9 Insanely Smart Hacks That Can Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

It’s not a secret that the amount of waste we produce is growing annually, but the stream of discarded furniture has reached a whopping 9 million tons a year — and this is just office furniture! So, to help out with this waste, let’s give our old furniture a chance at a new life.

We at Bright Side believe that anything that’s old can be redecorated. And we are ready to share some tips on how to bring some fresh looks into your house design.

Remove oil spills from fabric.

Spills are a normal thing in a household with kids and pets. The biggest sacrifice to them is the fabric on our furniture.

  • Take a piece of chalk and rub it on the fabric — it will absorb the oil or grease.
  • Let it soak.
  • Remove the chalk with a wash cloth.
  • Let fabric air dry.

Clean damaged floors and wooden furniture.

  • 1/4 cup oil
  • 3/4 cup vinegar
  • Clean cloth

You should wipe the damaged wood with this concoction to make it look as good as new. You can also cover the wood with paint to make it “sit” better.

Remove rust spots from metal.

You can use this trick on metal pieces of furniture or even just on your knives.

Simply soak the parts you need to clean up in lemon juice for 5-10 minutes, then scrub the rusty spot with a scouring pad.

Apply liquid leather to bring your sofa back to life.

Pick up “liquid leather” from Amazon or eBay and apply it over the cracks of an old couch or an old leather chair to give the piece of furniture a new look.

Use a simple walnut to remove scratches.

Wooden floors and surfaces are prone to scratching and sometimes it is incredibly inconvenient. To remove small scratches from wood, use a peeled walnut. Take a half, rub it along the scratch several times, and let it soak in for at least several minutes. Then polish it with a clean cloth.

Tile old tables to give them a fresh look.

Speaking of table tops, if your old one looks like it’s ready to be thrown out, you can just use glue to decorate it with tiles. Pick a specific design to make the tabletop match the interior or pick something neutral so that the table can be used for a long time. It doesn’t hurt that tiles are heat and stain-resistant.

Cover a damaged surface with chalkboard paint.

In a household with children, everything is a drawing board. Give in by picking up a can of chalkboard paint and making some surfaces black and washable.

Make your old furniture look more chic.

Distressed furniture and items have been very popular recently, so why not make some yourself? Paint over the wood and then scrub it with a sponge or a bit of sandpaper. You can even make a layered design of you use several different colors.

Add little details to give the whole piece an upgrade.

Never forget that you can completely ruin the overall look of your place by ignoring the little things, like the knobs on a cupboard, pillows, and chair covers.

What would you like to change or renew in your home? Or maybe you already have and are eager to share the amazing fruits of your labor? Be sure to do so in the comments so we can all marvel at it!

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18 Cool Examples of Urban Furniture You’ll Probably Want on Your Street

Do you know that the longest bench in the world is situated in Littlehampton, UK? This bench is made out of 9,000 colored slats and measures at 324 meters. Urban design is constantly developing, and nowadays we can find tons of street furniture pieces that are often weird and sometimes truly astounding.

Bright Side gathered the most impressive examples of street furniture that you’ll definitely want to have near your house.

18. Book benches, Istanbul, Turkey

17. A letter bench, Bristol, England

16. The bench of Claude Ponti, Nantes, France

15. Sail benches, Verchères, Canada

14. The periodic table and a bench, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

13. A bench through a concrete wall, Luxembourg

12. A slingshot bench, Germany

11. Park benches made for one person facing away from each other, Finland

10. The state of the pulse at rest, Hamburg, Germany

9. A pencil bench, Kiev, Ukraine

8. A shark girl, New York

7. A whale tail bench, Santa Barbara, California

6. An upside down bench, Mexico City

5. “Have a break, have a Kit Kat,” London, UK

4. A hand-held bench, Kiev, Ukraine

3. A robot bench, Enschede, Netherlands

2. A motivational Nike bench, New York

1. A sunken observation platform, Vöcklabruck, Austria

Which of these items would you like to have on your own street? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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22 Clever Ideas for Multi-Functional Furniture That Are Perfect for Small Spaces

Today, multi-functional convertible furniture is getting more and more popular among people who live in small apartments and those who live in big houses. The reason is simple: these stylish pieces of furniture make our homes more spacious and comfortable. These consist of wardrobes that turn into tables and beds or dressers that transform into dining tables.

Bright Side wants to show you 22 pieces of furniture that can change their shape while still remaining stylish and useful.

22. A multi-functional bed

21. A seat that turns into a bed in just 2 seconds

20. All in 1: shelves, a table, a bed, and bedside shelves

19. A big dining table that turns into a coffee table

18. Even a shelf can change its shape!

17. A table and chairs hanging on the wall

16. A convertible couch

15. A couch that transforms into bunk beds in 10 seconds

14. A smart wardrobe that turns into a bed

13. A dresser that turns into a great dining table

12. The space under the stairs can be utilized too.

11. A hidden working place

10. A hidden minibar

9. Armrests can be multi-functional too.

8. Have you ever seen a walking table?

7. Another transforming dining table

6. An awesome rotating system for your TV

5. A shelf can be a table.

4. A hidden entrance to a room

3. Probably the best cloakroom ever!

2. A wardrobe that can be changed around

1. A great convertible sofa

Which piece of furniture do you like the most? Tell us about it!

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