The Nurse and the Melted Toyota: A Story of One Man's Insane Bravery Under Actual Fire


The California Wildfire is so severe that hundreds of thousands of residents are being forced to evacuate the area. Many are losing their homes, including high-profile celebrities like Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, and Neil Young.

There are countless photos of the destruction taking place in Southern California right now. Some 85,500 acres of land have been affected so far, with firefighters fighting around the clock to contain the blazes.

Miley counts herself among the “lucky ones” who were able to make it out alive, despite losing her home, and she showed her gratitude to the emergency responders who risked their lives in the face of danger:

“I am one of the lucky ones. My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE made it out safely & that’s all that matters right now. My house no longer stands but the memories shared with family & friends stand strong. I am grateful for all I have left. Sending so much love and gratitude to the firefighters and LA country Sheriff’s department!”


There are still many people who need help fleeing the fire and getting to safety, and thankfully it’s not just firefighters stepping up to assist those in need. Take nurse Allyn Pierce, who put himself in danger by literally driving through the fire to help others.

Allyn’s burnt and melted Toyota pickup truck has become a symbol of heroism and selflessness in the face of one of the most horrifying natural disasters the area has ever faced. The ICU manager at Paradise’s Adventist Health hospital hopped into his vehicle with two colleagues on Thursday morning and helped evacuate people.

His truck was soon engulfed in flames.


The New York Times reported Jack Nicas narrated Allyn’s entire journey and his attempts to combat the heat while stuck in traffic. He watched in horror as other cars caught on fire around him. The solution? Peter Gabriel. That whole, “The light, the heat” line probably wasn’t too comforting though.


When an opportunity presented itself for Allyn to get out, he decided going home wasn’t an option — there were still a bunch of people back in Paradise (ironic name now, huh?) who needed medical care. So he and his colleagues saddled up and went back into the fray.


Once back at the hospital, Allyn and his colleagues hopped out of the car and worked fast with local police, paramedics, and other medical staff. They set up a makeshift medical center to get people the care that they needed to survive the blaze after “breaking in” to the hospital for supplies.


To make matters worse, the hospital itself caught fire, so Allyn and the other responders had to relocate the patients to the hospital’s helipad where they continued administering treatment. Once an exit was clear, the patients and hospital staff all made it out of the area without incident or additional injury.


In true hero fashion, Allyn denied that his actions were heroic and that he was simply doing his job. He also insisted that the teamwork of everyone involved is what helped them ensure the safety of all the patients involved.

Now if you’re worrying about Allyn’s truck, you’re not alone. Plenty of people tagged the auto manufacturer online to let them know of the nurse’s heroism. Toyota responded quickly and not only applauded the ICU manager’s actions but promised him a brand new truck for his efforts.


People were understandably inspired by Allyn’s actions, and couldn’t help but praise the man for his selfless act. It doesn’t hurt that the Times reporter provided an excellent account of the story either, which you can read in further detail here.


The wildfire’s death toll sits at a staggering 42, which has made it California’s deadliest ever. Sadly, more than 200 people are still missing, including many elderly retirees.


Here’s hoping that there are no more fatalities associated with the Camp Fire that’s already razed 7,100 buildings in the area. As terrifying as the destruction is, there is comfort knowing people like Allyn are willing to risk their lives to help those in need.

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Meet the Talented Artists Behind Those Insane Tattoos on 'How Far Is Tattoo Far?'


Watching How Far Is Tattoo Far?, it can be hard to get past the insane tattoos contestants ink on each other. And yes, the tattoos are very real in case you were wondering. However, behind each of the crazy tattoos is the artist responsible for bringing it to life. 

If you look closely enough, you will also realize that some of the tattooers on the MTV series, hosted by Nicole “Snooki”Polizzi and Nico Tortorella, are reality TV veterans, appearing on similar ink-based shows such as Black Ink Crew and Ink Master

So, who are the talented tattoo artists on How Far Is Tattoo Far? and how do you get an appointment with them ASAP? Keep reading to find out.


Melody Mitchell


Kevin Laroy


Tiffany Perez


Courtney Raimondi


Travis Ross


Jordan aka Dollarz Tatu

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People Are Roasting a Social Media Star for Charging Insane Prices to Attend Her Birthday


If there’s one thing I’ll never understand, nor ever hope to understand, is expensive bottle and table service in ridiculously overpriced nightclubs. I really can’t for the life of me wrap my head around the appeal unless you’re trying to impress a bunch of strangers and feel cool.

You can’t hold a conversation with anybody because the music’s too loud. The $500 you’re dropping on a single bottle of $32 liquor, along with maybe $10 in chasers is beyond exorbitant, and the place is always super crowded. I could understand if someone was giving you and a friend a massage or some like, acupuncture while you’re sipping on a Henny and Red Bull, but, they’re not. You’re paying to occupy someone else’s “space” for a little bit of time.

And since the primary export of Instagram is image, it makes perfect sense for an influencer to hold their birthday in a nightclub. Which is exactly what South African Instagram influencer Nadia Jaftha signed up for.


The Saint Nightclub in Cape Town is hosting her birthday bash and decided to post the prices for some of the party packages that were available to those who were interested in hanging out with the model on her special day.


The thing is, people weren’t really having the prices, with the cheapest ticket costing an equivalent of $104 just for a standing table downstairs. The most expensive one, “VVIP package Platinum C” gets you your own table for the low, low price of only $1,040! 


Understandably, people were utterly flabbergasted by a few things — the first was the ridiculously overblown price of a table. The flier doesn’t indicate whether or not having access to one of these tables includes a quantity of booze.


I’d say, if it was unlimited and you could find 11 friends who all Venmo’ed you beforehand, then book that 12-person table and drink all of the liquor they have in that bar. But I’m guess that isn’t the case.


Some people had ideas of their own as to how they’d secure themselves a seat without forking over tons of money to do so. Others were left wondering just who Nadia Jafthe is. At 239k followers on Instagram, maybe the nightclub over-estimated what the star’s reach would be in the region.


Even those who knew who Nadia was found it kind of hard to believe that anyone would pay that much money to have the privilege of spending her birthday with her. And to be honest, I don’t understand spending that much money on a party.


I mean isn’t the entire point to spend a celebration of your birthday with loved ones? Why are you putting other people in financial hardship, if you love them, just to party with you? So OK, internet strangers aren’t exactly family, but that begs another question.


Like, why in the world would you want to party with a bunch of internet strangers on your birthday and then have them pay to come and hang out with you? The whole thing just seems like a rude waste of time.


Nadia defended herself by saying that she didn’t set the prices for the table service herself, but that it was Saint Bar’s normal pricing pasted on the flier, which is a photo of her chilling by a pool looking all fit and fly.


If I’m being quite honest, the other troll party offers served up by other people seem to be a heck of a lot more enticing, like this “Spur Pool Party.” The most expensive package in this guy’s bash will only cost you $13.47, sounds like a steal.


Someone even did some legwork to find out what they could get for the same amount of money, and less in some cases, as a table night at Nadia’s birthday celebration. Week-long vacations seem like a way better deal than a few hours sitting at a table in a club, doesn’t it?


Some people seem to think that Nadia intentionally did this to help get her name out in the social media sphere and I have to be honest, I never heard about her prior to this outrage, so if that was her intention, then she hit the nail on the head.

Soooo…anyone headed to the party?

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21 Employees Reveal the Dirty Secrets of Their Industries That Are Just Insane


Every profession has its line of “dirty little secrets” that aren’t all that secret. Like everyone knows GameStop intentionally tries to shill used games on people because the profit margins on trade-ins are huge.

Then there’s the world of consumer tech: tons of smartphone manufacturers intentionally push out software updates and design their devices to become “obsolete” after a two- or three-year cycle so you can keep spending $600 every couple of years on a new phone, even though the one you have could technically run fine for much longer.

A recent AskReddit post had employees from a bunch of industries come together to share their down dirty little secrets, and some of them sound downright criminal.


Surgeons use older techniques out of “comfort.”


Camp counselors are always losing kids.


Nursing homes know when the inspectors are dropping by.


Wash the top of your cans, people.


Take it from a farmer: produce needs, needs, needs to be washed.


Before you rent a car, you should know this.


Making money selling books sucks, unless…


Always go with the “value brand”.


Cooks/chefs can do this, as long as they don’t spit in my food.


No website is actually secure.


No, supplies are not limited.


Outdoor bar = no ice.


Just because it’s published, doesn’t mean it’s good.




Shocker: mechanics lie!


Fast Food common sense.


Who would even do this?


No one’s talking to the manager.


I wonder which organization they could be talking about…


Ambulance woes.


Higher-ups don’t give a darn about the military.

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10 Frightfully Insane Things People Dared to Do

Everyone has probably done something crazy in their life. For some people, the most insane thing they did was to pack their clothes and move to another city. Others think that driving on the highway at 160 mph is the craziest thing ever. But these are nothing in comparison to the things that the heroes of this article have done. Can you imagine a jump from 24,800 ft without a parachute?

Bright Side has collected 10 crazy stunts that we think we’ll never repeat because they’re just too incredibly scary.

Space jump

On October 14, 2012, 43-year-old Felix Baumgartner, an Australian skydiver, jumped to Earth from approximately 126,000 ft (initially, he was only supposed to jump from 116,000 ft). In about a minute, he broke the sound barrier, reaching a top speed of 843.6 mph and became the first person in the world who managed to do that without any vehicular power. Baumgartner was in a free fall for 4 minutes and 19 seconds. In total, it took him 14 minutes to land.

By the way, on October 24, 2014 his record was broken by Alan Eustace, Senior Vice President of Knowledge at Google, who jumped from 135,907 ft. But this event wasn’t as spectacular and Eustace used a parachute with a stabilizing drogue.

The Mariana Trench dive

On March 26, 2012, famous film director James Cameron became the first human in the world who arrived at the ocean’s deepest point on his own. James spent 3 hours at a 35,904 ft depth. While diving, the filmmaker recorded video and collected scientific data, specimens, and several soil samples. His film was released in 2013 in cinemas and broadcasted by the National Geographic Channel.

In 1960, researcher Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh, an officer of the United States Navy, became the first people who reached the floor of the Mariana Trench.

A surfer conquered the biggest wave in the world.

In November 2017, Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa conquered the world’s biggest wave — the official height of the wave registered at 80 feet. The World Surf League confirmed the achievement at its Big Wave Awards in California in April 2018 and noted that the record was recognized as a Guinness World Record.

The record was set at Nazare Beach in Portugal. This town is famous for its huge waves created by an underwater canyon.

Walked around 86,000 miles barefoot

68-year-old Vladimir Nesin from Russia has been traveling for 22 years wearing no shoes. He estimates that he’s already walked around 86,000 miles and visited more than 120 countries. He says, “I walk barefoot because I feel my connection with the earth this way.” Vladimir doesn’t use a compass or maps, sometimes he hitchhikes (and usually sleeps in a tent), and spends about $1 a day.

Almost an hour spent covered with 637,000 bees

In 2012 a brave Chinese man set a world record, spending 54 minutes covered with around 637,000 bees. The weight of this “coat” was more than 136 lb and is listed in The Guinness Book of World Records.

Cartop skiing at 160 mph

Sean Cridland and Kirsten Culver, 2 American skiers, set world records in cartop riding in 1985. Kirsten rode at 152 mph and Sean at 160 mph. Initially, this was a way skiers would learn to control their body in case of wind during competitions. Together with legendary Bonneville racer, Rick Vesco, they decided to try to set this record that hasn’t been beaten yet.

Riding a water-borne vehicle at 318 mph

In 1976, Australian Ken Warby set a world water speed record. His boat moved at a speed of 318 mph and his record still stands as of today.

Tightrope walking without any sort of safeguarding

Freddy Nock, a stuntman from Switzerland, put his life in danger to raise money for a UNESCO project in 2011 and set 7 records in 7 days in the Alps. He managed to complete a tightrope walk and reach Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, without any sort of safeguarding.

Jumping from 25,000 ft without parachute

On July 30, 2017, Luke Aikins, an American skydiver, jumped from an aircraft at 25,000 ft. After a 2 minute free fall, he hit a net, 100 ft by 100 ft, suspended 195 ft above the desert. Aikins became the first person in the world who has jumped without a parachute and landed successfully.

By the way, this 42-year-old stuntman has performed more than 18,000 jumps in his life.

A woman underwent 52 plastic surgeries.

Cindy Jackson is in the Guinness Book of World Records for undergoing 52 cosmetic procedures. She’s had several face-lifts, liposuction, 2 rhinoplasties, knee, waist, and hip surgeries, Botox, permanent makeup, lip and cheek implants, mandible reduction, various peels, and many other procedures. She started her transformation after she got her father’s inheritance. Cindy is 61 now and she looks pretty good.

Bonus: A man that hasn’t showered for 60 years

Amou Haji, an 80-year-old Iranian, hasn’t bathed for 60 years because he believes being clean will make him sick. Haji says he chose this way of life after going through some unpleasant setbacks in his youth and since then he has become a bit isolated. At night he sleeps in a hole in the ground or in an open brick shack that locals constructed for him.

Which action impressed you the most? Share your opinion with us!

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20+ People Whose Ideas Are Way Beyond Insane

An Australian driver has been occasionally seen driving despite the fact that his car is missing a front wheel. One of the videos shows him driving calmly along a busy city road paying no attention to the awful sounds the car is making as it scratches the asphalt. The way people behave in public places can sometimes shock us and make us wonder how we are still on planet Earth. These people can be found anywhere -they could be our neighbors or colleagues; people on public transport, or just out on the streets.

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11 People Attempt to Explain Their Most Insane Paranormal Encounters …with THEMSELVES


Well, I’ll be damned. Just when I thought I’d scraped the bottom of the internet when it comes to paranormal reality and overlapping dimension stuff, it turns out (thanks, internet!) that I was just getting started.

There are a lot more people out there spotting difficult-to-prove versions of themselves and their friends, and the stories are truly freaky! 

Below, 11 different people try to explain how they stepped out of reality and into a dimension where they spotted themselves or their friends, and no one’s really sure how to make sense of it.


This story gives me goosebumps.


How many Rebeccas are out there?


Actual strangers on a train, though.


Wait — weren’t you just…


Glitchy wife, husband AND phone.


Doesn’t sound like just another day at Walmart.


This creepy AF story completes a memory she had years and years ago.


Unborn dreamer saves her own pregnant mom’s life.


Oh, this is so uncanny it’s practically casual.


Fiancé’s father accidentally calls for her before she was born.


Whatever just happened in this hospital, I’d prefer not to get treated there.

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Seth Rogen Celebrates 10 Years of 'Pineapple Express' With These Insane Facts About the Movie


The best stoner movies incorporate comedy, tragedy, romance, drama and uh……. o yea, weed! 

From the grandfathers of bud, Cheech and Chong, and their film enterprise, to the great munchies adventure, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, to the cult-classic Smiley Face with its undeniably strong female lead — there is undoubtedly something for everyone when it comes to stoner flicks.

It’s hard to believe that one of our favorites, the hilarious Pineapple Express, has already been around for a decade. To commemorate the 10-year anniversary, real-world stoner (and actor and co-writer of the movie), Seth Rogen, took to his Twitter to share some fun facts about the movie. 

Highlights include the rolling of cross-joints, plenty of on-set injuries, Kanye, Stormy Daniels’ cameo as Red’s ex, and more.

So grab your papers, roll a fatty, and scroll on through to see some of our favorite inside scoops from the movie.

First of all, Pineapple Express was not the name of a strain at the time of the film’s release. In fact, Pineapple Express was a meteorological term used in Hawaii.

No one on set was capable of rolling the gorgeous cross joints James Franco’s character calls “the apex of the vortex of joint engineering.” So the writers had to step in.

Proving that these actors were almost as clumsy at the characters they portrayed, a bunch of injuries went down on set.

Stormy Daniels made a cameo, nearly a decade before her recent media … um, storm. 

No stranger to blockbuster hits, Stormy also had credited appearances on Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Seth reveals in Vanity Fair that Stormy might have opened up to him about some of the stuff she’s been in the news for lately.

Seth and James were supposed to have each other’s roles. But in typical stoner fashion, whatever.

We finally find out why it is exactly that Red never dies.

Remember that scene where Danny is tied up to a chair? Turns out the poor guy was stuck there all day.

Seth did pretty much all his own stunts. When someone on Twitter asked if the rumor that Seth was so hungover this day that he vomited before shooting the scene, he removed all doubt with a “Haha. That’s true.”

We learned that car companies apparently have a say in the movie scenes their cars are used for.

Did you start calling your schwag “Snicklefritz” after Pineapple Express? Now you can learn the history of the term, and it has nothing to do with bud.

The movie was anticipated to be such a hit that even Kanye West got in on the premiere. “Kanye came to the premiere of Pineapple Express,” Seth proudly tweeted. 

Director Judd Apatow chimed in to Seth’s thread to reveal that someone else had auditioned to play the role of a drug dealer.

Recognize him? None other than Breaking Bad‘s protagonist Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston. According to his tweet, Judd had him do a table read, but didn’t think he’d be scary enough to play a convincing dealer.

Which surprised us and shocked a lot of Twitter.

Although picturing Bryan as Walter White as the dealer in Pineapple Express is the kind of mashup dreams are made of, we do love the movie just the way it is. 

And the fact that it came out 10 years ago means it’s definitely time for a rewatch. Happy birthday, Pineapple Express!

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The Most Insane Drinks To Try This Season

Ahh, summertime… Arguably the season with the best weather, fashion and office perks (Summer Fridays, anyone?)

And while it’s the perfect time to suntan and ocean-bathe, there’s no better sidekick to bring along than your favorite libation to help you stave off the summer heat. 

When it comes to taste, you know what they say: to each their own. Here are some of the craziest, strangest, most decadent and elaborate drinks to inspire your beverage choice this season. 

The Bold.

Let’s start off with the biggest, most ostentatious and filling cocktails and mocktails known to man. Hope you’re thirsty.

1. These humungous mojitos and daquiris.

2. This kind of drinkable breakfast.

3. These insanely elaborate lemonades.

4. Or these Bloody Mary’s that are caloric enough to feed a village.

5. Definitely save room for dessert.

The Brave.

These next drinks are not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. From wildly exotic to hands-down disgusting, see which of these you think you could keep down. 

6. I’ll have a rodent rosé, s’il vous plait.

7. Perhaps you’d prefer this chili pepper wine.

8. Oyster mushrooms: yum. Beer: yum. Oyster mushroom beer? ehh…

9. ACTUAL oyster beer?

10. It’s not hardcore unless the creature is IN the drink, some say.

11. Ditch that rum and coke for a rum and cobra.

12. Or a scorpion vodka! Available in several sizes.

13. This tapeworm shot might become the next diet fad.

14. And next time you make a bet, have the loser drink this mayonnaise-y jaeger “Smoker’s Cough.”

The Beautiful.

If you made it through those tummy-turning libations, you deserve to feast your eyes on these gorgeous craft cocktails.

15. Like this boozy beverage, inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

16. Or this Japanese bar serving these cotton candy igloos.

17. While we’re on the subject of cotton candy, look at this gorgeous golden infusion.

18. And these floral springtime martinis.

19. And finally these gorgeous non-martini beautiful flowery arrangements.

Now you’ve got your summer bar order. Cheers!

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This Guy Is Trying To Make Sense Of Insane Stock Photos With Incredible Illustrations

Illustrator and writer Austin Light is having fun with stock photos, a classic internet pastime. There are plenty of sensible, useful, and accurate stock photos out there, though I have personally never seen any. Light picks the weirdest ones, then adds an illustration to try and make sense of it. The results are mixed in terms of making sense, but they definitely look very cool.

Like this one of a girl getting her online shopping free shut down by an octopus step dad. Who wouldn’t be mad that their mom married someone with eight arms?

Here’s a stock photo with a llama meeting a handsome man at the airport. Or was it on the plane? Either way, the most unbelievable thing about this is how refreshed that guy looks after flying.

Put that baby in the trees on a giraffe, because that actually makes more sense than throwing a baby:

Every chef deserves their own Ratatouille moment:

All the jumping Instagram photos finally make sense:

“Um, occupied??”

Love hanging with friends, but don’t split the bar tab evenly with a camel.

Some of these are truly insane without an anthropomorphic animal being thrown in:

This old man feeding a burger to a gator makes me want to call my grandpa:

This one makes me want to call my creepy uncle who everyone is worried about:

Oh look, the perfect Air Bud sequel:

This is only remarkable because of how sad she looks to be eating ice cream. I’ve never felt that emotion about ice cream, and I never want to.

Is Jaws the cast member he means, or the guy who seems to be trying to make out with Jaws?

Once again, the people in this photo are much weirder than the animal:

But this is a scene that anyone with a cat can relate to:

Cats are always trying to kill you while you’re doing household chores!

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