Meet Nicki Minaj's New Controversial Boo, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty


Whenever a known celebrity makes a drastic change in their love life, the internet’s ears perk up, and for rap Queen Nicki Minaj, it’s no different. She recently made things Instagram official with her new boo, Kenneth Petty.

She shared the photo on her birthday, Sunday, December 9th, along with these Adele lyrics, probably because it’d be corny to quote your own music, I’d imagine:

“Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?… it’s no secret… that the both of us… are running out of time.”

The lyric might be referring to the fact that Kenneth is also from Queens, Nicki’s hometown.

The web, as the web does, began searching frantically for who Kenneth is in an attempt to learn more about the man who captured the attention of one of the modern world’s most successful recording artists, which comes just as her nemesis Cardi B announced her divorce from Offset. And as it turns out, there are some things about his past that are pretty unsavory.


Kenneth Petty has a mugshot.


There’s a reason Mr. Petty’s got his mugshot listed online, and it isn’t for a DUI. He’s listed as a registered sex offender for the convicted rape of a 16-year-old (Petty was also 16 at the time) in 1995. In the report regarding the crime, it indicates that Petty used a sharp object. He also served seven years in prison in the mid-2000s for first-degree manslaughter, only to be released in 2013.  

What is Kenneth Petty’s net worth? 


There’s been a lot of search around Kenneth Petty’s occupation and how much he earns — a valid question when you consider that Minaj’s own net worth is estimated to be around $75 million. After scouring around the internet, however, it’s unclear was Petty actually does for a living.

What about Nicki’s ex Safaree Samuels?


The drama surrounding Nicki Minaj’s relationship with ex Safaree Samuels has yet to die down, and many are comparing Petty to her old boo, not necessarily in the looks department, but for the potential maelstrom of drama that could be coming Nicki’s way.

Safaree alleged that Nicki cut him one night so badly that he “almost died,” a tweet he sent out in response to the “Chun-Li” rapper’s allegations that he used her credit cards to pay for escort services behind her back.

In spite of all the past drama between the two, in the wake of Nicki’s relationship announcement with Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, many are saying that the rapper and Safaree should make amends.


Nicki has yet to address the past surrounding her new boyfriend, and it doesn’t seem like she wants to hear all of the criticism from her fans and followers either. She disabled the ability to post comments on her December 9th Instagram post/relationship announcement, most likely in response to all of the people who questioned why she would be dating a two-time convicted criminal. 


And Nicki made it very clear she isn’t bothered about the drama surrounding her new relationship either. “Oh they wanna talk? Let’s give’m smthn to talk about *Shania voice*,” she recently captured some PDA-filled photos of the couple on Instagram. 

The heart wants what the heart wants, we guess.

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Ferrante Lovers, Meet the Cast of HBO's 'My Brilliant Friend'


Ferrante fans, mark your calendars. November 18th will be the happiest day since Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay came out to complete the Neapolitan Quartet back in 2013. That’s because My Brilliant Friend, an adaptation of the elusive Elena Ferrante’s first novel, will be hitting the small screen and premiering on HBO this coming Sunday.

My Brilliant Friend, which starts off the 60-year friendship told in the Neapolitan Novels, follows a young Lenu and Lila as they grow up in post-World War II Naples. Since the books have been read by over 10 million people worldwide, Ferrante feverists are expecting the TV adaptation to be the real deal.

And though some are confused, to say the least, about the HBO series being directed by a man — Saverio Costanzo, of 2014’s Hungry Hearts — most are eager to know who will bring the timeless Lenu and Lila to life.


The grueling casting process, which took seven months, auditioned over 9,000 children for the roles of the two lifelong friends. That’s because the Italian director (and Ferrante herself, apparently) were attached to the idea of casting girls from the Neapolitan region of Campania who could do justice to the frequent jumps into dialect that the novel plays with. 

So, who will play Elena Greco (Lenu) and Raffaela Cerullo (Lina/Lila) in the upcoming HBO show? Read on to find out.

Elisa Del Genio as Young Lenu


Casting directors relied heavily on Ferrante’s character descriptions when choosing the right actors for the roles. “Our priority was to be faithful to these descriptions, not only from a physical point of view, but also from a psychological and behavioral one,” said casting director Laura Muccino.

Eleven-year-old Elisa  wouldn’t even had made it to the audition had her brother not been vying for the role of Enzo. However, she fit the role of the young narrating protagonist perfectly. 

Margherita Mazzucco as Teen Lenu


16-year-old Margherita wowed directors when she auditioned to play the role of teenage Elena Greco, the story’s narrator. Without any acting experience, and after having missed the initial auditions at her school, Margherita showed up to read for the role after someone handed her a flyer and she asked her mom if she could check it out. 

“It’s so hard to find a presence that is as strong as a protagonist needs to be, but that doesn’t cover the light of Lila,” said the director of his struggles to find the perfect person to fit Lenu’s shoes. But as soon as he met Elisa and Margherita, he knew he’d found them. 

According to Saverio Costanzo’s conversation with Vulture, Elena Ferrante herself gave her blessing to these two actresses as well.

Ludovica Nasti as Young Lila


Newcomer Ludovica, 12, says she approached the audition as if it were a game — pretty much already embodying the role of Lila that she would come to play. 

Her sister, who had already read the books, told her “You are Lila. You have bruises and scratches on your legs. You’re just like her. You have dark hair. You’re identical,” Ludovica shared with Vulture. The director himself calls the 12-year-old “an unbelievable gem.”

We can’t wait to see Ludovica in the role of young Lila and are sure this young star will be securing many more fabulous roles in the years to come.

Gaia Girace as Teen Lila


The actress who was chosen to portray a teenage Lila was the only member of the cast to have ever done any semblance of acting. And her scrappiness and confidence made her perfect for the role of teenage Lila, who, after being disallowed from continuing her education into middle school, ends up picking up most of her smarts on the streets.

“When I met Gaia, she told me, ‘I’m going to be an actress, period,’” says Saverio of their first encounter. When Vulture asked Gaia — who grew up in the same town as Sophia Loren — who her favorite actress was, her answer uncannily resembled something Lila would say: “Myself.”

We can’t wait for the premiere of My Brilliant Friend on November 18 at 9PM on HBO and to see how these addicting-to-read novels will unfold on the small screen. The eight-episode series will air Sundays and Mondays through the rest of the fall.

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Meet the Talented Artists Behind Those Insane Tattoos on 'How Far Is Tattoo Far?'


Watching How Far Is Tattoo Far?, it can be hard to get past the insane tattoos contestants ink on each other. And yes, the tattoos are very real in case you were wondering. However, behind each of the crazy tattoos is the artist responsible for bringing it to life. 

If you look closely enough, you will also realize that some of the tattooers on the MTV series, hosted by Nicole “Snooki”Polizzi and Nico Tortorella, are reality TV veterans, appearing on similar ink-based shows such as Black Ink Crew and Ink Master

So, who are the talented tattoo artists on How Far Is Tattoo Far? and how do you get an appointment with them ASAP? Keep reading to find out.


Melody Mitchell


Kevin Laroy


Tiffany Perez


Courtney Raimondi


Travis Ross


Jordan aka Dollarz Tatu

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Adult Pets Meet Their New Furry Friends for the First Time, and Their Reactions Are Priceless

Anatole France once said: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” A pet’s love is pure and rewarding, that’s why some people have more than one. But adding another pet may not always go as you expect. You can’t 100% expect 2 cats or 2 dogs to get along, that’s why adding a new species to the family can be a real gamble.

For this article Bright Side collected some pictures of pets who are realizing their life is going to change forever. Enjoy the raw and uncontrollable emotions of getting a sibling.

1. Big dog loves her new puppy friend.

2. No, I don’t think so…

3. Mom… I’m having second thoughts about having a sibling.

4. World, meet my new alien cat sister.

5. Lucky #3

6. I don’t. Share. Toys!

7. I think we should keep our distance.

8. Soft pillow, warm pillow

9. Give me some love!

10. We’re here to support each other…’s head.

11. I now have someone to play with!

12. Still getting used to each other…

13. What kind of creature are you?!

14. Learning the best sleeping position from the best teacher

15. Excuse me, you are laying on my house.

16. Friends from the first sniff

17. Are you living here now too?

Have you ever brought a new pet home? How did your old pets and family react to it? Share your photos and stories with us in the comments!

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Meet Jennifer Aydin — She's Not Your Typical 'RHONJ' Housewife


The Season 9 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is bringing some new blood to the group and she’s definitely not our typical wife from the Jerz, though she does have a big, colorful family with five children ages 5 to 13. To help you get to know the new cast member before she makes her Bravo debut, we’ve gathered up every bit of information there is to know about Jennifer Aydin.

Though her husband is a successful plastic surgeon, she’s more than a homemaker.

Though she’s focused on raising their children together for the past few years, the 41-year-old’s  youngest, Olivia, is about to enter kindergarten, which means it’s time to restart her career. Before settling down with  Dr. N. Bill Aydin, who runs a successful plastic surgery practice in Paramus. Though they call New Jersey home now, the Aydins both hail from New York (Jennifer grew up on Long Island and Bill in Flushing, Queens). 


Both come from traditional Turkish backgrounds, though the 41-year-old’s ethnicity is a bit more complicated than that. “I’m what’s called Aramaean or some people like to say Assyrian,” she explains, Historically, this Semitic culture populated an area stretching from modern-day Syria to Turkey. However, Jennifer concedes, “It’s a lot easier for me to just say I’m Turkish.” Fair enough!

Jennifer sums herself up with the tagline, “I’m obsessed with family, traditions, and Chanel.” However, despite being a traditional girl in many respects,  she did break with one family custom: arranged marriages. In fact, she was in the midst of getting engaged to a man her parents had chosen for her when she met Bill and, well, obviously her plans changed. Despite this deviation from norms, Jennifer still sees herself as very traditionally Turkish, so her first date with Bill was chaperoned and she saved herself for her wedding night, much to the other Housewives’ incredulity. 

Jennifer used to host a Turkish cooking show.

Her Turkish pride shows through in her work as an on-camera personality for a Turkish cooking show, but her desire to be on TV stems even farther back. As young as 16, Jennifer set her sights on becoming an actress, prompting her mother to worry she would never marry and have children. Seems mom had nothing to worry about there! 


She comes from a long line of jewelers.

Like many of the H’wives, Jen is all about that bling, but she comes by her love of gems and precious metals honestly. Her father made his fortune as a jeweler working for Tiffany and A&S before opening his own shop in Woodbury, New York, called John Michaels. Her brother Michael has since taken over running the family business. The family has carried this occupation for over five generations. In fact, Jennifer’s maiden name translates to “gold hand.”

Jennifer is no stranger to the RHONJ crew.

Though she’s new to Bravolebrity, Jen has a long history with a couple past cast members and one current player. “Melissa Gorga, we’ve shared the same hairstylist, for years,” she says. Meanwhile, Dolores Catania knows her even more intimately, since she used to work at the same surgery clinic as Dr. Bill a few years back, and they reconnected a year ago at the birthday party of a mutual friend. Jennifer is also close friends with OG Kathy Wakile, so chances are good she has crossed paths with cousin Teresa Giudice once or twice. 


This season, we can expect Jennifer to butt heads with some of the other ladies over her traditional ways, so it should be anything but boring! Tune in to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo. 

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Meet Nico Tortorella, Host of MTV's 'How Far Is Tattoo Far?'


You don’t need much background information to jump in and binge MTV’s How Far Is Tattoo Far? Based on the British MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us, the show picks friends, family members, and couples who design tattoos for each other. Except, the person can’t see the tattoo they’ve had chosen for them until it’s already on their body forever

And if the hosts of How Far Is Tattoo Far? seem oddly familiar, it might be that you recognize reality TV princess Snooki from her tenure on Jersey Shore. But Nicolo “Nico” Tortorella is no stranger to the camera, either. 

So, who is Nico from How Far Is Tattoo Far?

The 30-year-old genderfluid Illinois native got their start in theater and in 2009, was cast in the CW’s The Beautiful Life: TBL, which followed a group of 11 models living together in NYC and lasted one season. Between their first show in 2009 and the moment they were cast as Josh in Darren Star’s series Younger, the role they’re most often remembered for, Nico also appeared in ABC’s Make It or Break It and FOX’s The Following. 

They’ve also made some appearances on the big screen in films such as Twelve, Scream 4 and have even starred in a 2015 independent film, Hunter&Game.


Does Nico have any tattoos?

On Younger, Nico played a Brooklyn tattoo artist and now they host a reality show all about them, so it begs the question: Does Nico have any tattoos? The answer is yes, many.

In an interview with TODAY, they opened up about their love for body ink. “I have a bunch of tattoos, too many to count. If I wasn’t a full-time actor, I think I would be fully covered. I get tattoos all the time,” they said. “My agents want to die. They gave up hassling me a long time ago. The art of tattoos, historically, is one of the most sacred practices. I’m really strongly connected to the ancient practices of tattoo work — not just, ‘Oh, it’s cool to get tattoos now.””

For Nico, tattoos are definitely not just a trend. They got their first at 15. “My mom took me to get Chinese letters on my back because it was the early 2000s,” Nico explains to Snooki in a behind-the-scenes clip


And their latest ink was done by How Far Is Tattoo Far? artist Kevin himself. “It means the supreme reality — God is one, God is everything, but it’s also a 3 and a 9 backwards, and the day that I got married is 3-9-9, so we added another nine,” Nico says of their new wrist piece.

Married?! Who is Nico’s wife?

Nico has been with fitness instructor and lifestyle coach Bethany Meyers for 13 years, and the two tied the knot earlier this year, in March. Although Bethany Meyers identifies as a lesbian, the couple have a happy and open polyamorous relationship.

“If you had to label it, Nico and I are in a queer polyamorous relationship,” Bethany said in an interview with them. “Labels that help people understand, but not labels that define us. Most think we planned this and one day decided we would be multiple-love kind of people. We didn’t. It’s just the way our relationship developed over 12 years.”

When asked about her sexuality, she continued: “I started dating women around six years ago. I started exploring nine years ago. I started crushing 12 years ago. I’m sure it all would have started earlier had I known it was an option.” 


Her ability to explore her sexuality just made her more sure she wanted to be with Nico in the long run — and she was even the one to propose. She told them, Now that I was looking at marriage from the lens of two women … the idea of marriage started to shift … It no longer felt patriarchal, it felt equal. And I finally began to view it for what marriage was at its deepest core. The union between two people who love each other, who wanted to build their foundation of future generations together … No matter what, I realized, if I was ever to marry, the person to fill that role was Nico.”

What’s Nico’s sexuality?

As for Nico’s sexuality, the genderfluid star identifies as pansexual — meaning their attraction is not limited to any biological sex, gender or gender identity. They’ve often served “gender f*#&” looks on the red carpet and have even had sparkly makeovers by drag star Trinity.

Nico also opened up to them about their views on marriage. “In hindsight, I wish we would have asked … to use nonspecific gender titles, but so be it. This husband now had a wife, and this wife now had a husband. A bride becomes a wife and a groom becomes a husband, but what does  partner become? I choose to believe … two husbands and two wives [were produced] from Bethany and I.”


Are Nico and Snooki friends?

They are now! Before the show, the two didn’t really know each other. Nico was asked to pick a female cohost and when Snooki’s name came up, “it was a no-brainer for me,” Nico told Vulture. A longtime Jersey Shore fan, they said, “I feel like she has been part of my family for the past ten years.”

While Snooki wasn’t too familiar with Nico’s series Younger, she did know them for their LGBTQ activism and poetry. “I love [them],” she told Vulture. By their second time meeting, “we were friends already,” she added.

But would Nico let Snooki design a How Far Is Tattoo Far? piece? “I wouldn’t let you pick a tattoo for me. Not yet,” they tell her.

Don’t miss How Far Is Tattoo Far? on MTV at 9PM on Thursdays.

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Meet the Cast of "Sweet Home", Your Newest Renovation Obsession


If you love home renovation reality TV shows (c’mon, we all do, even if we say we don’t) then you’re going to go ga-ga over Bravo’s newest TV show, Sweet Home, about the Welch’s and their interior design firm.

You might remember Jennifer, her ex-husband Josh, and her pal Angie “Pumps” Sullivan from their show on Bravo, Sweet Home Oklahoma. This time around, they’ve dropped the “OK” from the show’s title and are shifting focus.

What can you expect from Sweet Home when it drops on November 2 (10 pm ET)? Well, you’ve got the “happily unmarried” working relationship of Jennifer and Josh and their team. They encounter problems like handling tough clients and getting the right materials, plus the trials of running a business. Plus Angie Pumps’ quirks and larger-than-life personality help keep everything fun. 


Bravo’s chosen an interesting firm with an equally interesting cast of characters who are sure to give reality TV and aspiring homebodies (yes, those are a thing) hours of delightful programming. Check out the cast of Sweet Home so you can be best prepared to get yourself on that show and get your house looking all spiffy and oozing with interior design excellence.

Jennifer Welch


The Big J is a founding member and the name behind Jennifer Welch Designs. She is a Dallas, Texas native and has been working on her interior design business for the past 20 years with her now ex-husband, Josh Welch. Specializing in design for both residential and commercial spaces, Jennifer is known for her painstaking attention to detail. In addition to running her successful business, she’s also a mom to two sons, Dylan, 15, and Roman, 13.

Angie “Pumps” Sullivan


Angie, in addition to having one of the best nicknames I’ve ever heard of in my entire life (right next to my boy’s friend “Sleepy” who has a lazy eye and was a great boxer), she’s an awesome attorney by trade and has a tight friendship with both Jennifer and Josh. Her friendship with Jennifer began when Big J walked into Angie’s home over 20 years ago and called her out for having a hideous painting of silk flowers in her home. She practices marriage and family law and is a mother to three kids herself, 18-year-old Sam, 16-year-old Emily, and 13-year-old Luke.

Josh Welch


Born in Paris—no, not that Paris, the one in Texas—Josh was a criminal defense attorney until 2012. Now he’s a photographer and even helps his ex Jennifer’s design firm by providing shots of her work to post to social media and her website. He’s super involved in his sons’ lives, especially their basketball games, and is still super close with his ex and Angie. He also rocks a mean piece of eyewear, which not many dudes can pull off. Seriously, I would look ridiculous in those glasses, but Josh is crushing it.

Alex Hodges


Even though Alex has the dubious (in Jennifer’s eyes) distinction of being a millennial, the Oklahoma City native has a crazy work ethic that captured Jennifer’s heart. She works as a project manager for the firm and happens to be a member of the same sorority as Angie. She’s also constantly going on about the benefits of a gluten-free diet, which may be annoying to some people but I gotta say ever since I’ve been staying away from bread (for the most part) for the past few months I feel much better. You might have a point there, Alex.

Sabah Khan


Sabah immigrated to the U.S. with her parents when she was only five years old, and is the office manager at the firm. She got the job after meeting Josh at the Apple Store where she worked. The two became friends and he was struck by her work ethic and personality, so he had her meet Jennifer, who welcomed Sabah into the crew.

Sarah Moll


Another Oklahoma City native, Sarah is an interior design wunderkind who graduated at the top of her class. After interning at Jennifer Welch Designs, Jennifer brought her on full-time as an associate designer and is prepping her for the big leagues of home renovation.

Sounds like I’ve got a new reality home design show I have to pretend to not like but will secretly binge while my wife’s asleep. But please, please don’t tell her that. I get enough flak from her for all of the other Bravo shows I watch. 

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13 Behavior Mistakes That Push People Away From You When You First Meet

Why do some people attract others attention and some just spend time all alone? It turns out that it’s not just about our appearance and personal qualities. Some habits literally push us away from a person and we just don’t want to talk to them.

Bright Side loves romantic stories and knows almost everything about finding true love. Today, we’ll tell you about the main reasons that might stop you from being happy and building a strong relationship.

13. Illiteracy

If you haven’t found your love yet, it’s probably time to review some spelling rules. According to a poll conducted on, an online dating site, 96% of women aren’t interested in chatting with an ignorant person. By the way, men are less strict when it comes to grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, most respondents are likely to pay more attention to correct spelling, than to a potential partner’s excess weight or self-doubt.

12. Sleep deprivation

We should get enough sleep before a date or an important meeting since people who suffer from a lack of sleep look less attractive. It’s not just about our appearance: people unknowingly try to avoid those who look unhealthy. What’s more, sleep deprivation makes us nervous and grumpy. Scientists claim: it’ll take you a couple of nights without sleep to start pushing people away from you. But if you get enough rest, people around you will treat you as a reliable and friendly person.

11. Stress

In a stressful situation, our body launches a chemical “factory” where the adrenal glands release the hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and prolactin (in women.) A high cortisol level causes you to push potential partners away from you. You don’t even have to see each other in person: just seeing photos of you will reveal that you’re overwhelmed with stress.

10. No hobbies

You don’t have to be incredibly beautiful to attract the opposite gender. A study conducted on an online dating site has shown that creative people are as popular as beautiful ones. What does that mean?

  • Men prefer women who like sports, dancing, traveling, and art.
  • Women dream about men who travel, work out, cook, and don’t sleep at the movies.

9. “Wrong” smell

Body odor may play an important role when it comes to a potential long-term relationship. No, it’s not about perfume. The way a person smells depends on the genes that are responsible for their immune system. Of course, people don’t smell each other when they first meet but we subconsciously choose a person who smells “healthy.” Women are experts in this realm: they’re able to identify a partner with a “suitable” DNA that will contribute to the health of their children in the future.

8. Teeth problems

Healthy teeth and oral hygiene play a huge part in deciding whether you’re going to have a date or not. Internet users think that teeth issues can push a person away, even if everything else about you attracts them.

7. Poor manners

Bad table manners may mean that you won’t have a second chance. People think that noisy eating is one of the most disgusting habits. Answering phone calls and eating from your date’s plate are also blacklisted. Additionally, if you take a person to a fast food restaurant on a date or order dishes with a lot of garlic, you’re likely to fail.

6. Gothic paleness

Our skin tone also influences our appearance. Scientists have found out that a yellowish pigment in our skin tone makes us look more attractive. The thing is, melanin and carotenoids responsible for skin coloration are responsible for the immune system as well. People unknowingly look for a healthy partner, which is why pale skin pushes them away.

Here’s some good news: you don’t have to spend hours at the beach to be more attractive. Eat more vegetables and fruits, especially those that contain a large amount of carotenoids like carrots, tomatoes, apricots, or mangoes.

5. Self-confidence

Women prefer confident men. A grumpy and brutish man attracts more attention than a smiling guy. It’s a fact: girls don’t like men that are too happy.

And if a woman is too confident, men usually think that she’s reserved or snobby. If everything in a girl’s image says, “I have really high self-esteem,” a man is unlikely to ask her out. So a wide smile will definitely attract a gentlemen’s attention.

4. Non-heroic appearance

Small facial scars can really enhance a man’s attractiveness. But as a rule, they attract short-term relationships only — people need other kinds of qualities to build a long-term relationship. But don’t go too far!

3. Laziness

Active people are more likely to meet a partner. Lazy people are less successful, and it’s not just because they spend a lot of time at home watching TV. It’s all about our psychological mechanisms: ancient peoples didn’t like those who preferred to do nothing and thought they were useless. Modern people think the same way.

2. No friends

People who have many friends look more attractive. In a group, a person’s flaws “fade” because they appear more similar to the average group face, which is more attractive than the group members’ individual faces. That’s why even a plain girl can be a queen in the right company.

Psychologists call this phenomenon the cheerleader effect. For example, cheerleaders may be different (beautiful or not) when examined individually. But as a team, they all look gorgeous.

And here’s a piece of good news: you don’t have to have a lot of beautiful friends to look great. One pretty friend is enough to increase your chances.

1. Silly risk

Studies show that women like men who take risks, but not silly risks. In other words, extreme sports, bad habits, and dangerous driving won’t attract women. Risks like putting out fires or working with dangerous animals turn a man into a hero and a great partner.

Do you agree with these facts? Have you ever made any of these mistakes?

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Meet the Talented (and Young) Pros on 'Dancing With the Stars: Juniors'


ABC’s Dancing With the Stars has become a hit phenomenon that has launched the careers of many pro dancers — Derek and Julianne Hough, just to name a few. Now, it’s time for the grown-ups to take a back seat, and for the next generation of dancers to perform. DWTS: Juniors showcases young pro dance talent under the age of 16, and celebrity kids as their partners.

Meet the cast of little pro dancers below, and be sure to watch DWTS Juniors on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.  


Pro: Kameron Couch


Pro: Tristan Ianiero


Pro: Sage Rosen


Pro: Rylee Arnold


Pro: Lev Khmelev


Pro: Kamri Peterson


Pro: JT Church


Pro: Jake Monreal


Pro: Hailey Bills


Pro: Elliana Walmsley


Pro: Brightyn Brems


Pro: Artyon Celestine

Source : https://undefined/entertainment/2018/10/07/Z1ut8A3/dancing-with-the-stars-junior-pros

Meet Madeline Stuart, the Supermodel With Down Syndrome Who Has Conquered the Fashion Industry


No one is breaking barriers in the modeling industry like Madeline Stuart, the first supermodel with Down syndrome. The 21-year-old Australian beauty has walked the runway for New York, Paris, and London Fashion Week, and has also been featured in top fashion magazines, such as, Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire

Her transition into the modeling industry was no easy task, and it all started with a social media picture of herself that went viral. Madeline struggled with her weight throughout the years, and in 2015 she decided to make a lifestyle change for herself due to health reasons. 

“Almost three years in the making. I feel amazing, my heart is the healthiest it has ever been and at my last check up my doctor said it had not enlarged as it is no longer working so hard to maintain the three holes and leaky Mitro valve,” she recently captioned a before-and-after photo. “Looks like I may never have to go through open heart surgery again if I maintain my health. For those who think it is a lot of money, well how much is my health worth. I am pretty happy with the results.”

In the end, she shed 50 pounds, and her weight loss journey was shared with the world via Instagram. With her unrelenting work ethic, she has showed the world that your disabilities should not be a deterrent of your dreams. 


After walking more than 60 runways since she started her career three years ago, this top model is not ready to slow down. “I feel so blessed and fortunate that I have been given this opportunity,” she said in an interview with Iconic

“I also feel so proud that people have accepted me and supported me so I could achieve such a wonderful career,” she added. “My followers on social media really have made my life amazing, without their support and without them sharing my story so it went viral so many times I don’t think I would have achieved all the amazing things I have done.” 

Though her dreams have come true, she still faces criticism, especially in the cyber world that initially made her famous. “Of course there’s bullying on the Internet,” her mother Rosanne revealed to WWD. “That has happened a lot, but we don’t take notice of that. That is a reflection of the person who is doing the bullying, it’s not a reflection of what we’re doing.”

She continued: “Some people can be unkind without even realizing it. They say things that they don’t realize are offensive. It’s just a matter of educating people. But I have never had anyone come and be rude to us because Madeline has had so much support in this industry.”


Not only has Madeline had support within the industry, she has also had support online as well. Check out some of the social media chatter surrounding this young (role) model:


This tweeter expressed his admiration for Madeline, and encouraged her to keep breaking stereotypes and boundaries within the fashion industry. 


Madeline walked five runway shows for New York Fashion Week — making her the first model with Down syndrome to ever walk in a NYFW show. You go girl!


This tweeter is saying what we’re all thinking. It’s such a breathe of fresh air to see the fashion industry be more accepting and inclusive in 2018. 


Madeline presents a change in the industry, not only just in her body type, but also in living with a disability. Hopefully, her presence will make a drastic change in an industry that is know to just judge on outward appearance, and typical model looks and proportions. 


And Madeline is already opening doors for others with disabilities. Mikayla Holmgren, 22, just became the first woman with Down syndrome to compete in the Miss USA pageant and Tracy Sharp became a flight attendant earlier this year and earned her Southwest wings — despite having Down syndrome as well. 

“I want others to believe in themselves,” Mikayla said following the beauty competition. “It is making a difference in the world.”

Madeline’s ability to tackle an industry that is typically very excluding makes us all want to grow up and be just like her. 

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