20 Hilarious Christmas Trees That Will Put a Smile On Your Face

Throughout the world, people often decorate trees in celebration of Christmas and the new year. The tradition started in Germany and ever since then each country often adds their own little touch. In Mongolia, for example, New Year’s trees are decorated with money in hopes of inspiring financial success for the upcoming year. That said, some people take decorating a tree as a challenge to make people laugh.

Bright Side has collected some of the funniest Christmas trees that you just have to see for yourself!

1. This Christmas tree got Banksy-ed.

2. Say it with me now, “COOKIES!”

3. We promise he won’t melt when you hug him.

4. Some people think it should be fun in the sun on Christmas.

5. Even giant reptiles love the holidays.

6. People just start getting into the Christmas spirit earlier and earlier each year…

7. Maybe you should save that ornament for a larger tree?

8. In all fairness, the cats would have taken over the tree anyway.

9. I wonder how they got the plane to float like that?

10. Even villains like to get into the holiday spirit.

11. The marine biology students are in the Christmas spirit.

12. That’s not what I meant by Christmas tree skirt…

13. When you’re low on holiday funds but big on cleaning supplies…

14. I, for one, welcome our new cockatoo overlords.

15. Dude, you can really feel the holiday spirit this year.

16. An art major’s holiday season…I wonder if she’s tried ornament earrings?

17. When you let your 5-year-old niece take care of the Christmas decorations…

18. Let’s have a brief dedication to half-trees … because the cats will have their revenge next year.

19. I never trusted those shelf elves…

20. Please do not feed the Grinch, people!

Bonus: We seriously could have made an entire article out of Chris Pine trees.

Do you feel the Christmas spirit already? Would you like to recreate any of these unusual designs this year? Let us know what you think and share your Christmas tree photos in the comments below!

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What You Need to Check ASAP If You Have a Lump on Your Neck or Behind the Ear

Lumps on the neck or behind ears are a rather common issue. The ways we react to this problem differ from paying no attention to getting worried and anxious. In some cases, these lumps are caused by acne or lipomas and are not really dangerous. But there are cases when neck and ear lumps may signal more dangerous or even life-threatening health issues.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve studied the most common reasons for neck and ear lumps to appear, and here are the things you need to check first if you notice these lumps.

1. Have the lumps checked for cancerous cells.

Lumps on the neck toward the back may be caused by nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) being spread to the lymph nodes in the neck. These lumps are usually not painful, but they shouldn’t be ignored. Other symptoms of NPC may include impaired hearing, nasal blockages and nosebleeds, blurred vision, facial pain, or numbness and headaches. Even if you have no symptoms except for lumps on your neck, schedule a visit to a doctor to exclude the most severe cases.

Lumps behind the ears may also accompany some types of cancer, like skin cancer, for example, or can be caused by benign tumors. Both malignant and benign lumps may be painless and can grow in size with time or remain the same. No matter what size your lump is, consult your doctor to find out what the lump really is and have it treated or removed.

2. Have your lymphatic system checked.

When the lymphatic system breaks down, the lymph nodes become enlarged and swollen. This medical condition is known as lymphadenopathy. Our lymphatic system consists of lymph vessels and hundreds of lymph nodes that filter bacteria and other toxins from our bodies by trapping and destroying them.

Lymphadenopathy may cause the enlargement of lymph nodes in different parts of the body including the neck, the area around the ears, and under the arms. If you notice that any of your lymph nodes are enlarged and swollen, it’s better to visit a doctor no matter where the swollen nodes are located.

Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, under the arms, or in the groin are common symptoms of Hodgkin Lymphoma, the type of cancer that starts in white blood cells, or lymphocytes. Other symptoms of the disease may include night sweats, weight loss, fever, and a persistent cough. Even though in most cases swollen lymph nodes may be caused by infection, it’s better not to ignore this symptom and have the nodes checked as soon as possible.

3. Have your body systems checked for infections.

Viral and bacterial infections often cause swelling and lumps around the neck and ears. The most common infections causing lumps behind the ears include mononucleosis, strep throat, chickenpox, and measles. Some of the infections may cause mastoiditis or the inflammation of the mastoid bone found behind the ear. Mastoiditis, in turn, causes the diseased bone to protrude and form a lump behind the ear.

4. Check if your lumps are caused by sebaceous cysts.

Ear and neck lumps may be caused by sebaceous cysts. These cysts form in damaged or blocked sebaceous glands that produce oil coating our skin and hair. Due to traumas like scratches, wounds or acne, sebaceous glands or their passages may become impaired, which in turn causes a cyst to form. Doctors usually diagnose the cysts during visual examinations, but in some cases, additional testing may be needed.

These causes for neck and ear lumps shouldn’t be ignored. Only a doctor can say what your lumps are and whether or not they need treatment or removal. So, no matter what your other symptoms are, if you notice a lump on your neck or ear, you are better off visiting your doctor.

Have you ever had neck or ear lumps? Did you have a medical examination? Feel free to share your experience in the comments!

Illustrated by Leisan Gabidullina for BrightSide.me

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What Happens When You Place an Ice Cube on Your Neck

It’s normal for humans to wish to stay younger for as long as possible. We keep searching for modern remedies to stay youthful but we shouldn’t forget about old ones that work just as well. Acupuncture and ice therapy have been used for centuries and may help with various conditions.

Bright Side is interested in learning about alternative ways to stay healthy and decided to share information about the Feng Fu point and ice therapy with all of you. Be sure not to miss our bonus tip at the end of the article.

How to place ice on the Feng Fu point

Lie on your stomach and get comfortable. Place an ice cube on the point and leave it for 15-20 minutes, but no more. Relax during the procedure. Professional acupuncturists recommend doing this twice a day.

Also, you can fix the ice cube with a scarf or other materials. Don’t worry if you feel strong cold for the first few seconds. Just hang in there and you’ll begin to feel the heat.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor before trying ice therapy or acupuncture.

What happens when you place an ice cube on your neck

Chinese traditional medicine says that a combination of the Feng Fu point and ice therapy may rejuvenate the entire body. Stimulating this point with an ice cube may help you to get more energy and consequently be more healthy. Sounds amazing! Simply place an ice cube on the Feng Fu point every day.

Below are some of the benefits of this procedure.

It can reduce headaches and pain

The Feng Fu point is associated with healing headaches, low energy, and dizziness. Placing pressure, heat, or ice on the right pressure points can stimulate energy. This energy is directed against pain. Ice, however, is the best solution against headaches.

It can reduce PMS

Acupuncturists claimed a long time ago that there was a connection between the base of the skull and PMS symptoms. And when you use pressure or ice to stimulate the Feng Fu point, it helps to reduce the syndrome, including cramps and mood jumps. This point also has a direct relationship with the body’s menstrual cycle and stimulating it can normalize the process in case of a problem.

It can improve sleep quality

Per Chinese medical books, the Feng Fu point helps to improve one’s quality of sleep. This important control center is responsible for activities done in deep sleep. It may help you to fall asleep quicker and not wake up in the middle of the night. As a result, your body rests more and changes its sleeping habits for the better.

It can reduce stress.

This point manages psycho-emotional disorders, depression, and stress. Users say that after stimulating this point stress levels and anxiety become less. Of course, if you stimulate the Feng Fu point, it won’t cure psychological diseases, but by rejuvenating the body it can give a jolt to your life and consequently, you’ll want to live better.

It can help your digestion.

This area manages important processes in our bodies like swallowing and salivation. Consequently, it may help us to digest food better. In addition, it may reduce abdominal pain, inflammation and cramping.

Chinese people may be onto something when it comes to long living. You can try Chinese acupuncture or mix it with ice therapy.

Do you believe in the effectivity of Chinese acupuncture? Write a comment below if you’ve ever tried this method or are interested in learning more about it.

Illustrated by Anastasiya Pavlova for BrightSide.me

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27 Confusing Photos That Will Play Tricks on Your Eyes

How often do you catch yourself thinking: “I don’t believe my eyes”? Sometimes it’s the lighting or the arrangement of the objects that make us see things that aren’t really there. However, some illusions are the result of someone else’s cunningness. The world is full of situations that you have to look and listen to very carefully to figure out what’s going on.

Today, Bright Side presents to you a selection of images proving that the human eye is easily deceived.

Looks like a trio of phantoms, waiting for the bus

The discoveries we make, while cleaning the bathroom… Surprisingly, it turned out that the things in the jar were not seashells, but pasta! The jar had stood unopened for 15 years.

We’re always prone to believing that other people’s lives are trouble-free.

When you don’t mind doing some stretches before your workout:

A handful of delicious caviar? No, those are hydrogel balls. They’re used to make cooling masks and compresses.

“It really looks like this hyena is shaking my grandson’s hand.”

Does this guy shave his legs? Oh, no — wait a minute…

These hands belong to the man in the white t-shirt.

“I took this at Starbucks.”

Those escalator mirrors are good at warping your brain.

This isn’t a doggy — it’s just a pile of its sheared-off hair.

An unplanned date

Everyone’s got this friend. They always accidentally spoil all your plans.

Image for Instagram vs Ordinary photo

It really looks like this head isn’t attached to a body.

The edge of the tent creates a visual illusion, making the real forest look like photo wallpaper.

Any ideas why this backpack doesn’t have a reflection?

What a great way to avoid unwanted admirers!

These buns turned out so cool, they could be mistaken for real pumpkins.

A cloud that looks more like a feather

What a cute little crocodile — you can even sit on it.

These leaves weren’t painted to match the house’s exterior — that’s their natural color.

The drumsticks look bent because of a camera effect.

It’s a picture in a frame, right? Well, actually, it’s a television!

The difference in lighting between my room and my sister’s, at the same time of day

These mop heads look just like fresh ground beef.

The stains on this makeup remover napkin look like 3 squirrels, painted in watercolor. Anyway, once seen, they’re very hard to unsee!

Bonus: Your friends will always help you get that perfect photo.

Which of these pictures impressed you the most?

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18 Cool Examples of Urban Furniture You’ll Probably Want on Your Street

Do you know that the longest bench in the world is situated in Littlehampton, UK? This bench is made out of 9,000 colored slats and measures at 324 meters. Urban design is constantly developing, and nowadays we can find tons of street furniture pieces that are often weird and sometimes truly astounding.

Bright Side gathered the most impressive examples of street furniture that you’ll definitely want to have near your house.

18. Book benches, Istanbul, Turkey

17. A letter bench, Bristol, England

16. The bench of Claude Ponti, Nantes, France

15. Sail benches, Verchères, Canada

14. The periodic table and a bench, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

13. A bench through a concrete wall, Luxembourg

12. A slingshot bench, Germany

11. Park benches made for one person facing away from each other, Finland

10. The state of the pulse at rest, Hamburg, Germany

9. A pencil bench, Kiev, Ukraine

8. A shark girl, New York

7. A whale tail bench, Santa Barbara, California

6. An upside down bench, Mexico City

5. “Have a break, have a Kit Kat,” London, UK

4. A hand-held bench, Kiev, Ukraine

3. A robot bench, Enschede, Netherlands

2. A motivational Nike bench, New York

1. A sunken observation platform, Vöcklabruck, Austria

Which of these items would you like to have on your own street? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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