Is the Man Depicted in Profile or Frontal View? The Answer Can Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

All people have their own habits: some bite their nails during stress, some are always late. And all of these seemingly minor nuances determine our personality. Even selfies can indicate openness, neuroticism, or agreeableness. Learning something new about yourself is not only interesting, but also useful. And a simple look at a photo can help with this.

To reveal your personality, Bright Side wants you to answer this question: which way is the man depicted in the photo?

Is the man depicted in the profile or frontal view?

There is no right answer in this test. Just look at the photo and figure it out according to your feelings.

Frontal view

If you think that this is a photo of the man in frontal view, it might mean that:

  • You look into people’s eyes confidently, without any embarrassment, and can convince people with your words. You’re open to everything that is new, you take on risky business easily, and embark on the execution of even the craziest ideas with passion. You’re an active, easygoing, and a sociable person.
  • You enjoy being in the spotlight and like to live a life full of exciting events and unpredictable pleasant twists and turns. You need constant movement since you cannot sit still for long in one place. Freedom is important to you, both in self-expression and in personal relationships. You’re afraid of attachments and the way they can change the flow of your life. You have your own opinion on any issue and are ready to defend it to the end.
  • You’re an optimist who tries to find the good in everything. You inspire other people and charge them with your energy. Your healthy egoism doesn’t allow you to move away from your intended goals. New experiences, positive emotions, and adventures are crucial for you to feel satisfied.

Profile view

If you think that the man is photographed in profile view, it most likely means that:

  • You’re a shy and modest person. It’s important for you to keep everything under control and you always try to predict all the possible scenarios. If something gets out of control, you get lost and nervous. You can be confused, but quickly find the composure to solve problems and overcome obstacles.
  • You’re quite a secretive person who doesn’t make contact with everyone around you. You have a few really close friends who could replace dozens of new acquaintances. You’re ready to sacrifice your interests in favor of your loved ones. You are able to read the emotions and mood of people in their eyes. You are a delicate person who notices little things and follows their own feelings, but not generally accepted rules.
  • You’re able to listen to others and examine certain situations critically. You’re a sensitive person whose kind heart is easy to hurt. By overcoming insults and unpleasant life moments, you become stronger and more enduring. You try to stay positive, you like to dip into deep thought, and you try hard to understand yourself. Harmony and inner peace are important for your well-being.

How accurately do these descriptions fit you? Did you find out something new about your personality? Share your opinion in the comments.

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After an Airline Employee Humiliated Him, This Man Is Spreading Parkinson's Awareness


When Bryan Roberts arrived at LAX after a business trip in Burbank, the airport was bustling with holiday travelers. Instead of using his red-eye ticket back to New York, Bryan chose to give up his seat on the overbooked JetBlue flight.

But what the Ithaca College associate dean and communications professor did not yet know was how horribly he’d be treated by the airline, which had been his favorite until that day, he tells Distractify exclusively.

Bryan, 38, suffers from Parkinson’s disease and had been coming out of a week-long business trip in Los Angeles when he was supposed to fly home to New York. “I was pretty symptomatic and the flight, as always, was overbooked,” he tells me over the phone. 


After staying out late the night before, his symptoms started to flare up. “The things that affect Parkinson’s symptoms the most tend to be stress, lack of sleep, and when you get off your medicine cycle,” Bryan says, and the uncomfortable hotel beds, PST time change and his business trip stress contributed to all of that. He decided to embody some holiday spirit and give up his seat on the plane, thinking he’d bench himself that evening and just fly back to New York the next day. “I figured I’d get some sleep and it would just be better for everyone,” he recalls.

Thinking he’d made “the right decision,” Bryan approached the counter to figure out the next steps for switching his flight, something you’d imagine is quite routine for airline employees working frequently overbooked routes. 

But the woman behind the counter was “just awful” to him. And the people who facilitate wheelchair transportation within the airport were even ruder and more condescending, with one flat-out ignoring him and another laughing openly in his face, saying he was welcome to sit down for a ride until they could give the wheelchair to “someone who needs it.”

Finally, a nurse who recognized his symptoms as Parkinson’s disease came to his rescue, shooing the nosy LAX crowds away so he could finally “get some air” and leave the terminal — all while the JetBlue employees stared at him without the slightest offer to help from just a few feet away.


When he finally managed to leave LAX that day, it wasn’t just that he was openly mocked, humiliated, and had his feelings hurt. He was also seriously injured by the uncaring JetBlue employees. “These a**holes let me fall a few times, so I had to go to the hospital on Saturday. I thought I was really badly concussed and I thought I might have broken my shoulder. I’m still wondering what’s going on, it’s killing me,” he says.

However, he chooses to “focus his energy on the positive.” Bryan recalls the first responders who helped him out of LAX as “awesome.” 

“They helped me out, ended up booking a hotel for me, took me to the hotel, gave me clothes, and actually checked up on me the next day,” he tells me. 

But the Parkinson’s activist wants the airline to take a serious look at their behavior and do right by him. So far, that hasn’t been the case. 

“JetBlue finally reached out to me a few days [after the incident],” he says. “And the woman who calls me … was like, ‘I’m sorry you couldn’t control your Parkinson’s, I understand because I happen to have MS,’ and the conversation kind of proceeded that way, where it was more my fault than theirs.”


“”If you’ve had Parkinson’s for ten years, you’d think you might be able to control your symptoms better,”” is actually a sentence this JetBlue employee uttered, per Bryan’s recollection. “Then she offers me a hundred dollar gift certificate,” he adds.

But Bryan doesn’t want the money — he just wants to raise awareness after hearing “more and more stories about this kind of treatment at that terminal, late at night.” 

In Bryan’s view, we’re long overdue for a cultural shift in society where “empathy” and “trying to understand each other” are fundamental values. 

“Let’s be better today than we were yesterday, let’s do better tomorrow than we did today” is a phrase he repeated over the course of our interview. What does doing better mean in the context of his unforgivable JetBlue experience?


“I’d like a real dialogue,” he says. “I don’t want their one employee with a neurological illness to call me and assume we have common ground. I’d like to speak to the CEO or CFO or someone who really makes decisions and ask them, ‘It’s probably likely that one of you will develop Parkinson’s, looking at the rate in which it’s being diagnosed in the world … or their parents may, or their kids might, unfortunately. How would you like them to be treated?”

Granted, it’s much easier to other someone who looks or acts differently from us, but Bryan wants people to know that “Parkinson’s and many neurodegenerative illnesses do not discriminate.” 

“I didn’t do anything to deserve this disease,” he tells me. “I just got it. 1 in 40,000 people, I think, develop it under 30, and me and Michael J. Fox, we were diagnosed at 30.”

“I’m not going to sit and let it define me,” he says. “Honestly, there’s so much more in my life going on.” 

But the lack of compassion he was shown by JetBlue employees just proves “there’s a long way to go, not just for Parkinson’s, but for empathy.” 

Until we change as a culture, Bryan is committed to holding JetBlue accountable for their actions. “I’m not going to stop until there is change,” he tells me unhesitatingly.

Parkinson’s disease affects more than 1 million people in America and over 4 million people worldwide. It’s time we took a good look at ourselves and pledge to treat our brothers, sisters and neighbors with mutual love and understanding.

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Husband Divorces Wife After Spotting Her on Google Maps with Another Man


Cheating on your significant other is a horrible thing to do, but if you’re going to do it, then the least you can do is not be all out in the open about it and put your debauchery on full display for the world and your heartbroken boo to see.

And if you are sneaking around with somebody new, the desire to go out in the open and try and act normal about it is a real temptation. You don’t want to be shacked up indoors and put in a ton of effort to keep your liaison a secret.

But you have to know that in this day and age where everyone has a smartphone outfitted with a camera, that the chance someone snapping photo evidence of you being a no-good, lowdown, dirty cheater is higher than it’s ever been.


“No problem.” You tell yourself, “I’ll just avoid places and areas where our mutual friends, family members, and acquaintances might possibly see us. Problem solved.”

And for the most part, you’d probably be right.

But there’s one thing you forgot to consider, and that’s the Google Maps camera car. That’s right, the automobile is outfitted with 360-degree camera surveillance footage to snap photos of the streets and neighborhoods they pass through.


Occasionally, the cars unintentionally catch some hilarious sights. Other times, they inadvertently catch people that their friends or family recognize. Like the time this daughter was thinking of of her late mother, 18 months after she died. 

Naturally, she started getting nostalgic, so she decided to go and check out her childhood home on Google Maps. Lo and behold, there her mother was, watering flowers. It’s an adorable story, and it was pretty awesome that the Google Maps car was there to capture that moment.


This couple’s story, however, isn’t a heartwarming one like Denise’s. Unless you count a dude discovering that his wife was cheating on him with another man thanks to one of Google’s automobiles heartwarming, that is.

That’s exactly what happened to this Peruvian dude when he was trying to discover the best way to get to a bridge in the country’s capital city of Lima. While browsing Google street view, he noticed someone familiar: his wife.


That’s right, she’s sitting there on a park bench with some strange dude’s head in her lap, stroking his hair. What tipped him off at first was the outfit she was wearing and then after zooming in he noticed that it was her.

When he confronted his wife with the photos, which were dated back to 2013, she admitted to having an affair. He filed for divorced after she confirmed what he clearly saw in the pictures. Thankfully, she didn’t try saying that she was stroking the dude’s head in a “friendly” fashion.


The guy shared the photos on Facebook, which understandably got a lot of people riled up. But if you know anything about Google Maps cars, then you know that they’re capable of capturing some absolutely insane images.

Like this wonderful act of revenge a neighbor took against someone he obviously didn’t like. Is it mature? No. Is it nice? Absolutely not. Are we happy that someone was this petty? You bet your sweet pantaloons we are.


Yeah, and there was that time a random tiger just start roaming the streets of Boulder, Colorado. Thankfully, the Google Maps car was there to snap a still image and keep on driving, pretending like it just didn’t see the world’s most dangerous big cat casually going for a stroll.


Or how about the time Google captured this dude who was creepily waiting for someone to come in and poop in a porta-potty, while what appears to be his dog was keeping a look out. Bad dog, very bad dog! What’s wrong with you, helping out peeping toms like that!


There’s also the legend of cat-on-head-man. Legend has it that he hasn’t moved from that place, and the cat is still perched on top of his head until this very day. Honestly, as weird as this is, it’s kind of impressive.


This next kid is someone I feel really, really bad for. You run out in a grassy knoll away from society because you really need to take a poo. You think you’re all by your lonesome. Then, out of nowhere, the Google car comes rolling along, capturing you in an indecent pose for all eternity. I’m sorry, kid.


I really hope that whoever these pigeon people are knew that the Google Maps mobile was coming down their street beforehand. I want this to be an orchestrated prank because I’m not sure I want to live in a world where a bunch of people wear rubber pigeon masks for any other reason.


Imagine the kind of stuff we’ll start seeing once Google starts getting access to public buildings and indoor spaces. Here’s hoping they don’t start bringing their cameras indoors, no one needs to see me loading boxes of Oreos into my shopping cart while wearing red mesh shorts and a track jacket with no shirt on underneath. Very bad look. Very, very bad.

Source : https://undefined/relationships/2018/10/12/7pOTr/google-maps-cheating

This Woman Created an "Exit Interview" for the Man She Dates and It's Hilarious


Modern romance is super tricky and when things don’t “pan” out for you with a potential significant other, then it’s easy to feel down-and-out and sorry for yourself. Which is never a good mindset to be in.

Dates that go south ultimately leave you with a lot of questions, too. No one wants to get that phone call or text where someone’s telling you that they “just didn’t feel that spark” during that initial interaction.

Maybe you didn’t feel that “spark” either, but darn it, don’t you wish the other person was just a little more interested in learning more about you? GAH! If only there was a way to gather useful data from the people you dated so you could work on your personality to make it more fulfilling for you and attractive to others!


Well, there is one way, but it’s a weird, if not totally hilarious method constructed by this Twitter user and modern-dating wunderkind by the name of Katie. Now, we’ve seen some other ingenious ways of securing romantic partners in the past, but this one is a bit different.

Katie decided to concoct an exit interview for the people that she dated in order to come up. It looks like she did it in an official-looking Google form and everything. No, I’m not kidding, scroll down and take a look for yourself.


Take notes, people. Because this is hands-down one of the best ideas I’ve seen when it comes to dating in the 21st century. Finally, you can get some closure instead of lying awake in bed at night wondering if you’re going to die alone.


Honestly, if I received a feedback form from someone I initially wasn’t interested in, I’d definitely hit them up and see if I could score a second date, because that’s a person worth revisiting, no diggity doubt.

Her friend Abby thought so too, which is why she shared the joyous dating exit survey with the rest of the internet. Her tweet further leads us to believe that the survey is indeed legit and used in her actual love life.


Which makes the whole thing even funnier, and tons of other people on Twitter agree. Some went so far as to call her a genius and were grateful that she brought a heightened level of bureaucratic awareness to the world of dating.


While others stressed that utilizing hard data and evidence in driving decisions, even ones that are usually decided on an emotional level, is an extremely important and worthwhile endeavor. I mean, how are you just going to go about your day basing decisions on your gut?


I’m so happy that this person has what appears to be a Face/Off promotional picture (watermarked) of John Travolta and Nicholas Cage as their Twitter profile picture, while being 100 percent spot-on with this type of characterization.


And some people asked the question that is on all of our minds right now: Did any of the dates actually fill it out and if they did, can we see their answers?! Sadly the answer to that is no, but we can hope that someone comes forward and gives Katie the reasons why they weren’t interested in dating again.

After checking Katie’s Twitter account, I noticed that she’s employed other creative strategies in her quest for finding true love on the internet. Sure, her methods are a bit unconventional, but history’s greatest innovators didn’t become legends by thinking inside the box, did they?


It’s also important to note that Katie isn’t the only person to bring a dash of office flair to the world of online dating. There were more than a few people who came up with the notion of making a Powerpoint on their Tinder profiles to prove why they’d be great to date.

Like Sam Dixey, who had his spot blown up online by Grace Barrow for his inventive approach to standing out from the rest of the thirsty dude crowd on Tinder. Something that he managed to pull off seamlessly. 


Seriously, if I was a professor teaching some MBA class, I’d totally give Sam an A. Not just because of his clear and concise points, but because he managed to warm up this old working professional’s heart by showing him that love does have a place in business. So beautiful.


He’s not the first, nor was he the last person to come up with a Powerpoint for their online dating profile, either. I don’t care that the idea’s been done before, I think this should become the standard for all dating profiles online.


I mean, just look at Lizzy Fenton’s here. She sent this powerpoint to her crush. Did he message her back after seeing all of the great points that she made and suddenly want to date her? No. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t absolute perfection.

Source : https://undefined/humor/2018/10/03/Z2bnTFT/exit-interview-dating

Man Recruits Airplane Passengers for an Epic Mid-Flight Proposal


There’s a lot of pressure to pull off the perfect proposal. From dancing flash mobs to a live piece orchestra and a “marry me” message on a jumbotron à la Kanye West to Kim Kardashian, popping the question in the most creative way has become a mission to not only get a “yes,” but also go viral. 

And that is exactly what one man was hoping to achieve when he decided to propose onboard an airplane — and asked unsuspecting passengers to help capture the romantic moment. 

Luckily for all of us, one of the passengers documented the proposal from the beginning to its happy ending on reddit in real time. It all started when @pezmonkey was handed a note from a stranger before boarding his early morning flight. “At airport, just handed this…challenge accepted…good luck buddy. Standby for results…takeoff in 40,” he wrote, along with a photo of the small card he was given. 


The card read: 

“Hi, my name is Andrew and I’ll be proposing to my girlfriend Rachel on this flight! I’ve got a ring. I’ve got the ‘speech.’ What I don’t have is a photographer, so I have a favor to ask… Please take photos and videos of the proposal and send them to the number below. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.”

From there @pezmonkey gave a play-by-play of the proposal. He boarded the flight and quickly located the couple. “We’re in 1st, I’m on the aisle three rows back, perfect vantage point. Passengers filing in now. Assume he’ll pop the question just before taxi,” he wrote. He then proceeded to paint the scene, adding, “This flight is an hour and half. The soon to be bride just ordered a Jack & Coke at 7:11am.” Nice. 

But @pezmonkey wasn’t judging her drink choice. “Although they look fresh-faced and ready to take on the world together,” he explained. “Dude has a suit jacket on.”


However, the highly anticipated proposal was taking longer than expected for passengers.  “Noooo, we’re taking off and he didn’t do it. Is it gonna happen in the air, or did he chicken out??? We’re all confused.” It turned out to just be a false alarm. “All signs point to a proposal in air (we’ve all decided that’s classier) — I should have the goods shortly. Standby, about to take off,” he added. 

In the meantime, redditors started preparing for the worst-case scenario, because what can go wrong proposing 35,000 feet in the air? “I’m thinking that’ll be a really uncomfortable flight if she says no. Nowhere to run. Forced to sit together for hours,” one person predicted. Another added, “Proposes and gets denied. Gets a dozen videos and pictures of him getting denied sent to his phone.” Or, as another pointed out, “You better hope she doesn’t check teddit while waiting and you ruin the surprise for her.” 

But then it was the moment everyone one the plane (and online) had been waiting for. And @pezmonkey did not disappoint. Not only did he catch the moment Andrew got up to propose, but he also photographed the exact moment Rachel said yes. Whew. 


He also explained his photography strategy, adding, “Just trying to respect their privacy, also be the only one to not shoot or take pics in portrait. SMH.” 

Despite the planning and effort put into the proposal, @pezmonkey was not a big fan of the decision to propose mid-flight. When one redditor asked, “Who… proposes on a plane? Of all the romantic settings in the world and all the public events, how is a plane what you decide on? What if she says no? Then you have to sit through the rest of the 90 minute cut of Ocean’s 8 in awkward silence,” our on-board photographer responded, “Asked myself the same thing.” 

And there was no shortage of airplane proposal jokes. “http://undefined/”Everyone can I have your atten-‘ tackled,” one user commented before another added this imagined one-liner, “My girlfriend is the bomb, that’s why I want to hijack the rest of her life.” 


A third hilariously chimed in, “Spirit would charge extra.” Luckily, the now-engaged couple was flying Delta. 

So, why did Andrew decide to propose to Rachel on a plane? We many never know, but one redditor had a pretty good guess:

“Rachel — I just want a plain proposal Andrew, nothing fancy.

Andrew -—A plane proposal you say…”

At least he wasn’t this guy who proposed at his best friend’s wedding — mid-ceremony. Congrats Andrew and Rachel!

Source : https://undefined/trending/2018/09/28/PueDz/airplane-proposal

Man Believes He Uncovered His Wife's Murder Plot After Overhearing Her Rehearsing His Eulogy


People have been asking for advice on the internet pretty much ever since it was invented. And even before that, columns like “Ask Amy,”http://undefined/”Ask Polly” and “Ask Anita” graced the pages of newspapers to everyone’s delight.

It’s somehow fascinating to hear about the romantic or familial plights of other people, partially because they help us feel better about our own lives, and also because they equip us with tips we might use if we’re ever faced with a similar problem ourselves.

But then there are other stories that are so crucially out there, we have to follow along just to see how they end. Such is the tale of reddit user mentosallaround, who sought out advice from the platform when he walked in on his wife rehearsing a speech for his funeral. 

This story might make you think twice before taking your personal problems to the internet.


It all started one day when our protagonist came home from work early, presumably in a great mood. He could hear his wife talking in the study, and assuming she was on the phone with a friend, decided to give her some privacy. But he kept hearing his name mentioned, so he inched a bit closer to the door.

“I heard her say ‘my late husband’,” he explains in his post. “She was giving a monologue, saying things about me like an eulogy or like she was talking about me, after I died, to someone who didn’t know me.”

From his side of the door, he could hear her say things like, “http://undefined/”I couldn’t stay in the city after my husband passed, everything reminded me of him. I had to sell the house even though I loved it so much, we had just bought it…’,” referring to the house they had in fact just purchased. “Things like that,” he wrote. “Details about me and our life. It was weird AF.”


At that point, with a piqued curiosity, he opened the door and expected to find his wife on the phone. But he didn’t. 

His wife was just standing there, “her eyes were watering,” and she quickly claimed she was reading aloud from a book — except there were no books around.

“I asked what book it was, she said, ‘it’s personal’ and changed topics, telling me family stuff,” he explains. 

But that’s not all. Later that evening, he admitted to snooping on her computer, and was shocked (to say the least) about what he found.

“I looked through her browser history,” he wrote, “and she is shopping for wedding dresses? She was also shopping for something I wanted for ages, so I guess that is cute. That she wants to get me something nice before whatever it is that’s going on.”



That’s pretty much the entirety of this user’s first post, which he finishes by asking some pointed questions: “Is this normal?”http://undefined/”Have you ever thought about your loved ones passing away and what you would say?”

The internet had a lot to say about this unsettling situation, mostly along the lines you’re probably all thinking — THIS WOMAN IS ABOUT TO MURDER YOU.

“How much life insurance do you have?,” commented one user. Another sarcastically wrote, “Can you tell your wife to post an update after she murders you?” One added, “Do you have a disease or something where you might be dying soon? If not, maybe don’t eat anything she cooks anymore.”

Pretty much everyone agreed they’d be feeling pretty paranoid too, if they were in this guy’s shoes.

The post was so compelling and curiosity-inducing, over three hundred users chimed in to share their opinions with this man. And the entire community was on the edge of their seats until he posted an update to his story two days later.


The update to the original story, titled “I (35M) caught my wife (29F) rehearsing a speech for my funeral (?)” begins as follows:

Met a buddy for lunch and told him the whole tale. He too found it morbid AF, but didn’t see her committing first degree murder. Asked me if I thought she could be having an affair (he has a history with weird stuff turning out to be cheater SO). Suggested I get a PI in case of cheating, and call my lawyer in case of murder.

I said I’ll consider it. But I know my wife, she is usually pretty shy. I’m still REALLY thinking this might be something silly that got her embarrassed. Was it any other topic, I’d have asked right away. The funeral thing just got me creeped out and I probably would leave it alone if not for my growing curiosity.

Buddy makes a point that there is no harm in calling my lawyer just to check on the procedure to change beneficiaries on life insurance and such, so I’m prepared in the event things go even more weird. I agree, no harm in that. Call the lawyer, tell him I’m discussing finances with the wife and we are thinking about changing both our beneficiaries (trying not to make it look like I suspect her, you know), he says he’s stepping into a restaurant with a client can he call me back.

After calling his lawyer, our protagonist goes on with his day at work. This time, it’s a long day, and he gets so caught up in his tasks that he forgets entirely about the call he made to his lawyer.


When he got home to his wife that night, let’s just say, things EXPLODED for our protagonist. So much so that he began regretting posting the story to the internet in the first place.

“My wife is upset,” he writes. “And that is an understatement.”

1 — Lawyer called. He wasn’t able to get a hold of me anywhere else. Was wondering what were the questions we had about changing the beneficiaries on life insurances. Wife had no idea what he was talking about. He seemed uncomfortable upon hanging up.

2 — Turns out my buddy talked to his wife (in confidence) and told her everything. His wife told a couple of close friends (in confidence) as well. And on it went until the gossip reached a friend of my wife’s who actually knew what was happening. She called my wife and told her she should talk to me ASAP.

She is mortified. Upset, hurt, confused, embarrassed. The whole deal. A little mad as well. Maybe more than a little.

These days, we’re always relying on the internet to spread the word about things. But never forget how quickly gossip travels in small towns, no matter how much technology advances.

According to the author, his wife then claims she joined a community theater and is playing a widow. By her account, the monologue is just an exercise in tapping into her emotions.

Hmmmm… Claiming you’re rehearsing for a drama club when you get caught practicing your husband’s eulogy sure makes for a compelling excuse.

He continues:

She lied about it being a book because she too thinks it is a creepy thing to do, and didn’t feel like sharing at the time, since the whole drama club is something she was doing for herself. But she thought I only heard her speaking, as in “her voice,” not “what she was saying.” Had she known what I heard, she would have explained it.

I ask her why didn’t she tell me about the drama club. She looks at me like I have no business asking her another question for as long as we both shall live, not even about the weather. But she says it is “her thing” and she even made her friend promise not to mention it because she didn’t want all of us at one of the plays (we are a tight bunch) until she was more comfortable on stage.

At this point, he says she could have mentioned her new activity at some point, but she quickly rebuts by saying he’s incapable of keeping a secret. Given all the friends (and the internet communities) who he’s roped into this most recent drama, it seems our writer’s wife does have a point.

So, sure, this explains the monologue… But what about the wedding dress?

I’m still missing a piece of the puzzle. So I ask, “what about the wedding dress?”

This is when I realize this part of the story didn’t reach her yet. She asks me “what” and I have the pleasure of telling my wife I went through her personal computer.

AHHH!!!! Now the wife is, understandably, out for blood.


[She] grabs me by my shirt, drags me up to our closet and shows me “the wedding dress” (in the making) for the play. It is amateur theater, so they have more than one job and she is also helping with the costumes, wardrobe, whatever it is called. She was looking online for cheap dresses or for styling ideas to make her own (she is quite skilled in making clothes and such, and the search history did say “old” or “vintage” wedding dress). She also shows me nun’s clothes and a pirate’s in her closet and asks me if that means she is attacking the British. By now I am just wondering what the f–k is this play about? A bride, a pirate and a nun? Who the f–k is writing this s–t? But I’m guessing I shouldn’t be talking anymore.

Yea, it’s safe to say this dude should just shove his foot in his mouth going forward. The wife is LIVID, with good reason:

She is pissed that I would think she is capable of murder enough to call our lawyer, that I told all our friends about her embarrassing monologue and went through her personal computer. Not to mention ruining the drama club she was enjoying.

I just nod, apologize profusely, try to explain that things didn’t happen quite like that, and show myself to the guest bedroom because we both know where this is going.

She then tells me I can’t even sleep there. Since my brother and his wife will be staying with us for a few days, she already changed the sheets and had everything cleaned and ready and says “you will just make a mess.”

So, last night, our beloved author had the privilege of sleeping on the couch. And who knows when he’ll be allowed back into the bedroom. If he were my husband, never. But I digress.

And this is how mentosallaround learned (the hard way, admittedly) that sometimes it’s better to confront your fears and problems with the person they involve directly and in the moment. You know, rather than publishing your suspicions on a forum with more than a million subscribers, and spreading it to your friend who will tell his wife who will in turn gossip to the whole town.

My, my. I hope their marriage survives this.

Source : https://undefined/relationships/2018/09/27/Z1NcQQ9/man-wife-funeral-speech

Best Man Steals the Spotlight at Wedding in the Worst Possible Way


It’s understandable to get caught up in a wedding. The love can be overwhelming and you just can’t control yourself. However, one best man took things to an unapologetic level when he decided to propose to his girlfriend during his best friend’s wedding. 

The unhappy bride detailed the experience, which took place last year, asking for advice on how to handle her now-husband’s relationship with his friend “John” going forward. She explained the entire scenario in an advice column that has since gone viral: 

“My husband and I started dating, got pregnant, had a child, moved in together, bought a house, and got a dog in that order,” she wrote. “Our friends and family have asked us for years why we weren’t married yet. We always pushed it off to build better lives. We’ve done really well for ourselves and finally reached a point where we could afford a huge blowout wedding to celebrate our lives with everyone we know and love.” 


So, this was not just some typical banquet hall wedding. This couple waited years to tie the knot — and seemingly paid a pretty penny to make it official.

And then entered John. 

“My husband’s best friend, ‘John,’ was the best man/officiant,” she continued. “The setting was beautiful, everyone seemed happy, our families were overjoyed. My mom may have used the phrase hallelujah a few dozen times. The entire atmosphere felt moving. So moving in fact that John stopped mid-ceremony to propose to his longtime girlfriend, ‘Jane,’ and reveal her pregnancy.”

Yes, best man John (who, we remind you, is officiating the wedding) decided to stop everything and propose to his girlfriend AND announce that they are expecting a child. 



“I couldn’t even hear the vows my husband wrote, or the rest of the ceremony over the noise of Jane’s happy sobs, her very surprised family who were also guests, and the people seated nearby congratulating her,” the bride continued. “Even the videographer cut to her frequently during the ceremony and you can’t hear anything over the chatter.”

So, instead of capturing their big day, the videographer (which the couple paid for) is taking photos of another woman during the ceremony. 

We are fuming. However, being the quality best man that he is — John was not done ruining his “best friend’s” wedding. 

“When John gave his toast, he apologized for being caught up in the moment and then proceeded to talk about his and Jane’s future with nary a mention of us,” the bride explained. “During the reception, John and Jane became the primary focus of our guests. John even went out of his way to ask the band for a special dance for just him and Jane on the dance floor.”


Stop. The fact that this couple let John attend the reception is admirable  — but getting his own dance… GTFO. How inconsiderate and self-centered can one person be? 

So, it is no surprise that John has been blocked by the couple until further notice. 

“I’ve never been an attention hog, and I wouldn’t even have minded if he’d proposed after the ceremony, but weeks later, I am still seething,” the bride wrote. “I am so shocked and angry that I keep asking myself if this is real life.”

She continued, “My husband hasn’t spoken to John since the wedding and mutual friends think what he did was rude but that my husband should just get over it. My husband joked that he’ll resume his friendship when John and Jane give him a $40,000 check for ‘their half of the wedding.’


The upstaged bride wants to know if they are right to end their friendship or if they are being angry for no reason. 

A shocked @chaeronae aka blocked thot, who shared this rage-inducing “Dear Prudence” column on Twitter, summed up the collective rage in a series of tweets. 

“I would not only end the relationship, I would have thrown them both out of the wedding along with anyone who tried to defend them,” she tweeted. “This is from Dear Prudence and her advice was ‘your husband should talk to him’ no he shouldn’t. No one should talk to them ever again.”

Preach, girl. 


She went on to hilariously add, “You must have lost your godd-mn mind… you’d be lucky if you got out without getting physically assaulted — MID-CEREMONY!”

Of course, the column went viral, with users sharing what they would do to get even if their best man did something similar at their wedding.  

“I would do everything in my power to passively ruin every major life event they have,” @sydlaescritora wrote. Another chimed in, “Ugh I just want to sue them… it’s America they can probably find something to sue them for like mid-ceremony? Mid-vow? Oh no honey I’d hand my husband, my bouquet and diamond earrings and get to work. Nobody’s taking my wedding day that cost 80 grand away from me, PERIOD.”


A third suggested, “I would play nice then show up at the wedding and announce I was dying and today was my unofficial wake glad you’re all here.” 

Of course, there is a right way to propose at someone’s else wedding — and it has been done before. This YouTube video shows a bride — who is clearly in on the proposal — stopping the bouquet toss and handing her sister the bouquet before her boyfriend walks in with their son to pop the question. 

Unlike John, this wedding guest did the right thing by 1) asking the bride for permission first, 2) waiting until after the ceremony and speeches were all said and done, and 3) not being complete and utter trash. 

So, to whoever wrote that column, yes, you do have the right to be angry. Never speak to John or Jane again — unless it’s at their wedding, which you are crashing. 

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25+ Crazy Photos From 2018’s Burning Man That Made Us Regret We Hadn’t Been There

Burning Man is one of the craziest festivals on the planet and it takes place in Nevada’s desert every year. Thousands of people come together to create a temporary city where they live for several days. The main principles of the festival are to give mutual help, have environmental friendliness, and to not use money at all. But the main thing festival-goers experience is an incredibly creative atmosphere.

Bright Side collected the best photos from this past festival that just finished and invites you to dive into the atmosphere of freedom and drive. Who knows, maybe these shots will inspire you to see this event with your own eyes one day.

The topic of the festival this year was “I, Robot” — a reference to the works of Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer. A nearly 100 ft inflatable sphere called ORB created by designers from Denmark became one of the most impressive works at the festival. Bjarke Ingels said the following about his project: “ORB is a mirror for earth lovers — reflecting the passing daytime, evolving life, and other artworks beneath it — a new planet to sci-fi fans, a wayfinder for travelers or just a huge disco ball to those who love a good party!”

Artists from all over the world created exhibits based on the festival’s theme and displayed them there. You can learn more about them here.

The weather conditions in the desert are not easy to deal with: heat, wind and fine white sand that can penetrate everywhere. Protecting the eyes is the most important thing for festival-goers to remember. They use masks, glasses, kerchiefs, and even plastic head balls. Wearing costumes at Burning Man is another way for participants to protect and express themselves. And, of course, they look great for Instagram photos.

When Burning Man comes to an end, all participants exchange presents. Things that aren’t needed are burned right there in the desert together with installations and the dummy that gave the name to the festival. After several days, nothing is left of the festival — no one would ever even know it was there. But after one year, Burning Man will come back again to light the fire and spirit of freedom in people’s hearts.

Have you ever visited Burning Man? Please share your impressions with us in the comments!

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Woman "Kisses" Man on First-Date and Saves His Life With CPR


Their “first kiss” was one man’s saving grace. During a couple’s first date, a woman saved a man’s life after performing CPR when he collapsed. 

Andi Traynor, 45, was on the beach in Santa Cruz, with her date, Max Montgomery, 56, when he went into cardiac arrest. Andi, an anesthesiologist, immediately began to perform CPR when she couldn’t find the content creator’s pulse. 

Prior to his collapse, Max spent the morning surfing. While paddling, he felt a burning sensation in his chest and later felt tired as he exited the water. On the California-based beach, Andi spent 7 minutes performing CPR while she waited for an ambulance to arrive, after which medical personnel revived him with a defibrillator and rushed him to Dominican Hospital.

Following his hospital trip, Max underwent bypass surgery after doctors determined he had multiple blockages in his coronary artery. Though the first-date couple may have had an initial scare, the two are still going strong after 10 months. Nothing says “I love you” like saving a person’s life. 


In an interview with Mirror UK, Max told the magazine what he remembers of the day: “I woke up in the ambulance and there was a guy leaning over me. He asked me did I know what happened. I said: ‘Yeah I think I’ve had a heart attack, how embarrassing.”” 

He added, “It was embarrassing because I finally told this woman I really liked I had a crush on her and she had said it back.” 

Afraid of losing out on love, Max called his future girlfriend and apologized for collapsing. Andi revealed, “It was an incredible sense of relief to hear his voice.” She continued: “I was just so relieved because I was so upset that I had just met this amazing person and now he could be gone.”

The mother-of-two stuck by his side and visited him in the hospital as he recovered from surgery. The two have since been dating and finally the couple got the kiss both of them were hoping for. 


Andi revealed, “A few weeks after his surgery, he was recuperating and we were on the beach just talking, [and] I said, ‘You can kiss me for real now.’” Max answered, “My heart has been healed inside and out. I feel very blessed.”

With their story going viral, the couple even started a non-profit organization, Paddle4Good. True love seems to have been found in the most unconventional circumstances. 

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users reacted to the love story heard around the internet.

This tweeter had thought this story was very reminiscent of another classic. Yes, we will never forget one of the best story moments in The Sandlot, when Squints finally “got” Wendy Peffercorn.


Is CPR one way to get a date? Well, in this story, there was luckily a happy ending.


Apparently, this tweeter thinks you can now use the situation as a pickup line for a second date.


As were most of us, this woman was inspired by the heartfelt story.


Watch the whole video here. 


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Couple Who "Stole" Funds from Homeless Man Will Be Forced to Pay Him Back


A couple was stranded in Philadelphia when they ran out of gas. Thankfully, Johnny Bobbitt came to their rescue by giving them the last $20 that he had so they could put some gas in their car.

Grateful for his selflessness, they took to the internet to tell everyone about his good deed and set up a fundraising account to get Johnny some recognition, and hopefully, some money for the nice act.

What they probably underestimated, however, was just how generous people on the internet who love a wholesome, heartwarming story could be. Because Johnny ended up getting over $400,000 for his gesture. That’s when the trouble allegedly began.


Johnny walked a couple of blocks to get Katie McClure, who was stranded, a canister of gas so she could get back home. Her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, set up the crowdfunding campaign that ended up raking in a bunch of cash for the man.

They returned to seek out Johnny and eventually found him to not only return him his money, but give him some food and water and take a selfie (which was later used for the campaign). It had all the makings of a beautiful, uplifting viral story.


But their happy relationship wasn’t happy for long, as Johnny says that the couple withheld large portions of the money that they raised. He says he was given $200,000 of the money, but the couple had some reservations about giving him the rest.

Mark says that their homeless friend blew $25,000 in under two weeks on drugs in December of 2017, along with sending some money to his family and paying legal fees that he owed.


With the money, the couple also purchased Johnny a camper that was parked on a property that McClure’s family owns in Florence, NJ. However, Mark asked Johnny to leave the property this past June, and he is now on the streets again.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Mark said on air that there is well over $150,000 left of the donation money and that he feared, after seeing how much money the man spent on drugs, that he would waste it all in a short amount of time.


The couple says that they doled out the money in increments to Johnny to prevent him from spending it all, a structure that the homeless good samaritan called “a joke” to WPVI.

“I had to ask them for everything in the beginning. It was like a joke. They were like my parents, but the joke starts not being funny,” Johnny said in a statement to the network.


After GoFundMe took their fees for its fundraising, Bobbitt was left with some $360,000, much of which Johnny alleges the couple spent on vacations, shopping, and gambling excursions.

“I wish it didn’t come to this. I hate that it came to this. I always felt like I was in a weird situation. I didn’t want to be pressuring to get a lawyer or do anything because I didn’t want to seem ungrateful,” Johnny said.


Johnny eventually took his grievances with the way Mark and Katie handled the money they helped raise for him to court, and Burlington County Superior Court Judge Paula T. presided over the matter with the homeless veteran and the couple.

She ruled in favor of Johnny, ordering that the remainder of the crowdfunded cash be placed under the control of his lawyers. She also requested a full account of how the funds were allocated in the time that the couple raised the money.


Johnny’s attorney, Chris Fallon, said that the $200,000 estimation submitted by Mark and Katie’s legal team is incorrect and that they owe the homeless man much more.

“We don’t know where it went, but we will find out. And we will know how much money remains after the money is transferred from the defendants to our escrow account,” he said.


According to Johnny’s estimations, the couple only gave him around $75,000 worth of cash and goods of the money, which includes the pickup truck and camper they bought for him.

The vehicles were purchased in their name, however, and were sold after he was asked to leave Katie’s family’s property in Florence, money that Johnny hasn’t seen.


Allegedly the couple also spent some of the cash for front row tickets to The Book of Mormon on Broadway, along with a Louis Vuitton handbag (which Katie was photographed with), a trip to Las Vegas where they spent New Year’s Eve at Skyfall and helicopter rides through the Grand Canyon.

The couple’s attorney says that they are being transparent and have nothing to hide and that a lot of the pitch-forking occurring online is unwarranted.

“They have said they will have a forensic accounting, they’ve said they’re fine with a trustee, they’ve said they are they’ll open their books. What more can they do? I urge everybody to withhold judgement until that’s been made public,” James Badway said.

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