Woman Reveals in Shocking Post That Her Boyfriend May Be Drugging Her, Then Discovers the Truth


It’s a horrifying thought to believe that the person you’re in love with secretly, deep down inside, is capable of not only manipulating you emotionally, but physically abusing and harming you in downright evil ways.

Sadly, there’s no shortage of stories on the internet where this is exactly the case. People’s wives, husbands, girlfriends, and boyfriends are, unfortunately, often involved in some pretty heinous acts against their significant others.

Something that Redditor IntrepidSport thought her boyfriend was guilty of when she started waking up in her bed with red spots on her body and no memory of what had occurred the night before. All she was left with was the “aftermath” and a ton of questions.


The severity of her suspicions makes me question why she decided to jump on reddit for advice right away instead of getting tested first, but when you’re afraid that your boyfriend, who’s also a doctor, might be drugging and sexually assaulting you, I can’t imagine that going about things methodically and with a clear head is really an option.

This is in north Texas.

Hey so I must apologize if this post is jumbled a bit. I started typing it up in Word yesterday before my date and forgot about it before finishing it today.

I think my boyfriend has been secretly drugging me for a while now and is gaslighting me. I know this is going to be hard to explain, but I have been having gaps in memory that I have been explaining away as being tired, or overworked, or whatever else. I was going to ask my boyfriend about it, since he is a doctor, but then I started to notice that this seems to happen when I go on dates with him.


I know it must be crazy, but I have woken up with dried semen on my breasts several times with no memory of the night before. I know its him as… well I wont get into specifics but he likes that kind of thing more than other guys would… 

The first time it happened was when we were drinking and I wrote it off as too much to drink. We get drunk and have sex all the time so its not a big deal to me. But then there were a few times when I KNOW we were not drinking. 


I decided to break up with him over it only to suddenly find myself on a date with him a few days later. I had not yet had the conversation to break up with him, but planned on it next time I talked with him. I remember being at the restaurant, but nothing before that. My car and his car was in the parking lot too so I was confused. 

I decided to play along when he asked me to come back to his place.

After 3 days at his place I remembered everything so I was started to trust him again. Knowing he was an ENT I know it won’t be his forte but he is a doctor. I was going to ask him about my issues when he randomly pointed to these red bumps on my thigh and said I should be treating those sores.


I had completely forgotten they were there. These little red bumps that look like needle injections that got infected. I got so freaked out he mentioned them that I decided to leave.

The next day he came over to “Check on me” and I remember waking up in bed with more dried semen on my chest. 

Then today he met me for lunch saying we had agreed to meet. I never agreed to meet with him and would never want to. He does this all the time, saying we agreed to do something I have no memory of.

I am sick and tired of it and want him punished.


This has started to affect my work life as well as I start to get paranoid when I see a boss walk into a room after making eye contact with me. I get paranoid that they are about to fire me. My friends also state I have been acting strangely and out of character. I have even begun to lose sleep and sleepwalk when I do. 

Is there a way to have blood work done to see what kind of drug he is using on me? I do not want the police to blow me off and push me away as some crazy lady so I want to be sure when I go to the police. 


Her account of events, although scattered, is horrifying to read. She was convinced that her boyfriend was guilty of injecting her with some type of drug that spurred her memory loss, but after paying close attention to her recounting of events, it seemed a bit off.

The fact that her symptoms cleared up while she was staying at his house doesn’t make sense, something that some other redditors also picked up on. Also, the red marks on her arms becoming infected is another thing that got commenters thinking they weren’t needle prick marks at all, but something much more disgusting.


Bedbug bites:

You mentioned red bumps on your thigh, insomnia, memory loss, paranoia and anxiety?

Pull the sheets off your mattress please. Check in the little creases for brown specs or encrusted brown flakes.

These symptoms sounds eerily familiar to what happened to a friend of mine. We thought he was going crazy. Turns out he was having a severe reaction to long term bedbug bites.

You mentioned that you remember everything that happened at his place but as soon as you got home it started up again?

Bedbugs can cause psychological symptoms if the reaction is severe enough.

I would check the lip of the mattress first to see if you have bedbugs.


Now, I know that bedbugs are nearly impossible to get rid of, and cleaning a home that’s infested with the little nasty monsters is a Herculean task that’s expensive, time-consuming, and annoying. Most people who have furniture or clothing infested with bedbugs seal them up and burn them.

What I didn’t know is that bedbug bites can have such a wide-ranging and severe breadth of reactions in different people. A litany of different mental health problems could arise from long-term exposure to bedbugs and mites. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it.


IntrepidSport, after reading the replies to her post, decided to check her mattress and see if there were any bedbugs there.

Wait Seriously? Does it look like dried chocolate or poop chunks along the seam of the mattress?


Yes. That what you see?


Yes. All long the left side of my mattress by the wall.

–  IntrepidSport 

Her reddit thread’s currently locked, and she hasn’t updated the post, but it could very well be that the source of her memory loss isn’t because she’s being drugged by her boyfriend at all, but a case of horrible bedbugs. This is like something out of a horror movie, for both OP and her boyfriend.


It’s not like everyone in the comments section of her post is wiping their hands and saying, “Well this problem is solved,” though. They’re still encouraging her to get checked out by a doctor (who isn’t her boyfriend) and get blood work done to see if she has been drugged.


Former professional pest control guy here with lots of experience with bedbugs. I will happily answer any questions about bedbugs.

My first bit of advice is for you to get professional treatment of the bedbugs. It is not cheap, but they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Bedbugs can survive a year or more without feeding and do cause a wide array of psychological issues due to prolonged extremely poor sleep. I sincerely hope this is the cause of your issues, but I would also talk to your doctor (not your boyfriend) about your symptoms. Request blood work.



Getting rid of bedbugs, if it has been a long-term infestation, is no joke. It is not as simple as disposing of the mattress and washing clothes. Those $!#*ers get into wood, they get into damn near well everything.

If you are the victim of a long term infestation, EVERYTHING needs to go. All your wooden/pressboard(ikea type) furniture. Your clothes and bedding need to be nuked in super hot water. Anything you have that shouldn’t be washed that way can be dry cleaned, I believe this kills them as well. Mattresses gone, carpet, everything.

These mother$!#*ers are hell to get rid of once they have dug in. They can get into drywall. We had to dispose of a great deal of wooden furniture, have several walls replaced, towels, bedding, mattresses – all gone. Then had the exterminators in. And we didn’t get them the first time. We had to come back over everything again. Now those $!#*ers are gone. $!#* them!


But here’s hoping that the issue is a critter infestation and not an ornate, systematic process of assault orchestrated by her boyfriend on a nightly basis. I think this would be one of the only cases where someone’s mental health deteriorating due to bedbug bites is a cause for celebration.

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The Internet Discovers That "All-Natural" LaCroix Isn't So Natural After All


A class-action lawsuit claims that everyone’s favorite sparkling beverage, LaCroix, isn’t as “natural” as it brands itself to be. In fact, plaintiffs are taking the bourgeois drinking brand to court, alleging that their ingredients aren’t as “innocent” as their website packaging makes them sound.

All of this happened after law firm Beaumont Costales filed the suit on behalf of consumer Lenora Rice, and found through testing that several artificial ingredients, including linalool, is used in cancer treatments and cockroach insecticides.

According to the lawsuit, “The plaintiff Rice, desiring a healthy, natural beverage, was led to purchase LaCroix sparkling water because of the claims made on its packaging, advertising, and web site to be ‘innocent.’” But the lawyers found that “LaCroix in fact contains ingredients that have been identified by the Food and Drug Administration as synthetic.”


The suit also alleges that LaCroix and its parent company, National Beverage, are fully aware of the synthetic chemicals in their drinks but are “intentionally misleading consumers” because, well, they know what their audience likes and wants. The class-action suit seeks to stop LaCroix from marketing its products as natural, and to pay damages to those who bought the drink under the assumption it was.

While parties interested in joining the list of plaintiffs are welcome to contact the Beaumont Costales law firm at 773-831-8000, National Beverage Corporation is denying the allegations.

In a statement, National Beverage stuck to LaCroix’s initial claims, saying “All essences contained in LaCroix are certified by our suppliers to be 100 percent natural.”

But even if they’re not, don’t worry LaCroix drinkers. Linalool, although used in insecticides and cancer treatments, is actually found in the spice plants, laurels and cinnamon, according to New York Post.

PubChem, an open chemistry database, found that the only documented toxic effects of linalool are mild skin and eye irritations. Another expert in the field of food and regulation told Popular Science that LaCroix would have to contain linalool amounts upward of 50 percent in order to cause any worry.


The internet, whose many millennial users adore the sparkling beverage, was quick to react to the news of their favorite drink containing sketchy ingredients.

“I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, but maybe people who buy trendy overpriced cans of water DESERVE to drink cockroach poison. Discuss amongst yourselves,” said one person on Twitter who’s going to be receiving a lot of mentions this afternoon.

Another non-plussed person added, “Sippin on a LaCroix while reading about the LaCroix lawsuit. There’s more [stuff] in other drinks that we consume on a daily.” 

She’s not wrong! In a series of events that reeks of “The lady doth protest too much,” LaCroix’s official account has been responding to people’s tweets about the class-action lawsuit by sending out the same legal-approved response every two or three minutes:


“We categorically deny all allegations,” writes the beverage company. “Natural flavors in LaCroix are derived from the natural essence oils from the named fruit used in each of the flavors. All essences contained in LaCroix are certified by our suppliers to be 100% natural. More info [here].”

Our guess is that the internet is going to have a field day updating their already overflowing repository of LaCroix memes.

Linalool is primed to make its way into this LaCroix joke from the summer:

New LaCroix flavors!

-Transported in a truck near bananas

-Hint of hint of lime

-Single Skittle dissolved in water

-Shy watermelon

-Imagine like, a strawberry but with low battery

-Apple scratchings

-Previous tenant squeezed a lemon

-Possible kiwi sighting


-Wait nope, wasn’t a kiwi

-Tropical cardboard

In fact, most memes drag the drink for tasting like nothing.


“LaCroix tastes like when my foot falls asleep,” reads another viral tweet on the subject. People are hilariously free-associating all the flavors LaCroix is reminiscent of. “LaCroix tastes like when people say the word ‘moist’,” shared another.


“LaCroix tastes like my ability to retain information for exams if the exam I’m studying for is what certain fruits taste like,” reads another hilarious tweet. Another person chimed into the fun to add, “Every Lacroix flavor tastes like it was created by someone who didn’t want to admit he’d never tasted fruit so had a friend quickly describe it to him.”


The memes are so abundant, there’s sure to be another influx incorporating the pesticide scandal once everyone gets out of their jobs and onto Instagram.

LaCroix die-hards: will you keep drinking?

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Grandma Discovers Something About The 'USA' Shirt She's Been Wearing For 25 July 4th Celebrations


Dressing up for special occasions is pretty great, and nothing says PATRIOTIC GET-UP better than rocking your red white and blue everything on the 4th of july.

T-shirts brandishing the old stars and stripes, cheap wayfarer knock-off sunglasses, blue shorts, red sneakers and a white top bedazzled with stars, everyone can rep the US flag. Heck, even if you’re from New York my guy, there’s a special USA item of clothing for you.

The iconic symbol of America’s flag is immediately recognizable, and no July 4th celebration would be complete without drowning in a glorious sea of red, white, and blue, accompanied by whatever cold cheap beer your friends managed to toss into a cooler.

The thing is, however, that the colors red, white, and blue are pretty common. There are tons of countries that have them on their flags. Look at France. Look at Britain. Stars, while not exactly a rarity, are a bit less common. So if you see stars, red, white, and blue on something, your mind automatically thinks ‘Murica.

That’s what Dale Cheesman’s grandma thought. She’s been repping the same fourth of July shirt for more than 25 years. Look at how adorable she is in it.

However, thanks to the 2018 World Cup and the participation of one team, Panama, Dale and his family discovered something about Grandma’s shirt.

She wasn’t repping Old Glory at all. Take a look at the Panamanian flag below, then back at Granny’s shirt.

That’s right, every July 4th for 25+ years, Grandma was actually proudly rocking Panama’s flag.

Something that Dale calls “25 years of treason.”

People loved Dale’s post.

And immediately replied by giving some Panama-approved Grandma nickname puns. 

Now here’s where it gets crazy, a proud citizen of Panama pointed out that he should tell his grandmother to rock the shirt on November 3rd, which is Panama’s Independence Day.

Dale’s birthday? November 3rd. BOOM.

Others wanted to know just how in the heck Grandma managed to keep a 25+ year shirt looking so darn nice.

People just wanted his grandma to come and visit Panama, probably on account of how well she wore that shirt.

Others didn’t find it so funny. This is July 4th after all, and Granny was sporting the wrong flag.

On the plus side, however, she at least was wearing a shirt for a country that qualified for the World Cup and even won it!

It was the World Cup of Flags on Twitter, but still, so what they lost 6-1 to England? They’ve got that distinction and an awesome Grandma who will hopefully uphold  the tradition come this July 4th.

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Couple Discovers 'Electrical Box' In Backyard Was Actually A Safe Filled With Treasure

If you grew up on cheesy action-adventure movies like me that are set in the early 20s or 30s, then you probably are wary of ancient treasures and the inevitable curses they’ll bring upon you.

I know it seems like an irrational fear, but the idea that my greed and desire for a “shortcut” to fame and fortune resulting in an eventual and horrible curse is something I worry about a little too much, seeing as they’re not real (probably). So the idea of grave/tomb robbing isn’t something I’m into, because I don’t want a visit from any supernatural creatures chasing me to the ends of the earth.

But ancient artifacts is where I draw the line. If I find an old-timey safe or something that’s existed in the last couple of centuries and it’s filled with modern day cash and goods, you best believe I’m going to take that stuff with a clear conscience or fear of repercussion.

Which is why I can’t understand, for the life of me, why this couple would do what they did when they discovered a rusty safe behind some trees in their backyard. A safe that they thought for the longest time was just an electrical box. It wasn’t.

This gross-looking box was on their property. This gross looking box contained $52,000 in cash, gold, and diamonds. This gross looking box could been their next decadent vacation. A double-or-nothing “bet on black” single game of roulette. A brand new supercharged Audi. A  $52K bitcoin investment.

And Matthew and Maria Colonna Emanuel decided they couldn’t keep it. They could’ve said, “Finders keepers.” They could’ve easily kept the money and all of the belongings. But there’s a reason they didn’t.

It’s because the couple are decent people. In addition to all of the discovered loot, these two State Island folks found a sheet of paper.

On that paper, was an address.

Because they have a conscience or whatever, they knew that they needed to contact the person whose name was on the address and as it turns out, that person was their neighbor.

So they knocked on their door and asked if they’d ever been burglarized. Turns out that they were and the police reports from 2011 prove it.

So the couple let their neighbor know that they had their safe without hesitation, which of course, people admired. Because it’s very easy to talk yourself into keeping it in that situation, think of all the excuses?

They probably got insurance to cover it.


This is fate, the universe is looking out for me.

or the most compelling:

Finder’s keepers, b****es.

People on Twitter not only commended the couple for their honesty…

…but they also had a bunch of questions for whoever stole the safe.

Like, if they were planning on going back and getting the safe after stealing it, why didn’t they ever go back and pick it up? Why would they leave it so close to the crime scene?

And then a bunch of other people basically told the same joke.

The story also inspired some hopeful treasure hunters to grab a shovel and go to work in their own backyards.

And others lamenting their own misfortune.

Honestly, as sad as it sounds, I know plenty of people who happened upon $52,000 randomly just means they’ll be in less debt than they were before. #StudentLoanLife.

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