These Creepy Meghan Markle and Harry Live Wax Dolls Are Horrifying the Internet


It’s bad enough that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have to worry about internal royal family drama and the less-than-ideal behavior of Markle’s own family. Now, they have another thing to worry about: creepy wax figures.

No, I’m not talking about some nightmare-scenario where they’re forced to watch Paris Hilton in her breakout role for House of Wax. I’m referring to this tourist trap who thought it’d be a good idea to slap some ginormous Meghan and Harry heads on actors.

Looking like something Bryan Cranston would rock at Comic Con, Berlin’s Madame Tussauds museum debuted their latest attraction: “living” wax figures of Prince Harry and a pregnant Meghan Markle. Audiences who witnessed the actors were generally unnerved.


After taking a few look at these photos, it’s easy to see why. Featuring a holiday-themed set and actors rocking ugly Christmas sweaters in a variety of intended-to-be-cute-but-are-actually-chilling poses, this life-sized diorama featuring the world’s hottest Royal couple excels in the freak-you-out department.


The best (?) part? To drum up some PR behind their unveiling (as if having actors wear the too-large heads and uploading them online wasn’t enough), they took them to the street.


Madame Tussauds Berlin thought it’d be a good idea to have them parade around a local shopping mall to get the word out about their latest scary creations. Although live reactions from shoppers weren’t captured, it isn’t crazy to assume that they’re pretty much on par with what people have been saying about them online.


Some people weren’t so quick to be mean, following the old-adage: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all” but merely commenting that they hope the royal family will release official Christmas photos soon.


I would have to agree — anything to rid my mind of the awfulness I’ve just seen here. It’s not that the dolls’ faces were poorly done. You can tell that a lot of work and effort went into these things.


I think that the main problem is the overall vacancy of their expressions, plus the fact that they’re just that much bigger than the average head. Put that lifeless, near-perfectly recreated visage of a famous person’s head on a live human’s body and the whole thing is just a recipe for absolute horror.

It’s not the first time businesses and companies have had a rough go at capitalizing on the likenesses of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

You’ve got these Royal Wedding dolls, which, for the most part, are actually not that bad. Well, if you forget the fact that Meghan looks a little bit like a random early 2000s local TV news broadcaster.


However, not all commemorative figurines of the event came out so good. There was this set of Cabbage-Patch-looking Harry and Meghan dolls that, even for caricatures, don’t do that good a job depicting the couple.

Harry looks more like Beatles-era John Lennon and Markle’s got more of a Chucky from Child’s Play aesthetic going on.


The doll maker then updated them to try and get their likenesses closer to the real thing, presumably after the deluge of criticism they faced online.

While it seems they got closer to Harry’s actual hair color, and it’s clear that they improved the overall quality, they still didn’t really look much like them. Yikes.

However, the wax figures of the couple that debuted previously, were right on the money, yet creepy for a different reason.


The chill factor from these bad boys come from just how on-the-nose they were. In fact, if you were to see a photo of them, you’d probably just think that someone snapped a candid pic of the Royal couple — that’s how good they are.


Of course you’d expect Madame Tussauds from London to go hard — if they’re not going to come correct when it’s time to rep British royals, then who will? Still, I don’t get why people would want to take photos with these things.


Yes, they are incredible examples of human artistry and dedicated to a craft, no matter how weird, but I still can’t wrap my head around why you’d be so fascinated with a lifeless husk created to replicate the image of another human being.

Then again, if I had to choose between these and those actors wearing the oversized wax heads, I’d pick the actor-less figures all day.

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29 Photos Explaining Why the Internet Went Crazy Over Maine Coons

What do we know about Maine Coons? First of all, they’re the biggest house cats. Second, they have a crazy amount of fur. Third, they are a little bit arrogant. Fourth, their ancient ancestors have some mysterious magic.

We at Bright Side are charmed by the greatness of Maine Coons and decided to share their magic with you. The babysitter cat surprised us the most!

1. Infinite fluffs

2. All Maine Coons love winter.

3. When these cats go for a walk, even dogs want to hide!

4. “Mom, guess who!”

5. Nobody likes to go to the vet, not even Maine Coons.

6. 9-week old Maine Coon kittens waiting for their vet check

By the age of 3-4 months, Main Coons are already as big as regular cats.

7. “Gizmo just can’t decide between the box or the lid! What a dilemma!”

8. “I think I have lions among my ancestors.”

9. “He was the tiniest one out of all his brothers and sisters when we picked him up…not so much anymore!”

10. “Get your cameras ready, the cat is going to yawn now!”

11. “What do you have there? Will you give it to me?”

12. “Cordelia the cat is a big girl!”

13. You don’t need a babysitter if you have a Main Coon.

This 3-year-old Main Coon is the longest cat on the planet. He loves babysitting. His owners are lucky: they have a babysitter and a bodyguard.

14. “My Maine Coon doesn’t lick/clean himself as much as he is supposed to, which caused him to get extremely knotted. I went to the vet with a large cat and left with a small lion.”

15. “Is she still following me?”

16. Keeping balanced is something they’re good at.

17. “Hey, I’m not doing any harm, I promise!”

18. “I am the King.”

19. “Look me in the eye, human!”

20. The cat looks like a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

21. Maine Coons were meant to take part in photoshoots.

22. My human Otto and me

23. Her Majesty is on her throne.

24. “Every time I ask Terry to keep calm for a photo, he makes this face.”

25. When visiting the vet: “I’ll behave, I promise!”

26. When you’re always with your Main Coon:

27. The Main Coon, Lord has only one eye, but the real pirate still enjoys his life.

28. If you have a Main Coon, the wind won’t stop you from taking a photo.

29. Relaxing with their owner

Are you already looking for a Main Coon to adopt? Or do you already have a couple? Tell us about your life with these elegant furry cats in the comment section below.

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25+ Hilarious Cats Who’ve Conquered the Internet

Сats’ popularity on the Internet has become a real phenomenon. Even a special exhibition called “How Cats Took Over The Internet” was made! But besides being sweet, cats on the Internet actually help people. One study found that watching videos with cats had a positive effect on the emotions of viewers. We melt looking at them and cannot help but be fascinated by their spontaneity, cuteness and unusual cheerful behavior.

Bright Side can’t wait to show you these funny and heartwarming photos that prove cats are real stars.

1. “My cat chewed an armrest for herself in a box.”

2. These big magnetic eyes

3. “Look, the sink fits me well!”

4. The best place for rest

5. “OMG! I’m stuck!”

6. “When you can’t get through that one funny joke without laughing every time it’s brought up”

7. A little fluffy helper

8. Cats can sit on your head.

9. Seriously! ON YOUR HEAD!

10. Dancing is the state of your soul

11. A hide-and-seek expert

12. Kitten storage

13. “A kitty comet!”

14. Yoga guru

15. A couple of seconds before the fright

16. The circle of cuteness

17. “They will never find me.”

18. “Am I the cutest baby?”

19. “I just wanted to cook breakfast for you.”

20. Monkey attack

21. Eat, eat, sleep. Repeat.

22. The best worker of the month

23. Mom’s helper in the kitchen

24. A cotton swab is the best toy ever.

25. “The hanging cat”

26. “Look at my stretch!”

27. “Somebody is very proud of his hard work…”

28. How many cats do you need to change a light bulb?

29. Pretending to be humans

Bonus: A wonderful cat took part in a fashion show.

Which of these photos did you like the most? Are you a cat or a dog person? Tell us in the comments.

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20+ Times Men Shared Their Jokes Online and Became Internet Stars

Men’s sense of humor can be harsh and unpredictable sometimes. However, pranking National Geographic or playing guitar in the street dressed like Darth Vader will make you laugh until you cry.

Bright Side is sure that humor makes our world brighter and more interesting. And the men from our selection below are definitely good at it!

When you’re on a business trip but the only thing you want is sleep:

Men also have their drama.

How else do you attract attention to the mirror you want to sell?

When regular golf isn’t that exciting anymore:

Men’s intuition is rather ironic.

You need to be ambitious to achieve your goals.

A real engineer knows how to make their presentations spectacular.

Sometimes you don’t need to ask.

“My friend had a photo shoot with my McDonald’s hashbrown at 4 am.”

When your son is a prankster:

A wife stepped on a string hanging from her husbands pants. They unraveled all the way up a mile away from home.

Well, now you know the truth about ducks.

“So, my sister is in Hawaii right now and sent photos to the group message and my dad responded with this.”

“My uncle is an infectious disease doctor. I found this perfect mug at his house today.”

When you know how to position your services right:

The equivalent of sending sexy photos to the wife when you have a baby

The pranking pilot

“My brother has been complaining for 3 days that he lost his cap with the deer on it.”

Just like you said!

When you’d prefer a thick wallet:

The commenter is probably a philosopher.

The best way to make your communication with a voice assistant more entertaining — watch the video with the sound on!

Do you have funny stories that feature your boyfriend, husband, brother, or father? Tell us in the comments below.

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Mom-In-Law Starts Internet Debate After Charging Christmas Lunch Guests $21 a Plate


The holidays are a wonderful time to spend with friends, family, and other loved ones you don’t really have a label for because it’s 2018 and all. And depending on how generous of an individual you are, all of that holiday cheer could cause a pretty big dent in your wallet.

Personally it’s not something I stress over — I just try to pick up extra gigs wherever I can or have a few nights without sleep so I can drive Lyft (thank God for modern technology) to try and soften the blow of dropping tons of greenbacks on the people I care about in my life.

But for others, it’s not so simple, especially if you’re the one who’s expected to handle all of the festivities/food for everyone during the holidays.

The expense of being a host is a real thing and making home-cooked meals often costs more than ordering out.


Judging from this woman’s post, it sounds like her mother-in-law has had enough of digging into her own pocket to prepare Christmas lunch for everyone and not getting a single dollar back for her efforts.

In a question posed to Mumsnet by user Staceyjas, she revealed that her husband’s mother just asked all of the guests who plan on attending her Christmas lunch to bring $21 per head in order to pay for the meal.


She genuinely wanted to know if anyone else had experienced anything like this before, because, as her comment indicates, her husband wasn’t too happy about it. He felt conflicted about handing cash and said he’d rather bring food, and that it was the first time such a stipulation was ever brought up for Christmas lunch.


What makes it even worse for the guy is that he just can’t excuse himself from the awkward situation as he’s been having lunch there his entire life. Then there’s the fact that his mom isn’t exactly “financially destitute.”

Here’s what she wrote in full:

“[Am I being unreasonable] to think you should ask family to pay for their Xmas lunch? My partner has just told me that his mother who he’s having Christmas lunch with said she wants £17 per head from him! I’m going to my family’s for lunch so invited him also but he has had it there all his life with his grandparents and siblings too. she said she doesn’t want to do it all from scratch and wants to get it all pre-done so it’s more money, which I understand but he’s gutted and feels like he wants to come to my family now. I can see it from both sides and it’s hard work and can be expensive but not like she is financially destitute.”

StaceyJas then finally asked if anyone else has experienced something like this in the past:

“This has never happened before and he has offered to bring the dessert etc but he said handing over cash just feels wrong. As he says it’s about family not money but I wanted to see what other people’s opinions are? Or if you do this.”


Her question garnered a lot of responses, and it seems like people were conflicted over the issue. More than a few saw the mother-in-law’s side of the story, stating that the Christmas dinners she’s hosted for people in the past have cost her upwards of $500.

“It’s really expensive to cater for Christmas dinner for a lot of people,” says  formerbabe, recalling a dinner she hosted. “It cost me over £400. If we do Christmas with my family, we will share cost of food or all bring different components of the dinner…Don’t think of it as her charging you but instead think of it as you all contributing to the cost of the food.”


Others agreed with Staceyjas’ husband, and said that it probably would’ve been a better idea for people to instead contribute food and specific dishes instead of just gathering money for the “cost of the food.” But she did see where the mother-in-law was coming from.

“Personally I wouldn’t, says another poster, “but if someone asked me for cash I’d pay — it’s really expensive hosting, particularly at an expensive time of the year. When we have had Christmas meals as a big group of friends, we split the cost.”  


Then there were people, like user raisedbyguineapigs, who thought $21 a head price sounded a bit extreme for what was basically a “posh roast dinner.” She advised Stacey to convince her hubby to just go to her family’s dinner instead.

Then there were people who were absolutely aghast at the idea of asking guests for money to host a Christmas lunch, like PersonalNonGarter:

“OMG! No! $*#!, that is horrible.
We host Christmas: buy the turkey and pudding, everyone else brings a dish eg sausages in blankets etc. That shares the cost and the work.
Cannot think of anything less hospitable than setting the menu and demanding your ‘guests’ pay for it.”


Whatnametouse agreed that it’d be a travesty to ask as well and offered some pretty sage advice if the host felt that the financial burden was too high.

“Take turns each year or ask people to bring a dish if you are short on cash.”

One prevailing opinion was that individuals who were hosting large-scale dinners for big families would have every right to ask people to help chip in. One person even mentioned that they had 29 people coming over for dinner, so they wrote out the cost and asked everyone to chip in a few dollars to help offset what it cost them to make the meal.


However, new information from StaceyJas in the comment thread revealed that her mum-in-law was only cooking for four people and a toddler. She couldn’t understand what made it different from any other Sunday lunch?

“My point is she don’t charge him for a normal Sunday roast and it’s just added bits so why can’t he bring them?”

What do you think? Would you charge someone cash for hosting a Christmas lunch that you’re picking out the menu for? Or should mother just bite the bullet and foot the bill herself?

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The Hilarious Stories Behind 12 Iconic Meme Pictures


Ever share a meme and then wonder who the person making the ridiculous face in the picture is? Do they enjoy being a meme or are they annoyed by it? And on that note, how did their picture become an internet phenomenon to begin with? It turns out every meme has a story. From the hilarious to the almost-tragic (Doge died?!), here’s a look back at how your fave memes were born.


“Ermahgerd Gersberms” Girl


Disaster Girl




Overly Attached Girlfriend


Distracted Boyfriend


Black guy on phone




Bad Luck Brian


White Guy Blinking


Guy Tapping His Head


Scumbag Steve


Side-eyeing Chloe

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The Internet Is Losing it Over These Two Childhood Friends Who Reconnected Through Twitter


Because it’s 2018 and we’ve all practically turned into human computers, the days of Craigslist missed connections seem like just a distant memory. But not all too long ago, there was a time when people would go to the website trying to find the people with whom they’d once ridden a train, met on the street, or had an otherwise momentary but meaningful connection.

Honestly, it was one of the most wholesome parts of the internet, before the proliferation of memes and cat videos began to take over. But these days, since the internet is everywhere and we’re all permanently connected through social media, simpler times of chance reconnections have kind of lost their magic.

Or at least I thought they had, until one Brianna’s search for a childhood friend went viral on Twitter. Her attempt to find this girl (without naming her!) by enlisting an online search party, their reconnection, and the internet’s take on the whole thing were so good, it’s almost restoring my faith in humanity. 


Over the course of the long Thanksgiving weekend, Brianna was probably looking through old family photos when she stumbled upon a picture of herself and another flower-donning little girl on a cruise, with the sea in the background.

She took to social media (honestly, how else would one go about this?) to try reconnecting to rekindle their friendship. She tweeted, “Hey Twitter, I met this girl on a dinner cruise in Hawaii in 2006. We were basically best friends for that night so I need y’all to help me find my best friend cause I miss her and I need to see how she’s doing now. Please retweet this so we can be reunited.” 

It’s possible she didn’t even recall the young girl’s name at this point, since she didn’t reveal it in her request. Or maybe she was just trying to see how good at sleuthing Twitter really was. In any case, the social media platform did not disappoint.


Within less than 12 hours, the little girl from the photo, @heii_tree, now a college student, responded to Brianna saying she heard her friend was looking for her. She even posted a photo of herself in the dress she was wearing in Brianna’s pic as proof that she’s really the little girl from the cruise.

“Bruhhh it’s been literal years since I was last on Twitter and the first thing I see is a search party for my ass,” she writes. I wonder whether she just happened to open the app on this very Saturday, or how she came to see the notifications alerting her to the search in the first place.

And it seems like I wasn’t the only one who thought this quick reconnection was absolutely insane! One person asked, “how tf did someone alert you to check Twitter in such a short amount of time?! Like how did they recognize the child version of you?!”


She responded saying that “most of the friends” who alerted her are people she’d “known since middle school!””I don’t think I changed much in the time span between elementary and middle school, so that’s why,” she adds, with the crying-laughing emoji.

Apparently, ever since the two reunited online, they’ve been chatting up a storm on the DMs. I can’t imagine having to play catch-up on so many years with someone you don’t even know all that well. 

@heii_tree wishes they could talk more, but she’s currently “trying to finish [an] essay” for college, so she’s been trying to take social media breaks throughout the day.

The thread, which amassed over a hundred thousand retweets in the past few days, has avid followers passionately checking in on these girls’ every move. Many want the friends to reunite IRL to process the insanity of their online connection. But @heii_tree writes that the chances of that happening are somewhat slim right now. 


She tweets that she’s currently on financial aid at her community college, so the thought of traveling to meet Brianna face-to-face might have to be postponed for a while.

But the inspiring story didn’t stop the internet from laughing, crying, and even trying their own luck at reconnecting with strangers from their past.

“You’ve inspired me to find my long lost vacation bestie from when I was a toddler too,” writes Leslie on Twitter. Others are gushing about their success stories with finding people on Twitter. “Twitter helped me find my biological family after 18 years,” shared one woman.

But because the internet is also the birthplace of trolls, a whole meme was born out of Brianna and @heii_tree’s heartfelt event.

Soon, people were posting about how anyone “could get whoever you want by photoshopping them into your pic and asking Twitter to do ‘their thing,”” which, I suppose, was not entirely false.


It wasn’t long before people from all corners of the web joined in on the fun. Hey, if we can’t marry our long-lost celebrity loves, at least we can all share a laugh, right?


Heath Ledger especially pulls at my heart strings, but Brother Nature and Michael B. Jordan shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Never underestimate the power of a large group of very bored people. Indeed, they’re the only source of progress these days.

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This "He's Not Your Man" Meme Has the Internet Cracking Up


One of the worst/best things about the internet is its “bandwagon nature.” Whether it’s opinions, jokes, or memes, people begin to pile on and add to the conversation like some kind of infinite echo chamber. But this is a prime example of the bandwagon at its best.

Over the weekend, the internet decided to use the powers of exhausting a meme to roast all the tired/generic/assumptive relationship advice out there by re-purposing a common format for said relationship advice into a hilarious ongoing joke.

For example:


Some people begin the meme with the kind of self-affirming, wake-up-sister red flags that should let you know you’re chasing the wrong man in a relationship, but then it quickly devolves into the absurd.


Then there are people who thankfully used the meme in very wholesome ways: like to show off their cute pets. Or to reference biblical figures, like St. Michael, slayer of dragons. What a swell dude.


Although people were quick to reference their pets, they also opted to bring back some old-school, invasive personal assistants. Yes, before Siri, before Alexa, before “OK Google” and Cortana, there was Clippy.


I’d argue that a hot plate of delicious spaghetti is better than having a man in some instances, but that’s just me. Unless you have a man who can make a mean plate of pasta, then I stand totally corrected.

As for this manatee one, you can also add if “he’s illegal to touch while you’re vacationing in Key West,” that’s a clear warning sign.


While I understand people mean well when spouting empowering messages about recognizing your  self-worth, some of the well-intended messages just come off as preachy and eyeroll-inducing.


Which is why it’s so satisfying to see people taking this whole “Ladies, if he:” format and turning it on its head with such obviously ridiculous memes. Even better is when the memes include defiling beloved mythical characters, like Santa Claus.


And look, the internet’s full of amazing information: you can pretty much find the aggregate of all human knowledge, up until this point, online and it’s accessible from a device that’s probably in your pocket or on a table next to you right now.


But if you’re getting relationship advice from random memes on Twitter, you’re probably looking for help in love in the wrong place, you know?

Besides, if you need a total stranger to tell you that a guy who never texts you back and is cold to you 99% of the time is bad news, you’re ignoring a lot in your life.


So my advice to you is to look inward, stop trying to make excuses for the person you’re dating, and find out what really makes you happy. Because as fun and fancy free as Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot appears to be…


…I can promise you he’s an absolute madman who is incapable of love. Gritty only loves partying, and even that love only lasts for a short while before it turns to bloodlust. Fear Gritty. Please, that fear will keep you safe.

And since I don’t want to end things on a scary note, here’s another animal-themed one for you. Man these are so good.


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A Man Rescued a Baby Squirrel From Death, and Now the Whole Internet Is in Love With It

One freezing March morning in New York, little Thumbelina was born. Brought to humans and abandoned by her squirrel mom, it felt like this little baby wouldn’t survive. These humans were surprised to find her in their bed but they decided not to give up on her and handed her over to the wildlife rehabilitators. This was when everyone realized that Thumbelina was one of a kind.

Bright Side found a touching story about a little ambassador squirrel. She helps people to understand one simple truth: “Each little life is big to the one living it.”

Due to the destruction of her squirrel nest, Thumbelina’s mom found a very extraordinary way to save her little children: to sneak into a human’s house. Then she worked hard to provide everything necessary: she found leaves and twigs and brought them to her children’s new “nest”. When the owners came back and found these new “guests” under their pillow, they were nothing short of surprised.

The mom squirrel tirelessly kept providing the “nest” with all the necessary materials and didn’t even think about getting her kids back to wildlife with her. She decided not to return ever again, and the 2 newborn sister-squirrels were adopted by their new human family — 2 local rehabbers, Christina and Michael.

Sadly, one sister passed away just a few hours later, but tiny pink Thumbelina got a second chance at a new, safer life.

Christina and Michael try to release all rescued squirrels back into the wild, but Thumbelina required some special handling. Due to missing out on the birthing season and having almost no bonding with her kind, it was decided to let Thumb stay with the humans.

Thumbelina is different from her fellow squirrels: she developed slower, opened her eyes later than normal baby squirrels and being rather old, she preferred milk rather than real food. Thumb wasn’t fond of jumping and running around — playing and cuddling with her new parents was the most interesting activity for her.

Thumb is afraid of other squirrels. Even her own reflection appears to be something scary. “She probably thinks that she is not a squirrel herself,” said her owners.

Right now Thumbelina spends her days eating sugar snap peas, arugula and avocado, “helping” her human mom with groceries and, of course, playing. Every day is like a little adventure for her, and her owners try to do everything to surround her with love and care.

“Just chilling with Mommy”

Just look at this little tubby with her spinach! It’s impossible to resist and not to fall in love with her!

“Who said animals can’t look classy?”

Have you ever rescued an animal yourself? Did you let it stay with you or did you bring it back to its habitat? Share your experiences with us in the comment section!

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17 People Whose Photo Fails Conquered the Internet

Do you know how many photos are uploaded to social media sites every day? Around 350 million new pictures appear on Facebook daily. There would be even more photos if people uploaded their funny images just like the people in this article did.

Bright Side has found 17 people who weren’t afraid to show their pictures taken at the wrong time to the whole world.

17. The best selfie ever

16. This was supposed to be a regular wedding pic but the kid had his own plans.

15. “My boyfriend was taking photos of me and a bug flew by.”

14. A guy taking a panoramic picture of himself

13. “They got their food 10 minutes ago…”

12. “My worst face swap ever”

11. Selfies with pets aren’t that easy.

10. Not the best wedding photo…

9. With all her might…

8. “My friend asked her fiancé to take a picture of her in Milan.”

7. It wasn’t a good idea to make a collage.

6. This snake doesn’t like to be photographed.

5. That awkward moment when you try to take a selfie and the kid behind you slips on a wet paper towel.

4. “My friend was just trying to take a pic with her ice cream but ended up emulating a popular meme.”

3. “Me taking pics of my boyfriend vs him taking pics of me”

2. That hand coming out from under the sofa…

1. “My dad trying to take panoramic photos of me”

Bonus: Don’t take photos on social media so seriously. Take it easy!

How much time does it take you to take a good photo for social media sites? Do you even care about it all that much?

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