All the Ways Kanye West Keeps Embarrassing Kim Kardashian


Kanye West has been acting…odd lately. With his numerous Twitter antics and weird, unprovoked speeches that no one asked for, people can’t help but turn to Kim Kardashian and wonder how she feels about all this. Kanye has always had a big mouth — even before his 2016 breakdown — and many of his bizarre, off-the-cuff remarks have consistently left his wife with the sting of humiliation as she grins through clenched teeth and plays damage control in the media. Hey, no one said being Mrs. West would be easy. Below, a few situations Kim will never be able to live down.


When he trashed her fashion.


When he made her wear this monstrosity.


When he went overboard with the PDA.


When he acted like the jealous husband.


When he tweeted pics of their weird, empty house.


When Kanye said that “slavery was a choice.”


When he confessed to wanting to “smash” all of Kim’s sisters.


When they fought over Band-Aids.


When he made a cringe-inducing 20-minute long wedding speech at his own wedding.


When he publicly admitted to being millions in debt.


When he fell asleep during an important business meeting.


Literally any time he tweets anything.

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7 Reasons Kendall Jenner Is Actually the Worst Kardashian


Kendall Jenner has a reputation for being the “normal” sister, but she actually might be the worst one instead.

Like big sister Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner has a reputation for being the “chill” sister. She’s not in the news often, focuses on her career, and seems more laid-back than her family. Kendall has even admitted in the past that she likes to separate herself from the rest of her famous clan. “I’ve always been the different one,” she said in 2017. “I’d say I’m more a Jenner than a Kardashian.” But how true is that?

Even though Kendall isn’t out there shilling FitTea and getting butt injections, she still has a long track record of questionable behavior. In fact, when you look at the receipts, the 22-year-old model has shown that she might actually be worst than her sisters. Below, a few reasons why:

She neglected her dog.


This pretty much goes for all the Kardashians. As much as the family loves getting new puppies, the pets seem to always mysteriously disappear as time goes by. But unlike her sisters, Kendall’s neglectfulness in taking care of her Great Dane puppy Blu was actually captured on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “Mom is being so annoying with Blu,” Kendall told big sis Kim Kardashian in the episode. “She won’t stop complaining about him.” 

Kim shot back, “I’d be annoyed, too. You’re never home with the dog.” When Kendall tried to defend herself that she was only away for “two weeks,” Kim told her that was a lie. “You were gone for legit a month,” she said. “And you left, not even a dog, you left a horse. Outrageous.”

As for Blu’s whereabouts currently, no one has any idea. However, Kim once referred to the dog on Twitter in past tense, hinting that the dog is long gone.

She used her family to get famous but constantly mistreats them.


Kendall likes to portray herself as the most independent of her family and often describes herself as a loner who likes to do her own thing. An ongoing story line on KUWTK, at least during the early days of her modeling career, is Kendall fighting to step away from her family’s shadow and build success for herself. However, although she was able to become a successful model and businesswoman, she was only able to achieve that through her money, her family, and from having Kris Jenner as her momager. Although she should be thanking her family for making her career trajectory so easy, she’s constantly rude to them.

In one episode, she dis-invites Caitlyn Jenner from a Victoria Secret fashion show because she didn’t want to be upstaged. Another time, she got angry when Kris said she was attending Paris Fashion Week. “Why are you following me everywhere?” Kendall asked rudely. I understand how having family around all the time (especially a famous one) can be annoying, but Kendall should maybe try being a little appreciative.

She’s kind of rude.


According to an experience described by YouTuber Annie Mishler, Kendall wasn’t very friendly when the two hung out together a few years back. “We were all hanging out, playing video games, and eating Gold Fish,” she said. “And she was sitting there on the bed the whole time, not saying a word. If someone asked her a question, she was like, ‘No, ugh.’ Just literally so snippy, so negative, so just…rude.”

And that’s not the only time she’s been accused of being impolite. Scottish singer Tallia Storm revealed back in 2016 that Kendall once tried to get her kicked out of a pool party. “It’s a sad day when u up stage @KendallJenner & she try’s to get you thrown out the VIP area @NextRadioApp pool party!” she tweeted. “lol #SheTried #AndFailed.”

According to the Tallia, Kendall got upset when the singer tried to chat up Hailey Baldwin in the V.I.P. section. Kendall asked a bouncer to escort Tallia from the V.I.P. area, but he refused. Kendall responded to the allegation by sharing a picture of Mean Girls‘ Karen rolling her eyes. “Pretty much,” she captioned the pic.

She “forgets” to tip.


Back in 2014, a waitress accused Kendall of skipping out on a $60 bill and not leaving a tip. And if you think that sounds bad, it gets worse. When the waitress allegedly chased after Kendall to get the money, Kendall threw cash in the woman’s face and laughed. “That horrible moment you chase a Kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill to be thrown money in your face,” the waitress wrote on Twitter. Kendall called the rumors “ridiculous” and had her lawyers whip up a vicious cease and desist letter to the server. Considering the Kardashians have a reputation of sending out C&D letters when they’re guilty of something, the whole situation is awfully suspicious.

But three years later, Kendall was wrapped in another scandal with a bar in Brooklyn. A server there posted a now-deleted picture of a bill for $24 that Kendall had signed but left the tip field blank. “Don’t forget to tip your bartender,” they wrote in the Instagram caption. Kendall responded that she paid in cash, but the bar accused her of lying. “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you,” the bar wrote on Instagram, using the famous Nietzsche quote, then added, “#nocashtip.”

She once “pushed” a security guard.


During the 2018 Met Gala, fans watching the live stream were shocked when they saw Kendall “shove” a security guard out of the way that was in her shot. While many people on Twitter thought it was rude, the reason we put shove in quotations is because, honestly, it was more of a gentle nudge. However, later that same day she was caught shoving another assistant out of the way. Or maybe Kendall just likes gentling nudging people in the back? Who knows.

She’s completely out of touch with the real world.


In addition to the whole Pepsi commercial fiasco, Kendall has proven that she lives in a bubble where she doesn’t fully understand the struggles of other people. Back in 2013 when Kendall tweeted, “Just wish things could be easier sometimes man,” Frances Cobain called her “self-absorbed.”

“Oh shh. There are kids on earth abandoned & homeless who forcibly  drink contaminated water because clean water isn’t accessible,” Frances tweeted.  “Oh ya, not to mention, CANCER, famine, poverty, draught, disease,  natural disasters, Death. F—, Humans are so self involved  . . .  I’d  like to thank my parents for providing me with a high IQ & I’d like  to thank my grams for encouraging me not to be a self absorbed idiot.”

And that’s not the only time Kendall has shown that she’s out of touch. Just recently she angered the entire modeling industry when she slammed models for not being more selective with their jobs. “I was never one of those girls who would do, like, 30 shows a season or  whatever the f–k those girls do,” she told Love magazine. 

Russian model Daria Strokous wasn’t very happy about Kendall’s words. “‘Whatever the f–k those girls do’ is do their very best to make their  way up AND try to make some money so that they can provide for  themselves and their families,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

And speaking of modeling…

She doesn’t even work that hard.


Anyone who has watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model knows that the industry isn’t very glamorous. Models are packed into tiny apartments and work pretty much all day for very little money (and food). Kendall, on the other hand, doesn’t know what that life is like because she doesn’t have to work very hard. She’s also always canceling shows and dropping out at the last second. In the past, she’s skipped out on Milan Fashion Week and, most recently, missed all of Fashion Month.

“Kendall always decides last minute what she is walking in,” a source told People recently. “It depends on the money and how she is feeling.”

Too bad other models don’t get that luxury.

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Trolls Just Won't Stop Mommy-Shaming Khloé Kardashian


Sigh. Khloé Kardashian has only been a mom for three months — but she has already experienced enough mommy-shaming to last a lifetime. The KUWTK star welcomed daughter True with boyfriend Tristan Thompson this past April, and recently shared a cute throwback photo of her baby girl. 

“About 2 months ago…” Khloé captioned the Instagram post of True sleeping in her arms. However, it didn’t take long for the parenting police to point out that the 33-year-old reality star was not properly supporting her daughter’s head and neck. 

“Girl pick that baby’s head up,” one follower commented before another rudely added, “Omg. Just cut off the baby’s airway then. I guess common sense isn’t common after all.” 

Another went as far as to claim Khloé’s manicure was a danger to the baby, writing, “Get rid of those nails before you injure that beautiful baby.” Geez, can a girl live? Luckily, Khloé is now an expert at ignoring the haters, who have been attacking her parenting style since before she gave birth. 

When Khloé was eight months pregnant, she joined sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian for a trip to Japan. This did not sit well with some fans, who believed she was too late in her pregnancy to be traveling long distances. “She’s 8 months and flying that far? Not too smart,” one “fan” wrote on Facebook while someone else took their judgment to Instagram, writing, “Girl you should be home getting ready for that little one.” 

Despite the criticism, Khloé had the experts on her side, who made it very clear she was safe to fly. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, flying in your third trimester is perfectly safe — but they don’t recommend travel past 36 weeks. If the mommy-shamers had done the math, they would have realized she was around 28 weeks along at the time of her mini-getaway. 

Following True’s birth, Khloé decided to get back into the gym — another decision that mommy-shamers had a tough time accepting. This prompted her to respond in an epic Snapchat video, explaining why she was working out “so soon” after giving birth. 

“What I’m annoyed about is I’ve read a couple of times on Twitter that they feel that I’m focusing too much on my body, but the truth is, I’ve worked out five or six days a week before I got pregnant and that’s my sanctuary and something I love to do,” Khloé said in the video. “I want to start doing that now and get back to my rhythm, and in between feedings, I want to find time to work out because that’s going to be my new normal. Just because I have a baby doesn’t mean I have to stop doing the things that I love, and I love working out and getting my mind right.” Preach, girl.

In a candid blog post, the new mom also opened up about her struggles with breastfeeding (a very common problem). “Because I don’t produce enough milk, I also have to give a bottle with every feeding,” Khloé explained on her app. “With the formula I use, I have to give True the bottle within 30 minutes of making it, so it’s amazing to have this machine make it for me. It’s super easy to use—and fast, so when I’m exhausted and can’t even keep my eyes open in the middle of the night, it’s a total lifesaver.” 

It’s just sad that Khloé had to once again defend herself because of the negative backlash she experienced. “Mommy-shaming is real! But the truth is I’ve tried and tried and tried to breast-feed only and it wasn’t working for me. I feel fortunate that I am able to breastfeed but with the help of formula,” Koko tweeted. “Breastfeeding is something I really wanted to do. Just am not fully able.”

Trolls even came after True’s appearance — and that is when mama bear Khloé officially had enough.”What self-respecting adult would even comment on a child’s appearance?” she tweeted after s0me “loser” insulted the three-month-old cutie on the social media platform. “What type of disgusting human being are you? It’s pathetic that you are this miserable in your life.” 

The tweet has since been deleted. Bye, Felicia. 

Khloé’s decision to seemingly only share photos of her daughter with filters also stirred up a debate on social media about self-esteem (we’re not kidding). Again, the haters came out in full force. “Why is Khloé always putting filters on True?? Does she think her baby is ugly or something? Can we see the kid with out a filter please?” one follower asked. Another chimed in, “Khloé Kardashian only posts baby True with a snap filter on her… how much does she hate her baby?” 

Seeing as Khloé keeps sharing photos of True with her favorite filters, we’re going to say she has no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

More recently, her decision to pierce her daughter’s ears was scrutinized with tweets such as “Of course @KhloeKardashian pierced True’s ears… that whole entire family only cares about how they look! I mean I’m surprised none of them have put makeup on their babies yet,” and “YOU PIERCED YOUR BABY’S EARS!! WHAT THE F–K IS WRONG WITH YOU.” 

Luckily for Khloé, she does have her supporters out there. 

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Is It Just Us Or Are Chrissy Teigen And Khloé Kardashian Slowly Morphing Into The Same Person?


The resemblance. Is. Uncanny.

Chrissy Teigen and Khloé Kardashian are similar in a lot of ways. They both have over-the-top personalities, love to clapback at their haters on social media, and are even friends IRL. So maybe it’s not too surprising that, over the past few years, they both have started to look more alike. Currently, they both look like distant sisters, which is bizarre considering they looked nothing alike just a few years ago. 

Here’s how they both looked in 2011 and 2014, respectively. Although they both looked gorge, clearly they looked like two completely different people.

Flash forward to 2018, and they both now look like relatives. Here’s a pic of them taken in April at Chrissy’s baby shower. Who’s who?!

And I wasn’t the only one to notice. On Instagram, commenters pointed out how similar they looked. But Khloé and Chrissy didn’t used to look the same, so besides hair and makeup, what changed? 

Because we love overanalyzing trivial things, let’s take a look back at how this evolution all came together. Let’s start with hair.

They both went blonde.

Chrissy and Khloé were both brunettes before they decided to reach for that bottle of bleach. Although they still look very different, the tousled “beachy” look was the first sign that they were mimicking each other’s style, and then it just snowballed from there.

Their red carpet style started to look similar, too.

Of course Chrissy and Khloé didn’t invent the whole sultry “Veronica Lake” silhouette, but when Khloe debuted her look in 2014, Chrissy stepped out in a similar style just a year later. And that wasn’t the first time.

There was also this look.

While promoting her cookbook Cravings, Chrissy stepped out in a pantsuit/coat combo. A month later, Khloé attended an event wearing a similar ensemble. And yeah, you’re probably thinking, “Geez, you’re really grasping at straws here,” but here’s where it gets really weird.

They both got blonde bobs.

Now here’s where the similarities really start. When Khloé cut her hair into a bob in 2016, Chrissy followed the trend by doing the exact same thing a year later. Chrissy even admitted that Khloé and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley inspired the style.

“New cut!!” she wrote on Instagram. “Asked for the khloe-rosie, side of chrissy khlosey and @jenatkinhair knew exactly what I meant.”

Next, their faces started to take on a similar likeness.

Although I don’t think Chrissy has had any cosmetic work done, it’s been highly speculated that Khloé got fillers for her lips and face. Considering Chrissy has a naturally, uh, cherubic face (describing it as “puffy” seems kinda harsh), this might be the reason for the sudden likeness. 

Or maybe they just really like copying each other’s hairstyles.

I mean, the evidence is in the pics. But typically the strongest comparisons between the two celebs are when you combine hair, lips, and filters.

I mean…?

And their faces have changed, too.

In addition to wearing similar sheer frocks, the two’s faces have been changing over the years. Khloé now has pronounced cheeks and a chin that rivals Chrissy’s. The only major difference between them now is the shape of their heads.

Are you seeing it yet? I mean, Chrissy looks more like Khloé than she looks like her actual sister. And the same goes for Khloé for that matter, who has often talked about not looking like her sisters. 

Whatever the case, at least they have each other.

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Kim Kardashian West Drinks A Nasty Smoothie On 'James Corden' Rather Than Address Rumors

James Corden’s got some awesome segments on his show. And sometimes, truly amazing things happen on them.

Like that time on Carpool Karaoke, when the Red Hot Chili Peppers found a child passed out and singer Anthony Kiedis revived the child before paramedics could arrive.

OK, so it’s definitely going to be hard for that to ever be topped by any late night show, but that doesn’t mean the English late night comedian’s other segments can’t provide other forms of entertainment.

Like watching reality TV star and Instagram queen Kim Kardashian down a sardine smoothie.

Corden’s segment, “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” has stars either address scandalous rumors about themselves or down something particularly nasty. Kardashian opted to “Fill Her Guts” with something profoundly putrid.

A sardine smoothie.

But she managed to get her revenge on Corden by making him eat cow tongue.

Which he happily obliged.

As far as nasty, sardine infused foods go, Kim could’ve done a lot worse. I mean she could’ve tried my sardine pancakes.

I can’t believe I even conjured this nastiness up.

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