock to hang out with him – like polls.

And the Distracted Boyfriend meme.

He even turned to this oldie but goodie. Still, no dice.

Nevertheless, Jordan persevered. Once word got out of his persistence, Twitter rallied behind him.

He kept posting memes and memes.

Until finally, he reached Day 100. But still there was no acknowledgment from The Rock in sight.

People urged him to follow his heart and keep trying.

Advice that proved to come at the right time. Because word finally got around to show business’ busiest man and he responded to the hopeful college student.

So it definitely wasn’t the response that Baker was hoping for, but maybe he could apply for a job with Seven Bucks Productions and get to hang out with The Rock at work.

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Chrissy Teigen Responded Perfectly To Someone Who Criticized Her For Breastfeeding


The Internet’s queen, Chrissy Teigen, is many things. A master of social media, an activist, a cook, and the mom of two incredible kids. Though I personally find her Instagram and Twitter aspirational, she is also wonderfully honest about all the work and challenges that go into being a mom, like so:

But who wouldn’t rip their butthole to have an adorable little baby like this:

But it’s still great that Teigen is so forthcoming about what being a mom can look like. Sometimes you wear really terrible medical underwear, for instance:

She generally shares a lot about her body that’s unrelated to kids, like this relaxing vaj steam:

Do not get a v-steam, even if Chrissy Teigen does it. But DO enjoy her posts on the subject. 

Naturally, Teigen would share a photo of herself breastfeeding; though intimate, it’s something women do in public, and something that’s clearly normal in their household. Even Luna and her baby-doll are getting involved. It’s an adorable pic. Congrats on the twins!

But wherever Teigen goes, whatever she does, there are haters.

One hater in particular decided it wasn’t enough to privately dislike Teigen, she also wanted to tweet about it and tag the celebrity’s social media handle in the hopes that she’d see it. 

Twitter user @catclause wrote, “Christ in a hand basket. Menstruating, childbirth and sex are natural, too, but that doesn’t mean I want to see pics of it and/or celebrities like @chrissyteigen taking a bath or nursing. We get it.”

It seems like @catclause likes the attention, because she’s still battling people over this tweet, which was RT’d by Teigen herself.

Teigen shared this rando’s complaint, writing in response, “I don’t care to see grainy fireworks, coachella selfies or infinity pool pics but i let people live. calm your tits and scroll on by.”

That’s so true. Life is too short to get mad about people’s boring daily activities on Instagram, like selfies or breastfeeding. Also, like…don’t follow her if you don’t want to see her life?

Most people think Teigen’s philosophy is the best way to deal with both trolls and life in general:

But @catclause has a response to that, too, because she won’t let it die:

To which people answered:

In @catclause’s defense, she’s sticking by her words. 

According to Buzzfeed, another user deleted a tweet that Teigen RT’d that read, “I think it’s perfectly fine for women who breastfeed in public. They are doing it because they need to. When you post on social media that you are doing it, it comes across as narcissistic though.” 

Teigen replied, “Nah. Just chillin. Posting daily life like I do with anything else. Cooking, playing with dogs, etc. You make feeding a baby big deal because you got weird titty issues.”

Keep your weird titty issues off my timeline.

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Kanye West Tweeted About Deadpool And Ryan Reynolds Actually Responded


Not everyone is as in love with Deadpool as the Internet make it seem. The character’s films are often violent, have an off-color sense of humor, and not everybody wants to listen to Ryan Reynolds crack wise for two hours. But there’s one thing most of us can agree on.

The music for Deadpool 2 bangs:

Ryan Reynolds agrees, of course:

Apparently, so does another person who knows a thing or two about music. Kanye West is a big fan.

West tweeted about the Deadpool soundtrack, implying he would have been thrilled to collaborate with Dion and the rest:

He also kind of seems to be implying they ripped him off instead of asking him to do it? Okaaayyyyy.

If it happened, this could be a controversial partnering, since Kanye West has lately been developing a reputation for himself as a Trump supporter and a man with some wild ideas about slavery, mental health, and all sorts of topics that get people pretty upset.

It’s been a huge mess, and he’s dragged all his friends into it, even Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, posting the latter’s texts on Twitter.

But, it doesn’t seem like Reynolds cares? About any of it? Because he down to include Mr. West on Deadpool 3.

He looped in Celine, and she seems to be cool with it, too:

Now, Buzzfeed seems to think that Reynolds is trolling Kanye and this match up will never, ever happen.

They brought up that Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively are very good friends with Taylor Swift, and the character of Deadpool even wore a shirt in the movie featuring Swift’s two kitty cats. She even thanked him for it on Instagram:

Taylor Swift and West have been in a notorious feud for some time (though he seems to have other things on his mind now). Swift even shaped her latest album around the altercation she had with West and Kim Kardashian, during which Kardashian used a snake emoji to symbolize Taylor in a leaked video that caught her in a lie. Hissss!

So, it’s possible that Reynolds is just kidding and would never work with West in a million years. But one important thing about celebrities, is they’ll do anything to keep their fame going. 

And it seems like fans are very into the idea:

But other people are also convinced that both Reynolds and Dion are kidding:

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens in Deadpool 3. Maybe by then, West’s reputation will be rehabilitated. In which case, Reynolds’ response works just as well, doesn’t it? Hmm.

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