19 Social Ads That Scream, “We Need Change in This World”

Our planet is our home which is why all of us should take care of it. Unfortunately, many people often forget about this simple and obvious truth. Public service ads are probably one of the best ways to remind people why protecting the environment is extremely important. Of course, in order to make people interested in environmental safety, public ads have to be extremely powerful.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at these powerful public service ads. And at the end of the article, you’ll find an interesting bonus feature waiting for you.

A really illustrative powerful ad

Global warming is real.

This is what we do ourselves:

On the island of Sumatra, 663 million trees have been cut down to make palm oil for toothpaste.

Plastic ocean

Don’t dirty our beaches.

More and more animals are going extinct.

We need to stop being lazy.

Before it’s too late.

And the picture could have been perfect.

Would you buy this “seafood” at a supermarket?

And the process of restoring the forests takes decades.

Recycling is the way to solve the problem.

The entire planet is endangered every time we cut down a tree.

The sea can’t take it anymore.

This cannot work forever.

The more paper you save, the fewer trees we lose.

Rivers are life.

Don’t let them sink.

The plastic will outlive them.

Bonus: Cars that never got sold

Just look at the sheer number of cars that were produced but never got sold. They’re just parked in a place where forests used to be.

Which public service advertisement did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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15 Photos Showing How Pets Change Life for the Better

It is amazing how animals influence our lives. They give us their sincere love and emotional support. They reduce our stress levels and sense of loneliness. According to a study, animals can even help us make new friends and form social contacts. And stories of people from around the world inspire us with surprising encounters with their animal friends.

Bright Side has found the most touching and life-changing stories of friendship between people and animals. Warning: after reading this article you may want someone fluffy to take care of.

1. This is Esther, mistakenly represented as a “micro-pig.” Although a 600 pound pet was quite a surprise for her owners, she drove them toward a life-changing decision. They bought a farm, where they could care for animals in need.

2. “I rescued my little dude and it has been hands down the most life-changing, joyful, and overall rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Thousands of animals are neglected every day. If you have the means, consider giving one of these guys a new home, you won’t regret it!”

3. “I grew up my entire life without ever having a pet. Last September, Hugo changed that for me and brightened my world. He is always there to lift my spirits.”

4. This dog named Bunker helped Julie to overcome a hard part of her life. No one psychiatrist or therapist had ever been able to do anything. A slow path of recovery from depression started when Julie adopted a Golden Retriever puppy.

5. When Eric and Peety met, Eric was 150 pounds overweight, depressed, and sick. And Peety was an overweight, middle-aged, and forgotten dog. They started to go on walks, play together, and eat healthy food. As a result, Eric lost 150 pounds, while Peety lost 25 pounds.

6. This Golden Retriever named Summer helped Valeria when she lost her mom and when her husband was deployed with the Navy.

7. Chaton Fife has Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. And this small dog is her rescuer. When Chaton is about to faint, Dobby barks and runs to her husband to let him know that there’s trouble.

8. This cat named Bob helped his owner, James Bowen, get off of drugs and fix his relationship with his father. His whole life turned around for the better.

9. “She was 2 months old when I brought her home, and she needed me the way blood needs veins. She was impossible. I was impossible. Before I met her, I did not know I could love that much.”

10. “3 lessons I got from Ollie: love more, balance, and let it go.”

11. “I was severely depressed after one of my cats unexpectedly passed away in front of me, and a few days later this little guy came into my life. I had no intentions of keeping him. I clearly failed miserably, but it was a failure I don’t have regrets about.”

12. Lee Aitchison is a British Army veteran. He had to leave service due to an accident that caused a degenerative neurological disease. And it was his black Labrador named Angus who helped him through his darkest days.

13. “I always thought, ‘Do animals really mean that much? Because it’s just an animal.’ I love his tail and I love his little belly! I am losing all my street cred.”

14. Tasmai Uppin says that her dog helped her become body positive, “He seems to be pretty freaking comfortable in the skin he’s in, so why shouldn’t I?”

15. Sara rescued Ginger from being a security dog. After that, they traveled around Africa together. After some time Sara started an organization to rescue and take care of street dogs.

Do you agree that animals can change our lives for the better? Do you have a personal story? We can’t wait to hear it!

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Which Button Would You Hit to Make a Positive Change in Your Life? The Answer Reveals How You Feel

It’s not by chance that we surround ourselves with particular colors of clothing, interiors, etc. The colors that we choose relate directly to our state of mind. There has been tons of research held in this sphere of phycology and the “Lüscher color test” is a great way to help find out about a person’s mood, intentions, and condition.

Bright Side invites you to take a simplified color test to find out what exactly you need to become even happier than you are now.

All you need to do to take this test is to choose the button you would press in order to make a positive turn in your life. Which color button would you press?


If you choose the color red, it means that you’re a person who is ready and eager to give many things to this world. It means that you want to be heard, noticed, and recognized. You want to do your best in any aspect of life (at work and in your personal life) by becoming the best employee, partner, etc.


Your attitude toward life is quite optimistic, assertive, and positive. Taking risks is something you’re not afraid of but at the same time, you manage to stay sensible and rational. You are well aware of your capabilities and are ready to use them to their fullest.


You’re the one who’s able to enjoy small successes. Your best motivation is understanding that big things begin with small steps. That’s why you always focus on the details and don’t miss the chance to improve them.


Choosing the green button indicates your permanent fight between being free and safe at the same time. You are the one who tries to always keep yourself balanced and calm which makes you a good friend, companion, and partner. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: in pursuit of an equilibrium, you may forget about the things that really matter to you.


The period you are currently living through is full of good and pleasant things and you are well aware of it. The good news is that you don’t take things that come to you for granted and enjoy every moment, living your life to the fullest. The only thing you should remember is to stay level-headed and keep your feet on the ground, otherwise, it might become too painful to come down later.


Choosing the purple button indicates that you’ve reached the very life you’ve been dreaming about. Now you have enough confidence, self-esteem, and faith in yourself to pursue all the goals and desires you’ve been keeping within you for so long. You know what you deserve and use this knowledge for your own profit despite being a very sensitive person.


Choosing this color is all about the right balance. You appreciate the concept of living in balance and know how important it is in reaching goals. You are well aware that reaching an eternal balance is impossible but you’re doing your best to keep poised and composed in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.


Rationality is your second name. You are the one who keeps their feet on the ground and their head clear. This feature might be making you look cold and distant but those who truly know you know how sensitive and simple you are.

Which color did you choose? Has the result described your true feelings? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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20+ Items From Online Stores That Can Change Your Life for the Better

Everyone knows that online stores often offer really strange things: from flower pots with automatic waterers to teabag holders. Most of the time, these things are bought out of pure curiosity and they cost very little money. And you know what? Some of them, judging by the comments of the people who bought them, turn out to be quite useful.

Bright Side wants you to take a look at these “inventions” and try to understand which of them are really useful and which are definitely not worth the money. Be careful: after reading this article, you might want to buy a plate with a mirror or soap made of metal!

21. Shaving pedestal

20. Protection for a gas stove

19. Corner sink wash basin

18. Fruit and vegetable cutter

17. Strainer + spoon

16. Water draining dish rack

15. Special watermelon knife

14. Metallic soap for removing fish and onion smells

13. A bowl for people trying to lose weight

12. Grinding soap dispenser

11. Clips for washing and drying socks

10. Rotating wet and dry broom and dust pan

9. Dual breakfast sandwich maker

8. Hanger for hangers

7. A frying pan for waffles

6. Stovetop pizza oven

5. Clip-On strainer spout

4. Trash bags and towel holders

3. Counter edge cutting board

2. A mold for making ravioli, muffins, and dumplings

1. Stainless steel finger guard protector

Bonus: Ingrown toenail corrector

Have you already decided which of these useful things you will order at an internet store? Or do you think that all these things are a waste of money? Tell us in the comment section below.

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20+ Photos That Can Change the Way You See the World in Only 5 Minutes

There was once a real, existing prototype of mythical unicorns, while the plate you are eating from can be made from a recycled milk package. These prove that no matter how hard we study our surrounding world, it still opens many horizons to us and today’s compilation is perfect evidence of this.

Bright Side found photos that even highly experienced scholars wouldn’t resist passing by.

What potato chip bags look like at a convenience store at 7,438 feet above sea level!

A telephone cable cut open

The inside of this apple was eaten by wasps.

A coin with a secret

“Saw a pregnant squirrel for the first time today.”

The time has almost come.

“Holding hands with a Japanese giant salamander”

This old sundial has multi-oriented panels that show the time in countries all around the world.

“Some frog eggs that I found on a post”

In South Korea, rainwater is stored through a hydraulic system so it can later clean up the streets.

That’s what a peeled raw egg looks like.

Meet the Elasmotherium, a big hairy unicorn that existed as early as 29,000 years ago. According to a hypothesis, he is the prototype of a mythical unicorn.

The eyes of a mollusk

“My plate for lunch is a recycled milk carton from Denmark.”

“This blue crayfish I found in the mountains of West Virginia”

A perfectly rectangular iceberg

The remains of a mummy whose age is about 3,000 years with a toe prosthesis.

$2 coins from the Cook Islands are triangular.

A 150-year-old bonsai

A rainbow tree opal

A part of a woolly mammoth’s skull

One of the oldest rocks in existence, the Murchison Meteorite. It’s 4,600,000,000 years old.

An Anatis labiculata ladybug

Which of the objects from this compilation would you add to the history books? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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10 Creative Tricks That Can Change Your Life for the Better

It seems like only a few years ago that life hack videos started going viral, resulting in everyone becoming obsessed with finding shortcuts in everyday tasks. But according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the first use of the term “life hack” with the meaning that we know today was used in 2004.

That’s why in this article, Bright Side put together some ideas you can use at any time — today or 20 years from now.

10. Bottle opener

If you’re staying at a hotel and you can’t find a bottle opener, the door will absolutely do the trick.

9. No more leaky bottles

If you have an annoying bottle that leaks all the time, just tape a napkin or a paper towel to it.

8. Cleaning everywhere

Sometimes even the narrowest attachment for a vacuum cleaner can’t do the job. Just use a toilet paper roll and adjust it.

7. Chip clip

If you can’t find a chip clip, you can use something that we all have in the house like a pen, for example.

6. Pool noodle protector

To protect a car door from getting scratched by a garage wall, attach a pool noodle to the wall.

5. Toothbrush holder

Sometimes hotels don’t provide toothbrush holders, or you are hesitant to use them. You can use a paper cup as a holder.

4. Keeping the curtains closed

It can be annoying when curtains don’t want to stay closed. To avoid that, you can use a hanger.

3. Reusable Swiffer pads

If you run out of Swiffer pads, you can use a fuzzy sock and then wash it. Not only does it work like a charm, but it can also help to save a few bucks.

2. Sprinkler system

Here’s a quick and easy sprinkler system for your garden that is both planet and budget-friendly.

1. A clean shower head

If you put some vinegar diluted with water in a bag, tie it around your shower head and let it soak for a few minutes, you will be left with a nice, clean, shiny shower head.


Did you know that some brands put the actual product in the little cube on the bottom? It’s worth checking — maybe your favorite lipstick that you are running out of can get a second chance!

Have you tried any of these hacks? Let us know your favorite trick in the comments!

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17 Scientific Discoveries That May Change the World Soon

Thanks to thousands of scientists from very different fields our world is coming closer and closer to the sci-fi future that we see in the movies. They never stop amazing us when they report having done a successful head transplant surgery or sending a Tesla car into orbit.

The past several years have been a true breakthrough for all of us. And this is why Bright Side has made a list of the most important scientific discoveries of 2017 and 2018 that will make the world a much better place.

17. Scientists helped a disabled person start walking again.

A group of neurophysiologists from Russia and the U.S. managed to do the almost impossible: give a paralyzed person the ability to walk again. A man who was paralyzed several years ago after he fell from a snowmobile took part in the international experiment. This method was used by scientists for the first time. The patient was cured with electric stimulators that were originally made for other purposes — to relieve pain. Now, thanks to electric stimulation, even if the damage is really serious, it’s possible to help people move again.

According to the neurophysiologists, the partial rehabilitation of this patient took 44 weeks. At the moment, the man can stand and walk on a treadmill.

16. The first color x-ray in history

Scientists from New Zealand made the first 3D color x-ray in history. The new device was made based on the traditional black and white x-ray machine using particle tracking technology called Medipix. Thanks to this technology, in 2012, in a Large Hadron Collider the particles called “Higgs boson” were found.

Medipix works like a camera at the subatomic level. As a result, it gives us high-contrast images. On color x-rays, you can clearly see the difference between muscles, bones, and cartilage, including the size and position of cancer tumors.

15. Scientists created a vest that can warn you about a heart attack several days in advance.

Smart Vest looks quite simple but on the inside there are special sensors and electrodes. They allow you to track your own ECG, registering blood pressure and heartbeat. And all this is done 24/7. Someone who owns this vest can download a special app on their smartphone where all the data about the heart function will be stored.

The creator of this invention says that the application can give a diagnosis and even predict serious heart issues because the abnormal activity of the heart can be noticed on the ECG 2 days before the heart attack. The vest has already been successfully tested on volunteers.

14. Israeli eye ophthalmologists invented eye drops that restore the eye cornea.

Can you imagine that very soon glasses for eyesight correction won’t be necessary anymore and their job will be done by regular eye drops? This is what a group of Israeli ophthalmologists are working on. The scientists have already tested the drops on pigs and the result was amazing. The drops are effective at fighting near- and far-sightedness. And according to the scientists, the drops can completely replace glasses.

13. Chinese policemen now have smart glasses with face recognition technology.

At the beginning of 2018, Chinese policemen in Zhengzhou were given smart GLXSS glasses that have a facial recognition system. They can take photos, record video in HD quality, and also show information on the lens thanks to AR-technology. This device has already helped to capture almost 40 criminals.

GLXSS cost $635 but you can’t buy them for personal use right now.

12. “Self-parking” slippers from Nissan

Finally, the problem of constantly lost slippers can be forgotten because Nissan has come up with slippers on wheels. The slippers have engines and sensors based on ProPilot technology. Thanks to this technology, these slippers can return to a predetermined spot. Now, anyone who wants can try these slippers in one of Japan’s hotels.

11. In China a flying taxi was successfully tested.

Aerocar EHang 184 looks like a drone but it can do much more. It can transport 2 passengers, it can fly up to 15 km with a full charge, and it can go as fast as 130 km/h. But the best thing about EHang 184 is the fact that it can work autonomously. The developers think that the commercial version of the taxi will work on autopilot. The passenger will only have to show it the final point of the destination.

Soon this flying taxi will allow us to avoid huge traffic jams in big cities.

10. Artificial intelligence protecting humanity

This news is not exactly a scientific discovery but everything that happened in this story is a great example of how much artificial intelligence has developed.

In January 2018, a woman from Argentina published a post on Facebook where she said goodbye to her friends and relatives. There was a photo of some potent substances attached to the post. Her message was tracked by the algorithms of the social media that uses AI for these purposes. The program sent a signal to the managers of the website in the US and they contacted emergency services of Buenos Aires. The rescue team found the woman unconscious but they managed to save her.

9. An exoskeleton of a hand that is controlled by the mind

The engineers at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) created a prototype of a hand exoskeleton that can be controlled with the mind. The electrodes are located on a special helmet. In the early versions, the electrodes had to be placed under the skin. The exoskeleton is easy to control and can be set up within several minutes. The device has already been tested by people who have spinal cord injuries or a stroke. Now, the engineers are improving the exoskeleton in order to make it good enough for mass production.

8. Testing unmanned cars

In 2017, it became absolutely clear than unmanned cars will be an important part of our lives. In the U.S., Tesla is the leader in this industry and is improving their electric cars year after year.

Tourists and locals in Paris can already try the experimental unmanned mini-bus with an electric engine.

In the near future, the international traffic rules will most likely be changed to correspond with the development of unmanned vehicles on the roads of our planet.

7. Cryptocurrency is a new part of economics.

In 2017, the world economy had an unexpected blast — the increase in popularity of cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that the first and the most well-known cryptocurrency called bitcoin was invented in 2009, it became really popular only last summer. From August to December, the exchange rate was changing very rapidly, going from $2,000 to $20,000, and then falling to $6,500 for one bitcoin.

Experts predict that that cryptocurrency has a big future in world economics along with the euro and dollar.

6. Researchers have proven that the theory of our origin is not true.

In 2017, humanity made huge progress in learning more about itself. For a long time, people believed that the Homo sapiens originated from other species about 200,000 years ago somewhere in Eastern Africa. Most of the anthropological and archaeological theories known today confirmed this version.

However, this summer, in Nature Magazine, an article by an international group of scientists was published. They found the remains of people which are more than 300,000 years old. These people lived on a completely different part of the African continent. Researchers are sure that if they were dressed in modern clothes nobody would be able to tell the difference. This discovery has proven that the theory we believed before was completely wrong.

5. Astronomers found an object called Oumuamua in our Solar System.

2017 challenged science many times. In Hawaii, astronomers found a unique asteroid that is not part of our Solar System. It means that it originated somewhere far out in galactic space. The speed of the asteroid is too high for our Sun to pull it with gravity.

Some scientists have theories that the asteroid was made by a living thing and there is even a huge telescope that is trying to capture signals from intelligent life.

4. Chinese scientists cloned a monkey.

The first successful cloning experiment happened when molecular biologists managed to grow 2 clones of the same monkey. Born from a surrogate mother, these monkeys have the same DNA. The experiment will help humanity find a cure for cancer, avoid genetically inherited diseases, and clone extinct animals.

3. Genetical editing to treat a patient

In August 2017 bioengineers changed the genes of a living person. Experts at Oregon University made their first attempt to genetically modify an embryo by removing a gene responsible for the development of an infectious heart disease. The surgery was successful.

Also, another company did a surgery changing the genome of pigs using CRISPR technology. Thanks to the surgery, 37 absolutely healthy pigs were born without any harmful viruses in their bodies.

And finally, there was a genetic modification done on a living person. The patient is a 44-year-old man who had Hunter syndrome. The scientists are still waiting for the results of the treatment. And if they are positive, doctors will soon be able to treat serious diseases this way.

2. Scientists will find a cure for oncological diseases soon.

Modern medical experts are on the way to making people forget the word “cancer.” Of course, it is impossible to cure cancer completely, but it might become as easy as curing a cold.

In 2017, several ways of fighting cancer cells have been tested but the most progressive one was the method for treating cervical cancer. Sperm with a special drug were sent to the necessary areas and when it reached them, the sperm emitted the drug. As a result, more than 90% of the cancer cells there were removed. This method allows patients to avoid chemotherapy.

1. The first successful head transplant surgery

You will probably agree that this piece of news sounds like it was told by someone who returned from the future. But the future is actually now. This is what our scientists are trying to prove.

Chinese surgeons, managed by Sergio Canavero, performed the first head transplant from one corpse to another. The surgery took 18 hours and the result was the successful connection of the spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels. On December 25, 2017, Canavero predicted that in 2018 the first head transplant surgery of a living person will be performed.

Aside from all of these discoveries and achievements, 2017 and 2018 had other scientific events:

  • Re-using the first stage of SpaceX Falcon 9. Experts at Elon Musk’s company made a breakthrough when they launched Falcon 9 into geostationary orbit again. By doing this, they saved $19 million for one launch. In the future, the amount of saved money will be tremendous.
  • Finding exoplanets. This is probably one of the biggest pieces of news from NASA. In the TRAPPIST-1 system, they found 7 planets, 3 of which could possibly be inhabited. They are at the right distance from the closest star for life to develop.
  • Alpha Go artificial intelligence beats humans. Last year, a machine, or special software beat the best Alpha Go player in the world. This game is believed to be more difficult than chess.
  • At the beginning of February, SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy. According to the project, the rocket will be able to deliver 64 tons of load into orbit, and 16.8 tons to Mars. This rocket sent Elon Musk’s own car to space — his cherry Tesla Roadster. A dummy dressed in a SpaceX space suit is in the car. This is a real breakthrough because this is the heaviest rocket that has ever been used.

Which of these scientific discoveries do you think will make the world better? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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25 Photos Proving There Are Things That Never Change

Everything changes in this world: we travel somewhere, invent something, or discover something. But there are also things that never change: our relationships with friends and family, our favorite pets, our favorite toys, and our most memorable places. These people, places, and moments are just priceless.

Bright Side has collected 25 touching photos that show the importance of things that don’t change as time passes.

“Still looks handsome in his favorite sweater 3 years later!”

“My son and myself, 16 years apart. Same couch, same shirt on me.”

“My mom and dad recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and decided to re-create one of their wedding photos.”

“Father and son, 135 NASA shuttle launches between 1981 and 2011.”

“Waited 10 years for Incredibles 2.”

“My father pushing my brother and me in the running stroller, and pushing my sons in the same stroller 29 years later.”

“Can’t believe I met the same guy I took a picture with 13 years ago!”

“A child and his grandfather at the same place, 69 years apart.”

“My dad and I in 1st grade, then again in our 20s.”

“My mom holding me (1989) vs Me holding my son (2017).”

“2 years ago, I photobombed this couple’s photo in a restaurant. Today the same couple happened to sit in my section at a completely different restaurant! So we had to re-create the photo.”

“My dad with my older brother above, and my brother and his firstborn below.”

“My mom and me at Mount Utsayantha in 1997 and 2017.”

“After a storm, my dad and I decided to re-create the picture that we took 35 years ago.”

“My husband found our cat when he was an infant kitten. Over a year later, the cat still loves to sleep on his shoulder.”

“Me when I was 17, holding a picture of my dad when he was 17. Our long hair tradition.”

“My dad finally decided I’m old enough to drive the car my mom left to me, on the condition I re-create her old photo.”

“Pups learning important life skills from their mom”

“My dad’s genes run a little stronger than my mom’s.”

“My wife and her pupper 30 years ago, and our daughter and her pupper.”

“I thought I’d take this Father’s Day to re-create one of my favorite pictures with my dad.”

“My girlfriend, now wife, and I at 6 and 26. Bonus addition: our 9-week-old baby girl.”

“To commemorate its 25th anniversary, my brother and I decided to re-create this terrifying photo from 1992.”

“Sisters then and now, photos 20 years apart.”

“They still love this couch and each other.”

Bonus: No DNA test required!

Do you have any photos from the past that look just like modern ones? Share them with us in the comments!

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16 Maps That Can Change the Way You See the US

If you think what you learned about maps at school was boring, you are not alone. Sure, you can locate the states and their capital cities, but is that the sole purpose why maps exist? Or, can you really locate and name all of the states? A survey showed that Iowa and Missouri are among the states that only a few people can recall unless certainly, you happen to live there!

If you want to view the US from a perspective you have never imagined, keep reading. Bright Side brings you 15 maps that show the US in a whole new light.

1. Highest-paid public employees

According to a study conducted by ESPN, a college football or basketball coach is probably the highest paid public employee in your state. In 2017, with a salary of $11.1 million, the list was topped by Nick Saban who is the football coach at the University of Alabama.

2. Popular boy names

William is a popular boy name in the southeast while in the southwest it is Noah.

3. Popular girl names

Emma is the most popular name for a girl in the US. It is followed by Olivia and Ava.

4. The most and the least remembered states

Sporcle, a popular quiz site conducted a study to find out the most and the least remembered states in the US. This map is a graphical representation of their findings.

5. Rivers basins of the US in rainbow colors

Created by Imgur user Fejetlenfej, a geographer and GIS analyst, the map shows the massive expanse of river basins across the country. There are 18 major river basins in the 48 states of the contiguous US, but, as evident from the map, a massive catchment area for the Mississippi River, including the Upper and Lower Mississippi River Basins, dominates.

6. Forest cover map of the US

The color scheme goes from black as 0% forest to bright green as close to 100% of dense forest.

7. UFO sightings in the US

Imgur user swizec created a map of UFO sightings in the US. The darker the green, the more the number of sightings per capita. Circle radius represents sightings per population.

8. US Highways and Interstate Map

9. Population density heatmap

The map shows the population density of the contiguous 48 states.

10. The size of the moon compared to the US

11. Light pollution map

12. Generic term for a sweetened, carbonated beverage

13. Half of the US population lives in just 9 states.

14. How do Americans address a group of 2 or more people?

According to a study conducted at NC State University, “You guys…” is the most popular way to address a group of 2 or more people.

15. How Americans address their friends

“Dude” is the most popular word for “friend”.

16. Map showing the most popular brand from each state

Which map did you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments below.

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12 Artists Who Had To Change Their Sound to Become Famous


For many of your fave artists, success wasn’t instant. Many worked for years as they played small gigs at clubs, released demos no one listened to, and hustled to get to where they are today. And during that time, they went through several musical iterations before landing on the sound that would make them famous. Lady Gaga was a Billy Joel-esque singer-songwriter before realizing she could be more popular if she turned herself into a cartoon character. And there are many more musicians who followed similar career paths. Sure, some might say they sold out, while others might say they pivoted for the better. Whatever the case, their early career choices are definitely a tad surprising if not a little embarrassing. Below, 12 of the most notorious ones.


Katy Perry


Lana Del Rey


Lady Gaga


Iggy Azalea


Alanis Morissette


Sugar Ray


Smash Mouth


Goo Goo Dolls


Tori Amos


Cyndi Lauper


Beastie Boys


The Go-Go’s

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