26 Stunning Coincidences That Prove the World Can Glitch Too

At least once in our lives, we have noticed similar-looking people, animals, or objects that are at the same place at the same time for no reason at all. Some people think it’s a glitch in the matrix, and some say it’s Deja vu. Anyway, these coincidences make us think: maybe there is some mysterious director in this world who sometimes makes mistakes in arranging all the things?

Bright Side is amazed by these examples of coincidences that made us rub our eyes twice. They are so strange and hard to believe that we decided to share them with you.

1. “I would leave the bus immediately.”

2. Deja vu effect times 5

3. This is not a matrix glitch. It’s how they build houses nowadays.

4. “I also have a friend who looks like a female version of a celebrity!”

5. It’s probably the best solution in this case.

6. “This sunset looked like it was split in half through my 2 windows.”

7. “It only took 16 hours of travel to find this guy wearing the same wacky parrot shirt in Rome.”

8. “Glitch in matrix at my local coffee shop today.”

9. Did they disable gravity for a moment?

10. “It would be really funny to have a twin and come to random places wearing the same clothes pretending you don’t know each other.”

11. Sometimes, coincidences happen in the places you least expect them.

12. “Well, this was bound to happen at a certain point.”

13. Was there a discount on hair dye?

14. It looks like they bought their coats at the same store.

15. “My friend traveled all the way to Thailand to randomly find his doppelganger.”

16. Someone is just lacking imagination.

17. This is what happens after Black Friday:

18. How is this even possible?

19. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

20. How do cats do that?

21. Is this some popular car model?

22. Maybe they also like the same books?

23. Confused 2 generations at once.

24. The most important thing is to find your own unique style.

25. At least they’re wearing different jeans.

26. “Have you tried standing up and sitting back down on it again?”

What strange coincidences have you noticed? Tell us in the comment section below.

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12 Tidbits About MissingNo., the Glitch Pokémon of Our Nightmares


Like adult acne and high heeled crocs, MissingNo. should not exist. Perhaps one of the most infamous Pokémon — and perhaps not a Pokémon at all — MissingNo. was found lurking around the Cinnabar Island coast to my absolute unparalleled horror. Sure, encountering MissingNo. in the Blue or Red version was an essential part of the Old Man Glitch, and those rare candies, Master Balls and nuggets weren’t going to duplicate themselves. But MissingNo. and his graphics-distorting powers definitely gave us all the wiggins as little kids, and his legend looms large today. Even still, the most unsettling part of the legend goes back to how this creature, this “Misssing Number,” should not exist. 

However, MissingNo. does exist, and though we’ve yet to decrypt that existence in full, here’s a little bit of data on the iconic bundle of bytes.


The appearance of MissingNo. is largely based on your trainer name.


MissingNo. is tall AF and would therefore do very well on Tinder.


MissingNo. is a bird/normal type.


Even the nature of MissingNo.’s attacks are a glitch.


MissingNo. comes in many different forms (and sprites).


MissingNo. or one of his unholy relations exists in Yellow Version.


Nintendo low-key lied about what MissingNo. does to a game.


And incidentally, your playground BFF lied about MissingNo. erasing your save file.


There was a sp0000ky theory that suggested MissingNo. is the missing link between Cubone and Kangaskhan.


MissingNo. can’t evolve, but his glitch-sibling ‘M can.


Another theory suggests MissingNo. is made out of crushed little Pokémon.


MissingNo. is still causing bugs to this day, particularly in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Source : https://undefined/entertainment/2018/10/10/1jpWcS/12-tidbits-about-missingno-the-glitch-pokemon-of-our-nightmares

People Are Sharing Times They Experienced a 'Glitch in the Matrix,' So Prepare to Freak Out


OK, I believe in hauntings and supernatural stuff and paranormal activities and all that jazz, but these stories have surpassed even the insanity I’ve taken for granted. A recent AskReddit had people sharing times they experienced a “glitch in the matrix,” a phrase used in the Matrix movie to describe the moment in which the characters discover they’re living in a simulation. We compiled some of the best stories from there, and even mined r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix to bring you some tales that’ll for sure give you goosebumps. 

Scroll down, disbelievers, and you’ll be sure to question the reality you’ve become comfortable with all these years.


This meant-to-be love story.


This guy who died and got a second chance.


Grandparents are always experiencing crazy things.


Dumped by a girlfriend who was … never his girlfriend?


Telling your friend you had a dream about them dying can have shocking consequences.


This employee got to work and learned he had called himself in sick hours earlier.


Dogs are so much better at communicating than humans.


Lost four hours of his life, but the girlfriend did too.


Reincarnation is real??


And finally, this day at the sandwich shop that took a REALLY unexpected turn.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/08/28/nht2E/glitch-in-the-matrix