8 Clever Hacks to Clean Your House Like a Pro

According to statistics, on average, 51% of women do housework daily for an average of 2.6 hours a day. That’s a lot of time, and both men and women would like to know some cleaning hacks that can help them save time and money. In this article, you will find some useful tricks that will make doing housework easier with fewer chemicals.

Bright Side found 8 cleaning hacks that will make you a housecleaning pro.

1. Use dryer sheets.

There’s one more good solution for cleaning with used dryer sheets. Don’t throw them away after washing clothes, but instead, use them to remove spots and dirt around your house. This method is great to get rid of stains from mirrors and bathroom fixtures, toilet rings, and baseboards.

2. Clean your iron with salt.

The majority of us have burned ourselves on a hot iron at least once in our lives, but here is a good trick on how to clean it in case you don’t have special chemicals or time to shop for them. Take several tablespoons of salt and spread it on a soft cloth. Rub the iron with this cloth until all the marks and spots vanish. After that, wait till the iron is cool and rub it with a wet cloth.

3. Cleaning your stove’s exhaust hood filter

How often do you clean your stove filter? Likely, the majority of us forget about this important detail. But if you’ve decided to become a pro at cleaning your house, there is a good hack to make the old filter new again.

You need water, 1/2 cup of baking soda and a big pan. Add enough water to the pan to submerge the filter in. Boil it and slowly add soda. Now place the filter into the boiling water and wait for a few minutes.

Now the stove filter looks like new!

4. Make your own homemade oven cleaner.

If you’ve decided to be more economical, this hack can help you save a fortune on expensive chemicals for cleaning the kitchen. Make your own effective oven cleaner! You’ll need 4 tbsp of dishwashing liquid, 7.6 fl oz of vinegar, 43 fl oz of lukewarm water, and 3.7 fl oz of lemon juice/citron extract.

You will be surprised at how good it cleans and how much money you’ll save.

5. Clean the floor with black tea.

Black tea is not just a good drink, but it is also a perfect cleaner for your wooden floor. Some people probably already know that it’s good for rubbing on mirrors to make them shine, but it has the same effect on wooden floors.

Take 4 tea bags and boil them in water. Leave the bags steeped for as long as possible. However, if your floor has a lighter color, it’s better not to brew it for a very long time. Now the cleaner is ready. Just wet a cloth with the tea and start wiping.

6. Make your dishwasher shine with vinegar.

All you need to make your dishwasher crystal clean is vinegar. This ingredient has an antibacterial effect and helps to get rid of stains.

After running the dishwasher, wipe the edges and seal it with vinegar. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the dishwasher and run a short cycle.

7. Cleaning a wooden cutting board

All of us use a cutting board from time to time, but we all should remember that lots of bacteria stay on it if you don’t clean it properly. To clean your board, you can use lemon, baking soda and vinegar.

  1. Just spread baking soda on the surface of the cutting board, then rub it with a lemon.
  2. Wipe the cutting board with a cloth and vinegar.

Don’t forget to rinse the board with water after cleaning.

8. Clean your microwave without chemicals.

You’ll need a small dish, 2 drops of lemon essential oil, 2 tablespoons of water and a sponge.

Place essential oil and water on a small dish and put it in the microwave. Turn it to high power for 1 minute. Open the microwave and place the sponge inside the dish. After the sponge soaks everything, clean the inside.

Do you have your own secrets to clean your house like a pro? Share them with us below!

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11 Cleaning Tips That Can Give a New Life to Your House

One of the main reasons we put off cleaning is because it feels like an overwhelming amount of work. We ignore it until we can’t take it any longer and spend a whole day wiping the floors and washing the dishes. The good news is there are several ways to make every surface of your house gleam pretty quickly.

Bright Side put together a list of tips that will help keep the different spaces and items of your house spotlessly clean and germ-free.

1. Use a new approach to wiping the floor

Keeping floors clean can be challenging, but not with this simple solution that you can make yourself. Mix together 2 gallons of warm tap water, 1/2 tsp of dish soap, and 1 tsp of white vinegar. Wipe the floors as you usually would. Dish soap will lift and remove dirt and white vinegar will sanitize the floors. This will leave your floors clean and shiny.

2. Make a magic paste for cleaning the bathroom

Give a new life to your grout with this solution: mix together 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tsp of dish soap, apply on the grout and tiles and let it sit. Afterward, scrub it with a brush and wipe it with warm water.

3. Opt for less

Let’s start with a simple rule: the less stuff you have, the less you will need to clean. By having less you can eliminate the root of the problem of constantly having to declutter. Plus, it will be much easier to dust and you won’t have to go around all of the objects, leaving dust circles around them.

4. The eye level test

After you wipe down, let’s say, a counter top, it is clean. Or does it only look clean? You’ll be able to see more missed spots, and crumbs under the toaster, when you view the surface at eye level.

5. Create a list of household chores and share it with your family members.

Your life will be much easier if all of the household chores can be split between the household members. Ask your partner to help you and if you have kids, involve them too.

6. Use scotch tape

If you have pets that shed all over the place or you just have to clean up hair all the time, try wrapping clear tape, sticky side up around your hand for a quick clean-up of surfaces.

7. Take care of the cleaning supplies.

As we mentioned before, the dirtiest and germiest items are the ones that you use for cleaning. So make sure to wash your sponges, rags, and brushes in very hot water to kill all the germs and bacteria. You can also microwave them for 30 seconds and put them in the dishwasher.

8. Set a timer so you don’t get distracted.

Do you ever start cleaning and then get distracted and find yourself in a different room doing something else? Set a timer for 10-20 minutes and concentrate exclusively on cleaning. You’ll be amazed by how much you can actually do in that short period of time.

9. Keep it together

When you fold your clean linens, put your sheet sets in one of the matching pillowcases. This way it will always be stored together in one place and you won’t need to look for all of the separate pieces.

10. Layer up

Put several trash bags in your trash can. By doing so, you won’t ever have the problem of taking the trash out and having a bagless can again.

11. Keep the toilet clean

Pour a little bit of cleaner in the bottom of your toilet brush holder. This way every time you use it you will be cleaning and disinfecting the toilet bowl and it will also disinfect the brush itself.

Have you tried any of these hacks? Which ones would you want to try? Share in the comments!

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These Pumpkin Carving Hacks Will Make Your Place the Spookiest House on the Block


Halloween’s just days away, so you’ll want to make sure you’re dressed to the nines and stocked with all the candy your drugstore’s got to offer. But perhaps most importantly, you’ll want some pumpkin carving hacks to make your house stand out as the spookiest, most welcoming place in the neighborhood for mini-ghouls and young witch trick-or-treaters.

To achieve the perfect spook-tastic look, only enthusiasm is required. A quick trip to the dollar store will also yield some choice spiderwebs, so your jack-o-lanterns don’t have to be lonely on your front yard. Plus, if you have boxes, paint and a marker lying around the house, you can also easily craft a DIY tombstone for your lawn.

But the jack-o-lantern still holds the soft spot when it comes to impressive, satisfying and family-friendly decorations. Nothing screams Halloween quite like a big old carved pumpkin radiating candlelight. In fact, the ritual of carving pumpkins to ward off evil spirits dates all the way back to the Irish, who brought the tradition to America. Fun fact: Since there weren’t any pumpkins in Ireland, they carved turnips on All Hallow’s Eve instead.


So, how exactly can you keep the pumpkin process from being a harrowing, messy chore and turn it into fun for the whole family? Read on for 6 pumpkin carving tips that will save you a bunch of headaches and earn you tons of brownie points this year.

1. Start by cutting off the top.


Sure, “convention” has everyone cutting off the bottoms of their pumpkins, but this start to carving is actually much more effective. For one, it’s much easier to scoop out the pumpkin’s insides (my least favorite part of the process) with this generous hole cut out of the back. 

Also, it gives you a neater canvas to carve, which makes the whole process easier to navigate. And perhaps most importantly, if you want to put a candle in your pumpkin once it’s been carved, you won’t have to reach inside from the top and risk burning your hand.

2. Pick the right tools.


Most store-bought DIY pumpkin kits come with knives, pokers and scraper spoons. And while those work fine, there are free things you might have lying around the house that will actually yield better design results.

For example, people swear by drywall (otherwise known as keyhole) saws, and claim they’re better than kitchen knives at carving a lot of pumpkins in a short amount of time.

Family Handy Man also shared some of the most effective power tools to employ in your carving adventures. Hole saws, drills and rotary tools can give your jack-o-lantern perfectly round eyes, as well as some other creative designs, like these:


Sanders, when used carefully, can also help remove pumpkin skin, which allows you to show off elaborate designs that rely on gradients or different amounts of candle glow. And if you’re into going all out with your artistry, ribbon tools used for pottery work remarkably well for intricate pumpkin designs.

3. Cookie cutters for kids — all the way.


If you’re carving with a group of kids, you might not want to have a display of sharp knives lying around the crafting station. Plus, tracing and carving out a handful of children’s drawings might not be your idea of a perfect weekend afternoon.

You won’t even have to leave your house for this incredible pumpkin carving hack, which shows how easy it is to make an impressive jack-o-lantern with the cookie cutters you already have in your kitchen. 

All you need is to pick your favorite shape, hammer it into the pumpkin with a rubber mallet (or any other heavy object lying around the kitchen), and have a backup knife handy to completely cut through the shape. Your kids will be left with the most impressive pumpkin on the block, and the projections of the carvings on the wall (if you keep you pumpkins inside) are a beautiful added bonus.

4. Get creative with your designs.


One of the trickiest parts when carving pumpkins is getting the idea in our heads to translate into a three-dimensional backlit sculpture. But luckily, there are some great hacks to make the most important part of the carving process headache-free.

First, you don’t have to free-draw the design onto your pumpkin directly — but if you want to, you masterful artist, use a dry-erase marker instead of a permanent one, so you can adjust your sketch as you go.

If you’re no Michelangelo, print out a two-toned drawing, tape it to the pumpkin, and use a punch tool or a knife to outline it. Also, unless you’re super advanced, avoid drawings with islands or skinny parts, as these are trickiest to carve. Working from the middle out helps keep the integrity of the pumpkin so none of it accidentally breaks, and using the ribbon tools we mentioned above can help you create some really cool and detailed effects.

5. Have fun with the process.


Sure, by this point in the article you’ve probably become an expert at creating your own classic jack-o-lantern. But why not take this project to an unprecedented level and really turn heads in your neighborhood?

As it turns out, achieving a perfect unique-looking pumpkin isn’t as hard as it might appear. To achieve the effect in the photo above, for example, one redditor emptied out the inside of a pumpkin, then mixed food coloring with a half cup of water and swirled it around the inside.  

Someone else on the platform recommended soaking a whole toilet paper roll in kerosene overnight for a high flame that can last for close to an hour, and the effects are pretty impressive.

6. Preserve your pumpkin.


The last thing you want after laboring over your pumpkin for hours is to see it mold or rot away in your front lawn before you get to show it off on the big day. Rubbing a layer of petroleum jelly on the inside will actually seal in the moisture of the pumpkin and avoid it from decomposing before Halloween.

Your impressive jack-o-lanterns will speak for themselves this year.

Source : https://undefined/trending/2018/10/22/ZC2wj1/pumpkin-carving-hacks

8 Ways to Find Out Someone Broke Into Your House

This year, the Japanese police arrested a young man who had been living on the second floor of someone’s house for 6 months. The 90-year-old owner of the house didn’t notice the man even though he didn’t do too much to hide. He even left his shoes by the door. The woman’s son found the man. Of course, such things happen rarely but it’s quite possible that some people can visit people’s homes when they are away, especially during the vacation season and long business trips.

For those who think that their house may have been visited by unwanted guests, Bright Side has found some simple ways to find out if it’s true.

1. A thread in front of the door

One of the simplest ways is to attach a thin thread that is hard to notice in front of the door. When the door opens, the thread will be torn. But you should know that it will be really hard for you to leave the apartment yourself — you should be careful not to ruin your own trap. Of course, this way will only work if the door opens inside.

2. Beads

If you put a glass full of beads near the entrance, it will definitely be knocked over when the door opens. Of course, the door should open toward the room. Most likely, the unwanted guest will try to collect the beads, so count all of them in advance and remember exactly where you placed the glass.

3. A cookie under the mat

Another “classic” way is to leave a cookie under the mat. If someone comes to your place, they will most likely step on the cookie and will crush it without even noticing.

4. A “before” photo

Modern technology can simplify tracking a mysterious visitor. For example, if you suspect that someone checked your cabinets, just take a photo of them before you leave. After you return, compare the picture with what you see in front of you and check for any changes.

5. A noise-recording app

Today, most people have an old smartphone that nobody uses anymore. Install a sound recording application and hide the device in the hall. Of course, this method only works if you leave for a short time because the battery of the device will die after several hours.

6. Colorless paint

Open the entrance door, clean the doorknob, and spray colorless paint on it. Leave the apartment without touching the knob. A visitor will definitely leave their fingerprints on it. Use ultraviolet to see the fingerprints.

7. A glass of water

All you have to do is leave a glass of water right at the door. When the door opens, it will knock over the glass and the water will be absorbed by the doormat. The mat will probably dry in several hours so this method should only be used if you leave the house for a short time.

8. A baby monitor

If it is too expensive to get a hidden camera, you can use a regular baby monitor to see unwanted guests online. Just hide it in the hall and watch the feed from a neighbor’s apartment or from a different room if your house is big enough.


If you have a suspicion that someone has access to your house, the most logical solution would be to change the locks. And choosing one is not an easy task. Here are some recommendations:

  • Because you are looking for a front door lock, you need a deadbolt. Knobs and levers can only be used as a secondary security measure.
  • Don’t fall for technology. If you are offered a high-end electronic lock, don’t buy it. At the moment, the best lock of this category are super-expensive and the ones that cost less are easy to hack.
  • Aesthetics should be at the bottom of your priority list. Of course, it’s nice to have an attractive door, but here is the thing: a cool shiny lock attracts more attention than a regular one.

Have you ever suspected that someone broke into your house? Tell us in the comments section below.

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for BrightSide.me

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/8-ways-to-find-out-someone-broke-into-your-house-626810/

23 Ideas That Can Transform Your House in Just One Day

Every single person would like for their house to be cozy and comfortable. In order to do this, you can go to a store and spend a lot of money there, or you can make cool things with your own hands.

We at Bright Side really love our homes and we’ve collected some tips on how to make them even better.

Mini coffee pot terrarium

In this blog, you can read about how to make this beautiful coffee pot.

Framed flowers

Here, you can see how to keep spring in your house all year round.

A bright carpet

You can read this blog to find out how to make it.


Watch this video to find out how to create such a painting made of flowers.

Charming cats

Download a manual on how to make these charming cats out of paper.

A beautiful storage room

Read this blog to find out how to rearrange the space in your closet.

Just a few details and you have a new cabinet!

It seems that not so many things have changed but the new version looks so cool! Here, you can find out how to do this.

Clay containers

You can learn how to make these containers here.

A hanging rope shelf

You can use IKEA shelves to make this. Read this to find out how.

Beauty in simplicity

Just a regular mirror and a branch, but it looks amazing!

A headboard made of flowers

You will definitely have great dreams with such a headboard. Read this to find out how to make it.

Wood texture

This woodblock headboard seems hard to make but it actually isn’t. Read a detailed manual here.

Shelves for people who love nature

Anyone can make such shelves. You can find a detailed manual here.

Stylish photo wallpaper

You can change the entire interior using photo wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a great choice.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be on the wall. You can put it on a wardrobe.

A stylish mat

This stylish mat costs very little money and is really easy to make. Read more here.

Cabinet transformation

You can read how to make such a cool kitchen cabinet here.

A vertical planter

Such a vertical planter can be hung in any house. All you have to do it take good care of it. Read here to learn how to create it.

A glowing shelf

Everyone will be amazed by such a shelf. It’s actually pretty easy to make: just follow these tips.

A terrarium lamp

You can read this to find out how to create such a lamp.

A decorative shelf

Read this blog to find out how to make one of these.

A feather pendant

Read this manual to make such a pendant.

An unusual painting

Such a painting will look great on a white wall. Read this to find out how to make it.

Which idea did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-home/23-ideas-that-can-transform-your-house-in-just-one-day-620760/

10 Professional Tricks That Can Help You Clean Your House Much Faster

According to a study, the average person spends 1,140 days of their life cleaning their house. This means 2 hours of cleaning every day and it is too much! There are various tips and tricks that can speed up the cleaning process of your house and there are many effective ways to keep it clean throughout the week without spending all that time doing house chores.

Here at Bright Side, we collected some professional tricks to help you clean your house faster and keep it clean throughout the whole day.

1. Start with decluttering

Even though this might seem like the most obvious thing to do, sometimes because we want to get things done faster, we just skip the decluttering part and this makes the cleaning process much more difficult than we may realize.

So, the best thing to do is to start decluttering. Start by going into one room at a time and start putting away everything that does not belong in a certain place. Put away your books, toys, and electronic devices until you are left with a tidy room that you can start cleaning.

2. Use a trash bag

A trash bag during the decluttering process is your best friend. Always carry one with you when you are tidying your house to throw away any items that might be garbage and also empty all the bins around the house.

This will help you save time from going around the house later and picking up every bin to throw in the trash. In addition, try to get rid of items that you haven’t used in the past 10-12 months. This will help you keep your home clutter-free without everything piling up over the years.

3. Bring a cleaning carrier with you

Before you start cleaning, you first need to choose the cleaning products that work best for you. There is no need for expensive or overcomplicated equipment. Keep in mind that you need a disinfectant for hygiene purposes, bleach, and limescale cleaner for the bathroom, glass cleaner, cleaning cloths, and a brush cleaner. Put all your cleaning items in a basket and carry it around with you in every room to start your cleaning process.

4. Dust first, vacuum last.

Sometimes, because we feel that vacuuming can be a lot a fuss, we vacuum and mop the whole house first to get the hard part of the cleaning done and we leave the “easier” jobs such as dusting, cleaning surfaces, appliances, and etc for last. If you are doing this and you notice that your floor or rugs are always dirty, there’s a reason why.

When you dust and clean all the surfaces, all the dirt, crumbs, and garbage falls on the floor, so if you vacuum first, you clean the floor from all the previous dirt and add new dirt right away. Thus, you end up leaving your floor dirty. So, it’s important to clean your whole house first and let the floors be that last thing to clean.

5. Use a pattern

Even though this might not seem like the most logical thing to do, it will work wonders once you get the hang of it! Instead of cleaning surfaces that look dirty, in your mind, consider them ALL dirty regardless of how clean they look.

Remember, we can’t see bacteria and they can be in places that seem the cleanest. Start by going into every single room in your house and start cleaning from the left side of the room to the right (in a pattern.) This way you will clean your whole house thoroughly without missing any spots.

6. Do not scrub, just spray.

You can save yourself plenty of time when you use a spray as surface cleaner instead of scrubbing the area. Just walk into a room and start spraying all the surfaces that you can from the left side to the right side. Then, go to the next room and repeat the same thing without wiping anything away.

Once you have finished with all the rooms and the product was left long enough on the surface to absorb everything that shouldn’t be there into a puddle, go to the first room you sprayed and start wiping away. This will save you so much time while leaving all your surfaces clean and shiny without the fuss of scrubbing.

7. Don’t forget the baseboards.

The baseboards collect a lot of dust really fast and it is one of the things that we tend to miss while cleaning our house, not because we don’t notice them, but because sometimes they are not important enough for us. If your house is clean and your baseboards aren’t clean, then your house looks dirty. Imagine going into a restaurant or a coffee shop and even though it looks clean, the baseboards are covered in dust. This will make you think that the whole place isn’t clean.

So, while you are wiping the surfaces around the house, take a damp cloth and wipe the baseboards from the left side of every room to the right. It will only take you one minute (at the most) for every room but it will make a huge difference in your house.

8. Vacuum upholstery

Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed every week for hygiene purposes instead of just doing the “roller-treatment” occasionally. Couches and mattresses can have more than 10,000 dust mites living on the surface. These dust mites feed off dead skin cells that are left on the area and they are constantly multiplying.

Even though you might not be allergic to dust or mites, they can trigger allergies in the future. So it is important to vacuum your furniture once a week to keep dust mites and bacteria away.

9. Use dish soap as glass cleaner

Instead of getting a glass cleaner, use dish soap instead. Dish soap can leave sticky surfaces crystal clear and it gets rid of scale build-up on bathroom windows and mirrors better than glass cleaners. Dish soap was invented to clean food off of plates, glasses, cutlery, etc, and to leave them extremely shiny and looking brand new.

This is because it has detergent molecules that, when dissolved with water, create a form of a supermolecule that makes any dirt, oil, and residue on glass surface becoming absorbed by the watery liquid resulting in sparkling glasses, windows, and dishes.

10. Clean appliances right away

It is important to clean your appliances right after you use them, not 2 hours after and certainly not before using them to prevent any chemicals from entering your food. Appliances such as toasters, stoves/ovens, and microwaves that work with heat and food spillage can stain very easily and once the stains become too cold, it will be a nightmare to clean.

Once a food spillage in the oven or microwave gets reheated, it will be impossible to remove it without damaging the metal of the oven or microwave.

Bonus — A helpful schedule

We added a schedule that you can use in order to keep your house clean if you just keep up with these chores on a regular basis.


  • Make the bed.
  • Clean kitchen surfaces.
  • Clean bathroom surfaces.
  • Do the dishes.
  • Clean your workstation.
  • Sanitize surfaces.
  • Do laundry if necessary.


  • Vacuum and sweep the house.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Vacuum upholstery.
  • Vacuum the mattress.
  • Change the bedding.
  • Clean the bathroom tiles/shower walls.
  • Clean all of the windows and bathroom mirrors.
  • Clean kitchen appliances.
  • Change the bedding.
  • Wash the bedding.
  • Wash blankets and pillows.
  • Clean the baseboards.
  • Wash the bathroom and kitchen towels.


  • Dust and clean the light fixtures.
  • Wash the duvet.
  • Clean the dishwasher.
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner.
  • Throw out expired food.
  • Clean the inside of the fridge.
  • Descale the kettle and coffee machine.
  • Clean the trash cans.
  • Wipe down and inside the cupboards.
  • Clean inside and outside the drawers.
  • Wash furniture — chairs, tables, bed frame, etc…

Have you ever tried any of these tricks? What are your tips to clean a house faster? Please let us know in the comments below!

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/10-professional-tricks-that-can-help-you-clean-your-house-much-faster-620360/

Professional House Cleaners Share 12 Hacks to Make Your Home Shine

When we hear about professional cleaning services we often imagine people in biohazard suits who use unthinkable washing solutions or cleaning magic to turn the Augean stables into a sterile place. However, when you ask the professionals about their “secrets,” it turns out that they use pretty ordinary and down to earth methods.

Bright Side searched for advice from cleaning service professionals that anyone could use without spending a lot of money or effort.

1. Put baking paper on the fridge’s shelves.

Cleaning a fridge is an adventure that only a few would dare to take on regularly. That’s quite understandable: taking out all the food and glass shelves and cleaning them to their primal transparency does not sound like anyone’s idea of fun.

This simple advice from the cleaning pros will help you: put baking paper on the shelves. It will easily absorb any leaking food fluids and protect the shelves from sticky stains.

2. Wash a blender without a single cut.

Washing sharp and curved blender knives isn’t an easy process — any clumsy or careless move could end up cutting your hand.

Here’s what house cleaners do: pour some water into the blender bowl, add some washing solution or soap to it and turn on the machine. The only thing left to do afterward is to rinse the bowl with water to remove the remains of the soap.

3. Olive oil is used for chromate coatings.

Cleaning service workers share a simple secret that could make any chromate coating shine like new. Add a drop of olive oil to a cleaning cloth and wipe your fridge, stove, microwave oven, coffee machine, and any other surface with smooth circular motions to bring them back to their original shine.

4. Perfectly clean windows

We were always under the impression that housekeepers use the most advanced cleaning solutions and chemicals to make the houses they clean shine like diamonds. Apparently, many of them use pretty simple mixes and recipes that anyone could repeat at home.

For example, this is a way to make a window cleaning solution: dilute starch and white vinegar in water at a ratio of 1 tsp of each ingredient for 1 liter of water. A clear surface with no streaks is guaranteed.

5. What if you accidentally get nail polish on fabric or carpet?

If you were unlucky enough to drop an open bottle of nail polish on your carpet or couch, you might want to grab some vodka. According to a cleaning pro, vodka won’t let the polish get dry and you’ll have time to clean it properly.

Also, you can use hydrogen peroxide, a cleaning solvent, or glycerin to remove stains from anything except for bright, colorful fabrics.

6. Use vinegar for taps.

Are you also tired of those white-ish stains from dried drops of water on your taps and transparent dishes? The professionals have a simple solution for you — vinegar diluted with water. The important thing is to not inhale it actively and use gloves when cleaning. It washes off the stains faster, cheaper, and more effectively than any of the advanced cleaning solutions.

7. The only right direction is from the top down.

This is a common mistake made by amateurs because we are messy cleaners. First we clean one surface then jump to another. Cleaning pros have a strict direction that they follow — from the top down: first, a chandelier, curtain rods, drapes, top shelves and drawers, and then all the surfaces, devices, and window sills. The last thing is vacuuming and wiping the floors.

8. Mayo vs. stickers

Who would have thought that mayo is the perfect thing to use to remove stickers that never come off in one piece. For removing a sticker, apply a thick layer of mayo on it and let it get absorbed. Then just easily remove the sticker without much effort or sticky paper left on the surface.

9. Artists aren’t the only ones who use brushes.

Movies about housekeepers often show them using a coquettish brush, but that’s not their key weapon. They love to use a simple paint brush that helps remove dust from all those hard to reach places. Then just use a mop or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust remains.

10. Lemon vs Rust

Lemons are so useful in cleaning, it’s time we buy a dozen. Lemons can easily cope with any rust that appears on your kitchenware. All you have to do is to cover the rusty area with lemon juice or diluted citric acid. The more rust there is, the longer you’ll have to wait. Ideally, a night. Then wipe it off with a tissue and rinse with water.

11. Ketchup is a great polisher.

Metals like silver, copper, and brass that are often used to make kitchenware could easily be polished with ketchup and a piece of fabric. Try it before you make fun of it. It really works!

12. Ammonia will revive your kitchenware.

To restore the shining beauty of your kitchenware and household appliances, keep them in a warm solution of ammonia. It’s best to pour it right into a sealed bag and leave it overnight. Ammonia can also be used to deal with oil stains and restore the shine of bathroom tiles.

Bonus: Effective cleaning is the best way to cope with depression.

Do you use any cleaning hacks at home? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments.

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/professional-house-cleaners-share-12-hacks-to-make-your-home-shine-615760/

23 Cozy Things Your House Has Been Waiting For

Every person wants to be surrounded by nice and cozy things and modern designers always try to satisfy our needs and desires.

Bright Side has collected 23 examples of awesome design solutions that you’ll definitely love.

For those who like to read while taking a bath

A space-saving bed

A bed in a car

An armrest table for beverages

The most convenient breakfast in bed tray

A perfect seat for book lovers

A cozy outdoor sofa

A bed for sunbathing

Unusual stairs

A backyard dining table

A spiral-shaped sink

All the herbs that you need for cooking are right by your side.

A fireplace instead of a coffee table

The most comfortable pool mattress

A wooden bed with illumination

A wooden bath

A wooden lamp with acrylic glass

An unusual table

A mirror that never sweats

A night lamp that absorbs daylight and emits it at night

Moon lamps

A jacuzzi with a comfy chair

A chair for both children and adults

Do you have the urge to buy any of these items right now?

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-home/23-cozy-things-your-house-has-been-waiting-for-613510/

13 Easy Ways to Transform Your House Into a Place You Love Without Repairing It

Our nerves are the most expensive material when it comes to home repairs. To help you save them, we’ve found a couple of interesting tricks that can really help you.

If you can’t stand trying to do all those repairs but still want to renovate your bedroom or bathroom, we have some suggestions that’ll help you save your time, nerves, and money.

Bright Side has collected 13 repair ideas that will refresh your home and won’t cost you a fortune.

Old furniture restoration

Your old closet can bring you joy if you give it a chance. This blog will help you figure out how to renovate it. By the way, these frames can also be used to decorate interior doors.

Low budget makeover

This blog proves that painting the walls, the cabinets, and updating few details would be enough to make a room look completely different. We recommend you to visit this inspiring blog if you’re not afraid of a little paint.

A cabinet for a trash can

If you want to throw away your old cabinet, we recommend you to have a look at Nicole’s ideas to save some space.

CDs to decorate the walls

We bet you also have a pile of CDs that you don’t use anymore but still can’t throw away. We recommend that you click here to figure out how to decorate your walls with these CDs.

Stones to decorate the floor

This idea is for those who are fed up with tiles in the shower. This blog will tell you how to create this great floor in your bathroom.

New closet

What if you could turn your old closet into a cozy space? This blog has some great ideas for this task. Check it out!

Wall painting

Can’t find perfect wallpaper? Stop searching, have a look at these ideas, and paint the walls!

Tile painting

Yes, you can paint tile and Kelly, the author of this blog, shows that it can be really awesome too.

Furniture made of wood crates

If ordinary coffee tables are too boring for you, click here to find step-by-step instructions on how to create an awesome crate table.

A closet made from a ladder

Would you ever imagine that you could turn a ladder into a closet? Pro tip: It looks great if you paint it in bright colors!

A bar out of a dresser

One more way to give your furniture a second chance. Here you’ll learn how to change your old cabinet’s look and purpose.

Handmade shelves

Check this website to learn how to create unusual shelves that will make your room look prettier. Try it, it’s easy!

Unusual bookshelves

This bookshelf can refresh a whole room. Of course you’ll need some time to construct it but believe us — it’s worth it. Have a look at the process here.

Bonus: A space-saving drying rack

Here are 2 unusual drying racks that don’t take up much space and look just great. You’ll have to spend some time constructing a rack but it’s definitely worth it.

Do you like to upgrade old pieces of furniture? Tell us about your own tricks in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-home/13-easy-ways-to-transform-your-house-into-a-place-you-love-without-repairing-it-602660/

10 Unobvious Signs That Your House Is Being Watched by Robbers

There are approximately 901 thefts per 100,000 people annually. In order not to be a part of this statistic, many people try to protect their homes — some choose alarms, while others rely on strong doors with complex locks. But even the most observant people don’t always notice that robbers have already started to watch their home and are waiting for the just the right moment to make a move. Pay attention to details that can be connected with theft even if they seem insignificant at first sight.

Bright Side prepared a list of signals that should help keep you alert. We hope that you’ll never have to encounter a theft but even so, it’s better to be on guard.

1. Missing garbage

Robbers are attracted to a home not only with money and jewelry. Very often, people throw unnecessary papers into the garbage that contain important information like your name, date of birth, working place, passport number and other data. This data is exactly what robbers need to use for their own purposes. That’s why you should make a rule to always tear up any papers with personal information into small pieces before throwing them away. And if you notice that somebody was delving into your garbage — stay aware of it because it isn’t always a homeless person searching for food.

2. The disappearance of your dog

Dogs guarding a house or a flat are a burden for robbers. That’s why they may try to get rid of the “guardian” by drawing it outside when the owners are not at home. After 2 days, the robbers will come back no longer afraid of being bitten by the dog. Of course, a missing dog doesn’t always signify an upcoming robbery but one shouldn’t exclude this option either.

3. An empty gas tank

In order to prevent the owners of a home from coming home earlier, robbers may drain their cars’ gasoline and, therefore, apprehend them on their way home. In the worst case, you won’t even be able to get to the petrol station, which means that you’ll get back home even later. That’s why if you feel sure that yesterday you had a full gas tank and today it’s almost empty, ask someone to look after your home until you come back.

4. A new janitor

If you use the services of cleaning companies and it’s always the same worker who gives you the service, then the appearance of a new one should make you feel worried. Especially if the company itself didn’t say anything about it. The new “janitor” could be a robber who wants to inspect the home for valuables. The best thing to do would be to call the company and ask if there had been any changes in their staff and why the previous worker had been replaced.

5. A broken window

Some criminals throw stones at a car’s or home’s windows in order to check whether the owners are at home and whether the alarm will work. If none of the owners or neighbors come outside to check what happened and the police don’t come either, then it can help the robbers to calculate the best time for the robbery. If you are at home and someone broke any glass, call the police immediately.

6. Problems with light

If you live in a private house and there are lanterns with motion sensors installed in your yard, check them right away in the case of malfunction. Slightly unscrewed but not burned light bulbs are a signal that someone wants to sneak into your house staying unnoticed.

7. Commercials and stickers

Robbers mark easy-to-sneak-into houses and flats with the help of commercial flyers and simple stickers. Of course, sometimes a flier is just a flier but, either way, it’s better to get rid of it right away. If you are going to leave for vacation, ask your neighbors to take away not only ad booklets and stickers but your mail as well. A pile of papers in the mailbox is an obvious sign that the owners are not at home which gives a green light to robbers.

8. Strange marks

Erase any suspicious marks that appear on the door of your flat or house, on garden lanterns or simply near your home. It’s another method for robbers to mark easy-to-sneak-into houses or the houses where the owners are absent.

9. Calls from unknown numbers

In order to find out at what time the owners of a home are absent, robbers can call to the home phone and drop the call. If a small child picks up the phone, robbers can try to get some information from them. Explain to your kids that they shouldn’t say anything to strangers and don’t ignore repeatedly dropped calls — it’s better to approach the police in advance.

10. A broken lock

Malfunctions of a lock or scratches on the door are signs that somebody has already tried to get into your house. Take action right away, call the police, change the locks for more reliable ones and think about installing an alarm.

Keep in mind that if you return home and find robbers, don’t try to scare them off or to catch them yourself. Your life is more valuable than anything else. Try to leave your home unnoticed and call the police.

Are you aware of any other signs of an upcoming theft? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/10-unobvious-signs-that-your-house-is-being-watched-by-robbers-600360/