15 People Who Will Never Forget Cake Day, Even If They Wish They Could

The 26th of November is National Cake Day and everyone deserves a slice of some delicious cake. However, baking one isn’t always a cake walk! Who would know this better than the super talented people who tried to create something amazing but met odds, or shall we say icing, that really weren’t in their favor.

Bright Side found these 15 epic cake fails that are actually too perfectly awful to recreate.

1. This selfie cake could use some photoshopping skills!

2. This might be the only time Jar Jar Binks has managed to look somewhat cute.

3. The porcupine cake that would be perfect for Halloween

4. A dog cake that is as surprised as you are!

5. This cake which is pretty much in denial about being Ariel

6. This sheep cake seems to have already lost its “wool” to live!

7. Perhaps we’ll never look at rainbows the same way again.

8. The puppy cake that magically changed its gender while baking.

9. This dog is certainly not having a happy birthday!

10. We guess Belle is literally frozen in this one.

11. Let’s just pretend that this is a perfectly edible watermelon cake!

12. And this cute turtle cake that is clearly not happy with itself…

13. Or poor Spongebob that is not melting our hearts in a good way!

14. This Elsa cake that has to live up to huge expectations

15. The cat’s expression says it all.

Do you have any friends who have such commendable baking skills? Well, it’s time to tag your friends and let them know that they’re not alone!

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15 People Who Totally Won This Halloween

More than 175 million Americans and many more worldwide celebrated Halloween this year. When dressing up, some people go for the scare factor, some are inspired by intriguing characters, and others embrace their funny side. Some people put great effort, creativity, and something a little different into their costumes.

Bright Side hopes the following photos of people winning the spooky holiday with their costumes will inspire you, intrigue you, and make you laugh. But most of all, we hope it will give you some ideas for what to dress up as next year! We’ve also added a cool bonus for you at the end of the article.

1. Turning her wheelchair into the iron throne — ingenious!

2. A strong Lara Croft

3. #nofilter

4. Russell all grown Up

5. Cynthia from Rugrats looking fabulous

6. It’s time to sniff out some ghosts.

7. Taking “being a sloth” to the next level

8. This group re-enacted The Walking Dead perfectly.

9. An old fart

10. Some say he’s still holding that pose.

11. A beautiful yin and yang

12. “Everything is awesome!”

13. A self-portrait on a “starry night”

14. Buddy the elf meeting the original

15. “Sisters, All Hallow’s Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!” — Winifred Sanderson

Bonus: Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart as Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite

Heidi Klum as Princess Fiona

Flash from Zootopia in real life

Which costume did you find most interesting and unique? Tell us in the comment section below.

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15 People Whose Looks Are So Stunning They Became Famous

Many of us have friends with a unique appearance that is easily remembered just after one shot. Look at the girl who was teased that she looked like “a skunk” before, a girl with “Einstein” hair, and a guy with amazing eyes and you’ll understand that the inventiveness of nature is limitless.

Bright Side put together photos of people who were born with a truly unforgettable appearance.

Shilah Madison has an uncombable hair syndrome. She’s also known as “the girl with Einstein hair.”

13-year-old James Stewart has vitiligo.

Chanco is a baby girl with very thick hair.

Mia Aflalo from Israel is also an owner of unbelievably voluminous hair.

Kaine Buffonge has heterochromia.

Legend Pearl, the daughter of model Eishia Brightwell, is a mulatto with red hair.

Jewell Jeffrey is one of the most famous people with albinism.

14-year-old Xueli has albinism too.

Melanie Ramirez. Her huge eyes are the result of a rare genetic defect.

Elliott Jay Brown from London has 24,000 followers thanks to his freckles.

Masha Tyelna is called “an elf” and “a girl with the biggest eyes in the world.” She’s a model.

Rebecca Heckard was called “a skunk” when she was in school because of her vitiligo. She grew up and became a model.

As soon as Gwilym C. Pugh grew his red beard, he stopped being an insurance broker and became a renowned model.

Laren Galloway is an adorable baby with dark skin and blue eyes.

Roger Garth has such an angelic appearance, he’s in high demand as a model of male and female images.

Bonus: Have you ever noticed that David Bowie’s pupils are of different size? This condition is called anisocoria.

Who of these unique people impressed you the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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15 People Whose Day Was Ruined by a Dramatic Fail

A “completed fiasco” is a very kind way of explaining the events that happened to the people featured in our compilation. But to be forewarned is to be forearmed so at least we can learn from their mistakes. A badly designed entrance and a hanging ceiling are just the tip of the iceberg for these poor people.

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15 People Who Trolled the World So Impressively We Couldn’t Forget It

We’re sure that our life isn’t dull and gray. In fact, it’s colorful and bright and the heroes of today’s article can easily prove it. For example, a granny-prankster, a photogenic Easter bunny, and many other clever jokes.

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15 People Who Are Done Minding Their Manners

Manners are something used every day to make a good impression on others and to feel good about oneself. Often, what is appropriate in some regions, like spitting to say “Hello” in an African tribe, can be unacceptable in others. Some pics below made us scratch our heads, but maybe this behavior is very polite in some distant land we are unaware of.

Bright Side brings you a list of examples of people who either don’t mind their manners or just follow some very strange rules.

1. I don’t think any of this is part of the rules.

2. Ready to party

3. B+ for the effort

4. Yes, I said with ketchup please.

5. “I believe I can fly!” ♫

6. Hey dude, need some inspiration?

7. Too hot inside the car? Seems legit.

8. I think you’re too old for this, Jessica.

9. Something is out of place here.

10. When you need to stretch your legs but work still needs to be done:

11. When you see it…

12. Too tired, need to improvise…

13. And she looks happy to announce it.

14. Laundry fail

15. I have everything figured out.

Have you ever witnessed something like this yourself? Even better: Do you have the pictures to prove it? Let us know in the comment section!

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