14 Facepalm Times Our Expectations Crashed Into Reality

Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” This joke really suits today’s article. Our reality likes to make edits when it comes to our plans and dreams: for example, you may want to enjoy some incredibly tasty ice cream or take a cool vacation photo, but destiny has its own plans.

Bright Side has found the most painful examples of expectations vs reality.

The holidays are coming…and going away.

Almost nailed it.

When a cook is an abstract artist:

Find 10 differences.

When dreams don’t come true:

Did they even try?

She definitely tried!

Something went wrong.

“We’re poor sheep…”

Almost identical

A positive cake

Thank you, it was awful!

Marketing be like:

90% of items bought online

Have you ever been in situations like these? Tell us in the comments!

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Next Year, Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This

It seems another year is quickly coming to a close. We tend to use this time to draw close to our loved ones and spend the holidays celebrating and reflecting on how the year has gone for us. It’s also the time we start reflecting on ourselves. Who we are, what we want, what our goals are, and who we are hoping to share all of it with.

Maybe you already have someone’s hand to hold and whose heart syncs up with your own. If you do, then hold on tight, and be thankful that you stumbled across something so wonderful. Yet maybe you’re ending the year without a significant other by your side—and there isn’t any shame in that. Even the most independent person can’t deny that every now and then, they have daydreams about finding the right person to give their heart to. There might even be a part of you that pines for someone whose lips you could kiss at midnight, ready to start a brand new year together. Though I know it can be easy to get caught up in the rush of it all, I hope that you take the time to find someone who truly will be the kind partner you deserve, not just settle for some random person out of complacency.

So next year, stay single until you meet someone who truly is worth all of the effort and all of the desire you have in your heart that you want to pour out. Someone who is more than just a warm body to snuggle up next to, but someone who actually makes you think, and feel, and grow. Someone who doesn’t try to be perfect, but who does try to be their best for themselves and for you, inspiring you to do the same.

Stay single until you meet someone who is willing to put in the effort—whatever that looks like in your relationship. Someone who isn’t afraid of seeming “too needy” or “too cool” to care about whether your relationships succeeds or fails. Someone who takes the time to show you just how much you mean to them, not just says it every now and again when the conversation reaches a lull.

Stay single until you meet someone who is just as dedicated to getting to know you and the things that make your eyes light up with passion and fervor as they are in sharing things with you about themselves. Someone who may not understand everything about you, or even enjoy everything you do, but they will still take the time to learn and engage with you about those things because they matter to you, and you matter to them. Someone who is not afraid to share their own interests with you because they know you’re invested and intrigued by them and crave to know all you can.

Stay single until you meet someone who isn’t afraid to let you know how they feel, in whatever way that may be for them. Someone who doesn’t think expressing themselves emotionally is a weakness, but something to be celebrated and if they aren’t as comfortable doing so, then communicating that to you so you can find a solution together. Someone who doesn’t shy away from acknowledging your relationship in public, but is excited to share it with others because they believe they are so incredibly lucky to be by your side.

Stay single until you meet someone who doesn’t run away at the first sign of a conflict, but who stays and desires to work things out because they believe your relationship, and you, are worth the work. Someone who doesn’t view your relationship as a burden after just one fight, but realizes this relationship is worth the fight. Someone who takes the time to hear your side of things and doesn’t dismiss or diminish you just because they may not agree.

Stay single until you meet someone who learns the way you show and receive love, and does their best to love you in those ways. Someone who doesn’t simply shrug and say “that’s just not the way I am”, but puts in an honest effort towards giving it a shot even if they aren’t the best at it. Someone who isn’t afraid to call you out if you continuously take and take, but aren’t inclined to return the favor, because it can be so easy to focus on the way we want to be loved, rather than how the other person needs it themselves.

Stay single until you meet someone who not only supports and encourages you in your goals and pursuits but is willing to lend a hand if you ask them for it. Someone who doesn’t dismiss your dreams as something unrealistic or silly, but truly believes in them, because they believe in you.

Stay single until you meet someone who is just as dependable in being there during the hard and inconvenient times as they are in the happy and enjoyable ones. Someone who you don’t have to waste time worrying if they will come through when they say they will because they never give you a reason to doubt it. Someone who understands that relationships aren’t just fun and games, but sometimes they carry struggles and difficulties in them as well.

Stay single until you meet someone who is interested in growing alongside you and helping you become the best version of yourself, knowing that you’ll do the same in return. Someone who doesn’t hesitate to call you out when you’re in the wrong, but out of a place of compassion, not bitterness or resentment. Someone who realizes that both of you will change and grow the longer your relationships continue and they will do whatever they can to try an ensure that you both grow and change together.

Stay single until you meet someone who doesn’t just compliment you on your appearance, but also on your personality, your passion, and all the other qualities that make you who you are. Someone who understands the importance of holding your hand or kissing you when you least expect it, but also takes the time to express their adoration for you in other ways. Someone who isn’t just interested in your body, but in your mind, heart, and everything else you have to offer.

Stay single until you meet someone who doesn’t claim they will never hurt you because they know you’re both human and that it will happen at some point, but who isn’t afraid to apologize when they are wrong and learn from their mistake. Someone who isn’t afraid to be patient with you if it takes a while to let your guard down because you’ve been hurt in the past, but who takes each step with you one day at a time. Someone who reaches towards forgiveness and second chances before they reach for the door.

Stay single until you meet someone who makes loving them seem worth it, even when they are at their most unlovable. Someone who makes you feel like you’re worth loving, even when you’re at your most unlovable. Someone who sees your dark parts and your unflattering sides and doesn’t use them as excuses to run away, but as something to bring you both closer together.

Stay single until you meet someone who, when New Year’s Eve rolls around, they’ll make that kiss at midnight worth all the wait—that you’ll know you’ve found someone who was worth holding out for. That you’ve found someone to take on the next year with together, and so many others after it. TC mark

Source : https://thoughtcatalog.com/lacey-ramburger/2018/12/next-year-stay-single-until-you-meet-someone-like-this/

8 Things People With High-Functioning Depression Do Differently

1. They lose the happiness in the little things. The things that used to grant them their much-needed escape from the world now feel like burdens holding them down. They aren’t brightened by the idea of joy, they are crushed by it, but they work like hell to participate anyway.

2. They can’t accept the idea that sometimes, mistakes happen, and that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their worth. Mistakes can sometimes feel like a death sentence on our dreams for everyone, but for people suffering from high-functioning depression, mistakes can often be the catalyst for crippling self-deprecation.

3. They never think they’ve done good enough. They are in a constant state of self-doubt. They never feel worthy enough, safe enough, of like they’ve done a good enough job.

4. They’re always tired, but they always show up. While their life may always feel like an uphill battle, they always come with a sword in hand, ready to fight.

5. The little struggles we all face start looking like major hurdles. They are unable to distinguish what is dire and truly difficult, to what their depression is morphing into as a major hurdle in their life.

6. They can’t focus on the future because they are still worried about the past. Working hand in hand with self-doubt, people with high-functioning depression are in constant turmoil about if their life is where it should be.

7. They just can’t slow down. People with high-functioning depression have a leniency towards perfection, and often don’t rest until that standard is met. They struggle to accept anything less than this diluted idea, and oftentimes, this is a struggle that follows them through their entire life.

8. They have good days too. They can push through the bad times and see the good in things, too, but that doesn’t mean that they still aren’t battling with the silent demons they are trying so hard to keep covered.

Acknowledge that you hear them. Give them some love. Believe me, they need it most.

Source : https://thoughtcatalog.com/hannah-irelan/2018/12/8-things-people-with-high-functioning-depression-do-differently/

13 Celebrities Who Are Proud of Their Unusual Appearance, and We Can Learn a Lot From Them

Despite the fact that many people treat celebrities as ideals of beauty, they are not always perfect. But they manage to use their unusual appearances for their own benefit. There are no perfect people in the world, so why don’t we just accept each other for what we really are.

Bright Side has collected 13 celebrities who don’t worry about their unusual appearance and easily demonstrate it to the entire world.

Kate Hudson

If you have pointy ears and you worry about them, you should look to this Hollywood star as an example. Kate Hudson doesn’t hide her ears in her hair, she does everything to highlight this special feature. Recently, the actress got a short haircut. Now she can easily show off her pointy ears to anyone.

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer has facial nerve palsy which she got during birth. The damage is barely noticeable when the actress is smiling, but it can be seen when her face is relaxed. However, most viewers don’t notice it because experienced makeup artists can hide this imperfection.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix was born with a cleft lip. After surgery, he has a scar between his upper lip and nose. But this feature never stood in the way of Phoenix becoming one of the most successful Hollywood actors.

Paris Hilton

If you look at Paris Hilton’s photos from different events, you will probably notice that she usually faces the camera with the right side of her face. It’s because she has amblyopia, also known as a lazy eye: because of weak muscles, one eye seems to be a lot smaller than the other one.

Denzel Washington

2-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington has something unusual about his appearance, too. When he was young, he was playing sports and broke the pinky on his right hand. He didn’t get medical help in time, so his pinky looks a little strange. But who cares about fingers when an actor is this talented?

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner’s toes are a little deformed. On her right leg, the pinky toe lies on top of the adjacent toe. In most cases, this anomaly appears because the person consistently wore shoes that were ill-fitting or too small. But the actress doesn’t care about this unusual thing and still wears sandals.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah doesn’t have a part of her index finger on her left hand. She got this injury in an accident when she was a child. Daryl was visiting her grandmother and she stuck her finger in a hole in the wall of the house. She couldn’t get it out, so urgent measures had to be taken.

Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker has eyelid ptosis, so one of his eyes always appears a little bit closed. This feature could be fixed with a surgery but the actor doesn’t want to do it: his look is his thing now.

Kylie Jenner

At the age of 5, Kylie Jenner pierced her leg with a metal rod in a fence when she was playing hide and seek with her sister. Now, she has a big scar on her left hip. But she is not going to have surgery to get the scar removed, and she has no problem with wearing short dresses.

Bill Nighy

When Bill Nighy was 20 years old, he was diagnosed with Dupuytren’s contracture. This is a disease which leads to a partial loss of wrist function. So, the actor’s fingers, specifically the ring finger and the pinkies on both hands, are always pressed against his palms.

Tina Fey

When Tina Fey was 5 years old, she was attacked. A man cut her face with a knife. Tina has had a scar on her face ever since then.

Whoopi Goldberg

Have you ever noticed anything unusual about Whoopi Goldberg’s appearance? She doesn’t have eyebrows! The actress shaved them off once and when they started to grow back, they itched a lot. So since then, Goldberg has been shaving her eyebrows.

Kaley Cuoco

After an accident that happened in 2010 when a horse jumped on the actress’ leg, Kaley Cuoco has had a scar. Cuoco was transported to the ER because her leg was severely broken. In order to stabilize the position of the bones, the doctors had to put 2 metal rods inside her leg. And now you can see a long scar on her ankle.

Who amazed you the most? Whose story was the most unexpected for you? Tell us in the comment section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-people/13-celebrities-who-are-proud-of-their-unusual-appearance-and-we-can-learn-a-lot-from-them-662760/

24 Stirring Photos That Prove Animals Are Our Best Friends Ever

Articles that tell moving stories about animals and people get a lot of attention from our readers. We have been amazed by the number of responses, photos, kind words, and stories we get from them. So, here is a new compilation of stories about friendship made completely out of the stories from you, our dear readers.

The entire Bright Side team was moved by your kind and pure hearts. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fit all of your stories in here, but you should know that we read every single comment and we are amazed.

“This is Grunyasha. She is 10 years old. We found her when she was a puppy. And she is still scared of being alone. She howls when we are away.”

“This is Bucks. He followed our son home from school. He wasn’t scared of making it all the way to our house even though he was only about 2 months old. He’s been with us for 3 years now.”

“Last Christmas, I lost my most loyal friend. I will never forget him. We had a special relationship. He understood how I felt better than anyone. When I fly to different places, I think about him. I’m always on the lookout for a rainbow as a symbol that he’s still happy, wherever he is.”

“This is Nucki and Martina. When we found them they were barely alive. Now we love them and they love us!”

“This is Besya. We saw each other at a vet clinic and my son talked me into taking her. My husband didn’t want the cat but now we all love each other.”

“She passed away at the end of the year. I really miss her. She chose me a husband, she approved my apartment, let me have a dog, and once she made sure everything was okay, she passed away at the age of 18…”

“This is Susy, Mal, and Luna, we love them a lot and take them to different countries.”

“My husband found Luna as a puppy in the street. Mel, the lab, was thrown away by her owners and she waited for them for 2 years. The second lab, Susy, was owned by people who used her to produce new puppies.”

“He got run over by a car and had a serious injury. The owners tried to treat him but then decided to put him down. Some good people took him in and ordered a wheelchair for him. I have him now and he is 13 years old.”

“We found this bird without any feathers. When he was growing up, he loved to sit on our shoulder. 2 months later, he grew into a beautiful pigeon. We let him go, but he sometimes comes back to visit us.”

“This is Titai. She has been living with us for 2 years and it’s only recently that she has started to trust us. She doesn’t purr, she is not scared of water, and she walks in the forest and brings us trophies — mice!”

“This grey beauty is Avy. I took her in as a kitten and she has been with me for 3 years now.”

“This is Zosya. She is 13 years old, we got her as a kitten.”

“We took this gorgeous cat in as a kitten because he was in danger. He’s been with us since then.”

“He was thrown away in the forest not far from where I was swimming. We’ve been together ever since.”

“This is Bublick and Glasha. They both were found on the street and were hurt by people. Everyone recommended that we put them down, but we didn’t listen. Now, all that is behind us, we are happy together.”

“This lady came to our house really thin. And look at this beauty now.”

“This is Lana, but we call her Dobby. We got her from the animal shelter. We took her when she was 4 months old, right before the New Year. This was our present for ourselves.”

“This is Peach, he is 15 years old. We found him when he was 2-3 months old, his tail was broken, his ears were torn… We fixed him up. He is still sick from time to time, but he goes through his treatments with great patience.”

“The cat’s name is Vasya and the dog’s name is Luke. We got the cat as a kitten. Luke is an old guy, he doesn’t see very well and almost can’t hear anything, but he still tries to control the cat.”

“This is Tihon. We found him 4 years ago, he was definitely a house cat. I didn’t want to take him because I have asthma and I’m allergic to cats. But while I was trying to find a new owner, I got attached to him. So, he’s been with me since then.”

“This is my cat and he only has 3 paws. He has been with me for 2 years.”

“This good boy is Bronx. When he was 7 years old, someone got tired of him, and gave him to a shelter. We took him 2 days later, we love him, and we take him to the doctor. We love his beautiful voice (he howls when he wants attention).”

“This is my son Aramis. I found him when he was really small and I fed him from a bottle. When I was trying to find new owners for him, I realized that he was my dog.”

“This is Lucky. He was part of a group of newborn kittens that were thrown away. One of them survived and was found by my son. He brought him home and cared for him. He fell from the 4th floor and lost his front teeth. We can’t imagine our life without him. When someone asks me how many children I have, I always say 2 — my son and my cat.”

Bonus: A newly-born lamb snuggles up to a boy. This looks like the start of a new friendship.

Do you have any cute stories about you and your pets? Share them in the comment section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/24-stirring-photos-that-prove-animals-are-our-best-friends-ever-662710/

We Were Friends With Benefits — But Sex Was Not The Benefit

We Were Friends With Benefits -- But Sex Was Not The Benefit

For me, the sex was not the benefit. The benefits were our in-between moments when it seemed like our relationship was about more than the physical. It was when a genuine compliment would slip through the cracks. It was when you would look me directly in my eyes — and for just a split second, I could tell you liked me. Not my body. Not what my body could do to yours. Me, as a person. You liked me.

The benefit was our growing friendship. It was knowing you were only a text message away. It was creating inside jokes with you. It was learning small, secret things about you. Yes, you set firm boundaries about how we should act around each other in order to avoid blurring the lines, but you broke your own rules without realizing it. You hugged me for a little too long. You texted back a little too fast. You gave me compliments that were a little too personal. There were multiple times when you extended our stays, when you cuddled me even though it was time for me to leave, when you looked me in the eyes like you were falling in love with me.

The benefit was the opportunity to spend time with you alone, just the two of us, with no one around to bother or distract us. I liked being the only person in the room with you. I liked listening to your stories and watching you listen to mine. I liked the chance to get to know you better. I liked having your complete attention. Yes, our nights together always led to something else, but the sex was bookended by conversation. We had fun together beforehand and we had fun afterwards. I never slept with you and left without a word. We did more than that. We spent hours upon hours together.

I was never in a friends with benefits relationship for the sex. I agreed to the arrangement because I wanted to spend more time with you. I wanted to get to know you better. I wanted permission to press my lips against yours. I wanted to get a taste of what it would be like to be your official girlfriend. I wanted to be able to call you mine, even if it was a temporary thing, even if it was a casual thing.

Now that our relationship has ended, I have been trying to get over you by badmouthing you. I have been trying to convince myself you only wanted me for my body. I have been trying to remind myself you only cared about the sex. But, deep down, I know that is a lie. Our relationship meant so much more than sex to me — and it clearly meant more to you too.

Even if you never decide to date me, even if you never speak to me again, I know for a fact our relationship was meaningful to the two of us. I know our time together made an impact on us both. TC mark

Source : https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2018/12/we-were-friends-with-benefits-but-sex-was-not-the-benefit/

24 Weird Situations That Somehow Unite All of Us

No matter how unique people are, we all have similar habits — even if we’re from different countries. Just read this article and you’ll see that we all love eating, we all get lazy sometimes, and we all do useless things.

Bright Side has found 24 photos that will most likely make you say, “I do this too!”

Everyone has a spoon that they don’t use for some reason.

All people from different countries with different cultures and of different social status have one thing in common: this drawer.

When you’re finally home alone and can be yourself:

What you see on Instagram vs what it looks like in real life:

“This video tape I found at my grandma’s house still makes me laugh so much.”

“Me during an exam: ’I’ll check just in case.’ ”

When you find a cool TV series that has 5 seasons of 20 45-minute episodes:

When you keep on using a trial version of some software, signing up every time with a new e-mail:

“When you’re laying down, do you ever just put your hand up for no reason? No? Just me?”

Don’t say you’ve never done this…

When you don’t know if you’ll want another sandwich:

When your friends invite you for a walk and you tell them you’re busy:

When there’s some sad music playing in the car and you imagine yourself as if you’re in a music video:

When your mom tells you that you’re old enough to call the doctor yourself:

Mom: “Come out and help carry these bags!”

Me: “Coming.”

Even the most honest gamers have used cheat codes once.

Your face when you touch your pocket to check if your phone is still there and you realize that it’s not:

Everyone has a chair for clothes that are too dirty for the closet but are still too clean for washing.

Me: “No, I won’t spend this much money on food anymore.”

Also me when I get my paycheck:

When you drink water from a cap:

Everyone must have done this in childhood…

How I look vs how I feel

The face we have when we text, “LOL”

When the water in the shower is too hot:

Bonus: Does anyone know why so many people don’t like the crust?

Where did you recognize yourself? Tell us in the comment section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/24-weird-situations-that-somehow-unite-all-of-us-662660/

Am I Supposed To Forgive You Or Walk Away Forever?

Am I Supposed To Forgive You Or Walk Away Forever?

I’ve come to a crossroads. I’m not sure whether I am supposed to forgive you for everything you have put me through in order to give myself closure and a permanent sense of peace — or whether I am supposed to ignore your calls, ignore your messages, ignore your existence.

I want nothing to do with you. I never want to hear your voice again, even if you are going to give an apology. I never want to see your face again, even if it is lined with regret. I never want to put myself in a position where you can hurt me, even if you swear you are not going to repeat your past mistakes.

The thought of you makes me sick. It triggers tears and a stomachache.

It would be easier to live without you than to confront the baggage you brought me. It would be easier to block your calls than to muster up the courage to talk to you. It would be easier to pretend you never existed in the first place than admit how much I miss you. And that is exactly what I have done.

I told myself ignoring you was for the best. I told myself I was doing the right thing. Most of the time, I still feel that way. Without you around, there is a weight lifted from my chest. I feel more comfortable than I have in a long time.

Besides, you were the one who screwed up. You were the one who hurt me. You cannot blame me for leaving when you pushed and pushed until I could not take it anymore. You could have set things right a long time ago, but you never did. You continued down a destructive path. That was your decision. That had nothing to do with me. There is no reason for me to feel guilty for walking away from such a toxic situation. There is no good, sensible reason for me to talk to you again.

Of course, my heart does not listen to reason. Even though you put me through hell, there are some days when I am tempted to reach out to you. On those days, I wonder whether it is unhealthy to pretend you never mattered to me. I could never trust you again, but could I talk to you again? Could I find peace with what happened between us?

I wish I could take my heart out of the equation. I wish I could erase the good times we shared. I wish I could force myself to stop caring about you for real instead of pretending not to care.

I don’t want to make a decision I end up regretting — but I’m not sure which path is the one that will lead to regret. Will I regret letting you back into my world? Will I regret it even more if you die without making up with me? Or am I screwed either way?

Most of the time, I know exactly what I want, but this time I have absolutely no idea. TC mark

Source : https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2018/12/am-i-supposed-to-forgive-you-or-walk-away-forever/

18 Outrageous Things That Can Lead to a Nervous Breakdown

The devil is in the details which is especially true when it comes to everyday habits. No, not to ours, but to the habits of others. We don’t notice a lot of bad things we do but we always see the things our friends, family members, colleagues, and strangers do. Such annoying habits make our eyes twitch!

Bright Side has found 18 people whose habits may drive you crazy.

1. “When my wife leaves her $900 iPhone on the edge of literally everything…”

2. “The way my roommate ate this pie I bought for Thanksgiving”

3. How hard is it to put back what you didn’t need?

4. You want the towel because your hands are wet but you can’t take one because guess what? Your hands are wet!

5. There’s only one answer.

6. “How my wife opens a box of tea”

7. “People with xenon headlights”

8. “My local theater gave free popcorn. This is how some people repaid them.”

9. When someone doesn’t like the crust:

10. “I didn’t have milk so I decided to eat cereal with ice cream.”

11. Who would do this to that marker?

12. “The way they cut my pizza”

13. “My co-worker’s desktop”

14. When someone does this for an entire song:

15. How can you unsee this?

16. “I’m dating either a genius or a psychopath.”

17. A woman put her feet on an airplane ceiling where the air conditioning was.

18. Why would you even do that?

What things do you find unacceptable when it comes to other people’s behavior? Tell us in the comment section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/18-outrageous-things-that-can-lead-to-a-nervous-breakdown-662610/

24 Why-Oh-Why Situations Most of Us Have Been In

Despite the fact that all people in the world are different, there are a lot of situations where we act in incredibly similar ways — on social media, in the subway, at parties. Maybe you think that you are the only person who does these funny, weird, or even awkward things, but in fact, it’s not true.

Bright Side has found 24 examples of situations where you will definitely recognize yourself!

“My caption vs My boyfriend’s caption”

When someone proposed to you:

When someone you like says “Hello” to you and you try to answer without giving away your feelings:

“Me, after the smallest inconvenience.”

When you spend the night at your friend’s house and they forget to give you a blanket:

“When I see a dog, nothing can stop me!”

When I risk my job, my career, and my future for just 15 extra minutes of sleep in the morning:

Lost in translation

When tomorrow is your exam and you haven’t started studying:

When you are angry, but you still want ice cream:

“There are 2 different kinds of people when they see themselves…”

When you ask someone to take a picture and make it seem like you didn’t know you were photographed:

“Me helping my friends with their problems vs Me solving my own”

When I see myself on someone else’s Instagram page:

Me: “Okay, I feel motivated enough. I’ll come home, I’ll do the work, I’ll sort the stuff, make the plans, and be successful.”

Me (a little later):

“This is my wife when she’s not too happy about studying.”

“Are you awake?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Also me, after hitting send:

When you are trying to lose weight:

After watching a horror movie:

Retail therapy, or maybe not…

We have a different attitude toward the same presents with age.

Saturday night vs Sunday morning

When you are bored online and take your phone to see what’s on the other “smaller” internet:

When you try to run in your sleep:

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Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/24-why-oh-why-situations-most-of-us-have-been-in-662560/