20 Furry Moms Whose Babies Won Our Hearts

It’s not just humans who take extraordinary measures to raise and nurture children, the entire animal kingdom is rife with moms who love and care for their babies profusely. If you thought your mom spent sleepless nights changing diapers, animal moms probably have to deal with a lot more poop, fur, and predators.

In celebration of mothers, both human and animal, Bright Side presents you with 20 amazing photographs of baby animals with their moms that can make any human heart melt.

1. I, big wrinkle, made all these little wrinkles.

2. Puppy bums

3. Mom after a day of hard work: Don’t let the kids out.

4. This mommy needs a rest from feeding all these babies and seeks comfort on a couch!!

5. Mother gives birth to quindecaplets…here she looks so proud!!

6. Now that’s what we mean by disciplined pups.

7. I strongly believe that this breed of dog will never go extinct.

8. Mom’s gonna protect all her kids.

9. Taking the kids for a morning walk

10. Got photobombed…

11. …finally the kids are all asleep.

12. This kid found the best place to sleep.

13. I shall have dinner after I finish watching Pokémon…

14. When one sibling plays pillow…

15. Thank God you all are sleeping, now I can pose for the camera!!

16. My thirst is quenched!

17. In you we see ourselves!

18. Beware of the swimming pool kids!

19. Vigilant parents

20. Let’s play treasure hunt together!

Aren’t they all totally adorable? Which did you like the most? If you have photographs of pups, cubs, calves, or kittens doing their thing with their mom, share them with us in the comments.

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11 Celebrity Moms Share How to Snap Back Into Shape After Having a Baby

Pregnancy brings lots of emotions like joy, excitement, happiness, and sadness too along with dealing with post-pregnancy weight. Being a celebrity, it is even more important to get back in shape. Lisa DeFazio, RD, a nutritionist in Los Angeles said, “Celebrities work hard and they put the time in because their career depends on it.”

Bright Side has learned the secrets of those celebs shedding post-pregnancy weight. Not only do they get rid of their baby weight, but they’ve also become an inspiration for many moms and moms-to-be.

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo has always been one of the fittest celebs but not even she could remain untouched by post-pregnancy fat. She took her own time to shed weight, in the first initial months, she started with light walking workouts. Later she started her training which included a 4-mile run, a half-mile swim, and an 18-mile bike race. Also, she said, “The important thing is to keep mixing it up, so your body has to adapt and that’s when the results happen.”

Halle Berry

Halle Berry gained 35 lb with her baby girl Nahla but she was adamant about getting her red carpet figure back. She used to eat small meals every few hours and avoid sodium-rich and fried foods because they kept her blood-sugar levels steady, which is crucial to managing diabetes. In fact, her favorite go-to meals included homemade soups or fish with leafy greens like kale or spinach and brown rice. “Her soup isn’t just soup — there are probably lots of vegetables and beans, so it’s filling,” says her trainer.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Eating tiny portions, brown rice instead of white, and lots of salads helped this Victoria Secret model to lose weight. She lost 45 lb in just 3 months post delivery. She even returned to the runway pretty quickly after giving birth.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey lost at least 70 lb after giving birth to her twins — she was carrying an extra 40 lb in water retention during her pregnancy. “Assuming some of that weight was indeed due to water retention, Carey’s stunning loss is not only healthy; it’s actually doable. 2 lb a week, 10 lb a month is safe, and you can do that without starving yourself or working out for hours every day,” says her spokesperson.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba gained 35 lb with her daughter, Honor. Still, with hard work, she got killer abs and a figure anyone would die for. In her first phase, she did 20-minute workouts that strengthened those core muscles. Later, she began full body exercises like burpees which helped her to lose weight quickly.

She revealed she even wore a double-corset to help get her pre-baby body back.


Being a mother of 3 kids, Beyoncé rocks her hot body on stage. She is one of those celebs who enjoys her post-pregnancy weight but still takes good care of herself without losing who she is. Her secret to losing weight is universally acknowledged by moms. She said, “I lost most of my weight from breastfeeding and I encourage women to do it; it’s just so good for the baby and good for yourself.”

Reese Witherspoon

We have reason to believe that Reese Witherspoon is actually reverse aging. She is a mother of 3 kids and each time after a pregnancy, she gets herself back to rock solid status again. But even she admits that with her third child she had pregnancy weight issues. She opted for a healthy diet, yoga, hiking, and dancing.

She said, “I do a lot of dancing with my kids, and when I get dressed in the morning, I have a playlist.” She went even further by saying, “You just have to be gentle and patient with yourself, and slowly get back to your health.”

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum gained 35 pounds with her son Henry and stunned everyone with her gorgeous catwalk for Victoria Secret. Her trainer says, “Heidi knew what she wanted to accomplish,” and she did. She opted for rowing machine workouts which proved to have results better than a treadmill. Along with this, she cut out alcohol, white bread, some starchy carbs, certain fruits, and unhealthy saturated and trans fats and instead went for broccoli and cauliflower, salmon, chicken, nuts, mushrooms, egg whites, beans, and more.

Kim Kardashian

Mother of 3 kids, Kim Kardashian, lost 70 lb post-pregnancy with her second child. She revealed that she went on an Atkins Diet which is basically all about portion control and a low carb diet which eventually helped her to shed the baby weight. It encourages the consumption of healthy fat and fiber. She said, “I’ve been doing the Atkins Diet, which worked for me…this time I think I’m almost at 70 [pounds] down.”

Jessica Simpson

Due to her weight gain after pregnancy, Jessica Simpson became a joke among many talk shows and tabloids. Later it was her turn to laugh when she turned out to be a fit mom.

She spilled her secret when she revealed that along with her 3 times a week workouts, she walks a lot. “I tried to get 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. I wasn’t trying to lose weight,” she says. “I try and walk about 4 miles a day consistently.”

Jennifer Garner

Mother of 4, Jennifer Garner took her time to get back in shape since the birth of her first kid. Within 2 months of his delivery, she wowed the media with her athletically shaped body.

Her secret to this fit body is to not just watch your kids while playing on the ground and to join them in the fun. This way you can keep your kids and your body happy. “In 45 minutes, the average woman can burn up to 200 calories playing with kids.

Moms are always giving but it definitely feels good when they do something for themselves. So if you are that mom who worked hard to get yourself and your body back into shape after pregnancy, share your secrets with us. We’d love to hear them!

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-family-and-kids/11-celebrity-moms-share-how-to-snap-back-into-shape-after-having-a-baby-653510/

21 Cute Times Animal Moms Totally Nailed Parenting

The female octopus is a vivid example of a sacrificial mother. After she lays her eggs, she doesn’t leave them, even to look for food. The octopus mother will get ready to eat her tentacle if she has to while protecting her children from predators. All moms love their kids whether they’re humans or animals.

Bright Side wants to show you some cute photos of animal moms that will make you melt and want to go hug your mom.

1. All moms have their own parenting methods.

2. And they’re all inseparable from their kids.

3. They want to hide them from adversity.

4. Sometimes a mom can be a pillow…

5. …and sometimes she’s more like a playground.

6. All mothers enjoy the moment when kids sleep.

7. And they endure their bad behavior.

8. Babies’ laughter is a present for moms.

9. They appreciate care…

10. …and each kiss and hug makes them feel happy.

11. Moms share with a child all the good…

12. …and all the bad moments.

13. Mothers lead her kids to new heights.

14. But they never leave their sides.

15. She is an example to follow.

16. And she also provides reliable support.

17. Motherhood is hard work.

18. And because moms do it well…

19. …kids can be relaxed!

20. Not to mention playful and carefree.

21. A mom is defined as love and protection.

Which of these photos touched you the most? Do you agree that there is no difference in motherhood in humans and in the animal world? Share your opinion in the comments.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/21-cute-times-animal-moms-totally-nailed-parenting-650760/

Moms Are Now Competing to See Who Can Pack the Best School Lunch


Actress Jenny Mollen is the queen of packing school lunches — or as she calls them on Instagram, #dictatorlunches. Jenny, who is married to fellow actor Jason Biggs, does not hold back when it comes to her son Sid’s lunchbox creations, and luckily for her followers, she shares a photo of them daily on her Instagram account. 

“I think I might need to be committed w this one,” she captioned a shot of a lunch that included Asian sushi rice (in the shape of a bunny), teriyaki chicken with pineapple, organic berries, and shrimp tempura. For another masterful lunch photo, she wrote. “Should I send an additional bowl for shells? (From right: Crab legs w dipping sauce, blinis w creme fraiche and paddlefish, strawberry grape cheer pyramid, lemon wedge).” 

However, Jenny is not the only mom that is overachieving when it comes to her child’s cafeteria meals. In fact, it is getting downright competitive. 


Mom Aviva Wettenberg dedicates her entire Instagram account to her lunch packing skills. She evens has a website dedicated to the art. “Few things used to fill me with as much dread as packing lunches until I decided to document the lunches I was packing and started to look for inspiration outside of my own kitchen,” she explained. “I share my girls’ lunches on Instagram every day and will highlight some of my tips and tricks here.”

One of those tips is to use the LaLa Lunchbox app — which helps you plan your week out ahead of time and provides fun recipes to try. Another pro tip: the reusable PlanetBox — which sorts your school lunches into tiny compartments, providing optimal Instagram content. 


Aviva is also able to coordinate two school lunches, with very different dietary restrictions. One is vegetarian, the other is dairy-free. “Two on-the-go lunches today. Thanks to the weather, my big kid has outdoor lunch (how amazing is that??) and my little one is off on a field trip for the day,” she wrote alongside a photo of nearly identical-looking packed lunches. “Little sandwiches for both — smoked tofu and spinach for one, chèvre, blackberries and mint for the other — and a pair of green salads.” 


While Aviva and Jenny are hard to top when it comes to their gourmet school lunches, they have some stiff mom competition. Like Happy Little Lunch, who chronicles the lunches she packs for her vegan daughter in the second grade. “My alarm didn’t go off this morning and, man, this almost didn’t happen,” she captioned a photo of a school lunch that did not seemed rushed at all. “All you evening lunch packers are on to something, but I guess I like living dangerously!” She still managed to whip up cinnamon toast sticks, baked tofu, crispy kale, pear slices and grapes. 

Or Catherine McCord of Weelicious, who creates videos of her school lunch box creations. “To know me is to know my love of Trader Joe’s, so I made a lunch featuring some of my favorite organic go-to foods,” she wrote.” The ingredients are affordable, healthy, great for both kids and adults 👩‍👧, and ALL from Trader Joe’s. Here’s what’s inside:

  •  Inside-out bagel sandwich (I used TJ’s gluten-free bread, everything bagel seasoning + whipped cream cheese)
  • Multicolored baby carrots with tomato + basil hummus
  • Honey wheat pretzels (to dip in the hummus)
  • Apriums • Freeze-dried strawberries + blueberries (crunchy + sweet).” 


Social media is full of moms that want their followers to know that the traditional packed school lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a carton of apple juice, and some chips — or god forbid, cafeteria food – is not good enough for their kid. Meet Heather, whose Instagram account @thedailylunchboxspot, is dedicated to the meals she preps for her 3- and 4-year-olds. 

“Got a little cookie cutter happy with today’s lunch, but I find that my kiddos will often try foods that look cute over foods that don’t,” she captioned one boxed lunch. “PB&J on whole wheat (replace with sunbutter or cream cheese & jam if bringing to school), tiny crackers with cheese and roasted turkey, little bell pepper hearts on top of peas, grilled pineapple (used a grill pan on the stove. Gives it a smoky flavor that’s a little less tangy) and dark chocolate covered raisins in the treat spot.”


So, what happens when dads try to take over school lunches? Just ask Jason, who had to take over for Jenny when she went out of town. By the end of the week, let’s just say Jason was over the whole “pretty lunch box” idea. “Guess what?? That little ^%#@ did NOT eat the avocado,” he jokingly captioned a photo of a very ripe avocado and some cash inside the lunch box. “He actually threw it away and told me he ate it. Anyway, here’s Sid’s final #daddylunch. Clockwise from top left: organic half-avocado (aged 5 days, found in dumpster behind pre-school), and 9 bucks (just go to the bodega and get whatever you want and NEVER LIE TO ME AGAIN, OK SID?!).” 

At the end of the day, this #kidslunchbox trend is making us realize our parents were just straight up lazy. (Just kidding mom, love you and your basic ham-and-cheese sandwiches). 

Source : https://undefined/trending/2018/10/11/Z2bdlGy/school-lunch-box-ideas

23 Animal Moms That Conquered Us With Their Tenderness

Maternal instinct is probably one of the strongest feelings that animals and humans alike can experience. No wonder elephants endure 22-month pregnancies and crocodiles carry their offspring more gently than they breathe. After all, the way the motherly instinct is expressed is truly magical, whether it’s a lioness licking her cub or a monkey tenderly holding its baby.

We at Bright Side collected 23 absolutely adorable photos of animal mothers with their children that will make you want to call your mom.

1. This lemur mom carrying her children is heart-warming.

2. A lioness’ son is one of the most patient animals on the planet.

3. Look at this baby hiding in its mom’s fur.

4. The kiss of the zebra mom and daughter is so full of love, we’re crying.

5. If you want your heart to melt, just look at the photo below.

6. A protective meerkat mom won’t let anything happen to her child.

7. These llamas tenderly hugging is everything we needed to see in our lives.

8. There is always time for food.

9. It seems she’s telling her baby a cute story.

10. Sheep look so happy smiling at each other.

11. The way moms carry kittens around has always been the funniest.

12. Cutely intertwined tails are one of the most interesting expressions of love.

13. These hippos are sleeping together so peacefully, we started yawning just looking at them.

14. Look at this baby being hugged by his loving mom.

15. You can almost see this family smiling.

16. All aboard the mother ship!

17. This camel daughter is probably trying to warm up her nose under her mom’s chin.

18. She’s probably explaining how to hunt in the snow.

19. They’re holding our hearts in their tiny hands.

20. This is probably one of the most tender gestures in the world.

21. Here the cub is not that patient. “Mom, just let me go, I can clean myself just fine!”

22. This baby rhino is gently looking at its mom and we want to see them in person.

23. And, well, like mother like child.

If you have any other cute photos of animal parents and their children, please share them in the comments below.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/23-animal-moms-that-conquered-us-with-their-tenderness-623110/

14 Wacky Photos Proving Moms Live by Their Own Rules

Our moms are the best. They do different things and show their love in different ways but we all appreciate their care. Some moms have a great sense of humor, some cook perfect dishes, and some are incredibly talented. But there’s still one thing that unites them: they all love rules.

Bright Side collected photos that can prove that our moms live life the way they want to. And no one can judge them!

“Had an accident as a kid. Mom cut a hole in my head cast for a ponytail so people would know I was a girl.”

“After each party, my mom collects the gift wrap so that she can use it later.”

“My mom always cuts my sandwiches and arranges them in a heart shape.”

“My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people.”

“My mom has this hanging above the dryer in her laundry room.”

“They were 69¢ a pack of 6 so my mom decided to get 120 packs…”

“My friend’s mom only wanted to tan her legs.”

“My dad and I jokingly told my mom we would leave the store only after she’d taken a selfie on every single device. Next thing I know her face is all over the store…”

“Almost 50,000 emails on my mom’s phone. Why?”

“My mom made the kids dinosaur tails for Christmas but they didn’t fit around adult waists. We had to improvise.”

Moms will be moms.

“The way my mom censored her calendar.”

“Asked Mom for cash this year — she decided that a check would be too easy.”

“Just because you’re not born yet doesn’t mean your mom can’t dress you up for Halloween!”

Bonus: When you come home late:

Does your mom set her own rules? Tell us in the comments!

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20 Furry Moms That Will Bring You a Good Mood

Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 40 countries and it honors mothers of families and the special bond between a mother and her children. World-known animal rights organization PETA came up with the initiative of celebrating animal moms on Mother’s Day too. One of the suggested activities implies showing schoolchildren pictures of animal moms with their kids and even printing them out and placing them on greeting cards. This is supposed to give children the idea of the strong physical and emotional bond that exists between all mothers and kids in the world.

Here at Bright Side, we got our dose of love looking at these cute animal moms with their kids. Now it’s your turn to enjoy!

1. How many puppies can you count?

2. There’s a place for every child under Mommy’s fluffy paw!

3. A row of love

4. A lemur mom and kids having fun

5. “I made these!”

6. Being a mom means sacrificing your privacy to a certain extent…

7. Aww… Just look at those cuties!

8. Purring fluffies

9. Hey, buddy! Does my kid take after me?

10. What could be better than lying on your soft and warm Mommy?

11. Attention! Cuteness overload!

12. There’s so much love in this picture!

13. A mother’s kiss

14. A purrfect family picture!

15. That little rebel!

16. They look adorable, don’t they?

17. A mom with her newborn kittens

18. Teaching the kids to pose for a photo

19. Successfully copied

20. Countryside perfection

Which of these furry moms seem the cutest to you? Have you ever spotted such adorable scenes of moms’ and kids’ lives? Feel free to share your impressions and pics in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/20-furry-moms-that-will-bring-you-a-good-mood-615610/

8 Celebrity Moms Who Changed After Giving Birth and Loved Their “New” Bodies

We’ve gotten used to the idea that celebrities look impeccable all the time. Judging by their photos on the internet, their looks never get affected by sleepless nights, sickness, or childbirth. Due to this perfect image, many not-famous moms feel ashamed of the imperfect body which they sometimes end up with after giving a birth.

There’s a recent trend where famous moms share honest photos of their body after giving birth to a child. Bright Side put together some evidence that the bodies of celebrity moms also change, so they have to put forth a lot of effort to get back to the shape they used to be in.

Peta Murgatroyd

An Australian dancer showed her body 8 days after delivery. Peta looked as if she was still 5 months pregnant. 17 days later, the 2 time winner of Dancing with the Stars TV show began to recognize her body, and even though there was still excess skin and rolls on her belly, she felt good anyway.

Jessica James Decker

The 30-year-old singer had her third child and posted a photo of her “still swollen” belly in Instagram 3 weeks after the delivery. Jessie believes that we should remember what our body goes through during the 9 months of pregnancy and be proud of it.

Daphne Oz

American writer, journalist and TV host Daphne Oz gave birth to her third child 8 months ago. On her Instagram, she shares some secrets that helped her get back in shape. Daphne believes that women should live their lives normally without hiding their body until it becomes perfect.

Tia Mowry

Actress Tia Mowry gave birth to her second child when she was almost 40 and it wasn’t easy for her to get rid of her postpartum belly afterward. Tia says that it took her some time to accept her body after her first delivery. When her second child was born, Tia was more patient and learned to love her body the way it was.

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin, a 34-year-old wife of Alec Baldwin, gave birth to their fourth child. The next morning, she posted her selfie, taken in a hospital mirror, to show her followers how she was going to get her body back in shape.

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, a television personality and host, also dared to share her postpartum photos. “My body’s changed a lot. The skin on my belly is very stretched,” she wrote on her Instagram. Still, Ali learned to love her body and hopes that her photos will help other women to accept their body too.

Chrissy Teigen

Not all celebrities can get back the shape they used to be in. American model, Chrissy Teigen, who used to have a perfect body, showed her postpartum body on her Twitter so that other women would realize that celebrities are the same humans as everyone else. Just like everyone else, it hasn’t been easy for her to accept the stretch marks on the sides of her belly.

Hilary Duff

The American actress and singer couldn’t get back her former perfect body even 5 years after her son’s birth. She published this photo on her Instagram to show that all celebrities aren’t flawless. Hilary Duff asks to other women to be proud of their body which can give the greatest gift ever — our children.

What’s your opinion on this? Should women show their postpartum body to the entire world or should they keep it to themselves? Tell us in the comments below.

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-family-and-kids/8-celebrity-moms-who-changed-after-giving-birth-and-loved-their-new-bodies-586360/

15 Pics of Celebrity Daughters and Their Famous Moms at the Same Age


Here’s what our fave mother/daughter pairs looked like when they were the same age.

Nepotism is just a fact of life in Hollywood, and we’re all pretty used to it by now. Celebrities give birth to daughters who grow up to not only look just like their famous mothers, but also act and appear in the same types of movies, too. It’s easy to forget until you rewind the hands of time and see what these famous moms looked like when they first started. 

Eerily enough, they all resemble their famous daughters, who are proudly passing the torch along. Say what you want about nepotism, but you have to admit, it’s awfully cute. 

Below, a few of our fave mother/daughter pairs.

Lisa Bonet and Zoë Kravitz (Age 25)

Zoë’s father might be Lenny Kravitz, but she clearly gets all her looks from her mom. Lisa, back in her Cosby Show days, looks like she could be Zoë’s long-lost sister. Today, Zoë appears in Big Little Lies, while Lisa is married to Aquaman’ Jason Momoa.

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian (Age 25)

It’s weird — Kim and Kris probably look more alike today than they do here, but hey, I guess those are the wonders of plastic surgery. The pic of Kris is taken in the early ’80s, so her age is approximately around 25. As for Kim, technically she’s 26 in the pic on the right.

Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe (Age 18)

Honestly, if it weren’t for the dated tint to Reese’s picture, I’d easily believe I was looking at two pics of the same person. Technically, Reese was 20 in the picture on the right, but eh — close enough, right? In addition to being twins, the mother-daughter pair are also besties, because of course they are.

Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson (Age 25)

Both Melanie and Dakota are part of an acting dynasty (can’t forget grandma Tippi Hedrend), but all three of them don’t really look much alike. Today, Melanie is 61, and Dakota is dating Chris Martin for some reason.

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson (Age 25)

Back when Goldie was 25, she was a go-go dancer on Laugh-In. But Kate got her big break much younger, at 21, when she appeared in 2000’s Almost Famous. Today, both have similar careers considering they both love starring in rom-coms.

Meryl Streep and Grace Gummer (Age 24)

Meryl actually has three daughters who are all actresses and all have the same face. But for the sake of this article, I decided to concentrate on middle daughter Grace (because everyone ignores the middle child). Although with roles on both Mr. Robot and American Horror Story, Grace’s career is hardly struggling.

Demi Moore and Rumer Willis (Age 27)

Back in 1989, Demi was already a household name and part of the “Brat Pack.” As for Rumer, she’s been dabbling in lots of things, from acting to an appearance on Dancing With the Stars. As the daughter of both Demi and Bruce Willis, Rumer has admitted to being under a ton of pressure to succeed and look conventionally attractive. 

“When you grow up in the public eye the way that I did, everyone’s  looking at you and waiting for you to do something crazy or say something wrong or have a meltdown,” she told Glamour. “I was constantly bullied because of my looks, so I struggled a lot with my body image.”

Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri (Age 29)

Susan’s eyes are probably her most unique feature, and it’s one that she’s passed down to her oldest daughter. Today, Eva is focusing less on her acting career and more time on her lifestyle/mommy blog.

Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith (Age 19/17)

Jada started her acting career when she was 18, appearing in TV shows like A Different World and 21 Jump Street. Willow started her career even younger when she released her bop “Whip My Hair” when she was only 10! Although typically I think Willow looks more like her dad, Will Smith, seeing pics of her next to a young Jada really shows how she’s morphing into her mom with age.

Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp (Age 18)

Well, when your mom is a French singer/model and your dad is freakin’ Johnny Depp, obviously you’re going to win the genetic lottery. Today, Lily-Rose models for Chanel and has appeared in Vogue.

Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross (Age 29)

Diana Ross might’ve been leader of The Supremes throughout her 20s, but Tracee wouldn’t hit her stride until she appeared in Girlfriends in 2000. Today, she plays the mom in Blackish.

Robin Wright and Dylan Penn (Age 21)

Before House of Cards and Forrest Gump, Robin’s first big break was in The Princess Bride. Her oldest daughter Dylan, who she had with actor Sean Penn, hasn’t had her big starring role yet, but there’s still plenty of time.

Madonna and Lourdes Leon (Age 20)

Madonna was actually closer to 24 in the pic on the left, but close enough? Lourdes, at only 21, is already a successful model and most recently posed for a Converse + MadeMe campaign.

Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke (Age 20)

At 20, Uma had a shockingly impressive resume for someone her age, with six movies under her belt before she turned 21. Her oldest daughter, Maya, is slowly following in her footsteps, appearing in Stranger Things and the remake of Little Women.

Mariska Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield (Age 35)

Pardon my stupidity, but up until today, I had no idea the Law and Order star was the daughter of a Hollywood icon. Although Jayne passed away when Mariska was still a toddler, she still idolizes her mother today. “People didn’t know that she played the violin and had a 160 IQ and had five kids and loved dogs,” she said earlier this year. “She was just so ahead of her time. She was an inspiration, she had this appetite for life, and I think I share that with her.”

Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.

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People Are Trolling Their Moms By 'Moving Out'

Moms sacrifice so much for us. They literally carry us around for nine months, and then proceed to carry us through life for another 18 to 30 or so years. Seriously, I still don’t fully understand how the washing machine works at age 26 and I appreciate your patience, mom. But that doesn’t land them a ‘get out of jail free card’ when it comes to trolling. 

It all started when Twitter user Maurice Nelson posted this screenshot of them trolling their own mother with this rather creative joke. “Got my own house at 17,” a caption alongside the tweet, which has received over 88,000 retweets and 300,000 likes, reads: 

Unsurprisingly, the joke was well-received by other Twitter users. So much so, that people are attempting the same joke with their own mothers, and let’s just say that responses have been mixed… 

Hector’s sister wasn’t very happy either. 

Some responses are just too sweet for this world. 

While other moms simple aren’t amused. 

I don’t think she’s buying it. 

Ouch, mom. Ouch. 

This dad wasn’t having it either. 


This mom must have a Twitter account. 

‘Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” 

“What I do?”

The nerve. 

What was her response, though? 

She has a headache. 

Bless these moms. 

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