People Are Face Swapping With Their Pets, and It’s Both Weird and Hilarious

The face swapping trend conquered the hearts of many and has been popular for a number of years already. People use various phone apps and Snapchat filters to exchange their faces with friends and surroundings. But these creepy results weren’t enough, so it was decided to spice things up by face swapping with animals!

Today, we at Bright Side present you with 20 totally bizarre yet hilarious attempts of face swapping with pets that will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

20. This guy gets all the fangirls.

19. “Perfect face swaps don’t exi-”

18. “I was taken on a nice hike.”

17. “This is what technology has come to.”

16. Professor Cat

15. “I’m the owner of my hooman now!”

14. “Pupper face”

13. “Good boy, hooman.”

12. Gothic face swap

11. Nice beard, man…oh, wait…

10. Even photographers want to take part in the face swapping challenge.

9. Dogs and their owners end up resembling each other at some point.

8. “There’s a very specific kind of happiness that one feels upon seeing themselves in a dog/human face swap.”

7. “Snoop Dogg, literally.”

6. Enchanted cat

5. “Best faceswap evah!”

4. Un-cuted

3. Good-boy Woofenegger

2. “Me and my dogs.”

1. “A boy and his dog”

Which attempt did you find the most successful and hilarious? Have you ever tried to face swap with your animal? How did it go? Share your experience with us in the comment section!

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The Hilarious Stories Behind 12 Iconic Meme Pictures


Ever share a meme and then wonder who the person making the ridiculous face in the picture is? Do they enjoy being a meme or are they annoyed by it? And on that note, how did their picture become an internet phenomenon to begin with? It turns out every meme has a story. From the hilarious to the almost-tragic (Doge died?!), here’s a look back at how your fave memes were born.


“Ermahgerd Gersberms” Girl


Disaster Girl




Overly Attached Girlfriend


Distracted Boyfriend


Black guy on phone




Bad Luck Brian


White Guy Blinking


Guy Tapping His Head


Scumbag Steve


Side-eyeing Chloe

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23 Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes Everyone Can Relate To


It’s a new year, so that means all new Thanksgiving memes to celebrate the best holiday of the year (don’t @ me). Sure, you might not get along with your family, but there is turkey, stuffing, and more pie than you can dream of, which will make any uncomfortable dinner table conversation totally worth it. At the very least, your mouth will be full of cranberry sauce when you’re asked why you are single for the third year in a row. 

Plus, if you are really in a tight spot, there are plenty of Thanksgiving jokes to lighten the mood. This Turkey Day, celebrate the right way, with a few memes to share on social media that perfectly capture the essence of Thanksgiving — before Black Friday comes along and steals the spotlight. 


Thanksgiving clapback.


Microwave turkey?


Insert fake smile.


Cousins are the best.


Wink, wink.


“Don’t ask me that again.”


Sugar daddies not allowed.


That’s it.


Is it Thanksgiving yet?


Evil Kermit wins.


Listen to Drake, literally.


Poor Stephanie.


A friendly reminder.


It wasn’t me.


“I’m fine!”


Not all cousins are created equal.


Who’s ready?


Turk the carvey!


What’s an early dinner?


Turkey < everything.


Say, what?




And the official Thanksgiving anthem.

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25 Times People Recreated Their Childhood Photos, and It Was Hilarious

We can bet almost everyone has some special photos containing awkward moments and silly facial expressions that are now used as a great source of amusement. Childhood will never come back, but the spirit of it can be remembered. Recreating photos from the past allows us to come back and see these warm carefree times and be children again, even if it’s just for a while.

Bright Side found 25 old photo remakes that will make you feel like you’re in a time machine.

25. “Vietnam veterans recreated a photo 50 years later.”

24. “Feels like after 22 years we’ve traded temperaments.”

23. “Don’t let your inner child die.”

22. The same boy, the same rug, the same granny’s… knickers?

21. “My cousins and I, 24 years apart”

20. “My brothers and I decided to recreate our mother’s favorite photo of us for Mother’s Day — 20 years later.”

19. “A bath? Together!”

18. Nothing is better than a parent’s arms.

17. Boys stay boys.

16. “A father washing his baby boy in the sink”

15. Years go by but the fun stays.

14. Just pretending to be a human frog.

13. “Thank goodness Dad replaced those giant ’70s frames…”

12. “More than 20 years later…”

11. Snow White and…the seven dwarfs?

10. “All these years later and Dad still isn’t amused.”

9. “Still skating 38 years later”

8. They grew up but still fit in the box. What kind of magic is this?

7. Even after so many years, you have to take care of your little brother.

6. “Mmm…spaghetti!”

5. “Dad almost didn’t change!”

4. “Mom’s birthday surprise!”

3. “Baby boy helping Mom in the kitchen in 1995 and 2012.”

2. “He still hasn’t learned how to eat ice cream properly.”

1. “My son and I scanned our faces then and now.”

Do you have some funny photos from your childhood? Have you ever tried to recreate them? Share them with us in the comment section!

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A Brazilian Artist Adds His Drawings to Instagram Users’ Photos, and the Results Are Hilarious

Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian photographer and illustrator based in London. Before becoming an artist, he was an ordinary office worker, but a sudden event completely changed his life — a brick fell from a building right in front of him. This accident made him think about his lifelong dreams. So he decided to quit his job and devote his whole life to art. The most popular of Levitan’s projects is called “Photo Invasion” — the artist adds his drawings to unveil the hidden stories behind other’s Instagram photos.

Bright Side compiled 25 of the most brilliant pieces he’s come up with for this Instagram project.

25. Pumping up muscles

24. “This doesn’t fit!”

23. “We have an emergency here!”

22. “Here’s your toilet paper, sir.”

21. When you have everything you need on a deserted island:

20. A living airplane

19. The scream

18. Taking a selfie

17. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”

16. “Good girl! Here’s your treat!”

15. “Let’s meow along!”

14. A perfect balance

13. A sea blanket

12. Looking for home

11. A new type of Godzilla

10. A real handmade bridge

9. Frying at the beach

8. Cats need their personal tailors too.

7. Cutting the edges

6. “Look at my belly button!”

5. Monday’s getting closer…

4. Caught in the net

3. Scored!

2. “Wake up!”

1. Mowing the back

Do you want to be invaded too? Then share your photos on Instagram, add the hashtag #iwanttobeinvaded and wait for the results! And don’t forget to tell us your opinions in the comment section below!

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28 Social Studies Memes That'll Make History Nerds Laugh like Caligula


History always seemed like a boring subject when I was a kid because who the heck wants to learn about a bunch of people who died a long time ago? What does that have to do with my current problems, like how am I going to get my Dad to buy me a Dreamcast?

A brilliant friend of mind once said that history should serve one purpose: to scare you. Because anyone in history who attained truly great things and was happy had to go out of their minds to do it. And I completely agree with that. But let’s be honest, most people won’t do that.

So the next best thing I guess is to use history to make some pretty dope memes, like these people did.


Don’t do it Romulus!


Why Carthage, of all places?


Mummies need to get over themselves.


Geography is weird.


It’s all about salting those fields.


That giant horse story always seemed kinda dumb to me.


So true.


The nerd in class who did this…


The Greek and Roman gods loved puns.


Memes have always been around.


The problem with this…


Puns on puns on puns.


Hate when that happens.


Bubonic Plague.


Anubis is the G




We don’t do geography in the US


Robert E. Lee


Oh Henry…


Shout out to the feudal system.


Kids these days.


Famine’s never funny.


Henry VIII


Julius Caesar


Franklin Delano COOLsevelt


No kings here.


Puns + History


Foreclosures suck…

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This Guy Live-Tweeted Someone "Stealing" His Hotel Room and It's Hilarious


This story from Daniel Jose is a cautionary tale about jumping to conclusions. Or maybe it’s about a bunch of people who have no idea what the heck is going on. Or maybe it’s a tale of a dastardly individual who tried checking into a hotel room under someone else’s name.

Or it could be a combination of all three of them. Whatever the case is, whenever you’re confronted with something out of the ordinary, it’s not uncommon for your brain to work in less-than-optimal ways.

Which is exactly what happened with our friend, Twitter user Daniel Jose Older, walked into what he was sure was his hotel room. Only to find the TV on and someone else’s luggage on the bed. He understandably freaked out.


Like any rational-minded individual with a Twitter account, he decided, immediately after walking out of there like this toddler in the classic GIF below, to hop on Twitter and tell everyone about his imminent doom.


He soon discovered that someone just didn’t accidentally go inside his room or that there was some swipe access error, but that the person checked in using his name. Now sometimes hotels mess up and give someone the wrong room.


But why would someone check into your room with your name unless they were attempting to get into some kind of tomfoolery with it? Or maybe it’s a Single White Female-type of situation, you know, without that whole scary high heel scene (hopefully).


Daniel was freaking out, and thankfully the hotel did solve his whole not-having a room issue. Except there was one little problem: they shacked him up in a room that was adjacent to the one that his maybe-clone “stole” from him.


Granted, there is probably a very logical explanation for all of this, but it doesn’t look good when you’re trying to get into your hotel room and then you find out that someone up and took it using your name.


Then for you to have to stay in a room next to the person who could be potentially stealing your identity? Not cool. Really not cool. Granted. Daniel mentions previous experiences he’s had with other people walking into his room accidentally, but still. This seems like a slightly different situation.


As it turns out though, Daniel was just over-reacting for no reason. That didn’t stop a bunch of people in his Twitter feed from giving him some very sound advice. Heck, if I was in his state of mind I’d probably hop in my rental car and keep the engine running till the whole thing was figured out.


As it happens, this was less the work of some shady scumbag trying to steal his identity/make a skin suit of Daniel’s body, and more to do with a hotel worker who was overly tired and put the wrong information in their computer.


It didn’t stop Daniel from having a bit of fun with the entire thing. And for his inconvenience/duress/triggering of delusional and paranoid fantasies, the hotel went and comped him his meal. So he’s got that going for him.


He even tweeted to his audience online to let him know that he wasn’t decapitated by the man in the room beside him, for all we know at least.

Well, if there’s something to be learned from this whole experience it’s that if you make a big enough stink about an error, you could get a free dinner out of it.

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25 Kids Who Look Like They’re Forty-Teen Years Old, and It’s Honestly Hilarious

When we were children, we wanted to look older, and in order to do this, we experimented with clothes and tried to copy the behavior of adults around us. But not everyone had such problems. Some people admit that they looked like they were 30 to 40 years old when they were children.

Bright Side has found 25 Internet users who weren’t too shy to share their funny old photos with the entire world.

1. “My friend was 12 going on 45.”

2. “Titanic, western and newscaster glamour shots: 1998 in a nutshell”

3. Only the braces give away that this is a teenager.

4. “Me at 12 years old after finding out that my grandbabies haven’t eaten yet.”

5. “In 1981, I looked like a 57-year-old bookkeeper.”

6. “My parents owned a restaurant and insisted on taking a picture of me before the Valentine’s Day dance.”

7. A 56-year-old triple-divorcé in the early ’90s or a 10-year-old who thought glamour shots were the height of sophistication and elegance? You decide.

8. “I thought this was the cool guy pose.”

9. “Imagine my horror upon finding out that my mother had this framed.”

10. “They didn’t call me ’triangle head’ for nothing.”

11. “I was maybe 13 in this photo — early 2000s…and I’m a girl…”

12. “My parents told me transition lenses were cool…I look like Elton John.”

13. “I’m 11 and I’m going to do your taxes.”

14. A serious politician? No, just a serious teenager…

15. “I had no idea hairdressers existed until high school. My mom cut my hair my whole life.”

16. “My 8th grade graduation. Looks like I just got my Master’s…”

17. “Looking like someone’s aunt who had 12 cats”

18. “My mom wanted a George Michael, but she had a daughter.”

19. No, this is not a teacher.

20. “It was tough being a 40-year-old church lady in the 6th grade.”

21. “My fiance handed me his passport from when he was 16.”

22. “Today I have had enough beers to finally post this photo from freshman year of high school.”

23. “Went into the 7th grade ready for retirement.”

24. “I was 8 going on 43, divorced, going for cheeky drinks with the girls after a long day at the office.”

25. “As a 10-year-old male, I was a 30-year-old female.”

We’re sure that all the people from this article look much better now. Do you know people who looked funny when they were young and then transformed? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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22 Photos That Are Way More Hilarious If You Zoom In

Sometimes to understand what’s going on, you need to take a closer look. The photos collected in this article aren’t an exception to this rule. Warning: there’s a chance you won’t be able to stop laughing!

Bright Side has found 22 photos that can make anyone smile and laugh.

An easy way to get extremely long eyelashes

Sports mean pain.

When you’re unknowingly the star of the next Chucky movie:

A Dutch racing driver named Max Verstappen showing the flag of his country to a fan

A great shirt with dog print — but wait…

Tired tires going home

When you decide to give your girlfriend a ride:

This aircraft’s pilot has a great sense of humor.

“Went to visit my cousin at school and saw this.”

When you’re taking a selfie with your friends, make sure no one is photobombing.

Someone paid a big sum of money to show their desktop.

An apartment with a surprise

A life hack on how to make mudflaps with the flag of Australia

Not all family members are pleased…

The biggest secret to men’s self-confidence

This dog is so cool that he has a personal driver.

Old school and new school in one photo

Take your change, please.

We hope it’s not a password.

“I’m not an expert but I don’t think it’s an elevator.”

“This guy put a skimmer in an ATM. His disguise was wearing 10x magnification glasses.”

“When Chris Pratt makes a guest appearance at your theatre but you’re mad after what he did in Infinity War

Which photo is the funniest? Which one is the most surprising? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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Girls Took Hilarious Selfies to Prove Cuties Can Look Imperfect Too, and We Love This Irony

It may be funny to look at someone else’s bad photos. But when it comes to ourselves, we prefer to delete our bad photos and never see them again. But there are many people in the world who are happy to show their imperfect looks. Photos with the hashtag #prettygirlsuglyfaces have been posted on the internet since 2012 when a girl was the first to post her selfies on Reddit. She had her normal look in the selfie on the left and she made an ugly face in the selfie on the right. Eventually, her idea became a worldwide trend and many people who aren’t afraid to look funny and ugly followed suit.

Bright Side put together the funniest photos of girls who definitely know what self-irony is.





















What do you think about this idea? Would you dare to post similar photos of yourself? Tell us or show us in the comments below.

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