We Scoured Hundreds of Tweets to Bring You the 20 Best #2018in5words Memes


Let’s face it, 2018 was a wacky year with some really wacky stories. I mean we are living in a day and age where Post Malone can create his own line of Crocs and not only were they not a joke or super niche specialty item, they managed to sell out within ten minutes.

And although fashions and trends change from year to year, or even week to week these days, there’s one obsession that isn’t going away for a long time, and that’s memes. There’ve already been some great memes in 2018 already, but it wasn’t until the end of the year that a bunch of memes started surfacing that captured the essence of 2018 — and is known as #2018in5Words on social media.


Especially now that it’s winding down, people on Twitter decided to share the #2018in5words hashtag to succinctly sum up their reactions to 2018 as a whole. Some people of course provided snarky remarks. While others really hit some hot-button issues: like outrage culture.


Without delving too deep into specifics, it’s been a pretty tumultuous and unbelievable, borderline-insane year for news headlines. Things that you would’ve never expected to occur in government or spoken by elected officials went down.


In fact, a lot of the stuff that went down is beyond parody because it’s parody itself. It seems like every single day something crawls up from the political sphere that makes you question if we’re living in the Matrix or not, or we’re all part of large-scale episode of Punk’D.


There were references to the mass fire in California as an appropriate metaphor for the way this year went down, along with references to popular YouTube drama.

Like remember the time Logan Paul exploited a dead body for views


Although 2018 has had its fair share of absurd headlines, some of the most absurd ones weren’t intentionally written. Like this unfortunate one-letter typo that led to a very different interpretation of a story about Julia Roberts.


Then there was the whole Tanacon fiasco, which was basically a repeat of the dumpster fire that was the Fyre Festival.

Out of all the #2018in5words memes that popped up on Twitter though, I have to say this smoke detector one caught my attention because it was so random.


The biggest fight of 2018 was inarguably the epically built-up MMA bout between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Did Conor lose to the Dagestani bear-wrestler? Yes. Yes he did, and there were some amazing memes about it.

Also, we unfortunately lost some amazing human beings to 2018, RIP to these absolute champions.


If 2018 wasn’t a good year for you, well, there’s still some time for you to turn it around and get some good $#*! flowing into the next year. We all know that “New Year, New Me” is all a bunch of malarkey, but maybe you can start doing something with the same old you from now that’ll make you not feel like that weird plush in the tweet above.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/humor/2018/12/12/Wep3RuZ/2018-in-5-words-memes

20+ Colorized Historical Photos That Bring the Past to Life

As the Spanish philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” And even though the past sometimes seems to be so far away from us, we can get a little closer to it due to these amazing artists who add color to the photos that were taken a long time ago.

Bright Side suggests you to take a trip to the past and have a look at 24 colorized historical photos that were refreshed and brought back to life.

24. Robin Williams in Central Park, 1974

23. Marilyn Monroe, 1954

22. John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier on their wedding day, 1953

21. Water skiers at Cypress Gardens, Florida, 1969

20. Kathleen Hughes, 1953

19. Kurt Cobain, 1971

18. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 1953

17. John Lennon and Yoko Ono at Butterfly Studios in New York City, 1972

16. British tattoo artist George Burchett, circa 1930

15. Churchill celebrates his 69th birthday with Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, 1943

14. Nikola Tesla, 1893

13. Boys buying flowers in New York, 1908

12. Red Cross volunteers, circa 1910

11. Brenda Marshall, 1942

10. Princess Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, 1940

9. Clint Eastwood, circa 1960

8. Queen Victoria with her son Edward and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, 1896

7. Franz Ferdinand, circa 1914

6. Titanic disaster, 1912

5. Charlie Chaplin, 1921

4. Oasis in the Badlands, circa 1905

3. A boy blowing out a Christmas tree candle

2. Harry Houdini, 1912

1. Abraham Lincoln, 1865

Which photos impressed you the most? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-photography/20-colorized-historical-photos-that-bring-the-past-to-life-649510/

9 Insanely Smart Hacks That Can Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

It’s not a secret that the amount of waste we produce is growing annually, but the stream of discarded furniture has reached a whopping 9 million tons a year — and this is just office furniture! So, to help out with this waste, let’s give our old furniture a chance at a new life.

We at Bright Side believe that anything that’s old can be redecorated. And we are ready to share some tips on how to bring some fresh looks into your house design.

Remove oil spills from fabric.

Spills are a normal thing in a household with kids and pets. The biggest sacrifice to them is the fabric on our furniture.

  • Take a piece of chalk and rub it on the fabric — it will absorb the oil or grease.
  • Let it soak.
  • Remove the chalk with a wash cloth.
  • Let fabric air dry.

Clean damaged floors and wooden furniture.

  • 1/4 cup oil
  • 3/4 cup vinegar
  • Clean cloth

You should wipe the damaged wood with this concoction to make it look as good as new. You can also cover the wood with paint to make it “sit” better.

Remove rust spots from metal.

You can use this trick on metal pieces of furniture or even just on your knives.

Simply soak the parts you need to clean up in lemon juice for 5-10 minutes, then scrub the rusty spot with a scouring pad.

Apply liquid leather to bring your sofa back to life.

Pick up “liquid leather” from Amazon or eBay and apply it over the cracks of an old couch or an old leather chair to give the piece of furniture a new look.

Use a simple walnut to remove scratches.

Wooden floors and surfaces are prone to scratching and sometimes it is incredibly inconvenient. To remove small scratches from wood, use a peeled walnut. Take a half, rub it along the scratch several times, and let it soak in for at least several minutes. Then polish it with a clean cloth.

Tile old tables to give them a fresh look.

Speaking of table tops, if your old one looks like it’s ready to be thrown out, you can just use glue to decorate it with tiles. Pick a specific design to make the tabletop match the interior or pick something neutral so that the table can be used for a long time. It doesn’t hurt that tiles are heat and stain-resistant.

Cover a damaged surface with chalkboard paint.

In a household with children, everything is a drawing board. Give in by picking up a can of chalkboard paint and making some surfaces black and washable.

Make your old furniture look more chic.

Distressed furniture and items have been very popular recently, so why not make some yourself? Paint over the wood and then scrub it with a sponge or a bit of sandpaper. You can even make a layered design of you use several different colors.

Add little details to give the whole piece an upgrade.

Never forget that you can completely ruin the overall look of your place by ignoring the little things, like the knobs on a cupboard, pillows, and chair covers.

What would you like to change or renew in your home? Or maybe you already have and are eager to share the amazing fruits of your labor? Be sure to do so in the comments so we can all marvel at it!

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/9-insanely-smart-hacks-that-can-bring-your-furniture-back-to-life-637860/

22 Striking Historical Shots That Bring the Past to Life

Photographers are a great help for historians: they capture the most memorable events and important facts and their images can explain the atmosphere of an entire era. But unfortunately, the most interesting pictures of the past are not shown in the history books in school. So, we decided to show you what Charlie Chaplin looked like when he was young, what the first scooter was like, and who Mark Twain was friends with.

Bright Side has found some interesting photos of the past that are full of historical value.

1. A soldier is helping a boy get over the Berlin Wall.

2. Apeman found in the jungles of Brazil, 1937

This picture was originally posted on Imgur and immediately went viral because there was no explanation of where the photo came from and what it means.

3. Leningrad during the USSR, 1970s

4. Cutting a sunbeam, 1886

5. Charlie Chaplin, 1916

The movie legend is 27 years old here.

6. When the 2 sides finally meet:

British and French tunnel engineers greet each other at the breakthrough point in the Channel Tunnel, 1990.

7. Coca-Cola advertisement in Venice

Venice is famous for the number of pigeons there. The local authorities even prohibited the tourists to feed these birds on St. Mark’s Square because there were a lot of them. In 1960, Coca-Cola used it for their advertisement campaign: they spread the seeds so that the pigeons that flew to eat them made a giant Coca-Cola inscription.

8. Mark Twain in Tesla’s lab

Telsa and Twain were good friends despite the fact that the writer was 21 years older than Tesla. The famous writer spent a lot of time in his friend’s lab. Once, Twain even wanted to test Tesla’s rejuvenating electric current. The experiment didn’t end well and the writer felt sick afterward.

This photo was made in 1894. Twain is holding an experimental electronic lamp.

9. Girls delivering ice, 1918

In the past, the hard work that men used to do had to be done by women.

10. A woman riding an Autoped

An Autoped is an early version of an electric scooter that was made by a New York company Autoped Company. It was produced from 1915 to 1921.

This photo was taken in 1916.

11. David Bowie at the age of 16

When David was 9 years old, he wanted to become a saxophone player. And at the age of 15, he organized his own band called The Konrads.

12. German fraternity mirror selfie, 1912

13. The first daguerreotype of Abraham Lincoln

This is the earliest of Lincoln’s portraits. It was made by Nicholas Shepherd in 1846.

14. Princess Elizabeth II serving in the Women’s Auxillary Territorial Service

In 1945, the future Queen served in the Women’s Auxillary Territorial Service.

15. A beggar catches up with the carriage of King George the V

16. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and George V of the United Kingdom

Look at how similar the English King and the Russian Tsar look! The thing is, they were cousins: their mothers were sisters.

17. The creation of propaganda posters during World War II

1941. Female students in Port Washington are copying posters.

18. The last Thylacine on the planet

Thylacines are animals that went extinct not that long ago. This is Benjamin yawning in the zoo in 1933.

19. Men celebrating the end of the prohibition, December 5, 1933

It was prohibited to sell, produce, and transport alcohol in the US from 1920 to 1933.

20. The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge

The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge took 4 years — from 1933 to 1937. It was the biggest bridge from 1937 to 1964. Now, it’s not the biggest bridge in the world but definitely the most recognized one.

21. Anne Frank’s father Otto, revisiting the attic where they hid from the Nazis. He was the only surviving family member.

Anne Frank became famous for her diary that she wrote while hiding from the Nazis. Unfortunately, Anne died. Her father was the only survivor.

22. Testing a bulletproof vest, 1923

Which photo impressed you the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/creativity-photography/22-striking-historical-shots-that-bring-the-past-to-life-624860/

20 Furry Moms That Will Bring You a Good Mood

Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 40 countries and it honors mothers of families and the special bond between a mother and her children. World-known animal rights organization PETA came up with the initiative of celebrating animal moms on Mother’s Day too. One of the suggested activities implies showing schoolchildren pictures of animal moms with their kids and even printing them out and placing them on greeting cards. This is supposed to give children the idea of the strong physical and emotional bond that exists between all mothers and kids in the world.

Here at Bright Side, we got our dose of love looking at these cute animal moms with their kids. Now it’s your turn to enjoy!

1. How many puppies can you count?

2. There’s a place for every child under Mommy’s fluffy paw!

3. A row of love

4. A lemur mom and kids having fun

5. “I made these!”

6. Being a mom means sacrificing your privacy to a certain extent…

7. Aww… Just look at those cuties!

8. Purring fluffies

9. Hey, buddy! Does my kid take after me?

10. What could be better than lying on your soft and warm Mommy?

11. Attention! Cuteness overload!

12. There’s so much love in this picture!

13. A mother’s kiss

14. A purrfect family picture!

15. That little rebel!

16. They look adorable, don’t they?

17. A mom with her newborn kittens

18. Teaching the kids to pose for a photo

19. Successfully copied

20. Countryside perfection

Which of these furry moms seem the cutest to you? Have you ever spotted such adorable scenes of moms’ and kids’ lives? Feel free to share your impressions and pics in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/20-furry-moms-that-will-bring-you-a-good-mood-615610/

16 Isolated Houses That Can Bring Peace to Your Soul

There are thousands of megapolises in the world where millions of people live. However, there are still places on our planet where you can stay alone and take a break from colleagues, noise, and endless phone calls.

Bright Side decided to show you the places where people live in harmony both with themselves and with the world around them.

If there is something in this world embodying tranquility, this is how it looks:

When the whole island is yours and instead of neighbors you can greet the captains of passing ships:

Those who manage to reach the height of 13,000 feet will get a wonderful view of clouds floating underneath their feet.

It seems that nature has used all shades of green for this picture:

A shelter for modern Robinson Crusoe: a private house, a personal forest, and a personal island.

Even if there are only several dozen people living on an island, you may occasionally want to be alone.

The sea is always near.

The most introverted village in the world

The best mode of transport — skis.

When you take over the whole island in order to build one house:


The best fence is one you don’t need.

The only thing connecting you and your neighbor

When even your house is an introvert:

Only 650 stairs for those who want to reach the top of the world

When, apart from isolation, you create your own microclimate:

Would you like to live in any of these houses? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-places/16-isolated-houses-that-can-bring-peace-to-your-soul-614510/

18 Losers You Should Bring Home If You Want Your Whole Family to Hate You


Let’s face it: We’ve all dated some kind of loser. Fine, maybe not those of us who met our life partners in middle school, or those who’ve had arranged marriages, or those who are just full of self-worth and dignity and would never swipe right unless the person in question was straight out of some Top 10 magazine. 

But for the rest of us earthlings who’ve cruised the dating circuit at different levels of casualness, it can be easy to become blinded by our loneliness and their good looks, and therefore end up canoodling with some version of a total utter loser you wish you could erase from your personal history log.

However — and bear with me here — as horrible as these individuals are to us (here’s looking at the live-in ex who threw my dog and me out to the curb in the dead of winter after falling for someone else overnight), it’s often much more painful to experience these losers from the outside. Like, I’m pretty sure every time my sister told me something awful her ex-boyfriend said to her, it hurt me more than it even hurt her. And that’s because we’re protective of the people we love, and we don’t want to see them suffer with objective losers.

People on reddit banded together to share their stories of the biggest losers their family members dated, and the results are both cringe-worthy and heartbreaking. Below, 18 of the most horrible people in the world you’re going to want to crucially avoid like the plague. 

And if you think you could afford to become a better partner to your S/O, scroll through the list to at least make sure you’re nothing like these guys.


The guy who lies about being a Navy Seal.


The guy who invites his mistress to live with him and his wife.


The “hippie” whose carpet walked all over him.


The guy who doesn’t know the difference between the sun and the moon.


The really possessive chick.


The dude who had so many red flags, his ex-wife even reached out.


The manipulative and controlling bride-to-be.


This dude from the internet.


The dude with terrible tattoo taste.


The dude who enables his girlfriend’s depression.


The chick who faked all of her injuries.


The dude who extorts her family.


The dude who wants his girlfriend to drop out of school.


The dude who stole her money.


The guy without ambitions.


The guy who isolates and controls his wife.


The guy who’s a total narcissist.


This complete tool — where to even begin…

Source : https://undefined/relationships/2018/09/14/ZdmWm3/dating-loser