25 Animals Whose Looks Smash Ordinary in the Face

Our world is full of mysteries and animals are one of its enigmatic things. They will never stop impressing us with their looks and behaviors. Adorable and fluffy while being a dangerous hunter — check. Looking like a fairy tale creature — check. Able to make a face that even a human can’t do — also check. Though, some animal’s photos on the Internet make us think they are unreal and “photoshopped,” these weird creatures do exist.

We at Bright Side made a list of 25 unusual animals with peculiar appearances that will astonish you.

25. Sphynx cats look like they suspect you of something.

24. Meet Atchoum, the Persian with hypertrichosis. He is the internet’s favorite cat.

23. To Indonesians, these proboscis monkeys resembled the Dutch colonizers who also had large noses.

22. This amazing looking white turkey:

21. This Celestial Eye goldfish looks like it’s constantly amazed by something.

20. Adorable tarsiers can rotate their head about 180 degrees to silently find their prey.

19. Marabou storks look like old wise men who want to give you advice.

18. The Bald Uakari expresses its emotions better than any other primate because of its hairless face.

17. Is it a bunny? Or is it a guinea pig? Neither, it’s a Patagonian Mara.

16. Nope, it’s not a toy. It’s a pink fairy armadillo!

15. Adorable alpacas love people and make great pets.

14. Blue parrotfish can make us think that someone messed up with Photoshop.

13. The Basilisk lizard is named after the famous mythological creature.

12. The bush viper’s scales make him look like a tiny dragon.

11. Meet the real master of disguise — Leaf Tailed Gecko!

10. Pink dolphins look like they came from a fairy-tale.

9. The blobfish is the world’s ugliest fish.

8. The mantis shrimp has 12 photoreceptors in each eye to see all different kinds of color (humans have just 3).

7. The Japanese spider crab’s leg span reaches up to 5.5 meters (18 ft).

6. The orchid mantis might look like fragile flower petals, but it’s actually a bug.

5. Glass frogs have transparent bodies!

4. Living seaweed? Oh wait, it’s a Leafy Sea Dragon.

3. If not groomed, the Komondor looks like a fluffy rug.

2. This harmless and cute looking shrew is actually venomous.

1. If you mix a hedgehog, a badger, and shrew you will get the lowland streaked tenrec.

Which animal did you like the most and why? Have you seen any of them in real life? Would you like to? Share with us in the comments!

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The First Animal You See in the Picture Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

The First Animal You See in the Picture Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

Sniffing a T-shirt is one way to find out about someone’s personality, as the smell of sweat can tell if someone is a happy person. But let’s not resort to this less-than-pleasant method. It’s better to try to find out the hidden features of your character with the help of animals.

Bright Side will help you know yourself better. Look at the picture above and pick the animal you saw first. We’ll tell you what it means.

A butterfly

A butterfly can indicate a sensitive person with a vulnerable soul. You can leave your comfort zone without a problem and you are easy-going. You’re open to new experiences and knowledge and live for today without thinking about the future. You like being in the spotlight, in the center of events, and you keep up with trends.

You’re a romantic person who often dreams and lets your mind wander. You try to ignore any problems and take only the best from life. You’re a positive person who tries to find the positive aspects of any situation.

An eagle

One who has seen an eagle first can be a proud and a slightly arrogant person. You’re confident in yourself and your abilities and are ready to defend your opinion. You aren’t afraid of difficulties and obstacles and overcome all of them with dignity. Freedom of action and self-expression are important for you.

You don’t like it when someone occupies your personal space and dictates their own rules.

You pay attention to the details and are able to notice little things that may seem trivial at first glance, but actually, they say a lot about the person and the situation. You’re a goal-oriented individual who can’t be stopped when it comes to achieving their goals.

A dog

If you notice a dog right away, it may mean that you’re a kind and friendly person who doesn’t like to be alone. You appreciate your loved ones and are ready to support them in any situation. You’re true to your beliefs. You’re a sincere person with whom it’s easy to communicate.

You have no problems with trust and you can easily understand other people, their emotions, and mood. The people around you know that they can rely on you and that you’ll always come to the rescue.

A rabbit

A gentle and sensitive person may see a rabbit first. You’re very careful about how you communicate with others and you always try to understand the emotions of another person so as not to offend them. Your feelings are easy to hurt and you take everything to heart. Sometimes it’s hard for you to make a choice and you’re shy about declaring your desires.

You don’t rush when it comes to solving problems and actually to hide from them. You’re afraid of changes and find it difficult to leave your comfort zone. You’re a gentle and good-natured person who tries to see the best in all people and helps them become better.

A snake

A snake can mean that you’re a wise and thoughtful person. You’re able to make compromises and find solutions that will suit everyone. You quickly adapt to changes and get used to new things. Your experience helps in solving problems and making decisions.

You’re an unpredictable and active person but you’re also peaceful and are able to remain calm. You have the ability to notice everything around you and have good analytical skills. You provide reliable support and protection for your loved ones and are ready to defend them from any adversity.

A cat

A cat indicates that you’re an independent and confident person. You aren’t afraid to show your strong character and to use what you have to your advantage. You’re flexible to changing conditions and are able to adapt to other people but without inconveniencing yourself. You don’t depend on the opinions of others and follow your own clearly-defined plan.

You can be cunning if it’ll benefit you.

You don’t need noisy people around you and the constant presence of other people nearby. You can be on your own and sometimes you have a strong desire to be alone with your thoughts and feelings.

Which animal did you see first? Did you recognize yourself in the description? Share what you think about this test and the results in the comments section below!

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How Different Vegetables and Fruits Looked in the Past (Banana Came as a Total Surprise to Us)

It’s not a secret that today’s vegetables and fruits look very different from their ancestors. Humanity has made significant efforts to improve their taste and look. In this article, you’ll see how bananas, eggplant, and other fruits and vegetables looked before humans decided to change them.

Bright Side suggests taking a short tour to the past which will help you understand how lucky we are to live in present times.


This 17th-century painting by Giovanni Stanchi shows a type of watermelon that no one in the modern world has seen. Thanks to breeding, scientists managed to modify smaller watermelons with a white interior into the larger red versions we know today.


The people of Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia have enjoyed the taste of bananas since 10,000 years back. However, bananas were domesticated only 7,000 years ago. Still their look and taste were very much different from modern ones. Modern bananas are the hybrid of Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana but their taste and look have been significantly improved.


The first eggplants were grown in China and they looked very different from modern ones. They were thorny, small, and came in different colors from yellow to sky-blue. It has taken a lot of time and efforts to make modern eggplant more elongated and more tasty. But it was worth it, right?


Peaches looked absolutely different before. They were more like cherries rather than the big and juicy fruits we call peaches now. They were first mentioned in China in 4,000 B.C. Since then peaches have significantly changed in their taste and look.


The ancestors of modern cucumbers were thorny and their fruits were full of seeds. But what’s more important is that they were poisonous. They were cultivated to be used for therapeutic purposes. As a food, cucumbers were first used in India more than 6,000 years ago.


Avocados were domesticated in the third millennium B.C. The Aztecs called this fruit “forest oil” (Chronicles of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León, 1553). Initially they only used the avocado pit which they crushed, mixed with soot, and used as medicine. By the way, the avocado pit made up 80% of the entire fruit at that time.


The first tomatoes looked like small and dark berries. They originated from South America. While in Europe, they were believed to be poisonous and were grown as ornamental plants only for a very long time.

Which of the ancestors of modern day fruits or vegetables did you find the most surprising? Tell us in the comments below.

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-cooking/how-different-vegetables-and-fruits-looked-in-the-past-banana-came-as-a-total-surprise-to-us-631910/

Why Are Steps on Every Escalator in the World Ribbed?

The first escalator was introduced to the public at Coney Island, New York City in 1896. Though, this particular device was a little more than an inclined belt with cast-iron slats on the surface for traction. Nowadays, millions of people use modern escalators with ribbed steps. This feature is not a designer’s move, but rather, a very important element of a big mechanical device.

Bright Side decided to figure out the reason behind these significantly shaped steps.

Why are steps on escalators ribbed?

During fall and winter, escalator steps accumulate a lot of water which makes them slippery. To avoid passenger injuries, steps have embossed vertical strips. They improve traction between passengers’ shoes and the escalator steps.

Different trash like candy wrappers and used tickets fall onto the moving staircase. If the steps were smooth, all this trash would go under the comb plate at the bottom or top of the platform and damage the escalator. But thanks to the ribby surface of these steps, all trash is carried away to the floor outside the escalator.

Why do handrails move faster than the steps?

During escalator maintenance, the drive gears wear out and the speed of the handrail decreases. This is a signal that the escalator needs to be repaired.

Thanks to these well-thought details we don’t need to climb stairs but can ride comfortably and safely instead. Enjoy!

Would you like to know how other devices work? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll try to answer your questions in future articles.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/why-are-steps-on-every-escalator-in-the-world-ribbed-631710/

An Artist Shows What Disney Princesses Would Look Like in the Modern World, and Cinderella Is So Gorgeous

Daria Artemieva is a young artist from Kiev who can turn even the most boring days into a fairy tale. The girl found herself in drawing cute illustrations that she shares on her Instagram page.

Bright Side shares the portraits of our favorite princesses and other cool artworks by the artist.

Snow White







Tinker Bell


Daria also turns regular girls into Disney princesses. Just look at the cool portraits that she makes!

And she draws characters from popular movies and TV shows.

Which of these illustrations did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

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