Michelle Obama Shared 7 Rules That Made Her Life Happy, and You Can Adopt Them Too

Michelle Obama’s memoir called Becoming has officially been named the best-selling book in the US. In this honest and intimate book, Michelle tells the story of her life from her early childhood that she spent with her family in Chicago, to becoming the First Lady of the US. She shares her sad and happy memories, her fears and doubts, the adversity she had to face, and the decisions that helped her stay strong and successful despite the obstacles.

Here at Bright Side we read Becoming so we could tell you about the rules and principles this strong woman follows. It turns out that they are quite simple for all of us to adopt, and at the same time, powerful enough to change our life for good.

1. Take your failures as learning opportunities.

In 2016, Michelle Obama participated in an international discussion about girls’ access to education. In her speech she encouraged young female students to support each other and not be afraid of failing. “The only way you succeed in life and the only way you learn is by failing,” said Michelle. “It’s not the failure, it’s what you do after you fail. Do you quit? Do you give up? Or do you let it bolster you?”

This idea is developed in the book as well, where the former First Lady stressed how important it is to fight the fear of failure as soon as it appears. “Failure is a feeling long before it becomes an actual result. It’s the vulnerability that breeds with self-doubt and then is escalated, often deliberately, by fear.”

2. Never view your challenges as a disadvantage.

Michelle Obama is a woman who definitely knows what it means to overcome challenges. In her memoir, she writes, “I’ve been a working-class black student at a fancy, mostly white college. I’ve been the only woman, the only African American, in all sorts of rooms.” The guidance counselor at Princeton said to her, “I’m not sure that you’re Princeton material,” without even asking Michelle any questions and not even trying to figure out who she was.

But obstacles and prejudices did not destroy this strong woman, and never knocked her off her feet. “You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages. And I know that because I’ve seen it myself,” said Michelle when delivering a motivational speech to students.

3. Know your own value and don’t apologize for who you are.

It’s sad, but we still live in a world where the size of our bank account, our social background, our skin color, and other physical features often define our attitude toward each other. Many of us hear judgmental comments about ourselves now and then. Mrs. Obama’s piece of advice on this is to always say to yourself, “This isn’t about me, this is about the person who says or writes this.” In her book Becoming we find lines that vividly describe this principle.

“Since stepping reluctantly into public life, I’ve been held up as the most powerful woman in the world and taken down as an “angry black woman.” I’ve heard about the swampy parts of the internet that question everything about me. A sitting U.S. congressman has made fun of my butt. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been furious. But mostly, I’ve tried to laugh this stuff off.

4. Learn to prioritize yourself.

Being daughters or sisters, and then wives and mothers, women often put themselves at the end of the list. Michelle confessed that at a certain stage in her marriage she got so deep into her husband’s life, that she didn’t care that much about her own happiness. “I was too busy resenting Barack for managing to fit workouts into his schedule, for example, to even begin figuring out how to exercise regularly myself. I spent so much energy stewing over whether or not he’d make it home for dinner that dinners, with or without him, were no longer fun.”

It all changed when she realized that she herself was in charge of her own happiness. Michelle introduced a new routine where her daughters’ and her own comfort was the focus. “The routine was ironclad, which put the weight of responsibility on Barack to either make it on time or not. For me, this made so much more sense than holding off dinner or having the girls wait up sleepily for a hug.

It went back to my wishes for them to grow up strong and centered, and also unaccommodating to any form of old-school patriarchy: I didn’t want them ever to believe that life began when the man of the house arrived home. We didn’t wait for Dad. It was his job now to catch up with us.”

5. Set new goals and count your wins.

Throughout her memoir, Michelle speaks about the goals she set at different periods of her life. This is a wide range of goals, from those she set in the school classroom to the goals she and Barack thought over when his presidential term was about to end. Michelle has always been a great achiever, and it was partially driven by a question she wouldn’t stop asking herself: “Am I good enough?”

“Beneath my laid-back college-kid demeanor, I lived like a half-closeted CEO, quietly but unswervingly focused on achievement, bent on checking every box. My to-do list lived in my head and went with me everywhere. I assessed my goals, analyzed my outcomes, and counted my wins. If there was a challenge to vault, I’d vault it.”

6. Plan your life and be in charge of what happens in it.

Planning is essential. This is the truth Michelle learned in her family. “I’d been raised, after all, in a family that believed in forethought—that ran fire drills at home and showed up early to everything. Growing up in a working-class community and with a disabled parent, I’d learned that planning and vigilance mattered a lot.

It could mean the difference between stability and poverty. The margins always felt narrow. One missed paycheck could leave you without electricity; one missed homework assignment could put you behind and possibly out of college.”

7. Have fun during hard times.

Mrs. Obama knows how important it is to stay uplifted when life gets hard. Fun and laughter gives you the power to overcome any obstacles in the way, and cheer up those around you. When the US economy was in rough shape, she found ways to make people around a bit happier. Even though Barack’s communications staff found it too showy and costly, she hosted a Halloween party for local kids and military families at the White House, dressed as a leopard.

In Becoming, Michelle recollects how Barack’s team was tracking all photos that came out of the White House so that they didn’t look frivolous or light. “This didn’t always sit well with me. I knew from experience that even during hard times, maybe especially during hard times, it was still okay to laugh. For the sake of children, in particular, you have to find ways to have fun.”

Which of the rules impressed you the most? Which of them would you like to follow? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

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9 Internet Hacks That Can Simplify Your Life

These days the majority of the world’s population uses the internet and if you are reading this article, you are certainly one of them. But even if you browse the net on a daily basis and think that you know how to do it the most efficient way, there are lots of little tricks that can make it easier and quicker that you don’t know yet. We already mentioned a few of them, but as one of the greatest minds in the past, Albert Einstein, said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

We at Bright Side selected these simple but very useful tricks to share with you.

1. Move the text cursor (first trick)

There are times when you need to add just a word or a letter in the middle of a message and this trick will save you so much time.

  • Click and hold the space bar;
  • Now you can move the cursor to the right, left, up, or down.

So simple and so brilliant.

2. Move the text cursor (second trick)

Another way to move the text cursor is the magnifying glass trick.

  • Click on the text and hold until a magnifying glass appears;
  • Move it in any direction to place the cursor on any place in the text.

3. Creating a strong password

These days we use the internet for social communication, shopping, banking, and many other things, and creating a safe password is highly important. Instead of using just simple letters and numbers, use accented characters in your passwords. Hold your finger on a letter and the available accented characters will pop up.

4. How to know if a particular website is safe to browse

There are gazillions of sites available on the net, but it’s better to avoid some of them. Just copy and paste http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=example.com into the address bar—in front of the address.

Replace example.com with the name of the website that you want to check.

5. Logging out of Facebook remotely

If you used somebody’s smartphone or computer to check your Facebook and are not sure if you logged off properly, this can be easily fixed.

  • Click on “Settings” on your Facebook account;
  • Select “Security”;
  • Click on “Where You’re Logged In”;
  • Find the session that you want to end;
  • Click “Log Out.”

6. Google search for synonyms

We have so many synonyms in our language and Google came up with a very useful trick to do a search when you don’t know a particular word. Just put the symbol “~” before the text.

7. Search for words in a text

If you need to search for specific words within your larger search, Google has also made this easy.

  • Type allintext before the word or words that you are looking for, if you want to find pages that include all the words you’re looking for;
  • Type “intext” before the text that you are looking for, if you want to find pages where one word appears in the text, and others appear elsewhere, like, for example, in the title.

8. Search for words in titles

If you need to find pages with a certain title, this also won’t take long.

  • Type “allintitle” before the text that you are looking for if you want to find pages that include all your search words;
  • Type “intitle” before the text that you are looking for if you want to find pages where the one word appears in the title, and others can appear elsewhere, like, for example, in the text.

9. Google search for location

If you are looking for something in a particular location, just add “location:place after your search text.

Did you find this useful? Tell us in the comments below if you know some tricks that we haven’t mentioned and share this article with your friends.

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16 Superb Ideas to Give Your Home New Life

Many people think that the home of their dreams costs a fortune, but that’s not true. Everyone can try to be a designer for a couple of hours and create beautiful things with their own 2 hands. For example, you only need to go for a walk in the forest or park, grab a twig, and make an unusual, nice lamp!

Bright Side has collected some magnificent pictures that will inspire you to make your home unique. Many of the items mentioned in the article can be easily constructed in just one evening.

16. Easy and stylish decor

15. A beautiful lamp or garland can be made from a twig and light bulbs.

14. Create a nice hanger using tape and a wooden plank.

12. Unusual prints created with the help of leaves and twigs

11. With the help of white glue or acrylic lacquer, you can transfer images to wood.

9. Acrylic paint turns an ordinary cupboard into a designer piece.

8. A cozy place to enjoy your book

4. Using epoxy resin, create unique lamps.

3. An idea for those who love watercolor patterns

1. Minimalism for those who adore summer

Share some pictures of homemade items you have at home!

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15 Photos Showing How Pets Change Life for the Better

It is amazing how animals influence our lives. They give us their sincere love and emotional support. They reduce our stress levels and sense of loneliness. According to a study, animals can even help us make new friends and form social contacts. And stories of people from around the world inspire us with surprising encounters with their animal friends.

Bright Side has found the most touching and life-changing stories of friendship between people and animals. Warning: after reading this article you may want someone fluffy to take care of.

1. This is Esther, mistakenly represented as a “micro-pig.” Although a 600 pound pet was quite a surprise for her owners, she drove them toward a life-changing decision. They bought a farm, where they could care for animals in need.

2. “I rescued my little dude and it has been hands down the most life-changing, joyful, and overall rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Thousands of animals are neglected every day. If you have the means, consider giving one of these guys a new home, you won’t regret it!”

3. “I grew up my entire life without ever having a pet. Last September, Hugo changed that for me and brightened my world. He is always there to lift my spirits.”

4. This dog named Bunker helped Julie to overcome a hard part of her life. No one psychiatrist or therapist had ever been able to do anything. A slow path of recovery from depression started when Julie adopted a Golden Retriever puppy.

5. When Eric and Peety met, Eric was 150 pounds overweight, depressed, and sick. And Peety was an overweight, middle-aged, and forgotten dog. They started to go on walks, play together, and eat healthy food. As a result, Eric lost 150 pounds, while Peety lost 25 pounds.

6. This Golden Retriever named Summer helped Valeria when she lost her mom and when her husband was deployed with the Navy.

7. Chaton Fife has Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. And this small dog is her rescuer. When Chaton is about to faint, Dobby barks and runs to her husband to let him know that there’s trouble.

8. This cat named Bob helped his owner, James Bowen, get off of drugs and fix his relationship with his father. His whole life turned around for the better.

9. “She was 2 months old when I brought her home, and she needed me the way blood needs veins. She was impossible. I was impossible. Before I met her, I did not know I could love that much.”

10. “3 lessons I got from Ollie: love more, balance, and let it go.”

11. “I was severely depressed after one of my cats unexpectedly passed away in front of me, and a few days later this little guy came into my life. I had no intentions of keeping him. I clearly failed miserably, but it was a failure I don’t have regrets about.”

12. Lee Aitchison is a British Army veteran. He had to leave service due to an accident that caused a degenerative neurological disease. And it was his black Labrador named Angus who helped him through his darkest days.

13. “I always thought, ‘Do animals really mean that much? Because it’s just an animal.’ I love his tail and I love his little belly! I am losing all my street cred.”

14. Tasmai Uppin says that her dog helped her become body positive, “He seems to be pretty freaking comfortable in the skin he’s in, so why shouldn’t I?”

15. Sara rescued Ginger from being a security dog. After that, they traveled around Africa together. After some time Sara started an organization to rescue and take care of street dogs.

Do you agree that animals can change our lives for the better? Do you have a personal story? We can’t wait to hear it!

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'The Great British Bake-Off' Isn't Dramatic, But Paul Hollywood's Love Life Sure Is


Reality television can get a little dramatic and over the top. That’s a big reason why The Great American Baking Show and its parent series, The Great British Bake-Off (called the Great British Baking Show in the U.S.) are such breaths of fresh air. Seriously, the biggest nail-biter in a given episode is whether the judge will shake somebody’s hand in approval. The show’s low-stakes nature is especially ironic given the on-again- off-again saga of head judge Paul Hollywood and his wife, Alex.

Seriously, buckle in, this story has some twists and turns.


So, did Paul Hollywood have an affair?

Paul and Alexandra Hollywood have been fairly regular tabloid fare across the pond over the last five years. The couple had a very public separation, reconciliation, and re-separation, but the sordid story is probably less familiar with American fans. 

Funnily enough, the reason they split was Paul’s affair with his former American co-host Marcela Valladolid, which he admitted to in a candid 2013 interview with BBC Radio 5.


“It was the biggest mistake of my life,” he said of the affair, “because actually I still love my wife… we are talking, working together, but it’s going to take time.”

He was also taken aback by the public attention on his personal life. “I was shocked about the whole thing kicking off the way it did… but I deserved it and I’ve taken it. It was my punishment.”

Seems Paul didn’t learn from the “biggest mistake of his life,” though. 

Are Paul Hollywood and his wife back together?

Not anymore! Though they reconciled briefly, Paul, 52, had another affair, this time with 20-something pub server Summer Monteys-Fullam. There was actually some pretty A+ shade on Alex’s Instagram shortly after the news became public. 

A cook in her own right with some bestselling cookbooks under her belt, Alex shared an Instagram post about her “Easy Summer Berry Tart” recipe that was pretty well-timed with the news of her ex’s dalliances.


Paul and the young waitress deny that their relationship began before he and Alex called it quits (again), but the baker’s estranged wife has a different story to tell. She reportedly named Summer in her divorce filing and cited “adultery” as the cause of the split.


Is Paul Hollywood still with Summer?

It’s unclear whether Paul is single once again or still enjoying his May-December romance with Summer, a former model who reportedly now lives with Paul. The pair took a romantic getaway in Cyprus this past August — which, incidentally, is where Paul and his soon-to-be-ex-wife met more than 20 years ago — but according to the Daily Mail there was bickering, and Summer left the holiday early, leading to rumors they’d split.

Paul hasn’t said a word about his relationship status to the press, but he and Summer were spotted together amid the rumors and Summer told a reporter, “I am still with Paul,” adding, ‘It’s nothing to do with any of you lot.”

And that’s how the cookie — or should I say biscuit? — crumbles. Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/12/05/vobB_-C/paul-hollywood-wife-divorce-affair

15+ Smart Life Hacks to Travel Safely We Wish We Knew Sooner

Now and then magazines, newspapers, and websites publish lists of the safest and the most dangerous travel destinations. But in fact, there’s always a chance of being robbed or attacked in any country in the world. Before going on a trip to another city or country, it’s better to consider your safety in advance.

Here at Bright Side we want to tell you about these safety hacks that will help you feel comfortable and secure in unknown cities. And don’t miss our bonus life hack featuring an empty glass and a door handle.

General safety:

1. Learn how to manage your allergies and health issues abroad.

If you have any life-threatening allergies, learn how to write and pronounce the name of the food product or medicine you are allergic to in the local language. Write down these names on a card, in your phone notes, or use a medical alert bracelet. This is also true for any other diseases and medical conditions that need treatment.

2. Download offline versions of maps and translation apps.

Google Maps, Google Translate, and similar apps as a rule need an internet connection to function. However, these and some other apps have offline versions as well. Before you go on a trip, download the offline map of the city you are heading to and the needed language for your translation app. Doing so you can be sure you don’t get lost in a foreign city, even if you don’t have access to the internet.

3. Learn the schedule of local public transport.

Public transport is a good option if you want to travel cheap and safe. It’s important, however, that you learn the schedule of the local public transport in advance. In some places there are fewer or no buses or trains at night. If you don’t know the schedule, it may happen so that you miss the last bus and have to walk or pick a cab.

Protecting your belongings and documents:

4. Confuse pickpockets with the help of a dummy wallet.

A dummy wallet will help you keep all your cash and credit cards when being robbed. Buy a cheap wallet and fill it with fake paper or plastic cards and fake cash that looks real. Offer this wallet to a pickpocket when they attempt to rob you of your belongings. Just don’t forget to wear the dummy wallet like a real one, in your pocket or purse.

5. Carry an “emergency” waterproof wallet with you.

Use a plastic wallet or a plastic card holder to carry some small, but important items when you travel. Put anything inside that you might need in case of an emergency: a folded copy of your passport, your photo, emergency phone numbers, your hotel card, and some cash. Plastic is waterproof and it will protect your belongings from damage.

6. Leave expensive items at home.

A new costly camera or expensive jewelry may attract unwanted attention. If you are not supposed to be dressed up in luxurious outfits during your trip, it’s better to leave your jewelry and expensive accessories at home. Dress simple and appropriate for the place you’re heading to, and hide your camera when you’re not using it.

7. Email yourself scans of important documents.

Before going on a trip, scan and email yourself copies of important documents like your passport, driver’s license, insurance, visa, tickets, etc. If you happen to lose the originals you can always access the copies in your e-mail box to get the necessary information and to have your documents replaced. It’s also a good idea to carry a paper copy of your passport instead of the passport itself when out and about in an unfamiliar city.

Protecting your ID and personal information:

8. Always take your ATM receipts with you.

Few of us think about it, but this piece of paper left at the ATM can help someone steal your identity. Depending on the region and the bank, ATM receipts may display your location, recent transactions, balance, the last digits of the card and account numbers. Don’t forget about general ATM usage safety rules:

  • Make sure no one’s behind you when you enter your PIN number;
  • Don’t use poorly lit machines or those which are located in deserted areas;
  • Don’t count your cash or look through your belongings while standing at an ATM.

9. Look for secure internet connections.

When traveling we mostly come across public internet at hotels, cafes, and airports, which is not always safe. If there’s no way you can avoid using unsecure public internet connections, be particular about what you type into the keyboard. Avoid typing email passwords and website logins, and avoid logging into your bank account, work email, and other sensitive accounts when using unsecure connections.

Hotel safety:

10. Choose a room on the 2nd, 3nd, or 4th floor.

Security specialists are sure that it’s better to choose a room between the 2nd and the 4th floor. The ground floor is too easy to access from the ground, while floors from 2nd to 4th are too high for thieves, but low enough for fire truck ladders to reach in case of an emergency. Moreover, in many hotels the 2nd and above floors require a key to access the floor, which makes it harder for thieves to get to your room.

11. Check the locks on all the windows.

Check the locks on the windows and the balcony door when you arrive and each time you return, since housekeeping may open them and forget to lock them again. If your room has a conjoining room, make sure the door between the 2 is securely locked.

12. Put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door when you leave the room.

When you leave the room, turn the radio or TV on, and place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle. By doing this you will give potential thieves the impression that you are inside the room.

13. Avoid using the safe in your room.

Hotel safes are easy to break into and they are the first thing that is targeted if your room is robbed. Address the check-in counter to see if there are any other options of keeping your belonging safe.

14. Avoid saying your personal data out loud when checking in.

Write down your name, telephone number, and any other necessary information on a piece of paper and hand it over to the hotel staff so that this information cannot be overheard. Ask the hotel staff to write down your room number instead of saying it out loud.

15. Place a piece of tape or paper over the peep hole.

There were cases when people were spied on and even filmed through the peep holes of their hotel rooms. When you enter the hotel room, check to see if the peep hole is present and untouched. Do not accept a room if a peep hole is absent or damaged, and if it is ask to switch rooms. Cover the peep hole with a piece of paper or tape from the inside of the room.

BONUS: Put a glass on the door handle in your hotel room.

Some of the economy class hotels have poor security systems or no security system at all. To feel safe in your room at night, put an empty glass on the door handle before going to sleep. If anyone comes into your room, the glass will fall onto the floor and the sound will wake you up.

Which of these hacks would you like to try during your next trip? Do you have your own tips on how to travel safely? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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An Artist Creates Poignant Illustrations That Show Life the Way It Is, and They Can Make Your Soul Cry

The artist Stephan Schmitz lives in Switzerland and creates illustrations for the most renowned magazines in the world. His works describe the different areas of life for a modern person, from family relationships to technology. They aren’t extremely dramatic as it often happens with artistic works of this genre, but the longer you look at them the more you realize how many problems we have to encounter every day.

At Bright Side, we have selected the strongest works of Stephan Schmitz that will make you think deeper about what our world is really like.


“How my depression ruined my wedding”

“Do my possessions define who I am?”

A healthy life for children

A life without addiction

The game

“My husband left me and my family for my best friend!”

The pharmaceutical industry


“I’m cheating on my boyfriend with my boss.”


A father-daughter relationship and unconditional love

“I married the wrong woman!”

Try accepting the things you can’t change.

A married man leaving his wife and kids

Keep going.

Domestic violence

Being afraid of the dark and how to overcome that fear

Loneliness and social media

Which of Stephan Schmitz’s works did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below.

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9 Kitchen Design Mistakes That Can Turn Your Life Into a Mess

Your kitchen is one of the coziest, most used rooms in your home. We spend a lot of time here, so it should be convenient and multifunctional. But there are several design mistakes that lead to constant inconveniences. Would you want to place an oven right next to the fridge? If you’re not sure, this article is a must-read!

Bright Side has collected the most common mistakes and found useful tips for those who want to have the perfect kitchen.

9. Inconvenient kitchen appliance arrangements

Kitchen appliances shouldn’t be placed too high or too low. Consider your height — the best is right at the level of your waist. For example, it’s better to get your oven off the floor so you don’t burn yourself when you’re taking things out of it.

8. Heavy drawers on thin walls

You may put shelves and drawers on load-bearing walls only. A plasterboard wall won’t bear such heavy weight, so don’t risk it.

7. Inconvenient sinks

The most important things about sinks are convenience and usability. If you’ve always liked round sinks, don’t buy a square one, it’ll annoy you. A sink should be spacious and be made of materials capable of withstanding high temperatures. It’s also crucial to choose a good size: specialists think that the best depth is 7 in.

6. Empty corners

It’s important to use all corners, especially when it comes to small rooms. Rotating trays can easily replace useless drawers. Folding doors are rather expensive but they’re really indispensable: you’ll be able to use all the space inside.

Corner and diagonal drawers are also a great solution. You may even put an oven or a sink there, but don’t forget about employing good lightning.

5. Extra seams on a backsplash

A glass sheet backsplash looks really great, which is why many people love it. But don’t forget that dirt and dust will always get behind the glass. Additionally, if you want to save money and buy cheap glass, it may get scratches and cracks. As a result, your kitchen will look untidy.

  • If you still want to use glass, order a long piece of it. The glass shouldn’t be divided into sheets.
  • The most reliable and durable backsplash is made of toughened glass. Don’t try to save on materials.

4. Not enough light

Light is extremely important. Light kitchens look bigger, but if your drawers are of a darker color, don’t forget to buy additional lamps. It’s recommended to install several lights: the main light from above, the light right above the countertop, and a beautiful lamp above the dining table.

It’s also crucial to place all sockets in the right (and most comfortable) way. The more light your kitchen has, the more convenient it is to cook.

3. No plinth

If you have a plinth, you don’t have to clean under all the cabinets and remove the dust and different items that get lost there. What’s more, is your kitchen looks tidier with this 5-inch plank.

2. No spaces between appliances

Buffer zones are the areas between a fridge, a sink, and an electric stove. They’re a must because you take products out of the fridge, wash them, and then cook.

It’s also not recommended to put an oven right next to a fridge: your refrigerator may break sooner. Because of high temperatures, the fridge works extra hard to hold its cold temperature. To keep your stove away from water, don’t put it right near a sink.

1. Inappropriate floors in the kitchen

Though laminate flooring is really popular, don’t put it in the kitchen as it may rise because of water. If you put tiles down, your kitchen won’t look cozy as your feet will always feel cold and your pots and pans may break if they fall down.

We recommend combining tiles and thermally modified wood. Put tiles right near the countertop and put thermally modified wood in the dining zone.

Have you ever faced any of these kitchen mistakes? Do you have anything to add to this list?

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-home/9-kitchen-design-mistakes-that-can-turn-your-life-into-a-mess-653660/

20 Weird Life Hacks That Surprisingly Work

The modern world loves life hacks. As we know, supply creates its own demand. Ordinary people turn their imaginations on and create really useful inventions. There are useful tips for everyone: men and women, those who repair their homes, game players, and many others. Check these inventions out!

Bright Side has collected 20 useful life hacks from incredibly creative and crazy people.

20. For those who want to protect nature from nature: Your cat won’t attack your flowers anymore.

19. For game players: Use a fork or 2 as a laptop cooling pad.

18. When the sink is too small, use a scoop.

17. Use a binder clip to use as much toothpaste as possible.

16. For girls: Use a magnetic strip in a drawer to not lose your bobby pins.

15. Restore your floor with the help of nail polish. Choose a color, apply the base, and dry the floor.

14. For chefs: Defrost frozen items in a microwave and finish in a toaster for a quick, crunchy oven taste. It works great on nuggets and breaded items.

13. It’s not a regular thread, it’s an ornamental flowerpot!

12. Don’t have any coins for your cart? Use your house key instead.

11. A pan with hot water will replace an iron.

10. For drivers: To carry your soup from one place to another, use rubber bands.

9. For music lovers: To not confuse left and right earphones, paint them in different colors.

8. Use binder clips to keep your cables on your desk neatly.

7. A phone holder made from a hair tie

6. So that your hands are free

5. Now you may go on vacation and worry about nothing!

4. Don’t throw chopsticks away.

3. Each cob should come with these skewers.

2. For jealous couples: Put your phone inside an empty cake box. If your beloved wants to grab it, they won’t go unnoticed.

1. For lazybones: A Christmas tree hanging on a wall that won’t take much time or effort

Do you have any cool life hacks to share with us? Tell us about them!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/20-weird-life-hacks-that-surprisingly-work-653160/

What the Iconic Women We’ve Seen in Movies Looked Like in Real Life

Femmes fatales often become the main characters of movies. They mesmerize men with their beauty, and these men in turn change the world in the name of love. But in real life, things are not that simple. It would take more than their appearance to make these women famous and charismatic. It had to be something else that made their names go down in history.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what these famous beautiful women really look life. And we have to admit that some of them really surprised us.

Bonnie Parker

During the Great Depression in the US, a literal “couple” of robbers became world-famous. Their names were Bonnie and Clyde. The way the story goes is that these 2 met each other at the house of a mutual friend. Bonnie Parker was a waitress and she hated her life. Clyde Barrow seemed to her to be exactly the guy that she would never be bored with. When Bonnie Parker was alive she was demonized. The newspapers not only called her a robber, but also a cop murderer even though it was never proven that she took part in any of the incidents.

In 1967, a Bonnie and Clyde movie was released that received 2 Oscar awards and this famous American criminal was portrayed by Faye Dunaway.

Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri is an Italian opera singer who started her career as a singer in restaurants and finished it on famous stages worldwide. She was one of the first photo models and the cards with her photos were sold in all European cities. Aleksandr Ivanovich Baryatinsky was in love with her but the emperor wouldn’t allow him to get married to her. Cavalieri was married several times after that but none of these relationships was happy for her.

Gina Lollobrigida portrayed the opera singer in the movie Beautiful but Dangerous.

Barbara Radziwill

Barbara Radziwill was Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania. She was married to Sigismund II Augustus who was madly in love with her. But her mother-in-law Bona Sforza hated her. It is believed that she was the one who poisoned Barbara after she became Queen. After the death of his wife, Sigismund II never spoke to his mother again.

There is a legend that goes along with Barbara’s name: it is believed that her spirit is still wandering around the Nesvizh Castle where Sigismund II Augustus once organized a spiritual seance just to see his beloved wife at least one more time. Barbara stayed in the castle but she made her husband promise that he would die in the Nesvizh Castle so they would be together. Unfortunately, Sigismund died in Knyszyn so as the legend goes their souls are forever apart.

In 1982, the story of the Polish Queen was told in An Epitaph for Barbara Radziwill. The main part was played by Anna Dymna.

Anne Boleyn

Anne was the second wife of the English King Henry VIII. Henry was already married when he saw the young Anne. He immediately fell in love with her and this love at first sight was so strong that he even managed to get divorced which was no easy feat back then. Anne and Henry got engaged and then she showed the worst side of her personality. She was scandalous, she spent a lot of money, and she threw extravagant and indulgent parties. The King was not a stupid man and he quickly realized this and moved on, finding another mistress named was Jane Seymour. He then sentenced Anne Boleyn to execution for her infidelity.

The sad story of the English Queen can be seen in The Other Boleyn Girl. She was portrayed by Natalie Portman.

Wallis Simpson

In 1936, British King Edward VIII decided to abdicate the throne just to get married to the twice divorced American actress Wallis Simpson. When they met each other, Edward was 36 years old and Wallis was only one year younger. She was a married woman when they first met, but this didn’t stop the Prince from telling her about his feelings during their second encounter. The relationship developed quickly and the couple wasn’t scared of walking together in public.

After the death of his father, Edward was supposed to become King but never did. His relatives presented him with a choice: it was either love or the throne and he chose love. Wallis and Edward lived together up until he died of cancer in 1972.

A movie about the love between the American actress and the British monarch was directed by Madonna. In the movie W.E., the role of Wallis Simpson was portrayed by Andrea Riseborough.

Mata Hari

Margaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod also known as Mata Hari was a dancer, a courtesan, and… a spy. After an unhappy marriage, she moved to Paris. There, Mata Hari started performing Eastern dances and soon became a popular star. This allowed her to find a rich man, then another one, and another one. Many men wanted to spend their time with Mata Hari, and she chose only the richest and the most influential ones.

During the First World War, the dancer, who kept the same lifestyle moving around several European countries, was recruited by the German intelligence. Sometime later, she became an informant for the French. In France, she cracked very quickly, was sued, and executed 6 months later.

There is a TV series called Mata Hari and the main role is portrayed by Vahina Giocante.

Queen Victoria

During the reign of Queen Victoria, Great Britain was thriving, and people loved her for that but also for a different reason. Victoria was gradually decreasing the influence of the monarchy in the lives of the common people and she was the example of a person who was able to live without luxury. The Queen was really in love with her husband Albert and he loved her too. The spouses had 9 children together who later got married to the members of royal dynasties all around Europe.

There is a movie called The Young Victoria where the Queen was portrayed by Emily Blunt.

Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan was a famous dancer, wife, and muse of Sergei Yesenin. She traveled around the US and Europe but she always considered teaching her calling. She came to the Russian Empire in 1921 where she was offered the opportunity to open a dance school and get help with the financing. This was the time when she met Yesenin and he became her husband. The marriage didn’t last long and in 1923, the poet got tired of living with the famous dancer and decided to divorce her as he was used to being the center of attention in his society.

There are several movies about Isadora Duncan and very recently a movie with Lily-Rose Depp has been released titled The Dancer.

Which of these famous ladies do you think was portrayed the best? And who would you like to add to our list? Tell us in the comment section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-people/what-the-iconic-women-weve-seen-in-movies-looked-like-in-real-life-652810/