A Man Rescued a Baby Squirrel From Death, and Now the Whole Internet Is in Love With It

One freezing March morning in New York, little Thumbelina was born. Brought to humans and abandoned by her squirrel mom, it felt like this little baby wouldn’t survive. These humans were surprised to find her in their bed but they decided not to give up on her and handed her over to the wildlife rehabilitators. This was when everyone realized that Thumbelina was one of a kind.

Bright Side found a touching story about a little ambassador squirrel. She helps people to understand one simple truth: “Each little life is big to the one living it.”

Due to the destruction of her squirrel nest, Thumbelina’s mom found a very extraordinary way to save her little children: to sneak into a human’s house. Then she worked hard to provide everything necessary: she found leaves and twigs and brought them to her children’s new “nest”. When the owners came back and found these new “guests” under their pillow, they were nothing short of surprised.

The mom squirrel tirelessly kept providing the “nest” with all the necessary materials and didn’t even think about getting her kids back to wildlife with her. She decided not to return ever again, and the 2 newborn sister-squirrels were adopted by their new human family — 2 local rehabbers, Christina and Michael.

Sadly, one sister passed away just a few hours later, but tiny pink Thumbelina got a second chance at a new, safer life.

Christina and Michael try to release all rescued squirrels back into the wild, but Thumbelina required some special handling. Due to missing out on the birthing season and having almost no bonding with her kind, it was decided to let Thumb stay with the humans.

Thumbelina is different from her fellow squirrels: she developed slower, opened her eyes later than normal baby squirrels and being rather old, she preferred milk rather than real food. Thumb wasn’t fond of jumping and running around — playing and cuddling with her new parents was the most interesting activity for her.

Thumb is afraid of other squirrels. Even her own reflection appears to be something scary. “She probably thinks that she is not a squirrel herself,” said her owners.

Right now Thumbelina spends her days eating sugar snap peas, arugula and avocado, “helping” her human mom with groceries and, of course, playing. Every day is like a little adventure for her, and her owners try to do everything to surround her with love and care.

“Just chilling with Mommy”

Just look at this little tubby with her spinach! It’s impossible to resist and not to fall in love with her!

“Who said animals can’t look classy?”

Have you ever rescued an animal yourself? Did you let it stay with you or did you bring it back to its habitat? Share your experiences with us in the comment section!

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Stars Who Received Death Threats for Their TV Character


Ah, social media. The one place where cute puppy videos and death threats can co-exist in several jarring platforms. While it’s a good time to be a stan of a TV show, people take that stanning to true stalker-y proportions. And there’s definitely something wrong with those who can’t discern fact and fiction and target some poor actor for ruining their fandom. Below, some of the craziest cases of death threats on a celebrity.


Vanessa Morgan


Shannon Purser


Josh McDermitt


Timothy Granaderos


Keri Russell


Mia Talerico


Brenock O’Connor


Sean Hayes (and the cast of ‘Will & Grace’)


Grant Gustin


Jussie Smollet


Anna Gunn

Source : https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/11/14/ZfS6H5/stars-death-threats-tv-characters

How Will 'House of Cards' Deal With Frank Underwood's Death?


When House of Cards debuted on Netflix, it was one of the streaming service’s most popular shows and demonstrated that not only could Netflix produce some darn good television, but it had a series that put many of its “traditional” TV outlet counterparts to shame.

It also didn’t hurt that it carried the star power of Kevin Spacey in the show’s main role, who did an outstanding job episode to episode. However, all of the news surrounding his off-camera misconduct forced his exit from the show and Frank Underwood was killed off-camera.

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding just how Netflix is going to handle the show’s sixth and final season, especially without Underwood at the forefront of it. Netflix made no secret what happened to Underwood when they debuted this teaser trailer, which shows Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood addressing her dearly departed husband.


The line that Claire delivers is a powerful one for multiple reasons, because it not only speaks to Frank’s character, but maybe the controversy surrounding Spacey’s as well:

“I’ll tell you this though, Francis. When they bury me, it won’t be in my backyard. And when they pay their respects, they’ll have to wait in line.” 

What does it all mean? Well, Claire sounds like she’s making big political moves herself. She was sworn in at the end of Season 5 and doesn’t make any mention of pardoning Frank for his crimes. Anyone who’s watched the show knows Claire’s even more politically adept and cunning than her now-dead husband, so there’s going to be some great power plays and plenty of Claire badassery going on.


Here’s what we do know about the upcoming season, which debuts on November 2: we know that the story behind Frank’s death is that he peacefully went in his sleep. But seriously, what are the chances of that?

Claire gets sworn is as President after Frank resigns, and refuses to pardon him, and then he mysteriously dies in bed? Expect the circumstances surrounding Frank’s death to be a huge plot point in Season 6.


Then there are the number of shady characters Frank aligned himself with and copious amounts of dirty laundry she’s inherited from her departed husband, so Claire will have to navigate that. Then there’s sexism, lots and lots of sexism.

Being the first female President and dealing with characters like eccentric sibling billionaires Annette and Bill Shepherd (who comes off as misogynistic), along with Republican male senators who aren’t happy that a sharply dressed woman with an impeccable short haircut is leading the country aren’t going to be happy that she’s the new Commander-in-Chief.


Oh, and if you needed any more proof this latest season will deal hardcore with gender inequality, just check out this quote from Claire:

“The reign of the middle-aged white man is over. The Bill Shepherds of the world who won’t let go, have to go.”

Honestly, this sixth and final season might be the best House of Cards has to offer. Claire’s character development has been one of the strongest throughout the series, and Robin Wright has directed more episodes of the program than anyone else, which includes the series finale. Amazing.


Source : https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2018/10/31/Zw1EI0/house-of-cards-how-does-kevin-spacey-die

26 "Crazy" People Who Were Vindicated in Death


There’s a certain pleasure we all get in getting to tell someone, “I told you so” and, hopefully, that pleasure only comes from saying it about good things.

It doesn’t make me happy to tell my son, “I told you so” after he smashes his head against our ottoman tray, even though I warned him a bunch of times about the dangers of jumping off the couch and onto surrounding furniture with reckless abandon.

And if ghosts are a thing, I’d like to think that the people mentioned in this AskReddit post are saying, “I told you so!” from beyond the grave. These historical figures were either ignored or blasted as being straight-up crazy for their views, but ultimately had their theories/ideas legitimized after the fact.


King James I


Major General Pendleton


Kotoku Wamura


Ignaz Semmelwies


Dr. John Snow


Robert H. Goddard


Georg Cantor


Ludwig Boltzmann


C.Y. O’Connor




This guy’s Grandpa.


Alfred Wegener


Martha Mitchell


Ernest Hemingway


John O’Neill


John Colter


Otto Von Bismarck


Bugsy Siegel


General Billy Mitchell


Gary Webb


John Yudkin


Ferdinand Foch






Ike Eisenhower


William Seward

Source : https://www.distractify.com/fyi/2018/10/26/Z2gdS5D/historical-crazy-people-vindicated

People Who Have Been Clinically Dead Reveal What Death Is Really Like


For most people. your conception of death is based on what you’ve seen on your favorite TV shows or movies. It can run the gamut from waking up in a brightly lit train station and seeing a passed love one who urges you to keep living (a la Harry Potter) to dying a wealthy newspaper magnet whose last word is the name of your childhood sled. Citizen Kane, anyone? 

Whatever you imagine your final living seconds, there are actually people who have been labeled “clinically dead” and experienced the other side — even if just for a few seconds — before coming back to life. These survivors shared their afterlife stories on reddit, and while each person’s experience was different, most agreed that death is not something you should be afraid of. 

Or in the words of Dumbledore, “Do not pity the dead. Pity the living.” Keep scrolling for first-hand accounts of what death really is like. 


Staying alive is “exhausting.”


Death is like a “big warm blanket.”


You’re an “impartial observer.”


W.W.H.S.D? (What would Homer Simpson do?)


Death is like the “darkest dark and silent silence.”


There’s always a white noise.


You never want to leave.


Visits from the other side.


Out of body experience.


A walk through a field of flowers.


You’re just a spectator.


Reunited with your first love.


Harry, is that you?

Source : https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/08/24/Z12VQuf/what-death-is-like

People Are Using Kate Spade's Death To Start A Serious Conversation On Depression

It’s easy to take a cynical approach to consumerism. To the world of fashion and frivolous purchases. I do it all the time.

I get angry whenever someone values name brand stuff for the sake of it being name brand, and I also find it pretty disgusting when people seem to care more about appearing successful than actually doing something successful in their lives that’s fulfilling and meaningful to them.

The kind of person who, in the seminal Post Malone track off of his masterpiece, Beerbongs and Bentleys, are like this woman: “her bag Chanel/but she drive a durango”.

Spending money on Gucci belts when you’re borrowing gas money, leasing a new Lexus while you’re living with your parents and taking pictures of it on Instagram with “inspirational” comments means your priorities are in the wrong place and you’re kinda pathetic. But that doesn’t mean liking the finer things in life is wrong, because it’s not.

For many people, earning those finer things through hard work, or treating yourself to something to celebrate an honest-to-goodness milestone means the world to you. It’s why growing up I valued the videogames I got after busting my butt in school or saving up enough money from shoveling people’s driveways way more than the rich kids who just got the game on a Tuesday from their parents for simply existing.

One of the best parts about buying those finer things, is when you gift them to someone else. I love surprising my wife with gifts and seeing her face light up when I show them to her. One of her favorite designers was Kate Spade, who, unfortunately, recently committed suicide.

The news left a lot of people shocked and expressing their condolences to the influential designer’s family.

People are now using Spade’s suicide to spark a larger conversation about mental health.

Many are doing it by sharing photos and stories about what her designs meant to them.

For some, it was a symbol of success, of attaining personal goals and dreams.

For others, it was all about the gift of giving.

Some people showed off her more unconventional designs and how much it meant to them to buy a new bag.

Others shared some embarrassing stories about having a knock-off, and meeting Kate Spade herself.

For many, Spade’s products represented the first “actual” purse they ever purchased, and the great feelings associated with getting something they really, really wanted.

For many people, it helped them cope in difficult environments.

Others testified to the quality of Spade’s products. For a bag to last from the ’90s, that’s pretty darn impressive.

Her suicide is a reminder that depression can affect us all. But you can get help.

My condolences to Kate Spade’s family in this trying time.

Source : http://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/06/05/oEYmf/kate-spade-depression