15 Actors Behind Famous Movie Characters That Are Hard to Recognize

In the movie industry, actors often look much different on film than they do in real life. They cut and dye their hair, gain or lose weight, and spend many hours with makeup artists every day to transform into someone else. The magic of Hollywood is that actors look so convincing in their roles that we forget that these people we see on the screen don’t actually exist in real life. And sometimes it may leave us in shock when we find out how actors who played our favorite characters look in person.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected some of the most impressive actor transformations from some of your favorite films.

1. Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy films) — Karen Gillan

For the role of this villain, Nebula, Karen Gillan shaved her head and had to spend many hours with makeup artists every day of shooting to get transformed into the character. What’s interesting is that no CGI (computer-generated imagery) was used to turn her into Nebula — professional makeup artists did all the work!

2. Mystique (X-Men films) — Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn is not only an actress but also a professional model. Her makeup for the role of Mystique covered 60% of her body and took a crazy 9 hours for makeup artists to apply everything. Rebecca’s look for the movie was also kept in secret so she had to sit in a dark room during the breaks.

3. Emperor Haban Limaï (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets) — Aymeline Valade

French model Aymeline Valade has a specific, sophisticated appearance. No wonder she performed in the role of such a beautiful planet race. It’s unbelievable how unrecognizable she is in the movie.

4. Tia Dalma (Pirates of the Caribbean films) — Naomie Harris

We suspect that all the Pirates of the Caribbean fans remember the charismatic voodoo-practicing Tia Dalma. And it’s absolutely incredible how different Naomie Harris, who played her in the movie, looks in person. And what’s even more amazing is her performance — Tia Dalma is a very specific character, a natural witch with notable body language. She’s a perfectly rounded out character and completely different from the actress.

5. Gimli (The Lord of the Rings films) — John Rhys-Davies

Now we know that if you want to look different, you just need to grow a beard and dye it red! But it’s also the actor’s talent and charisma that helped the all-smiling John to become the combative Gimli.

6. Enchantress (Suicide Squad) — Cara Delevingne

Famous model and actress Cara Delevingne played the main antagonist in the well-known Suicide Squad. Her mysterious look of the Enchantress is very eye-catching, but she definitely looks very different from her true self. To get into character, Cara wandered naked through the woods near her home in England and howled at the moon to feel one with nature. Sounds crazy, but it worked pretty well.

7. Darth Maul (Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace) — Ray Park

Honestly, we had no idea that such simple face paint could make a person unrecognizable. The secret is that paint can visually change facial shapes, and hide or highlight something — and the power of it is right in front of you!

8. Jaylah (Star Trek: Beyond) — Sofia Boutella

French actress Sofia Boutella is also not easily recognized with white hair, wider eyes and lack of brows in her role of Jaylah. Not only does she look different, but she also acts differently from the other characters we know her as.

9. Joker (The Dark Knight) — Heath Ledger

Heath seems to be one of the luckiest actors — his makeup job took less than one hour, and he claimed that it always felt like he wasn’t wearing it at all. But not only did he look like Joker, but he also behaved like him, and the makeup is partly to thank for this. For example, Joker’s habit of licking his lips was developed by the actor to prevent his makeup from coming off his face.

10. Griphook (Harry Potter films) — Warwick Davis

It’s absolutely impossible to recognize Warwick Davis in his role of Goblin Griphook in the Harry Potter franchise. His makeup, as it usually does, consisted of several different pieces and its application took anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours every day starting at 4 AM.

11. Marlene McFly (Back to The Future: Part II) — Michael J. Fox

Marty McFly wasn’t the only character Michael played in the trilogy. Another character is Marty’s daughter, Marlene from the second movie. We always thought she looked kind of weird and now we know why!

12. Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) — Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara had to make many changes in herself for her most famous role of Lisbeth. She lost some weight, cut and dyed her hair, got many piercings and became a completely different person.

13. Imperator Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road) — Charlize Theron

We don’t know what exactly makes Charlize so unrecognizable — a shaved head, dirt, old clothes or her left arm made by CGI — probably everything in total! But she’s definitely different and absolutely stunning in her role of Furiosa.

14. Auggie (Wonder) — Jacob Tremblay

It’s hard to recognize the smiling and absolutely healthy Jacob behind the unconfident and closed-off Auggie who suffered from Treacher Collins syndrome. To get into character, Jacob and his family visited kids with the same syndrome Auggie had. To look the way he had to, he spent an hour and a half with makeup artists. As a result, his performance was very touching and heartwarming.

15. LaVona (I, Tonya) — Allison Janney

Allison Janney played the role of the harsh mother of famous ice-skater, Tonya Harding and her transformation is very impressive! Janney’s performance was approved both by audiences and critics, and she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film which only took her 8 days to film.

Which actors amazed and surprised you with their transformations? Tell us in the comments.

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24 Cakes That Look So Realistic, It’s Hard to Believe You Can Eat Them

Cakes are revered around the world and they’re something you just don’t grow out of. After all, couples don’t cut the wedding pie or salad. That said, people like to experiment with decorating cakes and sometimes create cake masterpieces that put ordinary cakes to shame. Upon first glance, it’s hard to even believe that they’re cakes, at least until you eat them.

Bright Side has collected some of the most impressive and surprising cakes out there for you to see!

1. A mother’s love…immortalized in a cake.

2. Grandpa wanted the cake to be a reflection of himself.

3. This is almost too beautiful to eat.

4. If you were wondering just how big some castle cakes are compared to a person.

5. We don’t think you can eat the flowers…

6. Cake is truly a magical thing.

7. Fantasy has never been so delicious.

8. Made for and given to Rita Ora at her album launch party!

9. I love that they made sure to have the ribbon floating in the wind.

10. True magic is in a piece of cake.

11. Spam and sushi have never looked so good…talk about fusion food!

12. Clearly, everything is upside down in the cake kingdom.

13. Normally, we would not suggest you eat your books, but there’s an exception to every rule!

14. The perfect cake for when your birthday lands on Thanksgiving.

15. Those eyes are just going to follow me around all day.

16. Is it a pizza pie or a pizza cake?

17. The first time we’ve ever been okay with mimes.

18. Yes, that is a working Ferris wheel.

19. Sending all our love down under!

20. You make me feel like dancing… gonna dance and eat some cake…

21. Bad dog or great cake?

22. It’s like a real princess…of cakes.

23. The best kind of fish are the ones you don’t need to feed. But you can eat them!

24. The magic of cake is limited to your imagination and, maybe, your grocery budget.

So, what did you think of these crazy cake creations? Did they inspire you to get creative with your baked goods? Let us know in the comments!

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21 Creative Teachers Whose Classes Are Hard to Miss

Teachers know that the hardest thing about their job is to spark the interest of their students in their subject. And the best way to do it is to be creative and find a non-standard approach. For example, proving that science can turn a person into a superhero that can’t be damaged even by a hammer, or showing impossible balance by holding an office chair on their chin. We want to give you the chance to take a look at these teachers!

Bright Side has found 21 people who treat teaching as something more than just a regular job and try to make the learning process as entertaining and interesting as possible.

1. “My chemistry teacher glued her calculators to bricks so they couldn’t be stolen.”

2. “Every time I see pictures in my students’ notebooks, I can’t help but add something with my red pen.”

3. “My teacher holds up a picture of his own face to make sure no student is lost during a fire drill.”

4. “I teach art at a middle school. During my free time, I like to draw pictures on my chalkboard for my students. This one’s from this semester.”

5. Teacher spends 70 hours creating incredible ’Harry Potter’ themed classroom

6. “My arts and crafts teacher made a graveyard for misused tools.”

7. “New people joined our art class, so instead of printing out a new copy of the class, our teacher just drew them.”

8. “My Spanish teacher makes everyone put their phones in a pouch before class.”

9. “My art teacher from grade school painted her door over the summer.”

10. This music teachers’ office has a unique knocking rhythm to summon a specific teacher.

11. “My Japanese teacher goes all out every Halloween.”

12. “My cooking teacher pinned this poor pizza to the blackboard.”

13. “My chemistry teacher has a periodic table made of QR codes.”

14. “Gotta get attention somehow.”

15. “My English teacher can balance an office chair on his chin.”

16. “On Valentine’s Day, one of my teachers puts hearts all over the school with everyone’s name on them for us to find.”

17. “So my algebra teacher is a huge LOTR fan.”

18. “My cousin is a science teacher. He built a hover craft for his students.”

19. “So we lost a ball today in gym class, this is how my gym teacher tried to get it down.”

20. “My HS science teacher laid on a bed of nails and let someone smash a cinderblock on another bed of nails on top of him.”

21. Bangkok University makes students wear anti-cheating helmets during mid-term exams.

Did you have a favorite teacher at school? Tell us in the comment section below.

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These People Learned the Hard Way That Skimping on Beauty Procedures Is a Bad Idea


If you’ve ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and felt completely inadequate about the way you look, then you’re not alone. That’s basically me every time I log in and make the mistake of checking out other people’s posts.

Their skin is flawless, the proportions on their bodies are just wild — I don’t even know how dudes manage to look so good in sweatpants and a white t-shirt, every time I walk outside in them people assume I’m going to ask them if they could spare any change.

It’s only natural to want some of that beauty for yourself. So maybe you start cleaning up what you’ve been eating or you hit the gym a bit more. Maybe you start a simple skin care routine every night before you go to bed or look up some YouTube tutorials on how to get your eyebrows even more fleek-ish. We all have that specific “glow” we’re going for.


But some people go a little too far for that “glow” and end up hurting themselves in the process. Like 20-year-old Megan Rixson, who went to a local salon in the hopes of getting stunningly long eyelash extensions.


Megan says that when she went in for the procedure and the beautician was working on her first eye, she felt it stinging a lot, which she didn’t think was normal at first. So she voiced her concerns to the person working on her eyes.

“When she was doing the first one my eyes were stinging lots. But she said, don’t worry, it’s normal, and told me to hold my eye open. It was burning so much my eyes were naturally closing, but she kept telling me to hold them open. After she was done, I sat up on the bed and couldn’t open them. I said, this isn’t normal, but she kept saying it was.”

The results were pretty horrifying. For two hours after receiving her extensions, Megan couldn’t see. They swelled up, turned red, and wouldn’t stop watering. She uploaded a video of the damage on Twitter.


In the hopes of warning everyone about the pitfalls of eyelash extensions, Megan warned people to be very careful about the beauty services they employ. As it turns out, their choice of materials was to blame.


Who would’ve thought that using nail glue on human eyes would result in a severely adverse reaction? Megan managed to get herself to a walk-in clinic where she was prescribed some eye drops and wash for treatment.

Thankfully, the medicine’s been working, but it’s been slow going, as per BuzzFeed:

“My eyes are recovering well, still very sensitive. Occasionally the left eye blurs and both are a tiny bit sore but are getting better every day,” she said.


Now using nail glue to put on fake eyelashes is definitely pretty bad, especially considering how horribly Megan’s reaction was, but there are some people who work in the world of beautifying people that take malpractice to terrifying new levels.

Like this one woman who posed as a cosmetic surgeon, offering people bottom-dollar butt injections. Ever since the fake butt phenomenon was popularized by the Kardashians, people have been flocking to doctors begging for artificial booties.


If you’re wondering just how she got her patient’s bottoms so bulbous: cement. That’s right, she filled up their bodies with liquid cement, mineral oil, and fix-flat, of all things, to give them the curvaceous look they desired.

So just a word to the wise, if someone is offering you $700 for a surgery that costs thousands and thousands of dollars, it’s probably either a scam or you’re risking your life and well-being, so you should either get a second job or do some squats.


Then there was Casey Lee, who traveled to Thailand for a breast lift, augmentation, and tummy tuck. These procedures would’ve cost her about $50,000 if performed in her native Australia. So she decided to hop on a plane and go overseas.

The surgeons must’ve not been paying attention, having an “off” day, or just didn’t care, because they ended up giving Casey, the wrong sized breast implants, burst stitches, and multiple severe infections.


Katie Cassandra, while being stationed overseas in Germany, consulted with a physician in Deutschland for liposuction. Even though she didn’t speak German and her doctor didn’t understand English, she decided to let him suck the fat out of her body.

She was initially happy with the work he did, however, months later, she noticed that the areas on her that he performed the procedure started getting “lumpy” even though she wasn’t gaining any weight.


She ultimately had to go to a doctor stateside to revise her surgery, and he was able to fix the “lumpiness” that plagued Katie’s body after her first liposuction job.

Sometimes, even paying top dollar doesn’t result in a decent plastic surgery job. Just ask Renee Talley.


Yep, what you’re seeing is a loose implant in Renee’s booty that she can flip around to make it as flat as a thumbtack top. And get this: she paid $25,000 for that procedure and the doctor was board certified. I’m sure that’s just the thing you wanted to hear if you’re saving up for some cosmetic surgery.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/10/26/Z2erAIL/botched-plastic-surgery

14 Designers Who Couldn’t Control Their Own Imagination, and Their Fails Are Hard to Forget

When a designer loses focus, his imagination breaks free and creates things that can’t be explained rationally. For example, hipster-looking ducklings, walls with an imitation of rust, and psychedelic carpets. The human imagination can do wonderful things.

Bright Side has collected a list of creations of people whose imagination got the best of them.

This is not rust. “It’s the design.”

Hot dog and pizza: 2 in 1. What’s next? A watermelon with jam? A salad with cream?

And how do you drink from this cup?

He might not even turn into a Prince after you give him a kiss…

“These toilet signs in Taiwan — which way to go…?”

A bench at the train station

“This soup bowl that was very hard to carry and was very difficult to get the last bit of soup out of.”

Useless access ramp

Why does this minion cake with one eye have 2 eyebrows?

This flamingo carpet:

Winter is coming.

When you have several spare doors:

“I’ve always dreamed of going to Aaris.”

When you need to lose weight quickly:

Bonus: An artist creates fake stickers and people still want to buy these things…

Which of these things did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

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20 People Whose Actions Are Hard to Explain

We all feel that rebellious spirit from time to time, especially when people say we can’t do that. There are also some people who break the rules 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when it comes to silly little things — they just don’t know how else to act.

Bright Side has found 20 people who aren’t ready to be trapped by clichés.

20. Is that legal?

19. “The handle is in its proper place. What’s the problem?”

18. Having a real girlfriend is way more challenging.

17. “So I fractured my pinky but I pulled a fast one on my x-ray technician.”

16. Security is the most important thing.

15. “My wife is a monster.”

14. We bet she said “Yes.”

13. The ultimate footwear

12. This person brings audacity to a new level.

11. “My dad never asks for his pictures to be taken. Then today he asks for his pic.”

10. Perfectionists, look away.

9. Because everyone should know you’re an extraordinary person just by looking at your haircut.

8. A story of one rebel

7. Read carefully and do what you want.

6. “The way my wife leaves the egg shells in the carton instead of throwing them into the trash”

5. Stop this guy, please.

4. It could be a great film.

3. “Screw your prohibitions!”

2. A life hack on how to zoom in to a picture on the screen:

1. “My roommate meal-prepped his cereal.”

How often does your inner rebel want to break all rules? Let us know in the comments!

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23 Photos That Are Hard to Explain Logically

While scientists are trying to solve the mysteries of ancient civilizations and the Universe, life around us keeps giving us more and more secrets that are just as hard to crack. Why are there toasters on trees? How can time be reversed? And why is there is a duck in a cocktail?

Bright Side recommends you to stop using your logic and start thinking outside the box. Try to find answers to all the questions that these 23 photos make us ask.

Did you think it was a neck? Then look at her waist again!

Her legs look like they are going to leave their owner.

After you measure and plan everything carefully

Being a centaur is not an easy job.

The famous toaster tree

Colorado doesn’t have mile marker 420 signs for some reason.

Is it liquid or what?

At least they look great with the coat!

Is this made to see the notes better?

Everyone loves a different kind of shower.

When you go to McDonald’s to eat ketchup:

Did they use some cat gene to breed this dog?

The rubber duck cocktail garnish is the cherry on top.

This is what a true professional needs for work:

“Weird dogs” — they really are weird.

“Our chicken laid a large egg that had a smaller egg inside.”

So many questions but not enough answers.

Naval mines are great for decorating a neighborhood.

“Thought this was a broken and poorly fixed Hula Hoop at my local toy store until I picked up another. Turns out it’s the actual design.”

This counterclockwise clock:

This Nike outlet needs to calm down with these savings!

“My friend tried to remove the scratches on his iPod with sandpaper.”

Very public toilet

Which of the photos seemed the most confusing to you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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14 Illustrations About How Hard the Life of a Pregnant Woman Is

Pregnancy is the most exciting period in a woman’s life. Those 9 months are far from easy. And it’s great when future parents have a good sense of humor about it all. Because during this time, there are so many funny situations that we could make an entire movie out of them.

We at Bright Side don’t make movies yet but we can show you our new illustrations. Do you recognize yourself or someone you know in our stories?

Preparing for motherhood is a serious thing.

Husbands have a hard time too.

The most important thing is to be ready for anything!

Even the most unexpected things…

The entire world is against you. Even your favorite shoes.

Life brings new challenges every day.

But you can always find a solution!

Have you noticed that you can’t buy the most comfortable clothes in special stores for future mothers?

And some presents can be quite confusing.

Pregnant women are easily moved.

Sometimes we learn new things about them.

The closer the moment gets, the scarier it is.

And you can start panicking at the worst time.

But all the challenges are left behind when you are holding your happiness in your hands.

Have children changed you? Or are you not ready for such a big step just yet? Tell us in the comment section below.

Illustrated by Elena Sorokina for BrightSide.me

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-family-and-kids/14-illustrations-about-how-hard-the-life-of-a-pregnant-woman-is-628260/

5 Times Athletes and Sports Teams Clapped Back HARD


It’s always satisfying whenever someone gets shut down, especially when the clapback they received is well-deserved. And because we naturally worship celebrities and star athletes, it’s even better when these top athletes get down and dirty in clapback-land.

It might have something to do with the fact that these players will get a chance to settle their differences on the basketball court, and all of the hullabaloo on social media serving to hype that eventual encounter.

Or it could just be that some of these public figures are better at shutting down their peers better than others. And thanks to the magic of the internet, there’s countless examples of people being told to take a seat after someone puts their name in their mouth.


Like the time Kenyon Martin came after Jeremy Lin for “want[ing] to be black” after people started ragging on the basketball player for rocking dreads. I get it, seeing someone who’s Asian with dreadlocks is a bit unorthodox, but Martin came pretty strongly for his fellow NBA player.


The thing about Linsanity is that he’s a notoriously sweet and intelligent guy. He didn’t decide to come back at K-Mart angrily. He didn’t decide to trash him negatively either. He decided to kill him with kindness, and all that took was a well-thought out post and some facts.

What facts do you ask? Like, maybe the fact that Kenyon Martin has Chinese tattoos emblazoned on his arm. Now Lin could’ve said, “Wow, you’re really trying to be Chinese by inking yourself up with letters from that alphabet,” but he didn’t. Instead, he served up this reply.


Yeah, Kenyon’s definitely taking the L for that one. It could be that he genuinely forgot he ever got those Chinese letter tattoos, I mean, there are hordes of people who get them without even knowing what the characters stand for, so there’s that.

Sometimes, however, the clapbacks athletes serve up aren’t even to their peers, but to fans who are trying to be funny, or controversial, or, well, honestly I don’t know what’s going through their heads when they attempt to flex on beloved athletes. 

Like this dude who thought it’d be a good idea to try and start something with JJ Watt by responding to this tweet.


Now if you don’t know anything about JJ, he’s one of the sweetest, nicest, and most inspirational guys in the NFL. He’s also got an insane work ethic and busts himself, day in, day out, to be the best player he can be. Apparently this dude thought it’d be a good idea to try and roast Watt for that.

Well, he was wrong.


Like our boy Jeremy, JJ decided to hit his critic back with the slick, wholesome approach. As for his critic, judging by his profile picture, it seems like this dude tries pretty hard on his body. Dang he’s ripped.

Speaking of getting ripped in a completely different way, Snoop Dogg found himself on the receiving end of a sports clapback. One day he was particularly upset that the Baltimore Ravens beat his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers (Go Steelers!), and he had to let them know exactly how he felt on Twitter.


The Ravens, electing to maintain an air of professionalism and not giving in to such obviously childish skirmishes against a high-profile rapper like Snoop, ignored his tweet and attached photograph of him flipping the bird.

Just kidding, they supplied a photo of the s-n-double-o-p reppin’ Ravens gear while standing on the sidelines with Ray Lewis. Not a good look for someone who’s claiming to hate a team. Snoop wisely didn’t respond to the clapback.


Sometimes, sports figures don’t even need to clap back at people, they have other famous fans to do it for them. Now, it’s known far and wide that JK Rowling has one of the best Twitter games around and is a specialist in shutting down trolls.

One day, she decided to congratulate Serena on another grand slam victory.


And it was just a delight when she decided to take it to an irate fan who tried saying that the reason Serena Williams was so successful in her sport is because she is “built like a man.” Yikesaroni and cheese.


Then she provided this photo evidence, subsequently shutting down the troll. I’m saying this as a man with ample hips and buttocks, but there is no way in heck that I can rock a red dress like Serena Williams. That’s the beauty of the tweet Rowling sent out.

Sometimes, a clapback is so savage, that upon reading it, you feel like calling 9-1-1 to report a murder.

Twitter user Brittni Snow decided to troll 6’11, super-jacked center, Dwight Howard by saying he’d never secure a championship ring.


Howard, then, decided to take the gloves off and let loose with the absolutely atomic reply above. Honestly, it hurts to look at it.

It’s also never a good idea to come at someone who has more Twitter followers than you and has throngs of fans. It’s just a bad idea, overall.

Source : https://undefined/humor/2018/10/12/1bp7zv/athletes-clapbacks-savage

12 TV Shows That Strayed Hard From the Source Material


Friends‘ Rachel Green wouldn’t have been able to stumble into Central Perk wedding-dress-clad if it wasn’t for another city’s group of Singles. Yes, the monolithic sitcom is just one of many shows that veered far off from the original concepts. And no, we’re not talking about how different a show is from a pilot; we all know pilots lay down hard inconsistencies and feature decidedly different hair cuts from the rest of the season. I’m talking about shows that, in its earliest form, was something entirely different. Maybe that means taking a detour from someone’s life story, taking a tonal rewrite from big-to-small-screen transitions, or having a janky short evolve into entire multi-faceted world. Whatever the case, you may be shocked to hear of the humble beginnings of your favorite series. 

Below, check out 12 shows that ended up a different monster than their first draft.


Parks and Recreation


The Office


Gossip Girl


The Simpsons




Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Family Guy


Veronica Mars


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


South Park




Orange Is the New Black

Source : https://undefined/entertainment/2018/10/10/1UbRqn/tv-shows-original-concepts