7 Great Historical Mysteries That Took a Long Time to Solve

Signals from space, ancient giant statues, mysterious hieroglyphics, and UFOs allow us to imagine the impossible — until we learn all the answers, that is.

Bright Side is about to tell you about 7 great mysteries that scientists have managed to solve in recent years.

1. The pictures of modern transport in the tomb of Seti I

Mystery: The Egyptian hieroglyphics found in the tomb of Seti I in Abydos look really strange. They look like a helicopter, an airship, and a submarine. This discovery caused a lot of arguments among archaeologists. Some of them really believed that the hieroglyphics depicted ancient helicopters, submarines, and planes.

Answer: Recently, a historian has found that these hieroglyphics are actually just the names of Seti I and his son Ramesses II on top of each other. It’s just that the name of Ramesses II was carved on top of his father’s name after his death.

2. Giant statues from Easter Island

Mystery: For almost 300 years historians and archaeologists have been trying to understand how people from an island who didn’t have any tools could carve anything on giant stones that weigh up to 82 tons, move them several miles and place them vertically.

Answer: The giant ancient statues were not built by wizards but they were carved in stone and moved from one part of the island to another. A National Geographic video shows that it’s quite simple to move a 90-ton statue several miles using simple tools and a group of people.

3. The “Wow!” signal from space

Mystery: In 1997, a strange signal from space was received. It was so unexpected and unique that the scientists named it “Wow!” All this time, they tried to decipher the signal, find out what galaxy it came from, and receive it again but there was no success. That’s why many people started to think that this signal was sent by aliens.

Answer: The 2017 study betrayed all these hopes: the source of the signal was actually hydrogen on the surfaces of the 266P/Christensen and 336P/Gibbs comets that were passing the Sagittarius constellation on exactly August 15, 1977, and July 27, 2017. In other words, the signal was a natural occurrence caused by 2 comets.

4. What does Banksy look like?

Mystery: Banksy is an alias of an English street artist, political activist, and director. He is impossible to catch and nobody knows who he is.

Answer: Not so long ago, scientists from the Queen Mary University of London used the technology of profiling and narrowed down the circle of suspects. They found out Banky’s real name — Robin Gunningham. This seems true because of how secretive Robin is. But Robin himself doesn’t admit this, so we can’t really tell.

5. What happened to the Maya?

Mystery: Maya is an ancient civilization with developed writing, art, architecture, math, and astronomy. It was a great thriving nation that one day seemed to have abandoned its cities. And nobody knew why.

Answer: Thanks to research published on the website of National Academy of Studies, scientists learned that the Maya burned and chopped more and more wood to clear the ground for agriculture, but they also needed more wood to make materials. Because of the deforestation and drought, the Maya had to leave their territory to avoid famine.

6. The Roswell UFO incident

Mystery: In 1947, in Roswell, U.S., something that had been considered a UFO landed on the ground. There was no good explanation from the government so this whole story sparked many debates and rumors of aliens.

Answer: In the photo above, you can see a piece of a radar. At that time, the Cold War had already started and the U.S. military forces were working on a project with a hot air balloon to detect the sound waves generated by Soviet atomic bomb tests. One of these machines fell down and exploded and because the project was top secret, there were a lot of rumors.

7. Circles on fields

Mystery: Circles on fields is another mystery that people think is related to aliens. Where did they come from? Why? Could people create such complex constructions in just one night?

Answer: It was learned that even the most complicated geometric shapes can be created using tools like rope, ladders, and wooden planks. The Telegraph even published a manual on how to make a circle on a field.

Bonus: What happened to Anastasia Románova?

We’re sure that most of you have seen the 1997 Disney cartoon, Anastasia. In the cartoon, she avoids being shot along with the rest of her family, lived in an orphanage, and at the end, she reunited with her grandmother. Unfortunately, in reality, the story is way harsher. As a result of the mutiny in Russia in 1918, the entire Romanov family was executed. The forensic study showed that Anastasia didn’t avoid the same fate. However, several witnesses agreed that she escaped the castle even though she was badly injured. There was even a rumor that a doctor took care of her but there is no solid proof. Most likely, this mystery will always remain unsolved.

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