10 Nail Hacks That Can Make You a Manicure Guru

Nails can reveal a lot about your health and the overall state of your body — like, for example, chronic bronchitis and heart disease will show on them. So it is only logical that a good manicure makes a good impression on people around you, telling them how well you take care of yourself. And with these tricks you can do it with a fraction of the time and money you used to spend at the salon!

We at Bright Side dedicate a lot of time to finding tips and tricks that will make your daily life easier and this list of manicure “hacks” was carefully selected just for our readers.

Remove stubborn nail polish in 5 minutes.

If you need to easily remove a stubborn nail polish (like the kind with glitter or gel nail polish) just take small pieces of cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover and place them onto the nail for about 5 minutes. To make the process even more efficient, you can wrap the nails with the cotton in aluminum foil and let them sit. Also, with gel nail polish, you might want to file the surface first.

Cut your own design using a clear band-aid.

Sticker designs are great to renovate your nail look, but they usually come on one sheet and we become confused as to how to cut the right shape for your nail bed. Using simple scotch tape, trace the outline of your nail and use it to cut out just the right amount.

One of the greatest inventions of our time, regarding the safety of our nails, is a peel-off base. You’ll eliminate the harsh chemicals of nail polish remover or the roughing up of the nail bed with a file as a part of your manicure process.

Make your own dotting tools.

If you need a dotting tool right away and don’t want to spend any money, take a pen or a pencil with a rubber top and pierce it with a simple fabric pin. If there is a lack of those in your household as well — you can try to use a bobby pin with a rounded tip for your flawless manicure.

Use acrylic paint for the design.

Nail polish designs are great, but not everybody was born a Michelangelo. Also, the structure of the nail polish makes it hard to work with. So to avoid those problems, make a base out of nail polish, draw the design on with acrylic paints — then, simply cover it up with a top coat and — voila!

Try a homemade nail bath to take care of nails.

If your nails need some taking care of, you can try a homemade nail bath:

  • Remove the nail polish;
  • File the nails;
  • Make a warm bath with one cup of warm water, lemon wedges, 2 spoons of sugar, 1/2 tbsp of baking soda and 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil.

This bath will moisturize and nourish your nails. Use a dry cloth afterward to dry the nails and then cover with new nail polish.

Use Aquaphor to prevent smudges.

Let’s say you ran out of nail latex and you are not the best at applying nail polish. You can simply take Aquaphor, cover the finger around the nail with it, and paint away. Then rub off the Aquaphor with the “overspill” of the polish.

Make a handy nail polish box.

If you’ve got a large collection of nail polishes, you might want to separate them by color and know what you are pulling out without looking inside every bottle. For this you can buy small stickers and color them with the polish inside the bottle, then put the sticker on top of the lid.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry your nail polish.

As convenient as it may seem, do not try to use a hairdryer to dry your nails. It will create bubbles and ruin your manicure. Instead use a cold water bath, oil, or just cold running water from the tap for a fast dry if you don’t have a manicure lamp.

Manipulate your nail polish consistency.

With time some nail polishes become unmanageable and become either too runny or too thick. Thankfully, this issue is easy to fix: close the bottle and put it either in cold water (to make the consistency thicker) or warm water (to make it runnier). After a couple of minutes you are good to go.

Do you have any other tips that are handy for your day-to-day manicure routine? Be sure to share them with us in the comment section below!

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15+ Smart Life Hacks to Travel Safely We Wish We Knew Sooner

Now and then magazines, newspapers, and websites publish lists of the safest and the most dangerous travel destinations. But in fact, there’s always a chance of being robbed or attacked in any country in the world. Before going on a trip to another city or country, it’s better to consider your safety in advance.

Here at Bright Side we want to tell you about these safety hacks that will help you feel comfortable and secure in unknown cities. And don’t miss our bonus life hack featuring an empty glass and a door handle.

General safety:

1. Learn how to manage your allergies and health issues abroad.

If you have any life-threatening allergies, learn how to write and pronounce the name of the food product or medicine you are allergic to in the local language. Write down these names on a card, in your phone notes, or use a medical alert bracelet. This is also true for any other diseases and medical conditions that need treatment.

2. Download offline versions of maps and translation apps.

Google Maps, Google Translate, and similar apps as a rule need an internet connection to function. However, these and some other apps have offline versions as well. Before you go on a trip, download the offline map of the city you are heading to and the needed language for your translation app. Doing so you can be sure you don’t get lost in a foreign city, even if you don’t have access to the internet.

3. Learn the schedule of local public transport.

Public transport is a good option if you want to travel cheap and safe. It’s important, however, that you learn the schedule of the local public transport in advance. In some places there are fewer or no buses or trains at night. If you don’t know the schedule, it may happen so that you miss the last bus and have to walk or pick a cab.

Protecting your belongings and documents:

4. Confuse pickpockets with the help of a dummy wallet.

A dummy wallet will help you keep all your cash and credit cards when being robbed. Buy a cheap wallet and fill it with fake paper or plastic cards and fake cash that looks real. Offer this wallet to a pickpocket when they attempt to rob you of your belongings. Just don’t forget to wear the dummy wallet like a real one, in your pocket or purse.

5. Carry an “emergency” waterproof wallet with you.

Use a plastic wallet or a plastic card holder to carry some small, but important items when you travel. Put anything inside that you might need in case of an emergency: a folded copy of your passport, your photo, emergency phone numbers, your hotel card, and some cash. Plastic is waterproof and it will protect your belongings from damage.

6. Leave expensive items at home.

A new costly camera or expensive jewelry may attract unwanted attention. If you are not supposed to be dressed up in luxurious outfits during your trip, it’s better to leave your jewelry and expensive accessories at home. Dress simple and appropriate for the place you’re heading to, and hide your camera when you’re not using it.

7. Email yourself scans of important documents.

Before going on a trip, scan and email yourself copies of important documents like your passport, driver’s license, insurance, visa, tickets, etc. If you happen to lose the originals you can always access the copies in your e-mail box to get the necessary information and to have your documents replaced. It’s also a good idea to carry a paper copy of your passport instead of the passport itself when out and about in an unfamiliar city.

Protecting your ID and personal information:

8. Always take your ATM receipts with you.

Few of us think about it, but this piece of paper left at the ATM can help someone steal your identity. Depending on the region and the bank, ATM receipts may display your location, recent transactions, balance, the last digits of the card and account numbers. Don’t forget about general ATM usage safety rules:

  • Make sure no one’s behind you when you enter your PIN number;
  • Don’t use poorly lit machines or those which are located in deserted areas;
  • Don’t count your cash or look through your belongings while standing at an ATM.

9. Look for secure internet connections.

When traveling we mostly come across public internet at hotels, cafes, and airports, which is not always safe. If there’s no way you can avoid using unsecure public internet connections, be particular about what you type into the keyboard. Avoid typing email passwords and website logins, and avoid logging into your bank account, work email, and other sensitive accounts when using unsecure connections.

Hotel safety:

10. Choose a room on the 2nd, 3nd, or 4th floor.

Security specialists are sure that it’s better to choose a room between the 2nd and the 4th floor. The ground floor is too easy to access from the ground, while floors from 2nd to 4th are too high for thieves, but low enough for fire truck ladders to reach in case of an emergency. Moreover, in many hotels the 2nd and above floors require a key to access the floor, which makes it harder for thieves to get to your room.

11. Check the locks on all the windows.

Check the locks on the windows and the balcony door when you arrive and each time you return, since housekeeping may open them and forget to lock them again. If your room has a conjoining room, make sure the door between the 2 is securely locked.

12. Put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door when you leave the room.

When you leave the room, turn the radio or TV on, and place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle. By doing this you will give potential thieves the impression that you are inside the room.

13. Avoid using the safe in your room.

Hotel safes are easy to break into and they are the first thing that is targeted if your room is robbed. Address the check-in counter to see if there are any other options of keeping your belonging safe.

14. Avoid saying your personal data out loud when checking in.

Write down your name, telephone number, and any other necessary information on a piece of paper and hand it over to the hotel staff so that this information cannot be overheard. Ask the hotel staff to write down your room number instead of saying it out loud.

15. Place a piece of tape or paper over the peep hole.

There were cases when people were spied on and even filmed through the peep holes of their hotel rooms. When you enter the hotel room, check to see if the peep hole is present and untouched. Do not accept a room if a peep hole is absent or damaged, and if it is ask to switch rooms. Cover the peep hole with a piece of paper or tape from the inside of the room.

BONUS: Put a glass on the door handle in your hotel room.

Some of the economy class hotels have poor security systems or no security system at all. To feel safe in your room at night, put an empty glass on the door handle before going to sleep. If anyone comes into your room, the glass will fall onto the floor and the sound will wake you up.

Which of these hacks would you like to try during your next trip? Do you have your own tips on how to travel safely? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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10+ Housekeeping Hacks to Impress Your Guests

They say that just like your clothes, your house reflects your personality, taste, and lifestyle. When throwing a party we all try our best to impress our guests with the food we serve and the way our house looks. If you are trying to come up with that finishing touch that will make your house look perfect, try out these simple housekeeping tips.

Here at Bright Side we want to tell you about some tricks to make your house cozy, beautiful, and clean. And don’t miss our bonus hack on how to make a functional decoration for the coming holidays!

Housekeeping and decorating:

1. Fill your bathroom with fresh scents.

Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the tube of a toilet paper roll. The cardboard of the tube will absorb the oil and your bathroom will be filled with a wonderful aroma until the roll is over.

2. Make gel air fresheners from natural ingredients.

DIY gel air fresheners contain natural ingredients and last a long time. To make one you will need granulated or powdered gelatin, water, salt, your favorite essential oils, and food coloring, if you want to add some nice color to your air freshener. Those who tried this recipe say that the scent of the gel air freshener lasts for about 4 weeks.

3. Add some lovely aroma to your house with the help of common foods.

Why not use the foods with a pleasant smell for air freshening? Fill a bowl with orange or tangerine peel, coffee, or any product with a smell you like and enjoy the result! If you add some rock salt in with the orange peel, this air freshener will absorb extra moisture from the air and reduce damp smells. Take into account that some foods will fill your house with a mild scent, while the others will offer a far more intense aroma.

4. Use orange peel to make a creative candle.

Another way to use an orange peel in a creative way is to make a candle holder. Peel an orange as shown in this video and put a wax or a LED candle inside. These candles will create a lovely atmosphere in your house and will surely surprise your guests.

5. Make an eggshell kitchen garden.

A tiny eggshell garden can be creative and functional at the same time. It will provide your kitchen with fresh herbs all year round and will make your guests say “Wow!” when they see it. Remember, however, that the space in an eggshell is very tiny, so make sure you pick the right seeds. The best choice for a tiny kitchen garden is basil, watercress, dill, and other herbs which don’t need much space to grow.

6. Use glass bottles as improvised flower vases.

If you’re thinking of an unusual way to decorate your house, a few empty glass bottles may come in handy. Even plain glass bottles placed in a row may look great if you put a flower into each of them. If you have some time for further decorating, use simple household items like rope and glue, and turn a bottle into a fancy vase, as shown in this video.

7. Give a second chance to paper rolls.

We all know that unorganized cords and wires can be really irritating. Use plain or decorated paper rolls as DIY holders and get rid of annoying entangled wires.


8. Use bouquet garni to get rid of herbs and spices in your dish.

Bouquet garni, or an aromatic bunch of herbs, is just what you need if you want to add flavor to your soup or stew, but don’t want to fish out the pieces of herbs and spices. Pick a few stems of your favorite herbs and tie them with a piece of rope — this will help you take the bunch out of the stock later on. It’s also a good idea to wrap the bunch into a leek before tying it up, as shown in the picture above.

9. Serve simple dishes in a creative way.

If you want to make your dinner special, there’s no need to look for complicated recipes. Chefs and housewives from different countries share their ideas on how to be creative in the kitchen without spending hours cooking. Carol Falkowski, for example, shares dozens of ways to serve meatloaf in most extraordinary and surprising ways, like turning it into a lovely turkey in the picture above. Visit her website to find more inspiring ideas.

10. Try puzzle cookies to entertain your little guests.

It probably takes a bit more time to cook puzzle cookies, than ordinary ones, but it’s definitely worth it. Kids love it when food is turned into a kind of entertainment, and if you are throwing a kids’ party, puzzle cookies may be a good option. All you need to make these lovely treats is some shortbread cookie dough, cookie cutters, a pastry wheel or a knife, and some icing.

11. Use orange peel as cupcake liner.

If you got tired of using paper cupcake liners, try to use some orange peel instead. Add orange juice into chocolate cupcake dough, and bake the cupcakes in orange peels. You can also serve Jell-O, pudding, and other desserts in this unusual way.


12. Use natural ingredients to clean the carpet.

What could be worse than noticing a stain on the carpet just before your guests arrive? Don’t panic. Use simple products like baking soda and white vinegar to quickly clean different types of stains, as shown in this video.

13. Clean window blinds with salad tongs and tissues.

Next time you need to dust the blinds, grab salad tongs, wrap them in tissues or towels, and secure with an elastic band. This improvised cleaning tool will help you clean both sides of the blinds at one time.

BONUS: Make an aromatic Christmas wreath.

Many of us decorate our houses with Christmas wreaths. Why not to combine beauty with functionality? Add a few cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and tangerines onto your wreath and your house will be filled with a nice Christmas aroma. You can place these aromatic wreaths on the dining table and put some candles inside them.

Would you like to try any of these hacks? Do you have your own housekeeping tricks to share? Tell us in the comments!

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9 One-Spoonful Hacks to Speed Up Your Weight Loss

The remedy that takes you from weight stagnation to fast weight loss and it fits in a spoon. Losing weight requires effort but it doesn’t have to be as frustrating as you might imagine it to be. You can be smart about it and consume just a spoonful of these rich and nutritious foods that will help you boost your metabolism, burn fat easily, and balance your sugar levels.

Whether you’re planning on a beach vacation or just want to be healthy, Bright Side has put together these easy and effective ways to rev up your weight loss.

1. Take apple cider vinegar to balance your sugar.

We all know the house cleaning hacks of apple cider vinegar, but there’s a reason why celebrities like Katy Perry are in love with it. Apple cider vinegar enhances the feeling of fullness making you less prone to eat between meals, and its raw viscose essence called the “mother” is full of probiotics. It is also effective for balancing out the sugar levels in your body. It contains between 5-6% of acetic acid which helps make your blood sugar levels stable, making it a great ally whenever you have a craving for a big piece of chocolate cake.

Keeping up with this habit is super simple, just add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it every day before going to bed.

2. Use ginger to passively burn that fat.

When we want to lose weight we want to get rid of fat without losing muscle mass or water. For that, ginger is the queen. Ginger has something called a thermogenic effect on the body, this means it enhances circulation which leads to a small increase in body temperature. That’s why ginger is such a good strategy, because the thermogenic effect improves and boosts your digestion in such a way that you’ll burn calories without much effort.

To incorporate ginger into your diet try enjoying some ginger tea or give a twist to some of your everyday meals by adding a spoonful of ginger powder or minced ginger to the pan.

3. Use coconut oil to combat the accumulated fat in your body

Not only is Coconut oil composed of fatty acids that do not get stored in your body as accumulated fat, but they also boost your metabolism. And since a fast metabolism increases your ability to burn fat, it also helps you lose weight.

You can replace your regular vegetable oil with coconut oil for a healthier meal. You can also add it to your oatmeal, mix it with your smoothies, or even replace your coffee creme with it for an exotic caffeine twist. It’s so easy and delicious to add coconut oil to your diet that after a couple of days you’ll never go back to your old habits!

4. Cook with turmeric to prevent fat accumulation.

One of the most beloved spices of chefs around the world, turmeric is also your ally when it comes to losing those extra pounds. Just like ginger, turmeric helps you lose weight because of the thermogenic properties, it increases your body temperature and boosts your metabolism making it easy for you to burn fat and get rid of the fat you’ve accumulated in parts of your body. Turmeric is a small miracle that prevents fat accumulation in your body.

So don’t go short on turmeric. Spice up some chicken breast or beef, add it soups or, if you’re the practical kind, dissolve it in a glass of water and drink it straight.

5. Replace sugar with raw honey to control sugar cravings.

Honey can help you rev up your weight loss because it has an effect on your appetite. If you are usually attracted to sugar, replacing it with raw honey will help you to control those food cravings. Table sugar triggers hunger, even if your body doesn’t really need food. On the contrary, honey regulates your appetite and makes you feel hungry when your body really needs it.

Replacing sugar with honey can go a long way. Put honey in your tea or coffee. Use it in your salad dressings, and add it to your smoothies, yogurt, or granola.

6. Try flaxseed to help you feel fuller longer.

It’s incredible what a tablespoon of flaxseed can do to aid your weight loss. This superfood is highly rich in fiber which will balance your appetite and help you feel satiated until your next meal. It also helps trigger your metabolism, enhances your digestion, and regulates your bowel movements. This is exactly what you’re looking for when trying to lose weight.

Adding flaxseed to your diet is simple because it’s effortless and it doesn’t change the flavor of your food. Add it to your smoothies, shakes, and fruit juices. You can also sprinkle it over your salads or soups, and add it to your bread recipes.

7. Balance your metabolism with chia.

This superfood is full of fiber. Eating 2 tablespoons of chia will mean you have already consumed 40% of your necessary fiber intake. This keeps you fuller, activates your metabolism, and regulates your bowel. They are also packed with protein which, like fiber, helps you lose weight naturally because a high protein intake reduces your appetite, making you stronger against those chocolate cravings.

You can incorporate chia seeds into your diet in the most uncomplicated way. Just like flaxseed, add it to your regular meals and enjoy the goodness of this superfood.

8. Help your body burn fat with green tea.

Green tea has been used for centuries as a traditional Chinese medicine to treat numerous conditions, but today it is famous for its weight loss properties. Green tea contains caffeine, although not as much as coffee. But it’s still known as a stimulant for aiding fat burning. It is also full of specific antioxidants that boost your metabolism and helps you lose fat. Drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea regularly will help your efforts to achieve that healthy and beautiful body you are striving for!

9. Get your beauty sleep by using cherries.

Cherries contain high levels of melatonin, the key hormone to a healthy sleep. It may not seem important to weight loss but it’s actually crucial for you to have a good night sleep because if you don’t rest properly your body ends up craving high-calorie foods. And since you’re tired because you didn’t sleep well, you won’t be strong enough to say no to that cheesecake.

You can have some cherries a couple of hours before going to bed and prepare yourself for your beauty sleep.

Do you have any secret spoonful hacks that we should include on this list? Tell us in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-health/9-one-spoonful-hacks-to-speed-up-your-weight-loss-653460/

20 Weird Life Hacks That Surprisingly Work

The modern world loves life hacks. As we know, supply creates its own demand. Ordinary people turn their imaginations on and create really useful inventions. There are useful tips for everyone: men and women, those who repair their homes, game players, and many others. Check these inventions out!

Bright Side has collected 20 useful life hacks from incredibly creative and crazy people.

20. For those who want to protect nature from nature: Your cat won’t attack your flowers anymore.

19. For game players: Use a fork or 2 as a laptop cooling pad.

18. When the sink is too small, use a scoop.

17. Use a binder clip to use as much toothpaste as possible.

16. For girls: Use a magnetic strip in a drawer to not lose your bobby pins.

15. Restore your floor with the help of nail polish. Choose a color, apply the base, and dry the floor.

14. For chefs: Defrost frozen items in a microwave and finish in a toaster for a quick, crunchy oven taste. It works great on nuggets and breaded items.

13. It’s not a regular thread, it’s an ornamental flowerpot!

12. Don’t have any coins for your cart? Use your house key instead.

11. A pan with hot water will replace an iron.

10. For drivers: To carry your soup from one place to another, use rubber bands.

9. For music lovers: To not confuse left and right earphones, paint them in different colors.

8. Use binder clips to keep your cables on your desk neatly.

7. A phone holder made from a hair tie

6. So that your hands are free

5. Now you may go on vacation and worry about nothing!

4. Don’t throw chopsticks away.

3. Each cob should come with these skewers.

2. For jealous couples: Put your phone inside an empty cake box. If your beloved wants to grab it, they won’t go unnoticed.

1. For lazybones: A Christmas tree hanging on a wall that won’t take much time or effort

Do you have any cool life hacks to share with us? Tell us about them!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/20-weird-life-hacks-that-surprisingly-work-653160/

7 Smart Hacks to Control Your Body That Actually Work

Many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we have an awful headache, but sometimes you’re in a meeting or just can’t take a pill at that moment. According to research, our brains control our bodies, so we can try to reduce the pain with some simple mind tricks. In this article, you’ll find methods of how to regulate some conditions.

Bright Side found 7 amazing tricks that will help you to control your body.

1. Touch a spot on your arm to relieve anxiety.

This spot is called “Spirit Gate” and pressing it helps to relieve worry and anxiety.

Turn your palm side up and find the tendon coming into the base of your little finger. Look for the soft spot on the inside of the tendon and with your index finger, press the point. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.

This method will help you to calm down if you face a difficult conversation, public speeches or other stressful situations.

2. Squeeze your thumb to ease your gag reflex.

When you have a gag reflex, use this trick. Squeeze your left thumb and you will feel relief quickly. The reason why it works isn’t entirely understood by scientists, however, it has been proven that dental patients who were using a pressure point in their palms calmed down easily.

3. Slow down your heart rate.

Sometimes after running or if you’re under stress, you’ll feel that your heart rate is rising. There is a simple way to fix it through breathing.

To get rid of a racing heart rate, exhale against a closed airway. Pinch your nose and try to breathe out with a closed mouth. The chest cavity will get pressure on it and it will stimulate the vagus nerve.

4. Press the reflexology inner ear point if you have a stomach bug.

When you have a stomach bug, you may feel dizzy and pressing the inner ear point can relieve this condition. It is small and located on the top of the foot between the fourth and baby toe. You have 2 points on the left and right feet.

Use the knuckle of the index finger to press hard enough to feel it, but it shouldn’t be painful. Massage the inner ear point on both feet for 30 seconds each.

5. Use cold water to calm down.

Everyone feels anger or can’t concentrate sometimes because of emotions. You’ve probably noticed that after diving into some cold water your head becomes refreshed somehow. There is nothing to wonder about because cold water allows the body to use oxygen more efficiently.

Next time you feel that your emotions are getting out of control, splash your face or put your whole hand under some ice cold water.

6. Press the YinTang point to get rid of a headache.

The YinTang point is a point from acupuncture in the middle of the forehead. It is very effective and can be a salvation for people who don’t like or don’t take pills. Pressing this spot helps to reduce headaches and anxiety.

Gently press this spot with your middle and index fingers for up to 30 seconds. You will feel relief immediately. If the pain keeps disturbing you, wait for 5 minutes and then repeatedly press the spot for one more minute.

7. Ice cubes to beat toothaches

There are 2 ways to get rid of a toothache. You can put an ice cube around the tooth that hurts. It is a temporary treatment, but it will still help you to feel some relief in case you don’t have medicine with you.

Some people have sensitive teeth. Next time you feel the pain coming, take an ice cube and place it on the back of your hand. Start rubbing it with the ice on the area between the index finger and the thumb.

Do you use any tricks to control your body? Leave a comment below if our article was interesting to you.

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10 Car Hacks From Experienced Drivers That Are Worth Knowing

According to a 2017 study from AAA, it costs around $8,469 per year to own and operate an average car. We think that that’s quite a lot of money. Any ideas to find a way to decrease this sum sound good to us! We’re not suggesting that you use public transportation, because that’s not very convenient, but we are ready to share some cool car hacks with you.

We at Bright Side are sure that these tips will help you save some money. Use them wisely! Do not forget to check the bonus section. We have prepared an easy test for you.

1. How do you remove dents from your car without spending money?

It’s always annoying when you get a dent in your car. And it can actually cost quite a lot to get it out if you take it to a body shop. If you’re feeling sad, it means that you don’t know that hot water and a plunger can help you repair dings in your car for free.


  • Boil some water.
  • Pour it out on the dent to make it more flexible.
  • Take a plunger and pull the dent until it pops out.

If the dent is located on the bumper you can try to reach behind the bumper and pop the dent out with your hands. Good luck!

2. How do you remove small glass shards?

If you were lucky enough to break your car glass (or have it broken), use tape to remove the small shards from the carpets and floor surfaces where the vacuum cleaner is not effective.

3. How do you protect your car against door dings from your parking garage neighbor?

If your neighbors have kids or you are just not sure if the neighbors themselves are careful enough, use pool noodles to protect your car. If you are afraid to leave your windows open, you can hang them from the garage roof or your car’s roof racks.

4. How do you fog proof your windshield?

We think all drivers will either face this problem one day or have already experienced it. But not all of them know that there is an easy and cheap way to protect your windshield. All you need is a bottle of shaving cream and 2 dry towels.

  • Get a dry towel;
  • Apply some shaving cream to the towel;
  • Rub it onto your windshield;
  • Wipe the cream off with a different towel.
  • Enjoy!

5. How do you remember which side your fuel tank is on?

Here is a small tip for those people who always forget which side their fuel tank is located on. Most cars have an arrow on their gas gauge and it points to the side the fuel tank is located on. Check it out car and stop being confused at the gas station.

6. How do you pour oil in your car if you do not have a funnel?

If you need to pour oil into your car but there is no funnel around, you can replace it with a screwdriver. If you don’t have a screwdriver take a sheet of paper and roll it into a funnel shape.

7. How do you clean your headlights at home?

Over time, the plastic your headlights are made of can get cloudy. Use toothpaste to clean them with almost no effort.

How to do it:

  • Put the toothpaste on your fingers (or on any cloth);
  • Rub it onto your headlights in a circular motion;
  • Take a paper towel to further rub the paste into the headlights in a repeated circular motion;
  • Leave it for 10 — 15 minutes;
  • Remove the toothpaste with a wet cloth or a wet paper towel (or just blast it off with water).

This method works best when you use a whitening toothpaste.

8. How do you increase your car’s remote range?

Have you heard the silly idea that if you touch your chin to your car remote, its range will increase? According to this article it really works. William Van Winkle researched this and reported that there were 42 steps between the maximum normal range and the maximum range with chin boost.

9. How do you get unstuck from mud if there is no one around?

If you are adventurous or just like to visit muddy places, you may have already been in this situation. It’s fine if you have some friends who are ready to push your car. But what do you do if you are alone?

The answer is simple. Find a piece of wood (a strong branch will do) and attach it to your wheel. Slowly press the gas and set your car free.

10. How do you check to see if you need new tires for winter?

Here is an easy test to check and see if you need new tires to be safe for the winter. Take a penny and place its head into several tread grooves. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head every time, your tires are worn and you need to replace them as soon as possible. If a part of Lincoln’s head is covered, there is more that 2/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining.

If you don’t have any change on you, check your tires. There is a treadwear indicator bar molded into most of them that will let you know how much time you have left before you need to change them.

Bonus: Do you know what this button does?

The answer is simple. If you press the one with the hook (or with a car parked on slope) you can leave your car at night and the standard alarm system won’t work. Using the button with the word “off” (or the upper button on the left side of the above photos), you can turn the ultrasonic detector off and it won’t catch movements inside the car. For example, you can leave a pet or your child inside your car, but remember that is very dangerous and you should not leave them alone for a long time.

What tips for drivers do you have? Share them in the comment section below.

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9 Insanely Smart Hacks That Can Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

It’s not a secret that the amount of waste we produce is growing annually, but the stream of discarded furniture has reached a whopping 9 million tons a year — and this is just office furniture! So, to help out with this waste, let’s give our old furniture a chance at a new life.

We at Bright Side believe that anything that’s old can be redecorated. And we are ready to share some tips on how to bring some fresh looks into your house design.

Remove oil spills from fabric.

Spills are a normal thing in a household with kids and pets. The biggest sacrifice to them is the fabric on our furniture.

  • Take a piece of chalk and rub it on the fabric — it will absorb the oil or grease.
  • Let it soak.
  • Remove the chalk with a wash cloth.
  • Let fabric air dry.

Clean damaged floors and wooden furniture.

  • 1/4 cup oil
  • 3/4 cup vinegar
  • Clean cloth

You should wipe the damaged wood with this concoction to make it look as good as new. You can also cover the wood with paint to make it “sit” better.

Remove rust spots from metal.

You can use this trick on metal pieces of furniture or even just on your knives.

Simply soak the parts you need to clean up in lemon juice for 5-10 minutes, then scrub the rusty spot with a scouring pad.

Apply liquid leather to bring your sofa back to life.

Pick up “liquid leather” from Amazon or eBay and apply it over the cracks of an old couch or an old leather chair to give the piece of furniture a new look.

Use a simple walnut to remove scratches.

Wooden floors and surfaces are prone to scratching and sometimes it is incredibly inconvenient. To remove small scratches from wood, use a peeled walnut. Take a half, rub it along the scratch several times, and let it soak in for at least several minutes. Then polish it with a clean cloth.

Tile old tables to give them a fresh look.

Speaking of table tops, if your old one looks like it’s ready to be thrown out, you can just use glue to decorate it with tiles. Pick a specific design to make the tabletop match the interior or pick something neutral so that the table can be used for a long time. It doesn’t hurt that tiles are heat and stain-resistant.

Cover a damaged surface with chalkboard paint.

In a household with children, everything is a drawing board. Give in by picking up a can of chalkboard paint and making some surfaces black and washable.

Make your old furniture look more chic.

Distressed furniture and items have been very popular recently, so why not make some yourself? Paint over the wood and then scrub it with a sponge or a bit of sandpaper. You can even make a layered design of you use several different colors.

Add little details to give the whole piece an upgrade.

Never forget that you can completely ruin the overall look of your place by ignoring the little things, like the knobs on a cupboard, pillows, and chair covers.

What would you like to change or renew in your home? Or maybe you already have and are eager to share the amazing fruits of your labor? Be sure to do so in the comments so we can all marvel at it!

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/9-insanely-smart-hacks-that-can-bring-your-furniture-back-to-life-637860/

8 Clever Hacks to Clean Your House Like a Pro

According to statistics, on average, 51% of women do housework daily for an average of 2.6 hours a day. That’s a lot of time, and both men and women would like to know some cleaning hacks that can help them save time and money. In this article, you will find some useful tricks that will make doing housework easier with fewer chemicals.

Bright Side found 8 cleaning hacks that will make you a housecleaning pro.

1. Use dryer sheets.

There’s one more good solution for cleaning with used dryer sheets. Don’t throw them away after washing clothes, but instead, use them to remove spots and dirt around your house. This method is great to get rid of stains from mirrors and bathroom fixtures, toilet rings, and baseboards.

2. Clean your iron with salt.

The majority of us have burned ourselves on a hot iron at least once in our lives, but here is a good trick on how to clean it in case you don’t have special chemicals or time to shop for them. Take several tablespoons of salt and spread it on a soft cloth. Rub the iron with this cloth until all the marks and spots vanish. After that, wait till the iron is cool and rub it with a wet cloth.

3. Cleaning your stove’s exhaust hood filter

How often do you clean your stove filter? Likely, the majority of us forget about this important detail. But if you’ve decided to become a pro at cleaning your house, there is a good hack to make the old filter new again.

You need water, 1/2 cup of baking soda and a big pan. Add enough water to the pan to submerge the filter in. Boil it and slowly add soda. Now place the filter into the boiling water and wait for a few minutes.

Now the stove filter looks like new!

4. Make your own homemade oven cleaner.

If you’ve decided to be more economical, this hack can help you save a fortune on expensive chemicals for cleaning the kitchen. Make your own effective oven cleaner! You’ll need 4 tbsp of dishwashing liquid, 7.6 fl oz of vinegar, 43 fl oz of lukewarm water, and 3.7 fl oz of lemon juice/citron extract.

You will be surprised at how good it cleans and how much money you’ll save.

5. Clean the floor with black tea.

Black tea is not just a good drink, but it is also a perfect cleaner for your wooden floor. Some people probably already know that it’s good for rubbing on mirrors to make them shine, but it has the same effect on wooden floors.

Take 4 tea bags and boil them in water. Leave the bags steeped for as long as possible. However, if your floor has a lighter color, it’s better not to brew it for a very long time. Now the cleaner is ready. Just wet a cloth with the tea and start wiping.

6. Make your dishwasher shine with vinegar.

All you need to make your dishwasher crystal clean is vinegar. This ingredient has an antibacterial effect and helps to get rid of stains.

After running the dishwasher, wipe the edges and seal it with vinegar. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the dishwasher and run a short cycle.

7. Cleaning a wooden cutting board

All of us use a cutting board from time to time, but we all should remember that lots of bacteria stay on it if you don’t clean it properly. To clean your board, you can use lemon, baking soda and vinegar.

  1. Just spread baking soda on the surface of the cutting board, then rub it with a lemon.
  2. Wipe the cutting board with a cloth and vinegar.

Don’t forget to rinse the board with water after cleaning.

8. Clean your microwave without chemicals.

You’ll need a small dish, 2 drops of lemon essential oil, 2 tablespoons of water and a sponge.

Place essential oil and water on a small dish and put it in the microwave. Turn it to high power for 1 minute. Open the microwave and place the sponge inside the dish. After the sponge soaks everything, clean the inside.

Do you have your own secrets to clean your house like a pro? Share them with us below!

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15+ Kid-Proofing Hacks to Make Your Home As Safe As a Womb

For parents, the safety and well-being of their child is a top priority. In this regard, making sure that you babyproof your house thoroughly is very important. Today there are plenty of products that can help with this — and there are also a lot of inexpensive and effective tricks to childproof your house that have been tested by hundreds of parents.

Bright Side has prepared a selection of smart, kid-proofing hacks for you to make your house super safe.

Using child-proof pill bottles to store candy

Latches to secure the toilet bowl

A yoga mat on the wall can make sleeping so much safer.

A little fabric paint to make the socks non-slip

A hair tie is an easy way to keep the cabinet locked.

A scarf can be used for this as well.

Useful Christmas hack

Using a net to prevent your kid from getting through the wide railing

Handmade tennis ball corner guard

Knitted door handle cover you can make yourself

Organize all the cleaning supplies in a place that is beyond the child’s reach (instead of storing them under the sink, as usual).

Pool noodles can easily serve as door stoppers.

Use a net to secure the fan.

A great idea for book storage, with the added belt providing the toddler-proofing

Kitchen spoons can also help to keep the drawers locked.

A mattress can be used as a cheaper alternative to kid gates.

A simple rubber band will keep your kid from locking the door.

Do you have your own hacks for kid-proofing your home? Share them in comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-family-and-kids/15-kid-proofing-hacks-to-make-your-home-as-safe-as-a-womb-636510/