24 Stirring Photos That Prove Animals Are Our Best Friends Ever

Articles that tell moving stories about animals and people get a lot of attention from our readers. We have been amazed by the number of responses, photos, kind words, and stories we get from them. So, here is a new compilation of stories about friendship made completely out of the stories from you, our dear readers.

The entire Bright Side team was moved by your kind and pure hearts. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fit all of your stories in here, but you should know that we read every single comment and we are amazed.

“This is Grunyasha. She is 10 years old. We found her when she was a puppy. And she is still scared of being alone. She howls when we are away.”

“This is Bucks. He followed our son home from school. He wasn’t scared of making it all the way to our house even though he was only about 2 months old. He’s been with us for 3 years now.”

“Last Christmas, I lost my most loyal friend. I will never forget him. We had a special relationship. He understood how I felt better than anyone. When I fly to different places, I think about him. I’m always on the lookout for a rainbow as a symbol that he’s still happy, wherever he is.”

“This is Nucki and Martina. When we found them they were barely alive. Now we love them and they love us!”

“This is Besya. We saw each other at a vet clinic and my son talked me into taking her. My husband didn’t want the cat but now we all love each other.”

“She passed away at the end of the year. I really miss her. She chose me a husband, she approved my apartment, let me have a dog, and once she made sure everything was okay, she passed away at the age of 18…”

“This is Susy, Mal, and Luna, we love them a lot and take them to different countries.”

“My husband found Luna as a puppy in the street. Mel, the lab, was thrown away by her owners and she waited for them for 2 years. The second lab, Susy, was owned by people who used her to produce new puppies.”

“He got run over by a car and had a serious injury. The owners tried to treat him but then decided to put him down. Some good people took him in and ordered a wheelchair for him. I have him now and he is 13 years old.”

“We found this bird without any feathers. When he was growing up, he loved to sit on our shoulder. 2 months later, he grew into a beautiful pigeon. We let him go, but he sometimes comes back to visit us.”

“This is Titai. She has been living with us for 2 years and it’s only recently that she has started to trust us. She doesn’t purr, she is not scared of water, and she walks in the forest and brings us trophies — mice!”

“This grey beauty is Avy. I took her in as a kitten and she has been with me for 3 years now.”

“This is Zosya. She is 13 years old, we got her as a kitten.”

“We took this gorgeous cat in as a kitten because he was in danger. He’s been with us since then.”

“He was thrown away in the forest not far from where I was swimming. We’ve been together ever since.”

“This is Bublick and Glasha. They both were found on the street and were hurt by people. Everyone recommended that we put them down, but we didn’t listen. Now, all that is behind us, we are happy together.”

“This lady came to our house really thin. And look at this beauty now.”

“This is Lana, but we call her Dobby. We got her from the animal shelter. We took her when she was 4 months old, right before the New Year. This was our present for ourselves.”

“This is Peach, he is 15 years old. We found him when he was 2-3 months old, his tail was broken, his ears were torn… We fixed him up. He is still sick from time to time, but he goes through his treatments with great patience.”

“The cat’s name is Vasya and the dog’s name is Luke. We got the cat as a kitten. Luke is an old guy, he doesn’t see very well and almost can’t hear anything, but he still tries to control the cat.”

“This is Tihon. We found him 4 years ago, he was definitely a house cat. I didn’t want to take him because I have asthma and I’m allergic to cats. But while I was trying to find a new owner, I got attached to him. So, he’s been with me since then.”

“This is my cat and he only has 3 paws. He has been with me for 2 years.”

“This good boy is Bronx. When he was 7 years old, someone got tired of him, and gave him to a shelter. We took him 2 days later, we love him, and we take him to the doctor. We love his beautiful voice (he howls when he wants attention).”

“This is my son Aramis. I found him when he was really small and I fed him from a bottle. When I was trying to find new owners for him, I realized that he was my dog.”

“This is Lucky. He was part of a group of newborn kittens that were thrown away. One of them survived and was found by my son. He brought him home and cared for him. He fell from the 4th floor and lost his front teeth. We can’t imagine our life without him. When someone asks me how many children I have, I always say 2 — my son and my cat.”

Bonus: A newly-born lamb snuggles up to a boy. This looks like the start of a new friendship.

Do you have any cute stories about you and your pets? Share them in the comment section below.

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20 Times Animals Were So Curious, They Stole the Show

Both professional and amateur photographers have pictures photobombed by wild animals or pets. Be it a photoshoot in the wild, or just a selfie at home, curious animals will never miss their chance to appear in your photo and steal the spotlight. It’s hard to disagree, however, that these cute intruders make the shots even better.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve had a good laugh at these pictures of animals unexpectedly showing up in these pics, and now it’s your turn!

1. Hey, buddy, we want that nice Bali vacation shot too!

2. A cute seal joining the renowned wildlife photographer Art Wolf during one of his photoshoots in South Georgia

3. “This clever meerkat climbed onto my lens so that he could spot any predators that might be lurking in the long grass.”

4. If you’re a human, you say, “cheese”. If you’re a giraffe, you show your tongue.

5. “Yes, I’m scared but I won’t give up on this photo.”

6. That flower must smell really nice.

7. A family photo without a dog is not a family photo.

8. “You don’t want a picture of that dog. You want a picture of me, human!”

9. A friendly walrus says, “Hello!”

10. “This llama stole the spotlight from me while I was trying to get a picture taken at the summit of Machu Picchu, Peru.”

11. “This walrus is clearly not camera shy!”

12. “Are you going to the city, sir?”

13. “Our bird watching got interrupted by some very curious islanders…”

14. “Not so fast, human! I want to see the pics you’ve taken first.”

15. “Why would anyone want a picture with that horse? Take a picture of me!”

16. “Do I look nice?”

17. Stingrays are professional selfie models.

18. This is what we call a “perfectly timed photo”.

19. When you suddenly learn that your human has another pet:

20. The best parrot photobomb ever!

Which of these shots seemed the funniest to you? Do you have your own pics photobombed by animals? Feel free to share your impressions and pics in the comments!

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31 Cute Baby Animals That Can Melt Even a Snow Queen’s Heart

Have you ever seen a baby possum or toucan? They’re so cute that you’d like to pet them or at least take a picture with them and set it as your wallpaper.

Bright Side adores animals, so we’ve found the most incredible babies for you.

Sleepy rabbit

The cutest baby cow ever

Awesome baby deer

Have you ever seen a newborn sloth?

“My mom found a baby owl on the porch.”

Happy baby panda

“Found a baby hawk at work today.”


“Just adopted this little guy.”

Curious seal

Baby ocelot

Tiny rabbit

Adorable dachshund

“This baby koala was discovered yesterday morning after it crawled to a nearby house and found a golden retriever to cling to keep warm.”

First snow

Tiny soft paws

Cute fluff

He doesn’t look like a dangerous animal!

“I found this panda in the zoo and fell in love.”

“I did a newborn photoshoot for my little rescue squirrel.”

I’m the night, I’m the fear, I’m awww.

Baby hawk

Blond fur seal

Angry doggo

Baby possum

Baby alpacas

2-month-old toucan

Porcelain hedgehogs

Baby bison

“We rescued a baby tlacuache today.”

Fur squad

Who do you think is the cutest? Share some pictures of your pets with us!

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26 Desperate Animals That Are Against Going to the Vet

Dogs show up at the vet more often than other pets. But that doesn’t mean they take it any easier! That’s because almost all animals are afraid of going to the doctor. This can be due to bad associations and the fear that they will be hurt. These fluffy animals become anxious and their strong emotions can’t leave us feeling indifferent.

Bright Side wants to share with you photos of animals that need to go to the vet against their will.

1. It’s no secret that animals are afraid of going to the vet.

2. They’re ready to shout, “NOOOOOOOO!”

3. And they’ll even try to melt your heart.

4. Fluffies refuse to get into the carrier, to say the least.

5. But they do their best to manage the stress together.

6. Some cuties realize your plan only when on the road.

7. They start to get nervous…

8. …and beg you to turn the other way.

9. It’s hard for them to leave the car.

10. In the waiting room, babies try to hide…

11. …in every possible way.

12. They can even shake with fear…

13. …and pretend not to be there.

14. Cuties await the arrival of the doctor anxiously.

15. And after that, they offer you to play a game.

16. It’s called “find me if you can!”

17. They believe that if they don’t see you…

18. …nobody can see them!

19. Only the brave ones are ready to face the doctor.

20. Pets need the support of friends…

21. …and sometimes they’ll want to go to the vet with them.

22. They may take offense to you…

23. …looking at you reproachfully.

24. Some may even take revenge!

25. But in the end, they appreciate your care and understand that you want them to be well.

26. They love you, no matter what.

Is your pet afraid of going to the vet? Did you recognize their behavior in these photos? Tell us in the comments.

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21 Cute Photos Proving Animals Are Furry Human Copies

Sometimes our pets look like they’re able to experience the same feelings and emotions as humans. We’re sure that you’ll find a lot in common with a kitty that has hurt its pinky toe or a pug that put a hat on by itself.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at some animals that act just like us.

21. When you put your hat on without your mom’s request and realize you’re an adult:

20. When you eat 4 pancakes instead of 3:

19. When the photographer asks you to smile during a family photo shoot:

18. When you order a salad but your boyfriend’s dish tastes so much better:

17. When you come home and realize you’ve forgotten about an important event and your girlfriend is like:

16. When you’re in your comfort zone and just don’t care:

15. When you hurt your pinky toe:

14. When you take a nap and wake up 10 hours later:

13. When a sad song comes on and you imagine that it’s about you:

12. When you post your first Instagram selfie:

11. When you truly love your job:

10. When you go to have a glass of water at night and see yourself in the mirror:

9. When you make great plans for the weekend, but your laziness is too strong:

8. When you’re almost done with your lashes but sneeze suddenly:

7. When you and your buddy have a weird hobby that no one understands:

6. When you’re falling asleep and suddenly recall a shameful thing that happened to you in the 5th grade:

5. When you’re in a terrible situation but pretend that everything’s fine:

4. When your baby comes to your bed at 5 AM to sleep with you:

3. When you’ve just turned away and your kids are fighting again:

2. The moment you hear a great secret:

1. When you’re ready for a party:

Which photo is the funniest? Share your impressions with us!

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8 of the Goodest Service Dogs Who Were Loyal Even After Their Owners Died


I witnessed firsthand just how loyal dogs are when one of my family’s dogs, Toby, tragically died. Despite bullying him at every turn, his older brother Kaiser was absolutely crushed after his younger brother passed away. Kaiser didn’t eat for days, dug himself into a hole and cried. Every time he’d hear Toby’s name or see a toy of his, his whole demeanor would change, even years after his brother passed.

What strikes me as so amazing about that undying loyalty is that Kaiser was also loyal to a member of an entirely different species: humans. 


One of the most recent examples of canine loyalty is when this photo of George H.W. Bush’s service dog surfaced on the internet. The former 41st President of the United States passed away in his home at the age of 94 over the weekend.

Spokesman for the Bush family Jim McGrath honored the prominent figure by sharing a photo of Sully sitting near the coffin of the man he’s cared for since June. Sully was selected from America’s VetDogs nonprofit organization to assist Bush, who had Parkinson’s disease.


The native Texan had difficulty opening doors, picking up objects, and getting help from others on his own due to the nature of his symptoms. In addition to being an unbearably cute and loving pupper, Sully assisted with these and other tasks.

Bush will be buried in Texas on Thursday, December 6. Until then, private memorial services for the former President will be held in Houston and Washington.

Sully is set to return to America’s VetDogs, located in New York, before he helps others again at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s dog program. Now that’s a good boy.

But specially-trained service dogs aren’t the only canines who display this kind of crazy loyalty to their owners after they pass. Earlier this year, a story about this Brazilian pooch captured the hearts of everyone online.


An unidentified homeless man who lived with this dog was stabbed. Ambulances rushed the man to the hospital and his dog ran after the truck, following it all the way to the medical center.

He didn’t try to go inside, but instead waited outside the doors of Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte Hospital in Sao Paolo. However, he was never reunited with his owner, who died from his injuries.


Hospital employees grew fond of the dog, giving him food and water as he kept his vigil for months, waiting for his owner to return.

Staff at the hospital found a local kennel willing to find the dog a new home, but the loyal canine busted out and went right back to waiting outside of the hospital’s doors.

He’s stayed in front of the hospital ever since. Workers at Casa de Novo say the dog never causes any trouble, is kind and polite to all passersby, and never tries to enter the hospital. He’s become a local mascot and an inspiration to those around him.

His story is similar to the tale of Hachiko, the pet Akita to professor Hidesaburo Ueno. The dog is a national hero in Japan due to the unfailing loyalty to his human.

Ueno worked at Tokyo Imperial University, and brought Hachiko to live with him in Shibuya.


Every day, Hachiko would walk with Ueno to Shibuya station on his morning commute and await his owner’s return. Sadly, the professor died of a cerebral hemorrhage while at work, leaving Hachiko waiting for him at the station.

He never gave up hope  and could never bring himself to forget about his owner. For 9 years, Hachiko waited for the professor to step off that train, returning to the station every day at the same time.


Hachiko became a celebrated cultural symbol of devotion throughout Japan. Bronze statues were erected in his honor, and he’s become a subject of countless books and movies. After the professor’s death, one of Ueno’s students saw the dog and followed him home one day. He learned of the dog’s life with his master and published articles about his awesomeness.

Danny, the German Shepherd gained worldwide fame back in 2014 after a tragic shootout resulted in the death of Canadian Mountie Dave Ross. Like Sully, Danny was present at his owner’s memorial service.


Throughout the funeral, Danny sat beside Ross’ casket and several reported that he whined and whimpered loudly throughout the entire service. The service dog worked alongside the Mountie during his time as an officer and had difficulty recovering from the murder of his friend.

Dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone to handle, and for Leao the dog, it was no different.

The massive 2011 deluge that flooded Rio de Janeiro took approximately 900 lives, including the owner of this devoted dog, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana.


For days, Cristina’s dog stood by her grave, keeping watch. The photo was one of the most heartbreaking images to come out of the tragedy.

Wayne Giroux ran a lawnmower shop with his son, Paul in Loan Oak Texas. Wayne wasn’t known to be the most friendly person around. He would argue to get his points across and was described as “cranky” by many, including his own son.


Wayne’s dog, Spot, didn’t mind his personality at all: the two of them were best friends. One day, however, Wayne was killed on the side of a country road by a drunk driver.

Spot, undeterred, waited at the location where her master met his fate. Twice a day, Wayne’s son, Paul, went to check on the dog, and sure enough, she was there, waiting.

“I have no doubt that’s what she’s waiting for. It breaks my heart every time I go over there,” Paul said in an interview with CNN.

There are more stories of the undying loyalty pooches have, of dogs going out of their way to attack bears to save their owners, for example, but I’ve got too many tears in my eyes now to write it. And please, no one remind me of this Futurama episode, either

Source : https://www.distractify.com/animals/2018/12/03/rYBDH3z/george-bush-service-dog

25 Times Animals Experienced Something for the First Time, and We Couldn’t Help but Smile

When something exciting happens to animals, they just can’t hide their true feelings! Ordinary and simple for us things like snow, a day outside, or a bath fill our little animal friends with an unforgettable experience. As a result, their genuine emotions make them pull out dramatic faces that sometimes even humans can’t do.

Bright Side presents you with this list of 25 totally adorable animals reacting to things new to them, and we are sure that they will make you laugh.

25. “Kiwi’s adventure to the outside…”

24. “Mimi tried a lime for the first time.”

23. “What is this? Where am I?”:

22. “Sisters meeting for the first time since their adoption and separation. My baby girl is on the right.”

21. “Took them outside today for the first time since I started rehabbing them (3 weeks ago) and this was the response I got.”

20. “First time my dog saw me in the bathtub she was so worried she had to call for backup.”

19. “I don’t think he likes that whole winter idea.”

18. Getting to know the snow was successful.

17. “My boy always tries to jump in the fridge when I open it. This is the first time he made it in.”

16. “Today my 7 week old puppy saw himself for the first time.”

15. “Her first Christmas toy… What will happen to a Christmas tree?”

14. “Gave the little guy his first bath.”

13. “I kicked over my cats milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite me as I ate my dinner looking at me like this.”

12. First day as a cadet dog. So nervous!

11. “The weather was nice, I took my indoor cat out to sit by the river for the first time. He was very confused…”

10. “First taste of peanut butter…aaaand he’s addicted.”

9. “I introduced my cat to my newborn daughter.”

8. As happy as a little kid.

7. “Apparently this cat doesn’t like rain.”

6. “My lab puppy met the vacuum for the first time.”

5. “My cats’ reactions to seeing the ceiling fan move for the first time.”

4. “Let’s see how it tastes.”

3. She made this dramatic face because she has never seen snow before.

2. “Moved to Florida. My dogs first time at the beach. Notice the drag marks.”

1. “My newborn niece and my sister’s dog meeting for the first time.”

Which reaction made you laugh the most? Do you have an animal yourself? Has it also tried something for the first time with a funny result? What was it? Share with us in the comment section!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/25-times-animals-experienced-something-for-the-first-time-and-we-couldnt-help-but-smile-655560/

28 Baby Animals That Can Turn Your Gloomy Day Around

According to a report, scientists have found some features and behaviors that make something look cute: bright forward-facing eyes set low on a big round face, a pair of big round ears, floppy limbs, a teeter-totter walk, and more. We all know this description matches most babies — both animals and humans — and now you know the reason why you find them so cute!

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected a few baby animal pics that are full of these features and are adorable enough to make you fall in love with them instantly.

1. This sleeping puppy is the most precious thing ever!

2. This kitten prefers to take a bath.

3. A baby horned lizard sunbathing

4. This baby harbor seal’s face could melt the coldest of hearts.

5. In case one fluffy capybara isn’t enough…

6. “Cute puppy, happy puppy, little ball of fur!”

7. “Oh yes, human, this is good…”

8. A baby weasel in white winter fur

9. A baby giraffe facing the camera for the first time

10. The photographer had a good day after capturing this little baby fox.

11. What’s cuter? A single meerkat or 6 of them?

12. Welcome to this world, baby turtle.

13. A baby musk ox walking around the farm

14. A baby koala playing peekaboo

15. Meet Gem, she’s the cutest little wombat at Victoria Zoo.

16. Melbourne Zoo’s first-ever success in breeding Centralian blue-tongued skinks

17. A baby swamp wallaby in their mama’s pouch

18. A little baby puffer fish looking like a little stuffed ball

19. A baby duckling, also known as sunshine in a pocket

20. Baby stingrays look like tiny souls inside little raviolis.

21. Say, “yes” if you’ve seen a baby possum cuter than this.

22. Super adorable newborn baby hoglets

23. A boar piglet behind the bushes

24. A baby pangolin taking a walk on the table

25. A cute little hippopotamus giving us a look

26. A little serval is what your eyes desire.

27. Name more adorable twins than these. We’ll wait…

28. Getting a hug from this baby squirrel

Did we make your day or what? If you have pics of cutie-pies like these, drop them in the comments. Don’t forget to share the article for the sake of mankind!

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23 Unpredictable Animals That Even Amazed Themselves

If you are going to get a pet, you should understand that you are going to have to do more than just take care of it and feed it every day. Get ready for them to become the star of your daily routine. They’re good at creating amazing stories where they’re the main characters.

We at Bright Side collected 23 of the most unexpected things that animals did when their owners managed to capture them on camera.

“I shall sing you the song of my people.”

Cats are mysterious and powerful and we must respect them.

Who is louder?

“Dude was taking a nap until he heard someone in the kitchen. Didn’t even get his eyes all the way open by the time he came to grab some treats.”

“Game developers, please put fewer birds…”

“Every day it’s a new weird thing with her…”

He can’t be a good boy all the time.

Who’s the boss?

“New kitten wants to be with me at all times.”

“We’re done playing.”

“My friend went to his room to sleep last night and found rodent prints…”

How do you like this trick?

A pillow with a surprise

Bird warmer: the real purpose of coffee cup handles

The world’s most interesting lamp

“There is a dog in my neighborhood that just sits on his balcony and judges people and he is my absolute favorite.”

“Why do I need a bed if I have an owner?”

“Happy day for Gilbert and his new taco bed!”

“He probably thinks that I can’t see him.”

“The shock on his face…”

A surprise kiss

“Believe it or not this is pure joy on my girlfriend’s face as she makes friends with a lemur.”

Someone is still not ready to watch horror movies.

And what unexpected things you have seen animals do? Tell us in the comment section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/23-unpredictable-animals-that-even-amazed-themselves-650160/

27 Hilarious Animals That Refuse to Play by Humans’ Rules

Many of us have already noticed that animals become smarter and more independent year after year. Moreover, they keep developing new features like willfulness and capriciousness. But they never fail to continue sharing their warmth and joy with us, do they?

Bright Side compiled a list of cute photos that can cure the most hopelessly fallen mood. A bonus at the end of the article will prove to you once again that animals can understand everything!

“Did you say I wasn’t supposed to wake the baby up?”

“No, I’m not sleeping — I’m enjoying my meal.”

“No ’muah’ today, human!”

“Get in the car quickly. The party is about to start!”

When cats are pleased, sheep are safe.

“Go to work. I’ll sleep for you.”

“It’s not my fault! You should’ve left a warning sign.”

“Of course it’s my bed! I was here way before this little human.”

“Do you truly believe that your silly box will stop me?”

“Wake up, human! It’s 4:50 AM! Where’s my breakfast?”

“No, I haven’t seen your cat!”

“That’s what I think about your cooking and your restrictions on me getting on the table.”

“I don’t care about the police!”

“No, you don’t need a girlfriend and her silly dog. We had a good life without them.”

“Where do you see a duck? I’m a flamingo!”

“Who said a dog can’t go to the park alone? I’ve even paid a fare.”

Raccoons are not afraid of crocodiles — they use them as a taxi.

“Ah, these humans! I keep cleaning their mess and they still call me a panda!”

“I have fixed your TV. You should thank me for that!”

“Yes, I did eat a little of your pumpkin. So what?”

“That’s therapeutic mud, don’t worry, man!”

“You’d better get yourself a new pillow!”

“Mamma mia! What a nice pot!”

“This will happen every time you dare to leave me alone for the whole day!”

“My owner kept complaining I don’t have any benefits. I started to bring him socks and underwear and it doesn’t matter where I take all this stuff from!”

“What do you mean when you say ’birds wash here’? I drink from here if you haven’t noticed.”

This is what happens when you lock up a parrot:

Bonus: A swan tearing down a warning sign that reads, “Caution, the swan is aggressive.”

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Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/27-hilarious-animals-that-refuse-to-play-by-humans-rules-647910/