9 Aspiring Musicians Chase Their Dreams in Netflix’s New Unscripted Series ‘Westside’


When it comes to reality series, it looks like Netflix is going full steam ahead. The streaming platform’s latest unscripted series, Westside, offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of nine struggling singer-songwriters trying to make their music dreams a reality. The show will not only touch upon each cast members’ journey in the music industry, but also their personal and often relatable struggles. 

From drug abuse to juggling multiple jobs to relationship drama, each episode will highlight the good and the bad as these nine young people search for fame. The end goal for these dreamers is so take part in an ensemble showcase to show off their talent and become the next music superstar. NBD. 

Before you take this journey and binge-watch the addicting Netflix reality show, here is what you need to know about each cast member before they make it big. 


Sean Patrick Murray


Pia Toscano


James Byous


Arika Gluck


Austin Kolbe


Caitlin Ary


Leo Gallo


Alexandra Krekorian


Taz Zavala

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20 Barbaric Acts That Will Haunt Our Dreams

What is behind the worst, most irrational decisions that people make? We have a tendency to think that our emotions are somehow involved when we become irrational. But a study has confirmed that the lack of mental effort, rather than emotions, is what really determines irrationality. So next time you witness a weird act that goes beyond any logic, you’ll now know that the brain wasn’t involved.

Bright Side has gathered 20 acts that go beyond ordinary understanding. Some of them seem so barbaric that you can’t help but scream out: “Why?”

1. How do you turn a dog into the queen of France?

2. “There’s no way this is making it to the table.”

3. Did you know that some labels are actually long reads?

4. When you just finished mopping the floor:

5. For some people convenience is a top priority.

6. When you really want your car to stand out:

7. There are no limits to perfection, or are there?

8. Fast and furious — see you on the slopes!

9. “I still haven’t decided who I wanna be when I grow up.”

10. When you feel the burden of the strings attached:

11. The first and scariest thing you see in the morning:

12. When expectation turns into a truly barbaric reality:

13. When you deeply love electronic music and have no fear:

14. How far is he gonna go for her perfect Instagram picture?

15. When a funeral agency has a marketing strategy:

16. If you need the workday to be over, think outside the box.

17. Ingenuity is the father of invention, right?

18. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

19. When you just can’t afford to settle for less:

20. For those who have a fear of becoming a coach potato

Which of these ideas seems the weirdest to you? Were there any that you actually found ingenious? We’re waiting for your comments below.

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Twi-Hards Can Make Their 2008 Dreams Come True By Buying Bella Swan’s House IRL


Now’s your chance to be the new kid in Forks, meet a handsome vampire, and live happily ever after! 

The house that Bella Swan called home in the Twilight franchise just hit the market — and could be yours for a cool $349,000. Not only will you get four bedrooms and two bathrooms, but you’ll also get to claim a pretty big part of pop culture history! 

Though the fictional Bella lives in the very real town of Forks, WA, the real house that served as the set for the leading lady and her father is actually located in St. Helens, OR, where much of the movie was shot. 


According to the current owners — who have lived there for 16 years — there was something special about the house long before the Swans moved in. Homeowner Dean Koenig remarked that he felt like he walked on to a movie set the first time he laid eyes on his abode all the way back in 2002. 

And it turns out, he and his wife were onto something; their feelings that the home looked like something right out of a movie came true in 2007, when a man knocked on the door. “The man at the door said he was a location scout for a movie company,” Dean, the current owner, explained. “He said the director really liked the house and was wondering if he could shoot some photos of it. After that, I had many visits from the production staff.”


Since the home was to serve as “Bella’s House” for both exterior and interior shots, a set designer worked with the director and the Koenigs to give the inside a bit of a makeover — which they’ve kept to this day. 

“I’ve kept the house as it was from the movie. The choices the filmmakers [made] really made the house shine,” he gushed. “Production was done and the film was about to be released. I sat down to watch the television and a trailer for Twilight came on the screen. To see a picture of the very house you’re sitting in, followed by an image of the very room you’re in, is a sensation that very few will ever know.”


He continued, “When we first saw the movie, we watched it in the Columbia Theater in St. Helens. The town was used as a stand-in for the town of Port Angeles. There is a close-up shot of Bella standing in the kitchen right in front of a small square cabinet left of the fridge. My wife leaned over and said, ‘Hey! I know what’s in the cupboard!’ I, myself, always think of the scene where Charlie meets Edward for the first time. He’s cleaning a gun at my dining room table, in my dining room, sitting on one of my chairs. That is a really crazy thing to see on a big screen.”


While the house may not come with all the furniture, it does come with plenty of memories.  

“If you’re a fan, this place is the one spot that a movie fan can directly connect with an actual, physical part of the movie,” Dean told People. “Actors age. They change. They take on different roles. This house will always be as you saw it in the movie.”

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