23 Moving Photos That Prove Dogs Are Too Precious for This World

All dog owners know that their 4-legged friends are inexhaustible sources of positive vibes and great moods. A dog will always wait for you to come home, jump on you before going for a walk, and look into your eyes and beg while you eat. What’s more, is dogs will always be there for you and will support you in any situation.

Bright Side has collected photos of dogs that share their endless love and care for everyone who needs it.

It’s bath time!

Parenting isn’t easy.

When you understand that it’s time to help but you’re too tired:

Your friend will always soothe you in severe conditions.

Parents will always be parents.

This golden retriever saved his master’s life: the dog stopped him from developing severe hypothermia and frostbite by lying on top of him and licking his hands and face.

“Even though you’re not a puppy, I’ll protect you.”

“You’re so tired. Let me help you!”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m with you!”

100 cuddles a day are a must!

Your dog is your best travel companion.

When you’re a good, extremely cool guy:

The fairest judge

Guess who’s waiting for you…

A dog is the best medicine.

“Who dared to hurt you?”

Don’t forget to scratch your dog’s belly!

The best security ever

A coach that helps you stay in good physical shape

Going outside without your dog: mission impossible

A real masterpiece

Cuddle buddies

P.S. Apparently, cats aren’t pleased.

We bet that you have lots of photos of your cute pets too — share them with us in the comments!

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26 Stunning Coincidences That Prove the World Can Glitch Too

At least once in our lives, we have noticed similar-looking people, animals, or objects that are at the same place at the same time for no reason at all. Some people think it’s a glitch in the matrix, and some say it’s Deja vu. Anyway, these coincidences make us think: maybe there is some mysterious director in this world who sometimes makes mistakes in arranging all the things?

Bright Side is amazed by these examples of coincidences that made us rub our eyes twice. They are so strange and hard to believe that we decided to share them with you.

1. “I would leave the bus immediately.”

2. Deja vu effect times 5

3. This is not a matrix glitch. It’s how they build houses nowadays.

4. “I also have a friend who looks like a female version of a celebrity!”

5. It’s probably the best solution in this case.

6. “This sunset looked like it was split in half through my 2 windows.”

7. “It only took 16 hours of travel to find this guy wearing the same wacky parrot shirt in Rome.”

8. “Glitch in matrix at my local coffee shop today.”

9. Did they disable gravity for a moment?

10. “It would be really funny to have a twin and come to random places wearing the same clothes pretending you don’t know each other.”

11. Sometimes, coincidences happen in the places you least expect them.

12. “Well, this was bound to happen at a certain point.”

13. Was there a discount on hair dye?

14. It looks like they bought their coats at the same store.

15. “My friend traveled all the way to Thailand to randomly find his doppelganger.”

16. Someone is just lacking imagination.

17. This is what happens after Black Friday:

18. How is this even possible?

19. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

20. How do cats do that?

21. Is this some popular car model?

22. Maybe they also like the same books?

23. Confused 2 generations at once.

24. The most important thing is to find your own unique style.

25. At least they’re wearing different jeans.

26. “Have you tried standing up and sitting back down on it again?”

What strange coincidences have you noticed? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Danny Devito Is the Internet's Darling and These Superfans Prove It


Danny Devito is one of those actors who is never bad in anything. Playing an institutionalized person in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? Nailed it. How about a grimy used car salesman in Matilda? Perfect. The insane Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Role of a lifetime.

The man’s a living legend because of his enthusiasm and inimitable brand of acting. Which might be why the internet’s obsessed with him, I think? But then I remember that my brother-in-law kept a life-sized cardboard cutout of the actor in his home for years, and he’s not particularly a a self-proclaimed cinephile or anything like that.

Whatever the reason for everyone’s obsession with Devito, who’s been a high-profile actor for decades, there’s one thing we can be certain of: that some people take their love and devotion to the Throw Mama From the Train star a little too far. There’s photoshops of him, and countless puns about his name, like Danny Dorito and Vanny Devito. Not to mention this weird hippo photoshop someone Reddit came up with:


Then there was this anonymous fan who created a Danny Devito shrine in a college bathroom.


I mean just look at this thing. This is the kind of set up you’d see at the end of the thriller about a crazy ex who is obsessed with the film’s protagonist, and the depths of their manic mind is finally revealed late in the film when something just like this is uncovered.


Evan was just minding his own business at the State University of New York, doing what college kids do, until he stopped into a bathroom and noticed, behind the paper towel dispenser, a shrine dedicated to the Twins actor.


Just take a gander at these photos and try not thinking, “Yikes” to yourself. Is it funny? Yes, but in a twisted, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia kind of way. So much so that you would think it’s almost a still from the show where Frank has to deal with a stalker, but it’s not.


Here’s the thing though, the shrine gets even weirder: people are offering tributes to the actor. Candy wrappers. Beer bottles. A whoopee cushion. A pocket bible. This random assortment of items has the internet bewildered.


It, of course, spawned some pretty amazing and on-brand memes for such a scary/funny find. Along with groups of students at the same school who’ve decided to check this little shrine out in person and share their experience with the rest of Twitter.


And as it turns out, that same Devito cloth, yes, it’s not a paper print-out, but an actual tapestry featuring the visage of the Get Shorty actor, is available for purchase on Amazon. Which is definitely less creepy than someone who custom-made that. But also questionable because they invested money into properly creating this shrine.

Some are lamenting that the shrine was exposed, however, because that “hidden spot” in the bathroom is the perfect environment to sneak away and get in some much needed between-class relief. Thanks a lot for narc-ing, bro.


This isn’t the first case of Devito-branded craziness to be found on the internet. Who could forget the amazing exchange between Danny and a high school fan who decided to take a cardboard cut out of him to a milestone event in her life?

That’s right, her prom date was a cardboard Devito.


Her stunt and the subsequent photos earned her an Instagram post from fellow Sunny star Rob McElehenney (who’s super ripped now), who not only gave her props, but had a photo of their own to show her.


Yep, you read his Instagram message right, Devito actually got a cardboard cutout of Allison printed out and he posed next to it to show that super fandom can sometimes be a two-way street. The best part? He posed for the photo at Paddy’s Pub.


If you’re an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan, it doesn’t get much better than that. Except maybe getting a guest starring role on the show, or hanging out with Rob at a Pride parade and having a flex off.


Danny Devito fans are also still rallying for the actor to voice Pikachu in the Detective Pikachu film. Ryan Reynolds gives the thunder mouse some character in the flick, but that hasn’t stopped others from continuing to imagine what it would’ve been like with Danny behind the mic.


I love me some Ryan Reynolds, I mean everybody does. But a hard-boiled detective’s voice has got Danny Devito written all over it. Not that I’d watch a Pokemon movie anyway, that’s stuff is for nerds and it promotes animal fighting. I mean, Michael Vick does it and goes to jail, but kids sitting around, enslaving cute and cuddly critters and forcing them to electrocute and drown one another is acceptable? Double standards, man.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/11/14/Z2org7N/danny-devito-shrine-fans

20 Animal Couples That Prove Love Does Exist

True love does exist. From a pair of butterflies to a couple of gorgeous penguins, the animal kingdom gives us amazing examples of heartfelt, inseparable couples who show us that “happily ever after” is not just a fairytale. You just can’t deny the magic and power of love when you look at this.

Bright Side has put together a compilation of stunning images which display love in its truest form. Scroll down at your own risk — they’re likely to melt your heart.

1. These adorable parrots look absolutely gorgeous together!

2. A sweet moment shared by a lynx couple…this will make anyone’s heart melt.

3. Nothing like an evening by the lake with the one you love…especially for a swan!

4. This lion couple shows us that love is about seeing a whole new world together, even with your eyes closed.

5. A loving snuggle is “owl” you need in life.

6. A butterfly couple sharing the sweet nectar of love.

7. A snow leopard’s version of “kiss and make up”

8. An earnest hug is the best way to say “I love you.”

9. Flamingos don’t need to struggle to prove their love — by just looking into each other’s eyes they create the shape of a “heart” between them!

10. A romantic kiss shared by a black-browed albatross couple

11. Having a shoulder to lean on…now that’s what love is all about.

12. When you’re in love, your world switches from black and white to a whirl of bright colors.

13. Love slows your world down, even for the world’s fastest runner — the cheetah.

14. These meerkats even know how to pose for a romantic picture together!

15. “Looking forward” to a lifetime together…now that’s true love.

16. If eyes are the windows to someone’s soul, we can see this elephant seal couple is deeply in love.

17. It’s a blessing to be so “deerly” loved by someone…

18. A whole new meaning for “childhood sweethearts”

19. Love makes your heart gallop toward an eternity of togetherness…

20. Now this is what you call a purr-fect couple.

Don’t these pictures make you believe in fairytales again? Share your opinion in the comments. If you liked this article, share it with friends who’d like to know if true love exists! It’s sure to make their day.

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10 Facts About Dogs That Prove We Couldn’t Live Without Them

10 Facts About Dogs That Prove We Couldn’t Live Without Them

We think that by now, everyone knows that animals have a positive impact on the health of their owners. And dogs are especially useful because, according to scientists, on average, they make a person’s life 2 years longer. And there is no evidence to support the claim that there are other domesticated pets that have a better influence on our health. This is what cardiologist and professor Thomas Lee thinks.

Bright Side will tell you about 10 scientific facts proving that dogs have a positive influence on the health of their owners. And in order to make our reader’s lives at least several minutes longer, we decided to add some funny dog GIFs to the article.

Fact № 1: Dog owners have high blood pressure less often.

Scientists from New York University at Buffalo conducted a study and found that taking care of dogs lowers blood pressure and stress levels. It is important to mention that the participants didn’t take their blood pressure medicine during the study. And it turns out that their blood pressure returned to normal just by having them pet a dog.

Fact № 2: Dog owners are happier.

Dogs make their owners happy because they stimulate the production of the hormones of happiness — endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These hormones are natural antidepressants. In 2002, British scientists conducted a study among people who had animals and found out that most of them (75%) felt happy. Also, the participants claimed that communicating with pets made them feel less lonely.

Fact № 3: Dog owners have a lower risk of having a stroke.

A study shows that dog owners who had a heart attack survive the next year 4 times more often than people who don’t have dogs. In a different study, scientists from Brooklyn College found that dog owners have better heart rate variability findings (the measure of heart attack risk) compared to non-owners.

Fact № 4: Dog owners have a lower cholesterol level.

Studies show that dog owners have a lower cholesterol level. There is no explanation for this phenomenon at the moment, but maybe it’s because dog owners are simply more physically active.

Fact № 5: It’s easier for dog owners to lose weight.

Only 20% of the population of the planet spend 30 minutes on physical exercise every day. So, a sedentary lifestyle makes people more obese and more susceptible to heart conditions and diabetes. There was a study that proved the obvious: dog owners have more physical activity because they have to walk them and play with them.

Fact № 6: Dog owners tolerate pain better.

According to scientists from Washington State University, dogs help people relax and switch the focus of their attention to them, which helps to relieve pain and make it less acute.

Fact № 7: Dog owners get better sleep.

The results of this study show that 41% of dog owners who let their pets sleep in bed with them sleep longer and better. The participants claimed that they sleep better and are more calm because their pets are near them.

Fact № 8: Dog owners have a lower risk of having allergies.

Around 50 million Americans have some allergies and pet fur is one of the most common reasons. It seems a little strange but pets can actually decrease the risk of having an allergy. The results of the study published by Medical News Today in 2015 claims that if children have contact with animals at an early age, their immune system becomes stronger and less susceptible to developing an allergy.

Fact № 9: Dog owners have better psychological health.

According to some data, psychological diseases develop in about 20% of adults in the U.S., and depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are the most common ones. Despite the fact that pets can’t cure these diseases, studies show that they can make life easier. 60% of people with serious psychological disorders claim that their pet can control their emotions, make their depression lighter, and decrease their anxiety.

Fact № 10: Dog owners are more communicative.

Studies show that dog owners start conversations with other people more often than non-owners. Also, these people usually get to know their neighbors faster. And 40% of the participants said that they got some kind of help from the people they met thanks to having a dog.

Do you have a dog? Would you like to get one or is there a reason why you can’t get a dog? Tell us in the comment section below.

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These Celebrity Wedding Disasters Prove Money Can't Fix Drama


It’s nearly impossible to have a wedding day free of the occasional drunk uncle or ripped bridesmaid dress. And when you’re a celebrity, you have to imagine, the pricier the wedding, the higher the stakes for disaster. It could be something as simple as flubbed lines during the vows, or it could be Mother Nature showing she doesn’t discriminate against A-listers. Either way, these celeb wedding mishaps should offer you some sense of comfort about the pitfalls of your own big day.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen


Freddie Prinze Junior and Sarah Michelle Gellar


Mario Lopez and Ali Landry


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively


Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild


Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Jessica Simpson and Eric Comrie


Princess Diana and Prince Charles


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Source : https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/11/05/ZGqdaE/celebrity-wedding-disasters

18 Couples Who Prove Love Changes People for the Better

They say appearance doesn’t matter if you are in love. When the feelings are their peak, many couples make promises to each other to love each other forever and in any guise. But are you ready to become better for your second half? The couples in this article have proven by their own example that there is nothing impossible when you are working toward your goal together.

Bright Side will show you 18 couples who inspired each other to lose weight. They managed to attain incredible results together.

1. You can see the story of an incredible transformation. 3 years have passed between these 2 photos.

2. Danny and Lexi have lost almost 440 pounds over a year. Their common weight was almost 770 pounds at the time of their wedding, but it didn’t bother them at all. However, soon after they got married they learned that if they didn’t lose weight, they wouldn’t be able to have a baby. Their results are impressive!

3. This couple got into perfect physical shape over one year and started to look 10+ years younger. All because of a New Year’s resolution they made on New Year’s Eve.

4. This couple completely changed their lifestyle over 2 years. And it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been mutually supporting each other.

5. In 2013, this couple decided that it was high time to start living a healthy lifestyle. After one year, they lost 330 pounds together and started to look stunning.

6. These guys got into great shape before their wedding. We think they probably received an excess amount of compliments on that day.

7. This couple set a goal to lose weight at an age when most people prefer to ignore their physical shape. Together they lost 130 pounds in less than a year.

8. Haley Smith loved sweets her entire life. But after her boyfriend proposed to her, she promised that she’d change for the better. It was hard to recognize her after 6 months!

9. Sometimes couples lose weight after their wedding, instead of gaining it. The result for this couple is a loss of 330 pounds between the 2 of them.

10. The most difficult thing was to control their appetite and swap bad eating habits for healthy ones. But the result was worth it! They lost more than 500 pounds together over 2 years.

11. It’s hard to recognize these guys. They gave up their bad habits (alcohol and midnight snacks) and started to play sports regularly. He lost 110 pounds thanks to the support of his beloved girl, who also benefitted from this new healthy lifestyle.

12. This guy is just happy that his girlfriend won in a difficult struggle to get a perfectly shaped body.

13. Who said it’s impossible to lose weight after having 2 kids? These guys proved just the opposite and lost 110 pounds together.

14. A couple in love lost 330 pounds combined in a short period of time together. This extreme weight loss left its trace — a big amount of extra skin. Now they are raising funds to be able to get plastic surgeries.

15. When these guys met, they were far from being perfect but they managed to change for each other. Love definitely makes magic.

16. Becoming true athletes instead of simply losing weight, especially after having a baby, are results one can only feel proud of.

17. 3 years have passed between the first and the second photos. They managed to lose 220 pounds combined.

18. The main thing in reaching your goal is to be consistent and never give up.

Have you ever tried to lose weight with your partner? Or are you the ones who have been leading a healthy lifestyle for your entire lives? Please share your stories with us in the comments!

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9 Scenes That Prove Ross Was Definitely the Funniest 'Friend'


Happy birthday, David Schwimmer! Though he’s been acting since the late ’80s and has made memorable appearances since on shows like The Wonder Years, Will and Grace, and even American Crime Story, David’s undoubtedly best remembered for his portrayal of nerdy paleontologist Ross Gellar in NBC’s hit show, Friends.

And even though many fans were obsessed with characters like Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Ross is unfortunately often overlooked — despite the fact that he’s the absolutely funniest. Sure, Chandler had his fair share of knee-slapping one liners and Phoebe had her own brand of quirky humor, but Ross’ best scenes stand up all these years later.

To celebrate David Schwimmer’s 52nd birthday, let’s take a look at all the time Ross Gellar was objectively the most hilarious friend.

1. He owned a pet monkey.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still have a stuffed monkey named Marcel, 24 years after Friends came out. When Ross’s friend rescued Marcel from a lab, Friends fans welcomed the addition to the cast. 

Despite Google not being a thing back then, Ross was able to take great care of his monkey, who proves to be just as goofy as him. For one, his favorite song is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” and he knows exactly how to go about making sure it’s always playing.

He also trolls the Friends constantly by ingeniously changing their TV to Spanish.

2. He was stunningly fashion-forward.


It’s a New Year’s resolution we’re all familiar with — trying new things. When Ross tries to jump aboard the resolution train and try a new thing every day, he got himself into a pretty sticky situation.

Ross ends up wearing leather pants to a first date and his sartorial choice goes totally wrong when his nerves get the best of him and he ends up a sweaty mess. Cue Ross calling Joey for advice on removing them from the bathroom, where he’s hiding: “Joey, I need some help … the lotion and the powder have made a paste.”

Never a good idea to call Joey for advice.

3. He was a great parent.


As a father, no other Friends character was more hands-on. There was the time Ross tried to teach his son Ben about his Jewish heritage by dressing up and delivering presents as the “Holiday Armadillo.” 

And who could forget the time he discovered baby Emma’s favorite song was Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” and proceeded to sing it during the entirety of an episode to put her to sleep.

4. Even when he wasn’t.


For all the times he shone as an exceptional father, Ross had his fair share of parental mishaps as well. Like the time he created a fake Ben out of his clothing and a jack-o-lantern in order to pretend he was too busy to help Rachel pack and move out of Monica’s apartment.

5. He was a really supportive friend.


Sure, he often wanted to try his paleontology lectures on his buddies, but who could blame him? No one minded when Joey broke into his Drake Ramore voice. 

When you look past his nerdiness, he’s actually a really generous friend. He bought back a $200 dog statue for Joey, even though it was objectively ugly. And remember the time he bought Phoebe a bike and patiently taught her how to ride it? He even tried to get on her level:

Ross: This bike wants to be ridden, and if you don’t ride it, you’re killing its spirit! The bike is dying!

Phoebe: All right. If you care enough to make up that load of crap, OK.

Ross: Great! You’re making the bike very happy.

Phoebe: (sarcastically) Okay Ross! *whispers to the bike* Please don’t die!

6. He was an expert flirt.


If you ever want to seal the deal without being too crass or forthright, may we suggest this very successful fake anecdote Joey tells Ross to use on a date?

You might be very familiar with how it starts: “I was just outside of Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo and I came to this clearing and there was this lake, very secluded, tall trees all around. It was dead silent. Gorgeous. Across the lake, I saw this beautiful girl just washing herself. But she was crying…”

7. He mastered accents.


When Ross got appointed to be a professor at NYU, he tried out his first lecture on the Friends, who made him nervous and self-conscious because they found it so boring. 

Eager to impress the students on his first day, he suddenly decided to lecture in a painfully fake British accent, which Monica and Rachel walk in on him performing. The two manage to convince Ross to slowly phase the accent out, which only causes more questions to arise among his students.

8. He tried to teach Rachel and Phoebe self-defense.


Unagi, anyone? After Rachel and Phoebe took a self-defense class, Ross decided it would be in their best interest to test their skills. After all, he had an extensive background in “kara-tay.”

Being the nerd that he is, Ross tried to impart the wisdom of “unagi,” which according to him, is a “total state of awareness.” Of course, the girls made fun of him, leading Ross to trying to scare them — which ends up in Rachel and Phoebe pinning him to the floor, yelling at him to “say we are unagi!”

9. He stood out as a musician.


Of all his many talents, his musical abilities are definitely the most shocking — even to his friends, from whom he kept his skills a secret.

So when Ross shared with the group that he was once very passionate about playing the keyboard, they insisted on hearing his musical renditions. Who knew Ross Gellar was such an avant-garde artist? Before playing his “wordless sound poem,” he disclosed it was about “communicating very private emotions.” 

Phoebe was obviously his biggest fan, and convinced him to even showcase his talents at Central Perk. 

Happy birthday, David Schwimmer! Here’s to another 52 years of laughing at Ross.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/10/29/CrfcI/david-schwimmer-2018

25 Photos That Prove Men Are Experts at Spending Time Wisely

It seems men know how to live according to their own rules way better than women. They never look at other people and worry about what impression they might be making. Each photo from this compilation proves that life is full of eternal fun in any conditions for fathers, brothers, and husbands.

Bright Side has learned once again that the representatives of the strong half of humanity know how to spend time in an unforgettable way.

“My husband found a better use for my birthday present.”

Lucky skateboarder

“I took at least 200 pics on a safari ride. This is the only pic my husband took.”

Dog master, or how to make 11 animals sit calmly in front of a camera:

Here’s a life hack for those whose work is boring and mundane but they want fame anyway:

It seems he decided to cool down a little bit.

When you think your costume is good enough and you are not bothered about it at all:

A selfie in an elevator full of people might be actual torture for some people, but not for this calm guy.

An unexpected and nice Lara Croft cosplay

“This is my favorite mug. I got it at a thrift store and have no idea who these people are.”

When you like “Metallica” and don’t care about what the world might think of you:

When you don’t have a dog but need to breathe fresh air anyway:

This guy brought his gaming super computer into the public library, in several suitcases.

Every man is a kid inside who wants to take a good run and dive into the sea.

When your insurance company asked for a photo from the scene of the accident:

This guy knows what photos to take so that they will be looked at more than once a year.

When you decided to trick nature:

“Went out to a carnival one night. Found my best friend.”

There’s so much good material in antique shops.

“I didn’t get to dress up because my husband stole my costume.”

“My husband was lying on the sand for 20 minutes waiting for the crab to emerge so he could get the perfect shot.”

That’s what happens when you ask your husband to help with the cleaning. The dog seems to be happy to help its owner.

They got out of their vehicle to order food wearing neon green Mickey Mouse ears.

“My buddy’s basement flooded so he made the best of it.”

When you decide to take a cool photo for Instagram:

Which stories about men and their knowledge of “real fun” are you aware of? Please share them with us in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/25-photos-that-prove-men-are-experts-at-spending-time-wisely-635760/

21 Heartwarming Family Photos That Prove Genes Can Work Wonders

When a child is born, the family starts to argue over whether or not the baby looks more like the dad or the mom. The relatives start looking for similarities between the baby and the parents. But sometimes, you don’t even need to look for them because a child and a parent at the same age are practically the same. Just like the people from this compilation.

We at Bright Side are amazed at how lazy nature sometimes is when it just copies a person it had already made before. It can be unbelievable!

1. Mother and daughter at the same age

2. Even the look can be inherited from a great-grandmother.

3. “My mother and me, both at age 15.”

4. “My dad and I at the same age (28)”

5. When even the facial expression is the same:

6. Mother and son

7. “My mother and I at the same age, taken exactly 30 years apart. There’s really only one major difference.”

8. “My son and I at the same age…”

9. Charming father and son

10. “Me with my father”

11. “My son and I at the same age. I was dressed up for Halloween, he’s just doing him.”

12. The best gift for a man is a son who looks like him.

13. They even support the same team…

14. A daughter is exactly like her father.

15. “Recreated a 30-year-old photo of my dad with me at 5 weeks old. Here is me and my daughter also at 5 weeks. Note: I don’t usually wear a mustache.”

16. The children in this family are really serious…

17. These dimples and these eyes:

18. Daughters from different generations

19. The happiest family we’ve ever seen!

20. “My father and I at the same age, 30 years apart.”

21. “My mom commissioned this dress for me (left) when I was 3 years old. An 80-year-old woman made it for me. I’ve had both of my daughters photographed at the same age. I plan on having my one-year-old photographed in it once it fits her also.”

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Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-family-and-kids/21-heartwarming-family-photos-that-prove-genes-can-work-wonders-635110/