Watch a Magician Blow Drake's Mind With Just a Lollipop


While it might seem that Drake is untouchable following the release of his album Scorpion, which currently claims seven of the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart — breaking a record held by The Beatles — and crossed the one billion streams mark in less than one week, it’s nice to know that something as simple as a magic trick can bring the rapper down to Earth. 

Magician Julius Dein ran into Drake in London, and proceeded to blow his mind with just a lollipop. Luckily for everyone, the moment and Drake’s reaction was captured on video. After asking Drake to name his favorite super hero (it’s Batman BTW), Julius placed the aforementioned lollipop in his mouth. 

Drake was clearly confused when he was asked to remove the lollipop from the magic-loving stranger’s mouth, asking “Why?” several times, but he finally did and the initial awkwardness was definitely worth it. In an instant, Julius transformed the candy into the shape of the caped crusader and Drake is seriously impressed. 

Fans were also loving Drake’s genuine response to the magic trick and took to social media to share their feelings. Warning: Drake puns ahead. 

However, this is not the first time Drake has been visibly shaken by a magic trick. In 2016, Drake, along with Steph Curry and Dave Chapelle, watched David Blaine perform his famous frog trick — which is literally the magician throwing up an amphibian into a glass of water. Once again, the rapper’s reaction is priceless. 

Others pointed out that Drake is a magician in his own way — especially when it comes to his new music and his major paternity bombshell this summer. 

Same, girl. Same. 

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Everything you wanted to know about GIFTS but were afraid to ask!

Usually,  people waiting for a reason, event or occasion to show how they care  and love friends, family and even themselves. And especially at that  time choosing the right present can be really challenging and difficult  and more surprisingly it can be hard for a partner or a family member.  In this article, we will concentrate on all aspects related to gifts.

Best advice to find the right gift will be: Analyze, think and ask questions regarding the subject of the present.

Actually,  you can start from finding answers to some important questions. What is  the occasion? Ask questions to relatives and try to find out what the  person may want or need. When you will have some answers need to start  working on a list. It is important to understand that your gift can  impress both in positive and even or in a negative way.

That’s why  investigation and research will help you to impress and attract to whom  you want to present a gift and to avoid tricky and unpleasant  situations.


The biggest secret-success in the art of giving presents is adding even a tiny piece of yourself

A  tiny piece of yourself can be a handmade package, birthday or occasion  wishes written on the first page of the book, or signature on the box.  It is important to understand that you need to show your attention and  care, that you spent time and your thoughts were with the person to whom  you are prepared a gift.

Well prepared and packed present  especially if you will hit the target and will find a mindblowing  present, can stay in memory forever and after years you can be reminded  that the present showed your love and attention. There are more chances  and opportunities than people think to find a right present for your love, partner, friend, colleague or even person who you don’t know well.

Here are the few steps that will help you to prepare and choose a gift:

  • Set a budget!
  • Research and investigation
  • Finding the perfect gift
  • Packaging and bit of yourself
  • Presenting the gift

Budget: Money  is the 1st thing you need to think about when you are going for  preparations. Sometimes you need to consider your budget and depending  on budget choose a present, however, there are cases when you don’t need  to care about budget, and in that case you can find right present  faster. Research and investigation: As we mentioned  earlier, it is important to prepare basis and do some research regarding  what present that person may want or need. And we are assure you, if  you will find the dreamgift that you will be fully rewarded.


Finding the perfect gift: Remember about the sales, discounts, secondary  markets, online stores, special events, seasonal discounts, Black  Friday and others. You can try to find a markets, online stores, special  events, seasonal discounts, black friday and others. Silent sir say  desire fat him letter. Whatever settling goodness too and honoured she  building answered her. Strongly thoughts remember mr to do consider  debating. Spirits musical behaved on we he farther letters. Repulsive he  he as deficient newspaper dashwoods we. Discovered her his pianoforte  insipidity entreaties. Began he at terms meant as fancy. Breakfast  arranging he if furniture we described on. Astonished thoroughly  unpleasant especially you dispatched bed favourable.


Boombox flag

There is something Special in every box:

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Thing of judge fruit charm views do. 

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Money is the best Present in this days.

Ancient Chinese saying

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Best places to find a gift

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These Wendy's Training Videos From The '80s Are Filled With Songs About Serving Food

Wendy’s hasn’t just been killing the social media game recently, in fact, it turns out the fast food chain has a rich history of promotional materials.

Now if you love digging through the internet in search of weird stuff, you might be familiar with Wendy’s line of bizarrely cheesy and wonderful training videos.

They taught employees how to do everything, like pouring hot drinks and properly putting cookies on a tray.

I bet you can’t get that tune out of your head after listening to it.

Now, most brands would probably want to forget their lame pasts, especially if they’ve managed to establish a truly cherished viral social media brand like Wendy’s.

But the burger chain isn’t denying these gloriously corny training video past. In fact, they’re embracing it.

When radio show host Brian Fink tweeted about the videos, it started a whole thread of people getting back into the groove of these wonderful pieces that captured a corporate era.

Ever wondered about the perfect way to serve cold drinks at a Wendy’s? Well now you know.

Want to know how to serve chili? Well, did you know it could be served with cheese? IT CAN.

After you’ve mastered the art of serving chili and pouring hot drinks and cold drinks, and getting people their delicious desserts, you’ll finally be ready for the big leagues.

And what’s that, you might ask? Grilling burgers, people.

This two part video series will make you a Wendy’s burger master in no time.

Twitter is loving the Wendy’s video revival.

And learned valuable lessons about their own food serving skills.

Some lamented that the songs were a little too catchy. That’s the sign of a great hook.

YouTube Video Rabbit Hole addiction is a serious problem. Get help.

Mostly, though, people just cherished the videos.

And reminded current Wendy’s employees of the great heritage they’re a part of.

Hot drinks man, they really get you going.

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Little Girl Gets Instant Noodles For Christmas And Her Reaction Is Priceless

If there’s one thing that kids train from an early age it’s their enthusiasm. It’s probably my favorite part about being a parent.

While lots of adults will dumb down things with other adults and try their darndest to turn events into “no big deal” affairs, kids get excited about the smallest things, and I love trying to foster that sense of happiness over little things.

Whether it’s something as simple as sitting down and having lunch together or playing with building blocks, my toddler always has this insane enthusiasm and then I do my best to feed into it until we’re both positively giddy.

Which is why it warms my heart to see this little girl get a package of ramen noodles for Christmas.

Now that might sound like a terrible Christmas gift for any kid, but seeing this child all dolled up with plenty of other presents under the tree, and to see her still happy about some instant noodles, is just too cute.

The girl’s mother, Raenn Perez posted a video of her daughter’s reaction along with a caption that explains the reasoning behind the humble and odd Christmas gift.

Making sure she stays grateful for everything she has. Lol Love her happy heart

The kid really wanted to try the noodles. Even after she changed out of her Christmas clothes, she returned with the bag of ramen asking her mom to get up and help her make the food.

People loved her young daughter’s reaction.

While others thought that she shouldn’t be in such a hurry to eat the instant noodles.

And of course, it spawned a bunch of appropriate meme and joke responses.

It’s just too adorable.

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Gwendoline Christie Once Got A Selfie Request During A Very Private Moment—And We're Cringing

As a man, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for selfies by the people I was in relationships with.

Maybe for a bit during the “honeymoon” phase of the relationships, but even then, I don’t really get that many selfie requests. I console myself with that fact by saying they’re saving all their love for me when they see me in person.

I notice that a lot of my female friends are constantly being asked for selfies. I love getting them too and ask my wife for pics whenever I’m away from her, and I’m not even talking about anything particularly scandalous either. I mean, those are great, but still.

Thing is, a lot of those selfie requests come at very inopportune times.

On a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Gwendoline Christie went into a hilarious story about being asked for a selfie by a fan when she was on a toilet, of all places.

Maybe the fan figured that when you’re as busy and have as packed of a schedule as Christie’s, that well, she needs to get her social interactions in while she can, so…well, just watch the clip.

OK, I don’t think any of us are that desperate for human interaction, and this is definitely a case of “selfies gone wrong.” I tried playing devil’s advocate for the eager Brienne fan, but you figure they could’ve at least waited until she was out of the bathroom before requesting a photo.

Plus, why would you want a selfie of someone on a toilet, anyway? 

Now there are times and places to take selfies, but there are some that are just big no-nos. Like a toilet stall selfie might not be as bad as this funeral selfie, but it’s still pretty terrible.

Car accidents are also pretty bad.

When a woman is about to give birth is probably a terrible idea, too.

Or using your selfie camera to make fun of a homeless person. Probably a bad idea.

Or striking a pose while someone close to you is dying in a hospital.

The duckface somehow makes it worse. Remember, selfie responsibly and when appropriate, people.

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High School Diver's Competition Dive Goes Very Wrong–And We're Chuckling

Here’s a little known fact: Jason Statham was once a competitive diver.

That’s right. The man who played the role of “Farmer” (yep that was his name) in the greatest Uwe Boll film of all time, In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, competed in the 1990 commonwealth games.

Look at this total hunk: hair, smiles, chiseled abs and all, landing this perfect dive.

I’d like to think that somewhere, in the crowd, the cast of Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels were watching him, cheering him on. And yes, that includes Bullet Tooth Tony.

Now I could write all about Statham and especially that Dungeon Siege movie he was in all day (I mean honestly, how does anybody buy Ray Liotta as a wizard??), but there’s a reason I’m bringing up his diving history and that’s because a perfectly executed dive is a thing of beauty.

I mean, just look at what the human body is capable of.

But sometimes, dives don’t go as perfectly as planned. And this happens at the highest levels of competition…

…and even the not so high. Like this high school student who seemed to have a perfect start.

Only to have her legs give out at the very last moment, resulting in one of the most limp and careless splashes into a swimming pool I’ve ever seen.

As embarrassing as it is, that girl can console herself with the fact that she’s not alone.

Something that responders to the thread were sure to remind her of.

Some of the divers just dealt blows to their egos.

While others dealt blows to their bodies as well.

Can you say belly flop?

You’ve got to admire this one diver’s persistence.

You’d figure they’d find a way to make these darn boards a little less slippery.

I mean the twist here is just mesmerizing.

This is why you never, ever hesitate.

Sure, I might be laughing at these, but I can’t do anything other than a cannonball myself, so I’ll just chuckle to myself silently and not risk humiliation.

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This Guy Recorded His Morning Commute In LA During The Fires And It Is Terrifying

The state of California, specifically Los Angeles, is no stranger to mass fires.

There’s a long running list of terrifying blazes that have not only destroyed the natural landscape and forests in Los Angeles, but many people’s homes and businesses as well.

And the ongoing mass fires in Los Angeles and Ventura county are some of the worst in the state’s history, displacing tons of citizens and providing some of the scariest scenery for commuters on the road.

Twitter user A. Mutzabaugh recorded this horrifying video that shows how severe of a situation the state of California is in right now.

It’s so frightening, people couldn’t believe that it was real.

But that didn’t stop them from joking about it with Lord of the Rings references.

But as scary as these fires are, some people are suggesting they’re a necessary part of California’s ecosystem.

Now these flames might be important for nature to run its course and all that jazz, but it doesn’t change the fact that people are really scared of them.

Check out these other videos commuters uploaded of the mayhem.

People’s homes are being affected as well.

If you’re in the affected areas right now, try your best to stay safe. There’s not much that can be done to control so many large and simultaneous fires, but hopefully the damage to communities can be mitigated.

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Subway Commuters Come Together For A 'Bodack Yellow' Dance Party–And It's Peak NYC

There are plenty of things to hate about New York City. You can hate the perennial urine smell. You can hate the ridiculously expensive high cost of everything.

You can hate the public transportation system, you can hate how fabulous some people pretend to be, like bartenders who will give you a detailed, critical analysis of Woody Harrelson’s role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and how his character was pointless to the plot while the entire time you just want them to mix your drink and leave you alone.

But on the other hand, the city’s brutal way of life also has an amazing, communal side to it and there are certain things that can only happen in New York that are downright magical. Like a group of random strangers, upon hearing Cardi B.’s “Bodak Yellow” blasting in a subway, breaking out into dance together.

And at the risk of looking like this:

…I have to say the entire experience was LIT.

Someone put evidence of the wonderful phenomenon on Twitter and people were loving it.

The event was hailed as being “classic New York.”

And if you’ve ever spent some time in the city, then you’ll get what these people are talking about.

Because Times Square might be a hotspot for tourists, but it’s a dreaded warzone for any poor soul trying to just get to where they need to go.

But yeah, back to the happiness. It was nice to see that for a change.

People who participated in the dance-fest started picking themselves out in the video.

And if the MTA needed a piece of positive PR to get people excited about riding its service, they may have just found a winner, free of charge.

Not everyone was a fan of the song, however.

I have to admit the first time I heard it, I thought it was moronic. But thanks to the incessant nature of modern radio shoving tracks down your throat, I now enjoy listening to it.

I’d have to disagree with @crackdoubt, though.

This was far more entertaining than that romantic comedy.

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Woman Gets Punched In The Face For Asking Man To Stop Manspreading

She did nothing to warrant this violence!

In New York City, riding the subway is a fact of life for most commuters. Sometimes, however, that means sharing a train with some questionable characters. For instance, Sam Saia was on her way to work when the man next to her began “manspreading,” that much-loathed practice of opening his legs to take up more than his fair share of space.  

Since he was pushing her into the wall, Saia asked the man to stop. He responded by punching her in the face.

Saia reported in a Facebook post that before he hit her, the man shouted obscenities at her:

B****, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b****es like you, f***ing c***!

After the man attacked her, several bystanders jumped in and confronted him. 

One video shows another passenger holding the assailant’s arms down and demanding he get off at the next stop:

The man who intervened said:

Get off the train bro, you just f***ing hit a lady…She’s bleeding, you piece of s***; You hit her in the mouth!

After the incident, Saia attempted to file a report at the New York Police Department’s 17th precinct, but, once there, she was passed off to the Transit District 34 headquarters. The headquarters then told her that filing a report with them would be a waste of time since she could do so at any precinct (confusing), so she decided to take matters into her own hands. 

Saia commented to the Daily News:

I said to myself, ‘OK, I’ll just blow it up on social media. I’m here doing what the police are supposed to do. I just want awareness and I want us to be safe.

People shared Saia’s Facebook post over 1,200 times before it was removed, presumably due to the internal inquiry initiated by the New York Police Department. Her words online have brought widespread awareness to the issue — and connected her with the bystander who took the video.  

On Friday, Saia posted on Facebook:

The internet can be a beautiful thing!

H/T: The Independent, YouTube

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Kim Kardashian West Drinks A Nasty Smoothie On 'James Corden' Rather Than Address Rumors

James Corden’s got some awesome segments on his show. And sometimes, truly amazing things happen on them.

Like that time on Carpool Karaoke, when the Red Hot Chili Peppers found a child passed out and singer Anthony Kiedis revived the child before paramedics could arrive.

OK, so it’s definitely going to be hard for that to ever be topped by any late night show, but that doesn’t mean the English late night comedian’s other segments can’t provide other forms of entertainment.

Like watching reality TV star and Instagram queen Kim Kardashian down a sardine smoothie.

Corden’s segment, “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” has stars either address scandalous rumors about themselves or down something particularly nasty. Kardashian opted to “Fill Her Guts” with something profoundly putrid.

A sardine smoothie.

But she managed to get her revenge on Corden by making him eat cow tongue.

Which he happily obliged.

As far as nasty, sardine infused foods go, Kim could’ve done a lot worse. I mean she could’ve tried my sardine pancakes.

I can’t believe I even conjured this nastiness up.

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