10 Tips to Polish Up Your Partner’s Style Without Hurting Their Feelings

survey has shown that the clothes women would love to see on the men in their lives differ greatly from baggy hip-hop pants and faded jeans, to cashmere, tuxedos, and wing-tipped dress shoes. Both men and women can sometimes be unhappy with the way their partners dress. If you are one of those people who want to elevate their boyfriend’s style, there are things you should know before making your partner throw away all his clothes.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected some tips that will help you change your partner’s look for the better with love and tact.

1. Plan a shopping trip for the 2 of you.

It’s not that easy to engage a man with shopping, so it’s better to limit it in time and visit only men’s departments. In this case, you will pay all your attention to your boyfriend’s wardrobe and avoid the temptation to pick up some clothes for yourself. Remember to be positive: instead of saying that you hate your boyfriend’s T-shirt, tell him how attractive he would look in a smarter shirt.

2. Strategically gift him clothing items and accessories.

If your man hates shopping, don’t insist on it. Instead, buy him a clothing item you like and gift it with some nice words. Tell him that when you saw that item in the store you thought of how great he would look in it and how happy it would make you feel. When purchasing that gift, make sure it matches your boyfriend’s personality, not yours.

3. Invite him to an event he’ll have to dress up for.

If you plan to elevate your boyfriend’s style, it would be logical to give him a reason to dress up. Invite your man to dinner at a fancy restaurant, or plan an evening at the opera for the 2 of you. In this case, your man will have no choice but to refuse his casual jeans and T-shirt and search for something more suitable (with your help, of course).

4. Help him get rid of the clothes you don’t like.

Before getting rid of some old clothes in your man’s wardrobe, make sure you offer up new items as an alternative. Men don’t give up on their favorite clothes that easily, so you’ve got to interfere and help. You can use spring-cleaning as an opportunity to go through your partner’s wardrobe together and decide which items no longer fit him and can be donated or sold at a garage sale.

5. Get him a tailored suit.

What could be more flattering than a tailored suit that fits like a glove? A bespoke suit is made to bring out strengths and minimize problem areas and it fits perfectly, which makes it a wise investment. A tailored suit might seem too expensive, but it will last for years and will bring pleasure to both of you in the long run.

6. Focus on the fit.

A good fit is the key to success. Even a simple shirt and jeans that fit well will look much better than a poorly tailored suit. So, keep that in mind when choosing clothes for your boyfriend in a store or when ordering a bespoke suit.

7. Choose proper clothes for muscular men.

Choosing the right clothes for a man with big muscles might be a challenge, and there are some rules to follow if you want to succeed. It’s better to stick to neutral colors that don’t attract too much attention and to avoid clothes that add extra volume like cable knit sweaters and puffer coats. Slim-fit denim clothing and (again) tailored suits are good options.

8. Don’t forget about the details.

Details can sometimes change the whole look and they surely can’t be ignored. Cufflinks, tie bars, and pocket squares might seem too small to be noticed, but they give a finishing touch to the whole look. Shoes are also important. Sometimes men can’t put their shoes and clothes together, so when you pick up a new look for your boyfriend, make sure you pick out a nice pair of shoes to match that look.

9. Compliment your partner’s choice of clothes.

Don’t forget to compliment your man’s taste when he wears clothes that you think look nice on him. Positive reinforcement and words of encouragement are the most important when you want another person to change their habits. Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you’d want to be treated.

10. Be tactful.

Don’t be pushy and don’t impose your taste on your boyfriend if he doesn’t like your choice of clothes for him. Try to pick up looks that match your partner’s personality and taste, not yours. Before suggesting any changes, try to find out why he chooses to wear particular pieces. If your man values comfort, try to show him in a tactful and respectful way that nicer clothes can be just as comfortable.

Which of these hacks seems most effective? Do you have your own tips on how to polish up your boyfriend’s style without hurting his feelings? Tell us in the comments!

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15 Heartwarming Photos Proving Tough Guys Have Feelings Too

There’s an opinion that men rarely express their emotions. However, we’re ready to prove it wrong with this photo compilation. Even the toughest guys can be sensitive, caring, and vulnerable but still remain self-confident, responsible, and strong.

Bright Side wants to share these photographs with you — they express the whole range of emotions men are capable of.

“My brother had a fight with his girlfriend’s dog.”

This teacher is thankful for a present from a student.

This is how tough men have fun:

This is how men show they really care:

When everyone got tired at the same time:

A father gets emotional after his son’s first goal

A photographer caught the moment when the groom was filming the father-daughter dance.

A 94-year-old grandpa meets his 2-month-old grandson

This man volunteers at a local shelter for cats and gives his love to every animal.

This groom’s emotions during the wedding vows:

This man is cuddling a goat that he found on a job site.

A father started to cry pronouncing his son and his bride husband and wife.

This man helps a stray cat drink from a water fountain.

The eyes of a happy father whose child is finally asleep

When your phone freezes at the worst possible moment:

Did you find these photos emotional and touching? Share with us in the comments!

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Dunkin' Donuts Is Changing Its Name and People Have Feelings


First, it was the IHOP franchise that attempted to change its name, much to the chagrin of its customers. Then it was Weight Watchers, who wants to go by WW from now on, thank you very much. 

And despite the “IHOB” publicity fail and Oprah’s not-so-convincing endorsement, that is not stopping Dunkin’ Donuts from attempting a brand makeover by getting rid of the “donuts” from its name completely.

“Dunkin’ Donuts has been on a first-name basis with its fans long before the introduction of its iconic tagline, ‘America Runs on Dunkin’,’ with customers around the world naturally and affectionately referring to the brand as “Dunkin’,” the company announced in a statement. “In recognition of this relationship, and as one of many steps to transform itself into the premier beverage-led, on-the-go brand, the company today unveiled its new branding at its Global Franchisee Convention that officially recognizes its name as simply ‘Dunkin’.’ The change will officially take place in January 2019.”



Along with having a more “vague” brand identity, Dunkin also hopes to revamp its store by displaying their donuts in glass displays (not metal baskets behind the cashier), opening digital kiosks, and serving cold brews on tap. 

The name change is not fazing some customers, especially those in New England — the first Dunkin’ opened in Massachusetts in 1950 — who have been calling the chain “Dunkie’s” or “Dunkin”http://undefined/” for years. 


“So basically the deal is ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ is just becoming ‘Dunkin’’? Okay. I mean, what kind of nerd calls it ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ anyway? This does not bother me at all. What bothers me is that their pistachio coffee flavor is SEASONAL. You can’t just DECIDE that pistachio is a summer flavor,” one local told Vox

Another agreed, adding, “Do I think the name change is dumb? Yes. Grammatically, without doughnuts, what are we dunking? But I have been calling Dunkin’ Donuts ‘Dunkin’’ for all of my adult life. This truly changes nothing for me. Dunkin’ loyalty runs through my veins. I’ve been there twice today. I stand by them.”

However, DD loyalists from other parts of the country are having mini existential crises over the updated moniker. “People are actually calling the store demanding to know details why Dunkin’ Donuts is changing the name,” one employee tweeted to show just how betrayed customers are feeling.


Another tweet read, “Why is Dunkin’ Donuts changing it’s name to ‘Dunkin.’ The whole image is the DONUT…. we take the or f–king DONUTS AND OUR F–KING COFFEE AND WE CALL IT Dunkin’ Donuts!”


Even Bette Midler took a light-hearted jab at the shop. 


It just seems that DD is following in their coffee sibling, Starbucks’, footsteps. In 2011, the Seattle franchise removed “coffee” from its logo. As CEO Howard Schultz explained at the time, “It’s possible we’ll have other products with our name on it and no coffee in it.”

Another major factor in the name change: 60 percent of Dunkin’s sales were attributed to coffee, making it a beverage company, something you might not realize given its existing name.

So, unfortunately for DD ride-or-dies, starting January 2019, America is going to have to “get on a first name basis” with Dunkin’. 

Source : https://undefined/trending/2018/09/26/Z2u0yW7/dunkin-donuts-name-change

An Artist From Indonesia Shows What Feelings Are Hidden Inside Our Souls

Mimi N is an artist from Indonesia who continues to take part in the SUN Project and to post her illustrations devoted to social problems. In her pictures, she shows such pernicious feelings and emotions that people don’t usually discuss, though we all experience them from time to time.

Bright Side has already told you about this talented artist who unfolds the dark side of the human soul. Now we’d like you to take a look at her new illustrations. Warning: some of them can really make you feel uncomfortable.

24. The real me

23. Behind your back

22. Cheer up!

21. The 4 of us

20. My true love

19. Echo

18. Distrust

17. One-sided

16. Memories

15. Household

14. Sibling

13. Strong

12. Mistake

11. Just kidding

10. Ego

9. Social anxiety

8. Group assignment

7. Getting an A

6. Identity crisis

5. Introvert

4. I can’t.

3. Help

2. Congratulations

1. Adulthood

Do you think Mimi N managed to show the darkest feelings and emotions?

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-art/an-artist-from-indonesia-shows-what-feelings-are-hidden-inside-our-souls-611060/

A Japanese Artist Illustrates Feelings That Tear Your Soul Apart but Are Too Hard to Put Into Words

Emotions are an integral part of our lives. We feel happy and sad, disappointed and hopeful; we’re glad to meet people and we’re depressed when they leave. Despite the fact that all of us know these feelings, sometimes it’s impossible to express them in words. That’s why we need illustrations like the ones that avogado6 draws. He is a mysterious artist from Japan who doesn’t reveal anything about himself except that he loves chemistry. When we look at these pictures, we can see that there is definitely some chemistry here: between the artist and his fans!

Bright Side wants to show you a compilation of the work done by avogado6. We hope you will enjoy them.

Meteor shower



After the rain
















Don’t let go.



A shop of happiness



Under the skin

Botanical garden



Social adaptation

Not your day

Hold on.

Falling asleep


How do you express your feelings? Tell us in the comment section below.

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