18 Cool Examples of Urban Furniture You’ll Probably Want on Your Street

Do you know that the longest bench in the world is situated in Littlehampton, UK? This bench is made out of 9,000 colored slats and measures at 324 meters. Urban design is constantly developing, and nowadays we can find tons of street furniture pieces that are often weird and sometimes truly astounding.

Bright Side gathered the most impressive examples of street furniture that you’ll definitely want to have near your house.

18. Book benches, Istanbul, Turkey

17. A letter bench, Bristol, England

16. The bench of Claude Ponti, Nantes, France

15. Sail benches, Verchères, Canada

14. The periodic table and a bench, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

13. A bench through a concrete wall, Luxembourg

12. A slingshot bench, Germany

11. Park benches made for one person facing away from each other, Finland

10. The state of the pulse at rest, Hamburg, Germany

9. A pencil bench, Kiev, Ukraine

8. A shark girl, New York

7. A whale tail bench, Santa Barbara, California

6. An upside down bench, Mexico City

5. “Have a break, have a Kit Kat,” London, UK

4. A hand-held bench, Kiev, Ukraine

3. A robot bench, Enschede, Netherlands

2. A motivational Nike bench, New York

1. A sunken observation platform, Vöcklabruck, Austria

Which of these items would you like to have on your own street? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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29 Purrfect Examples of What It’s Like to Be a Mom

Russian cat Muska made headlines when she “adopted” 8 baby hedgehogs who had lost their mother. The little hoglets refused milk from the bottle and Muska, who had recently raised a few kittens, shared her milk with the spiky babies. This amazingly generous foster mom saved the lives of those little creatures. Boundless love and affection — this is what unites all the mothers of the world. Have a look at these cute animal moms who know what it really takes to be a parent!

Here at Bright Side, we were glued to the screen as we scrolled through these photos that glow with love and kindness. Will you feel the same?

1. What does it mean to be a mom?

2. It means being on duty around the clock…

3. …and taking a nap only when the kids take a nap.

4. Even if she is tired…

5. Or even exhausted…

6. …being a mom is a job with no vacations.

7. A PURRfect mom is always there to back you up.

8. She will help you take your first steps…

9. …and teach you discipline.

10. As well as self-defense.

11. She will even sacrifice her privacy…

12. …to spend more time with her beloved kid.

13. A mom’s heart is a never-ending source of love…

14. …care…

15. …and affection.

16. Mom’s love has no boundaries…

17. …and no limits.

18. She might be overprotective sometimes…

19. But it’s just because she loves you…

20. …and she cares.

21. Whether you are big…

22. …or small…

23. You can always find a place under her warm wing.

24. She’s absolutely PAWsitive about having fun together…

25. …and she will cheer you up if you’re having a bad day.

26. Being a mom is not easy…

27. …but she is happy to give you all the love she has…

28. …and get that love back from you.

29. Let every child have that PURRfect mom!

Which of the pictures did you like the most? Do you know of any examples of such affectionate animal mothers? Share your thoughts and pictures in the comments sections below!

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