Why Are Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone so Perfect in Everything They Do Together?


There are some things that just go together perfectly and we really don’t know why. Like peas and carrots. Peanut butter and strawberry jam. Marshmallows with melted chocolate and graham crackers. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Seriously, try and find me a better on-screen couple from the past decade or so with a more consistent electrifying chemistry that these two have together when they’re in a movie together. I’ll watch anything if the two of them are starring in it, even if it’s a drama about a pencil factory.

Thankfully, the movies the two of these ridiculously talented stars have been featured in had much more interesting premises (unless lead-based writing utensils are sort of your thing), let’s just take a look at the best moments from the three films they were all in together.

Crazy, Stupid, Love


First off, we need to just talk about the ensemble greatness that this cast packs. You’ve got Steve Carrell, who casually rolls out of a car in the beginning of the movie. You’ve got Julianne Moore, who plays Carrell’s wife who’s fallen out of love with the dude. Marisa Tomei also makes an appearance in the film, as does a little actor who managed to make Footloose a cool movie — I’m talking about the Hollowman himself, Kevin Bacon.

What’s crazy is that as amazing as everyone’s performance in the movie was, along with an excellent script (I seriously didn’t see that she was Steve’s daughter at the end), Emma and Ryan totally stole the show.


Yes, there were comics and cartoons and many longform articles dedicated to Ryan’s abs in the film and how much of a heartthrob he was. But what trumped that was how absolutely darling of a couple the two of them were.

When they stayed up all night talking, you felt like you were experiencing one of those magical nights with someone yourself. When they did the Dirty Dancing jump, you wish there was a pair of big strong arms to hold you up as “The Time of My Life” plays in the background. The two are just utterly delightful and I’ve rarely rooted for two people more.


Gangster Squad


Talking about films with excellent ensemble casts, Gangster Squad has an assortment of talent that isn’t anything to sneeze at either with Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Michael Pena, and of course, Ryan and Emma.

Sure, we loved them as a romantic comedy duo in Crazy, Stupid, Love but that same on-screen chemistry definitely transferred over into a completely different genre. The scenes with Ryan and Emma were arguably the best parts of Gangster Squad, and this is coming from a dude who loves movies set in old-timey Hollywood with Tommy guns.


La La Land


The film was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, and sure, a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was clearly created by the hands of a more-than-capable director, and it was a deftly handled musical romance packing slick visuals and heartstring-tugging plot points.

But the chemistry between Ryan and Emma was the star of the show. To sell the idea that two people are madly in love with each other, and to be hit with the full weight of palpable tragedy when things just “didn’t pan out” for some reason is what made La La Land so memorable.


In fact, I, along with other people who I viewed the film with, were flabbergasted when these two characters didn’t end up together. Their chemistry was so strong that I wasn’t really buying that they weren’t “meant to be” and that they couldn’t make a long distance relationship work out.

Or maybe it’s just because I’m such a firm believer in Emma and Ryan being together on camera that I couldn’t accept them not being an item as a final eventuality. Here’s hoping they’re in even more projects in the future because they’re just a delight to watch.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/10/31/dNwz/ryan-gosling-emma-stone-movies

Emma Chamberlain Is Imperfectly Perfect, and That’s Why She’s a YouTube Star


In case you didn’t know, Emma Chamberlain is a name that is synonymous with the world of YouTube. At just 17 years old, she has branded herself as an internet sensation after securing millions of followers and social media engagements from fans that only A-list celebrities dream of. 

The social media star started creating content for YouTube last year, and seems to have become an overnight success. Her videos, which showcase her funny and relatable personality, instantly became a hit with audiences around the world. Her content mostly consists of videos that she taped on her iPhone (before she bought a camera) walking fans through her everyday life. 

Emma has also capitalized on her success by posting videos with other YouTube stars. For example, she befriended beauty vlogger James Charles, as well as the comedic social media stars, the Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson. These stars not only appear in each others’ videos, but you can also see the genuine friendship between the foursome. 


However, some fans have speculated that there is more than friendship happening with Emma and one half of the Dolan Twin duo. 

So, is Emma dating Ethan Dolan?

Longtime fans of the YouTube stars are convinced that Emma and Ethan are in fact dating. Though the two have never confirmed or denied more than a platonic relationship, fans gathered up some internet proof that makes it seem as though the two are definitely an item. 

While Emma was being interviewed by Forbes’ Tom Ward in her Los Angeles apartment, fans noticed that there was a photo of Emma and Ethan hanging on the wall. In the photo, the two were shown hugging.


Though hugging does not equal a full-blown romance, there is some other evidence to this dating rumor. Per their Instagram, the pair spent the 4th of July together, and Ethan even posted a picture of (girlfriend?) Emma. If you’re a Dolan Twin fan, you know that posting pictures on their social media with girls is something of a norm. 

While we may never know if the two are officially dating until one of them opens up about it on YouTube, we do know that their overall friendship is #goals!

Here’s why you also need to follow Emma Chamberlain on Twitter… 

If you think her YouTube videos are hysterical, than it is a must to follow Emma on Twitter. Not only does she engage with her fans on the platform, but you can see her having regular conversations with other social media stars.

What makes Emma different from the rest is that her personality really shines through on the app. Whether she’s cracking jokes about herself or commenting on something viral happening on the internet, you can always expect Emma to give her honest opinion, with a side order of comedy.


How to dress like Emma Chamberlain

It’s no secret that Emma has made a brand off of being atypical. Her style is more tomboy than LA, and that’s why fans (and we) are obsessed! In her early videos, Emma would walk fans through her experience thrifting. 

For fall, Emma told Fashionista that she is really into the ’90s vibe. She loves wearing mom jeans, Nike socks, and Air Force 1 sneakers. Her style also speaks to her personality — easy-going. Basically, she loves to feel comfortable. “I’ve been really digging wearing either Doc Martens or Air Force 1s with a huge hoodie and shorts under it. It’s so comfortable,” she said. For all of her style inspiration, follow her Instagram, or visit her YouTube channel. She frequently posts videos related to her fashion and style.

What is Emma’s skincare routine?

In the today’s digital age, it’s common to see “picture perfect” content. What we mean is that everyone has flawless makeup, a killer wardrobe, a fitness model body, and amazingly clear skin. However, why fans love Emma is because she shows you her true self. She’s a 17-year-old girl, and doesn’t take to Photoshop to hide her insecurities. 


Instead, she embraces her insecurities with her millions of fans. Like many teenagers, Emma has struggled with acne and has been open about using different creams and products to help clear her breakouts. Back in May, she revealed that she uses Curology, which after a few months helped to fight her breakouts. 

After only one year of posting YouTube videos, Emma is already one of the biggest stars. She creates content that not only speaks to fans on a personal level, but makes her feel like your best friend.

Source : https://undefined/entertainment/2018/10/22/kBI5Y/emma-chamberlain-youtube

10 Everyday Things That Are Perfect for Giving First Aid

In 2017, a New York company of “smart” medical aid kits not only started to sell first aid kits but also started to give consultations on how to perform first aid. Unfortunately, it can happen that in an emergency situation you might not even have a standard first aid kit. The good news is that things that seem trivial at first glance can actually be of great help.

Bright Side decided to figure out which ordinary things are suitable for giving first aid and can help in an emergency situation.

1. Juice or milk

With a burn, it’s necessary to cool down the affected area as quickly as possible. Experts recommend doing it with the help of running tap water within 10-15 minutes — no less than that. However, in a case where there is no tap nearby, any cold and harmless liquid can help. For example, milk, juice etc. But don’t apply anything oily like vegetable oil to the damaged skin.

2. Plastic product bags

After cooling down the burnt area, wrap it with a plastic film in order to prevent an infection. Plastic bags from food or frozen products can help. These materials won’t stick to the damaged surface of the skin and will create a necessary protective barrier against microbes.

3. Diapers and panty liners

These hygiene products can be an excellent dressing material because they have the perfect absorbing properties.

4. Sugar

In order to remove pain from a tongue that has been burnt with a hot drink, you can use ordinary sugar. Just apply some sugar to the tongue and wait for several minutes until it dissolves. Sugar reduces the burning sensation and contributes to the restoration of the taste buds.

5. Bra

A traditional and non-silicone bra can become a temporary protective mask if you’re caught in smoke. Bra cups made of breathable materials can filter out smoke and dust that can prevent normal breathing.

6. Oatmeal

In order to get rid of itchiness caused by a sunburn, taking a 15-minute warm bath adding 200g of oatmeal. Just place it in a small, clean bag or a sock and tie it up to the faucet letting the bathwater run through it.

7. Tea bags

Not only can tea help to remove eyelid swelling, but thanks to the tannins that it contains, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and can remove irritation after insect bites. Brew a tea bag, cool it down, and apply it to the bitten area until the itchiness stops.

8. PVA glue

This is a good method used to remove splinters that are not very deep, especially in small kids who tend to get freaked out when they see a needle or tweezers. Apply a little PVA glue to the splinter as well as the skin around it and let it dry. Then remove the dried layer of the glue from the skin and it should also pull the splinter out.

9. Plastic syringe

These measuring syringes are usually placed in boxes with liquid drugs for kids and they can also be used for removing splinters. Put it on the skin, placing the edge of the splinter into the hole. Then, quickly pull the piston part. You should then see the splinter inside the syringe if you did it properly.

10. Superglue

If there is no adhesive, no bandages, or any other means for treating wounds in an emergency situation, for example during a repair or at some construction site, you can use superglue. It can tighten the edges of the wound when applied to a dry and smooth cut or dissection. It can be used only in small amounts and only on small wounds that are not actively bleeding. Don’t use superglue on the face, on insect bites, on sores, in places that bend like the inner or outer side of the elbow. You can read more details here.

Are you aware of any other life hacks where you can use ordinary, everyday items as first aid? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-health/10-everyday-things-that-are-perfect-for-giving-first-aid-630560/

15 Crazy Photographers Who Did Everything to Get the Perfect Shot

When we see a beautiful photo, we are amazed by the photographer’s talent. These professionals can choose the right moment, find the right place, and set the right light. But we rarely think about the other things they had to do to take a certain photo.

Bright Side shares a compilation of photos with you where you can see what photographers sometimes have to do just to take a couple of beautiful shots.
















Have you ever done something crazy to take a picture? Tell us in the comment section below.

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7 Japanese Exercises That Are Perfect for the Female Body

Did you know that Japanese women have been holding the world record for longevity for more than 25 years? They do not get old and amaze the world with their ideal physical shape. It is no wonder since exercising (supported by healthy eating) is one of the great secrets of perfection in Japanese culture.

Bright Side wants to introduce you to some exercises developed by Katsuzō Nishi that help women fill their body with energy and get in shape.

Katsuzō was a Japanese boy that was in very poor health. When he turned 20 he was diagnosed with a deadly disease. But he did not give up, he instead developed his own original system of health building, and lived to the age of 75. Don’t forget to check the bonus section for more useful information!

1. Reed in the wind

This exercise helps to increase blood flow to the legs and prevents tired, aching legs.

  • Lie on your stomach. The surface must be hard.
  • Bend your knees. Relax and imagine that your legs are reeds swayed by the wind.
  • Wave your relaxed legs trying to reach your buttock with your heels. You may not be able to do this for some time, so keep trying. Perform this exercise every day and you will see results.

2. A leaf

The exercise helps to improve posture and cerebral circulation.

  • Lie on your back with your face turned up. The surface must be hard.
  • Relax and imagine that your body is empty and light.
  • Bend your knees. Do not lift your feet. To do so, slowly pull the feet to your buttocks as closely as possible.
  • Slowly lift your head up and try to reach your knees with your palms. Do not lift your spine bone.
  • Once you reach your knees with your palms, lift your head up and check that your spine is in a horizontal position.
  • Stay in this pose as long as you can. Imagine that energy is coming through your head.
  • Return to the initial position and relax.

3. A boat

Women benefit from this exercise during their post-delivery period when their muscles become weaker. It also improves balance, digestion and helps to lose unwanted stomach weight.

  • Lie on your back placing your legs together and your arms alongside your body with the palms turned down.
  • Count to 4 and lift your legs with your toes stretched upward.
  • At the same time, lift your upper body up with straight arms. Touch your knees with the fingers.
  • Stay in this position until you feel tired.
  • Repeat up to 10 times depending on your physical shape.

4. A willow branch

The willow branch exercise effectively helps to decrease back pain, strengthen vessels and veins.

  • Stand tall. Spread your legs as wide as you can. Your feet must be parallel.
  • Focus on your body and imagine that it is weightless and empty.
  • Place your hands over the kidneys and pull your fingers together on your rump.
  • Slowly arch your back and bend your head back.
  • At the maximum level, relax your arms.
  • Slowly move left and right. Imagine that you’re a willow branch near a river.
  • When you feel a bit tired, return to the initial position with your hands over the kidneys.

5. The sky near the river

This exercise helps to lose stomach weight and is beneficial to the spine and blood circulatory system. It also helps to develop imagination and calm your mind.

  • Lie on your back. The surface must be hard. Relax your body.
  • Clasp your hands behind your head.
  • Slowly lift your body up to a sitting position.
  • Continue to bend your body to your legs as much as you can.
  • At the maximum level imagine that you are standing near a river. You are looking at the river and dissolving in it.
  • Slowly return to the initial position. Remember the feeling of dissolving.
  • Turn your eyes up and imagine that you are looking at the sky.

6. A vine

This exercise eases back and leg pain.

  • Stand tall.
  • Slowly massage your waist and imagine that your body is becoming flexible.
  • Gently (but with energy) bend over trying to reach the ground with your hands.
  • Return to the initial position and gently bend back as low as you can.
  • Return to the initial position and gently lean to the left and to the right.
  • Return to the initial position and relax.

7. Bowstring

The bowstring exercise reduces fat on thighs, relieves lower back pain, opens up the hips and improves respiration.

  • Start the position by kneeling.
  • Arch your back and grab your ankles with the hands.
  • Hold for up to 5 seconds and return to the initial position.
  • Repeat up to 10 times depending on your age and general condition.

Bonus: These exercises are especially beneficial for women suffering from ovary disorders.

This exercise stretches the hips, abdomen, and back, releases tension in the ovaries, massages and stimulates the organs in the belly, creates emotional balance, relieves stress, and calms the mind.

  • Start on your hands and knees with your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.
  • Imagine a straight line connecting your shoulders and hips. Keep your neck long.

  • Exhale and round your spine toward the ceiling. Make sure that your shoulders and knees maintain their position. Release your head toward the floor, but do not force your chin to your chest.

  • Inhale and return to the initial position.

  • Repeat up to 20 times.

This exercise improves blood circulation, firms thighs, hips, and buttocks, and relieves constipation. Women with uterus and ovary disorders can also benefit from it.

  • Lie on your stomach. Put your arms along your body with the palms down. Your legs must be placed at 15 cm width.
  • Stretch your toes and lift one leg up at 15 cm in height. Don’t move the second leg.
  • Hold for a few seconds and return to the initial position.
  • Repeat up to 50 times for each leg.

Do you like these exercises? What kinds of sports do you prefer? Share your comments below.

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for BrightSide.me

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-health/7-japanese-exercises-that-are-perfect-for-the-female-body-623560/

22 Clever Ideas for Multi-Functional Furniture That Are Perfect for Small Spaces

Today, multi-functional convertible furniture is getting more and more popular among people who live in small apartments and those who live in big houses. The reason is simple: these stylish pieces of furniture make our homes more spacious and comfortable. These consist of wardrobes that turn into tables and beds or dressers that transform into dining tables.

Bright Side wants to show you 22 pieces of furniture that can change their shape while still remaining stylish and useful.

22. A multi-functional bed

21. A seat that turns into a bed in just 2 seconds

20. All in 1: shelves, a table, a bed, and bedside shelves

19. A big dining table that turns into a coffee table

18. Even a shelf can change its shape!

17. A table and chairs hanging on the wall

16. A convertible couch

15. A couch that transforms into bunk beds in 10 seconds

14. A smart wardrobe that turns into a bed

13. A dresser that turns into a great dining table

12. The space under the stairs can be utilized too.

11. A hidden working place

10. A hidden minibar

9. Armrests can be multi-functional too.

8. Have you ever seen a walking table?

7. Another transforming dining table

6. An awesome rotating system for your TV

5. A shelf can be a table.

4. A hidden entrance to a room

3. Probably the best cloakroom ever!

2. A wardrobe that can be changed around

1. A great convertible sofa

Which piece of furniture do you like the most? Tell us about it!

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-design/22-clever-ideas-for-multi-functional-furniture-that-are-perfect-for-small-spaces-620960/

Guy Sums up the Texts Replies Girls Give When They're Mad and It's Perfect


Modern communication is all about emojis and texts, leading to a generation of carpal tunnel, thumb-twitching, forward-leaning, screen-tapping messengers who view phone calls as monstrous, unappealing chores.

There are pros and cons to this type of communication. The pros are that there’s really no “What did you just say?” type of action going on in whatever discourse you find yourself currently engaged in. If you want to know what someone just said, simply re-read the message.

You can also sneak messages in during movies, other conversations with people, or standing online somewhere, without the fear of someone else honing in on your conversation (unless they’re a rubber-necking creep) or having to hear what you’re saying.


But the downside of texting is that you don’t know when people are being sarcastic or not — you’ve got no cues for tone. Like, I don’t know if someone is actually telling me they like the Point Break remake (whatever that is) or they’re ridiculing the film for the garbage it is. If it even existed, because, like I said, I don’t know what movie that is.

This fact of text communication has never been more true than when Twitter user @TommySobieski gathered up all of the most common replies that girls text back when they’re upset with you/done with you/mad at you. And they’re all spot on.


Why does “honestly nevermind” send chills up and down my spine? And not the good kind. Holy moly that is some bone-chilling stuff. Have fun is a close second too, just because it has the word “fun” in it — pure sadism.

Despite Tommy’s excellent, comprehensive, and very important tweet regarding modern text-iquette going viral, some people did find that his list of replies had some room for improvement. Or room for tweaking, rather.


There was this major distinction between “okay” and “ok.” Now this is where texting can actually sometimes tell you more than a phone call — by analyzing the different ways a word is spelled and considering the situation in which it’s used, you can tell a lot about how someone’s currently feeling.


And what ended up happening was Tommy inadvertently started a massive thread on the nuances of the replies that girls use when responding to texts. Someone brought up the “K” that’ll shake anyone down to their core. If you’ve ever received a “K” (may God have mercy on your soul), then my heart goes out to you.


It was unanimously agreed upon among pretty much everyone on the thread that being on the receiving end of this single letter is a nightmare scenario that should be avoided at all costs. But believe it or not, there’s something that’s even worse than getting “K.” Another variation is straight murder.


Yes that’s right, the lowercase “k,” when combined with a period, is the most savage  “You done messed up now” indicators of text messaging anger, ever. If you thought the uppercase was bad, well, just know that any relationship is pretty much un-salvageable if you get the dreaded “k.”

But if you find yourself in any of these situations where you need to deal with one of these terse replies and dig yourself out of it, then do yourself a favor and refrain from using any of these replies.


Ellena joined the fray and mapped out the typical responses that boys give right back to these texts. It’s a game of psychological textual warfare that doesn’t result in any victors, just a bunch of people who are constipated with anger and staring down at their phones.


The best is when people decided to extend Tommy’s original list well beyond the first eight entries. As it turns out, there are tons of ways to tell someone that you’re done with them over text. They all share one thing in common though: They’re written nicely, but their curtness lets you know something is gravely wrong.


Just reading these are giving me anxiety and having me check my phone nervously right now to re-read the texts I may have received from my wife. You know, just in case I did anything wrong. Because every time I do, texts are the first way I hear of it.


Other runners-up include “Mhm,”http://undefined/”Im done,”http://undefined/”Im tired,”http://undefined/”Nothing,” and “No youre fine.” Again, these are all terrible, but I do think that there are some that are worse than others. A “nothing,” for example, is almost like an open invitation to un-mess up whatever you did to make that person angry in the first place.


I think a lot of these miscommunications can be better handled if you just up and decide to call someone on the phone and hash out whatever problems you have in real-time, rather than waiting for follow-up messages that may or may not be passive-aggressive. But what do I know? I’m over 30 years old.

Source : https://undefined/relationships/2018/10/04/2pWwnS/replies-girls-give-mad

20 Tourists Who Weren’t Lucky Enough to Get the Perfect Vacation Photo

We are all guilty of taking clichéd tourist photos when traveling: pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, holding the Statue of Liberty on one’s palm, kissing the Great Sphinx of Giza, and so on. When our failed vacation pics go viral, the internet has no mercy. When food blogger Yves Van de Ven posted the picture of his fingers missing the top of the Eiffel tower, he got over 100 uploads of the “improved” picture in the most comical ways. The heroes of this compilation were brave enough to post their failed pictures to teach us a lesson and save our future shots.

Here at Bright Side, we had a good laugh at these vacation photos and we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Was it actually the Cypress tree he was going to “lick,” we wonder?

2. Now we know that dolphins are not always friendly…

3. One of the disadvantages of traveling alone is asking strangers to take photos of you.

4. “Sometimes we hold on tight to the wrong things.”

5. “Friendly advice if you’re going to have your picture taken in front of a green screen: don’t wear green!”

6. Alright, but where are their bodies?

7. Strong wind ruining your hairdo is the price to pay for a shot in the mountains.

8. “This is the result when I asked my boyfriend to take a picture. Can’t stop laughing.”

9. The Eiffel Tower looks gorgeous!

10. “When your mom tries to take a panorama picture.”

11. When a charismatic monkey becomes the center of the photograph:

12. This was supposed to be a picture of the Statue of Liberty. They even climbed up the curb for a good shot!

13. So many different emotions in one shot!

14. “My wife’s hair after 15 minutes in −20ºF (-29ºC) while basking in some hot springs.”

15. Let’s be honest. We all have those “finger photos.”

16. When on a safari tour, beware of emus…

17. …and horses!

18. “Taking a picture with my girlfriend in Berlin, when out of nowhere…”

19. When feeding animals, make sure you have enough food for everyone…

20. A sudden wave can ruin your picture, but it can make it much more emotional, as well!

Which of the pictures made you laugh the loudest? Do you have vacation shots that failed in such a hilarious way? Feel free to share your impressions and pictures in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/20-tourists-who-werent-lucky-enough-to-get-the-perfect-vacation-photo-610060/

Scientists Won the Nobel Prize for a Formula That Helps Everyone Find Their Perfect Partner

In 1962, 2 scientists developed a formula of love with the help of which harmonious couples of different men and women can be established. The formula was finalized by a third scientist who won the Nobel Prize in 2012.

Bright Side found out how to find a suitable partner without betraying one’s own expectations.

Step 1: Define what traits of the other person are important to you.

Divide a piece of paper into 2 columns. In the first column, write down 5 traits your possible partner should possess. In the second column, write 5 traits that you won’t be able to stand.

Step 2: Choose those who fit those requirements by 99%.

Among everyone you know, choose the most attractive person in accordance with your list. Perhaps, Lady Luck will smile at you immediately and you’ll find the love of your life at once. The main thing is that you should also suit the other person’s expectations.

Step 3: What you should do if you are rejected:

If you were rejected by your chosen person, then choose the next person who you like and who possesses the necessary set of traits. Don’t forget to work on yourself to increase your own appeal in the eyes of your potential partner.

Step 4: Don’t settle for less and don’t return to your past.

Choose only those potential partners who possess at least 75% of the positive traits on your list. Then there is a high probability that when the initial state of passion ends, your mutual love will stay. Don’t yield to temptations and pressure from those around you.

If your relationship ends, start with step 1. Enjoy being by yourself and make the circle of your acquaintances wider.

How does it work for different people?

Let’s imagine a group of 3 women and 3 men. This is what their lists look like:

Each of them knows exactly what their list of preferences in their potential partners is like. Lisa and Zoe like all 3 men while Sonya likes only 2 men. While Arny likes only Sonya.

In the beginning, each of the women shows her attraction to the man that’s at the top of her list.

The men do the same.

Unfortunately, there are no couples so far because there is no mutual attraction. Now the women show that they’re attracted to the second man on their list.

The men also widen their preferences and approach the second ladies from their lists. Arny is still interested only in Sonya.

If a woman is approached by 2 men from her list, she will choose the one who is first on her list.

For example, Lisa was immediately attracted to Mark although she was second on his list. As for Mark, his favorite was Zoe, but she doesn’t agree to date him because he is her last preference. That is why Mark approaches both Zoe and Lisa.

Nick approached Lisa from the very beginning. But he wasn’t her favorite. That is why when Mark, her number one, starts courting her, this couple is formed.

As a result, 2 couples are established:

Sonya didn’t find a suitable partner who is apparently not among those 3. Arny also couldn’t date Sonya, so he is temporarily alone.

That’s how dating websites work. Some people you exclude immediately, others you just talk to, and you meet with only those who are your favorites.

The secret of this formula is that it includes the requirements of both parties. A man forms a couple only with the woman who is ultimately interested in their union.

Nowadays, this algorithm is used in schools in their selection of students, medical doctors’ assignments to hospitals, and even in the search for kidney donors.

Do you find this formula useful for your everyday life? Tell us in the comments below.

Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for BrightSide.me

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-relationships/scientists-won-the-nobel-prize-for-a-formula-that-helps-everyone-find-their-perfect-partner-609260/

31 People Who Pulled off Having Zero Taste with Perfect Execution


Just because somebody put a lot of effort into something doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily good. Take a look at the 50 Shades movies. They had full production crews, cast meetings, script writes and re-writes, and well, we all saw how they ended up

There are times when people work super hard to execute their vision perfectly and pull it off, but the vision they’ve executed is utterly tasteless.

Like these folks who customized cars, pairs of shoes, or even tried starting beauty trends that made the internet let out a collective “WTF?” Below, some impeccable executions of questionable taste.


This funeral home’s flash drives.


This “bloody tampon” hash pipe.


Adidas High Heels.


This “cat mother” tattoo. What.


Farting bull attacking the Statue of Liberty sculpture.


The sneaker cycle.


This crystal skull sculpture.


This Corona Cake.


This “please sir, I want some more” lobby desk.


This intricate paint job.


These gross-looking “nature” themed nail designs.


These bluetooth speaker shoes.


The armadillo cake from ‘Steel Magnolias.’


This Prius limousine.


This modified Hyundai.


This “fat dragon” teapot.


This purple people-eater.


We could have a whole other list of people doing terrible things to cars.


Ocean blue Tims? No thanks.


These dolphins will improve your attempt at “Wonderwall.”


Take a poop on this, partner.


To infinite embarrassment and beyond!




This gun-guitar.


These denim couches.


This hand-ception nail job.


This Moe-Splay.


Hold it right there, partner.


Yarn Nails.


This “Statutory Grape” custom Lincoln Town Car.


This wood rendition of the greatest film pose of all time.

Source : https://undefined/humor/2018/09/17/Ul8vL/zero-taste-perfect-execution